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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 01-28-2008, 09:02 PM
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Default ChthonicAustrian's Stats

Name: ChthonicAustrian / Ash
Instant Messenger: ChthonicAustrian (AIM)
Money ($): 500
Total Pokemon: 4
Total Battles: 5
W/L/D: 2/3/0
C. Position: Trainer



Current Pokemon:


(F) Prisan [Fire]
Species: Ponyta
Total Battles (been in): 2
Record (W/L/D/): 1/1/0
TM/HM: None
EM/MT: None
Ability: Flash Fire
Obtained: Starter

(F) Rosisan [Grass / Poison]
Species: Budew
Total Battles (been in): 4
Record (W/L/D/): 2/2/0
TM/HM: None
EM/MT: None
Ability: Natural Cure
Obtained: Budew! Floral Eats & Treats!

(F) Garisan [Dragon / Ground]
Species: Gible
Total Battles (been in): 2
Record (W/L/D/): 0/2/0
TM/HM: None
EM/MT: None
Ability: Sand Veil
Obtained: Gible! The Aqua/Magma Showdown!

(F) Gyarisan [Water / Flying]
Species: Gyarados
Total Battles (been in): 0
Record (W/L/D/): 0/0/0
TM/HM: Earthquake (TM 26)
Ability: Intimidate
Obtained: Gyarados! The Aqua/Magma Showdown Part 2!



Item's: N/A
Badge's: N/A

TMs/HMs: N/A

Used TMs:
TM 26 Earthquake On: Gyarisan (Gyarados)


Previous Pokemon




URPG Stats; Unavailable

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Old 02-16-2008, 12:50 AM
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Default Re: ChthonicAustrian's Stats


Captured = *
Not Captured = !
Required Grade = G



Budew! Floral Eats & Treats! * Jan. 28, '08

Gible! The Aqua/Magma Showdown! * Jan. 29, '08

Gyarados! The Aqua/Magma Showdown Part 2! * Jan. 30, '08

Team Galactric's Little Cowardly Misfit * Feb. 19, '08

Work in Progress

URPG Collaboration Contest Story with djax94



Budew! Floral Eats & Treats!
Desired Pokemon: Budew
Ashley is bored with her life; she's got every trainer's dream job at the Poketch!Etch!, where new trainers claim their hippest, most technologically advanced Poketches for their journey. Just as the Floral Eats and Treats festival stops in, nicking all of Ashley's customers, she finds herself wandering the festival which she had never been able to visit before, on account of her Fire-type Pokemon amongst all of the Grass-type beauties. A burly man gets aggressive as she accidentally walks into him, and in the end the two end up battling over a Budew which both of them are lusting for. Ashley manages a successful capture with Ponyta's Flame Wheel, in the end.

Gible! The Aqua/Magma Showdown!
Desired Pokemon: Gible
Ashley is one of the last survivors of a great disease that wiped out most of humanity a while ago. Now, organized crime is taken aloft as we find our heroine against a savage band of Team Magma misfits in Wayward Cave. She's chased out, but her and Taurisan the Tauros end up falling to a painful defeat from one of the enemy's Crobat. She awakes in Archie's - Team Aqua's very own leader - humble abode, where she learns the never-ending feud between Team Aqua and Magma has only strengthened. With her bag long lost to Team Magma, Ashley must join together with Team Aqua to bring down the enemy team once and for all, and retrieve her bag. Or die trying. With only Taurisan at her disposal, Shelly of Team Aqua helps Ashley catch her very own Gible.

Gyarados! The Aqua/Magma Showdown Part 2!
Desired Pokemon: Gyarados
Things are getting serious and nasty in this battle of Aqua vs. Magma. Team Magma have single-handedly destroyed Team Aqua's underwater manor just as the team is settling in to the great mansion. As Ashley and Shelly resurface in escape pods, a savage Gyarados attacks the waterlogged heros, nearly drowning them as the battle of Shelly's Lapras and the wild Gyarados grows stronger and more dangerous, leading to Ashley's successful capture in the great sapphire serpent in the end.

Team Galactic's Little Cowardly Misfit
Desired Pokemon: Zubat and Shroomish
Han is afraid of the world. He pulls a tough, badboy exterior, only being eleven, and he's extraordinarily intelligent. If only he didn't run from his own shadow. The situations are always different for Han. He's in a special unit of Team Galactic where he uproots herbs and plants for the medical team's work in progress of the Ultimate Vitamin, that will superpower any Pokemon in every given stat. His work angers Ani, a woman who specializes in the field of natural medicine. She wants Han under her grasp, where he can no longer cause damage to Eternal Forest, and where she can put an end to this natural cruelty, once and for all. Han flees after she tracks him down, then mustering his courage, decides to capture Pokemon - any Pokemon, and bring down Ani's rampaging Pokemon.


URPG Stats; Unavailable

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