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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Apps may now be posted! =)

FireflyK has recieved an Application! DOO-DA-DOO!

Name: Cyrus Savio
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Homeland: Taka Island- Choose any Pokemon for starter within reason, Urban Pokes get a free TM move

Appearance: Cyrus is the sort of person you would immediately brand as a troublemaker. Wide open eyes, a cheeky grin, slightly tattered clothes, the instinctive thing to do is to is to hide your wallet. His skin is naturally pale, yet seems a little darker due to the fact he is often somewhat dirty and dusty. His eyes appear to leap out from his body, and are close in colour to neon green. This is, bizarrely, natural. Above these are gracefully curved eyebrows that almost look feminine. His hair would be a beautiful golden shade, if he took care of it better. Instead it looks like a quite dull light brown, and likes to stick up in random clumps. His nose is slightly turned up. His teeth are absolutely gleaming, cleaning teeth being Cyrus’ favourite part of hygiene. He is fairly tall for his age at 5’7”, with a thin build.

As for clothing, Cyrus is not picky in the least and tends to wear the same thing over again even if his parents haven’t had time to wash it. He generally dons a slightly baggy T-shirt, which has faded to grey over months of use. Smack-dab in the middle is a, again faded, picture of a Master Ball. As far as pants go, Cyrus doesn’t like to overlook his simple, shapeless, denim jeans. This is held up by a leather Pokéball Belt. The jeans have a rip in the left knee. He tends to go barefoot, but he has a pair of Ugh boots in his bag in case he goes somewhere cold and a pair of white sneakers with velcro straps on hot ground. He has a navy blue Pokétch around his right wrist. Reference picture

Personality: Cyrus is the sort of person you want on your team, and fear if he’s not. Sneaky and cunning, he can get past anything that does not require a computer code (though he is learning how to hack). He is very intelligent but likes to learn from experience and not from theory. He can be quite impulsive and rarely thinks his actions through. He is generally good-natured to others if they show the same feeling to him, but he can hold a grudge for a long time. His temper, when aroused, is fiery and makes Cyrus destructive. He seems a little sadistic when he’s ticked off, and that’s all the good reason to appeal to his better nature. He also attempts backgrounds checks if someone constantly annoys him, just to get some dirt on them and spray it over others. He doesn’t like following rules, and breaks them when he can. He is also really dishonest, and unless you knew him well the only truth that would come from his mouth is his name and age. Even then, he may bend the truth as to not have his identity thrown all over the place.

History: Cyrus, despite what his clothing and personality may lead you to believe, is heir to the biggest chain of theme parks on Taka Island. He was born the perfect son to the perfect family. His parents were perhaps the wealthiest couple on the entire small region, making the Star City parks, named after the fact that Savio is an Italian name for “Star”. The rides were well-kept, the staff happy, Mr. and Mrs. Savio had a child to continue running the parks when they were old, what could go wrong?

No-one expects the kid.

A little, kinder version of Cyrus had been out exploring his parent’s garden for the first time without being supervised. He was left with an inferior babysitter while his parents checked on the Star City on the other side of the island. The babysitter liked to suck on funny-smelling stick that was on fire and eat all the food in the fridge, so Cyrus had snuck off. He marvelled at the vibrant beauty of nature, the sweet smells that made him feel safe. He heard a rustle in the bushes. He turned, curious, to see a brown face poking out of a rose bush. It had wide, pleading black eyes and kept on sucking on its paw. Cyrus thought it looked a little hungry, so he gave it one of his cheese sticks and continued on his way.

He noticed it followed him, and so decided to smuggle it in his room. There the little Teddiursa stayed for a week, until Cyrus’ parents detected a funny smell in his room. When they looked inside his toy box, there they saw a small Pokemon sitting on a blanket eating cheese sticks. They fearfully threw it out of the house, despite their son’s loud protests of “I WANNA PLAY WIDDA POKEY!” They told him that Pokemon were dangerous creatures and that he should never touch one. They noticed that their son became worse and worse behaved as time wore on.

Eventually, at the age of twelve, Cyrus only came home at night to sleep and left early the next morning. He had applied for a job at a local Pokemon Safari as a tour guide, and felt that he was going to get the job. Indeed he did, and showed many-a family around the small habitat, occasionally witnessing a capture or two. He was a little sad with his life.

O’course, that’s when something good happens. There was a mystery customer one day when Cyrus was freshly thirteen, and considering the boy had gotten into a fight with a man the previous day he was determined to be the best tour guide ever. He gave the performance of his life which the mystery customer deemed a 9.5/10 performance (Could’ve been a little less enthusiastic) and handed the boy a Pokemon egg.

Cyrus was determined to have this Pokémon and to go on a journey, so ran away to the nearby region of Quilsoni. He left nothing for his parents (Who fear him dead), packed up and made a long, arduous trek to the mainland. Here the egg hatched, he caught a few more Pokemon, and he’s wondering where his life will go next.

Great Ball(x1)
Fluffy Ugh Boots(x1 pair)
White Sneakers(x1 pair)
Socks(x2 pairs)
Lock-Picking kit(x1)
Pokemon Food(x2 boxes)
Water Bottle(x1, full)
Book(x1, Bizarrely Edible Things and Where To Find Them)


Trait Points:
5 (Or six, because of an extra starter point being flung over here)

Starting Pokémon: Doduo- hatched from egg given by Mystery Customer.

Spendings: (Please note, Cyrus has travelled from Taka Island to Quilsoni, hence his Pokes)
Doduo (Free)
Numel (1)
Houndour (1)
Charmander (1)
(One extra point to go on Traits)

Name: Pear/Doduo
Gender: Male/Female
Age: Equivalent of a human 12-year-old, literally a few months old.
Appearance: Pear is virtually the same as any other Doduo, with one little itty-bitty difference: He is heterochromic on both heads, and features four different coloured eyes- Far left, dark blue, middle left, soft green, middle right, hazel, and far right, light brown. He is also a little bigger than average.
Personality: Pear is a quiet character, whom is not one to voice his opinions. He has great respect for Cyrus and often wishes to do him proud, yet is not always sure on how to achieve his means. He is affectionate, and likes nothing better than to be petted and/or hugged. He has a competitive streak when racing.
Background: Pear was born in a Dodrio habitat in Lilaene Lowlands, and was bought by the mystery customer. The man was employed by the head of the Safari chain to test worker confidence and how well they worked. He added a spin of a Pokémon prize. His first tour was given by a young man who passed, and so he gave the Egg to him. The boy, unfortunately, quit after that. Cyrus took excellent care of the egg, keeping it warm as he travelled. Eventually it hatched into a young Doduo, who stuck to the boy like glue. The two are now inseparable.
Learned Moves: Acupressure, Rage, Fury Attack, Uproar, Quick Attack
TM Moves: Aerial Ace and Façade.
Traits: Sharp Eyes (-1 [Bird])

Name: Snare/Houndour
Gender: Male/Female
Age: Equivalent of a human 15-year-old, literally two years old
Appearance: You could honestly say that there is nothing different about this Houndour, but he seems a little more bulked up.
Personality: Snare is the moody teenager of the group, preferring to slink away and sulk rather than join in with a game of tag. He is a ferocious fighter and has claimed many-a victory for the young trainer. He’s indifferent to most, but extremely protective of his little family of Cyrus, Pear, and the two fire types.
Background: Snare was born the runt of the litter. He could never prove himself in battles against his siblings. He was the weak one, the one that would probably be picked off by bigger predators. But little Snare had a fighting spirit that made him never back down. He wasn’t attacked by bigger predators due to the air of confidence he excreted, and rather two of his siblings were spirited away to never be seen again. He was exiled from his pack for inflicting a fatal wound on his older brother, and so lurked in a small town. He caused no damage except for tipped-over rubbish bins. Then a young man with a two-headed bird came into the small town and threw a Pokéball at him when he wasn’t looking. Despite this sneaky tactic, he felt relieved at having a new, albeit small and bizarre pack.
Learned Moves: Fire Fang, Beat Up, Ember, Howl
TM Moves: Sludge Bomb
Traits: None ATM

Name: Vulc/Numel
Gender: Male/Male
Age: Equivalent of a human 17-year-old, literally five years old
Appearance: Vulc is entirely normal for his species, but his hair is done up neatly.
Personality: Vulc is fairy vain and is often exercising. He is also quite mature and seems to often correct the younger Pokémon when they make mistakes. He is patient and generally calm. He likes to show off to others, especially to those he likes the look of. He prefers to not fight, yet does so if he feels it’ll work in his favour. He detests the fact that he is slow, and wishes to be as fast as Pear one day. He’s a hardy Pokemon who will stick through things until the end.
Background: Vulc had led a solitary life after leaving his family, roaming Quilsoni. He wandered through towns, he clambered up mountains, he seemed to have a purpose but there was none. He was disinterested in females due to the fact when he was but a youngling he was beaten up repeatedly by a small group of females of his species. We wanted a bit of travel experience before he was inevitably captured by a trainer. He was, however, quite selective with whom he wanted to appear in front of. He had to escape from one potential boy because when he was the condition of his Scyther he didn’t want to risk being abused. He had yet to find the perfect trainer. That was before he saw a young man crossing the bridge into Quilsoni, two contented Pokémon by his side. This boy seemed the right one for Vulc, so he initiated a battle. After giving the boy’s Pokémon a hard time, he was finally defeated and captured. He is very pleased with his choice.
Learned Moves: Take Down, Ember, Magnitude, Focus Energy
TM Moves: Attract
Traits: Seductive (-2)

Name: Willawisp (Willa for short)/Charmander
Gender: Female/Male
Age: Equivalent of a human 8-year-old, literally a month old
Appearance: Willa is pretty much your everyday Pokemon, except for one difference: The fire on her tail and that she breathes out is blue. This is because she was slightly warmer in incubation, and so has a higher core temperature. Her eyes are also similar to Cyrus’ in that they are a vibrant, bright green.
Personality: Willa is a happy-go-lucky Pokemon, thinking the world is bright and wonderful and everything else is wonderful, too. She has a gentle nature and will not harm things intentionally, unless it is in a battle (She thinks it’s sport) or something has hurt any of her friends. She enjoys being in high places, and dislikes the cold.
Background: A freshly hatched Charmander is not the usual target for a young trainer; they seem to pluck off the older ones and Charmeleon. Or so Willa’s flock thought. They often let the very young ones play on the outskirts of their territory when the adults were doing business, leaving a solitary Charmeleon (who knew the risks of the task) to go and watch them, to rescue them if anything bad happens. It seemed that the Charmeleon on duty that day, like Cyrus’ babysitter, did not really pay attention and so went asleep at exactly the same time a young teenager stumbled upon the young ones playing. Seizing his chance, Cyrus threw a Pokéball at a sleeping young one and caught her. Willa was too young to comprehend what had happened, so she thought that this was what was supposed to happen.
Learned Moves: Fire Fang, Slash, Smoke Screen, Dragon Rage
TM Moves: Will-o-Wisp
Traits: Magma Shield (-2)
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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Apps may now be posted! =)

Reserve me
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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Apps may now be posted! =)

Originally Posted by Hyosuke View Post
Reserve me
For which place? ^^;

Edit: Also... Sorry to have to change something at the last minute, but it has been pointed out to me that even limiting the known moves to learned before level 30, Pokemon starting with 5 moves of choice are still very strong. So, starters-aside, Pokemon will start with 4 learned moves, not 5. Nothing else will be changed in the signup sheets, however. Sorry for the inconvenience.

And one more side note- if whomever chooses a spot in Jevrok wants to play a special part in an upcoming portion of the plot, please PM me. ^_^ Anyone else who wants a special history for their area of the world, or has an idea to add to it, is also welcome to PM me. Finally, if anyone wants to try for a spot in a place that is already taken, I may allow this if shown a very good RP sample, and idea for the area you want your character to be from.

My hands have yet to build a village, have yet to find water in the barren desert, have yet to plant a flower, and I have yet to find the path that leads me... I have not loved enough, but the wind and the sun are still on my face.

I have yet to sow green fields, yet to raise a city, yet to plant a grapevine on each chalky hill... There is so much to build and so much to be, and my love is just beginning.

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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Apps may now be posted! =)

I have edited my SU in accordance to your new rule-thingy ^.^
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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Apps may now be posted! =)

Originally Posted by Sloven View Post
I have edited my SU in accordance to your new rule-thingy ^.^
Awesome, I'll take a look now. ^_^

Okay- you're set! ^_^ I appreciate all the description you put into things, like specifying exactly what items your character is carrying, as well as the details about Cyrus' Pokemon. Good job. =) The only thing I'd like to ask is that you put a place for your points somewhere on that, so you can keep track as you earn them.

Edit: To answer a question I've been asked. Yes, it is perfectly fine if all your Pokemon may only be attracted by the opposite gender. x3 I only made choosing otherwise an option to be fair, as I have seen a few people argue for that choice.

My hands have yet to build a village, have yet to find water in the barren desert, have yet to plant a flower, and I have yet to find the path that leads me... I have not loved enough, but the wind and the sun are still on my face.

I have yet to sow green fields, yet to raise a city, yet to plant a grapevine on each chalky hill... There is so much to build and so much to be, and my love is just beginning.

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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Apps may now be posted! =)

I've finished my sign up ^_^


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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Apps may now be posted! =)

As a note, I'm writing this up because I'm gonna have a character who's from this region...
If you'd please reserve me a spot, that'd be nice. :P

Kabaza Plains and Lesser Kabaza Plains

Kabaza is split into two regions: Kabaza Plains and the Lesser Kabaza Plains.

Up north is the Kabaza Plains. These rolling grasslands are home to an abundance of grass-, poison- and bug-type pokemon due to its retalively hilly terrain and the surplus of edible foliage. Around the island, craggly cliffs seems to drop into the water, the turbulent waters crashing against the island's mass constantly. During the winter seasons, the Kabaza Plains are riddled with chilling winds and frigid tempuratures. A few small towns litter the flatlands, mainly in the lesser plains. In the northern parts, however, the hills seem to gradually increase, leaving the terrain with uneven ground which isn't suitable for buildings and the like. A few small wooded areas appear here and there, but all in all, it's covered mostly in thick, waist-high grass. A few small outposts have been erected but nothing as large as the intricate web of villages in the Lesser Kabaza Plains. Beaten paths through the Kabaza Plains lead through its grassy fields to the northern tip of Kabaza to the largest town of Kabaza Plains. The center of trade, this port provides inhabitants of the Kabaza Plains transportation to other regions by the use of ferries.

A natural land bridge connects the two islands of Kabaza Plains and Lesser Kabaza plains together, called the Ozin Isthmus. Many travelling merchants set up shops along this narrow strip of land because of all of the traffic that runs up and down its length.

The Lesser Kabaza Plains have more human activity than its northern counterpart because of its flatter terrain and easier access to water. Villages are relatively close to one another and seem to branch out from a central town called Kabaza Town, named after the plains it was built in. Much of the area's economy have to deal with crops and inter-village trading, though the outlying villages trade with other regions, creating a fairly stable yet strongly indepentant market. Even though the Lesser Kabaza Plains opens out to the seas, the waters are much too turbulent to sail through, especially to the west. Only to the south can boats travel for the waters are the most calm along that route. Other than that, travelling by foot or by pokemon is the only way of getting around.

Because of the circumstances of there being scarcely any large bodies of water inhabitable, water-type pokemon are rare in this region, a few exceptions being small fish-like pokemon that dwell in the scattered ponds and lakes that are located amongst the grasslands.

Kabaza region Bonuses:
Due to the nature of the environment and the rural-based marketplace, TM moves are not available for ANY starters in this area. However, two ( 2 ) extra points are added to the Trait Points and one ( 1 ) bonus Trait Point given to the Official Starter. The one ( 1 ) bonus Trait Point is only to be used by the Official Starter ONLY, while the other two points may be distributed to whichever pokemon you wish.

Starting pokemon are as follows:
Spring, Summer - Caterpie/Weedle, Wurmple, Seedot, Tropius (though, a rarity)
Fall, Winter - Pineco, Miltank (though, a rarity), Nincada, Bellsprout

*Because of the terrain, only grass and bug pokemon are available in surplus for starters. Other pokemon have to be either caught outside of the Kabaza region or shipped from other regions. There are a few exceptions, such as Poochyena - used for herding livestock - and other domesticated pokemon, that have been imported and bred to fit the rural culture of the Kabazan people.*

Pokemon that are native to Kabaza region (depending on season and location, rarity may vary):

Common: Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, Ekans, Nidoran (Male, Female), Oddish, Venonat, Bellsprout, Exeggcute, Koffing, Ledyba, Spinarak, Sunkern, Murkrow, Pineco, Stantler, Wurmple, Seedot, Tailow, Shroomish, Nincada, Skitty, Budew, Combee, Cherubi, Buneary, Glameow, Magikarp, Poochyena

Uncommon: Bulbasaur, Metapod, Kakuna, Gloom, Grimer, Tangela, Sentret, Hoothoot, Mareep, Flaaffy, Hoppip, Miltank, Treecko, Turtwig, Kricketot, Burmy

Rare: Beedrill, Butterfree, Jigglypuff, Ponyta, Farfetch'd, Scyther, Pinsir, Tauros, Chikorita, Heracross, Volbeat, Illumise, Tropius, Carnivine

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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Apps may now be posted! =)


Points left over: 2 (traits)

Name: Keely Samson.
Gender: Keely is a female.
Age: 12
Homeland: Foren Island. [2 extra trait points given, and an extra $250 for each 'working' (ie, fighting or psychic) Pokemon you start with.]

Appearance: Quite short for a 12 year old, Keely takes a certain amount pride in her individual appearance. However, she is one to, against her better judgement, follow trends and fads she sees others wearing or using. Keely's frame is very slim and fragile; it seems that a single gust of wind would shatter her. Despite this, she is quite unfit as a girl who despises excercise and physical activities. Her hair is a light shade of brown, previously blond but darkened from the lack of sunlight from the city life.

Keely's eyes are a deep shade of brown, almost black, and when looked at give people the uncomfortable feeling that they're being judged or analyzed. Her thin face with milky white skin, bright and rounded eyes and small frame often make people assume she is vulnerable and innocent.. which she is quite the opposite of. With clothes in bright colours but in a fashion which enables her to blend in with certain types of crowds, she could be seen as a morally challenged chameleon.

Personality: A city girl at heart, Keely has grown up breathing the city air and finding refuge in a large crowd. Being on her own makes her feel insignificant (despite better judgement) so she feels the need to be in large groups of people. Sadly, living in a region as busy and demanding as Foren Island could do these things to you.

Keely is strong-minded, and will not hesitate (when others will) to get the job done or to fight for what she wants. However, this trait also makes her come across as reckless, which is looked down upon by most of the people she has met in her lifetime. She is however extremely judgemental and finds difficulty in seeing the best in people, and the phrase "Don't judge a book by it's cover," seems to slide right over Keely's unknowing eyes.

Despite all her superficial and judgemental qualities (which is to be expected from a lot of young ladies in Foren Island), she truly is a good person and her years in the Sdal Region (see Background) have changed her in great quantities; she is a little more appreciative and generous than others in Foren Island her age.

Background: Growing up in an overpopulated and busy city like Foren, Keely had something to do, places to see and people to meet almost all of her life. Spoiled by her parents as an only child, she found herself becoming involved with people who influenced her rebellious change of heart. Upon the age of 8, she took everything in her life for granted, unknowing of other regions and people who didn't have the privileges she had whilst growing up. She became woefully ignorant and refused to listen to her teachers, her friends with her best interests at heart and her parents.

Upon wondering around Foren, she came across the secretive space research centre in the very north of the region. Although the small, sensible voice in her heart had warned her to stay away, her single-mindedness and recklessness prompted her to discover what was inside. Caught in the act of breaking in, her lesson was vowed to be learned by being sent away to the Sdal Region to live with faraway relatives to be disciplined.

Living there for a further 3 years, Keely was changed entirely. Living in the farmland with the Milktank farmers and Ponyta breeders, her view of life was changed completely. She appreciated all the luxuries she had in Foren and she became more grateful and accepting of others. However, upon moving back to Foren Island, her personality still lingers inside her, her judgemental and superficial ways of stereotypical city life also. Yet she is still different to the others in Foren; a silent but knowing thing.

Items in your backpack:
5 Pokeballs
1 greatball
3 Potion
1 antidote
Food/Pokemon Food (sandwiches and various snacks)
Water Bottle which is able to be filled up in streams, lakes etc.
Changes of clothes
Flashlight (& batteries)
Sleeping bag
Pocket for jewellery (bracelets, hairclips, hair elastics, etc)
First Aid Kit
3 Books about Pokemon.
Cellphone which is able to pick up reception in only certain regions.

Pokemon section

Starting Pokemon: Growlithe

Name: Growlithe
Gender: Male (Attracted by Females)

Age: Roughly 7 in human years.

Appearance: This Growlithe isn’t out of the ordinary, but Keely sees him as her most beautiful Pokemon; Growlithe always keeps his coat clean and wavy, the orange and black stripes adding irresistible cuteness to the puppy’s intelligent persona.

Personality: Growlithe is a thinker, one of those rare Pokemon who will sit and consider the task at hand before running to complete it single-mindedly. Almost the complete opposite to his trainer, he is responsible but hesitant in the most dire and needy situations, which can confuse and enrage Keely and others who are depending on him. Growlithe is a Pokemon who can and will fight, but is most likely to be found curling up next to Keely, watching her make decisions with his knowing eyes.

Background: A small girl, walking just outside of the big city in Foren Island. She seemed to be roughly six, with a large, red and white ball grasped in her tiny fist, the knuckles tinged yellow with pressure. She had stolen the Pokeball from her parents, and her mischevious smile on her face proved that she was intent on using it. She spotted an out-of-place Growlithe, who appeared to be sitting on a lonely rock.. thinking. He was pondering his thoughts, out of the zone. As she let out an excited squeel, the ball came flying out of her palm clumsily, sucking in the distracted Growlithe. This was Keely's first Pokemon, and Growlithe had been with her ever since.

Growlithe was weary of his trainer as she came across as reckless and overpowering to the puppy. Upon spending more time with her, he began to understand her actions and began helping her make decisions and keeping a watchful eye on her; a ‘moral guard dog’, if you will. This connection has helped the duo face many challenges, whether it be becoming lost in a forest, or battling a Pokemon.

Learned moves:
- Bite
- Ember
- Take Down
- Flame Wheel
- Leer

TM moves:
- Protect
- Iron Tail

Traits: Intimidation [2 points]


Name: Azurill

Gender: Female (Attracted by Males)

Age: Approximately 5 in human years.

Appearance: Azurill bears resemblance to the soft plush dolls that almost every child owns in Foren. Azurill is tiny for even the small aquatic mouse, with the soft, plush tail used for support and bouncing larger than average.

Personality: Bubbly, always excited, optimistic. these words alone are perfect to describe this small Azurill. Always up for anything, she shows no signs of worry or deep thought and loves to have fun (a trait common in most baby Pokemon). However, Azurill’s playful nature can often lead to disobedience, making Keely not trust her as she would trust her Growlithe.

Background: One of Keely’s newest Pokemon, Azurill was caught while playing with a pack of Growlithes, which Keely’s Growlithe was a part of. She appeared to be just a small, average Azuril; who happened to be outgoing towards them and ignored the fact that they were at least 4 times as big as her, which lead to Keely’s fascination with the lively Pokemon. Keely was around 11 and a half at the time, and had just arrived home from Sdal region. She felt that the adorable Azurill would be a great companion for her; a hyperactive soul.

Azurill, despite her playful and lively nature, has proven to be quite adept at the art of battling; a courageous fighter who treats it as a game. The growing friendship with Keely leaves all that meet the happy pair no doubt that Azurill's time to evolve will be soon.

Learned moves:
- Bubblebeam
- Rollout
- Aqua Ring
- Double Edge

TM moves:
- Ice Beam

Traits: Cuteness [2 Points]


Name: Mr. Mime

Gender: Male (Attracted by Females)

Age: Roughly 16 in human years.

Appearance: Mr. Mime is similar to most of his kind, his body like that of a mannequin, fingers with the strange ability to bring his mimed walls to life. However, Mr. Mime’s usually navy, frizzy hair has been coloured with a new craze in the city by Keely, and is now a light shade of purple.

Personality: Mr. Mime is a quiet soul who takes pride in his acting abilities, which he thinks outshines any Mr. Mime he has ever met. Mr. Mime craves an audience for his miming, and will stop anywhere for anyone to get it, which has caused Keely some trouble when she was hurrying places with the Pokemon at her side. Mr. Mime, although slightly ego-centric, has a good heart and a soft spot for Keely, whom he remembers as the little baby who his previous trainer, Keely’s mother, cared for.

Background: Mr. Mime was previously owned by Keely’s mother, Alice, who had trained him from catching the out-there, performing Pokemon roaming the streets of Foren. The young adult spotted the Pokemon performing for people, finding a new audience to please with his outrageous mimes. Alice, laughing, voluteered to sit and watch the Pokemon, and stayed with him for the rest of the day; and the Pokemon never left her either.

Rather than battling and being treated like a Pokemon, kept in the Pokeball, Mr. Mime was treated as a member of the Samson family, but curiously never made him ‘stuck-up’ or with expectations of preferable treatment compared to other Pokemon. Perhaps this is because he insisted on helping with the chores, cooking and taking care of Keely, which gave the intelligent Pokemon lessons of responsibility.

When Keely had decided to embark on her journey around the regions, Mr. Mime was more than happy to come with her. He was excited to see the world, perform and show his talent for new people and battle other Pokemon.

Learned moves:
- Confusion
- Magical Leaf
- Psybeam
- Barrier

TM moves:
- Brick Break

Traits: Soundproof [1 point]

Points spent:

Starter Growlithe (Free)
Azurill (1)
Mr. Mime (3)
Total: (4)

Traits: [One extra point given)
Intimidate - Growlithe (2)
Cuteness - Azurill (2)
Soundproof - Mr. Mime (1)
Total: (5)
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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Apps may now be posted! =)

I knew this was going to happen. I hate being away.

Points: 1 left over

Name: Aluna 'Luna' Drantir
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Homeland: Lilaene Region & Lowlands: If you start with Shellder, you get a 'large pearl' item worth $5000. If you start with any of the other starters, you get to choose 1 extra water-type basic Pokemon to start with. Lowlands characters get the move 'attract' for their starter + 2 Pokemon of choice, OR the other form of Nidoran (Their choice). Any of the above get, for their secondary bonus, an increased affinity for grass and water guide Pokemon- they will take to you better than the other characters.

Appearance: Aluna has a bit of an outstanding appearance when put next to someone else from her homeland. Her hair is a very light brown colour that is neat and is straight that drops down jus past her shoulders, though some might say it is too light of a color and prefer to describe it as white-ish. She has a soft face, one that doesn't change expression much. Her eyes are a soft sky blue. She wears a pale purple hooded jacket over a grey t-shirt, and black slack pants and typical running shoes. She wears a grey trench hat with a bule band around it and a white and blue bag that is hung over her shoulder. Her thin build obviously states that she isn't the athletic type or does many sports. She's about 5'5.

Personality: You, in no way shape or form, can make Aluna mad, its impossible. She doesn't really show much emotion except a calm and gentle look that always seems to be looking off into the distance, but that doesn't mean she doesn't feel anything, she does. you could say she's empathetic, but she just takes time to understand what other people wouldn't go near. Most people say she's crazy, but, even the nicest people would say the same thing. She doesn't have a very loud voice, a gentle tone, but is isn't quiet either, just at the right tone to be heard. Even though she can be a bit of an oddity, when she gives advice, its often best to listen, because she has a fair bit of wisdom and knowledge for someone her age. She isn't one to give up, but isn't the very energetic type either, as is she won't exert a huge amount of energy in just expressing herself. Aluna is always being herself, and is very easy to be around once you know her a bit, but thats the part that takes a bit of trying; getting to know her. It seems that once you know one thing, you learn another right after.

Background: Luna was raised on an egg nursery and a daycare centre with her mother. Her father had been gone for years, he had passed away in a storm overseas, transporting trade items to the other regions far from the horizon, as he said it. That might have started her way of thinking, something else, no one knows. Being a regular staff member at the daycare, she would often here trainers talk about what they were to do next as they picked up their Pokemon and left. This got her into thinking about what it would be like to travel around with a family of Pokemon like other trainers. So, she went to trainers school where often her posessions would go missing, or get stolen, but eventually she always got them back. Her nickname, 'Luna' came from school, for the few people who didn't use her for humor. Even after shcool. she stayed and helped out her mother for a few more years until it was brought up one afternoon at lunch. Having a slight possible fear that her mother might not let her, Aluna gave god reasoning, along with a very neutral way of asking, which may have done it for her in the end. The only term was that she were to wait until the summer, as it was getting busier with the newer eggs hatching and now that more people seemed too busy for an egg and leaving them here with no other parent. Aluna went into thought, and figured that which ever eggs were to hatch closest after her departure date, she would take in as her own. She had a bit of an adventure though the day before. An egg was left in the rain on their doorstep, and so, naturally, they took it in, but Aluna and her mother were unaware that it would hatch a few hours later. It turned out to be a Charmander, but an oddity with a blue flame instead of a red and yellow one. It didn't seem too happy, and was rather confused at first, but eventually wound up too upset and ran from the daycare. The next day, Luna left for her first day's journey, already wondering what she could pick besides the usual Shellder that had the assumtion that you were going into the Pearl buisness if you chose it. When she arrived at the lab however, the same Charmander from the night before was there, and, from then on, Aluna chose that Charmander as her starter. Only a week and three days later did she have four more Pokemon from eggs: A Hoothoot, Spinarak, and Trapinch. but before that, her first Pokemon to be caught was a troublesome Horsea, that was keen on causing Ashe grief by pretending to almost hit the flame on her tail. Aluna knew that her charmander was getting fed up with it, and so a battle comenced. After what took about twenty minutes of battling, the Horsea finally withdrew and was captured. Given the name Tsunai, the word 'tsunami' without the 'm', he and Ashe have been at each other since they met, but its only when Tsunai is in a bad mood.

Items in your backpack:
- 5 Pokeballs
- 1 greatball
- 3 Potion
- 1 antidote
- $3000
-Fold-up hammock
-Pokeblock case
-Water bottle

Pokemon section
Starting Pokemon: Charmander

How you are spending your Pokemon points:
Starter: Charmander (Free)
Hoothoot (1)
Horsea (Free?) (Bonus, water type due to what my starter was.)
Trapinch (1)

Total: 3 (2 extra to be used in Traits)

Name: Ashe the Charmander
Gender: Female/Male
Age: Young
Appearance: Just an ordinary Charmander with a bandana tied around her neck, except that she isn't orange, but teal and her flame is a matching blue.
Personality: She can be a bit spontaneous at times and tries very hard to improve herself. You could mistaken her dreams with those of a Bagon. Yes, the wish of wings to fly in the sky that looms above her head. She knows well enough that if she is strong enough, she'll evolve and become a Charizard, so she doesn't put down any challenge, even against a Water type. Often, she'll try to produce a Flamethrower attack, but only gets a sstronger version of her Ember attack which, even though a pro in her training, isn't what she is hoping for.

Background: Ashe never recieved her name until she was given to Aluna as a starter. She tried with the utmost amount of effort to break out of her egg, but had to resort to fire attacks to literally explode out of her egg. Once she was out, where she was didn't feel quite right. There were two people staring at her from the edge of the table she was on, and it had looked like she had just been on a rampage. Ashe wanted uot, because she was too uncomfortable and wasn't sure where she was, so, escaping the house, and luckily after it had just stopped raining as well, she fled to the mountains, where, unbenounced to her, the lab assistants were searching just for a Charmander due to there being a new trainer coming to the lab to start their journey. Ashe wasn't too keen on going quietly, even though only just hatched a few hours eariler, but being so young, was easily captured. The next day, Ashe heard the lab assistants talking about her to the head professor and how she might be a bit more than a first trainer could take, nevermind the blue flame on her tail, she might not be wanted. This saddened the little Charmander, and wondered what it would've been like back at the house she escaped from. Soon, Aluna came in and knew the Charmander once she was shown to her, and by the new trainers natural way of life, took Ashe in.

Learned moves:Ember, Smokescreen, Dragon Rage, Fire Fang, Metal Claw
TM moves: Dragon Claw, Protect
Traits: Magma Armor (2 points)

Name: Ranul the Hoothoot
Gender: Male/Female
Age: Acts about, 20 human years, but is very young.
Appearance: A bit darker colored than most Hoothoot, and his eyes tend to be a bit darker as well aside from the appearance of a regular Hoothoot.
Personality: Ranul has always been a bit proud of his intelligence and is one to take an insult easily towards him. He likes to act much much older than he really is and show off how mature he can be, but when he's in a badd mood he can be a bit annoying and sometimes whine. In a fight, he likes to outwit his opponents, but he hasn't been in many battles as of yet, he just likes to brag about himself. His form of training is either meditating or using a confusing process of thinking as he puts it. ITs very amusing when he tries to do things any other way different from his normal methods, like dodging attacks for example. He'll flutter about and do more hopping than a happy Buneary. He can be stubborn sometimes though.

Background: Ranul had a bit of a hard time coming out of his egg. He managed to get one foot out, but that was it. He hopped around the nursery, but no one thought it was a troubled Hoothoot, but someone trying to break in. Ranul was early, and wasn't expected until the next day. It took about an hour to get him to stay put, and another thirty minutes to get him out of his egg. This is where the small rivalry between Ashe and Ranul first started. Ranul was only able to get out, thanks to Ashe using the same Ember attack that busted her out of her egg, and the Hoothoot didn't appreciate being boiled as a greeting into the real world. Ashe and Ranul, started to fight only in the morning and in the evening, where the Hoothoot and the charmander were most active at the same time. Aluna named the Hoothoot Ranul, because that what 'lunar' is backwards, and Ranul agreed to the name, finding it very clever of his trainer to devise such a name.
Learned moves: Hypnosis, Peck, Confusion, Roost
TM moves: Shadow Ball
Traits: Sharp Eye (1 point-Flying Type)

Name: Shayda the Spinarak
Gender: Female/Male
Age: The youngest, the only one who acts her age.
Appearance: Nothing really special, except that her eyes are a pale lavender color, and it'll remain the same if she evolves.
Personality: Shayda is very shy and jumpy, especially around strange people she doesn't know. Other than that, when she does say something, she can be smarter than Ranul, and often, has a very good guess about what might happen, and it usually does. It is possible that she is partly psychic, bu its only a rumor. Shayda likes to be alone to think, or in the safety of others, often being put down because she's fearful most of the time. She does have her moments where she stands up and fights with courage.

Background: Shayda was the only one who didn't have trouble hatching, but was the only one who didn't wants to come out. when she did, she ran off into the yard, and was intent on staying there for a few days, out of shyness and fear. Ranul wouldn't stop making fun of her but Ashe knew that Ranul should've treated her better. Tsunai, the Horsea agreed, so knowing that it was two on one, Ranul agreed to be nice. Shayda, having gotten her nickname from how shy she was and that she always hid in a shadow whenever Luna came near, didn't come down until the Spinarak was nearly pecked to death by a Pidgey who saw the tree as his own tree and anything in it he could kick out. Two things happened: Shayda was intimidated and fled to Aluna, and Ranul wanted to claim his tree back. In the end, the Spinarak came into Aluna's care, and Ranul, being a territorial Hoothoot, got his tree back.
Learned moves: Poison Jab, Spider Web, Shadow Sneak, Leech Life
TM moves: Sludge Bomb
Traits: None yet

Name: Tsunai the Horsea
Gender: Male/Female
Age: Young, about 11 human years.
Appearance: Eyes are a purple color, instead of red and the scales are tinted a darker blue than from a regular Horsea.
Personality: Very stubborn for a Horsea, and can be a bit disobedient. He has a bit of a temper to him, and has an ego to go with it. Tsunai loves to show off, but he can get a bit nasty when angry and do or say things he doesn't mean. He can feel very guilty at times about anything that was his fault or doing, and doesn't seem to e happy often. A good joke can get him in a pleasant mood, and he can be generous at times, but he doesn't like to show his soft spots.

Background: Tsunai used to be in a small river all by himself, doing whatever he pleased and whenever he wanted to. He'd often play pranks on passing people, especially Trainers that tried ever so hard to catch him if they were to get annoyed enough by the little blue Pokemon. He didn't like to stay in one place too long, so his latest home was near the Day Care, where he had the pleasure of aggitating a poor little Charmander to no end. But, he got a bit too over confident and went over the line and ended up in a battle with the Charmander and its trainer. He didn't want to lose to a Pokemon he had an advantage over, but did anyway. He didn't blame himself, he blamed karma. Still, every now and then, Tsunai, very much liking his name as it was original and fit him perfectly, bugs Ashe, especially when he's in that type of mood. He awaits the day he'll evolve into a Kingdra, only to be a dragon type, and to be a Pokemon with the word 'king' in the name. Everyone else thinks thats a ridiculous reason and they don't fail to mention it either.
Learned moves: Twister, Smokescreen, Water Gun, Brine
TM moves: Ice Beam
Traits: Water Dash (1 point)

Name: Tearess the Trapinch
Gender: Female/Male
Age: Second youngest
Appearance: Only a Shiny Trapinch, but a bit more of a pale, bluish tint to her.
Personality: Tearess is very curious and fun loving with a very optimistic attitude, but that optimism level depends on her mood. She absolutely loves music and dances alot as her form of training, and she can be very upbeat and cheerful. She doesn't mind the fact that she's green, rather than orange, because she thinks that being different is the best thing you could possibly be. She gets along with anyone, but can be a bit dim at times and slightly oblivious to certain things going on around her.

Background: Tearess was one to worry about when she hatched, or rather didn't hatch. She was meant to hatch before Shayda did, but didn't. She was two weeks late, and now that the nursery was becoming less and less full, more attention was being brought to it. It was a difficult egg to break, but nothing they tried worked all too well. Aluna and her mother didn't want to use Pokemon attacks to break it open, incase they hurt the Pokemon inside. They decided to leave it for one more night. There was a party not too far down the road, and music could be heard from around the block. Aluna went to check on the eggs to see if anything had happened, and thats when she found the Trapinch's egg moving, but it only did when the music was playing. She rushed to get her nearest CD player and play music next to the egg. It began to wiggle and jump around until a very energetic Pokemon popped out, dizzy from all the spinning. It came to a surprise when the Trapinch was green instead of orange, but according to the Pokedex, it was Shiny and nothing was wriong with it.
Learned moves: Crunch, Dig, Sand Tomb, Sand Attack
TM moves: Protect
Traits: Sand Shingles (2 points)
VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576

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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Not complete)

Originally Posted by FireflyK View Post
Katinara and Sdal Regions: Your starter Pokemon begins with 1 extra learned and 1 extra TM move. You also get 1 net ball and 1 Love ball to start with.
Is that all of your starting Pokemon? Or just your official "starter"?
If you hadn't noticed, I'm inactive at the moment due to school and the like. If you need anything, drop me a PM and I'll reply ASAP, I try and visit every couple of days. Activity will pick up when there's a school break, I promise. D:

iamnotyou11 (00:41:35): scrotom?


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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Not complete)

Originally Posted by djax94 View Post
Is that all of your starting Pokemon? Or just your official "starter"?
I think its just your official starter, but, this ain't my RP, so we'll wait for FFK.

I just hope I did my SU right. I did mention Spinarak on the DC thread.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Apps may now be posted! =)

Points: -0-

Lenis Pneum



Lesser Kabaza Plains // Kabaza Region - Due to the nature of the environment and the
rural-based marketplace, TM moves are not available for ANY starters in this area.
However, two ( 2 ) extra points are added to the Trait Points and one ( 1 ) bonus Trait
Point given to the Official Starter. The one ( 1 ) bonus Trait Point is only to be used by the
Official Starter ONLY, while the other two points may be distributed to whichever pokemon
you wish.

Visual Interpretation of Lenis - Drawn by ME. NO STEALING. D<
Lenis is a home-grown boy with a country look to himself. Growing up on a farm does that
to you. His clothes range from a simple t-shirt and jeans to a long-sleeve shirt and jeans.
Very simplistic and rather drab, he never wears anything more than that because working
on the farm gets everything dirty, so wearing the latest fashiopn will only be disaster on
his part.

His face is still rounded from the baby fat he hasn't lost yet, though the rest of his body
seems fairly lithe and toned from the heavy manual labour he has around the clock. His
skins is slightly tanned from the toil he's been through outdoors. Light brown hair falls
about his face, partially covering his erangish-grey eyes and going every which way. A
pair of working goggles is always seen atop his head. A mass of freckles is stretched over
the bridge of his nose and onto the highs of his cheekbones, giving him an adorable face
to look at.

Being from the farmlands, he always talks in a southern drawl and though his speech is
hindered by the heavy accent, his words sound deliberated and concise. From a rural
inhabitant, he is fairly insightful about life and will tell you a well-thought metaphor about
anything that pertains to goal-setting and motivation. I think he gets it from his father.

He is a fairly well-behaved boy with a moderately charming attitude, that is if you like
countryfolk. Though a little on the slow side pertaining to modern technology, he'll tell you
everything you need to know about farming and its necessities. He's also pretty hard to
anger, but when he is angry, be ready for a slur of words you can't even understand.
When angry, his country accent far surpasses anything you've probably ever heard; You'll
be more confused than scared at his furious outburst, and maybe a little amused, too.

Lenis Pneum was borne and raised a farmer. His father was a farmer, his grandfather was
a farmer, and just about ever branch of his family tree had to do with farming. He had
farming in his blood for over seven generations, so he was a farmer.

Their family owned a fair estate in the east part of the Lesser Kabaza Plains, growing
various crops to aide the economy and to also feed the family. Though he was a son of a
farmer, he was also borne into an age where the pokemon trainer was all the rage and
the young'uns all seemed to get into the training world. Lenis was no exception; he was
susceptible to the new fads just as all young folk are and soon he'd start to bother his
father about getting him a pokemon to train. No mistaking, their farm had an assortment
of pokemon already: a Miltank, rare in the Plains, for milking and weed elimination; a few
Poochyena, for herding their livestock; Oddish and Bellsprout, to help with the growing
and harvesting of crops. But, he didn't want a pokemon that would help him farm; he
wanted a pokemon to train up and battle with, as he saw on the tellie.

Finally, after much grief and frustration, his father gave in and bought a few pokeballs for
Lenis, saying that a well-earned and self-caught pokemon is the best one to train. Sending
him out into the wilderness, with a few supplies and rations, Lenis was determined to bring
back a pokemon of his very own.

Camping out in the norther Kabaza Plains, he saw the most wonderful things. The land
was lavish, with grasses that grew past your waist and trees taller than any building he's
seen. The pokemon there were plentiful and they frolicked in the plains in a way that
made Lenis feel embarrassed for ever thinking of taking them back home, from their
natural habitat.

A few days into his journey, he stumbled upon an injured pokemon, which he later
identified as Tropius. The pokemon looked as if it were recently engaged in battle, cuts
and bruises littering the mass of his body. At first, the Tropius attempted to push back the
new stranger but proved that it was just too wounded to fight back anymore. Lenis,
thinking quickly, asked the pokemon to enter the pokeball so that he may carry it to the
nearest PokeCenter. The pokemon refused profusely but time was running low and if not
treated, the pokemon would have surely died there. Lenis ignored the rebuttals from the
pokemon and threw the pokeball anyway. After wasting three of his pokeballs on the
stubborn Tropius, he finally caught the bugger, rushing immediately to the nearest Center.

After a couple of days of being treated, the Tropius was better than before, able to walk
on its own. Lenis left the town and took Tropius back to where he found him, releasing him
from his pokeball and sending the pokemon on its way. Tropius took no time as he raced
off, back into the wilderness it belonged in.

Feeling a sense of accomplishment, Lenis soon traveled back home, though without a
pokemon. He had done well to attempt to catch one, but his efforta failed and he was also
out of pokeballs, so catching one would be pretty hard to do anywho.

Upon arriving home, he noticed a newcomer to the farm. His father was standing next to a

Surprised as to why his father got a Tropius, he stopped to ask what the reason for having
such a pokemon was for. His father then explained that the Tropius wandered in from out
of nowhere and asked if there was a boy who lived here. "The tropius," his father
exclaimed, "asked for a boy with your description. Son, he was looking for you."

Elated and heart about to explode from joy, he accepted the Tropius's company, though
he threw away the olde pokeball used to capture the pokemon. This would be the start of
a wonderful and joyous bond between trainer and pokemon.

A few months have passed since the first encounter between Lenis and his Tropius,
Canopy. News of a tournament in Shinto drew his attention and he immediately asked his
father for permission to go. His father, a little apprehensive about the whole ordeal,
agreed anyways, because learning experiences like this one don't come so often and
Lenis would be the first of his family to ever venture out past the borders of the Kabaza

Sent off sith simple supplies, rations and a few changes of clothing, along with a fair sum
of money, Lenis set out on his journey to Jinto, where the best of the best were to be
gathering, to battle in the Shinto Tournament...

Items in your backpack:
Currency: 3 , 0 0 0 $

Poke Ball.......--5
Great Ball.......-1
Sktech Book..._1
Clothing-----..._4 Sets
Rations.........-_Couple Day's Worth
Bed Roll --------1

Pokemon Section
Starting Pokemon:
Official Starter: Tropius -Free-
Other: Poochyena -1-
Total Spent: -1-
Remaining Points: -3-

Name // Pokemon:
Canopy // Tropius

Gender // Attraction:
Male // Females only

About the same as a young tween; 9-11 years olde.

Looks just like any other Tropius would, except for the faded red hankerchief Lenis tied
around his neck. Given to Lenis as a farewell gift from his father. It had once belonged to
his great great great great great grandfather, who founded their family's farm.

Canopy is a free spirit, and as intelligent as you find a young child. He is a fiarly quick
learner and loves to read, Lenis teaching the pokemon the English alphabet in the spare
time they had on the farm together. Canopy is very verbose for a pokemon, always
talking with Lenis about anything, really. Canopy also loves to gossip, finding out the
secrets of the other pokemon and telling Lenis when they were alone. Some were oddly
amusing while others were just plain out weird. Though Canopy does such things, he still
has a kind heart. It's just the inquisitive nature of the pokemon that makes it do such
things. One thing Lenis found odd with Canopy is that he hates heights.

Canopy was not so tough as a baby, being the middle of five yet still being the runt of the
littler. Always pushed about my his siblings, he was not so fond of his family. As he grew
older, he soon became detached from his family and began to venture out on his own.
Later in his journey, he encountered these new animals; they built large mountains out of
rock and grew good food. Canopy had never seen such animals before, though he had
heard rumours about such creatures. Their language also made no sense to him, the
jumbled gibberish that came out their mouths as indecipherable as a Chatot's squawking.

Fascinated by these creatures, he had taken much time studying them. They all walked on
their hind legs and used other animal's woven fur as their own. He had seen other
pokemon do similar things, but EVERYONE of this specific kind worde some type of
this 'kloez', as the pokemon call it. They also took pokemon from their homes using these
round balls. It angered Canopy to see such injustice but he knew that violent actions
would not stop this.

While grazing out in the field, he was confronted by one of those strange creatures and a
pokemon he had never seen before. Puzzled, he turned to greet the newcomers but upon
a shout of words and a pointed finger, the pokemon attacked, injuring and frightening
Canopy. He fought this new adversary as best he could but to no avail; the pokemon
simply was too strong for him. Beaten and at his limit, he collapsed, accepting his fate.
The trainer simply left the pokemon to die, waltzing off into the plains in search of more
hapless victims.

Some time had passed and Canopy was awaken by another one of these vicious
creatures. Alarmed, Canopy struggled to flee from it but was in no condition to. The
creature showed Canopy the round ball used to capture pokemon with and was terrified of
it. He struggled against this new enemy with all of his might, breaking free of three
pokeballs thus far, but the last one successfully captured him, his energy wasted on the
first three.

Canopy slept through much of the recovery process, his dreams vivid and haunting, his
mind poring through the events that happened to him just moments ago. He saw the face
of the evil trainer, cackles of laughter pouring out of his mouth like a putrid toxic gas, the
strange pokemon beating upon him relentlessly. Flashes of images broke through is
dreams, of bright lights and white-furred 'humies' with silvery tools, prodding him and
poking at him in odd places of his body. His mind went through this twisted nightmare
before he snapped back to reality and woke up.

Standing before him was the humie that caught him. He was fre of the pokeball, which
was held in the creature's hand, and the humie was waving at Canopy, as if to tell him to
leave. Canopy turned and trotted away, looking back every so often to see the boy simply
standing there, waving his hand in the air above his head, shouting something that
sounded like this:

'Tayk kaer!'

A few days have passed after Canopy was released back into his home, though he could
never forget that humie that freed him. He concluded that not all the bipedal creatures
were evil, that some of them were good. Backtracking to the place he was found by the
boy, he caught his scent, though faint, and headed down the beaten path toward the south

It took him the greater part of one day but he finally reached the homes of those strange
creatures. He went from home to home, asking for the boy that saved his life. Many of
them knew this boy and pointed Canopy in the right direction. Finally coming to the last
house in this place, he asked the Poohyena there if he knew of a creature with the boy's
descriptions. The Poochyena called out for another humie and told him the story of the
boy and how he saved his life. Touched by the story, Lenis's father told Canopy to wait at
the house for Lenis's return. A day had passed and Canopy awaited eagerly. He wanted to
stay with the boy since he hadn't a family of his own. He would start anew, with this new
humie called Lenis. He would be his family now.

Finally, Lenis had arrived from his journey to see Canopy being fed some 'Korn', a food
that the humies grew. Happiness filled him as he turned to see the boy and together, they
ran and embraced one another.

A few months have passed and Canopy learned a lot about these new creatures. They
were called 'Humans', not humies, and they were actually very intelligent. He had learned
a little bit of their language and read things they made called 'books'. An interesting
prospect, indeed, to be able to read these contraptions. They were filled with marvelous
stories and interesting information. On contraption Canopy found exhiliarating was
the 'Tellie'. It had little humans inside of it that talked and acted out things and told news
and did a lot of other funny things. He even saw miniature pokemon in the 'tellie'. Lenis
also found out about something called the Shinto Tournament that he was eager to talk to
his father about.

Packing for the trip, Lenis told Canopy that this tournament is very important to Lenis and
that Canopy will be meeting new pokemon. Canopy was thrilled at the idea of meeting
other pokemon from different parts of the land.

A dull red fur was tied around his neck for the journey, said to belong to a very important
man in his family. Canopy felt proud being with Lenis and began the journey to Jinto with
a heartfelt spring in his step.

Learned Moves:
Leer - Frightens the foe with a leer and lowers Defense Stat.
Growth - Forces the user's body to grow and heightens Special Attack Stat.
Razor Leaf - High-velocity leaves cut into the foe. High Critical-Hit ratio.
Stomp - Stomps the foe with a large foot. May cause foe to flinch.

TM Moves: Because of Lenis's monetary status being a farmer, TM's were hard to
come by, so Canopy knows no TM moves.
Chlorophyll -3-
Heavy -2-


Name // Pokemon:
Lessa // Poochyena

Gender // Attraction:
Female // Male

3 in human years.

Lessa looks like any other Poochyena, no doubt about it.

Lessa is a free spirit, always running and frolicking whenever it isn't inside a pokeball.
Before becoming part of Lenis's PokeTeam, Lessa used to herd the livestock on the farm.
Very protective of his master, at times, Lessa can get a litle stingy about who approaches.
She has the uncanny ability to sense when someone is up to no good and will howl and
bark at anyone who is trying to intentionally hurt those she loves. She can also be very
loving at times as well, and has an affinity with petting. Anyone who pets her right is a good person, in her opinion.

Borne out of a litter of five, she was the second largest and the oldest girl amongst her
siblings. She was very healthy growing up, always playing with her other siblings and
fighting over suckling rights with the eldest, her older brother. Though he was stronger
and larger than her, she never backed down from him, which is where she gets her
stalwartness from.

By the time she was a year old, her mother taught her how to herd the livestock on the
farm, showing her proper techniques and methods of guiding the other pokemon toward
the destination. She caught on quickly, unlike her older brother, who was all brauns and
no brains. He was to be the family protector since he couldn't grasp the ways of herding,
and a fitting job that was. He was a vicious dog with a nasty bark. His bite was fairly
strong too, so he was no pushover.

After a year, she was the main herder in the family, her other siblings sold to trainers and
other farmers. Her mother died from health complications soon thereafter, marking that
day as the saddest day in her life. That day, Poochyena began to change, the evolution
process starting. She fought off the alterations and remained a Poochyena. The thoughts
of becoming something else scared her mightily and she told no one of that incident.

At three years old, Lenis, the farmer's son, went on a journey to new lands. Her master
gave up her pokeball to Lenis and told her to protect him. She worried about the herding
of the livestock at the farm but he insisted for her to go. "Have a good time," he said to
her, giving her a tight squeeze and patting her on the head. "I'll be here when you return."

Learned Moves:
Tackle - Charges the foe with a full-bodied tackle.
Howl - A blood-curdling howl that raises spirit. Increases Special Attack Stat.
Sand Attack - Hurls sand at the foe's eyes. Lowers Accuracy.
Bite - Bites the foe with vicious fangs. May cause foe to flinch.

TM Moves: N/A
6th Sense -3-
Intimidation -3-

Total: -9-

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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Apps may now be posted! =)

I sort of rushed this, but meh, i think it'll be okay....

.::Human Form::.

Points: 5

Name: Ethan Alvoreux {pronounced: Al – ver – oh}

Gender: Male

Age: 15 years old

Aubeilu + You get one extra point towards choosing Pokémon. You also get one extra TM for your starter.

Appearance: {Alright, I am not going to lie: this character’s looks are based entirely off of me. Lol. The hair, the clothing, the height. I have provided a picture, just so that it can be seen more clearly.}

Besides his obvious inferior knowledge, there is one other factor that isolates Ethan from the students of the institute {see Background}. The teen lacks the stereotypical thick-lensed glasses and slicked-back hair that are so commonly thought of when one pictures an intelligent individual. Instead, a mop of shimmering chestnut locks occupies the topmost region of his head: the locks fringing attractively near the center of his eyes. His nose, though slightly protruding near the bridge, is bespeckled with an cluster of noticeable freckles. His broad shoulders support his head, and are cloaked in an emerald hoodie, as is the rest of his toned abdomen. Splashed across the sweatshirt is an array of disorganized ivory splatters, which, although it may not seem like it, is somewhat of the style. Underneath the hoodie is a vibrant orange T-shirt that seems so discordant when compared to the subtle hue of the overlaying clothing. Ethan also wears a pair of faded blue jeans, their color lighter than the customary pair. They also sport a succession of tattered holes near the knees…..which strangely adds to the attractiveness of the outfit.

Ethan stands at a solid 5’11”, which is a bit larger than the average fifteen-year-old. Although his lithe frame isn’t comprised of an excessive amount of bulging muscles, there are still faint traces of them, meaning that he is in pretty good shape.

Click below for pics {of me, but also of the character ^_^}

Personality: Ethan doesn’t harbor a particularly exciting disposition, nor is he a snobby child as are the majority of Aubeilu’s children. He is a bit apprehensive of meeting new people, for while all of his classmates ventured off on their personal journeys, he stayed behind, which gave him a multitude of weeks of solitude. This time, however, also gave him time to reflect over his own attributes, criticizing his personality and such, which allowed him to become a better person as a whole.

Ethan absolutely despises person-to-person confrontations, for he cannot stand to see one or the other injured physically or emotionally…..this caused him to develop into somewhat of an anti-rebel…..always doing as others ask, even though he may not agree with their actions. He is far from being gullible, however, because he is certainly conscious of their motives, yet he chooses to go along with it just because his nature compels him to.

This temperament is beneficial when meeting new people, for they automatically have no reason to hate him…..though Ethan has found that it does hinder him from developing close relationships…..most of his friends are casual acquaintances.

Ethan is a big time optimist….he is always looking for the best in people, disregarding their negative attributes in an effort to see the good side of them.

Background: Since birth, Ethan had been perceived as a prodigy, a child with amazing talent and intellect: someone that is borderline genius and will always, no matter the circumstances, lend a hand to the intellectually-fallen. His parents, his friends, officials at every school he had ever attended all thought highly of him…..the only thing capable of surpassing their regards being the expectation of his actions: they counted on him to make some extraordinary breakthrough in any field, whether it be astrology, mathematics, or even the molecular composition of Pokemon.

Swept up in the whirling actions of those around him as they prepared for the coming of his education, Ethan was never granted the chance to inform them that this was all just a sham, that he was not nearly as intelligent as people believed……that he was simply a typical kid that relied on his swift reasoning, and 50-50 logic in most situations. Luck was perhaps his most faithful companion, but the astounding opportunities that were being thrust in his direction were just too amazing to pass up, and Ethan couldn’t bear the thought of letting his loved ones down, not when they put forth so much effort in procuring the highest education possible to such a youth…..not when they gave him their all.

It would be a lie if I was to tell you that Ethan enjoyed the conventional past of a child living in Aubeilu, and it would be an even bigger falsehood to say that his happiness matched theirs during a good portion of his life. It wouldn’t be until later, until his adolescence dwindled away, that he would find any true joy in his life.

{In Ethan’s own words: “ignorance is bliss……literally.”}

Ethan Alvoreux wasn’t born to any extravagant, high-class family, nor were his parents criminals of any sort. No, the child was born into a world of mediocrity, conceived to a pair of individuals whose most significant feat in life was perhaps taking a cruise to Pokon Island. The early years of his existence were uneventful, occasional ventures into Deiw Meadow with his classmates, long hours lounging out in the sun as the people-friendly Pokemon scurried and dove among the towering blades of grass. He was raised to love and care for such Pokemon, though not to the point of embarking on a nonsensical journey as so many of his peers were keen to do once their basic classes concluded. Although he adored the creatures, finding their playful temperament appealing and absorbing, Ethan had never found favor in venturing out into the wilderness, for his stationary nature compelled him to do quite the opposite: prepare for an anchored life in Aubeilu. Perhaps because his primary focus fell upon education toward a more sensible vocation his teachers commended him more highly than his fellow classmates that thought of nothing else but the impending excursion.

It was at the ripe age of twelve that he began to receive more attention from the school instructors: more positive comments, more good grades…..yet he would never have dreamed that it would have spawned into what it later became. All of the praise seemed to culminate into one steady stream after a certain event on the class’s annual overnight stay in the neighboring Reki Forest. Ethan had been suspicious of a particular male professor who always seemed to be studying him….inspecting him. When Ethan’s quick thinking and spur-of-the-moment plan rescued another student from certain death at the hands of misused Breloom spores, he was confronted by the man and given the opportunity to study with the region’s other bright minds at a youth facility in central Aubeilu. Despite Ethan’s ceaseless struggles to inform his parents that luck had been the major factor in him disarming the intricate workings of the spore cyst, they refused to pass up such a chance, shipping him off with their best regards.

Life in the institute was far from the boy’s expectations, reaching even further past his capable grasp on knowledge. He was but a Psyduck among an assembly of Alakazam. On recommendation from his former teacher, Ethan was placed in a series of courses entitled “Delving into the Inner Workings of the Composition of Grass type Pokemon, Their Offspring, and the Mannerisms once Taken from their Natural Habitat”: a class whose name alone couldn’t be completed without sparing a moment to collect another breath or two. As though a stalker, Lady Luck never left his side….aiding him in the convoluted tasks outlined by the decrepit professors and bestowing unto him the fortunate fact that he was accepted as one of the “egg heads”……his obvious doltish ways hidden beneath a veil of fortuitous acts and such.

Three years later, as Ethan, who had learned very little in his time at the Institute for the Articulate Youth of Aubeilu, was concluding his studies, keen to return home as soon as possible, likely to find a shopkeeper’s life engaging, word came from the annual Shinto tournament, which the teens had all been fortunate to attend. The institute immediately took on a state of buzzing, whispered conversation…..that one of them would be chosen to travel, with the delegates from each of the other regions, to the new area for various research experiments. Let’s just say that Ethan was in for a major shock as the headmaster named him Aubeilu’s ambassador, for it was said that an individual skilled in the field of advanced Grass types was required for the trips. To his dismay, Ethan was informed that no other teen in the academy was as far in their studies, therefore electing him as the prime candidate.

Items in Backpack:
$3,000, Pokéballs, antidote, potion, flashlight, rope, clothes, heavy fur-lined coat, food & drink, Pokéfood, Pokétch watch, cell phone, environmental field guide, binoculars, folded-up net, bedroll.

.::Pokémon Form::.

Starting Pokémon: Oddish

Pokémon Point Distribution:
Oddish = Free
Murkrow = 1 point
Ursaring = 3 points

Total = 4 points ( I have 1 point left over)


Name: Tulip {Oddish}
Gender: Female
Attracted To: The Male Gender
Age: 4 years old - Young

Appearance: She is the illustration of the normal Oddish, the only difference in her appearance being a few more leaves atop her head than normal….probably a side-effect of being raised entirely in cultivation {see Background}.

Personality: Being Ethan’s first Pokemon, Tulip is subjected to somewhat of a better treatment, plainly said: she is spoiled. This special attention hasn’t, however, gone to her head. She is very playful….more so than one would expect, but then again, she is still very young. Her immature actions are adored by Ethan, and he thinks of her as his little baby, so he is very protective of her: constantly checking on her and whatnot. Since her mind hasn’t fully developed, she doesn’t really know right from wrong and is always stumbling into trouble. Also, it seems as though good and evil don’t exist in her mind: she treats every person/Pokemon she meets like a playmate.

Background: Tulip has never known the cozy, traditional home of an Oddish. She has never lived a day in the wilderness among the dense populations of Oddish and Gloom that have become a conventional establishment within the sheltered undergrowth of Reki Forest. Having been raised from an egg in a cold, heartless laboratory, as so many before her were, she never knew the joys of an untamed life in the woods. Initially brought into the world as a learning aid for a specific student {Ethan}, it was never expected that the teen would develop such a bond with her….after all, she existed solely for the purpose of teaching the boy of the effect of Stun Spore on the human skin. However, Ethan and the Oddish’s personalities instantly melded together, and thanks to a kind-hearted teacher’s assistant, he was able to keep her as his own. Their bond has only grown stronger through each of the tribulations they have faced in the institute, and has consequently brought them even closer.

Learned Moves:
Sleep Powder, Mega Drain, PoisonPowder, Stun Spore, Acid
TM Moves: Sunny Day & Grass Knot & Attract
Traits: Chlorophyll [2 points]


Name: Vinny {Murkrow}
Gender: Male
Attracted To: The Male Gender
Age: 8 years old – Young

There are no identifying characteristics to Vinny…..his hat is not some flamboyant shade of turquoise, nor are his feathers preened to such a point worth remarking. If anything, this bird is a bit scrawny compared to the typical Murkrow one might come across.

Personality: Despite the standards outlined by his species, Vinny is an upbeat, lively Murkrow. He is extremely active, constantly fluttering about Ethan’s head, which causes somewhat of an annoyance to the boy. Vinny is also extremely intelligent, though it is sort of hidden beneath his over-hyperactivity. He seems to have the ability to detect a person’s motives, whether they plan to cause harm to his trainer or befriend him, which is a very valuable gift. Vinny is kindhearted to those that he knows personally, but gets seriously jealous of any person/Pokemon that Ethan talks to, besides Trixie and Tulip. He often does anything in his power to turn Ethan’s attention away from the person he is talking to, just so that he will have more time to spend with him.

Background: Prior to being captured, Vinny led a pretty uneventful life: he was never singled out in the flock, never a particularly skilled fighter, he was just…..there. Situated near the outskirts of Reki Forest, Vinny’s murder {a group of crows} was always losing members to the greedy hands of the institute’s professors who desperately needed them for lessons….and then nobody knew what became of them. Vinny fell to the same fate as those before him. Despite his fighting, the female “upright-walker” captured him, and Vinny was soon given to a teen girl who was studying religion in accordance with dark type Pokemon. When she was finished with the class a few weeks later, she didn’t know what to do with him….until a generous fellow came along and claimed that he would take good care of the Murkrow: thus he became Ethan’s Pokemon.

Learned Moves: Wing Attack, Night Shade, Astonish, Pursuit
TM Moves: Mud Slap
Traits: Sharp Eyes [only 1 point, because it is a bird, therefore it needs sharp vision to see what is far below]


Name: Trixie {Ursaring}
Gender: Female
Attracted To: The Male Gender
Age: 19 – Not so young

Appearance: Nothing is entirely different about Trixie, besides the fact that she is much larger in girth and posture than the male species….since it was well known that female Ursaring were more adept to hunting and such. Other than that, she is the spitting image of a normal, healthy bear Pokemon.

Personality: Seeing as she is the oldest of the group, and far wiser than any of her companions, Trixie is the most solid-minded of them all. She acts as the substitute mother……the authority figure, even though she is under the control of her trainer. This Ursaring doesn’t play around, nor is she particularly fun, but what parent is? Since the death of her own children {see Background}, Trixie has never dropped that state of sorrow, and therefore can be seen sulking most of the time she is out of her Pokeball. She is also a bit overprotective of them all….sniffing intently at any newcomer, and becoming vicious toward anything that might induce any sort of danger toward her friends. In battle, (though Ethan rarely uses her) she is an amazing combatant, for her bulk often intimidates the opponent so much that they can’t help but fall to the ground, defeated, by one swing of her mighty claw.

Background: Life among the towering oaks and birches oh-so-customary to Reki forest wasn’t as majestic as one might think for the bear Pokemon. The shadows that acted as a year-long shroud weren’t comforting, nor was the struggle that arose once winter receded into spring and the savage beasts arose inside every Pokemon as they were faced with a choice: eat or be eaten. Despite her towering stance and intimidating appearance, Trixie was not revered by the creatures of the forest….in fact, most failed to notice her at all. She wasn’t one to scout out a challenge, as most Ursaring are thought to do, but chose to live a peaceful life instead. At some point she eventually became pregnant, as the cycle of life intended, but came to find that her litter was stillborn…..a crushing blow to her emotional being. Depression slunk in after that point, just about the time that a boy aged thirteen or so stumbled upon her clearing with a ragtag pair of a flying creature and some bumbling, walking plant. The vigor had, by this time, drained itself from her, so no energy existed to fuel the need to defend herself. The battle lasted not but three minutes, and she was captured. The Ursaring didn’t care what happened to her in the days to come: nothing could be worse than losing her children.

Learned Moves: Fury Swipes, Faint Attack, Slash, Rest
TM Moves: Zapcannon
Traits: Intimidation [2 points]


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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Not complete)

Originally Posted by djax94 View Post
Is that all of your starting Pokemon? Or just your official "starter"?
Just the official starter. ^^:

I'm looking through the finished bios to see what can be approved, and what needs changing. Expect a post on this later today, as right now I'm working on my own character sheet.

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I have yet to sow green fields, yet to raise a city, yet to plant a grapevine on each chalky hill... There is so much to build and so much to be, and my love is just beginning.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Apps may now be posted! =)

I'm sure I did something in my SU that I wasn't supposed to, but I'm not sure. Anyway, mine is done for right now, but absolutely anything that needs changing I'll gladly fix.
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