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Old 03-04-2004, 09:47 PM
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Default Orange Islands Adventure

Orange Islands Adventure!

Welcome to the great fic that started it all for Nick Dunbar, a small town kid from the Orange Islands that travels throughout the Islands into Johto. What will happen in this Orange Islands fic? I'm glad to say that this was the FIRST Orange Islands Fic and a great one it turned out to be i hope. I love all comments and opinions, ENJOY!
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Old 03-04-2004, 09:48 PM
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 1- The Start of a Legend!

Nick yawned widely as he edged his self out of bed. This was the first day of his exciting Pokemon quest. Nick Dunbar lived in the heart of Valencia Island, the starting island of the famous Orange Islands. The Orange Islands werenít like regular islands with regular gyms with regular gym leaders and regular gym battles. Oh no, these islands were very special...
The Orange Islands Gyms were filled with contests that you had to use pure skill. Its not how big or how strong your pokemon are but how well you trained it, how smart and how much skill your pokemon and you BOTH have.

Nick slipped on his black jeans. He rolled up the bottoms of the jeans so they weren't so long. He then slipped on his gray shoes and put on his blue shirt. Last Nick had clipped on his PokeGear and slid on his black and blue hat on backwards. He grabbed his bag and ran down stairs.

This was the day where Nick started his destiny of a becoming an Orange Islands Pokemon Master...

"I'm out Mom" Nick said, walking away from his home.

Nick wasnít going to see his mom for awhile, his dad wasnít there to keep her company cause he was off in a different region, trying to become a Pokemon master. He left years ago and hasnít talked to the Dunbar family in a long time. They all thought it was because he was ashamed to talk or come home as a failure.

Nickís mom and her oversized fat Skitty, CoCo, waved off. Nick was headed to Professor Ivy's Pokemon Lab.

"What are you doing here?" grunted Jason Ivy. Jason was Nick's worst enemy. He always picked on him. He was also Nickís cousin sadly. Their moms were sisters. Jason and Nick never did like each other. Jason picked on Nick with every opportunity. Of course, Nick couldn't say he was any nicer to Jason.

"Iím here to get a pokemon" Nick confronted Jason.

"Well your to late, I already got the best there was!" Jason said, just picking on Nick like always. "Itís ok Nicky Boy, maybe you will get lucky and catch a better pokemon out in the wild".

"What pokemon did you get?" Nick asked politely.

"Wouldnít you like to know" laughed the rotten Jason. "Iíll see you at my victory party after I complete the Orange Islands and move on to bigger leagues to become the Pokemon Master of the World!" Jason showed off as he walked towards the first island to his 'victory party'.

"Wait hunny!" Prof. Ivy screamed. Jason stopped and looked behind him. "You forgot your undies!" she waved white tuggers up into the air. His face boiled with redness as he looked down and ran off from embrassment. She laughed at her joke, trying to calm the ease between Jason and Nick.

"Donít worry about him, its nice to see you again Nick" said Prof. Ivy.

"Its great to see you to Aunt Ivy" Nick said back to his Aunt.

Nick looked back to see Jason Ivy walk off. His blue jeans and black shirt waved in the wind with his blonde hair. Nick was still mad about Jason.

"So what pokemon do you have left for me?" Nick pondered

"Well I have had 2 trainers come in already today, your pretty late. I only have 3 pokemon left"

"Ok then, lets check them out!" Nick didn't care what they were, he just wanted to start his journey!
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 2- A New Friend

"Here Nick, 5 pokeball." Ivy handed over.

"Your kiddin me! I already know which one I want!" Nick yelled with excitement. "I pick.. Charmander!". Nick opened the pokeball that he held in his hand. But nothing came out.

"Sorry, that one was taken by another trainer, a trainer that wasnít so late! I'm sorry, I know you were looking forward to getting a Charmander or a Chikorita but I couldnít just tell the trainers that they couldnít have them ya know" Professor Ivy giggled.

"Ok then lets check out what you have" Nick said, wondering his pokemon he would get afterall.

The first pokemon came out. "Squirtle, Water Pokemon. Can be trained to become a powerful pokemon. Lots of trainers perfer this pokemon to start out with" announced Ivy.

"Cyndaquil, Fire Pokemon. This pokemon packs lots of heat. If attacked, it protects itself with the flame on its back" confirmed professor.

"Eevee, Evolution Pokemon. This little pokemon can evolve into five different pokemon. Can be a good friend and a loyal partner" said Professor Ivy, now waiting for my choosing.

"Alright I think I'm going to choose..." Nick bit his lip while he thought.

"Eevee looks like a loyal partner" Nick told Professor Ivy.

"Well then here you go! Eevee doesnít stay in its pokeball very often but I will put it in there for now, just make sure to let it out later" explained the Professor as she gave Nick the pokeball.

"Thanks Professor, I'll keep in contact" replied Nick.

Nick sat down on a log. A Weedle crept out of the hollow log. Nick let out his new pokemon, <Eevveeee> growled Nick's new friend.

"Here Eevee, want some food?" Nick kindly asked his pokemon.

Eevee shook its head no and walked off to sit on the other end of the log.

"Fine, No food for you then! Lets head to the pokemon center" Nick demanded.

Eevee stayed still. Nick tried to pick up Eevee but Eevee ran off to a nearby tree. Nick finally decided to just call it back to its pokeball.

Later on...

"Welcome to Valencia Island Pokemon Center! How may I help you?" asked the beautiful Nurse Joy.

"Yeah, can you please treat this Eevee of mine" said Nick. Nick handed over his pokeball with Eevee inside.

Nick walked over to the phone. He called Professor Ivy.

"Nick! Why are you calling so soon? Something happen?" Ivy said, freaking out, thinking something bad happened.

"No, I am here at the Pokemon Center. I just have a question, why doesnít Eevee obey me?" pondered the new trainer.

"Well Nick, not all pokemon obey there masters. Sometimes it takes some work. Plus I think Eevee is a little scared or mad with humans. See it was abandoned by an other trainer about a month or two ago. Just try to be its friend and maybe you to guys can get along. Now I have to go, Jason just sent me his first catch so I can examine it a little. Talk to you soon!" said the Professor.

Nick knew that with Eevee's attitude it was going to take some time to become friends with it!

"Well Eevee, Jason already made his first catch. That means we have some catching up to do!" Nick clinched his fist as they walked out into a wooded area.

Eevee walked in front of Nick, totally ignoring every comment Nick had made. They walked thru the thick forest. It was getting darker and darker. The sun was just setting.

"Well I was hoping to be off Valencia Island before nightfall but I guess I'm going to have to set up camp here." Nick decided.


"Did you hear that Eevee?" asked Nick, scarred to death. Eevee walked over to Nick, like it was scared to. Suddenly something swept right past us. A large pack of dog pokemons were staring us down. It was a pack of Poochyhena and Mightyhena. Nick picked up Eevee.

"I think this is a good time to run" Nick yelled running at full speed. The pack was after him.

"Donít worry Eevee, I wont let them harm you" Nick promised, being scared more than Eevee although not wanting to show it.

The pack were gaining on him. A Mightyhena bit him in the leg. Nick let out a screeching cry. He kept on running though. One of the Poochyhena's tripped and made a lot of the pack trip and fall down.

"I think we lost them Eevee" Nick confirmed. Nick still kept running but he was tired, he wasnít going to be able to keep it up very much longer. Nick tried to keep going.

BAM! Nick fell. Nick was to tired and got clumsy. He dropped Eevee. Nick tried to pick hisself up but couldnít. His leg was bleeding. He looked to his side to see Eevee staring at him. Eevee was all beat up.

The Mightyhena and Poochyhena caught up with them. They stopped right behind them. Eevee arose to his feet. A Poochyhena had ran to Nick's bag, trying to rip it off of Nick's shoulder. Eevee Headbutted the Poochyhena.

"Thanks.......Friend.." cried Nick. Eevee looked deep at Nick. The next thing Nick saw was amazing. Eevee turned all white. The moon shone brighter than ever before. Eevee grew twice its size. It turned the color of the black sky that sat above them. Yellow rings formed on its legs and ears. Nick's newly transformed Umbreon stared the pack down with its blood red eyes.

Umbreon started to speak to the pack. Then a massive ball was formed. The light coming from the attack seemed like it blinded Nick for minutes. But really it was just enough to keep Nick from seeing what happened.

Few seconds had passed, Nick got help from Umbreon in order to stand up. Nick patted Umbreon on the head.

"Thanks Umbreon, your the best friend a guy could ask for!" yelled Nick.

Umbreon was filled with joy. Umbreon had finally come to reason with Nick, now they could do anything they set there mind to!
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 3- Lets Go for the Gold!

Umbreon strutted towards the door of the Pokemon Center in Valencia Island. Umbreon had Nick on its back. Nurse Joy ran over.

"Oh myÖ Are you ok?" Nurse Joy came running over to Nick to see what happened.

"I just hurt my leg really badly, a Mightyhena bit it and it wont stop bleeding." Nick explained.

Joy had two Chanseyís pick Nick up and take Nick to a bed in the back of the center. Even though it was a hospital for pokemon she was still able to find bandages and such for Nickís leg. Umbreon sat by Nickís side in the dark room. Nickís leg all wrapped in bandages so Nick wasnít able to move at all so he was stuck there. Nick just hoped he wasnít stuck there for long. Umbreon was sleeping silently.

Nick thought about how Umbreon rescued me in that horrifying situation. Umbreon seemed to really like me now. It seemed that we would be friends for a long time now.


"Hey kiddo! Howís it goin?" Nickís mom blurted out.

"Me and my new Umbreon are doing great! I am here at the Pokemon Center and I figured I should call you." Nick told her.

"Thatís great, I guess that means Eevee evolved! How great!" Mrs. Dunbar yelled.

"I guess I better get going..." Nick tried to end this quick conversation.

"Sure thing, bye sweetie" she blew a kiss.

Nick walked out the door. He was trying to figure out how he was going to get there. "HEY THERE! CAN YOU HELP ME OUT REALLY QUICK!" yelled a boy that was probably 15 or 16 years of age. He was carrying books and cases. Nick ran over to help me out by taking half of the things he was carrying.

"Whats all this stuff for?" Nick wondered.

"I am in training to become a Pokemon Professor. I am going to travel around the Orange Islands to study different kinds of pokemon. The name is Shawn by the way" he shook Nickís hand.

"I'm Nick. Nice to meet you. Is that your boat?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, do you need a ride or something?" Shawn asked.

"Well actually I am on a journey to defeat the Orange Crew, I would love a ride if its not to much trouble" Nick hoped he would allow the free trip cause having to pay for ferries to take you island to island was a major pain.

"The Orange Crew, sure thing. I can take you to all the islands if you want. It would be great to see gym battles and such" Shawn shrugged as if it meant nothing.

"Right On! Thanks a lot" Nick jumped up in the air with excitement.

Shawn sat down the supplies he needed inside the boat. It was a small fast boat. Shawn combed his hair with his hand. His black hair just swerved by his ears, being parted right down the middle. He had on a green shirt with blue shorts and some dirty black shoes.

As soon as Nick got my package his left with Shawn to the next island. It was the only island between Valencia and the island with the 1st Gym.


Nick, Shawn, and Umbreon walked deep into the island but there seemed to be nothing there.

"I think were lost Umbreon. I thought there was some kind of civilization on this island" said Nick. They walked threw thick brush until they heard a BAAAOOOOMG! Gray smoke arose just to the left of them. They ran over to the blast. It was a big clearing with two trainers battling each other.

It was a Charmeleon v.s Skarmory. The Charmeleon releashed a huge Flamethrower. The twirling flame burned Skarmory badly. Skarmory didnít give up though and used Hyper Beam, winning the battle. Nick kept on walking and saw lots of trainers battling each other. Nick looked over to see Shawn drawing parts of the battle.

"Hey there, wanna battle?" asked someone around.

"Um sure but first can you tell me where I'm at?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, your on an island where trainers come to battle with each other. Its called Battle Park. There is even a small safari zone where you can catch pokemon too. Now what about that battle." the kid explained.

"Right on, Go Umbreon!" Nick accepted his very first battle!

"Lets go Minun" said the kid, with the little electric pokemon jumping off from his back.

--KCash-> If you guys havenít figured it out yet the guy Nick is about to battle is KC from my old fic called KC's Journey.
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 3 continued...

Umbreon started with a Tackle. Minun was to fast though and jumped out of the way. Minun used a Spark attack. Umbreon got a little shivered up by that. Umbreon used Flash to make Minun go blind for a second.

We took advantage of this by Tackling Minun with all of Umbreon's might. Minun shook it off and used Agility. Minun was to fast for Minun to follow. Minun used Thunderbolt right when Umbreon least expected it.

Umbreon held in there though. Umbreon took the damage and once Minun stopped using its attack, Umbreon Body Slammed Minun. Then Umbreon got ready for its Shadow Ball. Umbreon releashed its mighty attack. The black ball with red lightening around it went flying towards Minun.

Minun used Thunderbolt. The two attack went hurling towards each other. The bounced right off each other. The attacks both failed to reach the opponent.

"Thats enough, come back Minun. Nice match but we most go now" KC said walking off with Minun following behind him.

"Great job Umbreon, looks like I need to learn a little bit more about you though. I need to learn all your attack if we are going to be a great team" Nick patted Umbreonís head.
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 4- The First Catch!

"I wonder why he was so quick to run off" pondered Nick.

"Thatís why" Shawn pointed out. There was a storming brewing. The sky grew gray. Thunder shook the ground, "We better find a Pokemon Center".

They raced off in hope of finding the Pokemon Center. As it started to poor down raining. Nick let Nurse Joy heal his Umbreon. He remembered the night when he watched Umbreonís shadow grow bigger as it evolved to save him. Because of him seeing that shadow with amazement he decided to call Umbreon... Shadow!

Shawn and Nick got something to eat. They sat by a window. Nick chowed down on a huge double patty poke-burger, served only at the best Pokemon Centers! The rain continued to poor down. Nick looked out the window to see a Squirtle and its trainer, they were actually training in the rain!

The trainer had a whip and was whipping the Squirtle. A bolt of lightening struck the ground nearby. Squirtle got frightened. Nick felt sorry for it. The trainer kept whipping the poor turtle pokemon. Squirtle couldnít take anymore and fell to the ground. The trainer kicked it and came inside the Pokemon Center.

"Whats your deal?" Nick shouted, standing up.

"What?!" the ugly trainer asked.

"Why did you do that to Squirtle" questioned Nick, wanting an answer right away.

"Are you kidding me, that stupid pokemon isnít good for anything!" the trainer huffled.

The trainer walked away. Nick ran outside. Shawn ran behind me. Nick picked up Squirtle out of the mud. He carried it inside the Pokemon Center.

"Nurse Joy, I need you to check this Squirtle. I found it outside and it looks like its in bad shape" explained Nick.

"Ok, Iíll see what I can do" Joy said back.

After they finished their meal, Shawn and Nick got Shadow and waited in the Emergency Room. After a hour wait, Joy came out and announced that Squirtle was alright. Squirtle popped out from behind Joy.

"Squirtle just had some burns and cuts, other than that it just got physically tired... which is what made it black out" Joy explained the story.

"Thatís great, what now?" pondered Nick, know that he knew that Squirtle would be just fine.

"Well you can take the Squirtle but thatís up to him really" Joy gave off a pretty grin.

Squirtle wobbled to Nick and shook Nick's hand. Almost like Squirtle was just giving a thanks for saving it.

"You hungry Squirtle?" asked Nick with a smile.

SQUIRTLE!" screamed the little water pokemon.

Nick had unwrapped a package of Pokemon food for water pokemon. Squirtle seemed to like it...

As they sat down at the table, Shawn and Nick discussed what they would do with Squirtle. Shadow and Squirtle seemed to be getting along. Squirtle tapped on a pokeball that was empty that hung on Nick's belt. Squirtle got in a fighting pose. Then Squirtle started throwing punches.

"I get it, you want me to battle you and if I win I can keep you?" Nick jumped up.

Squirtle nodded its big turtle head.


Shadow head-butted Squirtle. Squirtle jumped back up off the ground and used Water Gun. The blast of water knocked Shadow down. Shadow crawled her way back up. Shadow used Swift. The flying stars streamed out across the muddy meadow in front of the Pokemon Center.

Squirtle used Water Gun to knock the shooting stars away. Squirtle then used Skull Bash. Its hard head knocked Shadow dizzy. Shadow was able to shake it off though and fought back with a Faint Attack. Shadow dodged towards Squirtle then all the sudden showed up ramming into Squirtle's side.

Squirtle tucked itself inside its shell. Then it started spinning super fast. Squirtle used its Rapid Spin. Squirtle spun right towards Shadow but Shadow was able to jump to the side before it was hit. Squirtle came back around though and nailed Shadow from behind.

Squirtle landed on the ground and came out from hiding. Shadow launched a Confuse Ray. The ray caught Squirtle. The blue turtle pokemon wobbled back and forth wondering where it was. Thatís when Shadow used Iron Tail. Shadow's tail glew sliver and hit Squirtle right in the head.

"Ok this is it!" Nick said, grabbing a pokeball that was given to him by Prof. Ivy.

The pokeball was set free towards Squirtle. The ball sucked the pokemon inside. The ball wobbled to the right and then left. Then it wobbled to the right and left again. Then it stopped....... it wobbled to the right.... PING! The ball locked. Nick had captured his first pokemon!

"Welcome to the team friend" Nick congratulated, holding the pokeball that contained a new friend to have on his journey threw the Orange Islands!
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 5- The Coral Eye Badge

"Alright! Were finally here!" screamed Nick with joy.
The boat with Shadow, Shawn, and Nick arrived at Mikan Island, the island which held the first gym of the Orange Islands.

"Ok man, I gotta check out the PokeMart and some other things. I will meet you back here in half an hour" said Shawn as he left.

Nick and Shawn parted ways.

"Well there it is" Nick said looking on to the Mikan Island Gym. Nick grabbed Squirtle's pokeball.

"Good thing I caught you. From what I read in my Orange Islands Guide Book, this gym consists of water gun target contests. Whatever that means, well lets give it a shot" Nick walked up to the gym.

Nick gave the door a push. He walked inside to see a pretty woman feeding a Blastoise.

"Are you the Gym Leader" yelled Nick.

"Yeah I am, you here to challenge me?" the woman said with a very big attitude accent.

"Yep, the name is Nick" he said, as if it mattered to her.

"I'm Sissy, lets go to the battle platform" she lead the way towards Nickís first Orange Islands battle.

They walked to a battle mat. The floor opened up showing a big pool of water. The wall to the side opened. Cans were setting on a shelf on the wall.

"Pick a pokemon that can knock down those cans. And by the way, you cant miss so donít mess up" Sissy grinned.

Sissy sent out here pokemon. It was a blue pokemon called Kingdra. Water flew out of its spout. The water blasts knocked down each can directly. This was going to be harder than Nick thought.

Nick sent out his newly caught Squirtle.

"Ok Squirtle, just knock down those cans with a Water Gun. Concentrate now!" commanded Nick.

Squirtle eyed the cans. Squirtle let out a blast of water after another. The blasts went flying swiftly threw the air. They nicely knocked down each of the cans.

"Wow, your better than I thought. Next we will shoot down flying plates" Sissy kept the battles up.

The wall on the other side opened up. We could see the ocean from this view. Plates started flying. Kingdra released its nice smooth blast of water. Kingdra had knocked down all five plates that were sent threw the air.

"Alright Squirtle, you saw how fast those plates were going. Just eye them out. Once you release the first blast just keep it going ok" directed Nick.

Squirtle released the first blast. After that the Water Gun attack just kept on going four more times. Each plate was demolished.

"Thatís great work! Nice going Squirtle" Nick congratulated my pokemon.

"Thatís better than I thought. Now there will be one single plate sent into the air. Whoever blasts the plate first is the winner!" said Sissy.

Squirtle got ready. DONG! The plate was sent flying into the air. Kingdra and Squirtle sent out their Water Gun attacks. Their attacks hit each other. The plate wasnít hit by either blast.

Nick looked over to see Kingdra and Sissy ready.

"Get ready Squirtle, looks like we are going again." Nick said.

They released their attack at the plate. The plate soared threw the air. Squirtle's blast swerved right in front of Kingdra's. The plate was destroyed by Squirtle's blast. Squirtle had let its Water Gun attack go half a second before Kingdra did.

"WE DID IT!" screamed Nick.

"Here is your Coral Eye Badge" said Sissy, handing over the shell badge, not seeming to happy about it.

"The first badge to becoming an Orange Islands Champion!" Nick held the badge high above his head.
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 6- Team Rocket Disaster

"Look Shadow, I can see land" Nick pointed out to his Umbreon.

"According to the Guide Book, this island is called Manderan Island..its known for its huge buildings" Shawn said, trying to read the guide book and drive the boat at the same time.

They got off the boat when they finally arrived at the island. They were looking for a place to eat at for they havenít ate the whole day.

"I'm starving!" Nick complained, holding his stomach as usual.

"Look over there, I wonder whats going on" Shawn wondered, not caring about his aching friend.

Shawn and Shadow walked over to the big crowd, leaving Nick behind to whimper in his own misery.

"NO! THEY HAVE MY STARMIE!" a boy cried out.

"THEY STOLE MY HERACROSS!" a girl cried out as well.

"Whats going on?" Nick questioned, running over to the people moaning about their stolen pokemon.

"These two members from Team Rocket stole our pokemons" the boy moaned and started to cry.

"They were in a van. They had a big vacuum thing sucking up all the pokemon" the girl yelled. Shadow got a small wiff of something it didnít like. Shadow followed its noise to the smell. Nick and Shawn ignored Shadow, still trying to figure out what was going on. All the sudden a gust of wind started to pull at Shadow.

Shadow cried out to its trainer. Nick and Shawn turned around to see Shadow on the other end of the street getting sucked into a big hose that was coming out of a huge van! Nick ran after Shadow and tried to jump on his Umbreon. It was to late though! Shadow was sucked right in!

"SHADOW!!!!" screamed the furious Nick.

They drove away in the van, leaving nothing but a trail of smoke and dust. Nick ran after them until his lungs gave up. Shawn knew what to do...

"GO LEDIAN!" screamed Shawn releasing his pokemon.

"Wow what a neat pokemon" Nick complimented, forgetting about his stolen pokemon for a split second.

Ledian flapped its wings and flew towards the van that sped away from the group.

"Make sure you donít lose that van!" Shawn yelled, of course by that time Ledian was long gone.

Ledian flew extremely fast. The ladybug looking pokemon followed the van with every pace. Nick and Shawn ran as fast as they could, trying to follow behind. About 10 minutes later, Ledian showed up and led them to a warehouse.

"I guess their inside" Nick said, looking around for any bad guys to show up. They stood outside a big, old, rusty building that seemed to be out of business. It was pretty much a big cleared out building. Only the rocket members, their van, and a big cage filled with pokemon were in the warehouse.

Shawn and Nick looked in the window, trying to stay low enough so the Rocketís wouldnít see them. Their was a girl and a boy Rocket, both looking fairly young. They had on black Team Rocket uniforms which had a red ĎRí on the front. The girl had blonde hair that were in ponytails, the boy had blueish hair that stuck up in every direction.

Nick and Shawn easily opened the window and snuck in, without them knowing. Luckily they were laughing about stealing the pokemon and couldnít hear them.

Shawn looked at Nick in a weird way. "Ah man" Nick whispered. Shawn tried to hold it but then in a sudden boom, a loud burp erupted in the warehouse. This attracted attention on them very quickly...

"Hey what do you think your doin?!" the Team Rocket Girl yelled.

"Were taking back our pokemon you pathetic thugs" he tried to sound tough.

"The name is Billy and thats Casey for your information and those pokemons now belong to Giovonni, the leader of Team Rocket" the TR boy said.

"Uh, they arenít yours!" Nick screamed, trying to sound tough like Shawn.

Shawn grabbed his pokeball and threw it, releasing a Houndour.

"If thats how you wanna play then so be it" Casey declared as she sent out her pokemon.

"Pssst! Nick..." Shawn tried to get his attention. Sadly, Nick was busy digging the dirt out of his fingernails instead of paying attention to the battle. Shawn threw a small rock at his head. The rock bounced off and Nick still didnít notice. Then Nick finally turned his attention to Shawn, wondering what Shawn thought was so important. "Sneak around the battle and get the pokemon out of here!" Shawn whispered.

"Uh Alright" Nick giggled, thinking this was a funny matter.

Casey's Cubone came out. Billy sent out aMagby. These were two good combos. Cubone had a skull thing on its head and held a bone. Magby, the pre-evolution of Magmar, looked fierce and very tough. The battle had began!

Cubone threw the bone at Houndour. "Houndour jump out of the way and use Flamethrower" Shawn ordered. Houndour did just so. Houndour let out a smooth, firing blast at Cubone but the attack was blocked by a Flamethrower from Magby.. Cubone caught its club from when it had thrown it. "Magby use a Quick Attack" demanded Billy. Houndour used Agility and got out of the way of the quick Magby coming his way. Cubone threw its club again. This time it hit Houndour right in the head.

"Houndour get up and use Faint Attack" Shawn yelled. Houndour dodged towards Magby and then showed up ramming into Cubone from the left. Then Magby Head-butted Houndour with all its might.

Houndour fought back with Ember. The long flame spread across the warehouse. Cubone, along with Casey and Billy, were fried.

Meanwhile, after the slow work from the slow Nick... the cage was unlocked quite easily, especially since the key was left in there... silly Rockets. All the caged up and stolen pokemons started to file out of the cage with madness.

"NO! Get back in their now!" Billy screamed, trying to get to his fight after that blast from Houndour.

A Raichu, Manectric, Electabuzz, Plusle, and Minun charged up.

"This cant be good" Casey screamed.

They all unleashed a huge bolt of electricity. The whole building lit up with a blinding flash. A huge explosion sounded throughout the island as the warehouse practically exploded. The warehouse filled up with smoke from the explosion. Team Rocket somehow disappeared in the explosion, never being found..

"Alright great job guys! Lets go find yallís trainers!!" Shawn yelled, declaring freedom for all of them.
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 6 continued...

"STARMIE!" yelled the boy trainer Nick and Company found earlier. He hugged the purple star pokemon which he seemed to love very much.

All the trainers grabbed their pokemons. They all were glad to be back with each other. Nick looked around for Shadow. Nick had got caught up in the moment and forgot about his loving friend. Out of nowhere Shadow jumped out of the air right into Nick. Nick fell to the ground and Shadow licked his face.

"Its nice to see you too buddy" Nick smiled as he braced his arms around Shadow.


After they grabbed a burger, Shawn, Nick, and Shadow headed off to the next island...

"ZRRROOOOOMGG!!!!!" sounded the boat as it hoped waves.

"I dont have a clue on where were at" Nick said, looking at a big map while Shawn drove the boat. Shadow was lying down at the front of the boat.

"Huh we are righttttttt here I think?" Shawn guessed.

"WATCH OUT!" screamed Nick, pointing ahead of the boat. Shawn almost drove the boat right into a rock that was sticking right out of the water! This almost knocked Nick out of the boat. Shawn was able to get a hold of his shirt first though.

"Man, that was a close one.. thanks bud" Nick thanked Shawn, even though it was Shawn's careless driving that almost sent Nick overboard in the first place.

Nick swept sweat off his forehead and then looked straight ahead. There was a whirlpool!

Shawn didnít have time to grab the stirring wheel cause of the Nick almost going overboard act. They swirled round and round in the whirl pool and was spit out at an amazing speed.

They were headed straight for a small island. The boat rammed into the deep sand of the island.

"Great driving Genius" Nick said in a very sarcastic way.

"Hey its your fault" Shawn screamed, not letting his self be pushed around.

They climbed out of the boat, both mad about the crash landing on an unknown island...
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 7- The Crystal Wonder

"This place is known for some kind of crystal wonder pokemon" Shawn said to Nick.

"Crystal Wonder Pokemon? That guide book of yours is full of crap, that book has only got us trouble.. AND STUCK ON AN ISLAND!" Nick thought of excuses to blame Shawn for everything. Shadow shook its head as it walked away from the fighting.

Nick caught up with Shadow and they walked up into the island. The island had a cave on the north side and the rest was covered with trees. Shawn walked behind them looking at his map and guide book.

"Look at this.." Nick pointed to a little pokemon that was a dark blueish color. It had four red dots on its back. The front of it was tanish and fire had sprouted out of its back.

"CYNDAQUILLLLL!" screamed the pokemon as it released a small flamethrower at a tree. The flame burnt off the stem of an apple. The apple fell to the ground where the little Cyndaquil picked it up and started eating it.

"A Cyndaquil! I have always wanted this pokemon.. I would of got it as my first pokemon if I knew for sure that Jason didnít get a water type. Now is my chance to get one, Iíll use the advantage type" Nick declared.

Squirtle popped out of its pokeball. Nick commanded it to use Water Gun. The twirling blast of water hit Cyndaquil right in the admen. Cyndaquil fell back. The apple rolled away. A Tailow swooped down from the sky and picked up the apple.

Cyndaquil bursted out crying. Cyndaquil ran inside a nearby cave.

"WAIT CYNDAQUIL! Man, that was my one chance to catch a cyndaquil and I blew it" Nick started to yell about his mistake.

"You should be thinking of how that Cyndaquil is feeling right now. You really hurt its feelings" Shawn said, always trying to be the concerned one.

Nick looked down at the dirt on the ground. Nick ran inside the cave followed by Shadow and Shawn.

"CYNDAQUIL!" Nick yelled out. Shadow jumped in front of Nick and gave him light by its glowing rings on his body.


Cyndaquil lit up its flame on its back to give it some light. Cyndaquil ran until it hit something. It was a huge shiny rock which had moved! A big huge Onix appeared and gave off a loud roar. Cyndaquil became very frightened and started to run back out of the cave. The Onix went after Cyndaquil.


Cyndaquil ran past Nick and the others and left the cave.

"Where is it going" Nick wondered.

All the sudden the Onix appeared in front of the gang.

"RUUUUNNNNN!" screamed Shawn.

They ran out of the cave. The Onix followed them every inch out of the cave. Nick and the others, including Cyndaquil, turned around once they got outside the cave. The starred at the Onix which had a very bright color to it. It looked like it was made out of... crystal?

"Thatís the Crystal Wonder the book was talking about" Shawn exclaimed.

"Thatís it!" Casey pointed out as well. Casey and Billy ran from out of the trees. Their black Team Rocket uniforms shined in the sun.

"We came here to look for this Crystal Onix. Water doesnít effect it but fire does.. and we happen to have a fire type" Billy declared as he threw out his pokeball. Magby came out.

"This will make a wonderful present for the boss" Casey decided.

Magby used a Flamethrower on the helpless Onix. The fire blast bounced off of Onixís big body. Onix roared with all its might, which made the gang horrified.

"You are doing nothing but getting it really mad" Shawn said to the Rocket members.

Shadow charged up for a Shadow Ball without any commands from Nick.. Shadow let go of the ball which spun rapidly towards Magby.

"Whats going on" Nick said in amazement as the big attack flew towards Magby.

They watched as Shadow Ball hit Magby and Team Rocket. They were sent in the air and landed in a tree on the other side of the island. Onix was beginning to go crazy. Its shiny coat glittered in the sun.

"We are here to help you Onix! Please settle down" yelled Nick.

Onix's tail rammed into the ground. Then it flew right for Cyndaquil. Nick jumped for Cyndaquil and was able to get Cyndaquil away just in time. Nick scratched up his arm up pretty bad though. Cyndaquil looked at him in amazement.

Cyndaquil stood up and used a powerful Fire attack. A huge blistering fire blast twirled at Onix. It covered all around Onixís big snake-like body. It ran back inside the cave to get away from Cyndaquil.

"Alright! That was great Cyndaquil!" Nick screamed, celebrating with his new buddy.


"PUSH!" Shawn yelled.

"Good we finally pushed the boat back in the water. I guess we better get going now" Nick said as he whipped his hands off and took a rest from the pushing of the boat back into the water.

Shadow and Shawn got into the boat. As Nick was about to climb into the boat, something tugged on his jeans. He looked down to see a little Cyndaquil face.

"Whats the matter, do you wanna come along?" Nick questioned.

Cyndaquil smiled and fired up its flame on its back. Nick picked it up and put it in the boat. They sped off to the next island with a new friend....
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 8- Pinkan Island

"This is just great Shawn" Nick yelled, complaining once again.

"I didnít know we were going to get whirled around by giant whirlpools!" Shawn screamed back.

"I knew I shouldnít of fell asleep with you driving!" Nick kept nagging about Shawn and his driving.

Nick, Shawn, and Shadow walked around on the narrow beaches of an abandoned island. There were huge, gigantic whirlpools that surrounded the small island. Cliffs rose around the outside of the island which were around 50 feet high.

"Any idea on where we are?" Nick said once his temper was lowered.

He looked up to see Shawn climbing the cliffs. He had reached the top! Nick started to climb with Shadow holding on to him. It took a little while for Nick to get up there.

"Why are we climbing cliffs when we should be figuring out a way to get the hole in the boat fixed?" Nick started the arguing back up... again.

"Quite" whispered Shawn as he looked threw his binoculars.

"Awesome, an Officer Jenny!" whispered Nick, looking into the distance.

"Nevermind Jenny, look what pokemon she is feeding" Shawn said with an unusual amazement.

A big Pidgeotto was eating food out of Jenny's hand. However, this Pidgeotto looked different though.

"That Pidgeotto is pink" Shawn noticed.

The Pidgeotto was almost all pink, very odd since their original color was a tanish and brown color. .

Nick walked towards Jenny and the pink Pidgeotto. Shawn tried to grab Nick before he got away but was to late. Nick ran over to Jenny and grabbed her hand.

"My fair Officer Jenny, how would you like to date?" Nick asked kindly.

"HUH?!" she blurted out.

"I'm sorry, your gonna have to excuse my friend" Shawn said running over and grabbing Nick off of Jenny.

"Why arenít you guys at the station?" Jenny asked.

"What station.. and how is there a pink Pidgeotto standing next to me?" Shawn wondered.

"Are you two here for the contest?" Jenny questioned.

"No, we had a boat wreck and somehow landed on this island. What contest you talking about?" Nick asked, getting tired of all the questions going around.

"Oh that explains it all! We are having a once in a lifetime chance to capture the shiny pokemon that live on this island" Jenny explained, making it a little bit clearer.

"Say what?" Nick and Shawn both said really loud at the same time.

"Maybe I should explain this all really quick," Jenny said as Nick and Shawn looked at her in confusment, "See this island is inhabited with pokemon that are pink in color. This is because of the berries they eat. They turn the pokemons pink. We donít allow trainers to catch these pokemon that live here but this island is getting filled with to many pokemon so there is a contest for who gets the best pokemon here. The winners will get to keep the pokemon and get a Kings Rock".

"Wow! Thatís totally awesome. Can we join?" Nick asked, excited about this contest.

"Yeah sure, the contest is beginning in 30 minutes so you better hurry up and sign in. I'll take you to the station in my jeep" she offered.

The three heros jumped into Jenny's jeep and they left for the station. There was a lot of different pokemon trainers there. "The name is Nick Dunbar from Valencia Island and I will be using my Umbreon" said Nick, signing in.

A shot fired off and the contest began. Nick along with Shadow walked thru the thick brush that covered the island. They saw a pink Rhyhorn and a pink Totodile.

"Be on the lookout Shadow" Nick proposed.

They walked until the path was blocked from a huge pink Nidoking.

"Lets go Shadow" Nick yelled, thinking this could be the one.

Shadow jumped out in front and used Swift. The shooting stars hit Nidoking right on. Nidoking rolled over on its other side. Nick walked up to it and kicked it. It didnít move an inch. Shadow used a furious Tackle attack. Nidoking woke up. It roared and then rose to its feet. "Itís about time sleepy head" Nick yelled rudely. Nidoking took off after Nick and Shadow.

"Oh crap! RUN!" screamed Nick. They ran as fast as a Rapidash!
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 8 continued...

Shawn looked on the tv screens stationed in the main building. Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny did the same. There were about 10 TVs that showed different parts of the island.

They watched as a boy with an Umbreon running from a Nidoking.

Nick was running his tail off. Shadow dashed ahead of Nick.

"Hey wait up Shadow. Donít leave your best friend!" Nick yelled.

Shadow didnít seem to care, especially since a 500 pound Nidoking was running on their tails. They came to an area that was blocked off by the cliffs that fell straight down for 50 feet. There was no where to run.

"Ok Shadow, we are going to have to fight this thing right on!" Nick ordered.

Shadow sucked up courage and walked up to Nidoking.

"NOW, SWIFT!" screamed Nick.

Shadow used Swift. The stars bounced off of Nidoking's big bold chest. "Shadow use Faint Attack" ordered Nick. Shadow dodged towards the big Nidoking and then disappeared and then reappeared ramming into the right side of Nidoking.

Nidoking gave out a roar. Nidoking fought back with a Mega Punch. "Shadow- Agility" commanded Nick. Shadow jumped out of the way from the dynamic mind blowing punches.

Shadow then charged up for a Shadow Ball. The black ball appeared and Shadow was ready to released its most impressive attack. Then it was interrupted by a huge kick from Nidoking. Shadow got back up and tried to head butt Nidoking but was picked up by the huge pink monster and thrown to the ground.

Shadow got back up again, not wanting to stop. Nidoking charged towards Shadow. Shadow jumped up and leaped off of Nidoking's head. Then while Nidoking was turning around to charge again, Shadow completed the divesting Shadow Ball attack. The purple and black ball went spiraling towards the pink Nidoking.

Nidoking got knocked to the ground and the ball let out a huge explosion.

"Alright, as a pokemon trainer, I will not let you get away Nidoking. You are mine, Pokeball go!" Nick yelled releasing the pokeball, the ball hit Nidoking right on. The pokeball rolled side to side.. side to side..


"Hereís mine" Nick said to the judge, Nurse Joy. Nick let out his pokemon, Nidoking.

Nidoking came out and turned around to punch Nick right in the face. Nick instantly returned the pokemon.

Nurse Joy wrote down some stuff about Nidoking and Nick on a clipboard. Shawn walked over to Nick.

"Ok buddy?" Shawn acted as if he was concerned.

"Maybe it wasnít such a great idea to catch Nidoking" Nick laughed.

Nick took the pokeball that held Nidoking in it and put it in his bag.

"What are you doing, shouldnít you be putting that on your belt?" Shawn yelled.

"Um well I donít wanna take the chance of grabbing that pokeball again. It would be better to send Nidoking to Prof. Ivy to hang on for me" Nick explained, scared of Nidoking.


"Well I hope everyone enjoyed coming on this once in a lifetime opportunity trip to catch these rare pink pokemons. Now I know yaíll are ready to see who the winners are so here we go.. 3rd place goes to Elizabeth on capturing a Raichu. 2nd place goes to... Nick on capturing a Nidoking" Joy announced.

Nick went up on stage to accept a ribbon that said 2nd on it and $50 in cash.

"And 1st place goes to Jason who captured a Venusaur!" Joy announced.

Nick looked at Jason walking up on stage.

"What?!" Nick blurted out.

After Jason accepted his prize, which was a Kings Rock, Jason walked over to Nick.

"Nice to see you again dork, so how many pokemon have you caught?" Jason smirked.

Nick counted his pokemon.. Squirtle.. Nidoking...Cyndaquil... Shadow..

"Four!" Nick said with pride.

" Four? Four? HA! I have gotten 2 badges and caught 18 different kinds of pokemon. I even caught an awesome Venusaur during this contest with the help of my first captured pokemon who could probably whip all of your four pokemons at once, and this one... look at this Houndoom!" Jason laughed. Nickís pride was shot down.

Jason showed off his awesome looking Houndoom. Nick had to admit that his Houndoom seemed to be really healthy and taken care of really well.

They walked off, proud of making Nick look like a fool.

"Lets get going! I have to catch up to them!" Nick said, ready to go.

They raced off to the boat on the shore of Pinkan Island. Officer Jenny helped them fix it up and they were on there way to the next island to get the Sea Ruby Badge!
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 9- Element Doesnít Matter

"That island looks like a good place to rest" Nick pointed out. The boat swerved towards a small island. Nick and Company were going to take a lunch break there. They were only a day away from competing for Nick's 2nd Orange Islands badge.

Nick took off his shoes and his t-shirt. Now just wearing his rolled up jeans, barefooted, gray tucked in undershirt, and hat backwards, he ran down the edge of the water on the beautiful beach. Cyndaquil ran beside him, being the only one of his pokemonís that wanted to come.

Shadow and Squirtle thought it would be a nice day to relax and crash so they stayed with Shawn to fix up lunch.

"Good exercise huh Cyndaquil?" Nick laughed, out of breath from their running, mad that his other pokemonís didnít tag along.

Cyndaquil laughed in his own little way.

"Hiya! Gotcha!!!" screamed a weird girl.

Nickís attention darted over the yelling girl and so he walked over to a girl who was fishing off the shore.

"What are you doin?" asked the nosey Nick.

"Ah man, just another Tentacool" she said depressingly. She took the Tentacool off the hook and threw it back into the water.

"HELLO THERE!" screamed Nick, wanting some attention.

"Oh hi there, who are you?" wondered the girl, just now noticing Nick.

"I'm Nick, a Pokemon trainer. What are you doin?" he asked again.

"Oh Hi, I'm Trinity. A Water Pokemon trainer. I'm just fishing for some new pokemons to capture. You wanna battle?" she challenged Nick. This was bells to his ears.

"Sure, I'm always up for a good battle" Nick said with confidence in myself.

"Ok but this isnít going to be easy" Trinity gave off more confidence then Nick.

Trinity put down her fishing rod and grabbed a pokeball. She threw it, releasing a Vaporeon.

"Thatís a cool pokemon.. alright Shadow..." Nick paused for a second. He thought about it and remembered he only had Cyndaquil with him.

"Guess your gonna have to battle" Nick said sadly, remembering about the disadvantage fire has against water.

Cyndaquil jumped out in front and fired up its flame on its back.

"Thatís pathetic! This might not even be worth battling" Trinity smirk, raising the anger within Nick.

"Hey, take that back!" Nick said getting mad at her.. until he looked at her. He look at her small tight blue jean shorts and her red tank top. Trinity's redish hair floated in the wind. He thought of how hot she was.

"Please, my water type pokemon can crush any fire type" she laughed.

All the sudden that desire he had felt for her went away.

"Element doesnít matter! You must be a fool to think that element determines a battle" Nick thought he was doing a good job preaching.

Vaporeon jumped at Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil used Agility and moved to the side, dodging the attack from Vaporeon. "Cyndaquil use Swift" ordered Nick.. The flying stunning stars soared out of Cyndaquilís long mouth and direct at Vaporeon. The attack had hit Vaporeon right on! Vaporeon took the damage and then tackled Cyndaquil into the ground. Cyndaquil jumped up.

"Vaporeon use Water Gun" screamed Trinity. Cyndaquil jumped out of the way as a long jet of water came towards it. Cyndaquil got the order from Nick and used Ember. The long line of fire spread across the beach sand. Vaporeon jumped away from this attack just in time. "Cyndaquil use Smokescreen" yelled Nick. Black thick smoke covered the small area on the beach as it poured out of the nozzled mouth from Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil focused through the smoke and figured Vaporeonís position. Cyndaquil used its speed and used Head-butt on Vaporeon. Their heads collided and a loud crack rang thru their heads. "Cyndaquil use Swift again" Nick demanded. This time failing the Swift attack was to slow and failed to hit Vaporeon.

"Vaporeon use Quick Attack" Trinity said. The fastness of Vaporeon stunned Cyndaquil. Left..Right.. Left..Left.. Right, it was to fast to keep up with. Vaporeon ended up coming from the right side, hitting Cyndaquil with all its might. Cyndaquil almost couldnít get up. With the little strength still left and the right amount of determination, Cyndaquil climbed back up to its little feets.

"Vaporeon end it with Water Gun" Trinity made it seem like this would be the deciding battle. Cyndaquil jumped out of the way and used one more Smokescreen. The black smoke hid Cyndaquil from Vaporeon's sight. Then Cyndaquil let out a heat dazzling Flamethrower. The big huge fire blast zoomed thru the smoke right to Vaporeon. The blast was just to big to dodge and Vaporeon took the hit. The fire cleared along with the smoke, showing Vaporeon fainted.

"Alright Cyndaquil! Thatís how you do it, see Trinity.. its not always about element but style, skill, and how will its trainer and the pokemon are together" Nick showed off.

"You have taught me a lot today. Thank you" she kindly thanked Nick.

"Anytime babe, huh.................. think I could like maybe get a number?" Nick said without a bit of shyness.

Trinity sighed.


"Were back guys!" Nick yelled.

Shadow, Squirtle, and Shawn's Houndour were eating lunch. Cyndaquil joined them.

"Whats the matter?" Nick asked Shawn who had a puzzled look on his face. Shawn was holding a bundle of papers and a little graph thing.

"I'm not sure, my PokeGraph has been picking up weird signals from the water. Some kind of pokemon or drilling might of made these marks. If it was a pokemon then it must be a really strong one" he said with a weary voice.

"Um.. Sounds pretty weird to me, come on lets eat some grub" Nick pigged out on the food.

Shawn didnít eat, instead he studied the papers.

After lunch they headed out for the next island, which held the 2nd Orange Islands Gym!
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 10- Sea Ruby Maneuvers

"What are you doing?" Nick asked while driving the boat. Shawn was mixing weird liquids together.

"I am making an attack called Ice Beam. Itís a TM. Really I'm experimenting with it, when I'm done why donít we give it to one of your pokemon." Shawn decided.

"Sounds cool, why not... hey look!" Nick pointed to the small island ahead.

A small island with a huge mountain was straight in front of Nick, Shawn, and Shadow as they traveled to get the second Orange Islands badge.

As they arrived on the island, Nick and Shadow ran at full blast to the gym. There didnít seem to be any houses or any sign of humans at all on the island. Finally Shawn spotted a little house or building right in front of the big mountain.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Nick knocked on the door as hard as he could.

"Hello! Is this the Pokemon Gym of Navel Island?" asked Nick.

No one answered the door.

"Hey there! Looking for a gym battle?" a man said behind the group.

"Yeah, who are you?" asked Nick.

The man wore a yellow button up shirt with blue shorts. Looked like a person who hung out by the beach a lot.

"I'm Danny, the owner of this gym" he said like he was Mr. Big Stuff.

"I'm Nick from Valencia and I wish to challenge you" Nick ordered.

"Very well, a good battle sounds good right now but its not that easy, you see that mountain.. you have to climb it without using any pokemon. If you get to the top then you can have your gym battle" Danny explained, seeing if Nick had the guts to take his challenge.

Nick looked up at the big mountain that swarmed over the island. Nick nodded and got ready. Shadow and Shawn were able to take a little cable car up the mountain.

Nick took off his backpack and his shirt, revealing just his dark gray undershirt. Then he started to climb. The mountain was very tall. Rocks crumbled beneath Nick's feet. Nick almost fell 50 feet out of the air. Danny was climbing the mountain like their was an elevator or somethin. Nick fell way behind Danny but Nick figured he should take it easy instead of risking the chance of falling. Shawn and Shadow passed them in the cable car. Shadow cheered on Nick which only made Nick made that they could get up so easy.

Once they got about 1/3 up the mountain, there was a path you took. Nick walked up the extremely steep path way. The higher they got the colder it was. Once they finally reached the top, snow covered the ground and Nick was shivering like crazy!

"Well you made it to the top! That means your worthy of a gym battle" Danny confirmed.

"Great, lets go!" Nick said shivering yet ready to go.

Danny led Nick over to a big water gazer. Two big water strands shot straight out of the ground.

"Ok, you have to win 2 out of 3 competitions. First you have to freeze the water coming out of the ground here" Danny started to explain the rules.

"Freeze? Sounds easy enough" Nick tried to have confidence.

Danny sent out his Nidoqueen. Nick reached for his pokeball...

"Oh no! I donít have a pokemon that knows an ice attack" Nick exclaimed.

"Here give this to your Squirtle!" said Shawn, handing Nick a small capsule.

Squirtle came out of his pokeball and took the capsule. In no time Squirtle was ready for battle. It was that Ice Beam attack that Shawn had made earlier.

"Ok then, as soon as the water comes out.. the battle begins!" Danny said.

Nick and Squirtle got ready.. Danny and Nidoqueen got ready. "SWWOOOOSH"! sounded the roaring water coming straight out of the ground. Nidoqueen started right away. Squirtle started late because of Nick's commands.

Nidoqueen used Ice Beam as well as Squirtle. Nidoqueen was half way done. Squirtle got at the 1/4 spot. The Ice Beam's froze the roaring water. Squirtle fired it up a little bit. Squirtle's Ice Beam started to gain on Nidoqueen's. Squirtle almost caught up. The water was 3/4 covered by each pokemon. Squirtle just had to keep it up and it would win. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN!

"Speed it up some Nidoqueen!" Danny calmly said.

Nidoqueen let out a even more powerful Ice Beam and was able to cover the whole thing. The water was now in a nice frozen ice block. Squirtle finished his about 5 seconds after Nidoqueen finished.

"To bad.. well there is still two more competitions that you must win. All you have to do is win both and you got the badge" Danny said, thinking this battle was over now.

Nick clinched his fist, angered about losing but realizing that Squirtle had never gotten practice with that move so it wasnít its fault. Nick blamed his self for not being ready. Shawn and Shadow watched on as the ice blocks they made were cut down by Danny's Scyther.

"Ok, next you have to pick three pokemons to make a sled out of this ice block you and your Squirtle made" Danny explained the second round rules.

Danny had his Scyther, Nidoqueen, and Machoke. Nick had Squirtle, Cyndaquil, and Nidoking. The battle had begun!

Squirtle clawed away to make a nice front of the sled. Cyndaquil fired up its flame on its back. Then it let out a small, nice even Flamethrower to make the inside of the sled. Nick's pink Nidoking rammed his fists against his chest and then punched Nick right in the face. Nick, on the ground, called back Nidoking.

"That was a huge mistake" Nick complained, holding his face...
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 10 continued...

Since Nidoking didnít work out so well, Shadow jumped in and started to claw away at the sled. Squirtle did the same. Then Cyndaquil powered up and let out a nice spiraling flaming Ember, making the inside of the sled.

Danny's Machoke, Scyther, and Nidoqueen wasnít making as much progress as Nick was.

"Finish it Cyndaquil!" ordered Nick.

Cyndaquil melted the rest of the front of the sled down to make a perfect speed sled!

Danny looked on at their work with total amazement.

"Wow Nick! That Cyndaquil is pretty powerful. Nice work guys.. I guess that brings us to the next competition! Grab the sleds!" Danny said, about to reveal their next competition.

Nick, Squirtle, Shadow, and Cyndaquil slid the sled over to a red line.

"Pick your pokemon to help steer the sled down this mountain. The first sled to reach the bottom is the winner!"

Nick thought wisely. Which pokemon would do the best?

"Alright! Squirtle and Cyndaquil!" he said. Shadow and Shawn rode the cable car down to the bottom.

Nick sat down in the front. Behind him was Cyndaquil and then Squirtle. They both were leaning a bit over the side of the sled. Cyndaquil took the left and Squirtle took the right side. Danny had Geodude and Scyther. Their long arms were able to touch both sides. This wasnít going to be easy.

"On your mark..... get set..... GO!!!" Danny sounded the buzzer.

The race was on! The two sleds roared down the mighty mountain. Nick's sled was going to much to the right so Nick commanded a Water Gun from Squirtle, pushing the sled back in position.

To much to the left.. Cyndaquil used Flamethrower and they were back on track. Danny's Geodude and Scyther were using there hands to shift the sled. They were half way down the mountain. Dust rose up behind them. The bottom of the ice sled was beginning to melt away. What a fierce and competitive battle this was!

Nick knew he had to think of something or it was over with. Danny and his pokemon were gaining speed. They got going faster and faster. They started to get ahead of Nick and Company.

"Squirtle and Cyndaquil, use Water Gun and Flamethrower at the ground at the back of the sled" Cyndaquil and Squirtle nodded. Nick knew that if they did this then no one could steer the sled but it was a chance they had to take.

They went to the back of the sled and used there attacks at the ground. This was like Nitrous Oxide on a sled! It gave the sled an extra boost and lead Nick's sled past Dannyís at a rocket speed.

Nick, Squirtle, and Cyndaquil passed the finish line. Danny came in right behind him. Shawn and Shadow were exiting the cable car.

"Awesome job Nick!" Shawn congratulated him.

Danny returned his Scyther and Geodude.

"Great job Nick. That was an impressive move. I think you earned this!" Danny said, handing over the Sea Ruby badge. It was a sea shell with a red ruby in it.

"Thanks a lot Danny! Alright guys, we got the Sea Ruby Badge!" Nick screamed, holding his new Orange Islands Badge.


Shawn, Shadow, and Nick loaded up in the boat.

"It was nice meeting you Nick and Shawn! Nick, I wish you good luck on becoming the Orange Islands Champ! Hope to see you again!" he yelled as he waved off Nick and Co.

Nick looked at his new Sea Ruby Badge as Shawn cranked up the engine and roared off towards the next island that held the third badge...
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