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Old 03-15-2004, 07:09 PM
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Default Post your hall of fame teams from RS

Here are my 7 teams:

Team 7:
Cassie/Misdreavus, level 60 (taught it thunderbot)
Julie/Sceptile, level 56 (born with dragonbreath/Aerial Ace, Traded Poke)
Nurse Joy/Blissey, level 54 (taught flamethrower/ice beam)
Ethel/Manectric, level 43 (thunderbolt/spark, left in howl, taught it charge)
Bush/Swampert, level 60 (surf/hydro pump/earthquake/endeaver)
Buddy/Metagross level 50 (learned meteor mash/taught earthquake

Team 6
Jaws/Charizard, level 55
Arnie/Blastoise, level 56
Caroline, Grumpig, level 62
Claire, Dragonite, level 60 (learned OUtrage before evolving)
Shayera, Gardevoir, level 63 (taught Shadow ball)
BobbHenan (after the pro wrestling manager Bobby Heenan), level 57 (learned beat up.)

Team 5
Gary Oak/Arcanine, level 63 (learned Extreme Speed)
Silver, Glalie, level 54
TerellOwen, Persian, level 57
Dee Dee/Rapidash, level 52
Bella/Bellossom, level 57 (learned solarbeam)
Mika/Azumarill, level 55

Team 4
Shelly/AMpharoa, level 55
Sammy/Azumarill, level 53
Deirdre/Salamence, level 55
Melissa/Wigglytuff, level 59
Brooke/MaGcargo, level 57
Ashley, Pidgeot, level 56

Team 3
Misty, Togetic level 64 (I like MIsty's TOgepi, named the girls after her)
Sydney, Medicham, level 63
Paul/Feraligatr, level 57
Cassie/Meganium, level 61
Bob/Typlosion, level 58
Shelly/Furret, level 68

Team 2
Sakura/Clefable, level 65
JC Penny/Kingdra, level 58
Cindy/Houndoom, level 61
Ash/Tyranitar, level 55
Lillie/Murkrow, level 60
Moona/level 57

Team 1
Kasumi/Raichu, level 60
May/Altaria, level 60
Ash/Blaziken, level 60
Samantha/Ninetails, level 60
Balboa/Mightyena, level 60
Princess/Delcatty, level 59
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Old 03-15-2004, 08:22 PM
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Default Re: Post your hall of fame teams from RS

You don't even wanna know mine. I got 24.


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Old 03-16-2004, 04:23 AM
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Default Re: Post your hall of fame teams from RS

i beat the elite 4 24 times so im only going to type 3 teams:

2 team:

1 team:

3 team:
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Old 03-17-2004, 02:06 PM
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Default Re: Post your hall of fame teams from RS

It seems there is already a more popular thread of this, so this one is not needed.

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