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Old 09-08-2007, 02:31 AM
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Default Wings of the Wind

Wings of the Wind
Writing for: Remoraid
Category: Medium
Needed: 10-20 k
2,939 Words
13,574 Characters w/out spaces
16,397 Characters w/spaces
Status: Ready for grade

*Note: I got inspired by reading +Anima WAAAAY too much. ^^;

--The Fearow

Crystal blue eyes gazed at the forest landscape, daydreaming. His soft brown locks blew in the breeze created from the movement of his Pokemon. Isaac's travels had been rather uneventful lately, boring. He would just stare at the scenery from on the back of his Rhydon, his first Pokemon, every passing day as they continued their journey. To be perfectly honest, such a lifestyle suited Isaac. He wasn’t a particularly exciting person himself- He liked to think he was just another normal person.

“Rhhyy,” Isaac was snapped back into reality by Rhyhan’s call. Unfortunately, He wasn’t particularly good at deciphering Pokemon speech, and he hadn’t been paying much attention. He had absolutely no idea what she had just tried to tell him.

“Huh?” Was the first thing he could think of as a response. Rhyhan stopped and pointed to Isaac’s brown leather backpack.

“Oh, food. Alright,” He slid his backpack off of his shoulder and continued with a grin, “I think you deserve some lunch.” As Isaac rummaged through his bag, he began to think about his friend. A mere month ago, Isaac would’ve carried the little Rhyhorn known as Rhyhan in his arms… She had grown quickly. Did that make him a good trainer? He hoped so. He finally found a small bag of Pokechow and unzipped it, spilling its contents into a plastic bowl.

“Here,” He said, placing it in front of Rhyhan. “Eat up.”

“Rhydo!” Rhyhan replied, eagerly devouring the Pokemon food. The bowl was soon empty. Isaac laughed at his friend’s behavior. It was around then he realized he’d completely forgotten his two other Pokemon. He reached for his belt and grabbed two Pokeballs, tossing them into the air.

The first one to materialize was Isaac’s new Trapinch, Tory, and the second was Erik, his Elekid. “Bee Beet,” Erik said happily. Tory remained silent. Isaac guessed he was shy.

“Well, you guys can eat too,” He said, feeling a little guilt because he favored Rhyhan over his other Pokemon.

“Bee beet.” Erik cried. He started running down the lush mountain road. Isaac didn’t notice this until he was almost out of sight- The little electric Pokemon was fast!

“What… Where?” Was all he said before recalling Tory and chasing after him. Rhyhan snatched up Isaac’s bag and followed. Without warning, Isaac stopped.

“Look, Erik stopped…” He panted.

“Rhy!” Rhyhan yelled.

“Wha-” Isaac replied before seeing a large, bird-like creature flying above him.

Wait, no. Not flying. Falling.

Isaac winced as the Fearow crashed into Rhyhan, sending his backpack flying into the air…

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Old 09-08-2007, 04:48 PM
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Default Re: Wings of the Wind

--The Magby


Isaac’s Rhydon was trying to get out from under the fainted Fearow, whose beak was stuck in the ground from the forceful crash.

I wonder if it’s hurt, Isaac thought curiously. He took a few steps closer.

“Hey!!” An angry voice sounded from the left. The boy ran over to him. “You attacked my Fearow! You j*ck*ss!”

Isaac cringed. “It wasn’t me,” He tried to explain, “It just kinda… crashed. On top of my Rhydon.”

The redheaded boy shook his head. “It looks like a battle happened to me,” He replied, “If it’s a battle you want, fine. Go, Magby!”

He tossed a great ball into the air. In a flash of red light, there was the little fiery creature standing there. It wore an angry expression and looked as if it were about to release an explosion of flames. “Maaag,” It cried.

Isaac considered his options for a quick moment. Rhyhan was in a bit of a fix, and Erik wouldn’t be very effective. Tory was the obvious choice, but Isaac didn’t know how to battle with him very well.

“Go, Tory!” Isaac tossed his ball, and Tory materialized.

“Traa?” He asked. Isaac gestured towards the Magby. Tory seemed to understand and got into a battle pose.

“Use Fire Punch!” The boy commanded his Magby. Magby clenched his fist as it erupted into flames. It started rapidly throwing punches at Tory, who barely dodged the first few. However, one of the punches hit it on the forehead and it was sent flying backwards even though the move wasn’t very effective.

“Did he burn Tory?” Isaac murmured fearfully. “Tory, Earthquake!”

The small, orange mole jumped up and stomped the ground hard, causing it to pulse. Isaac was slightly shaken from the move and nearly fell, feeling a little sick.

The Magby was hurt by the blow, but got back up and braced itself for another attack. But Tory didn’t attack again- he was also hurt by his burns. Magby decided it was a good time to attack, and, without an order, blew a jet of searing flames straight at Tory. Isaac winced.

In a few moments, the smoke cleared. Tory was nowhere to be seen. Isaac panicked until he saw a hole. Dig, he thought. Good move…

Tory shot up from the ground under Magby and clamped onto its leg with a Crunch. The Magby cried out in pain as its ankle oozed blood. Tory slammed him into the ground and it was over- Magby had fainted.

The other boy’s face showed disbelief as he silently recalled his Magby and then his Fearow.

“Ummm, I’m sorry,” He said, much to Isaac’s surprise, “I was frustrated, I guess. I’ve been trying to tech this Fearow to fly… It hasn’t been working.”

“It can’t fly?” Isaac couldn’t stop himself from asking.

“Errr, No. The name is Honoo. Why don’t you come to my house, I’ll heal your Pokemon…”

“Okay, sure.” Isaac replied happily as he recalled his Pokemon.

And with that, the two trainers silently walked down the road...

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Old 09-08-2007, 07:39 PM
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Default Re: Wings of the Wind

--The Dream of Flight

It was sunset before they reached Honoo’s small, 2-room house. Isaac wondered if his Pokemon were alright after all this time. But none of them were seriously injured, so he wasn’t too worried. When they finally entered, they released their injured Pokemon to rest and sat down with some tea.

“Why can’t that Fearow fly, Honoo?” Isaac asked. “It looks like any other Fearow. I thought they were master fliers.”

“I’m not sure. I got that Fearow in a trade. I really wanted a Pokemon that could fly,” Honoo replied.

“Why is it so important to have a Pokemon that can fly?”

“Well,” Honoo gazed at the ground as he spoke, “I make medicines out of herbs that grow in the mountains. There’s a Pokemon center right over the mountains, but it’s quite far on foot because you must go around them. But if I could just fly over!”

Isaac nodded. It made sense to him. “Then I’ll help you! I’ll help you teach this Fearow to fly!” He announced.

“You… will?” Honoo replied. “That’s… great!”

Isaac grinned. He was going to help those Pokemon. This Fearow will fly! He thought excitedly. “Oh yeah!” He exclaimed. “I forgot to tell you my name. I’m Isaac!”

“Thank you for your assistance, Isaac,” Honoo said. “Let’s check on our Pokemon. They must be hungry.”

Isaac jumped up. “Oh! I-I almost forgot about my Pokemon!” He ran over to Tory, who was sleeping on the other side of the room on a sofa with the Magby. “Tory?”

“Traa?” The orange mole yawned as he awoke. He looks fine, Isaac thought, that cream worked well on his burns.

“Are you hungry?” Isaac asked, already knowing the answer.

“Pin pin!” Was the enthusiastic reply.

“I’ll get the food ready!” Honoo laughed. “Will you check on my Magby, please?” He went into the other room.

“Sure.” Isaac said before turning to the Magby.

The Magby did not wake up when Isaac gently prodded it. It must be unconscious still, Isaac thought. The fur around it’s ankle was matted with dried blood and the actual wound looked pretty nasty after it had been scabbed over.

“How is he?” Honoo asked, returning from the other room.

“He should probably be cleaned up,” Isaac said.

“Yeah, I’ll go do that…” Honoo gently picked up the small, red-furred creature and brought it into the other room. Isaac waited for his return.

A few minutes later, he reentered the room and placed his Magby back on the couch. “Well, um, I have some biscuits for your Pokemon,” He said, getting a few biscuits from his pocket. Tory immediately lunged to grab them. He caught and devoured them in seconds.

“You can stay here for the night,” Honoo said, “And tomorrow we teach this Fearow to fly!”

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Default Re: Wings of the Wind

--The Second Crash

The next morning…

“Isaac! Wake up!” It was Honoo.

Isaac woke up slowly. Today he was supposed to teach the Fearow how to fly… He sprung up. Right! He thought. Time for flying lessons!

“I’m up!” Isaac replied, throwing on his blue t-shirt, matching scarf and denim shorts quickly. He grabbed his black boots, combed through his messy brown hair and darted out the door to find Honoo and his Fearow ready to start. “Sorry I took so long, Honoo.”

“It’s alright, no big deal,” Honoo replied quickly. He stroked his Fearow’s neck, preparing it to try flight again. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah,” Isaac said. He patted the bird’s beak. “Do you wanna fly?”

“Feaaa!” The Fearow sounded as determined as Honoo.

“Do you see that cliff? I’ll stand on top, and you stand on the bottom. I’ll have Fearow try and fly down. Okay?” Honoo instructed.

“Alright!” Isaac agreed. He ran over to the cliff and waited for Honoo to reach the top. He noted a few things: There was a lake a few meters behind him, and the cliff looked much taller this close up.

A few minutes later, they were ready. “Go!” Honoo encouraged as Fearow prepared to take off from the cliff. The gigantic bird leaped…

For a moment, it appeared to be succeeding. Then, a gust of wind made it lose control.


A small wave swept Isaac off of his feet as Fearow crash-landed in the lake. It knocked the wind out of him. “Unngh…”

“Oh! Are you ok?” Isaac heard Honoo yell from atop the cliff.

“I’m alright…” Isaac groaned, glancing at the lake. Fearow was nowhere to be seen. Oh no! He thought.

“Fearow?!” He called. No reply. “Fearow!!”

Honoo winced as he realized what was going on. Isaac regained his breath and got up, getting ready to jump into the lake although he knew it would do no good. Fearow would be far too heavy for one kid to swim with... He’d have to wait for Honoo. Every passing second seemed to be an hour. Finally, the sound of Honoo’s running footsteps could be heard.

The two boys immediately leaped into the lake together and grabbed Fearow by the wings, struggling to pull it up. They both finally managed to lift the huge bird, then tried to struggle to the surface.

Isaac’s lungs felt as if they were on fire. He couldn’t save Fearow. He was just too heavy. He heaved one more time. No good.

He couldn’t do it…

He pulled again. His head spun. Finally, he felt like he was finally lifting the Fearow. He continued to strain until he reached the surface.

It seemed to take forever, but Isaac soon found himself gasping for air on the solid ground. He looked around. To his right, Honoo was kneeling next to Fearow. To Isaac’s relief, Fearow was breathing.

To his left, something was flopping around on the ground. A silvery fish… a Remoraid?

It must’ve been washed up by that wave, Isaac thought. He scooped it up in his hand and tossed it back into the lake.

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Default Re: Wings of the Wind

--The Emergency

Two days later…

Isaac groaned and rubbed his eyes as he got up. It was early in the morning, and another flight attempt was planned today. If Fearow was up to it, that was.

“Isaac!” He heard Honoo’s call.

“I’m already up,” Isaac replied, throwing on his clothes. For some reason he couldn’t stop thinking about that little Remoraid. Maybe I should go back and try to catch it, Isaac thought. He liked that idea.

Honoo entered the room with a huge grin. “We can try again today,” He said happily.

“Yeah!” Isaac returned the grin as he checked to make sure he had all of his Pokemon on his belt like he did every morning. He slid the door open and stretched before exiting the house. Honoo did the same.

“Let’s try a different cliff this time,” Honoo suggested, suppressing a giggle. Isaac nodded.

“That’s a good plan,” He laughed. Suddenly, he heard a loud beeping noise.

“My Pokegear,” Honoo explained as he grabbed his Pokegear off of his belt. “Hello?”

Isaac stared curiously as Honoo listened. Finally, Honoo said, “ok.” He turned to face Isaac. “Something has happened, and Nurse Joy needs my medicine right away,” He said seriously, his expression grim. “We have to fly.”

The excitement drained from Isaac’s body all at once, replaced with a kind of determined fear. “Alright,” He announced, “I’ll get the medicine and you get Fearow ready! Today is the day he will fly!”

Honoo nodded in agreement. “Okay, the herb I need grows by the lake. Hurry, get some!”

Isaac sprinted over to the lake a few meters away. He began searching through tall grass near the water, but soon realized he had no idea what he was looking for.

“Rem! Rem!”

Isaac jumped at the sound. It was the Remoraid! Remoraid was excitedly pointing towards a small, brightly-colored red flower. Isaac wondered if that was the herb…

“Isaac! Hurry up! Fearow’s ready!”

Isaac grabbed the flower and darted over to Honoo, who was about to climb another tall cliff. “Here,” he told Honoo, “This is it, right?”

“Yes, that’s the one,” Honoo replied before beginning the walk up the side of the cliff. Isaac followed him. They reached the top a few minutes later.

“It won’t be able to carry both of us,” Honoo told him. “Can you ride on the back of your Rhydon and meet me there? You’ll have to follow the river around the mountains.”

Isaac nodded. “That’s fine,” He said. Honoo flashed him a smile as he mounted Fearow. “Are you ready, Fearow?” He asked.

“Fearow!” Fearow said confidently.

“Remember, the lives of those Pokemon are depending on you! Now, go!” Honoo commanded.

Isaac watched as Fearow leaped. With a flap of it’s powerful wings, it appeared to by riding on the wind… It was actually flying! For a moment, it seemed as if Fearow was going down, but it managed to stay in the air. Isaac grinned as he watched Fearow fly.

He ran back down the cliff and released his grey rhinoceros. “Are you ready?”

“Rhy!” Rhyhan replied.

“Let’s go!” He said as he mounted his friend. She began running, following the river that flowed from the lake...

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Default Re: Wings of the Wind

--The Remoraid

As Isaac and Rhyhan continued towards the Pokemon center, he again found himself unable to take his mind off of that little Remoraid.

“Rhydon!” Rhyhan told him, stopping. Isaac looked up to the Pokemon center on the horizon, seemingly waiting on top of a hill.

“Thank you, Rhyhan. Return!” Isaac replied as one of his Pokeballs absorbed Rhyhan in a flash of red light. He glanced up at the Pokemon center again. “I’m almost there!” He said to himself before beginning to sprint up the hill. Here I come!

He flung the door open to see Honoo standing there, wearing a triumphant grin. “We flew over the mountains!” He exclaimed.

Nurse Joy smiled at him. “All of the Pokemon are fine. It’s wonderful!”

Isaac couldn’t help but smile as well. Everything had worked out. It was great. He observed his surroundings. Everything was white and there was a lot of glass: big windows, glass doors, glass tables… He gazed at a window. He could see the river flowing next to the Pokemon center.

A silvery fish Pokemon leaped into the air and landed back into the river with a splash… A Remoraid? Was it the same Remoraid? Had it followed him all this way?

Without saying anything, Isaac dashed out of the Pokemon center and over to the river. There it was, the Remoraid. It was watching him.

“Do you… Want to battle?” He asked it.


“Alright! Let’s battle!” Isaac said excitedly. He held out a Pokeball. “Erik, go!”

His little battery-like Pokemon materialized with a battle-ready grin. “Beee beeet!” It said, twirling it’s arms around and charging electricity in it’s antennae.

The Remoraid attacked first. It blew a strong beam of ice at the Elekid. Erik jumped out of the way and charged electricity in it’s fist. It used Thunderpunch on the surface of the river, shocking the Remoraid.

The Remoraid was hurt, but not fainted. It fired another Ice beam and Erik, but this time it hit. Isaac noticed almost instantly Erik was frozen. It began melting the ice with electricity, but it wasn’t fast enough to escape a purple beam of psychic energy the Remoraid fired at it.

“Erik!” Isaac called out as the ice shattered.

“Be beet…” Erik panted as he began charging energy again. He summoned lightning to strike the Remoraid- Thunder.

Remoraid tried to dodge, but the Thunder hit its tail. It weakly flopped to the ground as Isaac grabbed an empty ball from his belt.

“Go!” He yelled as he tossed the red-and-white ball. It absorbed the fish Pokemon in a beam of red light then fell to the ground, shaking and beeping. Isaac could feel his heart beating in his chest as it shook…

Once… Twice…

Ready for grading!

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Default Re: Wings of the Wind

Story: A boy is on a journey with his pokemon, and he’s having lunch with his pokemon when his Elekid runs away. He rushes after it, and suddenly a Fearow crashes into his Rhydon. This leads to a battle between him and Honoo, and later they become friends, The Fearow can’t fly, but Honoo ans Isaac help it fly, and Honoo is succesful in delivering the medicine to the pokemon centre on the cliffs. In this process, Isaac attempts to catch a Remoraid. Nothing too original, but I guess this is acceptable.

Details: This was good, but there could be more. I couldn’t exactly picture the cliff and the lake and neither Honoo. You described your character pretty nicely, but there was still some space for improvement. Describe your character’s height, his eye color, etc. Overall, good job.

Grammar: Your story was pretty strong on this part, save for a few typos here and there, but it doesn’t matter much.

Length: Enough, no complaints here.

Battle: Your battle with the Remoraid wasn’t too interesting, Use more attacks in the future, and if possible make use of the abilities. Also try to mix up attacks, for instance, a clash of an Ice Beam and a Thunderbolt, leading to an explosion, etc. You need improvement here.

Outcome: Nice story, Hakken ^_^ Remoraid captured! Just make your battle more interesting and you’ll soon be ready for harder captures. I’m looking forward to reading your future stories.


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