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Old 02-24-2008, 11:49 PM
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Default The Pokémon Journey I: Checkmate

:: The Pokémon Journey I: Checkmate ::
By: Chaos Theory (Rated PG-13)

In a world will Pokémon and their trainers must work side by side to earn money for their perspective kingdoms in order to fuel their power, a boy named Shizumasa Akiyama begins his journey. However, something seems to be stirring between the two strongest powers in all of the world. In a world where those with the strongest trainers rule supreme, only a single person can stop the war before it consumes the world. Also, rumors of an organization of elite Pokémon Trainers who have had something to do with all of the chaos that has been happening lately. What will happen as Shizumasa begins his Pokémon Journey?

:: Updates ::
Well, I finally began my story and posted Chapter One. Feel free to post comments and feedback. I'll be adding the Character Profiles soon.

:: Table of Contents ::
Chapter 1 - Page 1/Post 2
Chapter 2 - Page 1/Post 3

:: Character Profiles ::

Shizumasa (Shizun) Akiyama - Age 14 - Novice Trainer
A newbie trainer who has just begun his career as a Pokémon Trainer for Maronasia. His father is the Elite Trainer Kisuke Akiyama. His friends include Lenne Utamaki and Zack Highwind. His friends call him Shizun. He wants to be as famous and great as his father one day.

Lenne Utamaki - Age 14 - Novice Trainer
One of Shizumasa's childhood friends. She wishes to be a Pokémon Nurse or to work as an Elite Field Medic. She has a great temper and a strong will, kicking the living sh*t out of whoever annoys her. Both of her parents are dead, she lives with her grandmother.

Zack Highwind - Age 15 - Novice Trainer
One of Shizumasa's childhood friends. He's a skilled trainer and tactician and dreams of one day being a General in Maronasia's army or an Elite Pokémon Trainer who leads a team. During battles he doesn't only fight impressively, but he also puts on a dazzling performance.

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Old 02-25-2008, 02:05 AM
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:: Chapter 1 ::

It was a warm summer day. A warm breeze danced across the fields of emerald green grass. The azure blue skies were beautiful and clear and seemed to go on forever. Shizumasa sat down on his front porch, playing a game of chess with his father. The house was a small old fashioned house that sat alone in the center of the fields on the outskirts of the city. It was a peaceful home with only one floor, which only had two rooms for the man and his son. A tall oak tree stood near the house, a simple rope holding a giant tire attached to one of it's sturdier branches. There was only one word to explain their home: comfort. Shizumasa looked at the chess board. Only a few of the pieces remained. The White had lost more of it's important pieces, while the Black had only lost alot of its less important pawns. Shizumasa clenched his knees tightly as he tried to think of every possible move that his father could make. Sadly, every time a strategy came to his mind another thought about his father's black pieces coming in his way. Crap. There's only one thing to do. He thought as he stretched his hand out to move his Queen Piece. This piece had been originally protecting his King, but he had no other choice. His father had left a small opening for his King to be checked, and after that Shizumasa thought that he would be able to get Checkmate by moving and using his own King Piece.

Shizumasa moved his Queen to check his father's Black King, "Check."

"Ah, this is a rare occasion. You've checked me. Sadly, you're going to have to try again." his father chuckled. He then moved his Bishop Piece towards the other side of the board, "Checkmate." Shizumasa couldn't believe his eyes. As he looked down at the board he saw that his father had practically predicted every move that he had made throughout the game and that he set himself into the Checkmate.

"Man! I could never win!" Shizumasa exclaimed as he fell back onto the hard wooden floor of their porch.

"Maybe one day you'll be able to beat the master." his father said playfully, standing up and going inside. "Loser puts that game away." he added before sliding the door shut behind him. Shizumasa sighed and sat up. He never beat his father, not once. Filled with the taste of defeat, he began to put the pieces and the board away (which he had come accustomed to doing). Shizumasa was a fourteen-year-old boy. He was tall for his age, standing at a height of five feet and eleven inches. A jungle of shaggy and messy locks of dirty blonde hair sat atop of his. His eyes were like two pools of glowing aura, being a magnifigant hazel color. From being out in the sun most of his life, his smooth skin had become lightly tanned. Shizumasa wore a thin white shirt and a pair of brown denim pants that were slightly short on him and only just made it over his ankles. Shizumasa's feet were bare, his shoes lost somewhere in the house. His physique was thin, yet well-toned and he had a relaxed aura about him.

Shizumasa stood up and brought the closed Chess Board into the living room. His father was sitting down on the single couch his eyes closed in concentration and his face in a deep and serious trance. Putting the Chess Game onto the coffee table, he began to look around for his shoes. "So is it the day?" his father asked, his eyes still closed in concentration.

"Yeah." Shizumasa replied.

"So you finally become a Pokémon Trainer of Maronasia then, eh?"

"Yeah, that's right."

"I'm proud of you son." his father opened his eyes and his face returned to his usually happy demeanor.

"Thanks." Shizumasa said, finally finding his shoes. They were a pair of simple brown tennis shoes.

His father stood up and walked over to his son, embracing him in a strong and warm hug. "I know you'll do well. Good luck." he said.

"Why are you sounding like I'm leaving on a long journey?" Shizumasa asked, returning the hug for a quick second and then stepping out of it. "I'll be back home by tonight."

"Well, you see..." his father seemed to find something hard in what he was trying to say.

"Don't tell me your leaving on another long mission again?" Shizumasa asked with anger ringing in the tone of his voice.

"It's not like I have a choice. I have to do what's best for the Empire of Maronasia. I'm needed." his father said sternly. His voice began to become more softer as he looked at his son with an almost begging expression, "I'll be back in two months. And you'll be busy, now that you're officially becoming a trainer!"

"I guess." Shizumasa said disappointedly.

"Well then, this is goodbye my son." His father opened his arms for a final hug. Shizumasa quietly gave his father a long and strong embrace. And with that his father walked out of the house and shut the door behind him. Shizumasa gave a long and deep sigh. He was hurt and emotions swelled up inside him, but he didn't cry. He simply took a seat on the sofa and let out another sigh. He had become use to his father leaving on a moment's notice, so over time the he learned to not let it get the best of him. Man, I can't let it get to me, at least, not today. In two hours I'll be a Pokémon Trainer, just like my father. Shizumasa slipped on his shoes and put on a brown jacket as he also exited his house.


The Trainer's Academy was an enormous building made of white marble. Hundreds of stairs lead up to the great doors that were the entrance into the halls of greater education. Written in gold on a great archway read the words: Education Divine. Shizumasa made his way up the stairs, step by step. Hundreds of other kids his age also filed up the steps. Shizumasa's body shook with excitement the further he made his way towards the large wooden doors of the academy. He'd been waiting years for the day to come. Daydreams of being a Pokémon Trainer began to fill his thoughts and he slowly came to a halt. Who knew what kind of Pokémon he would begin with? A Bulbasaur maybe? A Leaf Pokémon who uses the raw power of nature itself to it's advantage. A Taillow? A Flying-Type Pokémon who's limit isn't even the sky. Or a Cyndaquil? A powerful Pokémon who can leave their enemies burning in their wake. Shizumasa's day dreams were cut short as someone pushed him out of their way and he was sent falling down the marble floors, landing at the base of the steps. His head had a bump on it and he sat up rubbing it tenderly. "Ow!"

"You know Shizun, you really are just a pathetic loser?" The strong voice of a girl said with spite. Shizumasa looked behind him to see a girl. She was pretty to say the least. Long bubble gum pink hair flowed behind her like freshly woven silk and her eyes were a fiery red, matching the pouty and angry posture she carried about herself. The girl's skin was pale and gave her a beautiful glow. Shizumasa almost sighed at the small of cherry blossoms that the girl had.

"What's up Lenne? I knew it would be you, you evil witch." Shizumasa greeted with sarcasm, which was returned with a kick to the face. He fell backwards grovelling in pain, "What the hell was that for!?"

"For being stupid." Lenne replied. She extended a hand towards him. Taking it, she helped him up. "I can't believe you made it here." Lenne moved a piece of her hair out of her face. "I saw you fall just now, you seemed kinda out of it. Are you okay?

"Yeah, I just can't wait to get my first Pokémon and start my life as a Trainer." Shizumasa said, rubbing the bruise on the side of his that was in the shape of the toe of Lenne's shoe. The two made their way up the stairs and into the academy.
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Old 02-27-2008, 02:41 AM
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:: Chapter 2 ::

The two made their way down hallways along with the hundred other teenagers their age. Everyone was talking about their plans for the future as Trainers and other current events and such. They were filed into the Audience Room. It was a giant room with hundreds of seats (which had soft leather cushions). All of the seats were separated into three sections. The center seats (which included more than half) were for the regular people who would come in to listen to the speaker. Then there were balconies that were reserved for very important people. Finally, there were a few rows of seats in the front near the stage where the speakers would sit. Those seats were already taken, as well as the balcony seats. Shizumasa and Lenne were pushed into the fourth row near the end. Everyone silented down as an elderly man made his way onto the stage. He was garbed in white and had pokeballs around his waist. He cleared his throat and began to speak.

"Hello everyone! I am Sir Edward of Maronasia's Great Council and I would like to welcome you to this very important day!" Everyone cheered as the man finished his first strong and jolly statement. "Now, it is time to begin what we came here for. Today is the day that many bright trainers make their way into the professional world. From today on they will be Pokémon Trainers!" Once again, everyone cheered. He waited a second before continuing. "Now, I'd like to explain what will be happening during the next few years of your life.

You will become 'Novice Trainers'. This is the first rank of Pokémon Trainers that there is. It means that you are just coming out into the vast world and will begin to learn what you cannot learn from a simple text book. You will be put into groups of three and be teamed under an 'Intermediate Trainer'. That is, a trainer that has been a trainer for some time and has had the experience to take on the responsibility of guiding young trainers and taking on more important missions.

As a Pokémon Trainer your job is to do missions along side your Pokémon in order to gain money and power for your home Empire or Country. Maronasia is one of the twelve countries in our world. It is also one of the Five Great Nations, along with: Kanto, Jhoto, Sinnoh, and Shibala. With every completed mission you help Maronasia. As you go on you will find that there are many ways you and your pokemon can help our nation. You can be a soldier to help defend our kingdom, you could be an Elite Trainer who goes on important missions for the King himself, or maybe a healer who can help a person's and Pokémon's wounds. Now, I don't really like talking so I'll wrap this up. Only thirty trainers will make it past this stage today, but don't be disappointed if you aren't chosen and try again and maybe you'll be chosen six months from now. When you are called up, you will then be escorted into the Academy's Laboratory where you will choose your first Pokemon Companion. And finally, after that you will be sorted into your teams and assigned your team leader, which will be an 'Intermediate Trainer'. After that, it's all up to you what you do with your career as a trainer. Good luck and Good Bye!" The man made a bow as an uproar of applauses filled the entire room. Ed then made a quick exit, stage right.

Shizumasa admired Sir Edward. He was one of the greatest Pokemon Trainers in the entire world, and was one of the few in charge of making some of the most important decisions for Maronasia. He was wise, strong, and also very skilled. Shizumasa tapped his foot as he sat on the edge of his seat, waiting to see which of the trainers in the crowd would make it as Novice Trainers. A man wearing a tuxedo (he was actually one of the Academy Teachers) walked onto the stage. He held a piece of parchment in his hand, and gave it a quick glance before he looked into all of the faces in the audience.

"When your name is called, may you please come onto the stage." he said, his voice of stiff and hoarse. "Zack Highwind." This name was followed by applause and cheering, almost as loud as the cheering that followed Sir Edward's speech. The boy sat near the back of the room. He stood up with an almost neutral look painted on his face. He was tall for his age and was very handsome (hence why most of the cheering was from his former female classmates). Zack had slate eyes that were murky and water looking. They reflected the pure boredom that filled his body. Thick locks of dark brown hair sat atop of his head and flowed behind him as he made his long walk down the aisle and to the stage. He wore a suit, though he wore it loosely. Sleeves and neck-buttons undone, jacket open, and his shirt untucked, he also wore casual shoes rather than dress shoes. Zack then took his place on the far right side of the stage, his posture relaxed and lazy.

Shizumasa knew Zack. The two were great friends as well as great rivals. And the fact that he was the first to be called up onto the stage made Shizumasa just more fidgety. Zack had been in the top of their class every year since they were five, it was no surprise that he would be the first to be called up. The crowd become silent as the next few names were called, "Kenro Kite, Sutebenu Ranfupure, Lenne Utamaki," Lenne stood up and gave an almost taunting smile to Shizumasa before heading to the stage to stand in the straight line along with the other three. One by one, names were called and people made it down to the stage. And as the number of spaces left became slim, Shizumasa became more stressed and afraid. Did he not do well enough? Was his life as a Pokemon Trainer being cut already?

Finally, there was only one person left to be called. Shizumasa found himself chanting to himself in his head, Shizumasa, Shizumasa, come on, Shizumasa, Shizumasa, come on! The man cleared his throat and spoke, "Ronald Seed!" A boy near the front of the audience stood up and screamed in joy and happiness. Meanwhile, Shizumasa was heartbroken, slumping into the back of his chair, trying to hide his face from everyone (especially his two friends who were on the stage). "Your mother is waiting for you near the south entrance, may you please report there now." the man added. The boy let out a gasp of shock and quickly made his way towards the exit of the room, embarrassed and ashamed. "Now, last but not least: Shizumasa Akiyama!" A small wave of clapping came to Shizumasa's ears as he practically leapt from his seat and ran onto the stage to take his rightful place on the far left side. He had made it, he was finally a Pokemon Trainer.

"The new Trainers of Maronasia everyone!" the man exclaimed in excitement, his voice no longer hoarse. The room was filled with cheering (even though most people were jealous and angry that they didn't make it). Shizumasa noticed that the other twenty-nine had taken a bow and he quickly tried to also do so, though he bowed by himself because he was late. "Now, may everyone exit through the back! As for you thirty, please head that way to be sorted into your teams and receive your first pokemon."
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Default Re: The Pokémon Journey I: Checkmate

nice fic man, the line "Your mother is waiting for you near the south entrance, may you please report there now." really made me laugh. This had, erm... and interesting plot.
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Default Re: The Pokémon Journey I: Checkmate

Originally Posted by maximo_215 View Post
nice fic man, the line "Your mother is waiting for you near the south entrance, may you please report there now." really made me laugh. This had, erm... and interesting plot.
Thank You, I guess.
If "erm... and interesting plot." means that it's kinda strange or different or whatever, yeah it is, so far. There's back story to h=why everything is so different compared to how it is in the usual pokemon world, but that will be revealed more in Chapters 4-6. Anyways, thanks again.
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