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Default Showgan -- Standing On Edge


In ages past, when humans had only begun their ascent towards the dominant position they hold today, an ancient and mythical being remembered only as the Lifebringer grew tired of the greedy and selfish ways of the humans encroaching on her home, abandoning her nesting place in Hoenn and setting of towards new lands in search of a place where she would be beyond the reach of the corruptive ways that 'civilization' seemed to entail. Alas, she soon came to discover that there was no such place to be found. The human populace had already spread itself across every continent, and wherever the Lifegiver tried to hide, the hunters would come, those who sought to use her powers to their own selfish ends.

Finally, the Lifegiver came to the conclusion that if there ever was to be a sanctuary in which she would be safe from the corruption of the world she would have to create one herself. Calling upon every last ounce of power in her body, she summoned up a massive continent from the seas, filling it with verdant plantlife and creating a veritable utopia. Pleased with her handiwork and desiring company, the Lifegiver then called out for all the opressed pok魯n of the world to join her, soon forming an efficient ecosystem on the young continent in which the laws of nature prevailed. Realizing that, despite her power, she couldn't keep humans from discovering her creation forever, the Lifegiver decided to settle for a compromise. Hand-picking the humans she considered to be purest of heart and bringing them to the new continent, assigning them with the task of building up a pure civilization, one in which humans and pok魯n would work together in harmony, as equals. Believing that they had been chosen by nothing short of an all-powerfull deity, the humans were quick to abide the Lifegiver's instructions, quickly settling across the new homeland which they named Showgan and often praising the Lifegiver with works of art and song.

Pleased that her chosen ones were performing their duties, but worried that they would get out of hand in her absence, the Lifegiver decided that only by leaving behind a reliable heir could she ensure that Showgan remained as it was meant to be.

And so, the Lifegiver called upon her powers once more, managing with considerable effort to procure an egg and watching over it for the whole hatching process- The egg yielded a surprise however; as the shell finally cracked it turned out that the Lifegiver had not only given birth to a child, she had given birth to twins; brother and sister.

The sister was a lithe and elegant creature, pink in colour with light blue eyes. This child came to embody the creative and youthfull side of the Lifegiver's personality as well as her love for nature and all things beautifull, she quickly began roaming the continent, a beautiful sight that seemed to inspire newfound creativity and joy in all who beheld her, the name of Mew quickly became known amongst the people of Showgan. This child was not without fault however, acting with a child's impulsiveness and lack of heed for the consequences of her actions, Mew often left behind scenes of unintentional destruction, soon proving to be far too unreliable an heir to be entrusted with the fate of a whole continent.

The brother stood in stark contrast to her sibling, light green in colour and moving in a careful and orderly manner, the only things that this child seemed to have in common with his sibling was his light blue eye colour and his love for nature. The child soon came to be known as Celebi, although only by those who payed close attention, for he seldom travelled beyond the verdant forests where he enjoyed dwelling. Celebi was by all means a far more peacefull and contemplative child, exhibiting wisdom far beyond his years; always acting with great consideration to the consequences his actions held for those around him and tirelessly working to preserve his mother's creation. Celebi often followed in his sister's wake, discreetly healing the damage that Mew's actions caused the land.

It soon became obvious that the two siblings could agree on very little and were thus incapable of efficiently watching over the continent together, so it fell to the Lifegiver to decide on her heir, and while the choice seemed clear and right she found herself hesiant to make it. While it was true that Celebi was by far better in conserving the state of the land, the Lifegiver could not help but notice that while the people were content under his rule, that was all that they were; content, but never truly excited, thrilled, or ecstatic, and Celebi failed to inspire the same kind of artistic and social achievements that Mew's often contradictory appearances sparked. Not wanting to deprive her people of either, the Lifegiver finally came to a decision; both siblings would take turns to rule. But to avoid turning they system predictable by just swapping between the two at regular intervals, the ruler of each year would be decided by the simplest unpredictable means possible; the toss of a coin. If the coin showed heads, Celebi would rule, keeping the people and lands safe and prosperous, and if the coin showed heads Mew would rule, allowing the people of Showgan to live to their fullest for both good and bad.

Having assigned the duty of tossing the coin to the most trusted of her humans, the Lifegiver finally layed herself to rest deep within the earth, dreaming contented dreams of the utopia she had created.

And so time passed; the memory of the Lifegiver fading to history, the history fading to legend, the legend fading to myth, and the words and laws she had left behind vanishing to the sands of time, the power of her children fading. Before long, Showgan became modernized, those who still maintained the old ways becoming ever fewer, and the yearly ceremony of the coin becoming viewed as little more than an amusing tradition, a tourist attraction and an excuse to start partying.

This year's ceremony, however, yeilded results that caused widespread panic and concern among those who still believed; as the oldest of the elders performed the ceremony, the ancient object did something that had never before been witnessed; it landed on edge, standing there in front of the gathered people in open defiance of the laws of physics. It did not matter how many times the coin was tossed, the result was always the same; this year, neither sibling would rule.

Although most dismissed this as mere coincidence and superstisious mumbo-jumbo, it is unquestionable that strange things are afoot in Showgan; scattered sightings of strange creatures roaming the countryside, heat waves, blizzards and thunderstorms appearing with little or no warning and dissapearing just as suddenly as they came, all seem to make both sides defend their views more stubbornly, although few know as the good people of the weather control facility have quite promptly informed the public that any information of such is confidential. What's more, a formerly fairly light-hearted criminal organization known as the Neon Knights, which has always held a reputation for upholding the rules of honour and good sportsmanship and has actually proven instrumental in keeping the more dangerous organizations like Team Rocket out of Showgan has suddenly taken a major turn for the worse; acting in a crule and ruthless manner, seemingly with the sole aim of creating as much profit and chaos as possible.

Regardless, even in these times there are young trainers eager to start of their careers and travel through Showgan in search of their goals; be it fame, fortune, power, knowledge, or just the thrill of the adventure itself. And of course, the gyms and countless trainers across the continent are quite happy to oblige.

Sign-up sheet (For reference purposes):

Pok魯n: Only first-stage ones and no more than 2.
Other: (Please, don't use this field to tell intriciate backstories. I left out the 'history' field for the same reason, backstories should be revealed as the RP progresses.)

Heres mine...

Name: Raistlin LeBlaque ('Rai' for short, although he might introduce himself as something else. ^.~)
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Appearance: A tall and slender boy for his age, Rai has blonde hair, which is usually kept about shoulder length, light blue eyes and a fairly average complexion; not tanned but not pale either. As clothing goes, it tends to vary with the occasion, although when he's out on his 'adventures' he tends to wear a white shirt, black pants, and a pair of black shoes so as to not look to conspicious, although all of these clothes are, of course, made of the finest possible materials which quite easily give him away to anyone paying close attention.. He also carries a pendant which consists of a translucent, clear blue stone on a gold chain. This pendant is a family heirloom which he is very fond of, and quite often even wears, despite the risk of being recognized that it entails.

Personality: A kind and intelligent young man, Raistlin's personality has largely been shaped by his upper-class upbringing. Homeschooled since his early childhood and kept within the confines of his hometown for almost his entire life, Raistlin is still naive about the ways of the world, failing to understand that not everyone abides by the rules of honour and good manners. He always tries his best to be friendly and polite with everyone, no matter how rude they might act, believing that there is good in everyone if you just look deep enough and if he ever gets angry or frustrated with something he rarely lets it show, not wanting to burden others with his own concerns. Freedom is something that Raistlin values very highly, and as such, while he's more than happy to be friendly with everyone, he is reluctant to become too attached to people, an approach which has left him with very few, if any, true friends. Raistlin also dabbles in 'white lies', although only to help people or for harmless pranks and prefers to keep certain secrets from others around him. Having never experienced a failed scheeme, Raistlin is very confident in the success of whatever plans he concocts, with exception of one particular matter in which all of his confidence seems to dissipate. Overall, Raistlin tends to be a rather reckless young man and would probably already have met an untimely end, were it not for the aid of his ever-watchfull Scyther, Ashura.

Pok魯n: Treecko [Male] (Chupon), Scyther [Female] (Ashura)

Other: Although he doesn't know it himself, Raistlin's family has a certain connection to the Neon Knights, one which could prove quite troublesome in the near future. He also has a fairly good understanding of what his pok魯n are trying to tell him. Not a word-to-word one, but rather, an understanding of the fundamental message. Although he does get it wrong at times.
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