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Old 03-04-2004, 11:13 PM
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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 16
The City of Symarix

We had flown over miles and miles of ruined, desert land, cracked and ruined, with canyons of endless pits lying everywhere. This was the most treacherous land I have ever seen, worst than the most driest desert and the coldest of snowy wastelands. It was impossible to even walk on foot, never mind the distance.

As I looked ahead, I saw the fifty Storm Riders, with each of their Pidgeots beating their wings in the hot air. Above us, the crimson sky flared above us with its swirling, dark clouds. I had realized the thunder never once hit the ground. I had no idea where I was, and at this moment, I had no idea what the Storm Riders of the Silver Rebellion wanted me to do.

As we continued to fly on I saw the ground below us was slowly beginning to form correctly, but it was still a wasteland. The endless fissures were less plentiful, and the land could be walked on. And then, far in the distance, I saw what looked like a black, massive metropolis just on the horizon. As we got closer and closer to it, it was absolutely the most gigantic city I’ve ever seen. The circular buildings towered hundreds and hundreds of stories tall. The streets were much wider than most cities on Earth, yet the number of motor vehicles was drastically low. Plus they didn’t look anything like the ones on Earth. All of them looked like they were unpainted.

I had seen the city was well fortified, with a fifty foot wall made of metal surrounding the city, with large cannons mounted on the walls. As we got closer, I saw each of the buildings were also made of black metal, yet I had no idea how they were able to make all of this by themselves. Towards the center was one massive building, shaped like a spire.

We had headed toward the center of the city, to an area just near the giant spire. As we flew downward, I caught sight of what seemed to be a military encampment, with many bunkers and training grounds. All I did was just follow Cubone, since he seemed to know the most about this place.

We had finally landed on a training ground, and I looked up and saw the spire building tower in the sky like a stairway to the heavens. I had gotten off Latias, and Randy had followed me. We stood on that warm, metal ground and looked up. He too, seemed amazed at the sight.

“What… is this place?” Randy asked, looking at all the giant buildings around him.
“Symarix.” The Cubone had told Randy, “And I don’t believe I have introduced myself. My name is Sever. And you’re might be…”
“I’m Randy.” He told Sever, “And I have really no idea where I am.”

Latias had looked over and looked at Randy. Then she looked to Sever.

“Neither do I.” Latias told him, slowly and firmly, “Just where are we and how did we end up here?”
“They call this world Kivistal.” Sever informed her, as well as the rest of us, “Some believe it is a prison for those who have offended Zander, a man with nearly god-like powers.”

Well, that sounded familiar. Did really this many people offend Zander? He sure had a lot of enemies…

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Old 03-04-2004, 11:13 PM
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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 17
The Guide

I had quickly learned Symarix didn’t have even a single human within its walls. I didn’t know if the city itself was built by humans and then taken over by Pokémon, but that didn’t seem to be the case. The whole city seemed to be designed for those small and large alike. As I looked around me, I couldn’t imagine how something so giant could have been built by Pokémon alone. It seemed it could have taken forever to construct…

And what continued bugging me was the location of Alex. Just where was he, and was he even still human? I knew the later was probably not.

Sever had broken my concentration, looking at me sharply. The rest of the Storm Riders had looked at me with a stare as well.

“We need to talk to Jamac.” Sever told the two of us, “I’m quite sure he will want to know of your arrival.”
“Who is Jamac and where is he?” I asked Sever, looking at him in the eye.

Cubone had turned to face the tallest, towering building in Symarix, and then he pointed to the area all the way in the top. I had looked up, and saw the top of that one, giant tower was strongly built and extremely well-defended. It seemed like such a long way up…

“Come.” He told me, already walking toward the tower, “The sooner the better.”

I had taken Latias’s Pokéball, but Sever had stopped me, putting his hand on it. I just looked at him strangely.

“I’m just returning Latias to her Pokéball.” I told him, not having any idea why that was so objectionable, “What’s the big deal?”
“I want Blazewing to be present when we meet Jamac.” Sever told me in a serious tone.

I just shrugged and put the Pokéball away. Randy was already looking around, having no idea how we ended up in this mess, and I couldn’t disagree with him. Right now, Sever was being way too overly serious. Nonetheless, I just followed him and Randy and Latias had followed not too far behind.

It seemed like the only thing not made of metal in this city were the streets, which were black asphalt. After looking around, at the shiny metal buildings, I could only guess metal and iron ore were more in abundance. The vehicles that passed around the streets were like tanks, being over fifteen feet tall and completely armored.

Somehow, for reasons I had no idea, my presence besides Latias was enough to stop traffic, and turn the heads of Pokémon just walking down the streets. I just kept looking forward, but out of the corner of my eye, they just stared at me and began talking among themselves. Nonetheless, we just kept walking…

It was going to be hard to get used to a city made up of nothing but Pokémon when I had gotten so used to cities composed of people. It almost seemed like… everything had been flipped upside down. I was beginning to think it was the work of Zander who did this. After all, he turned Randy and me into Pokémon. Maybe all these others were just like us…

After a long walk, we had finally arrived at the massive tower, but it actually didn’t look so tall when we were right next to it. I was guessing it was just my perspective. Sever hadn’t waited one moment before we approached the entrance, made of glass windows and sliding glass doors. To my surprise, they were electronic, and slid open with proximity. As we stepped inside, I had no idea what I was just about to face…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 18

Immediately, we had entered the massive lobby of this giant tower, which was also completely metal with many wooden doors leading to other rooms, except for two very large metal doors on the opposite side of the room. Throughout the red carpeted room, there were various statues made of metal on the walls, as well as one in the center of the room. I had looked at the ones off to the sides, which appeared to be Pokémon that once ruled this place. There was a Slowking, a Swampert, a Marowak, and many others. Then, my eyes had caught sight of the one in the center, and it nearly shocked the life out of me.

“What the…?” Randy asked as he looked up at the bronze statue.

It was statue larger than life, made of shiny bronze with a polished wooden mount. But it wasn’t that which had shocked me. It was a statue of a Pikachu riding a Latias with a steadfast look in his eyes. The wind was blowing past his ears, as Latias seemed to be heading forward at a thunderous pace. On a small plaque on the wooden mount, it read:

Juno and Blazewing, protectors of the righteous Silver Rebellion. May their paths one day cross ours.

My jaw nearly dropped. Latias and Randy couldn’t believe it either. The Silver Rebellion believed we were already heroes. They made me look more important than… their own rulers…

“As you can see, we have been waiting for your arrival for some time.” Sever told the three of us as we just stared at the statue.

And then he continued moving on. We headed toward two massive doors without handles, but I could help but keep my eyes on the statue. Then, I just faced forward, and I realized what the doors were. It was a giant elevator. I had turned to Sever as he put in a security access code on a keypad on the wall. Suddenly, the elevator roared to life, and the two giant, steel doors opened slowly. I just shrugged and walked into the elevator. The floor was carpeted by an ornamental rug, and the walls were actually paintings, all scenes depicting Storm Riders flying through the fiery sky in combat with the Wind Strikers, a counterpart of the Storm Riders where the riders were each mounted on a Skarmory rather than a Pidgeot. In the paintings, the Wind Strikers were losing quite miserably. Not one Storm Rider was seen dying, and there were some who were wounded but in a charismatic way.

“We will soon be meeting the headmaster Jamac.” Sever said as Randy and Latias entered the elevator and the heavy metal doors closed behind them, “No doubt he will be most pleased to see you have finally arrived.”

Yeah, that was great, but what was he going to expect me to do? I’ve never been a military leader. The one time I fought Randy’s Pokémon and the incident that happened at the jail were my only instances of me really getting into a fight. But I’ve never actually led someone into combat.

As the elevator continued to ascend higher and higher, all I could do was wait and wonder why I was seen as a savior to the Silver Rebellion. But I already knew I had rescued one of their Storm Rider regiments. Despite all that was going on, I was still looking for a way to get home, and I mean the real home, where my real family was.

And then, we had reached the top floor, and the elevator stopped. Then, the metal doors had slowly opened…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 19
The Council

The metal doors of the elevator had opened to reveal another long, carpeted hallway with many wooden doors, and then at the end of the hallway, there were two very fancy and ordinate doors with golden trim. Sever had continued walking, right toward the two fancy doors at the end of the hallway. All we could do was just follow him, and then, he had arrived at the doors. We stood there silently, and then, Sever pulled down on the metal levers, and pushed open both doors at the same time.

When the doors had opened, we were greeted with amazement. There was a giant throne room, with the floor made of white marble with a red carpet leading from the door to the mounted thrones. The walls and ceiling were made of white stone, and golden chandeliers were suspended from the ceiling. On the two side of the red carpet, there were masses of soldiers waiting. On the throne, a fiery Blaziken sat down, while a Vigoroth and a Zangoose stood by his side. Sever continued on, and we just followed him. As we passed by the various ranks of soldiers in Jamac’s council, they saluted me.

I began to feel that if I was going to even have the slightest chance of getting out of here, it was going to be by working with these guys and nail Zander, if that was at all possible. As I got closer and closer to him, I realized I would need to treat Jamac with ultimate respect. With Randy and Latias at my side, I finally arrived at Jamac’s throne, and I kneeled down, and Randy did the same. I bent down my head, looking down toward the floor.

“So, it’s the one they call the Gold Rider…” The Zangoose said, almost in a cynical tone.
“You have come at last, Juno.” Jamac said strongly, “This is the chancellor Sinis and General Achilles, and I am Jamac, the ruler of the Silver Rebellion. It is an honor to finally meet you.”
“No.” I told him, “The honor is mine. I want to thank you for accepting me into your ranks.”

Sinis the Zangoose crossed his arms with his long, black claws sticking out, and looked down upon me. For some reason, it seemed like he really didn’t believe I was the one. After all, I didn’t even who or what told these guys I was even coming to town.

“We have been fighting the Crimson Stars for a long, long time.” Jamac told me, “They have massacred endless amounts of our finest soldiers and they’ve ruined our great cities. The Divine Prophecy states that you would one day come to our aid, and turn the tide of this war.”
“So here I am.” I told him, sincerely hoping he wasn’t thinking I would be able to do it all by myself.

And then, Sinis just turned away, not looking very pleased. I didn’t know it was just jealously or something else.

“Oh come on.” Sinis moaned in an annoyed tone, “The prophecy is a fairy tale for children. Juno is just another warrior, like the rest of them. I don’t see why he’s any more important than they are.”

And then, he looked down right at Randy. All Randy could do was just look up at Sinis, and he realized Sinis was so much taller than he was.

“And who’s the tiny Pichu?” Sinis asked, glaring down at Randy. “Does the prophecy mention this as well?”
“He’s my companion.” I told him, not liking his attitude.
“Enough Sinis.” Jamac said firmly, “Tell me, what is your name?”

And now, all eyes were on Randy, and he began to get a bit nervous. I could see he was beginning to twitch.

“My name is Randy…” He said, bowing to Jamac.
“What!?” Sinis shouted in shock, “Randy is a human’s name!”

Randy looked up at the Zangoose, and he began to get really nervous. I could already guess humans weren’t exactly liked among the rebels. I got a sick feeling Randy was going to tell everyone that he actually was once a human, and that he wasn’t always a Pichu…

“That’s just the name my mother gave me.” Randy said honestly to Sinis, “I have yet to see a human here…”

Heh, that was no lie, but he wasn’t telling the whole truth either. Randy got them all thinking he was always a Pichu, and that his mother just gave him the name. And they were thinking he never had laid eyes on a human, but Randy just never saw a human here.

“We can’t allow a Pichu with a name too close to a human’s to be within our walls.” Sinis told Randy, looking at him with quite a bit of anger.
“While I understand your beliefs, Sinis…” Jamac said to him, looking at the standing Zangoose, “We need only to change his name. Any friend of Juno is welcome in our city.”

They were going to change Randy’s name? I didn’t see this coming…

“Now, what shall you be called…?” Sinis asked, looking at Randy straight in the eye.

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 20
The Last Prison

Randy just continued to look at them strangely, not expecting a new name from the council. It made me wonder why they found human names so offensive. I honestly didn’t want them to come up with some name Randy was going to roll his eyes at, so I just spoke for myself.

“Blitz.” I told them, “We’ll just call him Blitz from now on.”

I gave Randy a slight nudge, letting him know to just keep quiet about it. To my surprise, Randy didn’t say anything.

“Fine, whatever…” Sinis replied, shrugged, “I want to know something, Sever…”
“What is it?” The Cubone asked, looking at Sinis with interest.
“How did you come across Juno in the first place?” Sinis asked, looking directly at Sever.

Sever had looked at me for a moment, and I just took a glance at him back. He looked somewhat worried, and then he looked back at Sinis.

“Our Storm Rider squad had been captured and thrown into Black Bay Prison.” Sever told Sinis. “It was Juno who rescued us in the first place.”
“Juno rescued you?” Achilles the Vigoroth asked Sever.
“Yes… That’s right.” Sever replied, seeming somewhat embarrassed.

He remained silent after that. But I had remembered that I still needed to find Alex, wherever he was. If he wasn’t at the Black Bay Prison, then where was he? Was he even in this world? At least I could try looking…

“One of my other companions is missing.” I told them all, “Since he wasn’t at the Black Bay Prison, do you know of another place where he would be held?”

They had all looked at me strangely, and then Sinis had put his hands at his side.

“No, there is no other prison…” Sinis replied with hesitation.

There was hesitation and silence. From the way Sinis was looking, I could tell he was hiding something. And then, Achilles looked at me with a forlorn expression.

“No, that’s not completely the truth…” Achilles said, shaking his head in dismay, “There is, one other prison…”
“Achilles, we will not speak of that place.” Jamac told him seriously.
“But if Juno is looking for his companion, there isn’t any place left. He would have to be there...” Achilles told Jamac, looking off to the side.

Well, this didn’t sound very good. Already it seemed like this place they were speaking of left scars on them. I had no idea of what they were talking about.

“As… much as it pains me to speak about it,” Jamac said softly, “There is a final prison that is controlled by the Crimson Stars…”
“What is this place?” I asked them, wondering what could make this place so terrible.
“Macomb.” Achilles said firmly, looking downhearted, “It isn’t just a prison. It’s a weapons factory, foundry, steel mill, military camp… and a torture chamber. Every one of our soldiers that have been there has been killed or captured to rot away in that cruel dark place…”

I couldn’t afford to let Alex die in a place like that. But attacking it sounded like suicide. If it was a military camp, then the moment they spotted us, they could unleash an army of Wind Strikers, and whatever other monstrosity the Crimson Stars possessed. Nonetheless, I wasn’t going to let Alex just die in their hands. I wasn’t going to let an army of Silver Rebellion soldiers suffer forever. Suicide or not, I didn’t care.

“I will do whatever it takes.” I told the three of them, “I’m not going to stand here and let this misery befall my friends and my comrades.”
“Do whatever you want.” Sinis told me, crossing his arms again, looking at me straight in the eye, “But we’re warning you. In Macomb, there are acres and acres of factories, warehouses, weapons production lines, and jail cells. These maniacs are constantly developing weapons there. They will attack you with everything they’ve got.”

But I didn’t care. Alex would have done the same thing for me if he was in my place. I looked Jamac straight in the eye, and told him exactly how I felt.

“I don’t care.” I told him firmly, “I’m still going. I’m not going to left my allies suffer at the hands of some sadistic freaks.”

I had looked to Randy, and I knew he wasn’t going to like any of this. I looked at him closely.

“Blitz, if you don’t want to be a part of this, I understand.” I told Randy firmly.
“No, I’m going with you, no matter what.” Randy disagreed, “We’re in this together.”

Randy sure had a lot of guts. No, he definitely wasn’t the wimp I remembered from Scottville Middle School. He was a real fighter now, one who stood for his beliefs. He was my ally as well…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 21
Passing Experience

Achilles had been very hesitant to let me even embark on this mission, thinking it was going to be a waste of my life. I told him that if I really was the one, then this shouldn’t be a problem. And if I wasn’t, then he had nothing to worry about. It wasn’t long before he had taken me to an empty, metal training facility. When we stepped inside, I could swear there was nothing.

“There’s nothing here…?” I asked him as we entered the large, empty room.
“Not yet anyway.” Achilles responded, heading over to a small keypad on the wall.

He pressed a few buttons, and the room seemed to come to life. The metal floor had opened up, and up came a new metal floor, with what looked to be a small rollercoaster. Words failed me to think of what this could be.

“What is this thing?” I asked Achilles, “This is a training device?”
“Don’t mind me saying this but…” Randy said, feeling a bit odd about it, “…It looks like fun.”
“Believe whatever you want to, Blitz.” Achilles told Randy, not taking any offense at that statement, “It’s a machine to train Storm Riders. It is designed to train accuracy of attacks when traveling at very fast paces. You step into the metal car, and once it starts moving along the track, various targets will appear. Your job is to destroy every target using a Zephyr.”

Randy looked up to Achilles with a look of wonder on his face. I didn’t know what it was either.

“What is a Zephyr?” Randy asked Achilles.
“It’s a type of channeling rifle.” Achilles told the two of us, “It’s designed to improve the accuracy and power of your attacks.”

He then headed toward a metal supply closet on the left wall. After inputting a code into the keypad, the metal door opened. Inside was an armory of rifles, but they were all metal and very odd looking. Achilles went through each rifle until he arrived at the one he wanted, and he pulled it off the shelf. He then turned around and came back toward us. He then tossed the metal rifle at Randy’s feet, and we just stared at it.

The black, metal rifle was two and a half feet long, but to us that was pretty big. The barrel was long and had rectangular ventilation holes running along it. There was a small black pull release trigger, and many wires looping around the back, starting from one socket and moving on to the next.

“Cool, huh.” Randy commented, picked it up and holding it in his hands, “What does it use for ammunition?”
“It uses your own electric power.” Achilles told Randy, watching him closely, “This model is a Zephyr-E, designed to amplify your electric attacks by using coil technology. There are two nodes at the end, which will collect your electric power if you direct it toward them. There is also a gauge at the end which will tell you how much power you have stored it in.”
“I’m assuming ones used for fire and ice are called Zephyr-F and Zephyr-I.” I told him, realizing what the “e” was for.
“That’s right.” Achilles agreed, “Yet, there are some of our fighters that don’t have a projectile attack. They use standard rifles, ones that fire caliber.”

Seemed like pretty advanced stuff. It made me wonder what the Crimson Stars were using. These guys were smart as well, using fire, electricity and ice against Wind Strikers, since each one of those elements would trash any Skarmory. Very strategically done…

“Do you want to give it a try, Blitz?” Achilles asked Randy, looking down upon the little Pichu that was Randy.
“Yeah, let’s rock.” Randy replied.

And then, he turned around and headed for the machine, carrying this gigantic laser rifle is his hands. This was going to be interesting…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

See the world through David's eyes...


Tuesday morning wasn’t much for me. Class was a pain in the butt. My stupid science teacher Mrs. Herman failed me on one of her retarded labs. Plus Jake and Alex hadn’t been in school today, so I had no one to talk to in history and math. Plus lunch was pretty lonely.

Mrs. Herman hated my guts, which I guess was justice since I hated hers even more. I was running a really low D in her class, and I didn’t give much effort. But this time, I actually tried, and she still failed me on the lab. I should have taken that Sulfuric Acid and tossed it at her face. Of course, then I’d really be in trouble…

History and math were a total bore, since I usually just chatted with Jake and Alex during those endless minutes of class time. Math was the worst, a real clock-watcher class. I’m so sick of learning about variables. Made me wonder who would be dumb enough to leave out a number, and on purpose. What a waste of my time.

And when it was all over with, I finally stepped outside. I hadn’t seen Randy all day long, and I wondered where he was. But I knew that everyday, Randy was on the same, black metal bench, right by a few trees. It was somewhat of a shock to me to see that Randy, Jake, and Alex hadn’t been here on the same day. But, I shrugged it off and just thought it was coincidence. Sometimes it happens…

But I didn’t keep that belief when they weren’t at school again the next day, and there were rumors going around that Randy was kidnapped. There was something about a phone call from his mom to the school, and some kid overheard it. I didn’t know what to believe, until late in the day, someone had told us on the loud speaker that Randy had been missing for the past two days, and that if anyone knew of his whereabouts, they should inform a teacher as soon as possible.

That made me sick, because I knew the same thing must have happened to Jake and Alex. Their parents weren’t too worried, but that was only because of all those stupid random slumber parties we used to have. I had to think where they would be. I already knew they must have been together, so I was one step ahead of everyone else.

After school the next day, I checked all over the place. All around the school, but I found nothing much. Something was telling me that they weren’t far. I then, I remembered something. The three of us always used to hang around the abandoned baseball field. Even if they weren’t there, I would at least know I tried my best to find them.

It was a pretty long walk, however. Mom and dad were going to wonder where I was again, and I would have no answer or excuse. But my friends were more important than that. I kept drawing closer and closer to the baseball field, and once I stood in the middle of it, I found nothing. I took a look at the visitor’s dugout, but found nothing. It wasn’t until I had checked directly behind me. My jaw dropped. There they were, lying on the ground, all three of them. I instantly thought they were dead. As I slowly walked closer, I expected to see blood all over the place, but those beliefs were quickly extinguished. I looked at Jake’s chest to see if he was breathing, but I nearly vomited when I realized he wasn’t.

“Jake, say something…” I told him, not even expecting a response.

I crouched down next to him, seeing if he had a pulse. For some really weird reason, it was different, not normal at all. It had a different beat, and I was really starting to freak out. Alex and Randy had the same thing. What the hell was going on?

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 22
Boot Camp

Apparently, it wasn’t all fun and games like Randy thought it was. He told me he had so much practice with a light-gun game called Silver Striker, and that it was going to be easy. Yet, I had seen him go around and around on the roller coaster thing and barely hit anything. He tried it even without the Zephyr-E, and he did even worse. I told him to not hold it up, and instead rest it on the ground and then aim with it. After trying five times, he thought he had enough.

“I don’t… know what’s wrong.” Randy said in confusion, looking somewhat dizzy as well.
“You’re going to need a lot more training if you think you’re going to go to Macomb.” Achilles warned him.

And I heard Randy let out a moan, already looking too tired. His large, Pichu ears had drooped downward, and his eyelids were lowered. His hands lay limply at his side, and he could barely stand on his two feet.

“Give me a break, this is nothing.” Achilles glared at him, looking at the exhausted Pichu, “Boy, you had better shape up if you think you’re going to fight for us. We’re just getting warmed up!”

That was exactly what Randy didn’t want to hear. I don’t think he was very prepared for this kind of thing…

“Juno, it’s your turn.” Achilles said firmly, picking up the Zephyr-E Randy had dropped, stuffing it in my hands, and pushing me along, “I sure hope you have more skills than you’re friend right here…”

Boy was this going to be fun. Ugh, how could Randy even try to hold this thing, it was heavy! I quickly walked over to the roller coaster car, climbed aboard, and sat down in its cold metal seat. This was horrible. This little metal car had barely any room in it. Nonetheless, I put the metal gun down, and rested it upon the car, facing forward. I had seen Randy switch from shooting in the front and back only to end up missing most of the targets. I was going to keep it in the front and leave it like that.

Suddenly, I felt the car moving, and it started moving very quickly. A bit too quick. But, all it took was a little focus and concentration, and it began to feel like it was only moving two miles an hour. Again, it felt like I was underwater, and everything was moving slowly. The white targets popped down from the ceiling, and I focused my electrical power into the nodes at the end of the rifle. They moved so slowly, so they were extremely easy to hit. The car continued to move along the track, ever so slowly.

Target by target was destroyed with a burst of thunderous power from the Zephyr-E. This weapon was amazing. It turned the normal yellow shock of electricity into a blue and white blast of powerful thunder. Every time a target was it, it burst into pieces like glass. I must have gone around and around on that rollercoaster thing like five times until I destroyed every target with ease. The five minute roller coaster ride seemed like it took twenty minutes. Once it stopped, I hopped off and stepped back on the metal floor. Achilles looked at me spellbound.

“That was amazing…” Achilles said in disbelief, “This Zephyr isn’t actually meant for your size. I threw you a curveball on purpose. The real one is actually only a foot and a half long.”
“Hey!” Randy shouted, suddenly alert now, “That isn’t fair!”
“You need to be prepared just in case you have to use the weapons of your comrades.” Achilles told Randy, almost laughing at Randy’s annoyed expression.

Achilles was a nice guy. I never suspected I would see kindness from a Vigoroth, after seeing how aggressive they were in battle. But, as nice as he was, he trained HARD. For weeks, every night Randy and I would come back to the barracks dead tired. Despite how uncomfortable those metal bunk beds were, we were tired enough to sleep on a rock.

Running, shooting, climbing, and even swimming were part of this harsh training. Running for miles was something I always hated, but now I had to do it on this tiny track. And one mile for a human is like five miles for a Pikachu and a Pichu. We had more runs around that roller coaster, and Randy was showing serious improvement, even with both rifles. We had to learn how to climb rock walls, metal fences, and removed a type of barbed wire, which looked like circular pizza cutter blades on a string.

Being a part of this Silver Rebellion wasn’t easy…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields


I couldn’t believe it. What was going on? I didn’t know where to turn. As I looked around, I didn’t know whether to try and find someone to help me, but I didn’t want to leave them alone. It seemed like they had been here for a long time, but what was happening to them, and who had done it? I was too far away from the school to give anyone a sign. I just decided that I would only be leaving them behind for a few minutes. If they had been spending the last 48 hours here, nothing should have happened. I stood up, and turned around, only to see something that scared the bejeezus out of me.

Before me stood a completely black-clad man with brown hair and fair skin. He looked at me, and all I could do was back away. He just shook his head in disgust.

“Tsk tsk.” He said in amusement, “You shouldn’t have come here. Now what am I going to do with you?”
“You did this to them!” I shouted at the black figure, glaring at his serious expression, “What have you done!?”

He just laughed, and I was ready to attack this guy. I ran right up to him to slug him in the face, but only with a wave of his hand, I was lifted off my feet and thrown into the concrete wall of the dugout. When he let go, I fell forward and nearly landed flat on my face, with my hands landing in the sand and half burying themselves.

“They’re on the brink of death.” He told me, as I looked up at him, “For if they die in my prison world, they die here. And right now they’re fighting a war they can’t win…”
“Who are you and what is this all for!?” I shouted at him, wanting to know what his motives were.
“Revenge.” He told me in a cold tone, “It was you insolent fools who destroyed my necklace, something that took me thousands of years to craft. The only way to fix this problem is for the bunch of you to suffer. And by the way, my name is Zander, but this won’t be the last time you hear it.”

I couldn’t believe it. How did this walking freak ever find out we were here? I just didn’t get it. I had remembered something was done to destroy the necklace. But how did this guy find out about it? And what was even more weird, how was he even still alive?

“You too, were a part of it all.” He told me in a cold tone.
“I won’t deny that.” I told him, not scared of this freak, “Yes, I was with Jake and Alex. But what do you think you’re going to do about it?”
“Simply enough, you’ll be joining them…” Zander glared at me, looking toward the bodies of Jake, Alex, and Randy, “But this time, I’m not going to leave your bodies here for someone to find. No one will ever know what happened to the four of you, since there will be nothing here for them to find.”

“You can’t…” I replied softly, completely in disbelief.
“Oh yes I can.” Zander smiled with admiration, “And since it is impossible for you to defeat me, the four of you can look forward to spending the rest of your lives in my prison.”

I didn’t know what to say. There was no where I can run, and no one around to see us. There was nothing I could do…

“I guess there is something I can do with you.” Zander told me, almost in a laugh, “They will never suspect it…”
“What are you doing!?” I shouted in horror, stepping away.

And suddenly, I felt sick and nauseous as every color around me was switched like a color negative. And then, to make it worse, every color was swirled around wildly.

“Yes, that’s right.” Zander grinned, “It’ll all been over soon.”

And not two seconds later, everything went black and motionless. I completely lost consciousness…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 23
The Weapons of the Enemy

Besides the various ranks of Storm Rider squads I was about to enter, there were many other weapons and machines of war that the Silver Rebellion used. Heavy metal tanks, called Armadillos were another massive machine. These tanks were even bigger than ones used by humans, completely clad in heavy, metal armor. On the front there was one, giant chrome cannon, as well as two smaller ones on the side and a caliber rifle on the top by the square metal hatch. There were only four small, rectangular ventilation holes. Two for each small cannon and two on the front. I had never been inside one, but a fellow Treecko who used to reload the cannons told me it gets awfully hot in there.

And then, a really cool device I was trained to use was the Land Splitter. They looked like mini dragsters with a machine gun, and boy were they fast. Again, covered with light armor and protected the driver with a cage like structure. Like before, I was trained with these only just in case. Learning how to fly and fight at the same time were my main training areas.

It had been nearly two months since Randy and I had been in Kivistal. We had spent those many days training our hides off, and we were pretty tough now. I could only be hoping that Alex was still alive. I hated to leave him in that dark prison of Macomb, but I had no choice. I couldn’t come walking to their front door and ask to have him.

We were also trained to know how to react to the weapons and machines of the Crimson Stars. Apparently, they use all caliber weapons, called Vulcans. Achilles showed me one of these Vulcan rifles, and it looked freaky, with black and grey metal forming a very strange yet powerful rifle. It used two magazine feeds on both sides, taking one bullet from each side for every two shots. Silver Rebellion fighters weren’t trained with them since it was pretty much point and shoot with these things. We were just shown how to reload it.

Wind Strikers were Pokémon flying Skarmories. Just like the Storm Riders, only Pokémon who stood upright could fly them. Achilles told me since Wind Strikers actually quite small, they are designed for quick maneuverability. However, if they got shot, it was usually fatal. All the time, the rider was dismounted and could do nothing but plummet toward the harsh terrain.

Somehow, the Silver Rebellion managed to get their hands on a Crimson Stars Talon, which looked like a three rider motorcycle. The first cab, which was in the middle, was the largest, with two smaller ones on its side. It was jet black, with violet windows on each of the cabs. The riders fired their own caliber rifle, while the center rider fried two at the same time. On the back was an anti-air gun for a forth rider who would be on the back, only there they were fully exposed. Honestly, I didn’t see this as an effective fighting tool, but Achilles told me they were very vicious. I wasn’t about to doubt his word.

A third nightmare of the Crimson Stars were the Versatile Armored Transports, or VAT’s for short. Achilles had shown us only a model of it, and they looked like moving buildings with four giant metal wheels and a body like a trapezoid. I had no idea how I would even go about stopping that thing. Achilles told me a Storm Rider had to go under the whole machine and tear apart as much of the pipes, pumps, and other machinery under the VAT. It looked quite risky with all those gun emplacements all over the whole thing. But he told me that was the only way to do it.

“VAT’s are constantly being manufactured at Macomb.” Achilles warned us, letting the two of us know to expect them there, “You have only one advantage, and that is they won’t be loaded with any Crimson Star troops once you get there. You would be better off to destroy their manufacturing facilities before you try and get the prisoners out.”
“Wow…” Randy said in sarcastic disbelief, “Can’t wait…”

This sure as hell wasn’t going to be easy. Achilles showed me more weapons that the Crimson Stars used, all designed to fire caliber. I just grimaced at all of them, not wanting to imagine what would happen if I got shot by one. They were really loud as well.

“Well, that’s about it.” Achilles told the two of us, “They’ve wanted us dead for eons now, and they’ve come pretty close to it. Already, many of our cities, such as Cyphex, The Bend, and Garrison are been torn to pieces. We’ve lost thousands of good soldiers out there. Each day, we keep losing our forces. We’re down to only two cities left, this one and Kalen.”

Kalen was a supply city, the Silver Rebellion’s equivalent of Macomb, only Kalen wasn’t even half the size. It was true. The Silver Rebellion was fighting a very losing battle. If it kept up at this pace, I could expect it to be completely overrun in very little time.

“These times seem very grim…” I said to the others.
“That’s why we’ve been desperately waiting for you, Juno…” Achilles responded, looking at me in the eye.

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 24
Calm Before the Storm

Only about a month later, we had been set for combat at its most sickening level. Pokémon wouldn’t just be fighting each other, they would be killing each other, on the same hideous scale that humans used. I had realized that while the Silver Rebellion didn’t have a single human within their walls, the Crimson Stars were led by them. It was the Pokémon that did the fighting, while the humans reaped all the benefit. They were supposed to be fighting together, like trainers and Pokémon always do on Earth. I saw that fine grace torn to pieces on these twisted fields.

I had heard only a small squad was going to be deployed to attack Macomb, myself included. I had seen albums of pictures that showed the horror after each terrible conflict. Hell, I had even seen it myself with my own two eyes, the city near Black Bay prison was torn to sheds, a graveyard of buildings and society. I can easily expect something similar if I laid my eyes on The Bend or Cyphex. Further and further the Silver Rebellion was being pushed back, and here they were making their last stand against an enemy that couldn’t even respect itself.

Tomorrow, we would be flying to Macomb, Randy and I as well as four other Storm Riders. We weren’t going to start a head-on assault, but to try and sneak our way in, disable as much as we could at the facility, release its prisoners and try to get out alive.

Already, an enormous amount of expectation was placed in me. I had already been made a lieutenant, solely for my efforts at Black Bay. Every one expected me to reach much further beyond that, but they didn’t realize I could only do so much.

Randy, or otherwise know as “Blitz” had been making every effort to improve his skills. Even though he had a rough start, as time went by he got drastically better.

We had no idea how big Macomb really was, or what kind of force they really had, but from what we had heard, it sounded like a lot. I was hoping it would be quickly in and quickly out, but I had no idea where to head to first, since the Silver Rebellion had no layout of the facility to go by. The only thing I could go by was the architecture of the buildings. That was it.

Regardless, Randy and I tried not to show fear, even though deep inside we were nearly scared to death about this. There was no other way to get Alex out of there. We needed his support as soon as possible, and any Silver Rebellion prisoners were greatly needed to join the ranks of soldiers already prepped for combat. We needed to take apart Macomb’s assembly lines and production facilities if we wanted to cripple the Crimson Stars’ war effort. Of course that was far easily said that done.

We had trouble sleeping that night, just trying to think about how we were going to handle this. I could only hope that I would be back in these barracks by tomorrow’s end…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 25
The Last Call

It was only going to be the five of us, and that was it. Somehow, we were going to have to make our way in and keep it quiet as long as possible. Macomb was large and well fortified, but it wasn’t invincible. The mission was going to be difficult, but not impossible.

I was going to be the commander of this small squad, and Randy was going to be my gunner, watching my back just in case something happened.

The second Storm Rider in my squad was a Croconaw by the name of Stevex. Despite his usual ill attitude, he was feeling somewhat optimistic about the mission. He had told me he had been a Storm Rider for three years, and this was going to be the toughest challenge he had ever faced. He was armed with a caliber rifle, since water wasn’t going to hurt a Skarmory too much…

The third in my squad went by the name of Rackal, an Electabuzz with a proficiency in explosives, computers, and booby traps. Calm and collective, he always believed more in being prepared than wishing for good luck. If we were going to get through this mission, we were going to need an engineer, and Rackal was just the one to fill that role.

Fourth in line was Lahanas, a Charmeleon with a bad attitude. He hated the Crimson Stars more than scum, and he wasn’t going to let anything get in his way of destroying them. He wasn’t so sure about me being a commander, but he wasn’t going to ask questions. Even if he did, I wasn’t so sure I would answer them.

And last but not least was Vice, a Sneasel with a will to kill. Vice was swift to strike and didn’t ask questions first. Even though most Storm Riders didn’t give their Pidgeot a name, Vice called his mount Storm Gale. I couldn’t help but say there was certainly something more vicious about his Pidgeot than the rest of them…

When we had all assembled, Achilles had approached us, and all five of us had saluted him like we were instructed to do so in the presence of a high-ranking officer. He had looked over the six of us, and looked us in the eye, me especially.

“As much as I appreciate your dedication to this country…” Achilles began, “You’re about to embark on a very dangerous but very important mission. I can’t promise the safety of any of you. There are very few who even know this mission is about to take place. If there were more, I fear they may somehow object to it, even though this is something that needs to be done.”

Of course it was. Alex was still in there, as well as many other Silver Rebellion members. And the longer we took to get there, the risk of losing more soldiers was also escalating. We couldn’t allow that to happen any longer. If that place really was the torture chamber they had said it was, it was going to be a gruesome sight to behold. I could only hope Alex was still alive and safe.

“Good luck to all of you.” Achilles told us, “With no doubt you will need it.”
“Good luck is for the unprepared.” Rackal replied to Achilles with a firm voice.

After the four of my comrades had mounted upon their Pidgeots, I had let out Latias, and Randy and I had climbed on her back. Thankfully, she had been equipped with a leather saddle beforehand, so we didn’t have to worry about falling off. That was a good thing, since there was going to be a whole lot more we were going to have to worry about…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 26
The Accident

It hadn’t been long before we took to the skies and soared far above the broken land below us. Randy had been right behind me, holding his Zephyr-E very steadily. Meanwhile, besides me were the four other Strom Riders that were on my side. The sky above us slowly grew toward a pale red, indicating the cold night had come. At least now we would have the darkness to cloak our passage into Macomb.

Further and further we flew toward the great machine city of Macomb. No doubt this would be the most difficult task I would have to undertake. We have four specific targets. The assembly lines, the missile silos, the weapon stockpiles and the prisons. First, we were to disarm the missile silos before they were launched as a result of the attack. Next came the weapon stockpiles and then the prisons. Finally, the assembly lines had to be shut down, but for now they posed no immediate threat.

Miles and miles of broken terrain had passed below us, and then the six of us had set eyes on the black machine city of Macomb. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The whole city itself was devoted to industry, with large factories with towering smokestacks spewing out clouds of dark smoke. Warehouses also scattered everywhere, as well as large shipping trucks. I looked around but I saw no sign of anything that looked like a prison. All the buildings were a dark coal black, and a metal fence that towered fifty feet surrounded the city.

“Macomb…” Rackal said softly, looking at the machine city, “If we disable their transports, they will be unable to ship their supplies.”
“I fare better with destroying the supplies themselves.” I told Rackal, “What good will their trucks be then?”

But then, I had caught sight of something within the city. Tiny red lights were flashing in various places. Was it fire? No, it was pulsing systematically. I then felt an eerie chill.

“They know we’re here.” I told them coldly, “Their alarms have gone off.”
“Impossible.” Lahanas cut me off, “There’s no way…”

But shortly after he spoke, I saw a small group of V shaped objects emerge from the red-tinted sky. They were coming closer, and at a very fast rate.

“Wind Strikers in the distance…” I told the four of them, come on, let’s try and find some cover.”
“Is this how the Gold Rider fights?” Lahanas asked in shock, “I surprised at you Juno. I thought you have a spirit to fight inside you.”
“I don’t have a spirit to commit suicide.” I reminded him, “We’re highly out-gunned and outnumbered.”
“No one stopped Lahanas.” He told himself, pulling out his caliber rifle.

I couldn’t believe what this guy was doing. He was going to get us all killed!

“Lahanas, stop!” I shouted to him, “If you fire your rifle they will know we’re here!”

But he refused to listen. Instead, he took aim at the incoming Wind Strikers, and suddenly, his caliber rifle roared to life as a pulsing blast of fire appeared at the end of his rifle as it blasted bullets toward the incoming Skarmories.

And then, I had watched in horror as I saw white flashes appear on the Skarmories as they returned fire. I had quickly turned to Lahanas.

And then, to my shock, his Pidgeot had been struck twice in the chest. Lahanas struggled with his mount to keep her alive, only soon after, she was struck viciously with five more bullets. And to make it even worse, Lahanas had been struck twice himself, once in the chest and a second time in the face. Lahanas fell off his Pidgeot, and the both of them spiraled toward the ground, with his rifle not too far behind. Then, they disappeared into the darkness…

“Oh God…” Stevex gasped.
“Come on!” I shouted, heading toward my left, “Let’s get the hell out of here. Head for those warehouses!”

The remaining four of us had swiftly flew toward the black warehouses, where hopefully they didn’t see the rest of us in the dark. We flew faster and faster, and for a moment, I knew the Wind Strikers had caught sight of us. It was long before they opened fire, and suddenly I saw Stevex and his Pidgeot fly toward the ground faster that we did. I then realized why. Both his Pidgeot and himself had been shot multiple times. Stevex and his Pidgeot hit the ground extremely hard, and their bodies tumbled around on the hard dirt. I shook my head in dismay. There was no way they could have survived that fall.

The remaining three of us headed quickly past the metal fence and headed downward toward the ground. I couldn’t believe it. Already two of my squad members had been killed, and we haven’t even got started yet. I could tell the Skarmories weren’t very far behind…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 27
A Whisper in the Dark

I had been the first to descend toward the ground and land softly on the firm ground. Soon after, Vice and Rackal and their mounts headed toward the ground. As their Pidgeots approached the dirt, they flapped their wings harder to ensure a safe landing for their riders. Vice and Rackal had dismounted and then pulled out their Pokéballs and aimed their red beams for their Pidgeots. Their mounts had become a red light, and were absorbed by their Pokéballs. I had followed suit with Latias, and after Randy and I had gotten ourselves off of Latias, I had returned her to her Pokéball, and then kept her Pokéball safely in my belt.

“That freakin’ idiot!” Rackal exclaimed in bitterness, “What the hell was he thinking? Lahanas could have gotten us all killed!”
“Oh let’s face it.” Vice replied to Rackal as he gripped his caliber rifle tightly in his claws, “We were dead from the start. There’s no way we’re getting out of here alive.”

Around us, I could hear the faint sound of alarms. I couldn’t believe it. How were we supposed to do this with the entire base on full alert? And I didn’t even know where the missile silos were. If we waited any longer, we were going to be too late.

“Well, Juno…” Vice said firmly, “It’s your call. I hope you know what you’re doing.”

I then looked behind me, and saw the two metal doors of the warehouse. Hanging above was a chain with a lock around it.

“Do you think you can cut that lock open?” I asked Rackal, looking upward at the lock.
“Oh, give me a break.” Vice replied, nearly laughing, “That? That’s nothing…”

He had leaped up, and with a furious swipe of his claw, the chain was sliced in half with a metal shrieking sound, and the two halves of the chain fell to the sides and lay limply by the door.

“Let’s see what’s inside.” I told them, grabbed the metal door and pushing it to the side.

But it was too big for me to move on my own. Then, Rackal and Vice had helped me push the door open. Soon enough, the large metal doors loudly rattled along the metal tracks and crashed when they hit the end. It made much more noise than I thought.

“Oh shoot.” Randy said as he looked around.

And then I heard a shout in the distance. I could see in the distance a group of silhouettes heading right for us from between an alleyway of warehouses.

“Get your butt inside!” I shouted to them, making my way in.
“Oh great.” Vice commented, “Isn’t this off to a wonderful start…”

We made our way into the warehouse, which was loaded with hundreds of wooden crates and metal boxes. We quickly made our way around a pile of crates and stood behind them, weapons drawn. Vice stood firmly crouched behind a small pile of boxes with his caliber rifle drawn, while Rackal and Randy stood side by side, both charging up a Zephyr-E.

“Well isn’t it a beautiful day in the neighborhood.” Vice commented sarcastically, “How the hell are we supposed to get out of here?”
“Simple.” I said to the three of them, “We kill everyone who knows we’re here.”

I was without a weapon, so I needed to find one somewhere. And as I looked around, I began to have a faint idea of what this warehouse was holding. I had made my way over to a long wooden box, and handed it to Vice.

“I can’t open it myself without damaging what’s inside.” I told Vice, “Chances are good it’s probably a weapon.”
“Oh yeah?” Vice asked with curiosity, “What makes you think that?”
“Because considering its shape and size, it can’t be a part of a machine. The assembly lines are nowhere even near here.”
“Hmm…” Vice replied, “You know, you may be on to something…”

He took the box, and sliced off the two sides, then he ran his sharp claw along the edge of the box, and then completely disassembled it. Inside was a black rifle, a Vulcan. Along side it was three cases of ammunition.

“Well don’t they put everything in a pretty package…” Vice replied, “What were our chances of running into a warehouse full of guns?”
“Quite high actually.” I told him, being able to figure it out myself, “I could easily assume the prison and the missile silos are in the back of the city, where it would be hard to reach them. Everything else, I guess would have to be up front.”

I had taken the black, metal Vulcan rifle, and loaded it, just like Achilles had shown me. I then got behind my own bunch of boxes, and aimed for the door. Only seconds later a Squirtle and a Wartortle appeared in the doorway, completely armed.

“I think we found them!” The Squirtle shouted.
“You most certainly did.” Vice laughed as he pulled the trigger on his rifle.

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 28
Covert Assault

Vice and I opened fired upon the Squirtle and Wartortle, blasting them with heavy gunfire. Both of their shells were cracked in multiple places, and collapsed on the ground dropping their weapons. I could already tell more were going to start rushing in here like crazy.

We waited patently, hungrily grasping our rifles and just waiting for something to move in the doorway. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a black Grumpig had poked his head out from the right side of the doorway, whipped out another Vulcan rifle, and began firing at us before we could even responded. I crouched down as fast as I could as bullets splintered the wooden crates around us. When the gunfire stopped, I peeked one more time, and I saw nothing. Then, I saw come out once more, firing furiously. I had aimed my rifle right at him, when suddenly a sharp blast of electricity blasted out and struck the Grumpig, with enough voltage to actually burn him. Once the blast of glowing blast of white and blue electricity had ceased, the Grumpig lay on the ground, burnt to a crisp with smoke waving above him. It smelled hideous. I had turned to see who had fired the shot, and realized it was Randy.

We had waited five more minutes before we decided we weren’t going to get anywhere by just sitting here. Vice and Rackal were looking toward me.

“Let’s get out of here.” I told the three of them, getting up from behind the boxes, “We’ve got to find those missile silos before they decide to launch…”
“Okay man.” Vice replied, “Let’s blow this joint.”

The four of us had headed to the door. I was the first to look out left and right to see if anyone was waiting for us. But something seemed strange. I could have sworn there were more Crimson Stars soldiers approaching us when we headed for the warehouse…

I then realized they were likely waiting at the end of the warehouse, ready to ambush us. I then decided to use one of my other weapons. Inferno grenades. I was just about to grab the one around my belt when…

“You sure about that man?” Vice asked me, looking at me with a peculiar look in his eyes.
“Yeah, I know they light up the place like there’s no tomorrow.” I replied to Vice, “But chances are they’re waiting behind the warehouse to ambush us.”
“Well…whatever.” Vice replied, “But don’t be surprised if this whole district starts going up in flames.
“I thought that’s what we were originally planned on doing!” I shouted to Vice, looking back at him.

He was quiet, and so I reached for the Inferno grenade, and pulled it off. Once I had pulled out the tiny latch that triggered the timer, I threw the grenade furiously ahead of me, and it landed right at the intersection. After I heard a few muffled screams, I heard a loud explosion, and everything was bathed with an orange and red glow. When I had turned to look ahead, I saw the intersection was covered with raging flames. Whatever had been waiting there was likely burnt to a crisp.

“Wow, that did a number on them.” Vice replied, looking at the fiery chaos, “Now how do you expect us to get through that?”
“Geez, for once stop doubting everything I do.” I replied to Vice, “We’ll just take another way around.”

We had turned around, since heading forward was going to be impossible. We kept as low as we could, using the massive fire as a distraction. Enemy soldiers were flocking toward it, trying to douse the flames as we passed warehouse by warehouse undetected. I had never seen a missile silo in my life, so I wasn’t completely sure where to find it. But, I knew enough where they would be in the back of the complex, kept away from the front.

After we passed the district, we came across two large metal floors in the ground. They were tan-colored to match the color of the dirt. There was absolutely no one around, which seemed pretty strange to me.

“I think…” Rackal said in disbelief, “I think these are the missile silos. There should be a way to get underground somewhere around here.”

My instinct told me to look for something that wasn’t just another warehouse, and soon I had found what I had been looking for. It was a small metal building, with a thicker coat of metal around it.

“I think it’s over there.” I pointed to the building, “Its way too small to be supply storage.”
“Yeah, I think Juno is right.” Rackal replied, “That should be the elevator.”

We had made our way over to the small metal building, keeping low and under cover, even though it seemed unnecessary. Did the Crimson Stars think we were already dead? It seemed awfully weird for no one to be around.

Once we had arrived at the single metal door that was the building’s entrance, we saw the door required a security access code to be entered into a keypad besides the door handle.

“Oh great.” Randy said with sarcasm, “What the hell do we do now?”

Rackal had taken his own Zephyr-E, aimed the barrel at the keypad, and blasted it with a tremendous blast of electricity. The keypad was instantly fried, and after Rackal put the weapon down, he slammed the keypad with his fist, breaking it into pieces. Suddenly, the metal door slid open, and we just stared at Rackal with a look of shock on our faces.

“Geez man.” Vice said, backing away a bit, “No need to lose your cool.”
“Come on!” Rackal exclaimed, “We don’t have all night to do this…”

And then, the four of us entered the dark metal building. I could only hope we were going to get out of this dark chamber alive…

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