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Old 10-28-2007, 02:16 AM
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Default Pokemon World Wide Adventure (WWA) (HIRING PEPOLE!)

NOTE: This will not come out the best that will happen is someone will make a video out of this!

Plot: For MANY of years they were games about each region and you become a master with pressing buttons like crazy! Now you travel the world of pokemon getting each badge existing of all 5 Regions plus after each 8 badges you must face the Eleite 4 and champ as you face the world this is 5X The Games already but now.... there is a new region! no new pokemon :(! but the region is only allowing pepole that have beat all 5 Regions so you must you also must beat battle frontier and all those places after you beat them you face gyms as hard as one guy from the E4 and E4 as hard as champs while the Champoin is X10 Harder! as you use the same pokemon you have a quest to be a master!!!

Battling - same

To Get your starter you first pick 1 out of 4 regions (Kanto Jhoto Hoeen Sinnoh) as your starting place then you go the lab evrey region you face you get another starter along with a choice of bonus starters!

Bonus/Normal Starters
Kanto - Charmander - Squirtle - Baulbasaur - Pikachu - Eeve
Jhoto - Cyndiquil - Todidile - Chicorita
Hoeen - Torchic - Mudkip - Treeko
Sinnoh - Chimchar - Turtwig - Piplup - Starly
Orre - Pikachu- Eeve- beldum - Meowth
Master Leauge (any Full Env. of any regoin before) or Golduck Wailord Wishcash Mitolic Gayridos

Main Character (Boy/Girl)
Pokemon Sprites
Citys Buildings
Pause Screen'
Battle Screen

Other Jobs
Video Camrea (Game Maker)
Idea Maker: Monkey Boy

Credit to
Monkey Boy

INTRO - Gym One!
as you start Prof Oak asks you 5 Q
Boy or girl
Your Name
Rivals Name
Favroite Region
Then you wake up and (To BE contuied)

Hatch: 533
Pikachu: 578

Done: 818

[br]Click here to feed me a Poke'Block![br] Get your own Poke'plush/Pokemon at Prof. Oaks Lab in Pallet Town! !

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