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Old 03-23-2004, 02:59 AM
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Lightbulb Comin to Life

Chapter 1: Comin To Life

Jake was walking down the street to the building were the first annual Pokemon Trading Card Game would be held. Jake lives in Tampa, Florida and had brown hair. He is in tenth grade on the varsity basketball team and he couldn't wait for this thing to start.
Jake: Man I will so win this.

Jake almost allways talked to himself about battles. Jake's favorite card was his most recent, Absol. Though he allways kept in the middle of his deck his first ever card he found on the road, a Flareon. Though he basically had all the starters and only five of the legends. Which were Zapdos, Entei, Lugia, Suicune, and Mewtwo. Than Jake saw his best friend Rob. Jake started to run to him.
Jake: Hey Rob!

Rob turned around.
Rob: Hey Jake what up.
Jake: Nothing much, just going to the tournement.
Rob: Me too and I will win with my Team Rocket; Dark Pikachu.
Jake: We will see.

The continued to the tourny. Than after about thirty minutes they reached the building. Each one shook hands and walked off towards two diffrent directions. I went left and he went right.

While Jake was walking down the hallway a old lady stopped him.
Lady: Do you have dreams?
Jake: Umm...yeah?
Lady: I will let one come true. Let me see a Pokeball Trading Card and your first ever Pokemon Card.

Jake slowly grabbed both. His hands were shaking. She grabbed them and with one hand Jake was knocked out. So was the whole building.

Twenty Minutes later...

The whole building wakes up, but in diffrent places. Jake looked around and saw that he was in a match against a girl. Her name is Tina.
Tina: Woah! That was strange.
Jake: How did I get here?

They looked at eachother. Jake felt something on his side and looked down. Six Pokeballs were on each belt loop!
Jake: What, this isn't real!
Tina: I know I said the same thing when I saw mine.

Jake saw that she had a Pikachu on her table. Jake had Flareon.
Jake: Well at least that is real still.

He drew a card and it was a fire element card. Tina drew a Raichu and since her Pikachu was allready clipped with three electric cards she could evolve her Pikachu according to the rules for the tournement.
Tina: I will now place a Raichu on Pikachu.

She did and than she flipped Pikachu over and placed Raichu over it.
Refferee: Tina has evolved Pikachu and now can't attack, Jake's turn.
Jake: I will equip a fire card to Flasreon.

All of a sudden his Flareon and Tina's Raichu dissapeared. Than in the middle of both the kids a wind struck and blew them five fett back. Appeared in the middle of them was a Flareon and Raichu.
Jake and Tina: No way!
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Old 03-24-2004, 06:12 AM
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Thumbs up Re: Comin to Life

Chapter 2: Hologram or Real?

Jake and Tina looked at the two Pokemon that stared at eachother. Jake than looked at Flareon and smiled.
Jake: Ha thats awesome holograms, I've always wante this. Now Pokemon battles will be better.
Flareon: Flar.
Referee: Umm...we didn't hear about this one, oh well ok. Let the battle...

The ref got shocked by a blue lightning bolt from the Raichu. Everyone started to scream, as the place filled with Pokemon.
Jake: Umm...this is turing out really bad.

Flareon looked at Raichu.
Tina: Thunderbolt.
Jake: No wait!
Tina: Nevermind. What kid whats wrong.

He looked at the place and than smiled. He loved all these holograms, than a Spearow flew over him and crapped on his head.
Jake: Man this is awesome, fake crap too?!

Tina rolled her eyes.
Tina: Lets get this battle finished.
Jake: Flamethrower.
Tina: Thunderbolt.

A streak of red firery flame and a blue lightning bolt hit another and the place went up in flames. Jake grabbed the now reapperaed card. He looked at Flareon and left. Tina did the same, Jake grabbed her arm and everyone left, with each Pokemon following.

Jake stopped in his tracks.
Jake: This can't be?
Tina: What?
Jake: Let me see something. Flareon come on.

The small red like cat Pokemon ran up to Jake's leg and a pokeball fell. The cat like Pokemon was caught in.
Tina: Woah this is to weird. Raichu return.

She grabbed a Pokeball and the big yellow rat Pokemon returned. They continued to run. Outside there were Squirtle's and Marills squirting down the place. Than in a white flash a huge blue Pokemon with a brown shell appeared.
Tina: A Blastoise how did this all happen?
Jake: They are real! Let me try another card. You too Tina.

They both shuffled threw their decks and Jake found his Mudkip, Tina found her Gyrados. In a white flash the two Pokemon appeared.
Jake: They are real!
Tina: Yeah they are!
Both: Use watergun!

The two Pokemon shot the cold jets of water at the fire and with the new aqquired Pokemon the fire went down. Than the Blastoise used Hydro Pump and the fire completely went out.
Jake: I most find that old lady.
Tina: What do you mean?

Than evry deck turned white and the flash of light went in the air and broke up into different spots.
Tina: Its happened, Pokemon are real.

She looked at her Pokeball and new Gyrados. Jake looked at Mudkip and Flareon's Pokeball. They both returned their new Pokemon.
Jake: Well I am going to find this old lady that probably did this and I will try o catch more Pokemon.
Tina: I want to come with you!

Jake turned and looked at her. He smiled.
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Old 03-26-2004, 05:39 AM
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Default Re: Comin to Life

Chapter 3: Moltres's Rude Awakining

The wind blew and the sky was getting darker. Pokemon were roaming free, and one even shocked her. The pld lady was standing outside her old rickety taborn waiting for something, or someone.
Lady: I can feel you coming you have questions.

She walked into the taborn and in the middle of her only room besides the kitchen was a table with a cloth over it. She took the cloth off and in the middle was Celebii. Than on the top right hand cornor was Lugia and on the top left hand cornor was Ho-oh. On the bottom right hand cornor was Latios and on the bottom left was Lattias.
Lady: You will find out soon, find out soon you will.

Behind her a small purple creature floating smiled. It looked at her and wouldn't keep its eyes of it. The small creature thought, this lady brought me to life from a card and now I will repay her. The woman turned around.
Lady: Well hello there Mew. Were is Mewtwo?
Mew: [with its psycic powers] I don't know I think it went out.

The woman looked worried.


Mewtwo was floating in the sky. She was looking for something and kept floating. She was just like Mew except two times its height and was a darker purple. Mewtwo thought, where is that Pokemon I need. Where is it!?

Mewtwo continued to float. Then it saw it the wing of it. A bright wing that anyone could point out. Her speed picked up with just a blink of an eye.

Jake and Tina...

Jake and Tina were walking down the path looking at the Pokemon around the area.
Tina: How come we don't catch any?
Jake: No point right now, I need to find this old lady.
Tina: Do you even now were she lives?

Tina was getting really impatient.
Jake: Yes I do. I have seen her some where before, but I don't know how.

Tina rolled her eyes and than snickered.
Tina: Can we stop?

Jake stopped real quick.
Jake: Are you serious?! No we can't I need to find this lady. I want to know how she did this.
Tina: How do you know it was her anyways?
Jake: She asked for two of my cards and than she touched my forehead and I past out. Next I know we are in a card battle and Raichu and Flareon appeared.
Tina: Ok. I am sorry.
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Old 03-26-2004, 05:41 AM
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Cool Re: Comin to Life

Jake continued to walk. Tina followed him and the wrapped her arm around his arm. Jake smiled. Than he looked up and saw a purple flash of light.
Jake: What was that?!
Tina: Huh?

She looked up and saw a red flash of light.
Tina: Yeah what is that red light?
Jake: I saw purple.


Mewtwo was chasing the red bird and it seemed that the chase would never end. Mewtwo looked at the bird and charged up a ball in her hands.
Mewtwo: Moltres if I were you I would stop!
Moltres: [turning around and panting] What do you want with me?

Mewtwo threw the ball down to the ground and it exploded. She smiled and Moltres looked at Mewtwo with gratitude.
Mewtwo: The person that made us come to life needs our help, but she is planning to bring the other legendary birds back and with that Celebii will come.
Moltres: What! Which birds?!
Mewtwo: Latias, Latios, Lugia, and Ho-oh.
Moltres: No we have to have Zapdos and Artincuno with us.
Mewtwo: I can't find them.

Moltres looked off in the horizon, the sun was at the highest point it could reach. Moltres was excited nowing that his power would increase.

Jake and Tina...

They were walking up one of the small hills of Florida. Jake knew that he was there. He grabbed Flareon's Pokeball and threw it down. Out came the red cat like Pokemon with a yellow belly.
Flareon: Huh?

Jake and Tina both jumped back.
Jake: I understood you!
Flareon: Yeah. I can understand you.

Tina looked at Flareon and Jake how they were just talking to another. She decided to try and see if Raichu talked also. She grabbed its Pokeball and out came the big rat Pokemon that was all yellow and had brown stripes on its back.
Tina: He..he...hello?
Raichu: Hey!
Tina: Wow there is no way we can understand them.
Jake: Most be this old ladies trick.
Flareon: Old lady?
Jake: Yeah she is probably the reason you guys are here right now.
Raichu: This is bad she is going to what to bring THEM back.

Jake and Tina were really confused. Espicially Jake thinking he knew everything. Jake, what are they talking about? Tina scratched her head, ok Jake had me confused and now I am ten times more confused.

Old ladies house...

Moltres: Mewtwo thanks for letting me find her she is not bringing THEM back.
Mewtwo: I know.
Moltres: No you don't and also the sun, the posistion its in gives me more power.
Mewtwo: What?!

A huge streak of fire hit Mewtwo and than the psycic Pokemon was hit by steel wing attack. The purple Pokemon was KOed.
Moltres: If any one is going to bring THEM back it will be me and the other birds.

Moltres's started up a huge fire ball in its mouth and out came a huge cylidar fire line. Though a sheild blocked the attack.
Moltres: What?

Mewtwo got up and out of the door Mew appeared.
Mewtwo: How could you Moltres, us legendaries are supposed to protect the world and not bring the strong legendaries to life, you were going to use them for evil.
Mew: Yeah what happened?
Moltres: Well till next time you two.

The fiery red Pokemon flew off towards the sun.
Mew: Why Moltres, why?

Jake and Tina...

Flareon: There is the house.

Jake looked forward and smiled. He turned around seeing Raichu running up to them. Tina though was having problems and she stayed still.
Raichu: Umm there is a huge snake thing in front of her.
Jake: Wuss and you call your self a Pokemon. Flareon lets go.
Flareon: Ok. Alway have to save the girl.

Jake looked at Flareon confused like. When they walked up there was a purple snake Pokemon that looked like a cobra.
Flareon: Arbok leave her alone.
Arbok: Noosss, you sssstupid catssssss shessss minesss.
Jake: Flamethrower.

Flareon shot a red flame that was in a perfect line at Arbok who was burnt. It turned around and glared at Flareon.
Arbok: Thatssss it.

Flareon closed his eyes quick enough.
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Old 03-26-2004, 06:47 AM
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Cool Re: Comin to Life

Chapter 4: Old ladies story

Arbok: Why did yousssss not paralisessss?
Jake: So it is true snakes do have small brains.

It started to turn to Jake.
Jake: Tackle!

Flareon started to run, it ran into the purple snake and it went flying. It flew next to plain and landed.
Arbok: I will get youssss!

It crawled into the plain and left our sight.
Flareon: Lookssss like I have an enemysss.

They all laughed knowin he was making fun of Arbok. Then Raichu and Flareon started to walk up with me and Tina. Jake grabbed her hand. Tina, this guy is great.

They were walking down the path and finally saw the taborn. Jake was sortof worried since he didn't know this woman. Though he kept having the flash backs. Jake knocked on the door and the old lady answered. She quiclky closed the door and said something. Then she opened it.
Lady: Hello Jake I could tell you were coming.
Jake: How?
Lady: I will answer that and other questions when you all come in and sit down.

Jake, Tina and the two Pokemon walked in and sat down on her sofa, except Flareon. Raichu though wasn't really paying attention.
Lady: Well my name is Maria.
Jake that sounds so familiar.
Maria: You will see. Well about fifty years ago the worlds of Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn connected and split into these new worlds.
Tina: That can't be because that happened over a hundred years ago!
Maria: No they just tell you that and please don't interupt again. Well anyways back then there were four legendary trainers, two were trainers, one was evil and the other was an ex-trainer and pokemon professer. Samual Oak, Gary Oak, Giovanni Ketchum and Ash Ketchum. We were all in a secret group. Well a year after the islands connected we had a secret meeting. We didn't want a prophecy to come true, till you were born. SO to get everyone to forget that Pokemon were real we made them all into cards. Over there are five legendary cards that I hope to get back to life one day.

Jake looked at Tina who was super confused.
Jake: Why me though?
Maria: Well I am your grandma and Ash is your grandpa. I am the sibling of Gary Oak and I fell in love with Ash. We had your father and than he cheated on me with that Misty girl. So you were the only connection that connects the Oaks' with th Ketchums'.
Jake: Though how did you know I was coming and I would be the connector?
Maria: I am..well..a with and psycic.
Jake: Thats cool.
Tina: Freaky.

They all laughed.
Maria: Well you need to find Ash so you can find out what the prophecy is. He is in the hieghst point of the Rocky Mountains. Hurry gind him.
Jake: Ok I will, who is with me?
Flareon: I am.
Tina: Me too.
Raichu: Me three.

Jake smiled and returned Flareon. He knew that this would be fun. Tina returned Raichu. Jake went up to Maria and hugged her.
Jake: Thanks grams and I knew I remembered you.
Maria: Your welcome and I hoped you remembered me.

When she touched his back Jake felt a little tickle. Tina and Jake walked out of the house and out came Mewtwo and Mew.
Mewtwo: What are you going to do with those cards?

Again Maria looked at the cards.
Maria: I don't know?
Mewtwo: Well you have a day since Moltres and the other two aren't on our side anymore.

The purple Pokemon flew up and left Mew and Maria. Her quest was to find Mewtwo.
Maria: Are you going to leave me too?
Mew: No.

She smiled.
Mew: So what did you do to Jake?
Maria: I gave him some of my power for good luck.
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Cool Re: Comin to Life

Chapter 5: Mewtwo's death

Jake and Tina...

Tina stared at Jake as he went to bu some medicine for them and their Pokemon. Tina, Jake is so awesome I love how I am on this trip with him. Jake gave the receptionist the money and he got a bag of treats.
Tina: What did you get?
Jake: Food, medicine, and some magazines.

She smiled and then shrugged her shoulders. They walked off towards the limo service.
Tina: So we got our plane tickets and money for the limo to the airport?
Jake: Yes Tina.
Tina: Ok.

Maria's house...

The old lady continued to stare at the cards and wanted to know how she was going to revive them. Mew floated up to her.
Mew: Why do you want THEM to return?
Maria: Because they will save the world.
Mew: You don't know the story than. Of why Ash espicially wanted these in cards and why they are so hard to revive.
Maria: I do, but if I could revive them they would be good. Trust me.

When Mew looked at the table he noticed that Lugia was missing.
Mew: Huh?! What happened to Lugia?

Maria hesitated on her answer.
Maria: Well umm...I placed it in Jakes bag, he doesn't know though.
Mew: No why did you do that what if it revives again!
Maria: I never thought of that.

Mew went around the corner to its room. He was pretty surprised that Maria would give the Pokemon card to a irresponsible kid.
Mew: Why, well I will have to say the enchanted song now so that Ho-oh will raise and I can find Lugia. I will wait till she asleep.

Mew face went from nice to like an evil smirk.


The purple Pokemon flew around looking for the red bird. She couldn't find it, but saw something unusual a purple snake.
Mewtwo: Arbok?

Mewtwo started to float down when a long fire streak went pass Mewtwo's left leg. She turned around and smirked.
Mewtwo: Well you finally showed.
Moltres: Why wouldn't I?
Mewtwo: Well you ran last time.
Moltres: Only reason because you had a friend, but now I do. Show yourself!

Hovering over Moltres now was a yellow bird as big as Moltres, but a little weaker since now clouds were up and she wasn't able to be charged up.
Zapdos: Hello Mewtwo.
Mewtwo: Zapdos what do you want!

The yellow bird smiled and then let a laugh out.
Zapdos: Your life!

Jake and Tina...

Atendent: Flight 236 flight 236 will depart in ten minutes.

Jake quickly ran around the corner with Tina. They were holding hands. Jake started to huff and puff.
Jake: I hope the plane has a bathroom.
Tina: Told you not to drink three Mountain Dew cans.

She laughed. Both were stopped to check there bags. When the security guards saw the Pokeballs, they pulled some guns out.
Jake: Woah chill!
Scurity guard 1: What is in those balls?

Jake grabbed Mudkips Pokeball and threw it down. Out came the small blue creature.
Security guard 1: Oh ok your fine go ahead.

Jake returned Mudkip and the security guards put there guns away. Jake grabbed his bag and grabbed Tina's arm. He started to run towards the plane.
Atendent: Five minutes left for flight 236.

Jake and Tina were at a full sprint and they made it with two minutes to spare. Jake gave the atendent the two tickets and she showed them their seats. They sat down and Jake sighed.
Jake: I am glad that we made it.
Tina: Yeah.

She gave off a smile. Jake, she is so pretty I love her smile.


Mewtwo: Aaaaaaaaaaaa!

She hit the groud really hard. Than jumped back up. The purple Pokemon stared up and looked at the two bird Pokemon. She frowned.
Mewtwo: I don't want to fight you two! But I will if I have to.

She sent a purple beam at Moltres and hit him in the chest. Zapdos than sent a huge thunder bolt at Mewtwo, it directly hit. Moltres got up and shot a star of fire at Mewtwo. The flame came closer and closer. Mewtwo tried to escape, but was hit. When a huge smoke dissapeared, Mewtwo was barely standing. Her left arm was missing and she had a whole bunch of blood running down her face.
Zapdos: Well Mewtwo I thought you were stronger.

Moltres and Zapdos was making fun of Mewtwo, by spitting in her face and laughing at her. Mewtwo than started to charge up and huge purple ball.
Moltres: Looks like she still has fight in her. Huh?!

Mewtwo threw the ball and hit Moltres in the chest and face. Half of his beak was missing. He cried out really loud.
Mewtwo: Friends or not I will kill you before you can...

Mewtwo fell to the ground. Than Zapdos started a cannon.
Zapdos: I hope you like my Zap Cannon!

Moltres started up another fire blast. A star formed in his mouth.
Moltres: I hope you LOVE my Fire Blast.

Both attacks were shot off and connected as one.
Both birds: ZAP BLAST!!!

The attack hit Mewtwo who couldn't move at all. A huge sand storm came up and Moltres and Zapdos laughed. Moltres glew a darker red and Zapdos glew a brighter yellow. Lightning formed around her body as fire formed around Moltres's body. The dust cleared up and all that was left of Mewtwo was her head.
Moltres: poor friend.
Zapdos: Lets go and find Articuno.

The two bird Pokemon flew off looking for their pal.

Jake and Tina...

Jake was talking to Tina how he couldn't wait to see or hear about the prophecy when he had a sharp pain in his ribs. Then in a quick flash Jake had a vision, but his vision had him floating over the debrey. When he looked down he saw Mewtwo's head in one spot were a huge hole laid. Jake got sick and thew up.

The vision ended and Jake a puke down his shirt.
Tina: Whats wrong!

She jumped up.
Jake: I just had a vision of a Mewtwo dead. I also felt a pain in my ribs before I had the vision.
Tina: Who did it?
Jake: I don't know.

He closed his eyes like to sleep.

Maria's house...

Maria: He just felt the fist part of his power.
Mew: This could be bad.
Maria: I know.

She lowered her head closed her eyes and then was in like a dream state. She opened her eyes and looked across from Mewtwo's death site. There the sight of what killed her two legendary birds and yellow one and red one.

Maria returned from her vision.
Maria: She's dead.
Mew: Who?
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Talking Re: Comin to Life

Chapter 6: In or out?

Jake and Tina...

The two kids just got off their plane and Jake grabbed a map when they stopped at a touring place in the airport. The map was of the Rocky Mountains and he looked for the highest point. CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Jake and Tina both her someone coming behind them. Than someone pushed Jake. Jake turned around.
Jake: What was that for! Oh my gosh its you!

Tina turned around.
Tina: It can't be you were shot.
Man: Who did it Jake. Who killed Mewtwo?

Zapdos and Moltres...

The two legendary bird Pokemon were flying up in the sky when they found a mountain. They both perched on its snowy top and turned their heads one way than another.
Moltres: She has to be here.
Zapdos: Well where? Come on we need her so we can get the Pharoh.

Moltres looked at Zapdos confused. Moltres knew that it would be only ten more years when the pharoh would make his return.
Moltres: Pharoh? He hasn't returned yet and if he did Lugia and Latios would be risen and on his team.
Zapdos: Honestly Moltres you don't know.

Moltres shook his head. Than Zapdos started to laugh. Her laugh echoed through the whole mountain side. All of a sudden a loud roar appeared. And up came a majestic blue bird that seemed to over power the two.
Bird: Zapdos and Moltres what do you want!

Her eyes were now reder than blood. She seemed very angry.
Zapdos: Articuno we need you so we can kill the pharoh and the five legendary cards before they come back to life.

Articuno looked at Zapdos. Then bowed her head down. Zapdos, I know she will join us. None of us have ever backstabbed eachother. Moltres, if she backs out I will kill her personaly. Articuno lifted her head up and smiled.
Zapdos: So are you in or out?

Jake and Tina...

Jake looked at the man again and studied him more. The man had brown hair, wore a blue shirt with blue jeans. He frowned. He knew what this man was talking about threw visions.
Man: Who did it!
Jake: I don't believe its you Gary. You died I heard the stories.
Gary: No I didn't I stopped the legendary four so why would I have died?! Who did it!

Jake looked down. He didn't know and didn't want to say a word. He kept on the subject. Jake, Gary is part of my family line, but I don't know who did it. Tina was confused and looked at Jake.
Tina: Who is this?
Jake: This is Gary Oak. He is my cousin along with Ash.
Gary: What did you say.
Jake: Your my cousin along with Ash.

Gary turned his head. Then curled his fist up. Gary, your still alive Ash. I must find you. A tear came in his eye.
Gary: Who did it and why are you here?
Jake: Ok I know Mewtwo is dead, but I don't know who did it. Though in a distance there was a red and yellow light. I am here to find Ash to hear the prophecy. Your Aunt sent me.

Gary knew what he was talking about. Gary, why send him Maria? Jake is the pharoh's recarnation and if he dies than the prophecy will fail. I will join him on his quest. Yes.Though on our way we need to find Nick Dunbar.
Gary: Ok I will help you on your way an plus I have a Rapidash so she can get us there quickly.
Jake: Ok thats cool.

Gary than felt a strong presence in Jakes backpack.

Zapdos and Moltres...

The two bird Pokemon waited to see what Articuno had to say. One wanted her in the other wanted to kill her. Though Articuno knew she couldn't because it would be betrayl to the pharoh, but on the other hand if they killed him the three of them would be the power of the world. Articuno, yes I will trick them and join. Then when it comes to the pharoh I will fake an injury and have him kill them. Then I will KILL the pharoh.
Articuno: I am...
Moltres: What?
Zapdos: Yes what.
Articuno: In.

All three laughed, but Zapdos and Moltres didn't know Articuno's plan.


Her eyes opened and than she looked at the table. The cards were missing and she got worried. She jumped up very frantic like and it was really dark. She looked outside and saw a bright white light form in the shape of Ho-oh.
Maria: Mew noooooo!

Mew turned around and looked at her. Than he turned to Ho-oh who know was in full color. Her red, yellow, and green stuck out even in the dark.
Maria: Why Mew why?
Mew: Because I am done with you Maria and I will get Lugia so that Jake won't beable to win.
Maria: Not you too!

Mew knew he shouldn't have taken this path but she choosed to beat Jake. Mew nodded at Ho-oh.
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Default Re: Comin to Life

Chapter 7: Abanded Mew

Mew nodded at Ho-oh and than the bird Pokemon opened its mouth. Than out of no where a strong slash went threw Ho-oh stopping the attack. It was a red and white Pokemon.
Mew: The legends are coming to life! Maria what did you do.

Than the new Pokemon spoke up. Its voice really powerful sounding and would make anyone hide.
Pokemon: I am half the gurdian of th sky Mew, and why would you try to destroy her!
Mew: Cause you damn legends! And I don't want the prophecy to come true and I know no one does.
Pokemon: Don't say a thing like that the Pharoh is back and you will have to deal with it.
Mew: Latios if you think about it your rite, but if you remember what half of the prophecy says about the Pharoh.

Latios looked deep down inside himmself remembering the half that Mew was talking about. The day of the return will not only be good. The fires will raise raising the fire bird, Moltres, the winds will get colder raising the ice bird, Articuno, and the storms will destroy raising the lightning bord, Zapdos. The Pharoh will come and destroy all that he sees and put the birds to rest. The fire of war will leave deaths and survivers. The closest to the Pharoh will be killed. He will raise and be named Jake. After he destroys the birds Ho-oh the great fire bird and Lugia the master of the seas will turn their backs and kill the Pharoh. Though he will provale and win, the survivor of the earth will start to end of his tenth birthday.

Latios shook his head not trying to remember the prophecy and than started to speak.
Latios: No matter of what the prophecy says Jake won't do it and can beat the prophecy.
Mew: He is too weak Jake won't do it.

Maria then stepped up and looked at Mew all of a sudden she started to say something.
Maria: The day you raise, the day you die, the day I want is the day you split.

Then the three legendaries went up in the air.
Mew: What are you doing?!

Jake and Tina...

Gary was leading them towards a small city where he had a friend named Nick Dunbar. Gary knew this kid as a great trainer and he also beat him in the silver confrence. Jake and Tina looked at Gary.
Jake: This doesnt really look like mountains to me.
Gary: I know I just need a recruit soon you will find out what the prophecy says about you.

The two just continued to follow Gary. He then stopped infront of a house. Gary turned and looked at Jake and winked at him. Than smiled at Tina. Jake, what is he smiling at my girl for. Tina, Gary scares me. Gary than knocked on the door. After a few times a guy answered.
Guy: What do you want!
Gary: Nick I want you.

They all heard some locks click and than the door opened. It slowly opened and it kept creeking. Out came a tall guy with black hair and wore all blue. By his side was a black Pokemon with a moon shape on its head. Nick jumped up and laughed.
Nick: Is that really you Gary?
Gary: Yep.

Nick laughed he hadn't seen this guy in awhile. Than he looked behind him and saw Jake and Tina.
Nick: Is that him?
Gary: Yeah, but I have a question for you.
Nick: Shot.
Gary: We are on an expidetion for Ash Ketchum so Jake will know what the prophecy says about him. And I was wondering if you could join us.

Nick was shocked by the question. He than smiled and looked at Jake.
Nick: Only if I can battle him myself.

Jake pointed to himsslef and Nick nodded.
Jake: Ok.


The small pink Pokemon landed on a hard spot and looked around. The psycic Pokemon reliezed that he is in a desert. Than when he stood up a Dunsparce appeared. It hissed at Mew.
Dunsparce: Get awayssss form here Mew.
Mew: What the hell did you say.

The Dunsparce looked directly in the eyes of Mew. Than it hissed.
Dunsaprce: You wonder why you have been desertedsssssss. Leave now or I will call them.
Mew: Try me Sparce.

The small tan snake looked at Mew confused. It couldn't believe that the small pink Pokemon stood still and didn't even get scared when Dunsparce gave it its little bluff.
Dunsparce: I willsssss get youssss.

The small snake buried itself under the sand and left. Mew again looked down and frowned.
Mew: Why did I betray her, now I am abanded.
Kid: Oh man there is a Mew lets catch it.
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Default Re: Comin to Life

Chapter 8

Nick and Jake stood across from eachother. Jake grabbed Mudkip's pokeball and threw it. The tiny blue Pokemon appeared and it had a small fin on its head.
Nick: Ok Shadow come out.

The small black cat like Pokemon jumped out from behind him and stood till looking at Mudkip. Jake looked at the Pokemon, Shadow what a cool Pokemon.
Jake: Ok Mudkip water gun!
Mudkip: Kip, Kip.

The small blue Pokemon shot a long light blue jet of water at Shadow.
Nick: Counter!

A red arua went around Shadow and the attack hit it. Than the watergun went straight back at Mudkip with twice the force and speed. The attack hit. Mudkip was sent flying.
Nick: Ok use swift!


Mew: Ok kid if I were you I would get away from me.
Kid: No, my name is Thomas and I will be th greatest trainer.
Mew: There is no such thing! We will all die in the end and us Pokemon used to be cards.
Thomas: You don't think I didn't know that! I am the second prophecy the part no one knows about!

He threw off his lonf red coat revealing to be in a huge black suit. Pokeballs were clipped to hus chest.
Thomas: Go Zap!

The small yellow and orange rat appeared. Its tail was long and had a lightning bolt at the end. Mew was pissed off.
Mew: How dare you give Raichu a diffrent name. You ******* if you are some sort of prophecy than why did you change all their names.
Thomas: Listen to me Mew. Jake might be good, but as we all know that in this war he will go bad, I will not stand for this. My prophecy is vice versa, I am evil and if I don't catch you the war is bigger, now Zap thunder attack!

Storm clouds appeared and thunder was clashing. Thomas had an evil smile on, than a blue bolt went straight down at Mew. He put up a pink circle and it blocked the attack. Thomas, I will have you Mew even if I have to bring out Entei.

Jake and Tina...

Shadow was knocked backwards by a strong tackle attack. Nick was very surprosed to see that this kid was actually better than he looked. Mudkip stared at Shadow and started to breath hard. Nick, perfect!
Nick: Shadow double team.

In about a few seconds about thirty Shadows were around Mudkip. Than Mudkip looked at one and started to run towards it. It went straight threw and looked confused. Nick smiled.
Nick: Swift.

Yellow stars shot at Mudkip and they hit her. The small blue Pokemon fell backwards. It jumped right back up.
Jake: Mudkip will never give up.
Nick: When I am done it will. Use double team again.

The black Pokemon started to run around Mudkip.
Jake: Concentrate and than release a watergun, than spin around!

Mudkip looked at all the Shadow's, than sucked air in. She started to squirt water and spun. It started at the left and hit them down, one after another were dissapearing. Than from the left Shadow was hit.
Jake: Wow Shadow is a cool Pokemon.
Nick: Yeah he is, but its real name is Umbreon.

Jake frowned. Than looked at Mudkip.
Jake: Lets finish it off bubble.

Mudkip shot bubbles out, but Shadow ran past everyone.
Nick: Headbutt!

Shadow ducked his head and hit Mudkip in the air. Mudkip landed on her back.


Mew tackled the rodent. The Raichu moved back. Thomas, why does she fight with a lot of resistance? I need her to beat Jake!
Thomas: Zap use zap cannon!
Mew: No you don't.

Zap started up a circle of electricity and looked at Mew who was now all pink. Zap turned pink and started to float. Mew, now you wil get hurt badly *****. She slammed the rat Pokemon on the ground. It screamed with pain. Mew, yeah ***** cry, scream there is no way I will be caught. Zap was slammed down and fainted. Mew laughed sinister like. Thomas returned the Pokemon.
Thomas: You think your good? Go Flame.

Out came a tall dragon like Pokemon. It was red and had an orange stomach. A flame started in its mouth.
Thomas: What now Mew, can you take my Charizard!
Mew: You don't get only a legendary can beat me.
Jake: I am the prophecy. Listen to me, Jake is one I am two.
Mew: Sure.

The black suit on Thomas was shaking. Mew knew that he was angry. Mew, Why don't humans listen I will have to beat this puny Pokemon and have him bring out Entei. Me smiled.
Thomas: Ok use flamethrower.

It looked like the flame on its tail got bigger and the dragon Pokemon shot a long flame of fire at Mew. The pink Pokemon was hit. Thomas laughed. Charizard shot another blast and Mew blocked it with its pink sheild. He was getting really pissed. Charizard stomped one foot.
Mew: Scary. OOOOOOooo.
Thomas: Are you mocking him.
Mew: Yep.
Thomas: Oh that makes me mad, fire blast.
Mew: Finally.

The fire dragon Pokemon opened its mouth and started a fire ball. Mew started a purple ball. Mew, my shadow ball will do the job. The two attacks were shot off. A purple ball and red fire star came closer and closer to eachother. Narrowing down to who would get the finnal attack.
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Default Re: Comin to Life

Chapter 9

The attacks collided and a huge explosion took the arena. Mew than dissapeared in a flash, floating in front of Chariard's whose eyes were closed because all the smoke that surronded them. Mew started a ball up again.
Thomas: Flap your wings to clear the smoke.

His legs were shoulder apart with an arm in his face and with one eye open. Mew shot the attack off and Charizard flew out. One of its wings were missing and he was bleeding terribaly.
Mew: I warned you kid only a legendary can stand up to my power espicially since Mewtwo is dead.

The Charizard was sending out an immense cry. Its right wing was torn off from its flesh. Thomas was beggining to tear up than returned Charizard. The boy grabbed Entei's Pokeball. Thomas, damit you will have to do. Thomas threw the Pokeball. Out came a red with orange like flames around its neck, white fur on its face and yellow on its sides. Entei roared. It was it and the power that came from it was immense.
Thomas: Is this who you want to...
Mew: Finally long time no see.
Entei: Mew!

Its voice echoed in the air. Mew jumped a little in place.
Entei: You just don't get it.
Thomas: Yeah.
Entei: Rght now bequite.

Thomas shut up.

Jake and Tina...

Jake started to get angry. Mudkip got up slowly.
Mudkip: The hell?
Shadow: Finally we can talk you did it first.
Nick: Ok use Shadow ball.

In its mouth a black and purple ball appeared. Slowly it got bigger and bigger. Shadow shot it off. Then Mudkip turned white, it was amazing the ball went straight threw. Mudkip than got bigger, it shape formed into a Marshtop.
Jake: Huh? What are you!?
Marshtop: I am Mudkip, but I eveloved Jake I will help you with the fulfillment of the prophecy.

Nick was surprised. All the Pokemon knew about the famous words that he had learned about two years ago. Do to Shadow.
Shadow: Eh.
Nick: Tackle!

Shadow ran and than darted at Marshtop. The black Pokemon rammed into the blue Pokemon KOing it. Marshtop fell over and its eyes began to roll.
Nick: Oh yeah!

Jake returened his Pokemon. He was surprised beyond fact thinking that Flareon was the only Pokemon that knew and now he knew that more than him knew. Jake, I want to know what the prophecy is now and I need to know. Jake could feel something inside him that he has never felt before.
Jake: Lets get going.
Gary: Ok
Tina: ok lets go.
Nick and Shadow: Allright.

The five of them started to walk. All could see the mountains in the distance. They were tall and majestic. Jake had never seen anything like this since he was from Florida. They continued to walk. Tina fell down.
Jake: You ok?
Tina: My feet hurt.

Gary and Nick smiled.
Gary: Well I guess we could now use some flying types couldn't we?

They al nodded. Gary grabbed two Pokeballs. They were thrown in the air and out of one came a Dragonite and out of the other was a Charizard. Jake and Tina hopped onto Dragonite. Tina wrapped her arms around Jake. He smiled. Jake, I so love this girl, shes cute. Tina, might not be cute, but I have strong feelings for him. I love this guy so much. Gary hopped onto Charizard. Than Nick released a Pidgeot. Him and Shadow jumped ontop of it.
Dragonite: Where to?
Gary: The highest points of those mountains.

Dragonite looked at them. She shook her head and lifted off the ground. Charizard and pidgeot did also. Nick, I hope Gary will get us there. I can't trust Jake because of the prophecy. They all flew off in the distance.


Entei's eyes were now like looking into fire. Mew was getting worried.
Entei: What did you do to have hime send me out?
Mew: Injure his little rodent and shot a wing off of Charizard. Impressive huh?
Entei: What?! You are good.
Mew: Yes, but everyone is changing there ways.

Entei than started a flame up. He shot fireballs out at Mew who was hit. Entei was raged with hate now. Mew got up and shot a psybeam at Entei. The dog like Pokemon shot a circular fire at the purple beam. The two attacks hit and the psybeam wet straight threw hitting Entei. The dog Pokemon was knocked back some.
Thomas: Tell me when you are ready to catch it.
Entei: No! When I am done we will let Mew just die in his own blood.

Entei shot a flame at the small Pokemon who went higher up in air. That really didn't amtter since his tail caught on fire. The Pokemon landed and tried to blew it out. Entei now had fire around its whole body. He rammed its body into Mew. The pink Pokemon was serverly hurt.
Mew: What?!

Entei shot a flamethrower out at Mew. Mew shot a psybeam at him. The attacks collided and a huge explosion like earlier. Though instead Mew wanting this ton happen Entei did. He ran at Mew threw the smoke and lifted hits paw up. Mew than heard a slashing noise and the sound of flesh ripping on it. The smoke cleared and Entei had dark red blood on his paw. Mew fell, when he saw what happened, Entei had ripped a huge chunk out of his stomach. The red dog Pokemon ran towards Thomas.

Thomas started to get a Pokemon to threw at Mew when Entei ducked his head and put Thomas on his back. Entei stopped in its tracks and turned his head at Mew, than laughed.

Mew looked up and saw Thomas on Entei's back and saw them running towards the sun. Mew looked down seeing that its stomach was missing and blood surronded him in the sand.
Mew: [weakly] Come back Entei!

Than a strong psycic power went around Mew and its body was picked up. Mew was now KOed since of all the blood loss. He has nothing to dream about except his death. The psycic power than rose it higher up in the sky.


The head of Mewtwo was starting to get covered up by dirt and bugs when the same psycic power lifted it up. Also it right arm which was near her was picked up. The dead psycic Pokemon was up in the air.
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Default Re: Comin to Life

Chapter 9 continued...

The two Pokemon were now in the air. Both unconcious and not able to tell what they were about to expireince. The evil that was dormant in each was now coming out. The power of the two were going to make a whole new Pokemon and with another Pokemon they were going to fight.
Scientest: Hello.
J.M: Hello Nick, my son.
Nick: Have you seen Cousin Ash?
J.M: No son, go find him.

The red head walked out of the room. His white lab coat dragged on the ground, but he wasn't a normal geek scientest. He didn't wear glasses he was just another 15 year old, but smart. Nick knew that this experiment would take out everybody and he would win. Than he came to a room with a girl with blonde hair and she wore a pink lab coat. Nick grabbed her from behind.
Ashely: Hey Nick we got the two Pokemon, except Mewtwo only came with its head and right arm.
Nick: Thats ok. How about we go expirement on our own?
Ashely: No not now! We must do this and find Ash.

He nodded. Nick was ready to kill Ash and Gary, but no one knew that Nick was going to take gary at the same time.

Jake, Tina, Nick Dunbar, and Gary...

Jake walked up to the top of the mountain and called the other three up. When they got up there it wasn't like a normal top of Mountain. On the top was a firld with a brown circle in the middle. Then on the far end of the field was a cave. In front of it were two orbs. A red and blue. On the right there was a white and dark red orb, and on the left was a red, yellow and blue orb. It was magical. Gary and Nick went to the red and blue orb, Tina went to the yellow, red, and blue orbs. Jake went to the white and dark red orb. A strange voice came up.
Voice: Eachone of you take one orb, Jake you can only choose the white one. Now do it humanity is in your hands.

Jake picked the white orb up and than his back pack went whie, out of it Lugia's card appeared. It was amazing. Than Jake turned around to a flash of light. There in front of him was a tall blue and white legendary bird named Lugia. Tian grabbed the blue orb, Gary grabbed the red orb and Nick grabbed the blue orb. Then two Pokemon appeared it was Kyrogue and Groundon. They each stood in front of Nick and Gary.
Voice: Now put them in a Pokeball.

They all grab a Pokeball and sucked the Pokemon in, except Tina who was waiting. Than the man showed up. He had jet black hair and wore a blue shirt on and black pants. Nick and Gary jumped up, knowing this was the man they called Ash.
Ash: And now the battle will begin. The war of all wars wil start and will not end for ever unless you Jake do something.
Jake: Huh? What do you mean? Are you Ash?
Ash: Yes I am. And what I mean is that its time to tell you about the prophecy.

Jake and Tina jumped up, now waiting for the prophecy and why was Jake called pharoh one time. Ash had eachone sit down and he sat in front of them, than a blue flash happened in the sky.
Ash: Tina its here for you, your legendary.

Legendary birds...

Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres were flying around making territory theres. They were now in the Sahara desert and Articuno made it the Sahara Pole. It was covered with snow and ice. Blizzards were storming threw.
Articuno: Yes yes I have it. The greatest place of all and we can destroy everyone and everything.
Moltres: Yes.
Zapdos: Why you will probably turn on us.

Articuno than gave it a glare of hatred. Than it jumped up in shock. It started to dissapear into thin ice and than vanished. It went towards the direction of the 'defenders'. Articuno was about to meet its owner soon. It was now flying towards Tina.
Zapdos: Told you he would betray us.
Moltres: Why?
Zapdos: War. Now we will have to kill the owner.
Moltres: The closest to the pharoh. It is destined, yes!
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