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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 06-20-2005, 12:41 AM
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Default Into The Wild... Kittypets

Sky Clan

Leader: NightSun, a black she-cat
apprentace: Cream Paw

Deputy: BlackHeart, a black she-cat with a white muzzle.

Warriors (tomcats or she-cats not nursing or expecting kits):

Shadow Cloud, a dark gray she-cat
apprentace: SandPaw

HalfTail, a gray tom with a small tail
apprentace: GrayPaw

BrownLeaf, a brown tom

GoldenEyes, a white she-cat with golden-colored eyes

GreenEye, a black tom with one green eye and one yellow eye

ShortClaw, a blue-gray tom with a paw with short claws

SpottedRain, a white she-cat with small brown spots
apprentace: SpottedPaw

Queens (she-cats expecting or nursing kits):

WhiteNose: a gray she-cat with a white nose

GrayHair, a light-gray she-cat

BlueTail, a blue-gray she-cat

PeachSpot, a cream-colored she-cat

Elders (retired warriors or queens):

NoTail, a brown tom with a short, stubby tail

WhiteSnow, a she-cat the color of snow

SandMoon, a sand-colored tom

Medicine Cat: WhiteTip, a black she-cat with a with white at the tip of her tail.

Apprentaces (kits 6-11 mons old):

CreamPaw, a cream colored she-cat and BlackHeart's daughter (7 moons old)

GrayPaw, a gray tom (7 moons old)

SandPaw, a sand-colored she-cat (8 moons old)

WaterPaw, a dark gray tom that unusually likes to swim (6 moons old)

SpottedPaw, a white tom with large black spots (6 moons old)

Midnight Clan:

Leader: BlackSun, a chocolate-colored tom

Deputy: FireHeart, an orange tabby tom

Warriors: ThunderCloud, a white and black tom
apprentace: BlackPaw

SunLeaf, a strong gray tom
apprentace: DarkPaw

LightningPaw, a beautiful white she-cat


GoldenRain, a golden-colored she-cat

SmallEars, a chocolate-colored she-cat with unusually small ears

Elders: BlackArrow, a white she-cat with a black arrow-shape on her shoulder

WhiteFire, a black she-cat with a white heart on her forehead.

Aprentaces (kits only 6-12 moons old):

BlackPaw, a white she-cat with one black paw (9 moons old)

WhitePaw, a black tom with white paws (6 moons old)

DarkPaw, a black tom (7 moons old)

Lightning Clan

Leader: GoldenSun, a golden-colored tom

Apprentaces (Kits 7-12 moons old):

BlackPaw, a white she-cat with a black spot around her right eye (8 moons old)

MidnightPaw, a black tom (7 moons old)

Sun Clan

Leader: TigerSun, a white tiger-striped she-cat

Deputy: BlackNose, a gray tom with a black muzzle

Warriors: TigerHeart, a brave-hearted she-cat
Apprentace: FishPaw

ColorCoat, a black, white, and gray tom
Apprentace: MousePaw

GreenEye, a gray tom with one blue eye and one green eye
Apprentace: FlyingPaw

Elders: TreePelt, a brown she-cat

PatchesPelt, a calico tom

SteelPelt, a gray tom with fur the color of steel


IceSnow, a white she-cat with a glossy coat that shines like ice.

PatchesLeaf, a calico she-cat

Apprentaces (kits 6-12 moons old):

FishPaw, a black tom that is great at catching fish (7 moons old)

MousePaw, a gray she-cat that is good at catching mice (11 moons old)

FlyingPaw, a white tom that is great at catching birds (8 moons old)


Alex-LightningPaw-LightningPelt, a yellowish-colored she-cat

Amber-FirePaw-EmberHeart, a reddish tabby she-cat

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Old 06-20-2005, 10:31 PM
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Default Chapter I

A yellowish female cat crouched low and crept towards a small bird nearby looking for worms. The only sound was the wind rustling through the trees. Just as she prepared to pounce, a loud rustling scared the bird and it flew away. The female cat layed back her ears and hissed, whatever had caused her to lose her prey was going to pay...

As the sound continued, she relized what it was. She blinked her eyes and the woods dissappeared and were replaced by the ugly color of kitchen walls. She had been dreaming. The cats name was Alex and she was a pet. The sound had been her owner filling up her food bowl before they went to bed. She rolled onto her back, trying to savor the dream.

The hunger that had been in her dream lingered, so she got up and trotted over to the food bowl. The dry smell wasn't welcoming, but her stomach growled again, so she managed to gulp down a couple mouthfulls of the tastless pellets, before slipping out the cat door.

She ran over into the vegetable garden, hoping the newly dug earth would bring back the dream. But the sickly sweet scent of the nearby lilac bushes drove the dream back out of her mind. She gave up trying to savor the dream, and jumped up onto the fence post, and looked ot towards the nearby forest, listening to the distant gurgling of the river.

She continued to stare at the forest, as a reddish tabby jumped up beside her, taking a place on another fence post.

"Hi Alex, what ya starin' at?" asked the reddish tabby.

"Hello Amber, and nothing," mewed Alex with a sigh. She turned to the red tabby and noticed a pair of eyes staring back out at her through the bushes.

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Old 06-29-2005, 06:31 PM
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Default Re: Into The Wild... Kittypets

Alex jumped down with her ears laid back, and hissed. A cream fur ball flew out of the hedges, attacking Alex.

Amber flew off the fence, also spitting and hissing. Landing on the back of the cream cat. The cream cat then turned to Amber.

Next, a gray tom flew out of the bushes, towards Amber and the Creamy cat.
Alex hissed as she sprang on the back of the sprinting tom.

The tom flew up into the air, startled for a moment. Then began, spitting and growling, wrestling with Alex.

Through the spitting and screeches of the fighting cats, a yowl rose through the racket. Suddenly, as they had appeared, the outside cats stopped fighting, and gazed towards the woods.

What looked like the shadow of a cat was galloping towards them, flanked by another shadow. The shadows skidded to a halt about a foot away from the four cats, and in the moonlight, revealed to be two she-cats.

"CreamPaw, GrayPaw, get over here now," meowed on of the cats. As her head followed the tom and creamy she-cat, Alex noticed that the she-cat had a white muzzle.

"Yes BlackHeart," The two cats mewed quietly, their heads hung down, as they took a spot to the left of the white-muzzled she-cat.

"You two fight very well for kittypets," meowed the pure-black she-cat.

"And we'll fight you too, if we have to," Alex hissed, and Amber nodded in agreement. The black cat continued, as though she hadn't heard Alex.

"I am NightSun, the leader of the SkyClan," she meowed.

"The SkyClan?" echoed Amber.

"One of the four clans of the forest," hissed the white-muzzled she-cat, impatiently.

"This, is BlackHeart," meowed NightSun, pointing to the other black cat. "And these are CreamPaw," she motioned towards the cream she-cat, "and Gray Paw," she mewed, pointing to the gray tom, with her gray tom. "As I mentioned before, you two fight well for kittypets..." she paused for a moment. Then mewed, "Would you like to join the Sky Clan?"

"But kittypets don't have warrior blood!" blurted out CreamPaw.

"Warrior blood," murmured NightSun, a sad look clouding her yellow eyes, "too much of that has been shed lately."

"Note that you will only be an apprentice. You may not become a full-time warrior, it may prove to be too hard for you. And remember, Night Sun doesn’t offer this to everyone,” growled BlackHeart.

Amber looked back at her house, and then to the woods, her tail twitching. Alex stared at each cat in turn.

“You may be giving up a warm bed, but think of the stuff you’ll gain. You’ll stay a she-cat, you’ll learn what it is to be a cat. You’ll also have real food, not those tasteless pellets the twolegs feed you,” meowed NightSun.

“Can we have time to decide?” mewed Amber.

“One of my warriors, ShadowCloud, a dark gray she-cat, will be patrolling this spot at the rise of DayMoon tomorrow,” meowed NightSun.

“DayMoon?” echoed Amber/

“Yes, you know. The moon that rises during the day,” meowed CreamPaw impatiently.

“Oh, our owners call it the sun,” explained Amber.

“Well, it’s not. It’s DayMoon,” meowed GrayPaw firmly.

“Well we’ll meet this ShadowCloud at DayMoon rise tomorrow,” mewed Alex.

“I hope to see you at camp tomorrow,” meowed NightSun, the sad look finally leaving her eyes. With a flick of her tail, the four cats shot off to the woods.

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