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Old 01-15-2008, 12:35 AM
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Default Re: Pe2k - the movie! (Sign ups)

Originally Posted by Oni Raichu View Post
Kittengirl, haven't I already told you you're accepted?

Pikapie, denied.
Nope, you did'nt in my memory.
あたまの はなかざりの かおりには リラックスさせる こうかが ある。ていれを なまけると かれてし まう。

The aroma from the flower decoration on it's head has a relaxing effect. It will wither if it is not cared for.
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Old 01-20-2008, 03:29 PM
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Default Re: Pe2k - the movie! (Sign ups)

You know, I sort of expected this to be a tad bit more popular than it is. Oh well.

Okay, I'll sign up in a while, for the mean time, somebody sign up so this, you know, doesn't die.
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Old 01-21-2008, 07:25 AM
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Default Re: Pe2k - the movie! (Sign ups)

A name:Jerrod

Appearance:Jerrod has kinda short,brown hair and brown eyes wearing T-shirts and jeans all the time.he is kinda tall and skinny

Personality: Jerrod has split personality's.He sometimes has a serius kinda rude personality but most of the times he has a funny sometimes annoying personality

Friends and enemies: he doesn't talk much but when he does,try to find earphones for about 2 hours straight

History:Jerrod at a young age was a spoiled, when his dad left him and his mom got fired he had became poor when he was 7 he stole a computer from best buy and got on pe2k...


Writing Example:As the night thickened Jerrod stared up at the sky vacantly.then, something happened, A star MOVED.Jerrod wished that he would have his pokemon on his games become real.The next day the hot sun rays shot out the windows Jerrod woke up rubbed his eyes and got up to get the paper "Something seems different,"he thought as he walked out side the he looked up and saw a Pidgey carry in the mail!"Holy muffin sickles My wish came true!"

I Just saw this and i was like Sweet he made it to an rpg!
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Old 01-21-2008, 09:17 AM
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Default Re: Pe2k - the movie! (Sign ups)

A Name: Shade

Age/Gender: 15/Male

Appearance: He has black messy hair. He wears a red shirt with a black vest over the shirt, grey jeans, white socks with blue running shoes. He is a normal teenager.

Personality: A quiet person, most of the time. He is kind and happy a lot, although being quiet tells other people a different story. He really cares for other people and loyal to his friends.

Friends: (N/A)

Enermies: (N/A)

History: A teenager who lives with his Mum, who is single, and his sister, who enjoies going to her friend's place for sleepovers. He goes to a private school near where he lives. His father live far away and they don't see each other often. He enjoys battling a lot.

Starting Pokemon:

Writing example: Shade was walking around the neighbourhood that he lives in, when he came across a tall, dark figure who turned out to be a member of Team Magma.
"Hand over all of your pokemon now!" The magma thug said.
"No, you won't get my pokemon" Shade said.
"Fine. Go, numel" The magma thug said, throwing a pokeball.
"Piplup, go!" Shade said, throwing a pokeball.
"Numel, use ember." Said the magma thug. Numel breathed out small flames at Piplup.
"Piplup, dodge and use bubble!" Shade said, thinking quickly. Piplup jumped up, away from the flames and sprayed bubbles from its beak and the bubble attack hit the foe's numel, knocking it down.
"Piplup, bubble again" Shade said, happily. Piplup sprayed more bubbles and the attack hit the numel again, knocking it out. The magma thug ruturned his numel and ran away. Shade returned his Piplup and walked home.
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Old 01-21-2008, 06:02 PM
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Default Re: Pe2k - the movie! (Sign ups)

So, are we supposed to look like we portray ourselves online (but human)? I like the idea, and I'll be signing up later.
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Old 01-21-2008, 09:50 PM
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Default Re: Pe2k - the movie! (Sign ups)

A name: The name of my character is Rubie.

Age/Gender: 18, Female

Appearance: Brown eyes, long red hair, Never smiles, thin, and wears black at all times.

Personality: She feels like everyone is out to get her. On the outside she is quiet but on the inside she wants to break free.

Friends and enemies:

History: As a young girl she had a pokemon, togepi. When she was walking by Team Aqua headquarters one night they took her pokemon and tortured it. They gave it back to her egg shell cracked, bloody, and scared. To this day she cant get over what she saw. Her family that she has is her dad, mom, and brother.

Pokémon: Through the torture her togepi somehow survives ,and evolves. She makes it her goal to turn useless pokemon into powerhouse pokemon.

Writing Example:

The sound of a childs laughter was heard by the evil, murderous members of Team Aqua. They had drove every citizen of Lilycove city out by threatening they would blow up the bustling city with a bomb. What idiotic child would dare come through this place?
"Chaos, get your pokeballs out we have an intruder!" It was Steven,the boss.
The child paid no attention to the signs that read: "Intruders over 20 will be shot and intuders underage will get their pokemon abducted or totured", because she could not read. The members of Team Aqua got ready for the attack, they did not care who the intuder was; Anyone could be a threat.
The young girl was carrying a pokemon, togepi. Her togepi was her most prised possesion.
With just one step the girl was surrounded by Team Aqua members. Since she was carring a pokemon they took it to the headquarters and kept it in there for 1 full hour while the girl cryed and screamed. Finally they threw it out onto the ground.
"It's useless why should such a pokemon exist. We tryed everything and it won't even evolve." Groaned Steven.
"It's not useless!" said the girl, "and it can't just evolve out of nowhere! It takes loyalty and love to evolve such a gorgeous pokemon!"
"Just leave! And take your idiotic pokemon with you!" said Steven
The girl looked at the pokemon. It was tortured. Togepi looked at her.
"Toge Toge priii"
"I don't care what they think of you togepi. Your a great pokemon! I love you togepi." Suddenly the pokemon glowed. Then she was holding a new pokemon. Togepi had just evolved into Togetic. "Lets get you to a pokemon center."
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Old 01-23-2008, 02:37 AM
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Default Re: Pe2k - the movie! (Sign ups)

This looks like it has promise. ^^ Here we go:

Name: Connor (Llama Commando)

Age/Gender: 13 years old, Male

Appearance: Connor is tall and muscular with jet black hair and deep green eyes. He always wears T-shirts and shorts with basketball shoes and a black belt. Usually smiling. He has pale skin, though it has darkened and is tanner now than earlier in life.

Personality: Very outgoing and optimistic, Connor is a good friend. He is very determined and can be headstrong and even cruel when faced with a bad situation, but he is a good friend. He is very smart and revered by even older people for his knowledge and skills.

Friends and Enemies: None at this point.

History: Orphaned at the age of 3 by a car accident, Connor learned early on that a negative attitude would be the worst thing for his situation. He was adopted by a rich Phoenix family at 5 years old where he has lived happily since. Other than his adopted parents, a sister 1 year younger (also adopted) lives with them. He attends an expensive private school where he has become a very good student as well as a star basketball player.

Starting Pokemon: Turtwig (Male)
Abra (Male)
Dratini (Female)

Writing Example: As Connor flipped from page to page on the PE2K Forums, constantly trying to keep up with the ebb and flow of threads, a loud screech emitted from his computer.
"What the hell is that?!" Connor yelled as he looked at the speaker. The light indicating power was off. Confused, he was startled as the screen warped into different shapes and blurred in and out of focus.
"Is this Dell's idea of a quality product?" he said almost sarcastically as the screen turned blue, then red, and then an assortment of other colors as a whirlpool motion took over screen. Connor could barely think straight, it was almost as if he was being hypnotized. Without time to say anything or call for help, he had been forced out of his seat and into the moniter, falling through a non-existant cyberspace until he roughly landed on his bottom in an un-familiar desert landscape.


PE2K's Resident Michigan State Spartan
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Old 01-28-2008, 11:08 PM
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Default Re: Pe2k - the movie! (Sign ups)

No, it's not dead.


Nick, sorry, but you're denied.

Dragon Dusclops, do the world a favour and make your sign up better.

Misty May: Denied, you did screw it up, against my wishes

L C: Yesh. Accepted.

Time for my logic side to step in:

Right, you are playing yourself as a human character. That means yourself. You don't have Pokemon, they don't exist until you enter the cyberworld.
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