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Default Re: Wild Charmander Chase [Summer Writing Competition Entry] <- (only posts #50-60)

Remember that project I had to for summer? Well, turns out I don’t have English this semester, and I don’t have to turn it in until I have that class. Who would’ve thunk it?

Plot: Kenny is an adolescent Riolu who has a dangerous curiosity with humans. One day during school, he lets the wrong question slip and is sent to the principal’s office. After the older Lucario warns him, Kenny is still confused about why he is so curious. After school, he leads his friend Ted, a Lairon, to a spot where he found a mysterious item. The item, a Poke Ball, sucks Ted into its depths, and when he tries to find his father, he bumps into the clan leader, Angus. After seeing the Poke Ball, he released Ted and fights Kenny in an Ex-Battle. Kenny loses and thus, exiled.

After leaving his mother, he wanders around and begins to understand why he is so curious. After a meeting with two trainers, he meets up with two familiar faces. However, as the trainer comes back, Kenny runs and then awakens in a Pokémon Center. After getting out, he sees a Chimchar and a Charmaleon and is involved in a battle. Deciding that he needs to stop and think, he lets himself be captured.

This was a pretty good plot, I honestly enjoyed reading the story. Kenny does portray this preteen Pokémon who is too curious for his own good, and as shown in the anime, young Pokémon do act that way. The way you added a part of the flashback as you wrote was really good and it worked much better than if you had just added the whole thing at once. With that, you had this suspense vibe going on.

My only complaint is that you should have focused just a bit more on the emotional parts of the story. As I read, I could see that you tried to add some emotion, but I can see you do better. Try this next time, it might help you: When you get to this dramatic scene (I.e. finding out he can’t come back home with his mom), stop writing about what the character is physically doing. When you get to that scene in the story, imagine what the character must be feeling emotionally. Did his hearts seem to break into two? Did the world seem to suddenly stop spinning? When you get to that part, write as much as you can about what the character is emotionally feeling. Think of it as sort of a pause button where you top the story to focus on one thing: what the character is emotionally feeling. Once you feel that you have written everything the character is feeling, then you can continue with the story. It might not be the best technique out there, but what I want you to do is to get into the habit of delving deeper into your character’s psyche.

I also wondered why the Lucario clan seemed to think of humans as such as a deadly taboo. Surely one raid couldn’t have done all of this, can it? Just something I thought you could have elaborated on more.

Introduction: Pretty good here. You started off with a battle, introduced us to all of the main characters, and I could picture the setting and characters. No qualms here, keep up the good work.

Grammar/Spelling: This was top notch. The most I saw here were missing commas which could easily be fixed by some careful proofreading. There are some things I want to point out:

It engulfed Kenny, and he was knocked back.
You add a comma before “but”, “so”, and “or” when you are connecting two sentences, but you neglect to do that when you use “and” all throughout your story. Make sure you start adding those commas.


Ted opened his mouth, revealing a row of sharp teeth, and bit down the Riolu’s long, blue tail. Kenny yelped out in pain as he felt Ted’s teeth dig into his tail. He quickly shifted his body weight to make his tail whip around and hopefully make Ted let go of his tail. The Lairon let go of his opponent’s tail when Kenny whipped his tail around.
In this paragraph, you use the word “tail” many times, and when I read it, it got redundant. You have a tendency to use the same word many times in the same paragraph or section, and it’s boring when someone reads it. If you can, try to replace the word with a synonym (I.e. Instead of “tail”, you can use “ the long appendage”), or if that doesn’t work, even “it” will be better. Just reread your story to spot spots like that.

And third, most of the time, when a character talks, you simply put “asked” or “said”. There are times that you use better words, but for the most part, you use “said” and “asked”. Try varying it, because even changing something like “said” or “sneered” can really help the reader understand what kind of person your character is. Using stuff like “quipped with a cocky grin”, “whispered with downcast eyes”, and “snarled with narrowed eyes” in place of “said” can REALLY spice up a story. I highly suggest taking this into account, because it can really help you in your stories.

Length: Hey, poke, the 52K count is with the spaces, and the 42K count is without the spaces; you got them mixed up. ^^; That aside, though, perfect, you did your math.

Description/Detail: Every time I read your latest story, I see your description and detail improving (which makes me proud, btw ;) You described all of the characters form the Pokémon to the less important humans. All of the settings were nicely described along with attacks and actions. All I suggest is working on making the descriptions smoother. What I mean is, avoid describing stuff as: “He had a tan underbelly and a forked tongue that smelled the air.” You’re describing, but you’re just telling us.

Make it livelier, less obvious. Something like: “As the Pokémon pounded his tan underbelly, his forked tongue tasted the air, searching for his newest meal.” Is not all that different, but it’s more interesting and not as boring.

This is my challenge, my friend: From here on, avoid writing things like, “He had a horn and long tail.” From here on, spice it up, add some life into the description. I GURANTEE you that your stories will be loads better. Stuff like this can make the difference between losing someone on the first paragraph or gaining a new reader.

Battle: Another of your strong areas. The battles were two-sided, you used many attacks, and everything was nicely described. In the future, use more of your surroundings. I know you have used them in your past stories, but it’s especially important for harder Pokémon like Riolu.

Outcome: This story was just perfect for the jackal, in my opinion. The plot was interesting, the grammar and description were excellent, and the battles were nicely written. So, Riolu captured! I’m SO sorry you had to wait this long. If I would’ve known that it wouldn’t get graded by now, I would have tried to read this earlier. D: Well, I hope this grade (and Pokémon) makes up for it, poke. Keep on writing, and good luck in the competition! :D

- Kat

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Default Re: Serenity

Ok, so here is my latest story.

Pokemon: Castform and Staryu
Category: 1 Complex and 1 Hard; Castform 30-40K and Staryu 20-30K
# Words: 8,888
# of Characters with no spaces: 40,198
# of Characters with spaces: 48,864
Status: Ready to grade!

The paragraphs in italics are flashbacks that only the character Alex remembers. (He's not exactly thinking about them, it just helps to give some info on one of the other characters.)

Here are the summaries of my previous 5 stories.

Wild Charmander Chase: Johnny is a new trainer that just got to Sinnoh. He overhears a conversation between some people that a Charmander has been spotted. After this, a wild goose chases ensues and everyone is trying to catch Charmander. At the end, Johnny makes a new friend, Max, and catches the Charmander and a Starly who had been following him.

Gligar, the Mischievous Stowaway: Johnny decides to call his parents and tell them that he caught two Pokemon. His dad informs him that Johnny's uncle is going to visit him and wants Johnny to take care of a Pokemon Egg. On the way there, Max catches his first Pokemon. Johnny arrives at the docks and sees his uncle. He receives the egg and then a Gligar flies from the ship chasing the captain's Pokemon. After retrieving the captain's Pokemon, Johnny and Max head to Jubilife City, where Max catches a Machop along the way. Johnny then runs into the Gligar bullying two Ralts. Johnny quickly battles the Gligar and catches him. Then, he has to catch the two Ralts because they attack him. In the end he catches both Ralts.

Sweet Egg o' Mine: Johnny and Max are invited to a prestigious tournament. They train for a week before the tournament starts. The day of the tournament, Johnny's egg hatches and his newly hatched Elekid is frightened by his unruly Gligar. Johnny runs after his newly born Pokemon and finds him fighting a Magby. He ends up catching both Pokemon.

Topsy Turvy Tourney: Johnny Rodriguez and his friend Max Banks enter a Pokemon tournament. Rocio Cyrus, a lonely girl, enters the same tournament, but wants to win it for a different reason. She wants to join a local gang, the Red Gyrados Gang, but they won't let her in unless she wins the Pokemon. The gang later resorts to cheating and framing Rocio. Fortunately, Johnny catches the gang in the act and the gang is arrested. Johnny wins the tournament by beating Rocio in the final round.

Exile: Kenny is a Riolu living in Mt. Coronet with his clan. He has an interest in humans ever since he was saved by one during a "Human Raid". (Human Raid was when a bunch of humans went into the cave and tried to catch all the Pokemon in it) He is exiled from the clan after finding a Pokeball because no one is allowed to talk about humans and anything to do with humans. He fights many trainers off, but finally runs into one that looks like the person who saved him. This person is Johnny and after a long battle, Kenny lets himself get caught.

Now that the summaries are done, here is my story.


Chapter 1: Nightmares

Kenny stood in the darkness of the cave, which was filled with an uneasy silence. A tall Lucario stood before Kenny; a deep, determined look was on both their faces. The ground below them was moist and loose. Angus was breathing slowly. The silver stub on his tan-furred chest slightly rose every time he breathed in. The stub was the remains of a spike which had been broken off years ago. His blue-furred ears were sticking straight up, indicating that he was concentrated. His crimson eyes were staring into Kenny’s eyes. Kenny was confident he could stand up to the Lucario in front of him. The small Riolu stood alert on his two, black hind legs, and the light wind that came through the cave ruffled the azure fur that covered his body. His face looked like that of a puppy. Finally, Angus broke the silence and spoke in a loud, commanding voice.

“You are an embarrassment to the clan. Your whole life was spent breaking the rules. Your father had to save you again and again. Even when you’re exiled, you get into trouble. Getting caught by a human? You’re the weakest Pokemon I’ve ever seen. You don’t deserve to call yourself a Riolu,” growled the Lucario.

“Y-you can’t intimidate me anymore, Angus! I don’t have to listen to you anymore!” shouted Kenny, a scowl spreading across his face.

“Your voice is trembling. I can tell you’re still afraid of me,” stated Angus as an evil grin spread across his face, “You should be.”

“Let’s settle this right now,” growled Kenny as he put his small black paws in the air.

“You took the words right out of my mouth,” grinned Angus as he balled up his right paw.

Angus’ fist began to glow in a white color as he approached Kenny. The young Pokemon jumped over Angus and landed behind him, making the Focus Punch miss. Kenny quickly turned around and charged at Angus, leaving a white streak of light. However, when he was near the Lucario, he began to slow down unwittingly. Angus took advantage of this and kicked him in the face, knocking him back several feet. Kenny shook his head and slowly got up. This time he balled up his fist and it began to glow in a mauve color. He charged towards Angus with his fist in the air, but it quickly lost its color and strength. When the punch connected with the Lucario’s stomach, it felt like a tap on the shoulder.

“What’s the matter? Are you so scared that you can’t hit me?” Angus asked mockingly.

Then, Angus’ right paw began to glow, and he slammed his open palm into Kenny’s face.

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Default Re: Serenity

Chapter 2: Problems with Powers

Kenny woke with a jolt and began to look around. He sighed; he was in a lush, green forest.

“I must have fallen asleep when I leaned against this tree,” thought the Riolu.

Kenny sighed and scratched the back of his head. The dream had him feeling shaken up. He didn’t like to think about it, but Angus still scared him. After being exiled, life had never been quite the same. He looked around and saw that he was at the edge of the forest. The trees were loomed over him like giants. They were a deep oak color, which made the soft, green color of the leaves seem softer still. The forest seemed calm and relaxing, which was why Kenny chose that spot to rest. He was about to get up and walk around when he heard a familiar voice.

“I see you woke up Sleeping Beauty,” smiled Inferno as he walked up to Kenny.

The large, red lizard had several berries in his hands. He had a grin on his face which showed off his razor-sharp teeth. His long slender tail moved side to side as he approached the Riolu.

“Are you hungry? I’m about to make my famous Infernized Berries,” said the Charmeleon.

Riolu smiled at the offer.

“Since when are your Infernized Berries famous?” Kenny asked jokingly.

“You’re a riot,” Inferno replied sarcastically.

Inferno grabbed the berries and proceeded to put one on each of his six claws. As the berries were pierced by the fire lizard’s razor sharp claws, a miniscule stream of juice trickled down to his paws. He took a deep breath and put his lips together in an “o” shape. As he breathed out, a small stream of searing hot fire emerged from his mouth and engulfed the small berries. The six, sapphire-colored berries began to develop a dark color as the flames danced around them. A minute later, Inferno stopped and removed the berries from his claws, handing three to Kenny. Kenny smiled as he received the roasted berries. They both quickly finished the berries, and then sat next to the tree to rest.

“Those were some of your best berries,” smiled Kenny.

“Thanks, I’ve been perfecting the technique. What’s on your mind Kenny?” questioned the Charmeleon.

“What do you mean?” Kenny asked.

“I came by before you woke up. You were twisting and turning and yelling in your sleep. Is something wrong?” Inferno asked, genuinely worried about his friend.

“I-I had that dream again. The dream where I fight Angus,” Kenny said in a low voice.

“Oh, you mean the dream you’ve been having ever since you had your battle against that Quilava?” Inferno inquired.

“Yea, but it has nothing to do with me losing. You noticed how my attacks were weak, right?” Kenny asked in a low voice.

“I wouldn’t say they were weak or anything-” the Charmeleon began to say.

“Come on, Inferno” interjected the puppy, “Don’t try and make me feel better. I know my attacks have been weaker. I couldn’t even use Poison Jab in my battle. For some reason, all my attacks are losing power. No matter how hard I concentrate, my attacks are weak.”

“Maybe it has something to do with how you’re feeling,” suggested the fire-type.

They both were silent for a minute. Then, Charmeleon quickly sat up.

“I’ve got it! Let’s ask the Twins. They’ll know,” smiled Inferno.

Blaze got up and held out a paw to the troubled Riolu. Kenny thought about for a minute.

“What do you have to lose?” asked the lizard.

Kenny smiled and stood up. They both walked along the outskirts of the forest until they reached a campsite. There were three tents. One was navy blue, one was dark green and the last one was brown. There were several Pokemon walking around the campsite, but Inferno and Kenny walked towards two Pokemon in particular. The two Pokemon looked exactly the same except one had a pink, silk bow on her head. Their bodies were thin and white. Their green hair, which looked like a helmet, covered their eyes. They also had two pink horn-like protrusions coming out of their thin green hair. The Kirlia with the bow had a feminine voice, while the Kirlia without the bow had a more masculine voice. They seemed to be deep in conversation.

“No, I’m right,” said the Kirlia with the bow, “My logic is flawless.”

“Bella, you’re not making any sense at all,” replied the Kirlia without the bow.

“Of course I am making sense. You’re just too dense to understand, Ben,” Bella said smugly, as she stuck out her tongue.

“Well you know what? I’m going to-” Ben began to say.

“Hey guys, Kenny has a problem and he needs some help,” interrupted Inferno.

The two Kirlia looked at Kenny and Inferno as if they had never seen them before.

“We were in a heated debate before you rudely interrupted us, but I guess that can wait. What’s the problem, Kenny?” Bella asked in an annoyed voice.

“Well, all of my attacks seem weaker when I use them,” sighed Kenny.

“That’s it? All you have to do is train,” Ben replied quickly, eager to get back to his debate with his sister.

“Well, I tried that. It’s just that it seems like my attacks are slowly losing their strength,” Kenny said gloomily.

“Maybe it’s something psychological. Have you been under any stress?” Ben asked.

“I got captured by Johnny, but that’s about it. My whole clan was prohibited to even mention the word human, and I was raised like that. So, I guess you could count it as stress,” explained Kenny.

“I’ve got it! You’re change in lifestyle affected your attacks!” yelled Ben and Bella in unison.

“Hey, I thought of it first,” said Ben angrily.

“No, I thought of it first,” complained Bella.

“Um guys? What about me?” asked Kenny.

“Oh,” they both said, “Sorry about that. We tend to argue over most things.”

“What I was saying was that you changed when you got caught. I’m guessing you wanted to forget most of your old life and embrace this new life. Am I right?” asked Ben eagerly.

“I guess so,” said Kenny with a confused look on his face.

“Then that’s it. The attacks you know are a part of your old life. If you want to move on, then you’re going to have to stop using your old attacks, and learn new ones,” explained Bella.

“So I have to forget all my attacks? How am I supposed to fight?” asked Kenny.

“I’ll teach you some new moves,” said Inferno.

“So will we,” Ben and Bella added happily.

Before Kenny could respond, three humans walked into the campsite. Two of them were boys and the third one was a girl. One of the boys had long, messy, black hair and brown eyes, while the other had short brown hair and bright green eyes. The girl had long, wavy, brown hair. Her eyes were a light blue that was almost mesmerizing.

“Alright guys, let’s get you guys back into your Pokeballs. We’re going into town,” said the trio.

Johnny, Max, and Rocio began to return their Pokemon back to their Pokeballs. Kenny smiled when Johnny approached him. Kenny was engulfed by a crimson beam and was sucked into the Pokeball.

“Finally, I’m back in the Pokeball, the place where all my troubles disappear,” Kenny thought to himself.

The Pokeball was the only place where he was truly at peace. When he had first been caught, he had been surprised by the wave of calmness that overtook him. All his problems seemed to go away. He loved the wonderful feeling he got while he was in the Pokeball. However, when he was taken out of his Pokeball, any thoughts about his problems came rushing back. So, he disliked being out of the Pokeball because it reminded him of all his problems. At first, he was a loner because he did not want to interact with any of the other Pokemon. After a while, he warmed up to them. Although, he liked being in the company of the other Pokemon, he longed to be in the one place he would not feel bad. He had a lot to think about after his discussion with Ben, Bella, and Inferno. He wasn’t sure if he was ready to leave all of his previous life, not if it meant having to forget all of his attacks. His father had once told him that his attacks were a part of his identity and that he should never forget them, but if he didn’t forget his old attacks and learn new ones, he would have no way of defending himself. What should he do? This was a big problem that he would have deal with, but for now, however, he was just going to enjoy the serenity of the sphere.

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Default Re: Serenity

Chapter 3: Taking a Challenge

The trio packed up their things and began walking towards the town ahead of them. They were silent for a while until Rocio pulled out a map and began to look at it.

“So the city we’re going to is called Clima Town. Doesn’t seem like a very interesting town,” remarked Rocio.

“It looks like a pretty big town. Are you sure there’s nothing to do?” Johnny asked curiously.

“Well, there is…” Rocio murmured as she trailed off.

“What?” asked Johnny and Max.

“They have a gym in this town,” Rocio responded coolly.

“That’s awesome! I’m definitely going to challenge it when we get there,” said Johnny with an excited tone in his voice.

“I take it you don’t have a single gym badge,” assumed Rocio.

“Well, no I don’t. You don’t either,” responded the teenager.

“Actually, I do. I have a few actually,” smiled Rocio.

She rummaged around her pocket and found a small, black case. She opened it and revealed five different badges. The badges had different colors and designs.

“How could you get five badges if you’ve never left Jubilife City?” inquired Max.

“Who said I never left Jubilife City? I just said I grew up there. Why do you think my team is so diverse?” Rocio asked smugly.

Johnny was impressed by her badges, but chose to remain silent because he was embarrassed of his lack of victories against gym leaders.

As the town came into view, the teenagers saw that it was a regular town. There were small houses with different colored roofs on the outer rim of the town. That seemed to be where most people lived. Towards the center, they could see a couple of tall buildings looming over the city, as if they were keeping an eye on it. In the very center of the city was a building. It was a cylindrical shaped stadium. It had no distinguishing marks or colors on it. It simply said “Clima Gym”. Though it looked plain, Johnny knew at once that it was the Gym that he wanted to challenge.

Johnny smiled upon sighting the gym and turned to his friends.

“I’ll race you guys,” said Johnny as he began to run towards the town.

Rocio rolled her eyes, but decided to take Johnny up on his challenge. She put away the map and began to run after her friend. Max saw his friends running and quickly followed suit. The trio ran into the town, hoping to beat each other to the gym.

A small bell rang as the glass door opened.

“Another challenger is just what I need,” thought Alex.

Alex ran his fingers through his short, messy, brown hair and looked around his gym. The lobby of the gym was covered by gleaming white tiles. There were a few pictures of various strong Pokemon combating each other hanging on the walls. There was a sofa and a few wooden chairs. He took a deep breath before turning towards the door, which was where his challenger was.

“Hey, welcome to the Clima Town Gym. Which one of you is going to challenge me?” Alex asked the three teenagers.

“I am,” said Johnny as he stepped up.

“Well, here at the Clima Gym, I have a special rule; you must use a dual-type Pokemon. The battle is 1 v 1. The referee will decide who wins. Also, the field has no ceiling because I choose to leave the dome open. Do you agree to these rules?” asked the gym leader.

“Yes,” replied the eager teen.

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Default Re: Serenity

Chapter 4: Wacky Weather Battle

They both walked onto a dirt terrain. The weather seemed perfect for a battle. Alex took a Pokeball from his pocket and tossed onto the field, revealing his Pokemon. At the same time, Johnny released his Pokemon. Alex’s Pokemon was a large, yellow, duck-like Pokemon, while Johnny’s Pokemon was a medium-sized, mudfish Pokemon.

“Begin!” yelled the blonde referee.

“Ludicolo, let’s start with Energy Ball,” commanded Alex.

“Marshtomp, dodge it,” ordered Johnny.

The duck Pokemon opened its orange beak and began charging up a ball of green energy. Then, he released it when it was big enough. The sphere zoomed through the air, rapidly approaching Marshtomp. Marshtomp quickly jumped to the side, narrowly dodging the attack. The mudfish opened his mouth and began to spit out large chunks of thick mud towards the Ludicolo. The mud hit him and some pieces clung onto him.

“Now’s our chance, Ludicolo will be slow and we can attack harder,” thought Johnny.

Just as Johnny was about to tell Marshtomp to attack, dark clouds rolled into view and covered the sun’s rays. Then, it began to rain. The raindrops felt refreshing as they touched Marshtomp’s smooth, leathery skin. Unfortunately for Johnny, the rain washed away the mud. Then, Ludicolo disappeared for a fraction of a second and reappeared behind Marshtomp. When the mudfish turned around, Ludicolo rapidly slapped him with the palms of his green hands. The duck dashed behind the ground type and attacked again. Somehow, the rain was making Ludicolo faster. The grass-type continued to attack Marshtomp until Marshtomp opened his mouth and shot out a powerful stream of water. Though the water did not do any damage, it pushed the pineapple-shaped Pokemon back a few feet. Before Marshtomp could do anything else, the raindrops stopped falling and were replaced by a barrage of hail. The sudden change in weather caught Johnny and his water-type off guard. Ludicolo opened his mouth and a powerful flurry of ice-cold wind swept across the field towards the mudfish. Johnny’s Pokemon quickly covered himself with his arms as the ice attack made impact with him. Unfortunately for the mudfish, the Blizzard had left his arms with a thick coat of ice on each. Johnny had to think of something quickly before Marshtomp got hurt.

“Marshtomp, use Take Down, but put your arms into it,” ordered Johnny.

Marshtomp ran at the Ludicolo. As he was slamming his body into his opponent, Marshtomp swung his arms at the duck’s head, making the ice shatter upon impact. Ludicolo was stunned, but he shot a stream of water to push his opponent back. The grass-type opened his mouth and the top of his head began to glow. As he slowly began to gather sunlight, Marshtomp charged at him hoping to knock him out. All of a sudden, the dark clouds began to roll away and the sun began to shine brightly. The sunlight made the top of Ludicolo’s head shine even brighter. Then, he opened his mouth and shot a glowing beam of green light at Marshtomp, who was instantly engulfed by the Solar Beam. When the dust settled, Marshtomp was laying unconscious on the floor.

“Marshtomp is unable to battle. Alex wins!” declared the referee.

Johnny was sad, but he did his best. He returned his Marshtomp to his Pokeball and shook Alex’s hand. Though he was confused as to why the weather had changed so much, he decided to be a good sport and decided to think about it later.

“That was a good battle,” smiled Alex.

“Thanks, but I’ll be back tomorrow for a rematch,” Johnny said half-heartedly.

Rocio was chuckling, but tried not to show it. The three teenagers walked out of the gym, searching for somewhere to rest.

Alex sighed and looked at his Ludicolo.

“That battle was great. You two were amazing,” said Alex looking at his Ludicolo then at the sky, “Those changes went exactly as planned.”
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Default Re: Serenity

Chapter 5: Painful Past

“Lombre is unable to battle. Alex Riak loses,” announced a stout referee.

A blond haired man walked up to Alex and began to talk to him.

“Listen, Alex, you have the potential, but right now you’re just not what we’re looking for in a gym leader. Try again next year,” said the official.

Alex frowned, returned Lombre to his Pokeball, and began to walk away from the field. For the next few days, he sat at home, moping because of his loss. He had failed the Gym Leader Acceptance Test for the fifth time in four months. He felt like his life no longer had a point. Ever since he was a little boy, he had aspired to be a great gym leader. His family, however, disapproved because they all worked as researchers. Though Alex didn’t like researching, he had a knack for it. As he was falling asleep, his phone began to ring. He sighed with discontent and picked up the phone.

“Alex?” asked the person.

“Yes, I’m Alex,” responded Alex.

“Hey, it’s me, your cousin,” replied the person.

“Joey?” asked Alex.

“Yea, it’s me. I was just calling to tell you about this project I’ve been working on. It has to do with Castform,” said Joey.

“You mean the Pokemon that changes with the weather?” inquired Alex.

“Yes, but this one is a little different in a few ways. The pigment of her skin is a darker shade than the other Castforms and the “mask” around her eyes is yellow instead of white. This isn’t the strange about her though. Her DNA is strange. It is different from a regular Castform’s DNA. I’m baffled about what to do with it, and I was wondering if you could keep her and take a look at her DNA,” explained Joey.

“I don’t know. I haven’t been feeling well lately and…” Alex began to say before he trailed off.

“Then, work with the Castform. She might cheer you up,” said Joey, trying to cheer up his relative.

“Ok, I’ll take care of your Castform,” sighed Alex.

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Default Re: Serenity

Chapter 6: Complete Change

“Try again, but this time try and put your whole body into it,” suggested Inferno.

Kenny nodded as his blue tail began to glow in a soft white light. He shifted his body so that his tail whipped around, slicing through the air.

“That was awesome, Kenny,” Inferno said with a smile, “You almost have it down perfectly. You’re a quick learner; it only took you a few hours to get this move down. For this attack you just have to remember to think about transferring your momentum into your tail so that you cause more damage. So, what else can you do?”

Kenny smiled and his whole body began to glow. Then, two clones appeared next to him.

“I see you’ve been training with the Twins. I’m not one for defensive attacks, but to each his own. So, now that we’ve taught you some attacks, you have to learn some attacks on your own. What kind of attacks did some of the other Riolus in your clan know?” inquired the fire lizard.

“Well, we all knew most of the same attacks, but one attack I never bothered learning was Mach Punch,” said Kenny.

“Let’s try that attack,” said the fire-type.

The little fighting-type began to punch the air. He started off slow, and then began to get faster and faster until his hands were a blur. Finally, his hands began to glow, but as soon as they did, he lost balance and fell to the floor face first. He got up angrily.

“I see you have the basic concept of it, but you just need to work on the speed of it and how to make sure you don’t lose balance. If we work at it enough, you can use Mach Punch without having to do all those warming up punches. All right, let’s start again,” said Inferno eagerly.
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Chapter 7: Secrets Revealed

Serenity smiled as she looked at the beautiful day. She felt calm and happy because she had just helped Alex win another battle.

“I wonder when Alex is going to come and tell me how good I did my job,” wondered Serenity.

The Castform floated around on the sturdy branch of the oak tree she was sitting on. She had a perfect view of the field where Alex fought. Serenity sighed and gazed at the field. Though it was not special in anyway, she longed to be on that field and to fight by Alex’s side. She had only been on the field once, but it was when Alex showed her around, and told her that she was going to help him in his battles.

Alex looked at the screen in front of him. It showed him the image of the Pokemon that his cousin had sent him. He stared at the picture of the strangely colored Castform. A minute later, the screen switched to an image of the weather Pokemon’s DNA. The screen made a small noise then it zoomed in on a small segment of the DNA.

“Ok, so that one strand of DNA is what makes this Castform unique, but what exactly does it do? How does it make this Pokemon any different?” Alex wondered as he scratched the back of his head.

A few hours had passed, and Alex hadn’t come to visit Serenity. She was sad at first, but then smiled, storing her emotional pain and her anger deep inside of herself like she always did. This was not the first time she had been disappointed by Alex; she always chose to bottle up her anger and pain.

“He must be busy. He wouldn’t break his promise,” she said to herself, “I think I’ll play with the weather.”

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. When she opened them again, they were crimson red instead of the usual black. All of sudden, the sun began to shine brightly and her body began to change. The bottom of her body, which looked like a dark, but fluffy cloud, turned into a pure white color. Then, her head became bigger and began to turn orange. After that, smaller orange orbs appeared around her sun-like head. She giggled and spun around, enjoying the sunlight she had just created.

Serenity began to concentrate again and her eyes changed from crimson to a deep sapphire. Dark clouds loomed over her and quickly covered the bountiful sunlight. Then, it began to rain as Serenity’s body changed again. The rain started as a trickle and then began to intensify. Her head had changed color to a soft cerulean, and changed from a sphere to the shape of a drop of water. She began to spin around as she hummed. After a minute, she stopped.

Finally, she concentrated one more time. Her eyes were now a soft baby blue color. Suddenly, a cold breeze blew through the tree and the drops of rain were transformed into hail. The hard, transparent balls made a lot of noise as they hit the floor. Serenity’s head returned to its normal size and changed to a mauve color. Then, the rest of her body turned into a jade tornado which slowly whirled around her head.

“Whee!” she yelled as she floated around the tree, paying no attention to the hail that bombarded her.

After that, the weather returned to normal, changing her back to her normal form. Serenity sighed and looked up at the sky.

“I wonder how I got these powers,” thought the Castform.

“Log 13: I have managed to isolate the part of this Castform’s DNA that makes her unique. Though I cannot understand what this segment does, I have had some success. With some stimulation, I have come up with a result. When a certain stimulus wass introduced into her DNA, she seems to have gained the ability to control the weather without using attacks. To what extent this works is still unknown. I will record more when more tests have been done. For now, I will try and befriend this Pokemon, as I have yet to actually interact with her face-to-face,” said Alex to the small, black recorder he held in his hand.
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Chapter 8: The Truth Hurts

“Why hasn’t Alex been here yet? It’s been five hours since his battle ended. It’s already night time,” said Serenity sadly.

She floated around for a little bit, worried about her trainer.

“Maybe he forgot me. No, he would never do that. I’m one of his Pokemon, so he won’t ever forget me,” the Castform assured herself.

She tried to cheer herself up by playing with the weather again, but it was to no avail. When she was in her Rain Form, she began thinking of reasons why Alex hadn’t shown up. Suddenly, a large lighting bolt shot through the sky and hit the Castform. The electricity coursed through her body. It caused her great deals of pain, making her writhe. The sheer power of the bolt of lightning knocked her off of her tree branch, making her fall onto a tree branch several feet below. She shook herself as she slowly got up. When she looked around, she saw that there was a window to the gym in front of her. She smiled and decided she would float in and talk to Alex, but she noticed that he was sound asleep in a chair. She was going to approach him and wake him up, but he suddenly began to talk in his sleep.

“No, of course not. That Castform isn’t really mine. She’s just a Pokemon I have. She’s not important or anything,” said Alex in between snores.

Serenity became appalled. Why would he say something like that?
Then, her mind became clear. She was just being used by Alex. He had no intention to reveal her presence to the world or use her in a battle. He only wanted to use her to win his battles. What she was doing was not even legal. She had been used to cheat. Serenity no longer doubted that Alex did not treat her well. The surge of electricity had indirectly cleared her mind.

“He was only using me! He doesn’t even use me in his battles. I’m going to show him that he should use me in battles! I’m going to show him I can win! I’m going to find that trainer he beat and I’m going to beat him by myself!” Serenity shouted angrily.

All the pain and anger that she had bottled up over the last two years came rushing back to her in a wave of denial. This made her even angrier. Alex had caused her too much pain. To her, there was only one way to make the pain go away. Alex had to accept her and to accomplish that, she would have to prove herself. Lightning bolts landed around her, making loud noises. She began to float towards the field in her Rain Form. She was sure that the trainer was in the field practicing.

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Chapter 9: Weather Problems

Alex was sound asleep on the cold, metal chair he was sitting on. He heard the honking of a car horn and quickly woke up. The gym door swung open and his cousin ran inside.

“Alex! I need to talk to you right now!” yelled the anxious, brown-haired researcher.

“Huh? What’s wrong?” asked the gym leader, still half-asleep.

“It’s these charts and graphs! There’s something really weird happening,” urged the messy haired adult.

“What? Are they all out of order?” asked Alex jokingly.

“No, it’s what is on this chart that is troubling,” explained Joey as he held up the papers, “You see, some Pokemon use the Earth’s electromagnetic field to navigate. They use what we call an ‘internal compass’. The weather here has been extremely erratic in the last few months.”

“I’m not following you,” said Alex with a puzzled look on his face.

“These sudden changes in weather have somehow messed with some Pokemon’s ‘internal compasses’. You know the pond over by the clearing? The one with Staryus in it? The Staryus are bumping into everything and they’re crashing into each other because their ‘internal compasses’ have been messed with by the weather changes and they don’t have any eyes to see with, so it’s even worse for them. Soon, all birds in the area will be unable to fly correctly. I need to find the source of these changes,” explained the chubby researcher.

“Are you sure all this is happening?” inquired Alex.

“Yes, I’m positive. These changes happened a week or two after I sent you the Castform. Wait a second,” said the researcher, staring angrily at his cousin.

“About that…” muttered Alex.

“That Castform is causing this isn’t it?” asked Joey, his face slowly getting red with anger.

“Actually, the Castform is a girl and her name is Serenity, but yes, she is causing it. I kind of messed with her DNA and now she can control the weather without having to use attacks,” the gym leader said sheepishly.

“That’s awful! Although, I think it’s amazing you found out she could do that. Do you know how exactly she controls the weather? Does she use her mind? Never mind, now is not the time. What have you been using her powers for?” asked Joey.

“She’s been helping me win my gym battles by changing the weather. Except she doesn’t fight in the battles, she waits outside and changes the weather at the right time,” admitted Alex.

“What?! You’ve been using that power to cheat?!” yelled the researcher, “Where is she?”

“She’s out-” he began to say, but was interrupted by the large crackle of thunder.

Dark clouds outside began to swirl, and they slowly moved towards the field outside of Clima Town. As the clouds moved, several more lightning bolts danced across the night sky.

“Could that be?” Alex muttered to himself.

“Is that the Castform? We have to follow her,” said Joey as he ran out of the building.
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Chapter 10: Rest and Relaxation

Inferno, Kenny, Ben, and Bella sat on the grass in a large field, tired after a long day of training.

“So, when you use Double Team what exactly should I concentrate on?” inquired the little puppy.

“Well, I usually try to feel the energy coursing through my body first. Then, I separate the energy into as many clones as I want. A really strong and experienced Pokemon can make dozens of clones,” explained Ben.

“I’m going to train until I can make a hundred clones,” Kenny said eagerly.

“Actually, sometimes four clones can do a better job than a hundred could. You see, clones dissipate after most attacks. It all depends on how you use your clones. If you just need a distraction, then a couple of clones are all you need. Also, clones are as fast as you are. So, if you’re really slow, it won’t matter how many clones you have because they’ll get picked off easily” explained Bella.

“But remember to stick to strong attacks that hurt your opponent,” interjected Inferno.

“What? Defensive attacks can be just as good. He should use a balance of both types of attacks,” remarked Bella.

“Well, I don’t like hiding behind my attacks. My attacks are straight forward,” replied Inferno smugly.

“Well for your information, Double Team can be used as an offensive attack too,” Ben and Bella said in unison.

Before they could continue arguing Riolu stood between them and interrupted them.

“That’s enough you guys. I’ll use both types of attacks. Ok? You guys just love to bicker don’t you? So, when are you guys going to teach me new attacks?” asked Kenny.

“Why would we teach you more attacks?” asked Inferno.

“Well, I only know three attacks. I thought you guys were going to teach me some more attacks. You guys were the ones who told me I had to forget all my old moves and learn new ones. How else am I supposed to fight?” asked the Riolu with a worried tone in his voice.

“You have to learn attacks on your own. Don’t get us wrong, we’ll help you improve on your moves, but you have to start on your own. It’s the only way you’ll grow as a Pokemon,” explained the fire lizard.

“Dang, I hate this,” sighed Kenny.
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Chapter 11: Built-up Anger

Suddenly, several dark clouds began to cover the bare night sky. The sounds of lightning crackling echoed throughout the field. The four Pokemon looked at each other. They tried to ignore it for a while, but the sounds got louder and louder until they couldn’t ignore it anymore. Johnny ran up to them with a worried look on his face.

“Guys, I think there’s a storm coming. You need to be back in your Pokeballs for safety,” Johnny said.

He returned Ben and Bella to their Pokeballs, and when he was about to return Inferno and Kenny to their spheres, a Pokemon floated onto the field in front of them. It was a Castform. She seemed determined and angry, which confused Johnny because he did not know why she was angry.

She had found the person she was looking for, Johnny. Though she knew the human would not understand her words, she began to talk to him.

“I will defeat you and prove to my trainer that I am worthy of fighting by his side!” yelled the weather Pokemon.

Then, she cried out in anger, making a bolt of lighting crash right in front of Johnny, Inferno, and Kenny. Johnny and his Pokemon jumped back in fear.

“This Pokemon looks like it’s really angry. I think it would be safer for us if we leave,” Johnny said to his Pokemon.

They slowly began to back up, trying not to make any sudden movements.

“No! You can’t leave! I need to beat you!” shouted the angry Castform.

Johnny’s eyes widened as he heard the Pokemon yell angrily. Though he couldn’t understand the words she was saying, he could tell she was only getting angrier. He continued backing up with his Pokemon. Max and Rocio walked up behind Johnny, wondering what all the commotion was about. Before Johnny could tell them anything, two men ran up behind the Castform with worried looks on their faces.

“Serenity, what are you doing?” asked Alex.

“Who’s Serenity?” asked Johnny with a confused look on his face.

“That’s Serenity, my Castform. I’m guessing you’re training here. What I don’t understand is why my Castform is here,” stated Alex.

“She looks really mad,” pointed out Johnny.

“I don’t know why she’s like this. She’s never like this,” explained Alex.

“Has this kid challenged you?” Joey asked his cousin, “Have you told him how you cheat using this Castform during your gym battles?”

“You do what?!” shouted Johnny.

“Listen kid, it’s not really cheating. This Castform just changes the weather for me. I don’t even consider her my Pokemon. She just happens to change the weather during my battles,” said Alex.

Serenity turned around, and her anger turned into sheer hatred. The words Alex had just uttered had pierced her heart like a hundred arrows. At first, she was trying to impress Alex. Now, she had decided that there was nothing wrong with her; the problem was Alex. Alex and Joey walked over to where Johnny, Max, and Rocio were.

“You don’t deserve to be my trainer!” yelled Serenity.

She concentrated, and an eerie gust of wind blew in, hitting Alex square in the chest. The Ominous Wind knocked Alex back ten feet. Joey and Rocio were behind Alex and got knocked back along with him. They lost consciousness upon impact.

“Rocio!” yelled Johnny and Max, worried for their friend.

Johnny and Max tried to go and help her, but Serenity blocked the path. Though she no longer had anything to prove, she still wanted to defeat this trainer. Before she did anything, a small, red sphere rolled up to her. It was her Pokeball.

“My prison,” murmured Serenity.

She gave it a scowl, and a bolt of lightning struck the small ball, shattering the capsule. Then, she turned to Johnny and Max. Max grabbed a Pokeball from his pocket and released on of his Pokemon, a large badger.

“Johnny, this Pokemon is dangerous. We need to calm her down,” said Max.

Linoone and Inferno stepped up, waiting for commands from their trainers. Serenity smiled, ready for a battle.

“Listen guys, we don’t want to hurt this Pokemon. We just need to calm her down,” the trainers said to their Pokemon.

The two Pokemon were puzzled by their trainers’ request, but nodded after a second. They both got into a fighting stance, ready to do whatever it took to calm this Pokemon down.

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Chapter 12: Battle for Pride

Serenity was the first to attack. She summoned lightning bolts which struck the ground in front of the two Pokemon. The two Pokemon jumped back as the smell of burning grass filled their nostrils, but Linoone quickly ran up to his opponent, his ivory claws extended. He tried to slash into the violent normal type, but she was too quick. He slashed again and again, but he missed each time. Finally, the badger stepped back, trying to catch his breath. A scowl spread across her face, and an eerie wind swept in and hit the Charmeleon and Linoone. Though the wind ran a shiver down their spines, they held their ground and jumped towards the weather Pokemon. Before the two Pokemon could reach her, Serenity opened her mouth, and a torrent of water erupted out of it, hitting her opponents square in the face. The two Pokemon were knocked back and lay on the floor, soaking wet.

The Castform slowly began to approach them. Inferno thought quickly and fired a stream of burning hot fire, which narrowly missed her. The fire lizard was trying to stop her advance. She chuckled and continued floating forward. Linoone quickly got up and opened his mouth. He began to charge a blue ball of energy and released it when he couldn’t hold it any longer. The aqua-colored sphere of swirling energy zoomed through the air and hit the weather Pokemon in the face, hurting her, but making her even angrier.

She closed her eyes for a second, and when she opened them, they were crimson. The dark, ominous clouds rolled away, and the sunlight began to bleed through the gaps in the clouds. In a matter of seconds, the sun was shining brightly. She felt like she was covered by a wave of warmness as she transformed into her Sun Form. She began to absorb sunlight. Inferno and Linoone stood there with puzzled looks on their faces. They didn’t know how the Castform was changing the weather so easily. Serenity grinned and decided she would start using her favorite attack, Weather Ball. She liked using it because it changed whenever she did. She opened her mouth and from it emerged a sphere of energy. The orange ball of blazing fire sped through the air and almost hit Inferno, but the lizard quickly whipped his tail around, deflecting it into the tree next to him. Then, Serenity opened her mouth, and a beam of bright light shot out. Linoone quickly used its long, ivory claws to dig a hole to protect himself from the attack. Inferno managed to open his mouth and shoot out a powerful Flamethrower which stopped the Solar Beam for a few seconds. Then, the beam of light overpowered Inferno, and the blast pinned him against a tree. The blast felt like a wave of intense energy which slammed into him with the strength of a Tauros. He fell to the floor in great pain, but he managed to stand up again after a few seconds. Linoone emerged from the hole and saw that Inferno was hurt.

“She doesn’t seem like she is going to calm down. So, the only way to calm her down is to beat her,” Linoone said to the fire lizard, “I’ll hold her while you use your secret weapon. It should be stronger because the sun is really bright.”

Inferno nodded and closed his eyes. He began to store heat. At several points he felt like he had to release it, but he resisted the urge to release it. Finally, he was ready and released the fire, but instead of shooting it towards his opponent, he was engulfed by it. The fire felt warm and soothing against his skin. He always enjoyed using this attack because it made him feel at home, but it also made him feel powerful. At the same time, Linoone smiled at his opponent, and his eyes changed to a powerful jade color. Then, the dew covered blades of grass around Serenity began to move, and they quickly wrapped around her body and held her in place. The grass felt slimy against her skin. Though she struggled, she could not break free. When the fire lizard saw that the Castform was restrained, he began to run towards her. He began to pick up more and more speed as he ran towards her. Serenity tried to get out of the way, but was not able to, so Inferno collided with her causing a huge explosion of fire and light.

When the dust cleared, Charmeleon stood proud, but quickly bent over to catch his breath. Serenity had been hit hard, but she was still standing. Linoone stood in awe as he saw that the weather Pokemon had survived the Charmeleon’s strongest attack.

“How did she survive my Flare Blitz?” wondered Charmeleon.

In reality, Charmeleon had not hit Serenity as hard as he had thought. At the very last second, Serenity managed to fire a strong Energy Ball, which caused the explosion of light. Though she had still been hit, her attack had lessened the damage of the Flare Blitz.

Charmeleon and Linoone just stood there. They could not figure out how Serenity had survived the attack. The Castform took advantage of their distraction to change the weather. Her eyes turned a soft blue and dark clouds began to approach the sun. In a matter of seconds, the intense sunlight was covered by the fluffy clouds. Then, small, crystalline balls of hail began to fall. Her body transformed into her Hail Form. A cold feeling embraced her whole body. It felt frigid, but familiar and welcoming.

The small, transparent spheres barraged Inferno and Linoone. They covered their heads with their arms, surprised by the change in weather. Serenity opened her mouth, and a sparkling icy wind engulfed the lizard and badger. Then, she formed an icy, aquamarine ball of ice. The Ice Weather Ball shot through the air and hit the fire type in the chest, causing him to wince in pain. The ball of ice shattered on impacted, causing hundreds of tiny shards of ice to graze his body, leaving scratch marks that made Inferno yelp out in pain. Inferno could not concentrate. The hail was relentless. Each ball of ice pummeled the Charmeleon. It felt as if hundreds of tiny Pokemon were punching him every second. The Castform, not satisfied with the current weather, decided to revert the weather back to rain.

Inferno and Linoone turned to their trainers, wondering what to do.

“Inferno, use Dragon Rush!” ordered Johnny.

“Linoone, use Charge Beam!” commanded Max.

The fire lizard ran towards his opponent. While he was running, he was covered in a light blue aura, which made him seem more intimidating. He slammed his body into the weather Pokemon, knocking her into a tree. Then, Linoone’s fur began to crackle with electricity. Before Serenity could move, the electricity that Linoone was accumulating was released and sliced through the air, overwhelming the Castform. She started breathing in fast, short breaths. Though she was tired, she was prepared to fight until she couldn’t move anymore. She took a deep breath and caught the smell of burning flesh and looked down. Some of her body had been badly burned because of the Charge Beam. She tried to shoot a sphere of cerulean, swirling water, but before she could release it, her concentration was interrupted.

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Chapter 13: Anger Unleashed

Suddenly, a loud, buzzing noise filled the air. Everyone looked around, searching for the source of the noise. Several Pokemon zoomed through the air, narrowly missing the Pokemon who were in the middle of a battle. The group of Pokemon looked like tan blurs that were spinning rapidly. One of them slammed into the side of Serenity’s head, knocking her to the ground. The confused Pokemon stood up and looked around, moving its five appendages. The star-shaped Pokemon made his ruby-like gem flash as he tried to orient himself. He faced Serenity, whom he had knocked down. He wondered if he had hurt the Pokemon.

The Castform groaned as she began to get up. She cried out in pain because her head was throbbing. Her emotions raced through her mind, making her more and more confused. She yelled out, and slowly she began to change. This change was not smooth and peaceful. It was drastic and painful, causing her to yell in pain as she transformed. Her head still looked like a drop of azure water, but small orange orbs appeared around it along with a small, emerald tornado, which covered her whole body.

The sun began to bleed through the opaque clouds. The sun was shining brightly, but it was also raining and hailing at the same time. Johnny and Max could not understand what was happening. This bizarre weather distracted Inferno and Linoone. This weather both chilled and warmed the duo at the same time.

Serenity growled and began to charge a Weather Ball. This one was different than the rest. It had a pure white core and was covered by a combination of tongues of searing-hot fire, frosty chunks of ice, and streams of crystalline water. The multi-type Weather Ball grew bigger than her head. She launched the ball which zoomed and hit the ground right in front of Inferno and Linoone, causing an explosion that knocked them against a tree. They both tried to get up, but were unable to do so. Johnny and Max returned them to their Pokeballs.

Kenny, who had been watching the battle from behind Johnny, jumped in front of his trainer. He was ready to battle.

“Use Blaze Kick,” said Johnny.

Kenny hesitated and approached his opponent. Then, he swung his leg, but it did not burst into flames, causing his kick to do little damage. Serenity scowled, and a strong wind pushed the Riolu back. Though Riolu wanted to use his old attacks, he decided that the only way to win this battle was to use the attacks he had learned.

The Staryu was confused at what was happening. He could not see well. Like all Staryu he had no eyes, he had always used a special “internal compass” to guide him and show him what was around him. However, lately, it was not working as well and everything seemed blurry. When the Castform got up and began to fight, the Staryu was scared. He was separated from his pack, which had begun to migrate to another lake, and he was in the middle of a battle. He began to leave, when the Castform started talking to him.

“Wait! Help me fight this Pokemon, and I’ll help you find the other Staryus,” pleaded Serenity.

He did know this Pokemon, but she seemed to be his only hope of ever seeing his family again. He had never actually been in a battle, but he understood what the objective was.

“This battle shouldn’t be too hard. It’s me and that Castform against one Pokemon. We’ll beat him quickly and the Castform can take me to my family,” thought the Staryu.

The star Pokemon pointed one of his appendages at the puppy, and a cold stream of water shot out, dousing the fighting type. Kenny was confused because the attack had done nothing more than soak him. He shook his head and ran up to the Castform, the Pokemon who seemed like more of a threat, and began to rapidly punch her. The barrage of Mach Punches caught Serenity off guard and made her move back so she wouldn’t get hit as hard. The star Pokemon could not clearly see his opponent but managed to slam his body into the Riolu’s body. He tried to attack again, but accidently hit the Castform, knocking her down. She sat on the floor, trying to catch her breath.

“You need to fight for a minute, while I rest. I have been fighting way too much. I need a few minutes to catch my breath,” said Serenity in between breaths.

The Staryu was unsure, but decided to fight anyway. Kenny had noticed that the starfish was acting as if it could not see well. If he was going to win, he needed to take advantage of this. He concentrated on the energy coursing through his body and three clones appeared next to him. The Staryu was extremely confused when he realized there were four Pokemon facing him now. He was paralyzed in fear. Kenny took advantage of this and began to barrage him with punches. Then, he finished his attack off by shifting his body weight and slamming his tail into the starfish’s gem. The Staryu had no time to register any of the attacks until they had happened. The rapid punches had shaken him to the very core, and the Iron Tail to his gem had knocked the wind out of him. He felt as if he was going to run out of breath.

The Staryu was knocked back a few feet. This time the starfish would try something different. He began to spin rapidly, then rushed towards Kenny and slammed his body into one of the clones. He did this twice more and then only the real Kenny and the Staryu remained.

The scared starfish’s appendages began to glow in silver light, and he began to spin, causing him to float into the air. Then, he struck the fighting type with his Gyro Ball attack, knocking the puppy onto his back. He took advantage of this and charged a yellow energy ball from his crimson gem, and released it at point blank range. The ball of energy temporarily blinded the puppy as it slammed into his face, making him twitch in pain.

Kenny lay on the floor for a few seconds, trying to think of what to do next. The Staryu stepped back, and he began to glow in a pure light. Slowly, all of the bruises on his body began to disappear, and he felt renewed. He felt as if he was being cleansed by wave of relaxation. When Kenny realized what his opponent was doing, he charged at him, hoping to stop him before he was completely recovered. However, the Staryu simply moved out of the way, causing Kenny to trip and fall face-first into the ground. He quickly got up and began barrage the starfish with punches. Then, he created three clones. The clones quickly confused the Staryu, and Kenny ran up behind his opponent and slammed his glowing tail into the starfish’s back. Staryu stiffened up, and then slumped to the floor.

“Max, I don’t want that Staryu to get up and use Recover. I don’t have any Pokeballs with me, so I need you to catch it,” said Johnny.

Max nodded and tossed a Pokeball at the Staryu. It shook once, twice, but before they could see what happened their attention turned to the Castform.

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Chapter 14: Last Chance

Serenity got up and began floating towards Kenny.

“So, you seem different,” Serenity said blatantly.

“What do you mean by different?” inquired the Riolu.

“I mean that you’re new at this. You know, battling for a trainer. I’m guessing you’ve lived all your life away from humans, and now you have to live with one,” stated the weather Pokemon.

“How did you know?” asked Kenny.

“You looked very uneasy when two humans you didn’t know came out of nowhere, and you hesitate when you receive commands from your trainer. A Pokemon who has been with his trainer for a while would obey without a second thought,” explained Serenity.

“Well, I-I guess I am different. What does that matter?” asked Kenny.

“Your trainer is just using you. That’s what all trainers do. My trainer just used me so he could win his gym battles. If it wasn’t for me, he wouldn’t even be a gym leader. I changed the weather to his advantage during his testing. I’ve helped him win countless battles. And what do I get in return? Nothing, that’s what. He’s never even used me in battle. He doesn’t even tell other people about me. So, you’re just like me. An oppressed Pokemon who needs to break free, just like I did,” ranted the Castform.

“No, you’re wrong. I’m sorry you’re trainer was like that, but Johnny isn’t like that at all. To prove it, I’m going to beat you right here, right now,” growled Kenny.

The little Riolu jumped towards her. As he did that, five clones appeared around him, distracting the Castform. Kenny took advantage of this and began to rapidly punch his opponent. She tried to fire attacks, but the clones wouldn’t let her concentrate long enough for her to do so. Luckily for her, a bolt of lightning crashed next to them, distracting the clones. She quickly fired attacks at all of them, dissipating them. She turned to Kenny. They were both breathing heavily. The Riolu did a front flip and slammed his tail into the face of the Castform, knocking her to the floor. Kenny quickly leaped on top of her and held her down. She struggled, but the fighting type would not let her go.

“I know it can’t be easy, but you need to release all this hatred,” explained the puppy.

Serenity continued to thrash, but this time she wasn’t moving as much.

“All it’s going to do is destroy you from the inside out, and that’s worse than anything a neglectful trainer could ever do to you,” Kenny said.

The Castform refused to listen as she continued to struggle to get out from Kenny’s grip, though for the moment she was trying less and less.

“Please, just calm down, and I can help you,” pleaded Kenny.

Serenity finally stopped struggling and calmed down.
She began to think about it.

“Maybe he can help me. No! He can’t help me, no one can. The only way to make this pain go away is to be on my own. What should I do?” wondered the Castform

She was gravely conflicted. What could she do? Kenny asked her again if she would let him try and help her. Would she deal with the pain on her own or get help, but risk getting hurt again? She thought it over for a minute, and then decided.

If Serenity (the Castform) decides to calm down then she's captured. If she gets angry again, then she it isn't a capture. Staryu is just a standard Pokeball capture.

Here's my character count again. I realize I'm under the minimum amount of characters, but I hope it won't matter too much because it is only about 1.5K under.

Pokemon: Castform and Staryu
Category: 1 Complex and 1 Hard; Castform 30-40K and Staryu 20-30K
# Words: 8,888
# of Characters with no spaces: 40,198
# of Characters with spaces: 48,864
Status: Ready to grade!

Kat is going to grade this, so yea.

Edited version:
# Words: 9,660
# of Characters with no spaces: 43,611
# of Characters with spaces: 53,034

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