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Pokemon News Here you will find the Pokemon news that is on the website, posted here also so you can reply with any comments/questions.

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Old 08-29-2007, 06:45 AM
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Default Interview With The Developers of Pokemon Battle Revolution!

Interview With The Developers of Pokemon Battle Revolution!
-08/28/07- has an interview with Genius Sonority Inc., the developer of Pokemon Battle Revolution. Here's some highlights from the interview:

Pokémon Battle Revolution marks many firsts for the Wii console, such as the ability to use the Nintendo DS as a controller, and compatibility with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. What challenges did you face while pioneering these innovations?
- Mr. Yoshiaki Iwasawa:
It was truly the first experience for both Genius Sonority and Nintendo to develop Wii software with the function of connecting to the Nintendo DS console, and also compatible with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Therefore we had to work very closely to check and confirm the new specs. The communication was kept just before finishing up the Master ROM. It was very intense for all of us.

To connect Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl with a Wii system, we had to pre-program on the side of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, too. However the delivery date (the deadline for the master ROM) of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl was earlier than the launch of the Wii; therefore there were many uncertainties left. With such a tricky situation, it was very difficult to plan and develop the all of the specs of Pokémon Battle Revolution. In the end, the project was successful with much support from Game Freak Inc. and other related parties.


How long did the actual hands-on programming of PBR take?
- Yoshiaki Iwasawa:
It took about 10 months from the first concept to programming the software -- not counting the additional time for preparation and creating 3D models.


Was there more that you wanted to program into the game that just wasn't possible given the time restraints?
- Yoshiaki Iwasawa: There were a few things we wanted to develop, but could not because of time. We wanted to include puzzle games or sub-battles within the tutorial. The current tutorial is explained only by text, and you receive a special gift after completing it. Our game planner wanted to include stories for each of the Colosseum leaders like how the Master of Pokétopia has his own story.

When we were developing the Japanese version, there was not enough time to develop the game in a 16:9 (widescreen) screen resolution. But we had more time for the USA version so managed to develop 16:9. We are so happy with the result of 16:9! It's so great!


Did you want to program more functionality into the Wii Remote? How would you use the functionality of Wii Remote?
- Yoshiaki Iwasawa: (You need to use the Wii remote at all times except in DS Battle Mode) It took us a long time to decide what would be effective ways to use the Wii Remote to emphasize the dynamic excitement of Pokémon 3D battles. Interesting ideas were discussed during the planning period, such as using a Wii Remote to throw a Poké Ball and how a Pokémon appears. We tested these ideas in practice. But because Pokémon Battle Revolution is not an action game, people may get tired of playing with such actions for a long time. We decided not to focus on the newness of Wii Remote functionalities, only applied the functions of pointing at the screen, controller buttons and the freedom to hold the controller horizontally.
To the read the entire interview, go here: Go Behind the Scenes of Pokemon Battle Revolution


PE2K Comment
If you ask me, one very important thing they needed to program into the game are mini-games. I loved playing those mini-games, such as Luckitung eating sushi mini-game (fun mini-game). But it sounds like they were really short on time, so I guess something had to go. I do appreciate the attention they've given to the actual battling itself though (that is the main point of the game). Now I just need a Pokemon version of Mario Party to accompany Pokemon Battle Revolution.


*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
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