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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Default Shining

Shining(Work in Progress)
Pokemon going for: Shiny Taillow
Words needed: 5,000-10,000
Word count:

Will Finish Soon
"Kulu,use Sand-Attack now!" screeched the new trainer to her Eevee,anxious to win the battle.

The ginger-colored fox Pokemon whirled around smoothly, his hindquarters dancing as he positioned himself. His small paws dug into the dirt, and with a few quick movements, small grains of sand where flying everywhere in huge clumps. His oppenent, a small Pichu, staggered back as it took the blow. It's trainer didn't hesitate to get back at the Eevee.

"Peachy, use your Thunder Wave!" cried the trainer of the Pichu, flicking his wrist to signal the attack.

The Pichu whirled around in a complete circle, dazziling the Eevee. It then bounced around, it's tiny cheeks producing thin, yellow sparks that created a wave. The electric current flew across the field smoothly, knocking Kulu back. The brown Pokemon shook his fur furiously, attemping to get the shock off of it. His attempt only failed, and in a few seconds, short, electrical spasms racked his small body. He shuddered, the shock still clinging to him. His trainer didn't seem to notice, and barked out an attack.

"Kulu, use your Quick Attack!" his trainer yelled, hopping up and down from her spot just behind him.

The Eevee nodded his head, and leaped foward for the attack. Just about mid-air, though, electricity pulsed through him madly, tossing him to the ground and rooting him to the spot. He let out a sharp cry of pain, and his health dragged down further.


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