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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 07-04-2006, 07:53 AM
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Default Debbie's URPG stats

Name : May

Instant Messenger you have (MSN, YIM, and/or AOL): MSN: aol-, (YIM)

W/L/D: 0/1/0

How much money you have: 30,500$


Name: Staryu
Type: Starter
Gender: Genderless
TMs/HMs: None

Name: Espeon
Gender: Female
Extra Moves:(Hidden Power (Fighting) TM)(Shadowball TM)(Substitute TM)
Battles: 7

-Insert Pichu here-

I'll add that Pichu's default stats when I'm bored enough to.

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Old 02-23-2008, 02:19 AM
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Default Re: Debbie's URPG stats

Stats before I resetted: W/L/D : 366/232/1

Money: 228,300$

My past position: Trainer, Grader, Coordinator, Contest Judge, URPG Referee

The Super Wrecking Crew

Name: Hax Queen/Wrecking Crew Chief
Abilities: Super Haxing{Moves with 5% accuracy hit ten times in a row} Cute Charm{Guys tend to fall in love}

Nickname: Shredder
TM's Ice Punch TM, Counter TM, TM Thunder, TM Thunderpunch, TM Psychic, TM Brick Break, TM Sleep Talk, TM Rain Dance, TM Fire Punch, TM Giga Drain, TM Focus Punch, TM Substitute TM Protect, TM Attract, TM Rest, TM Focus Blast, TM Will-o-Wisp, TM Toxic, TM Taunt, TM Sludge Bomb, TM Sunny Day, TM Thunderbolt, TM Snatch, TM Endure, TM Energy Ball
Gender: Male
Ability :Levitate
Breeding Move: Perish song, Haze
FFAs Won: 1{Loyal Arcanine, SuperSmashBrawl}
Coordinator Stats: Luster: 60, Cute: 49, Tough: 114

Nickname: Cheryl
Gender: Female
Ability : Swarm

TM's: TM Earthquake, HM Surf, HM Dive
Gender: Male
Ability : Thick Fat
HM: Waterfall

TM's : TM Flamethrower, TM Thunder, TM Hidden Power : Electric, TM Brine, HM Surf, HM Dive, TM Earthquake, HM Waterfall
Gender: Male
Ability : Intimidate.

Ability : [Clear Body]
TM's(TM Rest, TM Reflect)
SM's Thunderpunch

Gender: Female
Ability : Inner Focus
TM's: HM Surf, TM Rest, TM Thunder, TM Flamethrower, TM Attract, TM Earthquake, TM Avalanche, TM Protect, TM Substitute, TM Brick Break, TM Stone Edge, TM Focus Blast, TM Sleep Talk, TM Roar, HM Waterfall, HM surf, BM Haze

Gender: Male
Ability: Intimidate
Tm's/Hm's: Earthquake, Iron Tail, Aerial Ace, Flamethrower, Hyper Beam, Brick Break, Rain Dance, RockSlide, Roar
SM's: Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump, Draco Meteor

Gender : Female
Ability : Blaze
TM's: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Swords Dance, Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Roar
SM's: Reversal

Gender: Female
Ability: Blaze
TM's :Attract, Fissure, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Roar
SM's: Dragon Dance

Name: Joyce
Gender: Male
Ability: Volt Absorb
TM's: Shadowball, Sleep Talk, Iron Tail, Rain Dance, Roar
SM's: Wish

Name: DLS
Level Moves: Harden, Tackle, Water Gun, Rapid Spin, Recover, Camouflage, Swift, Bubblebeam, Minimize, Gyro Ball, Cosmic Power, Power Gem, Hydro Pump, Light Screen, Confuse Ray
TM's: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Protect, Substitute, Psych Up, Flash Cannon, Toxic, Rain Dance, Rest, Brine, Thunderwave, Skill Swap, GrassKnot, Icy Wind, Sleep Talk, Trick Room, Thunder, Tri Attack, Hail, Dream Eater, Endure, Hyper Beam, Mimic, Reflect
BM's: Barrier, Refresh
HM's: Surf, Dive, Waterfall
FFAs won/Runner Up:
1st Place: Nine: Younglink, americantreefrog, DarkGardevoir, Volcanflame, Sigma_ , Pokelord, The Junior Trainer, Husnain, SuperSmashBrawl
2nd places: Three Leman, Ataro, Canis Lupus

Name: Staryu
Nickname: Haxyu
Gender: None
TMs/HMs: None
Obtained: Paid a record reaching 60,000$ for it.

Name: Lucario
Nickname: Hunter
Gender: Female
Ability: Steadfast/Inner Focus
Level Moves: Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Quick Attack, Foresight, Detect, Metal Claw, Counter, Force Palm, Feint, Bone Rush, Metal Sound, Me First, Swords Dance, Aura Sphere, Close Combat, Extremespeed, Reversal, Endure, Counter, Screech, Copycat
TMs: Drain Punch, Shadow Claw, Rest, Bulk Up, Rain Dance, Roar, Psychic, Calm Mind, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Substitute, Rock Tomb
SMs: Blaze Kick

Name: Porygon-Z
Gender: Genderless
Ability: Adaptibility/Download
Level Moves: Conversion, Conversion2, Sharpen, Tackle, Psybeam, Agility, Recover, Magnet Rise, Signal Beam, Lock On, Recycle, Tri attack, Magic Coat, Zap Cannon, Defense Curl, discharge, Hyper Beam, Nasty Plot, Embargo, Trick Room
TMs/HMs: Thunderbolt, Psych up, Protect, Ice Beam, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Double Team

Gender: Female
Ability: Motor Drive
TMs: : TM Rain Dance, TM Ice Punch, TM Reflect, TM Toxic, TM Psychic.

Name: Flygon
Gender: Female
Ability: Levitate
TM's: Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Solar Beam

Name: Crobat
Gender: Female
Ability: Inner Focus
TM's: : TM Toxic, TM X-Scizzor, HM Fly,TM Taunt
SM's: Hypnosis

Ability: Suction Cups
TM's/HM's: None

Name: Lopunny
Gender: Female
Ability: Cute Charm/Klutz
Level Moves: Splash, Pound, Defense Curl, Foresight, Endure, Frustration, Quick Attack, Jump Kick, Baton Pass, Agility, Dizzy Punch, Charm, Bounce, Healing Wish
TM/HM: Substitute
Gift from chat555bets Stunky-friend, Canis Lupus!

Gender: Female
Ability: Sand Stream
TM/HM: TM Protect
BM/MT: BM Curse, BM Slack Off

Name: Cherrim
Gender: Female
Ability: Flower Gift
TM's/HM's: None
Thank you, Cress Albane for this sweetie! :D

Ability: Sandstream
Gender: Female
TMs/HM's: Brick Break, Surf, Roar, Substitute, Ice Beam, Thunderwave, Rain Dance, Rock Polish, Substitute
SM's: Dragon Dance, Pursuit, Counter

Gender: Female
Ability: Sniper/Poison Point
TM's/HM's: Dive, Surf, Waterfall, Rest, Ice Beam, Attract, Rain Dance, Return, Protect, Sleep Talk, Substitute
SM: Signal Beam, Haze

Name: Infernape
Gender: Female
Ability:: Blaze
SMs: Fakeout, Encore, Sunny Day, Double Team

Gender: Female
Ability: Sand Veil
TM's/HM's: Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Roar, Surf
SM's: Outrage

Gender: Female
Ability: Snow Cloak
TM's/HM's: None

Gender: Female
Ability: Natural Cure
TM's/HM's/BM's: [TM Steel Wing] [TM Aerial Ace]

Gender: Female
Ability: Intimidate
TM's/HM's: None

Ability: Steadfast/Inner Focus
TMs/HMs: :Focus Punch TM, Substitute TM

Name: Jolteon
Gender: Female
Ability: Volt Absorb
TMs/HM's: HP Ice

Name: Eevee
Gender: Male
Ability: Run away/adaptibility
TM's/HM's: HP Dark

Name: Spiritomb
Gender: Male
Ability: Pressure
TMs/HMs/BMs: Rest, Snatch, Psych Up, Pain Split, Protect
Obtained: Cryptex of the Sealing keystone

Name: Cresselia
Gender: Female
Ability: Levitate
TMs/HMs: None
Obtained: Legend Defender.

Unused TM's/Items : Link Cable, TM Swift, TM Fissure, TM Brine, TM Charge Beam, TM Roarx2, TM Stealth Rock, Four Life orbs, Four Lum Berries, Damp Rock, Choice Scarf, Choice Band, Two LeftOvers, Two Expert Belts, Two Focus Sashes, Silk Scarf, Thunderstone A Lileep Fossil{First one in the URPG to get a Fossil from Underground!}


A female dragon can never be subdued, she just withdraws momentarily, biding her time... However, when the time comes to strike..she strikes hard...and neither her foes, nor the squires who helped them, are heard of again.

Volo , Vox , Sagaciter , Silentium.

Speed, power, accuracy, perfection.

Badges: All except 1-2 from Hoenn and 1-2 badges from Kanto completed.

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