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Old 10-08-2007, 10:03 PM
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Default [RP] Akiro's Invasion [Choices II]

Choices II

The first roleplay didn’t work out so well because of my long absences. ^^;; Well, I’m going to be around now, so I’m going to try it again. For those that don’t know, and you most likely don’t, this is a sequel. And we’re going to assume the heroes succeeded in saving the world. Or... they wouldn’t exist?

You’ll want to read these to grasp the idea of Reincarnations and Spirits:


-Let’s keep it appropriate. Blood is fine though.
-Minor romance is OK.
-Standard PE2k RP rules: No Godmodding, ETC.


Not so long ago, in a seemingly normal town…

It’s a normal town, and a normal school. There are many normal children and happy families. It’s hard to believe how close this town was to being destroyed, but these citizens know nothing of it.

But in the seventh grade, there are seven kids with the abilities of seven different spirits. They’ve ended a civil war in an alternate dimension and saved the Elemental Isles from being destroyed.

In a forest known as the Emerald forest, there exists a shrine. With a little focus, these children can find themselves in an entirely different time and place…

A long time ago, in a land ravaged by war…

A not-so-normal land inhabited by skillful sorcerers known as Shinobi is just a few minutes from the normal, peaceful town. But this land is anything but peaceful. After the civil war that nearly destroyed the Elemental Isles, the homelands of these Shinobi, a new group of enemies has arisen.

This new group is led by an evil boy named Akiro. There’s a rumor these 7 have information on him. His goal is currently unknown, however it’s believed he wants revenge.

-The new kid?-

There are also a few rumors of a new reincarnation- a light element. The shinobi have tried to keep it quiet, but it seems Akiro has already found about about the new kid.

Alright, It's a bit late. I'll go make a discussion thread. You... Somebody who's not me start! x3 Alright, alright.
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Old 10-08-2007, 10:24 PM
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Default Re: [RP] Akiro's Invasion [Choices II]


Hakken glanced at the alarm. 6:13. Urf, it was too early. She smashed the snooze button, turning the darned thing off for five minutes.

She'd spent all summer sleeping late and enjoying the time to herself, however the summer was over. Forget sleeping now... She despised 7th grade.

Hey there, get up!

You're worse then the clock, Hakken snapped, wishing Nami could shut up for the precious five minutes. She knew that would never happen, so she pushed herself up out of bed.

Her azure hair was a complete disaster, but she didn't really care. She grabbed a pair of jeans from her closet and flung them on along with a T-shirt before running down the stairs where waffles would surely be waiting in the toaster.

And of course, they were there. She ate them at an incredible speed, then grabbed her navy-and-white ninja jacket and official Naruto messenger bag before darting out the door.

A routine start to the day... So far, anyway.
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Old 10-09-2007, 12:14 AM
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Default Re: [RP] Akiro's Invasion [Choices II]

[Alrod Blackwell] : [Leaf Reincarnation] : [Blackwell Residence]

“Shut up you stupid owl!”
Alrod told the owl that woke him up, as he threw a rock on the side of his bed at the owl. He was always not this mean; he just slept extremely late the night before. Today was just going to be yet another day of school, and Alrod knew it. He grabbed some clothes, and slapped them on. He absolutely loved blue, and all he wore was pretty much blue.

The alarm told about seven o’clock. Alrod didn’t care if he was awake so early; he had some time to catch up on reading. He hasn’t read much, as he trained all the time. He was going to move on into middle school, and he knew life would be a drag. Alrod had an unorganized life.

But instead of reading, he decided to clean his hair. It was a big tangle, as always when he woke up. “Whoa, reminds me of a rope tangled up,” he told himself, as he grabbed the comb. He started to fix up his hair, and in a few minutes, it looked near perfect. This was not normal, as Alrod never cleans up well. But seventh grade was going to be big, so he better look good.

Summer was a good time for Alrod. He had lots of training, as he was a reincarnation. Alrod had so much practice, he practically could teach it to someone. His life was packed, but he got to catch up on being a ninja.
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Old 10-10-2007, 01:11 AM
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Default Re: [RP] Akiro's Invasion [Choices II]

A faint buzzing noise rang in Yue's ear. She mumbles as she turned her snow white head towards the desk which contained the source. Her alarm clock said 5:00 a.m. She was ready to get the day started, so she softly pressed the alarm off button. Yue slowly rose out of bed in a sleeping shirt and some underwear. The girl slowly walked towards her dresser and pulled out a few clothes. She quickly pulled out a clean bra, underwear, a short purple mini-skirt, and a green shirt, which of course, is always a V neck. Yue takes a quick shower, brushes her teeth, and puts on her clothes. Before she knows it, it's already 5:30 a.m.

Yue wandered downstairs into the kitchen and pulled out a box of cinnamon cereal. She hated milk in her cereal, so she ate just the cereal alone. Yue also grabbed a glass and poured it with orange juice from the fridge. It was a slow start to the day, but an alright one. Soon after her meal was finished, she ventured off into the living room after dropping off her dirty dishes in the kitchen. Yue sorted her school supplies and slipped on her heeled shoes. They looked sort of like sandals and boots, so you could see skin, but they had a heightened heel at the end. Lazily, Yue yawned and fell onto the sofa. She grabbed the remote and turned on the television. Eventually, the girl found a channel she liked and tuned in.

"I wonder what'll happen today," Yue asks herself mentally while observing the entertaining pictures moving before her eyes.

Still tired, she began to drift into a light sleep with the television still on.
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