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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 03-15-2004, 06:49 AM
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Default Prehistoric Life...Alive!


Bolt was visiting the Pewter City Museum...with his class. His stupid teachers have organised another dumb trip to know more about prehistoric life and other nonsense. His friends were skidding on the slippery marble-tiled floor, of course, their stupid teacher wasn't looking. Bolt strolled around the first floor of the Museum, not knowing what to do. His good friend, John, was with him, also bored and tired, but was licking on his lollipop from time to time when the teacher wasn't looking. The old female teacher, after having a chat with the male security guard about some burglary recently, brought the class to the second floor.

"Now class, did you all know the ground this Museum was constructed on used to be a place where fossil Pokemon wander? Of course, that was a long, long time ago. At the far left end of this room, you can see some sharp fossils. They are the remains of the aggressive fossil Pokemon "Kabutops". On the far right end, you can see some roundish fossils in the glass casings. They're the remains of the fossil Pokemon, "Omastar"." the teacher blattered.

"Teacher, what about that fossil behind you? It looks cool!" Jim, a random kid in our class, asked curiously. The teacher turned around, and stared at the incomplete fossil. The fossil had a missing wing and a missing skull.

"Well, they're the remains of "Aerodactyl". It was said to be a Pokemon that ruled the fossil age. Not much is known about this Pokemon, so shall we move on?" the teacher answered. Majority of the class nodded, except Bolt. He seemed very interested in the fossil.

"Well, shall we proceed, Bolt?" John questioned. He waved his palm in front of Bolt's face, checking if his soul was still there.

"!" Bolt said, admiring the beautiful skeleton which was put together like a jigsaw puzzle. The tail of the fossil was shaped like one of a devil, the claws of the fossil were possibly sharper than diamond.

"Comon Bolt, the class's waiting for us," John grumbled, pulling Bolt away from the fossil. Bolt's mind was filled with imaginations of what the fossil would be like if it was alive. Could it be stronger than the Pokemon League Master's powerful Charizard? Could it destroy a building in seconds? Bolt was determined to find out all these...somehow.

The day passed quickly, with stupid trips up the 25 storey building. Never did anything else in the building amaze Bolt more than the Aerodactyl fossil. Finally, the trip ended, and it was amazingly only 6 p.m. .

[To be continued]

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Old 03-15-2004, 05:08 PM
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Join Date: Mar 2004
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Default Re: Prehistoric Life...Alive!

Night fell, and the Noctowls started to howl. Zubats disappeared into their caves, and wild Pokemon were taking naps in their homes. Bolt, unlike his other classmates, was not asleep yet, but he was behind the Museum. He was going to look around the Museum and see if he could find any remains of Aerodactyl. Just as Bolt was searching, he overheard a conversation in a room inside the Museum.

Man: I've got Aerodactyl's DNA ready for revival, we just have to double check the machine. Our plan is going to suceed, hah!

Woman: Oh yes it is, and we shall overthrow Pewter City Gym's weak leader and become the ruler of Pewter, and maybe the world!

Man: Heh, as ambitious as you always were, Wendy.

Bolt knew their evil intensions, and was curious anyway, so he climbed on a barrel outside the window of the room, and peeped inside the room. The room was full of shelves, wooden crates, and pieces of paper which looked like plans. Apparently, there seems to be no doors leading to this room, so there must be some kind of way for these people to get into this room. The man, who was dressed in white coat and black shirt, like a scientist, took a pair of pliers and opened the cover of the machine, and turned some of the screws in it. The woman was looking into a microscope, probably examining some sort of cells or DNA. Suddenly, Bolt lost his balanced and accidently kicked a barrel. It rolled loudly into the deep woods. Bolt tensed up, knowing he had just attracted attention from the two adults. The man and the woman was startled by the sudden noise, and immediately investigated where the noise came from. The man saw some of Bolt's hair shaking behind the window, so he quickly signalled his partner, the woman, to send out Arbok and grab Bolt into their room. Bolt was caught by surprise, and the strong Arbok gripped Bolt tight, not allowing him to move at all.

Man: What are you doing outside our lab, young man? Shouldn't you little kids be asleep in your comfy beds now?

Bolt:...Looking for grasshoppers.

Man: Oh god, don't give me that three year old excuse, Wendy, I recommend we tie him up and throw him in a basement to let him rot to his death or something.

Woman: Nah, we should feed him to the mutated Gyaradoses. That'd be interesting, and saves buying food for a day.

Bolt was frightened by the cruel comments made by the two adults, but he had no chance nor power to escape from the clutches of these two adults.

Bolt: Who are you people? What are you doing?

Woman: Well, well, who are you to ask us that? Oh yeah, since you're going to die sooner or later anyway, should we tell this little idiot?

Man: I guess so, don't say too much.

Woman: We're here to revive the fallen rock devil, Aerodactyl. We found some of its DNA at Mt. Moon, and we've finally collected enough data to revive it from its thousand year sleep!

Man: Wendy, that's enough.

Woman: Fine, Bob. This kid won't survive to tell the tale to his little friends, anyway.

The woman laughs, as droplets of sweat dripped down Bolt's cheeks. He had to do something to stop this, as he didn't want the leader of this city to be overthrown by some random scientists.

[To be continued...]

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