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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 08-15-2007, 10:11 PM
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Default Kat's Stats [When you're insane, you go here, into the Ghost Zone :O]

My backup stats are here. I put my stats here whenever I'm bored. :p

Pokemon Index:

* means "up for trade"

- Blastoise "Ame"
- Mawlie "Ran"
- Dragonite "Sakura"
- Honchkrow "Cooro"
- Persian "Ginger"
- Porygon-Z "Nox"
- Ninetales "Kurama"
- Ursaring "Saito"
- Infernape "Hiei"
- Cacturne "Karasu"
- Swablu "Shizuru"
- Smeargle "Leonardo"
- Walrein "Jess" *
- Chatot "Allegro"
- Anorith "Kuwabara"
- Ralts "Genkai"
- Gastrodon "Sonoko"
- Exeggute "Mouri"
- Horsea "Isabella"
- Mightyena "Yusuke"

- Lanturn "Angel"
- Ampharos "Marigold"
- Raichu "Tulip"
- Pachirisu "Denise"
- Electrode "Cue"
- Electivire "Shishiwakamaru"
- Minun "Molly"
- Luxray "Ruki"
- Electrike "Cujo"
- Magnemite "Riley"

- Gengar "Danny"
- Drifblim "Jin"
- Banette "Celest"
- Mismagius "Sam"
- Dusknoir "Botan"
- Froslass "Yukina"
- Shedinja "Vlad"
- Rotom "Rinku"

- Jolteon "Tris"
- Espeon "Sandry"
- Leafeon "Briar"
- Umbreon "Twilight"
- Vaporeon "Suzy Turquoise Blue"
- Glaceon "Keiko"
- Eevee "Daja"

Total = 45

(Banner by the epic Neo Pikachu) TAC Challenge: I'm learning Finnish! ^-^

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