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Old 03-15-2004, 03:21 PM
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Default Re: The Twisted Fields


Lost. That was the only feeling I could use to describe my emotions for the past few months. Zander had made everything flip upside down. Instead, I had been thrown into this dark, scorched world he called “Kivistal.” And in the end, he decided I really didn’t deserve to be human any longer. This was his world, and he decided I would be better off living it as a Charmander instead of a human. I could spend hours gazing at my claws and my tail and I still wouldn’t believe it. Other times, I would just stare out the window of this cold, metal room and watch the torched sky constantly flicker with lightning. It truly felt like I was one step closer to hell.

But after three months, I had gotten used to it. I no longer missed home as badly now, knowing it wasn’t my choice to go back or not. My memories of it were slowly fading away as the endless hours seemed to pass inside this metal cell. And unlike before, I knew that time was passing in the real world. My family was probably out there wondering where we were, and what had happened to us. While I wasn’t dead, how could I ever expect to return home now? What had I done to deserve this pain?

Other times, I had been dragged into Zander’s conference meetings, where he and ten other dark looking men had gathered around a table. Most of the time I had no idea what they were talking about. I had really no idea why Zander dragged me here most of the time. He told me to stay in the corner and shut up, and so I did. There wasn’t anything I could do against him, so I obeyed.

For the past few days, they had been discussing an industry complex called Macomb. Somehow, someone by the name of “Juno” had been able to destroy it, but for some reason, that name was surprisingly familiar to me. I tried to think for hours why that name had seemed so familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on where I had heard it last.

Some more days had passed and I still didn’t arrive with an answer. I angrily pounded on my metal bunk bed trying to remember the name, but it wasn’t until I had been brought into that metal conference room again did I finally remember where the name was from.

They had brought in a very beat up looking Minun, supposedly shot three times but still managed to survive. Since no man there could understand the Minun, they needed a translator. To my surprise, they had brought in a Hypno, one that had been trained to talk in English. Regardless, I could understand what the Minun was saying even without the Hypno. For the first time, I had understood what a Pokémon was saying…

The Minun had told us that he had confronted Juno. He had described him being able to move as fast as lightning along with a strong will to survive. Suddenly, I had realized who Juno actually was. He was the Pikachu that had confronted Randy back when we were in Randy’s world. I suddenly remembered it all, the stadium, and the battle that had taken place! But there was one thing that I couldn’t understand…

Who was Juno and how did he end up from Randy’s world to here…?

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Old 03-21-2004, 02:59 PM
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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 41

I had been unable to sleep that night, just thinking about Sinis. What was even more strange was wondering what his purpose was. I never really saw him do anything, but then again, I haven’t been here that long.

The whole night, it rained, constantly saturating the thin metal of my bedroom with water. Ever since my promotion, I’ve gotten a much better place to sleep, but it still wasn’t luxurious. I could hear every raindrop hammer down from above.

The strangest thing about rain here was that it was a very light, transparent crimson color, and nothing ever benefited from it. Also, the rainwater couldn’t be consumed directly, it had to be purified first. If it was consumed in its raw form, not only did it taste awful but it had long-term health problems. And at night, it looked like the whole city was covered in blood…

That next morning, Achilles wanted me to discuss the next attack upon the Crimson Stars in the command center. The room was cold and dark, being the only concrete building in the entire city. All we did was stare at a map and decide what target we would attack next. There were three colonels there, along with Achilles, myself, and Vexcel the Dragonite, another general.

“Now that we’re gathered here…” Achilles began, after we had all taken our seats, “I wanted to discuss our next attack. As long as we keep fighting back like we have been, it will protect the citizens of Symarix.”

I just keep looking up at the map. I could see the red dots resembled the enemy locations while the blue ones resembled ours. There were a whole lot more red dots than blue ones…

“Considering how much damage we did to Macomb…” Vexcel replied, “Our next best attack location would be Black Rock. It’s only a military camp. Attacking that location would reduce the number of Crimson Star soldiers to some degree.”

I nearly tuned out Vexcel and just looked at the largest red dot on the map, labeled Jasandax. There were many other small dots surrounded it, but I couldn’t help but keep my eye on Jasandax…

“We’re better off destroying all those smaller outposts first.” One of the colonels said.

I had looked to face him and looked into his eyes. Wow. That was one nasty looking Charizard. I didn’t even want to ask how he got his promotion. It must have been through a lot of blood and guts…

“What do you think Juno?” Achilles asked me, looking at me when I was just barely paying attention to the conversation at hand, “Should we attack the outposts in the northwest or attack Black Rock?”

I sat there, looking at the map and looking for Black Rock. I saw it was nearly a million miles away from Jasandax. In my opinion, attacking the smaller outposts would have been better, but I still didn’t think it was the best solution possible.

“Juno…?” Achilles asked, after some delay in my response.

I then looking back up at the bright red dot of Jasandax. I couldn’t help but speak the way I felt.

“I think we should stop wasting time around here and attack Jasandax directly.” I responded.

One of the colonels burst out laughing. The others had looked at me very strangely, and Vexcel just shook his head.

“Juno, we just can’t attack the head capital of the Crimson Stars like that.” He told me, feeling I was making a heavy mistake, “It’s extremely dangerous.”
“He’s right Juno.” Achilles told me, looking down upon me, “There’s a lot more that needs to be done here.”

I still couldn’t believe this. How long was it going to take them to realize we were on our last legs here?

“First off,” I responded, getting a bit angry, “Attacking Black Rock is worthless. It’s a million miles away from the main route of their activity. There’s almost no reason to attack it.”
“It would be easier since there’s nothing they can do to protect it.” Vexcel told me.
“It would be a waste of our time.” I told him firmly, “If we keep attacking like this, they’ll have a second facility like Macomb up in no time. They don’t really even need Black Rock. If we were to take every last soldier and use them in an attack against Jasandax, we might be able to bring the city down.”

Achilles seemed to be losing his patience. I didn’t understand this. I’m nobody’s dog…

“I’ve heard enough.” Achilles responded, looking at me with a dark stare, “I’m pretty disappointed in you Juno…”

He then turned to face everyone else. Fine. If he didn’t want my advice…

“As for the rest of you,” Achilles said to the rest of the commanders, “I’ve decided on what would be the best target to attack. We will be attacking Black Rock, as commander Vexcel has suggested.”

What a bloody waste of time. No wonder these people were fighting a losing war. Why did we bother attacking Macomb in the first place? And then I suddenly remembered… that was my command…

How long would it have taken to attack Macomb without me…?

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Old 03-23-2004, 01:05 PM
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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 42

Achilles didn’t even want to speak to me after all of that had happened. He told me I should sit down and think about what I was doing wrong, and in the meantime, they would be attacking Black Rock… completely without me…

To say the least, I was angry. If I was able to destroy Macomb, why didn’t they trust me? And then again, Achilles had told me never to participate in a tactical examination again. He even told me that he would have demoted me, but he decided not to because it would hurt his own image. Gee… how kind. I was slowly beginning to feel my only purpose in this war was to kill Zander and get the hell out of here. I was getting very tired of this. Enough of the crap…

The only ones I could trust were Alex and Randy now. They hadn’t betrayed me like everyone else here had. I knew no one here anymore. Jamac never spoke to me once after that assault, it was so much touch and go when it came to appreciation here. I nearly got myself killed in Macomb, but then again… no one really cared…

I had left the command center feeling so downright awful. Why didn’t they trust me? It wasn’t over yet…

And then… just as I walked out the door, I had sensed someone approach me. I thought it was going to be someone like Vexcel or Sinis but instead, I had laid eyes on a female Pikachu. She seemed so gentle and her eyes were so warm with life. She lightly smiled at me and I couldn’t help but smile back…

“I would like to thank you for all that you’ve done for Symarix.” She told me, giving me a light smile, “It seems to be a whole lot of other people aren’t as thankful…”
“You’re welcome…” I responded to her, almost speechless…

To say the least, I was surprised. I really didn’t expect that whatsoever. Even after all this misery I endured, it was nice to know someone here still appreciated what I did.

“To the normal everyday citizens of Symarix, you’re more of a hero than Jamac himself.” She said to me with a gentle smile, “There was much rejoicing when you brought back those captive soldiers. I saw many families were finally brought back together due to your efforts.”

Well, that at least made me feel a little better. Funny, because at the moment, it almost seemed like everything I was doing had been against the Silver Rebellion. And then again, I was more interested in learning who this Pikachu was.

“What is your name?” I asked the female Pikachu.
“Sita.” She told me, wearing a slight smile, “But, I will always remember your name. Your name is Juno… I never thought I would be this close to the one they call the ‘Gold Rider.’ It just seems so unfair they’re taking all of your services for granted…”
“Yes… it does.” I told her softly, “I’m not a miracle maker like Jamac and Achilles think I am. I can only do my best…”

She approached me very closely, and she held out her tiny hand. I then put my hand on top of hers, and I looked up at her. Her eyes were so shiny and beautiful…

“I will always be by your side.” She told me with a warm smile, “You’re more amazing than I could ever imagine. Everything you have done for us…”

I stared into her eyes, and I couldn’t keep my gaze off of them. Never before had someone truly cared about me, and for the first time I was feeling it more than ever.

“Thank you for you support.” I told her, feeling somewhat shy, “I don’t know what I would do without you…”
“I just…” Sita told me, feeling somewhat uneasy, “I know this time won’t last forever. I want to be with you for as long as I can. You mean so much to me…”

Still, I was silent. There were many things I wanted to ask her, but I couldn’t find the will to ask her the questions that were in my mind. I thought maybe now wasn’t the perfect time. I felt for certain I would meet her again.

“Well, I must be going.” Sita told me, seeing it was getting late, “Thank you for everything, Juno.”
“Farewell Sita.” I said to her, “I hope to see you soon.”

She then turned around, walked a few paces and waved goodbye. I had waved back, and I admired the way she respected me, unlike other people I knew…

It was great to know there were others I could count on other than Randy and Alex. While they were some of my greatest support, I could easily assume there were others out there, just like Sita, who didn’t see just as a tool for Jamac and Antilles. That was true respect. All that anger in me before had slowly melted away, just from Sita.

She really was amazing…

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Old 03-25-2004, 06:00 AM
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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 43
One Last Try

Nearly a month later, General Vexcel and his soldiers had returned from the attack on Black Rock. As I got a look off of him, he looked a hell of a lot worse than he did those few weeks ago. I had seen him leave with three Armadillos packed with soldiers and three squads of Storm Riders, having twenty members per squad. That afternoon, he came back with only one very beat up Armadillo, and seven Storm Riders that had lost every trace of morale…

The attack on Black Rock had been successful…to a degree. But all that time, I kept thinking what it was for. Yes, we reduced the soldiers of the Crimson Stars, but they just did the same to us. I had overheard Vexcel telling Achilles that he didn’t want to fight again until he had gotten his eyes off of combat for some time. I couldn’t blame him for one thing. It was a harsh reality to see some fellow Storm Riders tumble to their deaths after being shot. But then again, it was him who decided to go there in the first place. Everything he had witnessed was his own fault, and I couldn’t excuse that.

We had lost three outposts in the last month, and we were still losing at a hideous pace. Already, intelligence had given us information about a plan to rebuild Macomb, only this time it would be behind Jasandax, a place that we couldn’t reach without a lot of problems. Our casualty list was only getting longer, and the graveyards were only getting larger.

Still, Achilles heavily insisted that I was a General by title only. He refused to give me commanding authority over other soldiers or pick my own support members. For the longest time, I had been doing nothing, only hearing about consistent losses. Achilles kept blaming it on weaponry and kept insisting to the weapons manufacturers that they weren’t strong enough. But I knew there wasn’t anything wrong with the weapons, it was how they were being used… Still, Achilles refused to take my advice.

It all came down to one problem, and I figured it out one rainy night in my bed. Achilles was listening to only what he wanted to hear. Never once did he say to himself that he was doing the wrong thing. No wonder he shut me out from saying anything. Vexcel and all the others were probably used to this by now. As long as Achilles was calling the shots, we were going to lose in time. For every unneeded outpost we destroyed, the Crimson Stars wasted three of our most vital ones.

And then there was one day when I had lost my patience. I had approached Achilles one more time, just before he was going to walk into the command center for yet another meaningless tactical examination.

“What do you want?” Achilles asked me as I got in front of him, “I have a meeting to attend…”

I didn’t care if I was going to be brutally honest. It was either that or be brutally killed…

“I know where you’re going.” I told Achilles in a firm and serious tone, “But I’ll tell you right now that for the last month and then some we’ve been on the wrong track ever since.”
“Are you saying there’s something wrong with my battle plan!?” Achilles growled at me, growing angry.
“To put it short, yes.” I told him, unafraid of his anger, “Vexcel isn’t the brightest General I’ve ever seen, but you’re not doing justice to this by following his advice. If our performance stays like this, I suspect Symarix will be overrun in less than a year.”

For the longest time, Achilles had been deadly silent. He stared at me for the longest time, and I refused to look directly into his eyes. Never before has he given me such an apprehensive look.

“I would have you thrown into prison for treason,” Achilles scowled at me, “But then how would you fulfill the prophecy? That’s if, you’re even the real Juno and not an imposter…”
“Imposter…?” I asked him, growing very bitter, “Really now, Achilles. I really don’t think an imposter would be able to destroy Macomb with only a few casualties, let alone even find the will to go there.”
“I was wrong about you.” Achilles replied, shaking his head, “How could I have been such an idiot? Hmph, let the people worship you like a god, but while you’re under my power, you’ll never be higher than me or Jamac. We’re still your superiors, whether you’re actually Juno or not.”

I certainly never thought Achilles would ever act like this. Something was telling me that he didn’t expect me to perform so well or he was taking me for granted. Or he was worried about losing his High General position. Yes, that had to be it, why would he keep me from engaging on missions? I could never get a higher promotion if he kept me off.

“You’re being extremely selfish.” I told Achilles, staring right into his eyes, “You’re afraid of me stealing your General position, but that isn’t my intention.”
“That’s a lie.” Achilles growled at me, “I know what you’re here for and what you’re going to do. To tell the truth, life was better here without you. You are already set on taking my position. That’s what it says in the…”
“Prophecy?” I asked Achilles, seeing deeper into his soul, “Tell me, what else does The Divine Prophecy mention?”

And then, I was shocked at his reaction. Suddenly, he had lost his anger, and he then looked me over. He shook his head, and couldn’t believe it.

“You mean you don’t know!?” Achilles shouted, nearly laughing, “The legendary Juno doesn’t even know his own fate? I was right… you are… an imposter…”
“Stop it!” I shouted angrily, “This country is about to die because of your negligence. And if it dies, you go along with it. Right now, that fool Vexcel you promoted to General just lost another good fifty soldiers, and the rest of your lackeys aren’t doing anything either! You… you’re this nation’s biggest threat.”

He then glared at me with an evil stare. Achilles had changed, he had become far more worse than ever. He pointed his claw at me, and grew extremely angry. All I could look at was the razor-sharp edge of his nail.

“Guards!” He shouted loudly, “Apprehend this ruffian!”
“Stop this at once!” I shouted at Achilles, “You don’t know what you’re doing!”
“Yes I do.” Achilles responded his voice grew softer, “I’m going to arrest you and put you out of my way!”

At that moment, I had laid eyes on Sever, as well as four other soldiers. They had arrived in a hurry, but they stopped dead in their tracks as they saw the two of us.

“General Achilles…” Sever replied, looking confused, “You want us to apprehend Juno? The Gold Rider…?”
“On the grounds of treason.” Achilles responded with a harsh tone to Sever, “He’s been betraying us, but I caught him just in time before he did anything harsh!”
“That’s a cold-blooded lie!” I shouted at Achilles, “I would never plot against the Silver Rebellion! I’m here to help you!”

Still, Sever did not move. I could see behind the skull he wore over his face and into his eyes. I could see that he trusted me more than he actually trusted Achilles, but he didn’t say anything, and he didn’t make a move. Even the three other soldiers hesitated to move.

“Apprehend him!” Achilles ordered, “He may still be a General but I still have power over him! Treason’s a serious crime here!”

With hesitation, Sever confronted me along with the three other soldiers. Two of them held me down while the third bound my hands with metal chains behind my back. I didn’t try to struggle, I didn’t want to make this any worse.

“I’m deeply sorry you’re making a choice you will regret.” I told Achilles, just before Sever prepared to take me away.
“Sir, are you sure about this?” Sever asked, “He’s one of our key commanders. You remember what he did at Macomb and Black Bay and what he did to Vorox. Is this your way of thanking him?”
“Shut up, both of you!” Achilles shouted, “Take him out of here, I’ve seen enough of him!”

And then, I was pushed along through the city, headed for the Symarix prison. I already knew something deeply wrong had gone inside the heart of Antilles, and it seemed I wasn’t the only one…

They had led me through the streets and between alleyways, and the very sight of me bound in chains was enough to scare the skin out of the citizens. They kept asking Sever and the other soldiers what I had done, but the five of us remained silent. I kept looking down, unable to look at them in the eyes. I was pretty sure I had heard Sita’s voice, but I didn’t look up to check.

It wasn’t long before we had arrived at a black, metal building with very tiny windows. I couldn’t believe I would be spending time with captive Crimson Stars soldiers, but I didn’t have a choice. The gatekeeper had looked me over, but I didn’t look up at him. I didn’t even know what Pokémon he was, all I could hear was a low voice.

“You have got to be kidding me…” He remarked in complete, “This is Juno for crying out loud! Do you fools even know what you’re doing!?”
“General Achilles has ordered us to arrest him on the grounds of treason.” Sever told the gatekeeper.
“High General Achilles!?” The gatekeeper shouted in fright, “That means he doesn’t even get a trial! What did he even do?”

There was silence. Obviously they didn’t even know, since they didn’t even hear anything. Only if they had…

“We don’t know…” Sever replied scornfully, looking down.
“There has got to be some mistake.” The gatekeeper replied, “Never in a million years did I think General Achilles would be sending Symarix’s greatest asset to prison!”

But there was silence. Still, I didn’t look up. I was too ashamed at the moment.

“I’m deeply sorry, Juno…” The gatekeeper replied with the sound of desperation on his voice, “But if this order is from Achilles, there’s nothing I can do about it…”

Moments later, I was led into the building, which wasn’t as bad as the prison in Macomb, but there was one big difference between this one and the one at Macomb. I never thought I would be forced into a cell by my own comrades...


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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

The adventure doesn't end here! The saga continues with The Blazing Skies. Read the final part of this three part trilogy to get the whole story!

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