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Old 02-05-2005, 09:37 PM
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Default Muk Turns Rotten

--What happens when Ash's Muk accidentally suffocates Prof. Oak? Find out in this short fiction.--

This story was entered in the Short Fanfiction Contest.


Muk Turns Rotten

It’s a beautiful day in Pallet Town. Specifically, Professor Oak’s Laboratory is very busy this morning. The local Pokemon food store ran short of supplies and Professor Oak has to cut back on two days of food for all his hundreds of Pokemon he takes care over.
Professor Oak is the name every Pokemon Trainer, Breeder, Watcher and beyond knows about. He is world famous for his research and his greatest invention, the Pokedex. In his 50's, he has grey hair and is always seen with a white lab coat and red undershirt. He studies his Pokemon constantly, almost never taking breaks or vacations.
There are two assistants to Professor Oak: one is Tracy, the green shirt Pokemon watcher; and Ivan, an eager young adult wanting to learn all he can when it comes to caring for Pokemon.
Tracy is thick with short black hair covered by a pink headband. He wears a green t-shirt and red shorts. He admires Professor Oak with all his heart and loves having the opportunity to even breathe the same air as him. He helps by observing the Pokemon and making sketches whenever there is time. Someday, he will sell those sketches and become famous.
Then there is Ivan. He is tall with short blue hair, wearing long faded green jeans and button down white collared shirt. He’s been Professor Oak's assistant for close to four years now. In a year or two he will have gained all the knowledge he wants and will move out to create his own laboratory for caring for Pokemon and learning from passing Trainers.
Ivan walks from the main house and steps over to Professor Oak, whom is feeding some Rattatas. “You have a phone call from Ash Ketchum.”
“Oh,” he says, startled from a morning call from Ash. “I’ll be right there.”
Professor Oak smiles at the Rattata and pats their heads. His old bones crack as he stands up. He follows Ivan inside to the lab where the easiest phone would be reached.
The video screen is on. Ash is at the phone with Misty behind him. Brock is there too, but he's to interested in talking to a pretty lady.
"Hi Ash... Misty... Brock. How’s it going?"
Ash smiles. "Pretty good Professor. Indigo Plateau has been a great challenge. I can’t wait for the tournament to start. There are a lot of tough Trainers here.”
“Ah yes. That is to be expected as Indigo collects quite a bit of experienced Trainers.”
“That’s why I called. I need you to send Tauros to me. There’s this Trainer I really want to beat.”
“Ok. Ok. But I need one of your Pokemon first. That’s how this works. How about Bulbasaur for a while, I’d like to examine it.”
“I guess.”
Within moments, Ash and Professor Oak swap Pokeballs via the Transporter.
“Thanks Professor.”
“Any time Ash. You take care out there.”
“MUK!” Ash’s Muk jumps over Professor Oak in a playful hug.
Ash laughs. “Looks like Muk is happy. Bye Professor.” Ash hangs ups.
Professor Oak, on the other hand, can't hang up because Muk has body slammed on top of him.
"Muk, get off of me right now. Come on. I have Pokemon to feed outside.... and... *COUGH* ............ Muk.............. I....... need......... to........ breathe......”
Professor Oak chokes on Muk’s flabby skin and suffocates from lack of oxygen and too much poisonous air. Muk slimes off Professor Oak and sees what he has done. He pokes Oak’s stomach but nothing moves.
“Muk...?” Muk wonders.
Ivan laughs as he walks over to the phone and places it back on the hook. “Muk, again, please stop jumping on Professor Oak. He's old you know.” After hanging up the phone, he gasps at the sight of Professor Oak, laying on the floor not moving. “Oh my...” Ivan jumps to the floor and attempts to help in any way he can. But he’s never had any training in resuscitation. All he knows is to take the heart pulse at the neck. Nothing.
"Professor Oak!!! Muk, what have you done to him? I told you to stop jumping on him like that. I better call the police.” Ivan dials into the phone. 9-1-
“Muk...” the purple flab Pokemon jumps up at the counter and knocks the phone off, pulling the cable out of the wall.
“What are you doing Muk? That’s it, I’m taking you to Pokemon Control. This time, you’ll be staying much longer.” He steps away to retrieve Muk’s Pokeball in the other room.
Muk has been to Pokemon Control before. It’s a nasty place that doesn’t treat the Pokemon well and forces them to obey orders. The one time before, Pokemon Control cured Muk from jumping on people. But when his Trainer, Ash Ketchum, came to town for the Indigo Plateau tournament a couple weeks ago, he was jumpy again. After since then, Ivan has threatened every time to take Muk back to Pokemon Control but Professor Oak wouldn't allow it with authorization from Ash.
No go back to Pokemon Control. Evil Ivan.
Muk leaps up and tackles Ivan from behind, not letting go until he stops moving. Stepping back, two bodies lay in the lab: Oak and Ivan.
What I have done? No. Didn’t mean to. Muk looks around. No let others see.
Room by room, Muk clears the house of Pokemon and humans. Only two Pokemon are inside and no humans are here. The Pokemon are kicked outside, in the backyard with the other Pokemon let out for the day. Muk’s slimy body closes each door and locks them and pulls the curtains and shades down over the windows.
Must hide evidence. No go Pokemon Control.


Hours pass and green shirt Tracy arrives at the door. He has been out all morning tracking a group of migrating Farfetch’d south of Pallet. He can’t wait to show Oak his sketches.
“Locked. It’s never locked during the day.”
Tracy uses his key to get inside the lab. He opens the door to see everything is dark from the windows being blocked. He curiously looks around the living room, walks through it and into the kitchen. There, he notices the most frightening thing he’s ever seen, even worse than his Scyther having a bad day. Professor Oak is lying motionless on the ground.
“Professor Oak!” Tracy slams to the ground to help his idol but no movement. No breath. No pulse. Professor Oak is dead. Tracy shoots tears out faster than a machine gun can fire. “PROFESSOR!”
Tracy clears his face from tears so he can see a Muk standing around the corner of the kitchen. Muk is grabbing Oak’s arm, as if pulling him somewhere.
“Muk, what happened?”
Muk’s eyes turn dark and he drops Oak’s arm. Quickly, Muk leaps at Tracy, unfortunately missing because of the bad angle.
Tracey staggers up and steps back. “What are you doing?”
Muk slimes over Oak and nears the pink bandana adult.
“Muk? What are you doing?” Tracey slowly steps back, eyeing a bowl of dry white rice on the kitchen counter
That’s when Muk rushes and leaps. Tracey turns and throws the bowl, spilling rice everywhere. Muk slams himself into the kitchen wall as Tracey slips from his own throw. Quickly, Tracey is back on his feet and heading for the front door. However, being to fast, Tracey trips over the couch on his way and knocks into the floor with his head.
Muk recovers from his hit and charges. No Pokemon Control.


The day ends and the next day begins. Ash's mom calls the police. "Hi. I called Professor Oak all day yesterday and this morning and all I get is a busy signal. I even went over once but all his doors were locked. If he was leaving, he would have told me first. Could you send someone over to check it out?"
The Pallet Town police cooperate nicely and send in three police officers to check out Oak's house on the little hill. Team Rocket is also nearby and they need all the police they can get. So, they send in three rookie officers on their first outdoor experiences. They don't expect this visit to be anything but routine.
Officer Perter, Officer Glendale, and Officer Mandy approach the little cottage. After ringing the doorbell, Officer Perter cracks open the locked door. The three walk in and immediately see a guy with a green shirt, red shorts and a pink bandana on his head with one arm extended to the door. Mandy checks him out but they are too late.
Female Officer Mandy writes something down. "By the way he is positioned, I'd say he was trying to escape out of this door."
The other two officers nod.
Glendale holds his nose. “Smell that. Like, something has spoiled or something.”
Mandy smugs her face after noticing the smell. "Yea. We need to find Professor Oak. Ok. Split up. Glendale, you go that way, Perter take the stairs, I'll take the lab. If you find anything, report over the walkie-talkie"
The three nod and go their separate ways.

Officer Perter, short and stocky, red hair under the blue hat and probably the best teeth in all of Pallet Town. He takes the stairs and climbs to the second floor, to check each room, one by one. He kicks open a door and points his gun. But he notices another smell. *SLIP* Perter hits the floor, having slipped on trails of sludge.
“Ack! There seems to be a trail of slime running up here."
After regaining to his feet, he kicks the door down that leads to the master bedroom. Walking around, he clears the master bathroom.
"All clear here. Wait... What is that?" Perter shines his flashlight up at the ceiling fan. "Muk? So this must be your slime. Eww, and it touched my face." Perter spits to the floor, being disgusted having touched Pokemon slime, which might be more contagious than regular slime. “You must be frightened. Come on down, it’s ok now. We’re here to help you.”
Muk does exactly that and Body Slams on the good officer.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default Muk Turns Rotten

"Interesting." Officer Mandy mutters to herself. She has been looking at all the lab equipment and cool gadgets. "I wish I had this."
Officer Mandy has long, long hot pink hair, past her waist. The force wants her to cut it but she won't because she loves long hair. She is the youngest of the group at age 28 but has leadership qualities the others don't, which is why she is in charge of this job.
Time passes as the whole lab is cleared. Every nook and crevice of the extensive lab is safe. She takes out her cell phone to report back to the station. "Officer Mandy to Station, anyone pick up?" Nothing but static. "Grrrr. The reception down here is really lowsy. Must be because of all this equipment."
Mandy grabs her walkie-talkie and moves away from the machines to use it. "Perter, Glendale, come in. You guys alright?"
The static clears and an answer is heard. "Glendale reporting. Yeah, I'm fine. It's Officer Perter. I'm going upstairs to find him."
"Wait for me."
"There's no time, he's in trouble."

Officer Glendale takes the stairs. He is the brave copper, always wanting to be the hero and usually reacts without first thinking. Without his hat, his dark brown hair is wild as if he was just at the coolest party. The blue uniform makes him look like a dork. He has petitioned for his own uniform but his boss won't allow it.
Glendale looks left and right wondering which way to go. To his right is a Muk. First, he rushes left and checks the rooms. Nothing. Then he heads to the right side.
"Muk.. " Muk squints.
"Hello, Muk! Um, could you please move to the side? I need to get over there."
Muk suddenly jumps forward and sludge kicks the officer in the chest. Glendale trips back, slipping on the slime from the floor, falling down the stairs.
The female officer hears that weird noise as she exits the lab and finds the living room where the stairs are.
"Oh my gosh..."
There lies the Officer Glendale, at the base of the stairs. "He must have fallen down." She checks him out. He was dead, and fast too, with a twisted neck. "I must call the station. Oh, I must have left my cell phone in the back lab. I need a phone." She sees a phone unhooked on the table in the living room. "I knew I should have called for backup earlier."
"You have reached the Pallet Town 9-1-1 Operator. How may I help you?........... Hello?......."
"Muuk muk muk muk k."
"Muk? Never call 9-1-1 unless it's an emergency." The operator hangs up.
Muk slides away to leave the last officer on the ground. The phone is unhooked again.


Another day passes by. One more officer is sent to Professor Oak's and never returns. The Pallet Town Police Force is now planning how to deal with this situation. No one knows what is going on at Professor Oak's Lab.

Ash receives a phone call from his Mom. An urgent plea to come home.
"Something is happening in Pallet. I don't know what, but people seem to be disappearing."
After that call, Ash calls Professor Oak. No signal. "We're going to Pallet."
Brock speaks, "What about Indigo?"
"We'll be back in time."
Ash, Brock and Misty take a day long cab ride from Indigo through Viridian City and finally into Pallet Town. The atmosphere has definitely changed to a somber mood.
Ash steps into his small one story house. "Mom, I'm home."
Delilah smiles from her tall body and simple home outfit. "Oh, I missed you so much." She hugs Pikachu and Ash falls to the floor.
Ash gets up. "Mom. What about me?"
Misty nudged, "Quit being so selfish."
"Mr. Mime." Mimey laughs.
"Hi Brock. Hi Misty. How is everyone? I have noodles cooking."
Brock steps forward. "Isn't there some kind of emergency?"
"Oh. You see, Professor Oak isn't answering his phone. Tracey and my neighbor, Officer Mandy, are missing. I keep asking the police for information but they won't tell me anything. The paper does say Team Rocket is nearby, maybe they are behind it."
Ash runs to the door, "Mom, don't set the table 'cause I'm going to Oak's lab."
Misty gets mad. "You can't be serious, Ash. You want to get involved with whatever's going on? This is serious. People are disappearing. It's not Jessie, James and Meowth as usual. Too smart for them."
{Jessie/James/Meowth: We'll get you twirps in another story.}
Brock buts in, "Misty, we need to see if Professor Oak is ok. Besides, what if Team Rocket has taken his lab and all the Pokemon."
Ash is fired up. "MY Pokemon are in there too."
"Why do I always get dragged into these things?" Misty follows the boys into ensuring trouble.


At Professor Oak's Lab, there is a definite stench in the air, and the door isn't even open.
"Eeee, do we have to go in." Misty complains.
The door is locked. Brock calls out Geodude to rush the door. It smashes wide open. The pungent odor escapes the house and floods the three youngsters. They each look inside the dark house...
"Tracey!" Ash and Brock run in and aid their fallen friend only to find it won't make a difference.
Misty hides around the entrance, peeking inside with her head. "Is he..."
Ash stands up and calls out. "Alright, let's find out who did this to Tracey. Come on Brock, Misty."
"WHAT!" Misty shouts with her loudest shriek. "You don't expect me to come inside. No way."
Brock settles. "We need to stay together."
Misty sighs, slowly walking in, shaking like crazy.
"What was that?"
Misty frightenly mumbles, "Sounds like it came from the kitchen."
Ash rushes forward. "Then whoever did this to Tracey is in there. Come on Brocko." Ash and Brock head to the kitchen.
"I'll stay here, away from the danger." Psyduck pops out. "Psyduck will protect me, right?"
Psyduck looks at her confused. "Psy?"
"Oh, you're no help at all."
Inside the kitchen, Brock comments. "Look Ash. These pots must have made the noise. Someone made a real mess in here." Brock notices how uncleaned the kitchen is and fights the urge to clean it.
Then screaming is heard. Misty. The two abandon the kitchen and head back to the living room where Misty was supposed to be, only see wasn't. Psyduck is still there, clawing at a wall on the other side of the stairs leading to the second floor.
Ash worries, "Misty? Where did you go? Hey, Misty!"
Suddenly the wall where Psyduck is scratching opens up and swallows him in. Ash and Brock see this and jump into the secret opening just as it closes. The light turns on to reveal a small storage room just big enough for all of them to fit in.
"Gary? What are you....."
"Quiet Ashyboy. I just saved your lives. I've been here for two days now, living off Pokemon food. I don't want to risk ending up like Grandpa."
"What do you mean like Grandpa? Where's Professor Oak?" Brock asks.
Gary shows some emotion, "After I couldn't call Gramps, I came here to check it out. I looked all over and that's when I found him. A whole pile of them, dead. Grampa..."
Ash sparks out, "Who would do this?"
"Not who, what. It is a Muk doing this. Your Muk to be exact, Ash. I knew you couldn't train as well as me. Train it better and maybe it wouldn't go on a killing spree."
"Shut up Gary." Misty yells. "This is no time for jokes."
"I have the perfect plan to end this." Ash quickly jumps out from the hidden room. "Come on Pikachu, let's go." But Pikachu isn't there. "Pikachu?"
Brock mentions, "Pikachu was with Misty, wasn't he?"
"He was?" Misty shakes her head and shrugs. "Be careful Ash."
The secret wall closes. Ash is the only one out and ready to fight his Muk.
Ash scratches his head. "This is crazy." Fearing he could be attacked at any time, he rushes to the lab and searches around in his Pokemon Capture area. Because he caught so few of them, it isn't hard to spot Muk's Pokeball.
"Come on out Muk. It's me, Ash, your Trainer." Ash walks around the lab, trying to find Pikachu and Muk. "Here Muk, come on out."
Muk jumps from behind a big clock. "Muk!" My Trainer. Save me.
"Muk, you shouldn't have done what you did." Ash grips the Pokeball up and points it at Muk. "Return."
Muk dodges left of the intense red beam. What you doing? Traitor?
"Muk, get in your Pokeball. I said RETURN." It misses again.
You supposed to be friend. Muk summons sludge out and knocks the Pokeball away from Ash.
"Muk, I'm your Trainer. What are you doing? Please, no, no ......"


In the hospital, Ash floats above his own body, watching the equipment with a flat line pulse. The doctor covers up his body. "He inhaled way too much sludge for us to recover him in time. Mark the time of death."
In the next room over, the bad news is delivered. Misty, Brock, Gary and Delilah Ketchum stay silent for a while.
"That's one less loser Trainer for me to deal with. He was a great rival. Catchya later. Gramps needs my prayers more than Ashy-boy.." Gary excuses himself.
Ash's mom frowns. "You'd think he could say one nice thing to my son."
"Poor Ash. If he had stayed in the hidden room for another hour, he would have lived."
Brock supports Misty, "You're right, Misty. But none of us knew that the Pokemon SWAT team was going to come in." He sighs.
Mrs. Ketchem remembers something. "Has anyone found Pikachu yet?"
Brock and Misty shake their heads. The three stay in the hospital all night until their grief can be settled down.

Pallet Town Hospital is closed. It is now quiet in the rooms but faint crying can still be heard throughout the halls.
Pikachu floats next to Ash for sympathy support. "Pika pi..."
Ash cries ghostly tears. "At least we'll be together forever."

Oh! Scary, huh?
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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