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Old 07-13-2011, 02:47 AM
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Default [WAR X] Week 2 Results!

Welcome to the Week 2 War Report. This week I'll be filling in for Mr. Harry Kim to bring you the latest scores and updates!

War results for Week 2 are in and we've definitely seen some impressive feats this round!

In individual performances this week, k_pop has proven to be a huge asset to The Cullen, earning 7 points this round alone and catapulting herself to the top of the leaderboard. Hoshika, Kai-Mei and Lusankya have continued to rake in the points and are currently tying for second position, with Fierce Deity only a point behind, in third. It's good to see a bunch of new names being added to the scoreboard!

WAR is all about the teams though, and it seems we've had a change in leadership! With an impressive 23 points this round, helped along by domination of URPG and PO battling, Octopus Babies have snatched the lead! The Cullen themselves had a strong round and while they slip to second place, the margin is just 4 points. VILE put in another solid effort and managed to hold onto third place. No one can afford to slack off while the leadership position is in such contention! The other teams are going to have to work hard to catch up to the three leaders, but there's still plenty of time for a turnaround.

Team Rankings

1. Octopus Babies - 38 points
2. The Cullen - 34 points
3. Villainous Incorporated: League of Evil - 30 points
4. The Armada - 13 points
5. Pokemon Elemental - 5 points
6. The Scientists - 2 points
7. Ace Trainer's Association - 2 points

Individual Rankings

k_pop - 10 points

Lusankya - 7 points
Kai-Mei - 7 points
Hoshika - 7 points

Fierce Deity - 6 points

Iso - 5.5 points

Kumori Gem - 5 points
SiberianTiger - 5 points

Charmander009 - 4 points
Husnain - 4 points

Spherical Ice - 3 points
Alaskapidove - 3 points
Pika57 - 3 points (and 1 demerit for being a troublemaker!)
Gokudera-Kun - 3 points

RaptorJesus - 2.5 points

Ataro - 2 points
BulbaTurtwig - 2 points
Cacophony - 2 points
ChainReaction01 - 2 points
Shozuka - 2 points
Xalapeno - 2 points
Nitro - 2 points
Kayla Ann - 2 points
White Wolf of the Snow - 2 points
3m0d0ll - 2 points
Simmi - 2 points
Lord Fedora - 2 points
Anastasia-R - 2 points
Giratina - 2 points
XaiakuX - 2 points
Grassy_Aggron - 2 points
LS the Door Mat - 2 points

Latio-Reol - 1 point
TheEvilDookie - 1
Phantom Kat - 1 point
The pokemaster - 1 point
The Jr Trainer - 1 point
Graceful Suicune - 1 point

This week, Humor is taking a break, but Voice Acting continues, along with all the other usual events. With only three weeks to go, its time to turn up the heat! It's still anyone's game, so teams are encouraged to get out there and enter everything! Until next week, its back to the battlefield!
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