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Old 04-07-2010, 07:42 AM
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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Originally Posted by Poltergeist View Post
My god you wouldn't believe how many ideas I have, though some are still unfinished.

B(Magma Blaster)- Ray Mk fires three shots from one of his pistols.
Up B(Pods)-two pods float into the air and stay their for a short amount of time, exploding when touched or time runs out.
Forward B(Missile)-Missile flies in an arc and once it hits either the opposition or ground explodes, creating a small blast radius.
Down B(Dash)- Ray Mk dashes downward, swiftly knocking the opponent up
Final Smash(Soul boost)-Ray Mk turns gold causing his speed to increase and attacks gain strength.

B(Avalanche)- Rocks fall in front of Issac hitting anyone surronding him.
Up B(Gaia)- Energy bursts from the ground, rising to hit the player.
Forward B(Quake)-Issac slams the ground with his sword causing the ground ahead to go upward somewhat.
Down B(Ragnarok)-Issac sumons a sword of energy that flies down, crashing into the opponent.
Final Smash(Judgment)- Judgment flies into the staes background and fires his lion cannon at the opposition, Issac moves during the FS.

I've got more but thats all I feel like putting down for now.
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Old 04-08-2010, 06:49 AM
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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Player
Appearance: A Generic Person holding a Wiimote and Nunchuck.

A attacks:
AAA: Jabs with Wiimote
UpA: Swings the Nunchuck upward at enemy
DwnA: Attacks by sliding a Wii Fit Board forward into your enemy.
FwdA: Swings the Nunchuck forward at enemy.

Grab: Wraps enemy in the sensor bar cord, and beats the living daylight out of him with the sensor bar.

B attacks:
Fwd B:
Up B: Swings Wiimote to use Fishing Rod, to grab on ledge or draw an enemy near.
Dwn B: 'Pauses the game' for a second to escape, while doing so, the word 'pause' appears

Final Smash: Ultimate Simulation Game
B: Pulls out Wiimote Light-saber attachment and equips as item
Fwd B: Pulls out Wii Wheel attachment hops in a car to drive (similar to Wario Bike)
Up B: Pulls out Wii Blaster and equips as an item
Dwn B: Pulls out caffeine bar and eats to recover health (10% recovery)

How to Unlock: Complete the Subspace Emissary and unlock all masterpieces demos and play them all.
Unlock Challenge Stage: Pictochat
Description after unlocking: The ultimate game addict!

Name: Louie
Game: Pikmin 2

A attacks:
AAA: Rocket Fist
UpA: Punches Up
DwnA: Punches Low
FwdA: Does a stronger punch.

Grab: Weighs enemy down with pikmin so he/she can't move and punches.

B attacks:
B: Pikmin Pluck
Fwd B: Pikmin Throw
Up B: Pikmin Order
Dwn B: Eats Pikpik carrot and recovers health (7%)'

Final Smash: Pure Hunger
The shipment of golden pikpik carrots falls next to him, and he eats it all, completely recovering health. He lets out a burp of Ultra Bitter pray, petrifying all enemies in a massive area in front of him. (about as big as a completely 'puffed up' Jigglypuff.)

How to Unlock: Complete Boss Battles with Olimar and play with Olimar on the Distant Planet stage 20 times.
Unlock Challenge Stage: Distant Planet
Description after unlocking: Olimar's Overweight Sidekick!

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Old 04-08-2010, 10:37 PM
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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Darkrai
Appearance: Darkrai...

A attacks:
AAA: Dark Pulse (Darkrai First does two punches and then hits them with a wave of darkness)
UpA: Uppercut
DwnA: Dark Void (Darkrai makes a portal on the ground and the opponent sleeps for 30- 40 seconds, and gets hit badly)
FwdA: Night Slash

Grab: Grabs the enemy with darkness and crushes them with it

B attacks:
B: Dark Ball ( Charges like lucario and then hits them)
Fwd B: Moonlight (Charges for 30 seconds and then heals all damage)
Up B: Teleport (Teleports to the sky and floats for a while if you want him to)
Dwn B: Scary Face (Stops the opponent for 10 seconds to attack)

Final Smash: Nightmare
Darkrai stops time, and puts the opponent to sleep. A dark portal appears and the player falls into it, then Darkrai Uses Judgement (Its a dream) and gives the opponent serious damage when he wakes up.

How to Unlock: You must beat subspace 30 times, then you will fight Darkrai as any pokemon character. If you win you get Darkrai, if you lose you must beat subspace again to get him.

Description after unlocking: Get ready for true nighmares.


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Old 04-09-2010, 06:02 AM
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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: King K. Rool
Game series: Donkey Kong Country

Special Attacks:
Neutral B: Musket Cannonball- K. Rool gets out his trusty musket from Donkey Kong Country 2 and fires spiked cannonballs or sometimes clouds that either slow down the player (Purple), reverse controls (Red), or freeze the player (Blue)
Up B: Super Jump- K. Rool jumps and uses all weight to land on opponent. Useful for vertical recovery. Related to King Dedede Up-B move.
Right B: Invisible Dash- K. Rool dashes invisibly across stage.
Down B: Cannonball Drop- K. Rool slams the ground and an air raid of cannonballs cascades on the player.
Final Smash: Kremling Army
Every Kremling from every Donkey Kong game appears and does serious damage to the enemies

Regular Attacks:
AAA: 2 punches and a Chest Bump
Dash A: Releases fire
Strong A (all directions): Wacks with Crown
Grab: Musket vacuum
Smash A (horizontal): Powerfully Punches opponent
Smash A (up): Takes off crown and swings at opponent
Smash A (down): Breathes extreme gust of fire and sends opponents flying

Name: Aang
Game series: Avatar the Last Airbender

Regular Attacks:
AAA: Fire-based punches and kicks
Dash A: Air Scooter
Strong A: Hits with staff
Smash A (horizontal): Water Whip
Smash A (down): Fire Slam into ground
Smash A (up): Air Slice

Special Attacks:
Neutral B: Element-based attack- Rock throws, Fire Breath, Water wave, and Air Tornado
Up B: Aapa flight- Ride Appa to safety
Down B: Earth Shield- Great defensive move
Horizontal B: Glider- Fly to safety crashing into opponents
Final Smash: Avatar State- Use the power of the previous avatars to unleash a combination of water, earth, fire, and air power pwnage
Credit to mayfan1000. VPP Browser Post

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Old 04-10-2010, 09:00 PM
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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Leomon
Game series: Digimon World

Special Attacks:
Neutral B: Fist of the Beast King - basically Leomon's version of Falcon Punch, only with a flaming lion's head emerging from his fist instead of a flaming falcon.
Up B: Smashing Kick - jumps up and slams his foot down.
Side B: Beast Sword - A side attack when Leomon swings his sword vigorous
Down B: Shockwave - Slams the ground with his fist and legs.
Final Smash: Digivolution to SaberLeomon, basically along the lines of Giga Bowser and Beast Ganon.

Regular Attacks:
AAA: Kick, Kick, Chop
Dash A: Runs and Body Slams
Strong A (all directions): Flails about
Grab: Bite and toss
Smash A (side): Powerfully Punches opponent
Smash A (up): Uppercut
Smash A (down): Slams fist into ground

Side Taunt: "You'll need the heart of a lion to beat ME!"
Down Taunt: *messes with his mane*
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Old 05-03-2010, 07:19 PM
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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Originally Posted by Oxygen View Post

Let's start with Piplup.

Right/Left B: Bubblebeam
Up B: Rain Dance [Makes Bubblebeam more powerful]

hmm how would that make piplup get back n to the stage well any way i thought of quite a couple for this topic

"Poke Trainer is now renamed RED cos thats his name and he doesnt have ashes annoying voice"

GOLD has
up b is aquatail "similar to foxes firefox"
b is water pulse
side b is bite but instead of eating the opponent he latches onto them like the metroid
down b switches to bayleef

up b body slam
synthesis loses 2 percentages everysecond
forward b magical leaf similar to pk thunder
down b switches to quilava

up b quick attack
b small eruption upwards dies out eventually
side b flame wheel

final smash quilava usess massive eruption whith totodile ridng baleef using sleeppower and water pulse
bayleef constantly runs
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Old 05-03-2010, 08:22 PM
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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!


b flamethrower
like charizard
up b sky uppercut
like marth's up b
side b bravebird
jumps up in the air and moves across the field in the directon you used to attack
down b blaze kick
a counter like ikes b down
final smash
over heat
like torchics attack but is stronger and extends like luigis final smash
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Old 05-09-2010, 03:18 PM
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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!


Regular-1: Arm-cannon
Up-1: Up Arm-cannon
Side-1: Charged Shot
Down-1: Rocket Boost
2 Attacks: Punching, kicking
Taunts: 1 - He takes off his helmet, then says, "I'm on it!"
2 - He bulges his chest, and the Mega Man logo appears onscreen.
Final Smash: Megaman X - His armor glows, the light blinds opponents, then turns into Megaman X!
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Old 05-10-2010, 02:59 AM
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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Invader Zim and Gir (Assistant character similar to Olimar's Pikmin) Zim also can have two appearances depending on color, two are Zim in normal colors and then red, the other is Zim disguised as a human in normal colors and then blue.
Game series: Invader Zim (TV Show)

Special Attacks:
Neutral B:
Up B: SpiderPAK
Zim extends the legs of his PAK and flails around. (If touching Ground) If he touches a wall, he grabs onto it and can climb along on the ceiling or wall, and if he hits a player, the opponent is knocked backwards with damage. If he is falling through the air, the legs shoot out and grab onto the nearest platform.
Right B: Jumps on Gir and jets forward a varying distance. Distance depends on how long the player goes without using the move similar to Wario's fart.
Down B: Zim attempts to go down his teletoilet but gets stuck and it explodes. Water and shraphnel go everywhere, and the range and damage of the explosion depend on how long the player holds Down B. If held too long,
Final Smash: Robo attack!
Zim jumps into the sky and comes down in a gaint robot. It can fire lasers and fly around. Lasers are uncontrollable, but movement can be controlled with difficulty. Players who are stepped on are immediatly stomped into the ground. This Smash is similar to ROB's final smash.
Taunt 1: Gir screams "TACOS!"
Taunt 2: Zim either cleans his fake contact lenses, or sits down and begins eating waffles depending on appearance.
Taunt 3 (Gamecube controller only): Zim's PAK malfuntions and he dances around.

Regular Attacks:
Dash A:
Strong A (all directions):
Smash A (horizontal):
Smash A (up):
Smash A (down):

Name: Ringo Star, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison (Down B switches them out)
Game series: The Beatles (Band)
Appearance: Ringo: moves around behind a drumset which is on a small wheeled platform. John: Normal John, normal player walk. Paul: Normal Paul, normal player walk. George: Slow movement, always dragging around an amp. His attacks do more damage than other players.

Special Attacks:
Neutral B: Ringo: Throws drumsticks doing medium damage and yells "I GOT BLISTAHS ON ME FINGERS!" Paul: Bashes enemy over the head with his bass guitar doing medium damage. John: Sings a small part of any Beatles song, putting nearby enemies to sleep or making them dizzy depending on the song. George: Whips out guitar and starts playing a chord procession. The longer the players holds B, the more powerful it gets, after releasing, he spins around with the guitar. If held totally maxxed out, he spins wickedly fast and can fly into the air, but is left dizzy when it finishes. Heavy damage.
Up B: Ringo: Bass drum explodes, sending him flying. Does heavy damage to opponents, but flight directions varies. Paul: Diamonds appear above him and he jumps very high. If the diamonds appear on an opponent, they do massive damage. John: A giant hill appears and lifts all players standing upon it into the air. No damage to others, but will always save the player from falling death. George: Jumps up into the air and rapidly bike pedals in mid-air, sometimes giving distance. Similar to Yoshi's Up-B.
Right B: Ringo: Hits the cowbell on his drums while zipping across the screen. Medium damage. Paul: Turns into a huge walrus and slowly creeps across the platform. Enemies are smashed into the ground if they are hit, but they take no damage. John: Turns into a train labeled "910" and drives across the screen. Enemies take high knockback but low damage if they are hit by this fast moving attack. George: Unplugs his guitar from his amp and powerslides across the screen. He must then return to his amp and plug in again, but if enemies are hit, they take heavy damage.
Down B: Cannonball Drop- K. Rool slams the ground and an air raid of cannonballs cascades on the player.
Final Smash: Beatles Reunion
All the Beatles come together and a small bit of a random song. Depending on the song, effects vary and include sleep, dizzyness, damage, and knockback.

Regular Attacks:
AAA: All: Punch, kick, and then whack with varying instruments (Drumsticks, guitars, or bass guitars).
Dash A: Runs crazily and smacks the enemy.
Strong A (all directions): Whacks with varying instruments (Drumsticks, guitars, or bass guitars).
Grab: Normal Grab, exception for Ringo who can't do a grab but instead runs them over with his drumset on wheels.
Smash A (horizontal): Whacks with varying instruments (Drumsticks, guitars, or bass guitars).
Smash A (up): Whacks with varying instruments (Drumsticks, guitars, or bass guitars).
Smash A (down): Whacks with varying instruments (Drumsticks, guitars, or bass guitars).



Thanks Mw!
Smashing Stats

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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Name: Duster
Game: Mother 3
Walk Speed: Medium

A attacks:
AAA: Preforms multiple hits.
Up, Side and Down A: Kicks in various directions

Grab: Wraps enemy in the Rope snake and attacks

B attacks:
B: Siren Beetle makes enemies in a short range run in the opposite direction, regardless of any obstacles. The more damage your opponent takes, the longer the distance they are affected increases.
Fwd B: Lunges forward with wall staples and places smashes enemy into the ground.
Up B: Rope Snake grabs hold of enemy/ledge and pulls you up.
Down B: Hypno Pendulum: Puts enemy to sleep.

Final Smash: Duster pulls in enemies and gets out the Wall Staples and pins down them all, deals %60 damage each, before sending hem flying.

How to Unlock: Participate with Lucas 30 times on New Pork City.
Unlock Challenge Stage: New Pork City
Description after unlocking: The Keeper of the Thief Tools!
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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!


Golem is a Rock/Ground Pokemon, the final evolution in the Geodude line. Golem was one of the original four Pokemon that evolved by trading, one of the biggest marketing schemes Pokemon’s ever managed to pull off. Golem was originally in the Overused tier (Which only consisted of a grand total of about 15 Pokemon) in the original games, being strong competition for Rhydon. While his stats were a tad worse, Explosion was more then enough to keep him in the running. As time went on, both Rhydon and Golem tended to get outclassed as more new Pokemon came out, their three quadruple weaknesses sealing their fates. In the 4th generation Rhydon got a new evolution in Rhyperior. . .Considering even with this Rhydon/perior is still Underused though, needless to say Golem is doomed to Neverused. . .

It’s time for a comeback. . .Time to relive Golem’s original glory days! What better place to get fame then Smash Bros? If it can make nobodies like the Ice Climbers big names, then surely it can do the same for Golem, much less considering he’s a Pokemon. As a random Pokemon, Golem is automatically more recognizable then Edward Elric.


Weight: 10
Size: 9.5
Traction: 9
Falling Speed: 8
Aerial Movement: 4
Movement: 2
Jumps: 2



Golem starts digging into the stage. Unlike most underground moves, Golem does NOT magically vanish into the ground – he actually starts destroying ground and digging into the stage, making more room that can be walked around in. Golem can make a hole as large as himself over .2 seconds, and there’s no limit to how long he can keep digging, but Golem can’t dig through the edges of the platform he’s on, only the interior.

While staying underground once you’ve done a lot of digging can be a good survival technique, if Golem or a foe gets hit into the edge of one of these holes by an attack that would KO them or would KO them if they had 20% more damage, they’ll go flying through the wall, albeit with only 75% of the usual knockback. So, no, hiding underground with Golem won’t let you survive forever. In fact, it’s a rather poor idea, as the fact you’re down lower means you’ll have to go up higher to reach the ledge, and Golem’s recovery is primarily horizontal

If you input this as a smash next to a hole you already started digging into, Golem will crouch down and sweep his arms together to make some ground to close up the hole, trapping any foes inside over .2 seconds. Of course, they can still get out by attacking the ground Golem closed up and it only has 25 stamina. If Golem inputs this move as a smash over regular ground, then he’ll close up the hole above him as he goes underground to dig, giving himself more time to do so.


Golem crashes down onto the ground with impressive force, causing the ground under him to sink downwards Ganondorf’s height, the ground to his sides sloping down to connect the ground that sunk down to the rest of the stage. Golem can make as much ground sink down as he wants, but the lowest any ground can go is quadruple Ganon’s height if there’s nothing under it (Meaning it can go down forever on a stage like Yoshi’s Island). This has .35 seconds of lag on either end, though if you want to speed up the process of setting up the stage how you want even further you can do some digging. If you Earthquake over an area you dug, the stage will sink down past where you dug in addition to the standard of Ganondorf’s height.

Golem’s body is a hitbox that does 6% and set knockback away as he crashes down, and anyone on the platform he crashes down onto is dealt 10% and set vertical knockback. Not too impressive? Well, anybody underground with their feet firmly planted on the ground on the platform Golem’s on will take 25% and .7 seconds of hitstun.


On standard ground or the air, Golem performs Defense Curl, tucking in his head and curling up his limbs around his rocky shell over with half a second of lag to enter and exit the stance. While in the stance, Golem takes 75% of the usual damage and knockback, nothing worthwhile to accommodate the lag.

If Golem activates on the slope or the tip of a slope, Golem will go into the position much more quickly and start sliding down it, his body going faster/him becoming more powerful based off how steep the slope is. The ideal set-up for Golem is to have one side of the stage not sunk down by Earthquake at all while having the opposite side sunk down all the way, the middle sunk down just the right amount to make a nice bridge. If you can manage to pull this off and hit the foe at the bottom of the slope, then this deals 37% and KOs at 50% (On a stage Final Destination’s width). Pretty insane, but that's only with the best possible slope and assuming they just sit there idly at the bottom while you roll down from the top, waiting to get run over. Around halfway through the “perfect run”, Golem gains superarmor/anti-grab armor, and even before then he still gets the usual bonus from Defense Curl.


In the air, Golem throws his arms up into the air and lets out a cry, causing several rocks to fall down from the sky in a line in front of him. The rocks that fall further away from Golem fall more quickly then the rocks that fall closer to Golem, meaning that by the time they reach Golem (.15 seconds) that they’ll of formed a downward slope. The rocks are solid and during the brief moment they perfectly form a slope as they fall (They slow down here for some leeway), you can Rollout along them to “slide” down the rocks for a horizontal recovery. This obviously gives you zero vertical recovery, but the slope the rocks give you to slide down is 80% as long as Final Destination, giving Golem excellent horizontal recovery. Despite the rocks being solid, they only deal 3% and very weak set vertical knockback that sends foes through them as they fall, preventing them from being cheap sources of gimping. Aside from recovery, the aerial Up Special can also give you an even higher starting point to Rollout down a slope to the foe, giving you an artificial starting point.

On the ground, 10 rocks fall skyward over .3 seconds to land directly in front of Golem dealing the same set knockback/3% as they fall, though the knockback is now sideways so the rocks don’t combo into each other. Once they land on the stage, they don’t do much beyond vanish in 10 seconds. . .But if you the rocks land on the slope/the tip of a slope, they’ll start sliding down the slope, allowing you to camp from the top. The rocks still only do 3%, but now the sideways knockback is useful for camping and it’s possible to hit with more then just one.

If a foe is trapped underground and you use Rock Slide to place some rocks over the opening they need to attack to get out, then the rocks will fall down onto them when they open it up, dealing the same damage/knockback as when you first summoned them. Due to the enclosed space the foe is inevitably trapped in, the sideways knockback probably won’t do much to save them from getting hit multiple times by the rocks unless they retreat further down into the hole, but then you can just close up the hole again!


Golem enters the same pose from Defense Curl, but curls up much more tightly and glows red over 1 second before exploding in an explosion half the size of a Smart Bomb’s, dealing 40% and knockback that kills at 45% to anything in the vicinity. Of course, this also kills Golem instantly, and he’ll always die first. Besides, while Golem is invincible during the starting lag, he gives more then enough time for any remotely competent foe to get away from him with the lag and the relatively short range on the move. . .

The main way you actually score suicide KOs with this is underground. If used there, then any ground you’ve dug will instantly cave in as if you Earthquaked from above, instantly KOing anybody there AND helping to set-up the slope for the next stock. Unfortunately, Golem still dies first here. . .



Golem jabs forward with his left fist, then his right, and so on. Each hit deals 3% and weak set knockback, and there’s .15 seconds in-between each jab. You can hold this down like most similar jabs, but foes generally won’t get hit more then once by this, making it rather poor outside a GTFO move.

While this trips the foe at low percents (30% and below) and it can stack, the move knocks foes too far away for it to combo. However; if used at the bottom of a slope facing up the slope, the foe will slide back down the slipe to you while they’re tripped, making for a free 30%. This also of course works splendidly against walls underground, though any infinite jab works well against walls and most foes can do the same to you.


Golem lifts up his shoulder and puts it in front of him as he runs. A keep dashing version of Ganondorf’s dash attack, really, but with much worse power – 5% and weak set knockback. No, Golem’s arm does not randomly out-prioritize projectiles to make this an approach.

If used on a slope, this powers up the move due to Golem running faster downhill during this attack. It’s still not much to get excited about as the knockback will always be set, but the thing you need to be interested in here is the fact that you can instantly cancel this into Rollout, Golem keeping up all the momentum that he had from shoulder charging. Considering Golem goes a good bit faster with Rollout then this attack, it means that you can play mindgames with the foe into making them think you’re going to Rollout them then Shoulder Barge them instead. Golem’s still going very fast either way, so if they dodge incorrectly they’ll get hit. This move has all the threat of a potential Rollout without forcing you to commit to one.


Golem does a wind-up punch as he reaches backward and leans back on one foot before lobbing a punch forward. As it sounds, this has an awkard .6 seconds of lag, yet deals an unremarkable 9% that KOs at 160%. If used next to a rock from Rock Slide, though, Golem will pick up the rock as he leans back and fling it forwards, it dealing the same knockback. While the lag makes it far from ideal to keep an approaching foe at bay, the rock out-prioritzes most other projectiles, allowing you to play the camping game against fellow campers. This move can also be angled, meaning you can throw it down a slope to make one of the rocks you slide down your slope have an extra punch behind it.


Golem turns to face the screen and flexes as he roars, instantaneously creating a giant red aura around himself half the size of a Smart Bomb explosion, dealing only 5% but superb knockback. Unfortunately the superb knockback is superb set knockback, so it’s not gonna KO any time soon, but it gives Golem plenty of space and the massive disjointed priority destroys most projectiles. This move alone is the only GTFO move Golem needs while he sets everything up, but this unfortunately can’t be spammed, as with every use Golem becomes 10% lighter and his attacks lose 10% of their power. Golem can’t lose more then 70% of his power/weight in this fashion.

. . .So when do you use this exactly? If you use at the start of a match as a GTFO move to help set-up, you’ll be too weak to actually use what you set-up. If you use it later on in the match when you’re about to die, you’ll just make yourself die sooner due to the weight reduction.

The ideal way to use this move is at the start while using dsmash and digging to set-up, then to get the foe underground and explode on them to finish up. If they’re underground when you explode, any lost power won’t matter due to the cave in automatically KOing the foe.


Golem roars as he starts rapidly kicking up mud for .35 seconds. The mud is a horribly weak hitbox as it goes forward Bowser’s width before hitting the ground, dealing 6%. Once it hits the ground, though, it forms a generic tripping trap as wide as Bowser. . .That only lasts 3 seconds. As if the effect wasn’t tacked on enough, you’ll struggle to make much use of a generic trip trap in 3 seconds, yes? Well, if you use this one a slope/next to one, the mud will quickly slide down the slope, giving you a MOVING generic tripping trap. Doesn’t sound quite as generic now, does it? Furthermore, when the foe trips on the mud when they’re on a slope, they’ll slide downwards a Battlefield platform’s width.


Golem swings his body in an arc so that he slams into the platform he’s hanging on from below. If anybody is foolish enough to be under that portion of the stage, they take 15% and get spiked. The first time Golem does this, the end of the ledge will become angled up slightly, making it good if you’re on a wonky stage like New Pork/Hyrule and can just the ramp to continue your Rollout onto another portion of ground.

The second time Golem does this, the end of the ledge will be angled straight upwards, making Golem be launched vertically if he Rollouts into it. This is the only thing preventing Rollout from being a suicide KO and you just Rolloutting off the stage.

On the third use, the ledge will actually be awkwardly angled backwards, meaning Golem will be launched back up the slope. Unfortunately he won’t have enough momentum to make it back up if your slope is that big, but this means you have another shot at Rollouting over somebody who dodged you. Considering this makes Rollout a bit slower to end though, you may want to stick with the purely vertical ledge. Your call.



Golem smacks the foe with both arms and headbutts them at once. This deals an impressive 25-35% and pitfalls foes. This has poor range and as much lag as Ike’s fsmash, but Golem has superarmor/anti-grab armor during the start-up lag. Unfortunately, Golem can’t really take advantage of the pitfall status that well. . .Pitfall a foe at the bottom of the slope, go up the slope, then Rollout back down the slope? They’ll of gotten out of it long before then. Using this twice on the same foe deals knockback that kills at 200%.

However; if a foe gets pitfalled on ground right over where Golem dug (Kirby’s height maximum between the solid ground and the underground), they’ll be shot through the solid ground underground! Needless to say, this is obviously an easier way to trap them underground then getting them in through one little opening and sealing them in.


Golem points forward in the direction he’s facing during the charging, then lets out a smug smirk as he releases the charge and a sandstorm laglessly starts up. The sandstorm lasts for 10-30 seconds and covers the entire screen, blowing in the direction Golem was facing when he activated the attack. If foes are going against the sandstorm, it cuts their movement/aerial movement in half, and every 5 seconds they’ll take 1% and flinch. Nothing much, but if they don’t get used to dodging it it’ll randomly interrupt a lot of their attacks. This attack can make approaching Golem on top of his slope much more tedious.


Golem turns towards the screen and puts his hands on his legs during charging, then lifts up one of his legs (The leg on the side he was facing) and slams it down into the ground in a sumo-esque fashion. This only has .25 seconds of lag and Golem’s leg is a hitbox that deals 12-19% and knockback that kills at 200-170%.

Of course, that’s not the main point of the move. . .It makes the ground on the platform Golem was on stretch out to be deeper. No, Golem doesn’t make the ground sink here – he makes more of it so that he has more to play with, essentially. How else do you expect him to dig in paper thin platforms like the Delfino Plaza stage transition platform? The ground that comes down is created varies between Kirby-1.5X Ganon’s height based off charge.

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Golem roars skyward for for .4 seconds of lag as he stalls in midair briefly, then a massive amount of rocks fall from the sky double Bowser’s width. They fall as such so that they cover up an entire vertical portion of the screen for 1 second, vanishing upon hitting the ground. The rocks deal 1% and flinching every 0.1 seconds. If Golem presses up on the control stick while overlapping with the rocks, he can climb then like a ladder, although he’s also able to move left and right instead of just up and down to maneuver away from foes if necessary. Unfortunately Golem doesn’t gain much vertical height due to having climb faster then the rocks fall – if you get on the rocks at the soonest possible moment and climb them the entire time, you’ll climb up 1.35X Ganondorf’s height. Still, considering the fact this doesn’t put Golem into helpless and the fact it’s entirely ungimpable make it a welcome addition to his recovery.

Golem can also use this attack as a sort of wall that foes must DI through to get to him, taking plenty of damage in the process. They can still wait it out, of course, but considering Golem’s projectiles and other moves are unaffected by the mass falling rocks and they out-prioritze enemy projectiles, there’s not much else they can do.


Golem kicks forward with his feet hastily over .28 seconds, though with Golem’s usual poor melee range. The kick deals 10% to any foe it comes into contact with a Battlefield platform’s worth of set knockback, the move also propelling Golem backwards the same distance. As if he wasn’t impossible enough to gimp, going out to Golem actually HELPS his recovery! This is a good attack for ending aerial combat due to it separating Golem and the foe and it being rather quick. The move can also be angled at a diagonal downward angle so Golem isn’t helpless to being juggled.

Golem’s body is a high priority hitbox as he gets propelled backwards that deals 13% and knockback that kills at 160%, though that’s rather irrelevant outside FFAs, right? Wrong. Golem can Mega Kick off of walls, namely the ones underground, helping to make him a deadlier combatant there.


Golem turns around as he does a headbutt, his head turning a darker gray color and shining briefly with a mere .2 seconds of starting lag. This deals a rather “meh” 7% and knockback that kills at 200%, though the fact the move’s so fast makes it Golem’s best option for participating in genuine aerial combat, yes? Well, it would, if not for the half a second of ending lag. . .But during this ending lag, Golem’s head has superarmor/anti-grab armor, and the size of his small head is exaggerated for the move much like Bowser’s fist in his ftilt. Another option for safely getting out of aerial combat. While not as good, this one doesn’t require you to actually hit with it.


Golem reaches up into the air, his arms short ranged low priority weak hitboxes that deal 6%. At least you can use it for juggling due to its’ speed, right? Eheh heh. . .

You might notice that the move has a grab-like animation, but the thing is Golem isn’t reaching out to grab the foe for a generic suicide KO – he’s attempting to grab a ceiling. If you grab a ceiling, Golem will hold onto with both arms and you’ll be able to climb along the ceiling back and forth at his usual movement speed. The relevant application of this is if you have a large portion of ground you’ve dug underground, so you can stay at the top of the hole away from foes while they struggle to get out. While clinging to the ceiling, you have a good few button inputs. . .
  • Horizontal Movement via control stick
  • Explosion via neutral B
  • Canceling the move into Dig via Side B if you reach ground on either side of yourself
  • Climbing up through the ground to the surface via Up B without making an opening
  • Using the grounded version of Rock Slide via down B. There’s a bit more of a gap between when each rock falls, but you can move during it and they’ll always fall under your current location, allowing you to camp
  • Releasing your hold on the ceiling via A/Shield

While one might wonder how Golem gets to the ceiling if he makes an underground pit deep enough that the foe is having trouble getting out of, that’s no problem for Golem due to him having a wall climb. Unlike those fancy wall runs of those various Junahu/Mendez sets, Golem can wall climb forever. Foes can also wall climb on Golem’s walls to prevent Golem from making a pit so deep that it’s inescapable, though they climb very slowly, much slower then Golem.


A fairly elementary stall then fall, dealing Ganon dair esque knockback/damage but killing Golem in the process. Unusable off-stage. On-stage, it’s still pretty useless due to the awkward lag.

If Golem lands on ground that’s been dug in with no more then Kirby’s width in solid ground separating him from the dug ground, Golem’s legs will crash through the solid ground, getting him stuck. In this position, Golem has permanent superarmor and anti-grab armor, and the only limitations to him are that he can’t move, Rollout with Side B (Though he can still Defense Curl), utilt, or use any attacks that involve his legs. Pretty ridiculous move, but the foe can uproot Golem by going underground and hitting his legs which are dangling about, Golem taking the knockback of the attack. Even here, though, Golem’s not entirely defenseless. Those attacks that involve his legs? If he inputs them he’ll flail his legs around, making them low priority hitboxes that deal 5% and set downward knockback. Inputting utilt causes Golem to uproot himself from the ground early.

When you have such a high percentage that you really don’t mind it going up further and the foe is about to make it up your massive mountain, you can dair to force them to go back down the mountain and into the only opening to go underground to get to your legs! They can whale on you all they want from up-top, you won’t die. One could theoretically just keep popping out before the foe could reach them and then just use the dair before the foe could get to them, but if Golem uses this in the same area twice (Or anywhere within a Battlefield platform of it) within 30 seconds he’ll crash through the ground the second time, destroying it as if he dug through it and falling to the bottom of the pit with 2 seconds of hitstun.



If by standard you mean standard fare for a non-grab oriented heavyweight. Golem’s grab is terrible, on par with Ganondorf’s. You’ll have to follow up trips/pitfalls if you expect to grab the foe with this. . .But it’s well worth grabbing with Golem. His throws are BEASTLY.


Golem headbutts the foe for 3% over .35 seconds. Standard pummel fare. Don’t risk going for too many pummels when you’ve got those superb throws.


Golem kicks up some mud onto the enemy, dealing a paltry 4% to them and only knocking them back a Battlefield platform. However; the mud will stay on the foe for 12 seconds, and if they dash during this time they’ll trip, slipping downwards a Battlefield Platform if on a slope. Oh, and if a foe reaches a slope during the initial set knockback of the attack, they’ll slide down the whole freaking way. This attack gets the foe to the bottom of your slope, and forces them to WALK back up to it to get to you at HALF SPEED due to your Sandstorm. Jesus Christ. As if that wasn’t enough, if you hit a foe with Mud Sport (The trap or the initial hitbox) when a foe is Mud Slapped, Mud Slap’s duration resets.


Golem smacks the foe to the ground behind him for 5%, then pulls up a massive boulder from the ground that’s the size of his shell and smacks it behind him. Golem turns around and waves to the foe mockingly, chuckling slightly for .25 seconds of ending lag. The boulder runs the foe over and they essentially get “grabbed” by it, stuck to it as they roll as far as Golem would go if he used Rollout, only going a Battlefield Platform if the terrain isn’t sloped.

If you haven’t used your ledge attack more then once, then the foe will roll straight off the edge, making this an alternative to Rollout definitely worth looking into. . .Or at least it would be if the foe couldn’t button mash out if there’s no ground underneath the boulder. Any button mashing the foe did before then still counts too, they just can’t break out until they go off-stage. If the slope is steep enough so that the foe rolls fast enough and/or they have enough damage to make this too hard to escape in time, this can be an alternative KO move.

Even if you aren’t using this as a KO move, the move without a doubt has alternative uses. Make an opening to the underground at the bottom of the slope so that the foe will go underground and ricochet back and forth a bit underground before finally coming to a halt. Considering foes take 4% per second while being rolled around, this can be a nice damage racker and buy you more time to set-up whatever.

On a stage like Hyrule Temple or New Pork City, you can set up ramps via ledge attack in such a way that you can roll the foe across the entire godd
amn stage as they get launched to the next platform. Say on New Pork, you launch the foe from the right off a ramp so that they land on the elevated section on the left, then you have a reverse ramp that sends them back over to the right side, then they roll back down the right side and fall off into the bottom section. The fun never stops!


Golem holds onto the foe tightly as he turns to face the camera, then leaps off the top blast zone with them in a similar manner to Kirby/Meta Knight’s uthrow before crashing down with the foe, crashing down into the ground to make it sink down an absolutely massive amount – quadruple Ganondorf’s height. At this point Golem lets the foe go and they’re launched upwards with 12% and intense vertical knockback. Because of the fact the foe will be so far down when they go up, though, this only KOs at 160%.


Golem jumps on top of the foe, crushing them under his massive girth for 15% and sending them through the ground double Ganondorf’s height, destroying any ground in their way as if Golem was digging, stopping early if they reach the bottom of the platform’s depth (Likely if Golem hasn’t increased the depth via Earth Power). Golem proceeds to top the ground with three large rocks which stay over the foe, then Golem is free to leave as the foe is left in their tomb. The rocks at the top have 50 stamina, meaning it’ll take a good bit longer for the foe to get out then if you trapped them underground normally, giving you plenty of time to set-up further. As if that wasn’t enough, this obviously gets Golem some free ground dug.


Golem lets out a massive roar as the screen zooms in on him, then crashes down to the ground if he’s in the air (PLEASE don’t use this off-stage) or simply does a sumo-stomp if on-stage, causing the platform he’s on to split in half at point he used the final smash. Anybody underground instantly gets KOd as the underground collapses as if Golem exploded there. The stage shortly falls off the bottom blast zone, then rocks will start raining from the sky in mass covering the entire screen, functioning identically to the rocks in his nair. Golem can climb up them just fine with absolutely nowhere to stand on, but any survivng foes will have to rapidly keep jumping/using recoveries while constantly getting hit by mass flinching hits. While Golem is far from a aerial combatant, he can come down to the foe’s level and hit them with a diagonally downward angled fair to make life all the more hellish for them.

The falling rocks last for 10 seconds before the rocks finally clear to reveal the stage now resting on top of a massive amount of rocks (Better then having landed on whatever’s below the blast zones, at least), increasing the depth of the stage by the depth of Yoshi’s Island. A godly final smash indeed.


Golem doesn’t have an instantenous set-up, but his set-up game doesn’t make him fall behind at all like most similar characters. Golem can spam dsmash to increase the depth of the stage and dig around all day, taking damage like the beast he is. It doesn’t matter. You can abuse your utilt to get lots of breathing room to do this relatively undisturbed to get a massive amount of underground space. Once you’ve spammed dsmash enough, you’ll want to dig all the way down on one side of the stage, then slowly leave a bit more solid ground as you work your way over to the other side of the stage where you won’t dig at all. After you’re done digging. If you can manage to get in some grabs during this time, uthrow/dthrow can also assist in this, uthrow getting you more immediate ground while dthrow prevents the foe from bothering you for a while.

Once you’ve dug a sufficient amount, you’re ready to cave in the tunnel to make your slope with Explosion. The ideal ways of getting the foe underground are fsmash and dthrow. If you’re doing the former, leave a bit of extra solid ground on what’s going to eventually become the bottom of the slope (Two Ganondorfs worth), but dig the rest as you would normally. . .Then dthrow the foe on the correct side you need to dig on and quickly go underground. From here, you can make an opening far away from them and go over to where the foe is, then just dig ever so slightly to link the section they’re in with the main cave. . .Then you can activate the big bang to cave in the foe and equalize the damage percentages and gain back all that lost power/weight from utilt.

So now the foe and Golem are down to 2 stocks and Golem’s perfectly set-up. If you want, you can simply repeat the process to make the slope even more insanely steep to make things even easier on the last stock, though on the last stock suicide KOs aren’t an option due to Golem dying first. Still, Golem might want to do some more digging anyway without the intention of exploding rather then advancing immediately to the next phase of his game. If you can manage to dig an underground maze with lots of swervyness and what-not while still having some solid ground inbetween the swerves, then when the foe finally reaches you at the top of your slope you can dthrow/fsmash them underground. Of course, you’ll of placed the only way out of the cave at the bottom of the slope, and they’ll have to run through the entire godd
amn maze you’ve created to get out. While they’re busy doing that, you can set up usmash and/or spam dsmash some more, and when they do finally get out they’ll have to climb up the freaking slope again. Oh, and if you have a small portion at the top with no ground dug underneath it (So it won’t collapse when you Earthquake), you can go over there to Earthquake to hit underground foes.

The main phase you’re working to get to is camping at the top of the slope with Rock Slide/Throw and Mud Sport. The foe will be struggling to get up, especially with Sandstorm in effect, and when they finally do you can sadistically force them to repeat the whole journey with fthrow/bthrow. Did I mention that once they get close to reaching you that there’s a giant falling wall of rocks from nair coming down, forcing them to stay away or take damage to get to you? If you’ve set up an underground maze, you can of course use dthrow/fsmash to send them into it. If you want to set up a more complicated underground maze, you can also make an opening at the top and make the maze go primairily back and forth rather then up and down so the foe can roll the whole way through it with strength. When Golem reaches high percentages, he doesn’t even need to force the foe back down the slope/underground himself – he can use dair to force the foe to go underground themselves! This can be a particularly nice way to lead into a KO with rollout if you’ve set up a nice underground Rollout track with Dig. When they finally get there to smack you out, you can just fall through the ground and rollout them to force them to run from you Indiana Jones style. Aside from this, Bthrow is generally the more conservative KO option. If you get too impatient, though, you can always shock the foe by actually moving from your well fortified position by coming down the slope to meet them with Dash Attack only to cancel it into Rollout.
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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!









Exeggutor is one of the original 151 Pokemon, and a dual Grass/Psychic type. He evolves from Exeggcute, which are essentially a bunch of living eggs labeled a single “Pokemon”. If one of Exeggutor’s heads falls off, supposedly it will turn into one of these eggs and must group together with other eggs to become an Exeggcute. The three heads on Exeggutor all are capable of thinking independently, but are completely cooperative, almost to the extent as if they were the same consciousness.

Exeggutor was mainly a decent Pokemon back in the days of Red and Blue due to being able to resist Mewtwo’s psychic and electric attacks. While some Mewtwo ran Ice Beam to deal with Exeggutor, having it over Thunderbolt leaves Mewtwo vulnerable to Jynx, Slowbro, and Starmie, meaning Exeggutor generally gets a free pass as one of extremely few Pokemon able to deal with Mewtwo’s reign of terror alongside Chansey. Once gen 2 came around and Mewtwo was nerfed, Exeggutor was still decent, but he faded into obscurity with the release of gen 3 and became a joke by the time gen 4 was out.


Weight: 9
Size: 9
Falling Speed: 7.5
Traction: 4
Movement: 3.5
Aerial Movement: 3
Jumps: 2.5


Neutral Special – Confusion -

Two of Exeggutor’s heads look lifeless while the one in the middle appears to deeply concentrate for .35 seconds of lag. After the lag, a DK sized area directly in front of Exeggutor distorts, anybody inside it taking 4% and a flinch. . .But more importantly becoming confused. This causes a random button input (Besides throws/situationals) to appear above the foe’s head, and if they do the attack they’ll hit themselves with it. If the input created some sort of stage alteration/trap, then they immediately suffer any negative effects from it. If it has no negative effects, it will be allied to Exeggutor. If the foe is in the air, ground only inputs won’t be among the possible inputs to be banned and visa versa. Shielding/dodging can be banned by Confusion, but it counts as a single input and thus it’s rather rare for it to be banned.

This lasts 30 seconds, but every 2.5 seconds the banned input changes to another one at random. Hitting a confused foe with Confusion again makes the intervals where the banned input changes happen .5 seconds faster and renews the duration. No, you can’t make the banned input change faster then once every half a second even if you stack Confusion 6 times.

Side Special – Razor Leaf -

Exeggutor rears back his upper body before lurching forward slightly, launching a single Kirby sized Razor Leaf very quickly, only .1 seconds. . .But it’s a pretty pitiful projectile, only going half a Battlefield platform and dealing a mere 2% and flinching. The move can be charged for an extra .3 seconds to make the leaf go 2/3rds the distance of Final Destination and deal 8%, thankfully.

Up Special – Leaf Storm -

Exeggutor shakes about rapidly like a dog over .2 seconds to make a bunch of leaves shake out of his palm tree top all around him. Exeggutor then uses his psychic powers to make the leaves swirl around in a whirlwind wide as Bowser and as tall as Ganondorf that deals 22% and knockback that kills at 105%. Due to Exeggutor being right in the middle of the whirlwind, he gets shot up 5 Ganondorfs without even going into helpless – he can even use his Up Special again! Horrifying stuff.

Except for the part where, y’know, this move has horrendous move decay and it can never be refreshed without getting a new stock. With each use, the move boosts Exeggutor up one less Ganondorf and the power decreases by one fifth, until after five uses this does nothing. Rather inconvenient that this is Exeggutor’s only KO Move AND his only recovery. . .

Down Special – Egg Bomb -

Exeggutor lobs one of his three heads to the ground insanely quickly. When the egg collides with something, it splatters into what’s essentially scrambled eggs – if it landed on the ground it’ll function as a standard tripping trap that lasts forever, though you can only have 2 at a time. If it lands on a foe (You can do this mainly by getting up into the air above them), the egg will crack open and spill it’s contents over their face, scrambling their controls for 10 seconds (Reverse control stick input and randomly switch the buttons about) until it falls off of them onto the ground and becomes a trap. This move has some slightly notable end lag as Exeggutor regrows the head, but it’s not a deal breaker.

Needless to say, reversing the foe’s controls becomes much more potent when they’re confused. Now they won’t know what input their currently banned move is assigned and will be reluctant to attack at all. If you pressure them during this time, they won’t have much choice but to fight back and will potentially hit themselves in confusion.


Grab – Psychic -

A Bowser sized area half a Battlefield Platform in front of Exeggutor distorts slightly. While the grab is ranged, the fact it leaves you blind up-close doesn’t give it the advantages of a tether. . .But it doesn’t have the disadvantages of the tether either, as there’s no disgusting lag on this.

Upon grabbing a victim successfully, inputting any “throw” simply has you levitate them around at Jigglypuff’s dash speed in said direction. While Exeggutor has no pummel input against foes, you can deal damage to the victim by slamming them against the ground. The higher up they were before you slammed them down, the more damage you deal – 10% per Ganondorf height. You can also grab projectiles with this and levitate them back at their owner. Inputting shield has you drop whatever you’re levitating to regain control of Exeggutor.

Exeggutor still has real throws, though. . .Those leaves from Razor Leaf and those scrambled eggs from Egg Bombs? They don’t magically vanish and lay around on the ground when the attack is over (Leaf storm leaves go off the top of the screen). Notice how an uncharged Razor Leaf falls right into Exeggutor’s grab range? It happens for a reason. You can grab them and have a set of “throws” to use on them. Exeggutor can only levitate 5 leaves at a time but can have out as many as he wants.

Pummel – Levitate -

Exeggutor levitate the leaves/scrambled eggs around like he would a foe or an enemy projectile. Simply used to re-position them.

Forward/Back Throw – Magical Leaf -

Exeggutor shoots forward/backward all the leaves he’s levitating at once, them being treated as if they were fired from a fully charged Side Special – and this has no lag (Though there is the lag of picking the leaves up, which is still shorter then charging). Picture 5 leaves all being shot at the enemy at once – That’s 40%! Of course, this is rather telegraphed, and once you fire the leaves you have to go over to the other side of the stage to use them again. . .If you throw some scrambled eggs at the foe, then it will be treated as if you hit them with your Down Special, splatting over their face.

Up Throw – Leaf Storm -

A cloned input? Somewhat, but the important difference is that this doesn’t interact with the Up Special’s decay at all. However; the power depends entirely on the amount of leaves you have. You need 5 for it to be as powerful as the Up Special (And no, it can’t become more powerful then that), and that’s assuming you’ve got them all in the same place and everything. Furthermore, this causes all the leaves to ultimately go up off the top of the screen, just like with Up Special.

If you attempt to move during the second half of the start-up lag, you’re allowed to, as Exeggutor is simply speeding up the levitation at that point. This adds an extra .2 seconds of lag to when the Leaf Storm goes into action, but it allows you to walk into the whirlwind of leaves to be boosted up into the air.

Used on scrambled eggs this is essentially a vertical version of the fthrow/bthrow.

Down Throw – Scramble -

Exeggutor scrambles his leaves around at random with his psychic powers. The leaves move around a good while in the background at immense speeds before they come back, several leaves having swapped positions with each other at random. While this may sound useless, you can cover up scrambled egg traps with razor leaves, and once the foe doesn’t know which leaf is masking the egg it’s much more threatening. It’s not so much the trip itself that’s threatening – it’s the potential threat of your other harmless leaves masking a trap.


Up Tilt – Tree Top Block -

Exeggutor turns to face the screen over .2 seconds, then straightens his tree top to be completely straight, making it a solid platform slightly wider then Exeggutor’s base. Pressing utilt again exits the stance. Exeggutor can still move and attack normally in this stance, but moves much slower due to constantly facing the camera and having to shuffle left and right awkwardly. This is obviously excellent anti-air, as it lets you force the foe into the landing lag of their attacks then dump them right in front of you for an easy Egg Bomb.

Of course, the attack has more downsides so you don’t just always have it on. Needless to say, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for Exeggutor’s tree top to become perfectly solid, hence why it’s not. Characters lighter then Exeggutor treat the platform as a drop through one, able to easily come down to Exeggutor. Characters as heavy or heavier then Exeggutor will cause Exeggutor to move even more slowly as he carries them, and after 2 seconds of doing so Exeggutor will fall over into his downed state and take 5%. Aside from this, characters can still use their dtilts to attack Exeggutor from above while in his treetop. You don’t –want- them above you, you’re just using this as a set-up for Egg Bomb, preferably catching them in landing lag so they have no time above you. In dire need, though, you can force them off by using one of your attacks that has you lean forward.

Down Tilt – Faceplant -

Exeggutor leans over and forms a half arch with his body. If he hits nobody, he has horrible ending lag as he faceplants into the ground. The hitbox is only present when Exeggutor’s palm tree top connects with the ground, pitfalling foes and dealing 10% as well as devouring shields alive. This takes a fairly laggy .6 seconds to execute, but Exeggutor can come out of the move at will by inputting anything so long as he isn’t in the last .15 seconds of the move. This can be a useful in combination with your utilt, but it’ll only work if the foe is expecting you’re leaning over for a different attack. Either that or by having scrambled eggs on your palm tree top.

Dashing Attack – Barrier -

Exeggutor creates a barrier behind himself and stops running, letting out a distinct cry and taking .4 seconds of end lag. The barrier is as tall as Exeggutor, but paper thin. It lasts 5 seconds, but is invisible except during the brief moments where it’s being hit and the part where it was hit flashes briefly. If a foe dashes into the wall, they’ll splat against it and deal 10% to themselves with a bit of stun, falling into their prone state and shattering the barrier. This can buy you a bit of time when fleeing from the foe and forces them to approach over it if they want to continue to pursue you even if they don’t splat into it, linking into your utilt.

If you hold down A during the attack, Exeggutor will continue dashing but generate the barrier a Battlefield Platform in front of himself. If Exeggutor keeps dashing, he’ll hit the barrier himself and take the 10% (Yes, he’s not immune to it), so you generally want to use this when attempting to meet the foe head on so they ram into it before you do. If you release A after you make the barrier in front of yourself but are still dashing, you’ll stop dashing but you’ll let out the distinct cry for the move, notifying the foe there’s a barrier afoot. . .But who says you didn’t just make the barrier behind you? This can be a good way to make the foe scared of something that isn’t there, then you can later take advantage of the wall behind you.

Standard Attack – Psych Up -

Exeggutor leans slightly forward as he utters his Pokemon Stadium cry, causing an area the size of Wario a third of a Battlefield Platform in front of him to distort. Any foe caught by this is dealt a mere 1% and flinching. . .But this scrambles their controls in an identical fashion as to if you splatted some scrambled eggs over them for 10 seconds. This is fairly quick. . .So why use this in combination with scrambled eggs instead of using just this? Simple. If the foe’s controls are already scrambled, they’ll not only be re-scrambled, but this will last for 20 seconds instead of 10. Any further attempts to renew control reversing will again reset the timer to 20 seconds.

Forward Tilt – Psych Out -

Exeggutor does the exact same motion as in his jab with the exact same cry, dealing 1% and flinching. . .Without reversing the foe’s controls. Seeing there’s so clearly no reason to use this, the foe will think you used the jab and try to figure out their controls for a while, meaning they’ll more likely then not stumble away from you a good ways, giving you time to do set up. Aside from that, the fact that you have this at all means that if the jab control scrambling just so happens to not scramble as much as it should they’ll think that you used your ftilt, only to later fall victim to one of their other buttons not functioning as it should as a crucial button.


Forward Smash – Future Sight -

Exeggutor’s ftilt not sound useful enough? Too bad. We’re introducing another move with the same animation and cry as the jab that deals 1% and flinching. . .No, it doesn’t reverse their controls, nor does it simply do nothing. Instead, it makes the foe’s controls reverse after 5 seconds. This can easily fool the foe into thinking you used the ftilt and think they’re fine only to get screwed over 5 seconds later, or visa versa. Charging the move makes this control reversing potentially last up to 25 seconds rather then the usual 10, though that loses the mindgame potential.

Down Smash – Ingrain -

Exeggutor turns to face the screen and extends out vines from his palm tree top and roots them into the ground as he “charges”, the charging being the actual “attack”, though there’s a good .4 seconds of lag to start “charging”. Exeggutor heals at a rate of 1% per every tenth of a second and can heal up to 35% from this.

Exeggutor has anti-grab armor while ingrained, and Exeggutor’s vines will keep him rooted to the ground if he takes horizontal knockback, resisting it though still taking the damage. To be uprooted from this early Exeggutor has to be hit up into the air. . .Why bother wasting a Leaf Storm or Razor Leaves to get into the air when the foe can be so kind as to help you up?

The healing is –very- excessive to the point the foe will struggle to out-damage the healing while you’re ingrained. . .Broken as hell. However; if the foe does an attack aimed at where the roots go into the ground that deals 10% or more, they can uproot you and prevent you from using the move for 20 seconds (Though this gives you no lag). The fact that the foe has to be practically on top of you to do this though means they’re easy bait for a Egg Bomb. . .This move will bait the foe into –something- you can capitalize on, respond accordingly.
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Default Re: Make your own Super Smash Bros Character!

Up Smash – Giga Drain -

Exeggutor turns to face the screen and stomps in place slowly like in his Pokemon Stadium idle animation as his palm tree top starts absorbing green energy all around him. This has a quarter of a second of start-up, but the hitbox is a giant disjointed box around Exeggutor as tall as 2 Ganondorfs and 2 Battlefield Platforms wide. This deals 10-20 hits of 1% and flinching, and every damage point inflicted Exeggutor heals. The catches are that this does nothing whatsoever to shields and is fairly easy to DI out of, though if they were right on top of Exeggutor they’ll take three quarters of the damage by the time they DI out.

But still. . .Why wouldn’t they shield? The foe takes shield-stun in such a fashion that their shield doesn’t shrink at all during this time and Exeggutor has .25 seconds of end lag to punish if the foe is still up close to him. The answer is quite simple – they don’t shield because they don’t have an effing clue as to how to shield due to having scrambled controls. Best used immediately after you confuse the foe or right when Future Sight would kick in (Or when it would if you used ftilt).


Neutral Aerial – Sleep Powder -

Exeggutor shakes around rapidly like a dog (Or as doglike as he can be with his body shape), causing sleep powder to emit from Exeggutor’s tree top. This has .3 seconds of lag on either end, but has a very long duration of a whole second. Exeggutor floats in the air via his psychic powers during the duration, but his falling speed increases by 1.5X for half a second afterwards. Once Exeggutor is done, a Bowser sized cloud of Sleep Powder will be where he was, lasting for 3 seconds and causing anyone who comes into contact with it to fall asleep (They won’t fall asleep until hitting the ground – no easy gimps).

What makes this attack remotely usable is the fact that Exeggutor gets flinch resistance during this move – not superarmor. This means Exeggutor can still take damage/knockback, but it won’t interrupt the move. Getting knocked away is actually a good thing, though, as wherever Exeggutor travels throughout the duration of this move will have Sleep Powder. How kind of the foe to help you spread it around!

Forward Aerial – Slam -

Exeggutor slams his body forwards over .9 seconds with the hitbox coming out after the first .15 seconds, the hitbox being his upper body. This deals 13% and a weak meteor smash that pushes foes down 1.5 Ganondorfs.

Exeggutor has superarmor during this attack. If a foe hits him with a jointed attack from the front anyway, their attack will cause Exeggutor’s heads to crack open and the scrambled eggs within the heads to splatter all over the foe, reversing their controls as if they were hit by the Down Special and bringing Exeggutor out of the move. This is a good attack to let Exeggutor pressure the foe what with the only valid response being dodging, and if they don’t know what button is dodge. . .Fun times!

Back Aerial – Vine Whip -

Exeggutor extends out a pair of vines from his tree top a quarter of a Battlefield Platform backwards over .3 seconds. This hitbox is a grab hitbox and does no damage, but the foe is still perfectly capable of attacking while “grabbed” like this. If they deal more knockback then a Battlefield Platform’s width, then they’ll be free of the grab, but otherwise Exeggutor will pull the foe along with him wherever he goes, the foe unable to move. The foe can also escape this like a traditional grab, but it’s 3x as difficult to escape – and button mashing is rather bad when you could accidentally input something banned from Confusion. . .

Buy why button mash to escape? It’s not like you have to knock Exeggutor very far to get out of this. . .Except for the part where Exeggutor can use his nair or fair, where he –wants- you to attack him and running away isn’t an alternative.

Inputting bair when you already have a foe grabbed has Exeggutor swing around his vines to the opposite side, enabling him to face his foe. If he holds down A as he swings the foe, then he’ll release them as he swings them in that direction, dealing 9% and knockback that kills at 160%.

Up Aerial – Synthesis -

Exeggutor angles his palm leaves on his head upwards to absorb as much sunlight as possible. How much he heals is based off how high in the air he is, and thus how much closer he is to the sun. If he’s under Ganon’s height in the air (And he’s not capable of getting that high outside Leaf Storm with his terrible jumps and high fall speed), he won’t heal at all. If he’s 5 Ganondorfs up, he’ll heal 25% - the max. This is fairly quick, but can only be used once every time Exeggutor’s in the air. While you can get fast healing if you spam this in conjunction with Leaf Storm, having low damage will be irrelevant if you have no recovery.

Down Aerial – Stun Spore -

Exeggutor thrust his upper body downwards as a massive amount of yellow powder comes out of the palm leaves on his head. This is surprisingly fast, and the yellow powder covers an area as wide as Exeggutor and falls faster then Sonic can run, giving this move excellent downward range if used from high up, stunning foes for a nasty 2 seconds, though it’s delayed until they hit the ground to prevent easy gimping. If shorthopped, Exeggutor blocks almost the entirety of the hitbox of the move with his girth.

Aside from giving Exeggutor time to set-up his leaves how he wants or to potentially even set them up under the foe for a leaf storm kill, grabbing the foe won’t interrupt their stun, giving Exeggutor 2 free seconds to levitate them to a hard to recover from position before they can even attempt to escape the grab. This also applies to Sleep Powder, grabbing them with Psychic not waking them up.


Exeggutor extends his upper half forward as his three heads all have entirely blank expressions with their tongues drooling out of their mouths. He proceeds to emit ten purple waves as tall as he is that go all the way to the opposite blast zone, going through anything solid along the way at Luigi’s dashing speed. The distance between them varies – you can spot dodge most of them in succession without missing a beat, but there will be the occasional wave that’s just a bit closer to prevent you from spot dodging them all. You generally have to go over them.

If any of the waves hit, all the other ones vanish as the screen zooms in on the victim as they fall asleep, then shortly after wake up with their eyes swirling. Exeggutor lets out a cry and steps into the background as any scrolling on the stage stops for the 20 second duration of the Final Smash, and you control the foe. Any KOs the victim makes will count for Exeggutor. Sounds a lot like another certain Final Smash, doesn’t it? Oh come on. It’s been 5 MYMs since then. . .

So in 1v1s you just make the foe walk off the edge of the stage, right? Well, you think you’d be able to do that, but Exeggutor’s Hypnosis isn’t perfect – whenever the foe is off-stage they’ll be cpu controlled and only attempt to recover back to the stage. The foe still seems to be resisting Exeggutor’s Hypnosis. . .No matter. You can just make the foe smack themselves in Confusion. Worry not if you didn’t hit the foe with Confusion in advance – if you walk in front of Exeggutor in the background, he’ll automatically use Confusion on the foe if they’re not currently confused – this also applies to any other foes outside the victim. If you do manage to KO the foe before the time is up, then they’ll no longer be hypnotized and the Final Smash will end.


Exeggutor mainly revolves around Confusion to force the foe to avoid certain inputs and reversing the foe’s controls with Egg Bomb/jab/ftilt/fsmash so they don’t know what that banned input is. From there, Exeggutor generally likes to use moves like his dsmash, usmash, fair, and nair (The later 2 often combined with bair) which require rather immediate specific responses from the foe – considering the foe doesn’t know how to do these things, things can get rather awkward, especially if the specific response they have to do just so happens to be blocked by Confusion.

While Exeggutor can pressure if he has Confusion and control reversing going for him, he’s far from what you picture when you think of a rushdown character and likes time to himself to set up scrambled egg traps and razor leaves. To get this time, you can use your dashing attack to place a Barrier behind you (Or potentially in front of you if you’re feeling ballsy), then set up a bit and use your utilt for some anti-air when the foe comes over. If they land on your tree-top, you can hastily lead into an Egg-Bomb as they come down in front of you to start the control reversing up and start fleeing from the foe as you camping at them with Razor Leaves and stacking up other control reversals. With their controls scrambled about, they’ll take longer to approach and will be more likely to actually get hit by the leaves as you continue to flee and set-up. Once you get enough leaves, you can use them to get into the air without wasting a Leaf Storm to either heal yourself, stun the foe, or scramble their controls via uair/dair/Down Special respectively. If you don’t fear the foe that much and are confident they’re fumbling around helplessly, you can just go for a usmash/dsmash as well. Dsmash in particular can get you into the air without requiring set-up as the foe knocks you up, though if you can manage to land the bair (Probably from forcing the foe to approach over a barrier) you can also clash your nair/fair with the foe without getting all that high up.

While you definitely don’t ever want the foe’s controls to unscramble once you’ve gotten them scrambled, you don’t have to feel the need to constantly chase after them to re-scramble their controls. Again, if the foe thinks they’re gaining something by staying away during that time, that’s their mistake, as Exeggutor can just heal with his dsmash/uair. Bait the foe in with the threat of your healing to get them into range to re-reverse their controls and leave them helpless to your tactics.

To actually kill foes, you’re generally lacking in moves with that much knockback despite being a heavyweight. Your best bet would probably be levitating the foe about off-stage farther than they can recover after grabbing them with Psychic. To get more time to do that, you’ll generally want to either hit the foe with Sleep Powder or Stun Spore so you have more time to levitate them around before they can even attempt to escape the grab. To help you land the grab, you can take advantage of Barriers from your Dashing Attack which Psychic is more than capable of grabbing through while being perfectly safe from enemy attack.


Exeggutor Vs. Arcanine: 80/20, Exeggutor’s Favor

Arcanine moving around so stupidly fast and revolving around doing so is bad for him because of the simple threat of running off-stage and killing himself with reversed controls. With Exeggutor’s massive range and how he enjoys time to himself, the “run” part of Arcanine’s hit and run strategy can often do more harm than good. If nothing else, Arcanine will have plenty of time to prepare his buffs, but he’ll certainly need them – the fact that even said buffs can be used against him via Confusion doesn’t make things look any better for him. Exeggutor’s scrambled eggs traps laying on the ground also prove more useful than normal against Arcanine, as the fact that Arcanine keeps running when he lands a grab means he’ll run onto one and trip, freeing Exeggutor from the grab. This means Exeggutor can feel free to whore out his shield if he has his back to a scrambled eggs trap, as Arcanine’s only option to beat it out will just cause Arcanine to trip, making Arcanine struggle all the more to break through Exeggutor’s defenses. Nevermind how Arcanine has no vertical recovery whatsoever, which makes Exeggutor’s main KO method in Levitation depressingly easy to kill with.

Exeggutor Vs. Item Tree: 50/50, Lady Luck’s Favor

There’s no Super Happy Tree or (recent) Whispy Woods moveset for the Item Tree to battle, so she’ll have to settle for Exeggutor. It’s essentially impossible to make a serious match-up ratio for the Item Tree, but you lot don’t like all of those ridiculous ratios anyway, right?

The Item Tree likes time to herself more-so than Exeggutor due to being able to spawn items, and Exeggutor being such a poor aerial combatant means he’ll struggle to get at the Item Tree’s items. Still, the fact the Item Tree is more of a threat when left alone then Exeggutor, Exeggutor will generally have to be the one to approach. . .And why wouldn’t he want to? If he manages to reverse the Item Tree’s controls, she’ll struggle to bring down the items she actually wants to use and will quite possibly end up hurting herself with her own items/fail to prevent even Exeggutor from getting his meaty vines on an item or two.

Killing the Item Tree for Exeggutor is a mixed bag. On the one hand, Exeggutor can ignore the Item Tree’s ridiculous weight by levitating her off-stage. On the other hand, her recovery is a clone of Rob’s, meaning it’s very good. Exeggutor’s stunning moves in Stun Spore/Sleep Powder serve more use then usual though in that they enable the cumbersome Exeggutor to easily get his hands on the Item Tree’s items for good KO options.

The Item Tree can kill Exeggutor with utmost ease, the problem is racking his damage, mainly due to his ability to heal himself and how the Item Tree fails at approaching even more then Exeggutor. Exeggutor’s Barrier proves very annoying for the Item Tree due to her pathetic jumps, her having to dash against it and take the damage to destroy it or use her main recovery move. When she finally gets past it, Exeggutor will already of healed a good bit, and if she knocks him up into the air Exeggutor can just use his dsmash on top of her foliage. Yes, the Item Tree can use her usmash on Exeggutor, but then she’ll hit him higher in the air where he can use his uair for even more healing. Of course, the Item Tree can ignore Exeggutor while he heals to make more items, potentially making him regret leaving the Item Tree alone.
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