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Old 08-23-2007, 01:40 AM
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Default Pokemon Trials-----Host: Ravager (ages 15 and up)

I know thers a Pe2k Court Systems, but I made this for trials we hold for crimes commited by Pokemon, the person who can clearly state which Pokemon(s) are guilty, wins.

I will add a new Case everytime on this post, so keep checking for updates. I am the Judge/Host and only I know who did the crime. The cases will get more and more challenging as we progress. Have fun.


A Pokemon Breeder found a beat-up Wigglytuff on the side of a road. It had a Black eye on it's left eye in a shape of a rock, or fist, and a burn on its foot. Footsteps were discovered in the area, they were described as "Three toes, three pointy toes". They were large and led away to the forest. Letfover Food crumbs were along the path back to the forest. The breeder rushed the Wigglytuff to the nearest pokemon center and then noticed a piece of yellow fur on its back. Wigglytuff said it had lost it's rare candy, which is supected to be stolen. Later that day, the Growlithe Police found 6 suspects in that area:


--Jigglypuff said it was in a tree singing to itself when it heard thunder and hid in a bush, expecting rain. It plead innocent.

--Electrivire said those thunderbolts were his, we noticed missing fur on Electrivire's arm, it plead innocent.

--Munchlax was eating food and never said a word.

--Hitmonchan said it was practicing punches on a "tree" when it heard a pokemon call out "Jigglypuff!" It said it rushed over and found Wigglytuff on the ground, with a black eye on its right eye. It plead innocent.

--Pidgey said it was flying above when it notice a small red pokemon running through the forest. We noticed Pidgey's feet were brruised and bloody, it said it had been carrying rocks. Plead innocnet.

--Chimchar said it lost its Mother, so ran through the forest to find her, but saw a rock fly through the sky and hit Wigglytuff. Candy wrappers were found stuck to Chimchar's hair.

Who is the guilty Pokemon(s)?

NOTE: You need an explination of each pokemon and what they did, and I will know when it is right, have fun.
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