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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 05-10-2008, 08:57 PM
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Default Libra's sexy stats: boo fail boooo

Madame Libra

Instant Messenger you have (Aim):NinjaZodiac Playboy Pirahna

How much money you have: $3500

Your win/loss/draw record W5/L54/D1

Your current position(s):Trainer.

TM's/HM's to be used: HM Surf.
TM Roar.
TM Fireblast.
TM Substitute.
TM Stealth Rock.
TM Focus Punch.
TM Sandstorm.

List of current Pokémon and how many battles it has participated in:

FFA's ( Frickin' Failing Automaticaly)
FFA 1:
Marowak gets 5th.
FFA 2: Marowak gets 6th.
FFA 3: Marowak gets 8th.
FFA 4: Porygon-Z splashifies the competition. 3rd.
FFA 5: Azumarill gets 4th.
FFA 6: Marowak gets 18th. But $18,000. Kick-ass.

Markus (Marowak) (M)

OT: Starter
TMs: Flamethrower, Skull Bash, Dig, Substitute

OT: Giveaway by the uber Alonzo.
TM Brick Break, Dig, Ice Beam, Toxic


OT: Giveaway by the almost equally-uber Misty May.
TMs: Curse, Secret Power, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch.

Clementine (Clefable) (F)
OT: Mart.
TMs: Light Screen, Attract, Seismic Toss, Substitute

OT: URPG Midsummer Lottery, 2008.
TMs: Earthquake, Gyro Ball, Shadow Ball, Substitute

Esmée ( Numel ) (M)
OT: Mart, betches.
TMs: Will-o'-Wisp, Overheat, Double Edge, Stealth Rock

Maelstrom (Walrein) ( F)
OT: Mart.
TMs: Avalanche, Surf, Hyper Beam, Rock Tomb

Leekar, M (Togetic)
Obtained: Gift.
TMs: TM Fireblast, Substitute, GIGA IMPACT, Aerial Ace

Simmone, M (Seel)
OT: Mart

Any badges you currently have: None.
paired to wisp

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