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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Default Spontaneously Generated Pokebelt

Pictures coming sooner or later.

SG's Pokebelt
W/L- 437/148/3- Ties: Mikey, Chris, and ST
War 6.5: 3/0/0
Current Wining Streak:5
Highest Streak:38
Worst Losing Streak: -5

Money: 21,000
Occupation: Un-Retired Trainer


Charizard-Battle(s)19 (16/3)
TMs/HMs-Earthquake, Substitute, Rock Slide, FireBlast, Dragon Claw, Solar Beam, Will-O-Wisp
BM: Dragon Dance

Eusi the UmbreonF-27 Battle(s) (21/6)
TMs/HMs used - TM 06[Toxic], TM 44[Rest], TM 62[Snore] TM 64[Protect] TM [Substitute]

Gravis the VenusaurM-Battle(s) 82(63/19)
TMs=Sword Dance, Sludge Bomb, Body Slam, EarthQuake, Substitute, Giga Drain, Roar

LaprasF-Battle(s) 75 (70/5)
Ability-Water Absorb
TMs- ThunderBolt, Surf, Rain Dance

Umeme the LanturnF-Battle(s) 50(40/10)
Ability-Volt Absorb
TMs: TM Ice Beam TM24 ThunderboltTM44 Rest M32 Double Team TM99 Shockwave , TM62 Snore, TM Rain Dance, Sleep Talk, TM Toxic HM03 Surf, TM Charge Beam
Move Tutor: Substitute

Mortuus the DusknoirM-Battle(s) 21 (12/9)
TM/HMs-TM Rest, TM Toxic, TM Ice Beam, TM Psychic, TM EarthQuake, TM Trick Room
Breeding Moves-Pain Split, Destiny Bond

Fimus the SwampertM Battle(s)-35(25/9/1)
TMs-Rest, Ice Beam, Rain Dance, Surf, Rest, Waterfall, Stone Edge
Breeding Moves: Mirror Coat, Curse

MiloticF-Battle(s) 37 (22/14/1)
Ability-Marvel Scale
TM/HMs-Surf, Ice beam,Toxic, Protect, Dragon Pulse, Substitute, Psych Up
Breeding Moves: Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, Mirror Coat

GyradosM-Battle(s) 21 (9/12)
TMs/HMs-TM Ice Beam, TM Flamethrower,TM Rain Dance, HM Surf, Earthquake, Thunder, Sleep talk, Sub, Taunt, Thunderwave, HM Waterfall, TM Solar Beam

SlowbroF-Battle(s) 40 (25/16)
Ability-Own Tempo
TM/HM-Surf, Rain Dance, Rest, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Protect, Substitute, Earthquake, Calm Mind, Sleep Talk, Counter, Shadowball, Skill Swap, Dream Eater, Trick Room, Avalanche, TM Focus Punch, TM Focus Blast

CrobatM-Battle(s) 24 (12/11/1)
Ability-Inner Focus
TM/HM-Sludge Bomb, Shadowball, Substitute, Toxic, Protect, Giga Drain, Roost, TM Taunt, TM Dark Pulse
BM:Hypnosis, Nasty Plot

KingdraF-Battle(s) 37(30/7)
Ability-Swift Swim
TM/HMs: Surf, Waterfall, Substitute, Ice Beam, Rest, Return, Toxic, Sleep Talk, Rain dance, Hyper Beam, TM Protect

GengarM-Battle(s) 26 (20/5/1)-Previous trainer 15
TMs/HMs:TM29 Psychic, TM30 Shadow Ball, TM19 Giga Drain, TM32 Double Team, TM50 Substitute, TM24 Thunderbolt, TM06 Toxic, TM74 Ice Punch, TM85 Fire Punch, TM77 Sludge Bomb, TM95 Taunt

JumpluffF-Battle(s) 30 (21/8/1)
TMs/HMs-TM Toxic, TM Protect, TM Ariel Ace, TM Solar Beam, TM Sunny Day, TM Sleep Talk, TM Return, TM Giga Drain, TM Swords Dance, TM Substitute

Vaporeon-Battle(s) 9(4/5/0)
Ability-Water Absorb
TM/HMs: TM50 Substitute, TM32 Double Team, TM72 Shadow Ball, TM Iron Tail, Toxic, Surf, TM Protect

Torterra-Battle(s) 14(10/4/0)
Abilit- Overgrow
TM/HMs: Substitute, Toxic, Swords Dance, TM Stealth Rock, TM Roar

CradilyF-Battle(s) 8 (8/0/0)
Ability-Suction Cups
TMs/HMs-TM Toxic, TM Substitute, TM Rest, TM Stealth Rock, TM Stone Edge, TM Earthquake, TM Protect, TM Swords Dance, TM Rock Polish
FFAs In 2008-Three Wins

-Gift from Chris
Name: Octillery
Gender: Female
Battles: 8 (1/0/0)
Technical Machines: Surf, Waterfall, Sludge Bomb, Energy Ball, Charge Beam
Egg/Tutor Moves: Haze
Ability: Sniper & Suction Cups

HypnoM-Battle(s)-1 (1/0)
TMs/HMs-TM Shadowball, TM Substitute, TM Thunder Wave, TM Trickroom

TMs/HMs-TM Roost, TM Facade, TM Subtitute

TMs/HMs-Surf, Ice Beam, Substitute, Protect, Rain Dance, Toxic
BMs-Leech Seed

Trait:Swift Swim
Extra Moves:TM Bulk Up(Surf HM)(Waterfall HM)
Number of Battles:7(3/4/0)

TMs/HMs-Substitute, Focus Punch, Stone Edge, Swords Dance

] Electrode-Battle(s)3(1/2)
TMs: Hidden Power(Grass), TM Thunderbolt, TM Substitute, TM Taunt, Reflect, Light Screen, Substitute, Rest, Thunderwave

SnoverM-Battle(s) 4 (4/0)
Ability-Snow Warning
Extra Moves-TM Avalanche

VespiqueenF(Traded From Bryce)
Name: Miel
Gender: Female
Ability: Pressure
Battles: 0(0/0)
Previous Trainer Battles: 9
TMs: None

PidgeotF(Traded From Bryce)
Gender: Female
Ability: Keen Eye/Tangled Feet
Previous Battles: 17
Battles: 0 (0/0/0)
TMs: Facade

Name: Skarmory
Gender Female
Ability: Sturdy & Keen Eye
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Taunt TM)(Double Team TM)(Roar TM)(Curse TM)(Hidden Power {Fighting} TM)(Sleep Talk TM)(Rest TM)(Brave Bird BM)(Drill Peck BM)(Rock Slide TM)(X-Scissor TM)(Substitute TM)(Swords Dance TM)(Roost TM)(Stealth Rock TM)
Previous Battles: 2
Battles: 4 (1/3/0)

ClefableM-Battle(s) 12(6/4)
Abilities: Cute Charm/Magic Guard
TMs-Thunderwave, Flamethrower, Substitute, Waterpulse, Thunderbolt, Body Slam, Light Screen, Reflect, Ice Beam, Calm Mind, Stealth Rocks, Seismic Toss, Tri-Attack
Two FFA's

ArmaldoM-Battle(s) 2 (2/0)
Obtained: Give Away from Bryce :]
TMs: None
BMs: None

SwellowM-0 (0/0)
Obtained in a Trade.
TMs/HMs: Facade, U-Turn, Toxic

TMs/HMs: Ice Punch

TMs/HMs: None Yet

TMs/HMs: None yet
Received in a Trade with Carly, my boyfriend <3

TMs/HMs-None Yet

Tms/HMs-None Yet

FeraligatrM-0(0/0) Won at the Easter Auction for 23,000
TMs/HMs-Surf, Waterfall, Brick Break
BMs-Dragon Dance

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Default Re: Spontaneously Generated Pokebelt

Kanto: Boulder, Cascade, Thunder, Soul, Volcano, Earth
DONEJhoto:Zepher, Hive, Plain, Fog, Storm, Mineral, Glacier, Rising
Hoenn:Stone ,Balance ,Dynamo,Heat, Mind, Rain
Orange Islands:None
Sinnon:Coal, Cobal, Mine Icicle Beacon
Total: 25/36

Battle Frontier: Battle Factory Symbol

Back Pack

Battle Items

Hold Items
Leftovers(Heals 6.25% at the end of every turn)
Scope Lens(Raises critical hit ratios one stage)
Bigroot(Adds 30% power to health draining moves, heals extra 30% on Leech Seed)
WiseGlasses(10% boost to all special attacks)
Toxic Orb(Inflicts poison onto the holder at the end of the first turn)
Wide Lens(+1 Accuracy to holder)
Expert Belt-Raises super effective moves 20%
Life Orb-Boosts attacks 30% but costs 10% of user's HP
Black Sludge-Damages holder 6.25% unless it is a poison type, then it heals 6.25% every turn
Focus Band-Gives user 10% chance of surviving a potential KOing move.
Light Clay-Reflect/Light Screen lasts 8 turns instead of 5

HM03 Surf
HM07 Waterfall
TM Fury Cutter (That'll be here a while)
TM Thunderbolt (Used On Clefable)
TM Rockslide(from gym battle)
TM Soft Boiled(Give Away)(Given to Bryce for a Grand Adventure!)
TM Brick Break (used on Feraligatr on easter)
TM Flash Cannon

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