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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 07-27-2007, 09:45 AM
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Smile Team Galactic in Viridian City, the 3rd chronicle of Lewis and Bulbasaur!

Dawn, the 2nd Rookie from Pallet Town, had met up with Lewis and Bulbasaur, as they were struggling to reach the faraway city of Viridian. Battling in a cave in Route 1, Lewis fought Dawn in a one-on-one battle with Bulbasaur. After losing, he and Dawn reach Virdian at last and split up to explore.

Daybreak. A Starly perched on the shortest branch of the emerald tree nearest Viridian. Lewis ran into the Pokemon Centre, and placed his Bulbasaur on the healing machine. His Bulbasaur had lost against Dawn and her Charmander, their first ever battle. Right now he was feeling more weak than ever, and his legs were shaky. His teeth were chattering from the coldness, and his feet were as if they were frozen by a giant Wailord's strongest Ice Beam.

A plate of sandwiches and grapes were handed to Lewis by the smallest Charizard he'd ever seen, only inches taller than himself. He ate the grapes first, and then the sandwiches. Now he was feeling better, but the answer for Bulbasaur was currently unknown. Then, all of a sudden, he saw a strange man walk into the Centre. He had light blue hair, and wore a silver jacket with a golden G on it. Then more came in. They looked virtually the same; except for the hair and the genders. There was a woman with orange hair, a man with sharp blue hair, and another woman with purple hair.
"What is going on?"
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Old 07-27-2007, 10:07 AM
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Post Re: Team Galactic in Viridian City, the 3rd chronicle of Lewis and Bulbasaur!

The strange gang walked toward Nurse Joy behind the counter.
"What's with you?" Said the man with sharp blue hair.
"You didn't hand over those Pokemon and turn up at Galactic HQ, so we're here to take them by force." The woman with purple hair laughed.
"Obviously you don't want to do it the easy way, then?" She said. Nurse Joy looked very frightened.
"I am Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic," Said the man with turqouise hair, "And I would say you've officially crossed the line. You are worthless, so just hand over those Pokemon already!"
"B-But we need them here! They're mostly Oak's Pokemon!" Joy said bravely.
"Not any more. Get that sack over there and get to it!" Said the woman with orange hair, pointing to a rough, brown sack on the counter to the left.
"Before we get very mad."

Lewis was very mad already.
"Stop! Leave Joy alone!" He shouted. Cyrus and his followers smiled and looked at him as if he were a Magikarp.
"You are just a kid. What do you think you can do to us adults?"

As quickly as a speed form Deoxys, Lewis jumped across the counter and grabbed a Pokeball off the nearby shelf.
"We will defend these Pokemon by using them at will!"
"Are you challenging us? With that Pokeball which could contain a scrap piece of Slowpoke?" Cyrus said.
"I don't care what's in it, I can still beat you!"
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Old 07-27-2007, 10:34 AM
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Post Re: Team Galactic in Viridian City, the 3rd chronicle of Lewis and Bulbasaur!

Lewis raised the Pokeball. He just couldn't let Team Galactic get away with this. But why would they want to steal the Pokemon?
"I'm up first!" Said the Galactic Admin, walking forward proudly. "I'll take this kid down! Go Purugly!" A very large and bulky cat emerged from the blinding light of the Pokeball, and growled ferociously at the opponent.
"Go Pokeball!" Lewis threw the ball with all his might. Out came a rampaging Gyarados, snarling at the Purugly.
"OK, Gyarados! Use Hydro Pump!" Gyarados opened its mouth. A jet of water was released, and enveloped Purugly, nearly drowning it.
"Purugly! Counter back with Take Down!" The fat cat threw itself into Gyarados, causing very severe damage.
"Don't give up! Use Dragon Dance!" But Gyarados would not obey. "Come on, Gyarados! For the sake of the Pokemon!" Was Gyarados deaf? It was on a rampage and escaped.
"OK, skip that, gotta take these Pokemon to Oak!" Lewis grabbed the sack and threw the Pokeballs in. He snatched a bike and cycled out, escaping in to Route 1, with Team Galactic in hot pursuit, flying on Crobats. Lewis felt a painful ring inside his left ear, and became steadily weaker. Oh, no! Bulbasaur! He had to go back - but Team Galactic was right behind him!
"Give us our Pokemon, kid! We're adults, so listen to us now!" But Lewis did not listen. He cycled on and on, and the Crobats grew tired. He reached the lab back in Pallet.
"My dear boy, what is it?" Said Oak as Lewis stormed into the Lab.
"The Pokemon! Here! The centre in Viridian is under attack, and here are the Pokemon!"
"Oh, I was going to get them anyway."
"Come on, help me!" Oak ran to help place the Pokemon on his machine.
"What machine is this, anyway?"
"It sends Pokemon to any centre in the Kanto Region. I'll send it to Cinnebar. It's guarded there, and I shall tell them what happened."
"Thanks, Professor."

A few moments later, Lewis was running back to the Centre for Bulbasaur.
"Please be alright! Bulbasaur-" A massive, blinding light appeared before him. There was a strange Pokemon, a lot taller than Lewis, and bowed to him. A telepathic voice echoed inside Lewis's mind.
"I will take you."
Lewis climbed on the Pokemon and held on tight as it dashed through the wind. Within seconds, Lewis had reached the centre.
"Thank you so much, um..."
"I am Arceus, and we shall meet again." It left soon after. Pieces of the ground turned a lovely, warm rainbow colour once it was stepped on by the fleeing Arceus. Lewis rushed through the doors of the Pokemon Centre.

The Centre was warm, and the moment he had stepped inside, he caught sight of Bulbasaur, very healthy, taking chunks out of a red, juicy apple while sitting on Joy's lap.
"You're here! This Bulbasaur will be just fine now. And, before I am to forget, thank you so very much for delivering those Pokeballs. My sister in Cinnabar has recieved them, and it's all thanks to you and Oak."
"Oh no, I was just here to help. But I'm very glad my Bulbasaur's in perfect shape. Come on, Bulbasaur, let's continue with our quest. We've been interrupted twice, and it doesn't seem we'll be getting to Pewter soon. Let's go."

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