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Old 03-05-2004, 12:23 AM
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 29- Enter the Dragonite

"Nick, its time to enter my Dragonite!" Drake called over. He released his most powerfulest pokemon.

A big orange and yellow dragon pokemon came out. It flapped its wings. The crowd cheered for it. They seemed to love the Dragonite. Nick swallowed his spit...

"Scizor, donít let its attacks hit you!" Nick yelled.

Scizor nodded. Dragonite started things off first. It charged for Scizor. Scizor flew up in the air away from Dragonite.

Dragonite flew up too. Scizor landed back on the ground and Dragonite flew right for it. Scizor moved in the last split second before Dragonite rammed into it.

Instead Dragonite got a mouthful of dirt. Dragonite stood up and used Twister. A huge wind tornado went flying towards Scizor.

Scizor flew up into the sky. Then it went behind the Twister. Dragonite was controling the attack and made the Twister follow Scizor.

Scizor flew right for Dragonite and flew straight up once it got a foot away from the awesome dragon pokemon. As its attack followed Scizor and Scizor went straight up right before Dragonite.. the attack ended up flying right into Dragonite itself!

"Scizor, that was awesome! Keep it up" Nick said.

Drake was stunned. Dragonite was hit by its own attack. Dragonite charged towards Scizor, obvisiously angered by the Twister attack thing.

Dragonite tried a Slam attack but failed to get it done. Scizor flew up into the sky. Dragonite followed. Now it was an aerial fight.

Dragonite sent out a Hyper Beam at Scizor. Scizor dodged it barely. Scizor started to fly away from Dragonite but Dragonite just followed. Looking behind Scizor detected another Hyper Beam.

Scizor scooted to the right to dodge the attack but then another beam came right for Scizor. There was no time to dodge!

Scizor was hit. The sky seemed to explode. Scizor was shown falling from the sky.

"SCCCCCIIIZZOOR!!!" Nick screamed to his hurt pokemon.

Scizor landed hard on the ground. It was covered in black smoke. It was injured pretty badly. It was clearly in no shape to continue...

"Scizor is unable to battle.. Dragonite is the winner!" said the ref.

Scizor was returned to its Pokeball. Shadow stepped out from behind Nick. It stepped up to Dragonite who landed.

"Look at Dragonite!" Shawn said

Dragonite stood with sweat all over its head. It was breathing heavily.

"It looks like its... tired" Mrs. Dunbar had a big smile overcome her face.

"That was his plan! He knows that Dragonite is way to strong for any of his pokemon so he picked his fastest for last! He is going to outrun Dragonite's attacks until its tired and then he will attack! Alright! GO NICK!" Shawn screamed as loud as he can as he stood up in his seat.

Dragonite started with Wing Attack. It flew low to the ground and then tried to nail Shadow with its wing. Shadow was to quick though and ran for one of the four remaining rocks. It bounced from rock to rock until Dragonite got confused. Then it started shooting Hyper Beams out very fast and all over the place.

It hit all the rocks. The now smokey battle floor was flat. No more rocks to bounce off of. Shadow stood staring down Dragonite. Shadow disappeared! All the sudden it appeared ramming into the right side of Dragonite's face. Dragonite was sent to the ground.

"Thatís one fast Umbreon! Wow, Dragonite's gotta focus. That Faint Attack of Umbreon's was so incredible!" Drake stared in amazement.

Dragonite used Thunder Wave. The blue thunder went electrifyingly fast towards the quick Umbreon. Shadow managed to jump out of the way though! The crowd gazed at Shadow. They were amazed on how fast it was.

Dragonite shot a Hyper Beam at Shadow. Dragonite used Swift. The yellow stars hit the ground where Shadow once stood. Now Shadow was no where to be seen. Dragonite looked all over the place. No where!

Then Shadow appeared behind Dragonite! It used Swift right back at it. The flying stars hit Dragonite in the back of the head. Dragonite gave out a loud yell. Dragonite flew up in the air where it could get a good position on the battle floor.

It released many mighty Hyper Beams! Shadow dodged the first but the second, third, fourth, etc. all came right down on the helpless dark pokemon.

Smoke filled the air in the small stadium. Nick gasped.

The smoke arose out of the stadium....

Shadow was on the ground!
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Old 03-05-2004, 12:24 AM
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 29 continued...

Nick gasped. What happened? No one knew. Finally Shadow appeared on the ground. It was hurt. It struggled to get up but just fell back down. Then it summoned up enough strength to raise to its feet.

"Shadow, you have to be faster than Scizor!" Nick reminded Shadow.

Shadow nodded as it stared at Dragonite, landing on the ground.

Dragonite seemed exhausted. Drake commanded it to use Hyper Beam once more. This time it was nothing. Nothing but a small, skinny yellow beam coming out of its mouth. Dragonite had lost to much power.

"Gotta be faster than Scizor? Thatís what your plan was! You wanted to make Dragonite tired and then attack. I cant believe it. This match is almost over" Drake said as he frowned and thought about being outsmarted. He never thought he would be outsmarted.. maybe beaten but not outsmarted.

"Shadow, its tired now.. LETS FINISH!" Nick ordered admittally.

Shadow ran towards Dragonite and then disappeared in a flash. Then it showed up ramming into the back of Dragonite, sending it into the ground.

Dragonite was showing its tiredness. It struggled to get up. Shadow stood in front of Dragonite. It smirked a little before charging up.

Charging up for its ultimate attack! The big bad black ball appeared in front of Shadow. Dragonite stopped trying to stand back up and instead looked at the attack. Purple lightening revolved around it.

WHOOOSSSSSSH! The attack flew towards Dragonite. Dragonite's eyes grew big as it watched the final attack of the battle.

An explosion filled the stadium. Smoke rose high into the sky. The referee ran out to Dragonite. He looked closely at the Dragon pokemon. It fainted!

"Dragonite is done for.. NICK AND HIS UMBREON ARE NOW ORANGE ISLAND CHAMPIONS!" announced the ref.

Nick gasped for air. He couldnít believe it. All the hard work. Remembering when it first got Shadow when it was just a small Eevee. His first pokemon caught, Squirtle. The hardship with those hard, tough battles with Cyndaquil. The trade that gave Nick Scizor. Catching Ditto, Tauros, and winning Tyrogue.. now a Hitmontop.

"WE WON SHADOW!" Nick screamed as he ran over to his tired Umbreon. He gave it a huge hug. Drake walked over. Nick stood up. Drake and Nick both shook each others hands.

"I knew that there are trainers out there that can beat me but I never thought there were trainers that could outsmart me. Great job Nick. Welcome to becoming an Orange Islands Champ!" Drake said to the awesome champ, Nick.

Nick smiled. The crowd was silent. Nick fell over anime style. The crowd was still quiet. Then the erupted into "NICK! NICK! NICK!"

Nick felt so good inside. He had accomplished his dream that he set off to get months ago.

He looked up in the crowd and saw Jason. He was standing on the aisle by the exit door to the stadium.

Shadow tackled Nick down and started licking his face. Then Nick laughed and pushed Shadow off. He then looked back up in the stands to find no Jason. Shawn and Nick's mother came running out to him.

It was the best day of Nick's life!
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Old 03-05-2004, 12:25 AM
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure


Drake directed Nick, along with Shadow, Mrs. Dunbar, and Shawn, to the Hall of Fame.
It was a small gray room. There were pictures and footprints of other trainers that have overcome the obstacle of the Orange Islands. He saw one that said Ash with prints of a Charizard, Pikachu, and other neat pokemon. One person down from it was a spot from Nick.

"Its been a long time Nick. No one has beaten me in a long, long, long time! But now you have and you will be congratulated with this Orange Island Trophy" Drake handed Nick a gold trophy with a Pokeball on top. Beside the pokeball were white wings on each side.

Nick grinned a mile wide.

"Please send out all your pokemon and have them put there footprint on in this clay" Drake directed him.

Tauros, Hitmontop, Scizor, Shadow, Squirtle, and Cyndaquil all happily put their foot or hand prints in the clay....

The gang stayed at the Pokemon Center over night and returned to the Hall of Fame.

Shawn walked in there, catching Nick and Shadow stare at Nick's picture with his teams prints underneath it.

NICK DUNBAR read the gold print on the picture. He fulfilled his dream but what next?

"Come on Nick the Champ, we gotta get back to Valencia Island" Shawn smiled at his friend, the champ.

"Yeah" Nick said softly. As he walked out of the room he had one last look at his picture and pokemon added to some of the best pokemon trainers ever...
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Old 03-05-2004, 12:25 AM
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 30- Valencia Bash!

It was now two days after Nick had defeated Drake at Pummelo Island. Nick yawned as he slipped on his new clothes that he recently bought. (His clothes he wore around the Orange Islands seemed to small for him now, plus he got tired of wearing those clothes everyday).

He walked downstairs. No one was there. Shawn wasnít in the guestroom asleep. His mom wasnt there. Even their house pet, the overweight Skitty, wasnít there.

He opened the back door and he stepped out to the backyard. Suddenly 20-30 people jumped out! Nick fell over from the fright of the "SURPRISE!"

Nick stood up seeing Shawn, Shadow, Mrs. Dunbar and almost half the town.

"Wow guys! You really caught me off guard" Nick jumped up in surprisment.

"NICK" Whitney yelled.

Nick overcame with a smile. They hugged each other very tightly.

"What are you doing here Whit?" Nick asked her.

"Shawn called me and told me that you won the Orange Islands Championship and that they were having a party so I came right over!" Whitney explained, not helping herself but to smile at the fact of seeing Nick.

"You did a great job Nick. Everyone in town watched your battle on the Orange Islands PokeTV channel. You did an awesome job. Everyone is excited you are representing Valencia!" Ivy laughed.

"Wow, if I would of known that I would have had way to much pressure on me to even get past his Gengar"Nick laughed.

"We just thought that you deserved a Victory Bash since you did a great job on the win and all" Shawn said, patting Nick on the back

"Thanks a lot guys!" Nick blushed.

For the next half hour people from all over Valencia Island congratulated Nick and met his pokemon.

Then once Nick had enough of people talking about the big win, his aunt.. Professor Ivy.. came over with a man.

The man had glasses with a green shirt under his white lab coat. He had black shiny shoes and tan pants. His hair was spiked a little in the middle.

"Nick... this is Professor Elm, he is from New Bark Town in the Johto Region" Ivy interduced.

Nick and Prof. Elm shook hands.

"So Nick, what are you thinking about doing now that you have accomplished the Orange Islands?" Professor Elm asked.

Whitney came over to the group.

"Well actually I was able to have some experience being a gym leader at Whitney's gym in Goldenrod City. I liked that a lot and I thought about taking a gym leader course so I could be one someday. It was lots of fun" explained Nick.

"Well Nick, I was thinking about asking you to come to the Johto League. Some of the best trainers are in that league and I think you will do well" Elm offered.

"Explain this league" Nick asked.

"Well there are 8 gyms and 8 badges you have to collect. Get them all and you can get in the Silver Conference where you battle different trainers from all over the world, all competing to become a Pokemon Master" Elm had explained it as well as he could.

"Wow! Thatís awesome. I would love to be in a league like that!" Nick yelled out.

"Great! Why donít you stop in New Bark Town within the next week and I will even give you a new pokemon before you start your journey. It was nice meeting you Nick" Elm waved off.

"Yeah sure" said Nick.

Prof. Elm and Ivy walked off talking to each other. Nick saw a familiar face leave his backyard. He headed for the small pond just up the street and in the woods a ways.

"Ill be right back" Nick told Whitney. He followed the guy...
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Old 03-05-2004, 12:26 AM
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 30 continued...

Squirtle noticed Nick as he left Whitney and walked out of his backyard and the party. Squirtle decided to follow.

Nick: "Whats up?" he said to his cousin who had the new clothes on as well. Nick sat beside him as they stared at the small pond with a Horsea's playin in it.

"Where you headed?" asked Jason.

"Johto" Nick answered.

Jason jumped up!

"Your going to Johto also?" wondered Nick.

"You know it" answered Jason.

Nick stood up. It saw Squirtle behind a tree.

"Squirtle?! What are you doing here" wondered Nick.

"SQUIRTLE!" it called out and jumped into Nick's arms.

"Why donít we have a pokemon battle. Just a real quick one-on-one battle?" wondered Nick.

"Alright but its going to be pretty fast" smiled Jason.

They each moved so their pokemons could have room to battle. Squirtle was battling against....

Jason's pokeball was thrown. A huge blue and white pokemon came out.

"POLIWRATH?! Alright lets go" Nick was ready for this one.

Squirtle started with Water Gun. Poliwrath jumped into the air to dodge it. Then Poliwrath shot a Water Gun at Squirtle. Squirtle easily dodged.

Poliwrath charged towards Squirtle. Squirtle used Skull Bash by ramming its head into the incoming Poliwrath. Poliwrath was sent to the ground.

Poliwrath got up and used Dynamic Punch. The white glowing fist came right for Squirtle. HIT! Squirtle was sent to the ground.

Squirtle shook it off and shot back a Water Gun. Poliwrath did the same. The two blasts collided. Water filled the area where they were battling.

"Your pokemon is really strong" Jason and Nick both said at the same time.

Poliwrath's Water Gun seemed to be overcoming Squirtle's.

"Push it Squirtle" yelled Nick.

Still nothing.. Poliwrath's was just to strong. But then something happened to Squirtle. Something big...
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Old 03-05-2004, 12:26 AM
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Chapter 30 continued...

Squirtle turned all white. Its body grew bigger.. stronger.. cooler.

Then it was finished. Nick had only had Shadow and Hitmontop evolve before. Squirtle now had two sharp teeth. A big white bushy tail thing came out from its back. Two little white wing lookin things sprouted from its side of its head. Squirtle was now an awesome Wartortle.

"AWESOME! A Wartortle!" yelled Nick.

"I can believe it!" Jason smiled at the awesome looking pokemon.

Even through the evolving they were still exchanging Water Guns but Wartortle's started to get back at Poliwrath's.

They both quit and ran towards each other. They collided heads. They both got very dizzy from that blow.

Wartortle shot a blast of Bubbles at Poliwrath. Poliwrath took the hit. Poliwrath used Bubbles as well. Wartortle took the hit. Then the two pokemons walked up to each other.

They grabbed each others fist. They stared each other down.... then they both collapsed!

"NO!" screamed Nick.

"They both fainted!" Jason said smoothly.

They both grinned and returned their pokemons.

"I cant believe they both fainted like that" Nick laughed.

"Yeah, I thought you were going to beat me when your Squirtle evolved" Jason laughed back.

"Yeah, I was wondering why none of my pokemons were evolving.. even after all that hard training we did. Guess it was just a matter of time before it evolved" Nick shrugged.

"Well I guess you better get back to your party and as for me, well I'm leaving for Johto in the morning so I guess this is goodbye until we run into each other in the finals of the Johto Championship!" Jason smiled, hoping that would be true.

"Yeah, see ya there cuz" Nick waved off.

They did their old hand shake. Nick remembered playing with his cousin back when they were just old enough to walk. All the fun they had. Jason walked off as Nick walked back to the party...
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Old 03-05-2004, 12:27 AM
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

The Final Chapter of the Orange Islands

Nick got ready to depart from the Orange Islands. He loved being back with his mom. As no one knew he did have a sister.. just four years older than him. 16 years old. She set off for Johto awhile back but unfortunately no one has talked to her since she left.. two years ago. Thatís why it took some time for Nick's mom to let go.
She tried to use the excuse of the Spearows and Murkrows disturbing her garden.. which seemed to be ruined everyday for the scarecrow wasnít working to well. Therefore Nick left Scizor to help out with that and with some stuff for Professor Ivy.

Hitmontop stayed with Professor Ivy along with Nick's Tauros. Ditto was released into the wild to be with its kind once again. Nick kept Shadow by his side with Wartortle and Cyndaquil in their Pokeballs which were clipped on to his belt.

His mom cried as he left. He was to meet Prof. Elm tomorrow morning so he had to hurry up and get on his ship to leave.

He wouldnít see Valencia Island for awhile. It was time to get serious. He was on his Quest of a Lifetime!

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Old 03-21-2004, 11:53 PM
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

Finished the story? Well then try to take this quiz! Orange Islands Adventure Quiz!

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Old 03-31-2004, 06:01 PM
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Default Re: Orange Islands Adventure

i like this fic kc. i'll definetly read the secquel after i take the quiz.
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