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Old 01-14-2008, 11:28 PM
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Default Pokémon: Lost Islands

There's not much to say on the project at this moment, I've just been playing around with RPG Maker XP getting used to it again. I've used the RPG Maker series for a few years now and even helped out with a few of the translations. The story isn't 100% clear right now but it will somewhat follow the structure of the original GB Pokémon games. Lost Islands will have more of an open-end RPG theme to it with many side-quests to complete through out the huge Island-based world map. It will feature all 151 original Pokémon including the old rumors like Pikablu and Elekid built into the game as secrets. The graphics are a mixture. Because of certain reasons I will not be using RPG Maker VX for this project. Rather, some of VX's RTP graphics will be ported onto XP such as grass and cave tiles. Building's and character's, etc. will be rips from the GBA titles. This adds a nice original style to the game, such as regular rooms with hardwood or stone floors. Custom menu's and systems will be used as well, however the battle system will most likely go through changes between versions. Right now the regular battle system is being used. Pokémon graphic sizes have been changed to give them game more atmosphere. Such as a huge Gyrasdos beside a small Geodude. This will most likely never change. A basic Pokéball/Capture system has been made using Battle Events. This will probably change in the future once a fully working all new custom battle system is completed. You will be able to battle up to 4 Pokémon at once. Once a Pokémon is caught, you must take it to a tamer for a few days while he makes your Pokémon usable. This game will also feature a Day/Night system as well as a Weather system which will progress as game development continues.

Unlike the original Pokémon games, Lost Islands will be more story oriented focusing mainly around Silph Co, Giovanni, Team Rocket, the discovery of Mew and the Elite Four. Though through side-quests the story will branch off in all sorts of ways.

Basically Lost Islands is going to be more of a whole new game based on the concept of Pokémon rather than simply a fan game. I hope to incorporate the Base and Fossil card sets to allow players to collect and battle trainers with Pokémon, as well as cards.

Any ideas you might have that you want me to consider? What kind of features do you want a game like this to have? Also, what are some rumors you remember about Red/Blue/Yellow that I should consider working into the game?

This is an open-end project, the name will most likely change and multiple world maps will be created. I'm thinking about adding a GameBoy so you can play a whole side-game using original graphics from the GBC versions. Some things will be different as well such as you need to go to a Gym to learn certain moves, as well complete quests. Many items will only be obtained through quests as well. The CBS will also allow up to 6 vs 6 battle, certain areas being limited to how many Pokémon you can use. There will also be competitions such as fishing and mini-leagues like under Gyms for extra experience and prizes.

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Old 02-09-2008, 12:54 PM
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Default Re: Pokémon: Lost Islands

i've been there and i have a the pokemon and tickets
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Old 02-09-2008, 03:59 PM
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Default Re: Pokémon: Lost Islands

It sounds interesting.Can you give me a link to it?
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