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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 08-24-2007, 09:36 PM
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Default Shuri's Statictical Stats!

Your Name: Shuricel
Instant Messenger you have: MSN and Yahoo
How much money you have: 3000$
Your win/loss/draw record: 0/0/0
Your current position: Trainer

Pokemon Info:

Species: Magby
Nickname: None as of yet.
Win/Loss/Draw Record: 0/0/0
Battles: 0
Obtained from: Starter Pokemon
Story Personality: Magby is a more childish pokemon, that hasn't really matured much yet. It can get upset over simply things like being called puny, even though it is true. It has a strong sense of justice, and will disobey it's trainer if it knows what it's doing is right. Damien tends to share the strongest bond with this pokemon.

Species: Whismur
Nickname: Screecher, due to it's endless wailing when it's upset.
Win/Loss/Draw Record: 0/0/0
Battles: 0
Obtained from: Story. A (Cave) Clearing Day
Story Personality: Screecher tends to be the timid one of the group. It screams whenever it get's scared, and it usually takes a while to comfort it. It can be friendly and surprisingly determined when around someone it likes. Unfortunately, Damien doesn't fall under that category. Damien is still distant with this pokemon.

Items: None

Badges: None


A (Cave) Clearing Day
Plot: Damien is asked to clear out a cave full of whismur with a few other trainers. Of course, he didn't really get all the details before the job.
Pokemon Aiming For: Whismur
Status: Incomplete
Result: Whismur was captured!

Next Story Planned:

Title: Theivery's Reckoning
Plot: Damien goes down to a small town that has been one of many experiencing a string of theiveries - more specifically, from a Riolu. Hoping to capture the pokemon and turn it in for a nice cash award. But when he finds out more about the Riolu's causes, he has to question if he's really on the right side of this battle....
Pokemon Aiming For: Riolu
Status: Started work on, but not yet posted. 10% Done.
Result: ???

Other Story Ideas:

Title: Guardian's Leaving
Plot: Absol have always protected the small town of Lukel, but when the town finally crosses the line for the last few of the tribe in the forest, the guardians leave. First seen as good fortune by the townspeople, who always thought the Absol as the reason of the recent attacks by several darker pokemon. They soon realize their mistake, though, as the predators slowly close in...
Capture Attempt: Houndoom.
Status: Unstarted.
Result: ???

This signature was made by the magnificent NEO PIKACHU.
Now go praise him, you.

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