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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Default Walking Then Running: As Compiled by Secret

Walking Then Running

Chapter: (001) Prologue: Hitching up a bit of destiny

Too bad you can’t hitch a ride on a strong wind and let it blow you wherever you wanted it to. That would be nice. This is one of those stories where an unfledged trainer strives to do their best. So sit back and enjoy the ride…

The constant pitter-patter of the rainfall on the roof overhead wasn’t helping him sleep. He would never, ever travel to this part of the Hoenn Region again. In fact he would NEVER travel to Hoenn again.

Stuck in a pokemon center with no personal space and less than adequate food, was beginning to take its toll on the young trainer. He couldn’t help wondering if he was becoming a little paranoid.

This trainer is me. Yes, I know I haven’t introduced myself, I was getting to that. My name is Aaron Secret. I’m a fifteen year old, with nowhere to go but up. Standing up I reach a total of 68 inches, or if you refuse to do math, five feet eight inches. Light-green eyes very similar to my old man’s and thick wavy locks of walnut hair complement my angular face. I’m often described as distant, not quite all there. Can you see me now? … Not yet? … I guess it’ll come in time.

I started my journey a little over a year after I turned ten. Why so late, you might ask? Well it’s a long story…

****Beginning of Flashback****

It was the middle of summer. Right when the green grass had faded to a rich amber color. It wasn’t cold yet; autumn had yet to creep into my life and steal all the warmth from it. Tomorrow was a big day, the day I would turn ten. Like every ten-year-old I have ever met, I was too excited to sleep.

With that excitement there came a late night, and a deep slumber afterwards. Yes tomorrow would be a big day, a huge day even. I just didn’t know how big it would be.

Beep! Beep! Beep! My eyes popped open and instinctively I reached over to shut off my alarm. Time to get up Aaron, I thought. Yet my body didn’t respond to its summons. It was summer; I could afford to sleep in for a little while.

I don’t know how long I lay there, but somehow the seconds turned into minutes and the minutes into hours. I had set my alarm for 6:00 AM, the reasoning for which I could not remember. The first thing that actually caught my attention was a smell.

It wasn’t a bad smell. No, it was a lovely aroma that wafted up from the kitchen below into my room. This meant one thing. My mom was baking…

This puzzled me. My mother would only bake on special occasions. Occasions like: major holidays, parties, and birthdays. Wait just one moment, I knew exactly what that meant, today was my birthday!

I untangled myself from the warm covers only to be met by an unexpected wave of cold. What was going on? Somehow it felt like the middle of winter in my room. This should have been my first warning of strange things going on, but I ignored it. I had to get ready.

Just how late was it anyways? Aaron glanced over at his clock only to see that it read 1:30 PM. “Well that’s just great” he commented.

Downstairs his mother was baking up a storm. This was her son’s birthday and it was a special one indeed.

****End of Flashback****

Remembering all that had happened is very tiring. Plus I’ve barely started my explanation of how I got here in the first place. With that Aaron drifted off to sleep the soft rain still falling on the pokemon center below.

Well hidden in the forest nearby a family of Gardevoir slept. Neatly tucked away in their burrow, the psychic pokemon were safe from many of the dangers lurking in the night … but not all. While the elements held at bay most, a few were waiting for the opportunity to strike.

You see, also contained in that space was a pokemon egg. That egg wobbled only once that night, then all was still.

To be continued… (In chapter (001) part Two: Hitching up a bit of destiny… and then some)

Yes this WILL be subject to change and heavy editing... So this is Not Finished Yet... In fact I could totally rewrite this in the near future.

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