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Old 07-10-2008, 02:11 PM
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Default Deadlock [KH Fanfic][Chapter I Released]

Credit to Titan for banner

Rated: PG/PG-13



1. I'll try to keep the chapters to 1 or 2 a week
2. Don't keep bugging me when the next chapter is going to come because I got a lot to do and I can't deal with people bugging me!
3. No spamming unless you are talking to me.
4. Some chapters will be pretty short for a reason.
5. I can't include characters unless they are from Disney since this is a KH Fanfic
6. If you are going to rate, make sure you read through the chapters before you do.


In the year 2020, many people of the New Twilight Town died from unknown reasons or were kidnapped. The friends of the people that were kidnapped looked everywhere for them high and low. The World That Never Was disappeared right before adventurers went to look for their lost friends. They came back with their faces blank and their clothes destroyed. All the people could say was that they were never going back or they just said nothing.

Their eyes looking straight and they never blinked. Slowly their bodies and faces starting turning black and their eyes red or yellow and the other townsmen took them to the hospital. All the doctors could figure out is that they were turning into Heartless. Not regular Heartless, Heartless that suck people’s souls and leave the victim’s body to rust making them much stronger

Later the doctors chained the infected people and put them in the place where The World That Never Was used to be. The World That Never Was soon turned into a new organization called Organization Deadlock. Organization Deadlock was a special team that built a black, red, and yellow castle with a logo at the top that had a heart with black and yellow flames on it. They named the infected people Soul Extractors and took them in as weapons.

Organization Deadlock had no control over the Soul Extractors even though people believe they were made by Organization Deadlock. The Organization took the Soul Extractors into the castle and used them as weapons. Soon they gave them special armor to penetrate even some of the powers of the Keyblades themselves. This armor also allows the Organization to control the Soul Extractors.

The leader of Organization Deadlock was a person named Chimera. Rumors say he also wields a Keyblade himself. People also say his Keyblade holds the power of the Soul Extractors themselves. He sucked the powers from one of the strongest into his Keyblade and it disappeared into black acid. Since then Organization Deadlock knew that they would have an advantage over anyone that tries to stop them. New Twilight Town was then attacked by Organization Deadlock and the townsmen were taken and the rest of the place was destroyed.

The townsmen were then turned into Soul Extractors and chained in the courtyard so the members could make sure they were strong enough for the Organization to take them in. The ones that were not strong enough were killed by Chimera himself. Later the Keyblade Wielders traveled to New Twilight Town with their gummi ship and found that it was destroyed. They found it destroyed and heard muffling behind them, turned around and found that three Keyblade Wielders were gone. Terra, Aqua, and Ven.

They went back to New Traverse Town and told some of the townspeople to help them rebuild New Twilight Town. The townspeople rebuilt New Twilight with the help of the Keyblade Wielders and named it Techno Twilight Town with computerized things just like the other worlds. Half of the people from New Traverse Town went to go live in Techno Twilight Town for awhile.

The Keyblade Wielders then heard people talking about how New Twilight Town was destroyed by Organization Deadlock. In secret, the Keyblade Wielders went to go look for the new Organization that was found in the new and improved Radiant Garden. The Keyblade Wielders also wondered if the kidnapped Keyblade Wielders were there...
Adding chapter one later today
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Old 07-10-2008, 03:59 PM
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Default Re: Deadlock [KH Fanfic]

Chapter 1: Keyblade Wielder's Meeting

"Maroko hurry up, their going to catch you!" Zanna said in Maroko's mind. Zanna was Maroko's conscious, almost has a complete resemblance to Namine. People would say she was completely different because of her attitude, but if you stay with her awhile then you see her Namine side. She has long brown hair and white clothes. He pants has a chain belt going across like an "X". She trained Maroko herself.

"I'm trying! Stop rushing me!" Maroko said, jumping through the tree's in his Werewolf Form. Maroko, not much of a laugher, pretty mean even if you get to know him. Where's black hoody, black cargo jeans, white shoes, white fingerless gloves, and a silver ring on his left hands middle finger.

"Get back here kid! You shouldn't even be in this territory!" Men said, running behind him. They were Organization Deadlock Guards and they were pretty fast.

"Oh yeah, you shouldn't even have this job because you really suck at it!" Maroko jumped, turned around in mid air, and roared as loud as he could. Blasting the guards back and making the tree's fall in front of them.

After a few minutes he grew tired and stopped behind a bush. They ran past him without even seeing him and he turned back to normal, his legs aching. A kid riding on his Keyblade came a few minutes after the cards and saw Maroko.

"What are you doing? You could've gotten yourself killed!" The kid said, jumping off his Keyblade when it disappeared.

"Danajin, you got to stop talking to me like that. All I did was go into part of their territory. I didn't do anything bad." Maroko said, rubbing his arm.

Danajin looked at him as if Maroko was stupid.

"Whatever. Come on we have to get back to the gang." Danajin sighed and continued walking through the woods. Maroko and Zanna followed him.

After a few minutes they made it to the gang. Xiac didn't look too happy with him like always since they were rivals. Kannira, Rini, Ayamei, and Ashley were busy talking about girl stuff. They didn't even notice Maroko come into the base. Their base was a cave with a boulder in front of it like almost all bases.

Maroko cleared his throat, trying to get their attention and they looked over at him at the same time.

Ashley was the first one to say something.

"So you get any information on what Organization Deadlock are planning?" Ashley said, standing up.

"No, but they have guards all over the place. I couldn't even get in the castle! They could be here any moment if we don't leave." Maroko said, rubbing his neck. He was mostly the one that always had to go to get information because he was the one that could get away without getting hurt.

Zanna appeared behind him and said,

"Look. We have to get out of here and go back to Techno Twilight Town or we are gonna die." Everyone was silent. All you could hear were crickets outside. Xiac broke the silence by saying,

"She's right. Let's use a gummi ship or something."

"One problem, we don't even have a gummi ship." Kannira said, standing up. There were yelling outside coming closer and closer.

"I guess we have to steal one. Come on!" Rini said, pushing the boulder in front of the entrance and running into the woods.

Ayamei shrugged and ran after Rini. The rest followed.

"This is going to be a long day..." Maroko sighed.
These characters are from the Deadlock RP. So they are not mine. They belong to the people that signed up for my Deadlock RP and are in it. Most of them already agreed on letting me put their characters in this fanfic so yeah, I'm just giving them some credit.

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Old 07-13-2008, 03:05 PM
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Default Re: Deadlock [KH Fanfic][Chapter I Released]

Pretty good. Keep it up!!!!!
Banner by Dylan

Zolar is back <3 Huzzah
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