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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Default Dealthly Timing{Not finished}

Ch1. Creeping in the Night.

The deep, dark, ominous forest had Matty petrified. He was not fond of the darkness. He always slept with the lights on while he lived at home. "Home" the thought bounced around in Matty's head. He remembered the warmness of his bed, the wonderful meal prepared by his mother, the general feeling of happiness. A smile crept across his pale face as he remembered the hours spent preparing for his departure. "Mother was always way too protective," Matty said to himself aloud. Out of the five sandwiches she had packed him the first half of one remained. He frowned. He needed to find a town soon to restock. He stopped. He grabbed his waist to make sure they were still there. And they were. His three Pokemon were still in their respective Pokeballs attached to his waist. Matty decided he would like some company.

He tossed up the first Pokeball he grabbed, unsure of what it would be. He tossed the small ball into the air and emerged was the beautifully ugly Smoochum he had recently caught. Her wonderful blonde hair didn't match her hideous face in the slightest, but Matty enjoyed seeing her as she reminded him of his sister. The Smoochum's eyes looked about until they focused in on Matty. She gave a loud shriek of joy and jumped on Matty, kissing his face. It must have been quite a hilarious sight, a fourteen-year-old weighing about 150 pounds being tackled by a 2 foot tall, 30-pound munchkin-like Pokemon.

After several minutes, Matty managed to pull the Smoochum off his face. He places her on the ground and gave her an angry look, but her sad puppy-dog eyes forced Matty to forgive and forget. He offered her a position on his shoulder to sit, and she gladly hopped on. And so the two of them walked through the dark forest for what seemed like hours.

Finally, Matty seemed to seem a dim light in the horizon. He bolted forward, forgetting Smoochum on his shoulder. Her small body slipped on his shoulder and landed on the ground with a "THUD!" Matty turned around as he heard the noise and he also fell, tripping on his own two feet, another loud "THUD" was formed. Suddenly, as if from nowhere loud cries could be heard. Matty got up on his feet and looked around for the origin of the loud cry. Out of the forest came a brown tree-like figure tackling Smoochum, sending her into a nearby bush. The Pokemon stood triumphantly, pleased with itself for removing the noise factor. The strange Pokemon marched into the woods. Matty was confused. He could never decide why he did this, but he called out, "Hey! You! Why'd you do that?"

The Pokemon turned and stared at the boy. "Bonsly?"

"It must be a Bonsly!" Matty thought to himself. "Well I wanted to catch a Mime Jr., but I can't ignore this!" "Bonsly I wanna battle you!" Matty yelled at the staring Pokemon.

The Bonsly nodded its head, as if to agree. Then it entered a battle position.

Matty reached for his Pokeballs as he thought over whom to use, "Magby wouldn't be smart on the count of the type. Smoochum probably isn't ready to fight after that hit. I guess Elekid's the only one..." First, he returned the shocked Smoochum. Next, he reached for Elekid's Pokeball, but accidentally grabbed Magby's. He tossed it up in the air. Emerging from the Pokeball was Magby, to Matty's surprise. "Oh well. Gotta work with what I got!" Matty said confidently. "Magby use Smokescreen!" Matty yelled using the familiar strategy.

The small Fire Pokemon emitted a blanket of purple smoke that covered everything. Neither Pokemon could see very well.

"Use Fire Punch!" Matty yelled as the purple cloud had submerged both Pokemon.

The small Pokemon's hand lit ablaze at it charged at the area where it thought the wild Pokemon was. Magby's guess couldn't have been more right. The confused Bonsly was exactly where Magby had predicted. Magby's Fire Punch hit Bonsly hard in the forehead, knocking it out of the smoke. Matty happily grinned with glee as Bonsly rolled out of the smoke. Bonsly quickly jumped to its feet and charged into the smoke. It was using Double-Edge. Magby was hit by strong brown blur of Pokemon rushing at it. Magby and Bonsly emerged from the smoke Bonsly on top of Magby. Magby was wriggling around, but couldn't get loose.

"Use Fire Punch!" Matty yelled, sweat rolling down the sides of his head.

Magby pulled his arm back and it lit ablazze as he swung around knocking Bonsly off. A small burn was left on the side of Bonsly's head. It winced in pain, but managed to use a Rock Throw, lifting up the nearest rock and tossing it at Magby. Magby took a deal of damage. He stood up to get the next order, but collapsed.

"Magby!" Matty shouted as his red Pokemon fainted. He reached for the Pokeball and returned Magby. "Now, you go Smoochum!" Magby tossed the red and white ball and emerged was Smoochum, who had recovered from before.

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