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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 11-12-2007, 03:02 AM
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Default aoboco - Trainer Stats

Name: Aoboco

Money: $4,250

19 W || 36 L || 1 D

FFAs: 1

Your current position: Trainer


TM: Shadow Ball, Iron Tail, Sleep Talk, Rock Slide
HM: None
Battles: 34
FFAs: 1
Obtained: Starter
Image made by Lonsie

TMs: None
HMs: None
Battles: 23
Obtained: The Lorain Files (Part I)
Image made by Lonsie

TMs: Iron Tail
HMs: None
Battles: 16
Obtained: The Lorain Files (Part II)
Image made by Lonsie

Items: None

Badges: None

Shopping List

Lickilicky: TM Toxic (4,500), TM Dream Eater (5,000), TM Focus Punch (5,500), TM Earthquake (6,000), TM Hyper Beam (6,500), TM Fire Blast (7,000), TM Thunder (7,000), Blizzard (7,000), HM Surf (9,000), Daycare Zen Headbutt & ? (10,000)
Gyarados: TM Toxic (4,500), TM Dark Pulse (5,000), TM Sleep Talk (5,000), TM Earthquake (6,000), TM Stone Edge (6,000), HM Rock Smash (7,000), TM Fire Blast (7,000), TM Thunder (7,000), TM Blizzard (7,000), Daycare Outrage & Bounce (10,000), Daycare Iron Head (10,000)
Linoone: TM Toxic (4,500), TM Sleep Talk (5,000), TM Shadow Ball (6,000), TM Hyper Beam (6,500), TM Dig (6,500), HM Rock Smash (7,000), TM Thunder (7,000), TM Blizzard (7,000), HM Surf (9,000), Daycare Gunk Shot & Seed Bomb (10,000), Daycare Pursuit & Roll-out (10,000), Daycare Fury Cutter (10,000)


The Lorain Files

Part I: Magikarp (CAUGHT)
Part II: Zigzagoon (CAUGHT)

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