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Default The Kouken (A Tako project)

Kouken? It's japanese for efficacy, effect, guardianship, guardian, watching with detachment, contribution, services.
Taka is japanese for falcon, I thought it was an awesome name.
In case you couldn't tell the colored font is thought.
It only reffers to it once but, the Kouken is the class in which Taka was in on the last part.
You have to read to find out the rest.

Chapter I

The rain pattered against the white concrete ground of the school courtyard. There were six trees in the entire courtyard, which was fairly big as far as courtyards go and the concrete was only the size of an average sidewalk with grass to fill in the spaces. There was a bench next to one tree and the mirror image reflected the placement of the trees and benches. The benches were made of a white marble like substance with a significant amount of a design resembling whipped cream around the bottom. The school was made of red bricks and the windows amount implied that money was not an issue here. Of all the windows there was only one looking out. She had straight mahogany colored hair with highlights giving it a lighter shade from the distance. Her eyes reflected a thoughtful little look as well as the image of a dark haired boy sitting on one of the benches looking up through the tree leaves and allowing the rain to engulf his body. He wore the uniform of red button down shirt, khaki pants although she couldn’t tell if he was wearing a belt due to his shirt being untucked it was all soaking with a grayish color. The boys look shifted from looking up into the sky to the building where he saw his looker and gave a smile although it looked weird with him looking at her with his head upside down so it looked like he was frowning with his teeth.

“Faith, Faith! What kind of reaction does Calcium with water have?” A fairly old teacher looking maybe early 70s coming suddenly as if out of nowhere asked to the looker.

“Oh what?” Faith asked startled.

“What were you looking at?” The teacher looked outside the window, causing the boy to turn back to whatever was above him. “Faith, shouldn’t you be paying more attention to this chemistry class instead of boys outside?” Miss Serek asked; leading to sniggers from the class.

“It’s raining outside, he’ll catch a cold,” Faith responded with the best intentions.

“Yes, maybe at your old school the students couldn’t go outside on their off periods but at this school students can do almost anything on their off periods.” The teacher responded with an air of condescends.

What is so wrong about caring about other people? Shouldn’t they bring him inside or shouldn’t he go inside on his own accord? Who would sit outside in the rain? Faith thought.

Miss Serek continued, “To change an element to a different state of matter one must…” Faith listened half heartedly having already lost most respect for the teacher in front of her even though she acted differently.

Fifth hour was over giving Faith her off period, the sound of rain could be heard throughout the entire building with the occasional thunderous boom accompanied by a flash of light. Faith walked towards the doors of her new school’s courtyard, to see what the guy was looking at. Faith pushed the doors open to find the boy was still there. His attention immediately shifted to her “Oh, hi.” She said blushing. “Don’t you only have one off period?” The girl asked. The boy just looked up and pointed. Faith walked over and looked up to see a pad of paper completely soaked with graphite blood dripping out of the soaked pages. “What is it.” Faith stated more than asked even though she kind of knew the answer.

“My sketchbook, I had just finished my first human sketch and some guys came over picked on me a little and tossed it as high as they could.” The boy responded losing his smile.

“Why would they do that? Did you provoke them or something?” Faith questioned sincerely confused.

“Haa,” the boy laughed. “You’re new here aren’t you?”

“How did you know?” Faith inquired.

“I can tell you know nothing about public school. People pick on others weaker by strength or size sometimes even by mind, just because they can and sometimes because that person is separating themselves from them or turned them in for doing something bad. In my case, those thugs were my friends and since I separated myself and got my distance they come after me every once in a while. Still this is the furthest they’ve gone to piss me off.” The boy thought out loud.

“What’s your name?”

“Taka, you?”

“Faith, so are you going to get it down?”

“Nah I think I’ll leave it for the janitor then look for it in the lost and found” Taka responded, “Still it’s a really sad scene. So judging that you’re out here I’m guessing this is your off period.” Taka queried just as the rain stopped.

“Yeah, when is your off period?”

Taka looked to his watch. “Now, I guess.” Suddenly Taka’s phone began to ring or sing it was singing “Used to” by Daughtry a song which Faith immediately began to hum due to it being stuck in her head. Taka took it out and flipped open the small black phone. He looked inside just showed a map with a blinking dot. Taka rolled his eyes, “I have to go.”

“Okay, I’ll see you later.” Faith yelled after him.

In return Taka yelled back “See you in gym!” Shooting her a smile suggesting he knew too much good for him.

Wait I never told him I have gym next period. “How did you…” she began but he was already gone out the gates of the school in the opposite direction of the school.

At this time of all times, why does he need me now? I guess she like Daughtry too. Taka mused. And then I crashed into you, and I went up in flames. Could've been the death of me, but then you breathed your breath in me. And I crashed into you, like a runaway train. You will consume me, but I can't walk away, repeating another Daughtry song in his head. Taka finally came to a burned down house, walked through the ash and rubble finally coming to what might have been a kitchen or a living room, continuing to a square patch of wood burned but still intact in the center of the past room. Taka pulled up the ring attached to the square and it opened right up. He slid in without a word, and walked straight until his eyes adjusted. Taking a look around there was a cobweb covered dirt ground and the walls were of dirt too except there were planks every once in a while to keep the ceiling from caving in or the walls from tumbling in. Taka continued his stroll until tiles covered the dirt and drywall covered the walls and ceiling. Taka ran to a door, now sick of the monotonous walking and yanked it open to find a ballroom like room with a glass chandelier and an upper tier holding five people around the same age of Taka and a man looking as if he was in his mid forties.

“There you are, Taka.” The man called. Taka grunted in return walking up the stairs to the upper tier to join the others. Taka nodded to a boy which was furthest away from the stairs and on the left and joined him. “Now that Taka is here, it’s time to continue. James could you please demonstrate the Hirameki?” the boy closest to the right side of the stairs nodded without any hesitation walked to the center of the room and whispered something under his breath and disappeared appearing once again to the right of the man. “Good, now let’s see Mr. late himself do it.” The man said looking directly at Taka, whose hands were glowing a faint blue.

Taka smirked “how about I try a Buru-Denkou Hirameki, wouldn’t that be fit of someone my level and the others.”

“Do a Hirameki, nothing more.” The man’s voice commanded.

“I’ll pass.” Taka said quickly without saying any incantation and disappeared, appearing again behind the man with a huge amount of blue smoke. Right before the Man could see Taka; he disappeared again sitting on the chandelier swinging his legs and took a bite out of a blue apple which wasn’t there before once again Taka disappeared but returned to his original standing position slightly out of breathe.

“I said to do a Hirameki not your makeshift dangerous techniques.” The man yelled to Taka once his hands were done glowing.

“Mr. Pilliteri, they aren’t dangerous to someone who knows what they are doing and your Hirameki will not suffice in a real battle against someone knowing something similar or even exact. My colleagues and I need to know things that will benefit us in battle. The Hirameki is simply moving at such a fast rate that to an untrained eye it seems they disappeared not to mention the protection charm weaved into the incantation makes however you can do it without the incantation but you may only go a short distance. However my Buru-Denkou Hirameki is the blue lightning flash it requires no incantation thus is unprotected but allows for back to back flashes and can release a gas which may or may not make you see double on top of it all anything I touch can turn an electric blue. My technique is significantly superior to...”

Mr. Pilliteri cut Taka off. “However the extra effects could lead to your death, or worse. I will tell you now, to not test my patience so significantly next time because I won’t hold back at my Hirameki. One of the things also included in the incantation of the Hirameki allows you to go as fast as you want thus it builds with skill. My simple Hirameki could surpass your Buru-Denkou any time. When I tell you to do something you will do it. Understood?”

“Yeah, whatever.” Taka responded lacking any essence of enthusiasm.

Mr. Pilliteri appeared in front of Taka seeming as if he never vanished at all. “Have I made myself clear?” He growled.

“Yes.” Taka said sounding genuinely surprised.

“Good, now to start with Giryou training, I want you each to pair up and grab a katana.” Mr. Pilliteri said with a faint heir of authority as if nothing happened.
Taka rolled his eyes, since it was the only thing that troubled Taka. The boy next to him looked to his left pointing to their usual corner for practicing. The two walked to the middle of the spacious room and both grabbed katanas and head over to the southeast corner of the ballroom like place. The two stood still for a couple minutes gathering up their Giryou.

“God, Jason, just do it.” Taka growled.

“Hold on I’m almost done…” The opponent responded with a glint of his eyes. Jason’s eyes changed color from a brown to a scarlet and then he stared at the ground which Taka stood on. It took a minute or two but the ground caught fire.

“Great it’s my turn.” Taka stated stomping out the flames. Taka held his hand up to face Jason and a giant jet of air hit Jason from the side knocking him to the ground, then the air in turn blasted Taka to the marble tiles.

“You did it Taka! You actually summoned your element.” Jason said excitedly yet gasping for air.

“That wasn’t me.” Taka pointed to Okkuu who was waving but was so into his one sided conversation with. “Mine involves speed, I’ve done it only once but the person I was training with lost consciousness, but I think I barely understand the science of it. Needless to say I haven’t been able to do it since.”

“Okay then let’s try.” Jason’s eyes changed color once more this time setting Taka’s shoe on fire. “My bad, hold on don’t mess with it let me extinguish it.” Jason said concentrating once more.

“Yeah, okay I’ll wait for you to put out the fire which is slowly gaining on my body just in time to save my burning flesh, thank you so much for the thought.” Taka said in mock sincerity, while shaking out the fire. “Great it isn’t going anywhere. Might want to get out of the way in case I kick you.” Taka said with a bit of a smirk. Jason took the advice not knowing what Taka could do. The foot that was on fire suddenly disappeared for a millisecond even though there was a blue circle where he started to where he ended and the fire went completely out.

“Taka! What were you doing just now?” Mr. Pilliteri barked.

“I was putting out the fire, sir.” Taka retaliated smartly.

“That was not Giryou, I think I specifically told you to practice Giryou.” Mr. Pilliteri stated calmly but it was obvious that a volcano was about to erupt.

“Ha, you can’t be serious I was on fire.” Taka responded emphasizing the last word.

“Damn right I’m serious; I don’t care if you are frozen solid, on fire, caught in a gale, or any other form of Giryou. I said to practice Giryou, not Hirameki.” Mr. Pilliteri said slowly cooling off.

“With the utmost respect, sir, what if that student were about to die? Would you let them use a Hirameki even if it would disobey a direct order?” Taka questioned.

“Taka, to be in the Kouken one must follow orders. The more insubordination the more likely failure will occur, period. Why don’t you take a couple days off, it would do you good?” Pilliteri stated trying to finish the conversation up.

“You know what? I will but don’t expect for a second that I will sit in my room pondering my existence.” Taka responded sharply hands glowing. The next second he was gone leaving nothing but a blue mist. Mr. Pilliteri looked to his right hand where the instruction manual had been and gave a smile, knowing Taka too well to think that he would just leave without gaining anything to leave with. Shaking his head Pilliteri turned back to the rest of the class, he had learned most of that book by heart anyway.

Okkuu piped up “Sir shouldn’t we follow him get the book back from…” Pilliteri raised his hand signifying he’d heard enough and amazingly Okkuu stopped talking and just shrugged, beginning to walk back to his partner.

“He won’t get far with it; I’ve learned about everything in that book and it’s just a beginners manual, he’ll have to come back if he wants to get anywhere.” Mr. Pilliteri said as soft as one can when it sounds like their throat is layered by gritty sand paper. “He’ll be back.”

Well, that would be chapter one, anyone can comment or post corrections or do whatever.
Chapter II is on its wayish.
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Default Re: The Kouken (A Lyndon project)

OOC: If you read this chapter with --SilentGhost, as in the quick style chooser thing then it'll look really cool...

Chapter II

Complete darkness is the absence of light, therefore in complete darkness there can be no shadows and no colors. Most of the blind are still not engulfed in a sea of this absolute dark, however Taka, one who is not blind, and has amazingly good vision was engulfed in this until he opened his eyes. All that was to be seen were two light blue eyes in a sea of something so horrible it cannot even be proven to exist; or rather people don’t want to prove its existence.

Taka’s mouth burst open revealing the two pearly white canines to be longer and greatly more so jagged than that of a human and from the deepest part of the teen, he made a enormously pathetic noise and stretched. Finally putting down his arms, Taka got out of bed and went straight to his closet not even bothering to turn on the lights, since the dark was easy to see in. His feet brushed against something; instinctively the teen looked down seeing the outline of a pile of clothes laid out messily near the closet door. Five minutes later Taka had on a white undershirt with a hoodie decorated with Taka’s special design; this was three bright blue feathers, but if you looked closely you could see that there were feathers inside the feathers. Trying not to wake the other two room occupants, Taka was using Hirameki without the incantation to move around. Taka slowly twisted the door knob and put a small amount of forward pressure to make sure the door didn’t hit the walls or something. Taka walked silently to the right going towards the boys’ locker room. Stupid Pilliteri, I hate that he knows me so well yet not at all, it’s like he has a piece of the puzzle but not the whole. Still that one piece is causing some problems; he either needs more or less.

Taka, you shouldn’t be so hard on him. I think he wants to understand you but instead ends up just yelling. I think that you could probably try to be cooperative with him and not disobey him so much.

“Hey Mimi, come out I know you’re there.” Taka spoke in a barely audible voice, repeating what he said in his mind.

I’m here, silly. Mimi thought to Taka. A raven swooped down on the teen nipping at his ear.

“I told you to stop doing that.” Taka scolded softly, now rubbing his ear.

You should mind speak, its way easier than your talking.

I can’t mind speak, I can only think; you just eavesdrop on my inner dialogue.

That would be true… Mimi thought, now perched on Taka’s shoulder thoughtfully preening herself.

Would you turn to a cat or something, ravens are always associated with magic. I am no magician and I don’t want people to get the wrong idea.

I’ll do it when we get there. Taka swung the door open to the locker room; walking silently to his gym locker. Taka raised the lock up a little and began to turn the lock.

Five, twenty-one and nine.

Oh, no wonder I couldn’t get in here; I was trying eight, seventeen and eleven.

God, of all the demons I could have gotten stuck with, I get stuck with one which reads minds, tries to break into almost anywhere there is a lock and makes me look like some Magii.

Okay fine, I’ll change but I’m doing it in the bathroom. Taka took the lock off and waved to the departing raven as he opened his gym locker.

Good, it’s still here. Taka thought while taking out a book. However this wasn’t any kind of book, this book was bound with a purple hide, had no name or author on it and it had an indentation of a book growing out of a sapling on the front cover. Taka suddenly heard a pop sounding like someone was blowing bubbles with gum.

No one is going to see me, so I’m going to give myself elf ears. That looks rather good. Mimi came out from the stall in human shape, golden hair let loose ended in the middle Mimi’s back, she had lavender eyes, which of course weren’t normal, Mimi of course went out of her way to make herself look of goddess proportions and she had a dress which took the form of a Hawaiian dress but had the colors of a Kimono.

I still think that a cat would have been a better choice; I bet you’re going to make me look like your boyfriend if anyone sees.

How’d you guess?

I can’t say you wouldn’t do that, and since you like to make me look bad… he trailed off. The two walked out of the boys’ building and went right up the grass covered hill, covered with dew. Taka and Mimi walked silently; er, well more silent than they would be if they had been mind speaking. The two finally came to a dirt area, it had been a paleontologist excavation site once, but nothing was found so it was abandoned and now Taka came here to train. Here’s the deal; if you can stay quiet and not comment, then I’ll let you watch.

Taka, there is no way you can stop me from watching, there will be no deals.

Fine, Taka thought with an eye roll. Okay, where to start… Taka thought, now leafing through the elaborate purple book. Perfect, now to get started… is that it? Okay. Taka put the book down on a flat rock and began to whisper in a monotone. “I call upon the earth to heed my spell, air to make its passage well, bright as fire make this spell glow, deep as the tides of the waters flow, by my will this spell is done, with harm to none, so shall it be done!” turn this single rock to nothing more than a block. Taka thought, now noticing how lame the rhyme was, while pointing his index finger to a rock to his left which only stayed in its current shape.

Too bad it has to rhyme. Some tips for incantations to work the first few times: you have to yell it, and it absolutely must be your element.

What if I don’t really have an element?

All Kouken have elements.

I’m not a Kouken though.

You’re meaning to tell me that Pilliteri didn’t tell you?

Didn’t tell me what?

You guys are already Kouken; once you have your powers released you are considered a Kouken whether they are developed or not.

Hm…but I don’t really have an element. It’s just increased speed.

But, it’s still an element. Speed is one of the elements, it’s usually overlooked when element is said yet it is one of them, but it means that there is more than just speed. Anyone who has had speed in the past has always had something else paired with it. What you are actually doing when we think speed is increasing and decreasing inertia and allowing you to still change the velocity, so it’s still under control.

Okay speed it is. Here I go. Taka yelled, “I call upon the earth to heed my spell, air to make its passage well, bright as fire make this spell glow, deep as the tides of the waters flow, by my will this spell is done, with harm to none, so shall it be done!” move this stone to nearest bone. Taka thought again. Taka’s hand was extended fully, pointing his index finger to a different rock this time. Minutes passed by while nothing happened. Taka opened his eyes realizing that he had closed them after the incantation. Nothing had changed; the rock was in the same place. Taka was about to go to the book for another spell, until he noticed that the stone was sinking into the ground, slowly but surely it was sinking. After a couple minutes of watching Taka heard in his head:

Are you just going to watch it go down? I mean, wouldn’t it be a better use of your time to practice more?

It’s going to the nearest bone; I don’t think it should be much longer.

Oh before I forget, don’t get too close to it. If it’s going to the nearest bone then it would go through your skin until it touches bone. Right now, I’m surprised you’re still standing after giving those stupid directions.

I wonder what other secrets Pilliteri has been keeping from us. Maybe some are in this book. Taka walked over to the stone the book was resting on and grabbed the book, making the stone raise up suddenly out of its hole, and then disappeared just as suddenly inside it again. “Hmmm…” Taka mumbled, now flipping through the section titled: Giryou sparring techniques. I can’t find anything dealing with speed; it’s either fire, water, air or earth, no speed. Mimi released a flurry of kicks, the first hit him in the back of the legs knocking out his knees and making him begin to fall, the second which was milliseconds off hit him in the shin, the third sent him flying and hit him really hard in the stomach. Taka flew to the other side and collided with the rock wall making a loud coughing or gurgling sound as he dropped. The rock decided where to go and took off after the Mimi. There was a crunch sound and dust fell out of her palm falling to the ground. Mimi walked over to Taka and propped him up; he swayed for a couple seconds, turned his head to the right and promptly vomited. What the hell was that for?

Come on Taka, you’re so much smarter than this. I had already explained that speed is the lesser known one, so obviously it wouldn’t be in the book. There should be some hints to it in the other ones though.

Frick, you didn’t need to kill me. Taka thought while vomiting once more.

I didn’t think you were that weak…

Damn, I’m not weak, you’re strong as hell. Taka thought, spitting the remaining chunks and bile into the dirt.

Look Speedy Gonzales, if you were so strong that wouldn’t have been a big deal. I bet I can find more information on your “skills” than you can. With that Mimi grabbed the dropped book off the ground and within found the spot where it was put down last and read the entire thing silently. A couple minutes later Mimi began to mind speak again, I’m just going to summarize what I’ve found: Speed is a different use of an element, and that it’s powered by the second element. A few tricks to find out the second element are coincidences that seem to happen a lot; like if it were fire than you might feel heat every time you use your intense speed or if it were earth than you might have better traction than when you run without using the Giryou. Speed skills can go between being able to slightly move something to being able to go from standing to one hundred miles per hour. I’ve never had a Speedy before; I guess I’ll just have to learn with ya. At this Mimi smiled with a calm and surprisingly not mischievous look on the impossible perfect face. She then whirled around suddenly and yelled out loud “You can come out now!” Someone walked out from behind an intensely green and healthy looking tree.

Hmmm... I'm going to assume since this thread is technically mine I can revive it and stuff...
Well that chapter took me a couple CD's (I listen to new CDs that I've never listened to before and that's one of the only ways to get my creative juices flowing.)
I thought the ending was pretty nice and I can't wait to write more.

I'm going to post my character overviews in here later but this is it for tonight. Cao~
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Default Re: The Kouken (A Lyndon project)

Cool, I liked both chapters. You MUST upload more.
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Default Re: The Kouken (A Lyndon project)

Wow, thanks.
I've started the third chapter tonight and seeing how school's looking pretty complicated right now, I think it might be done in a couple weeks to a month or two , I'm painfully slow if I don't have any inspiration, so I need to check more CD's out.

Here are the character overviews as promised; I hope to keep these up to date and stuff as the characters develop.

Taka: A boy, quiet at times but not to be tamed, blue hair, has a passion to draw and seems extremely intelligent yet so dumb. Being one of the Kouken, he has secrets that are yet to be discovered (oooh mysterious). He is good with his double sided katana and has a very unique style of fighting. Taka’s element is speed however he still doesn’t know his secondary element.

Faith: A girl, talkative and bubbly, Isn’t passive though, on occasion if the person is either ticking her off or being an idiot she will notify them with physical contact ranging from slapping to hitting and kicking to stomping, her social status is high ranked because of her ability to get along with others easily and even strike up conversations with the most antisocial of people coughtakacough.

Okkuu: A boy, once he starts to talk he never stops, his hair is a middle toned blond and is short enough to be beyond a crew cut but isn’t bowlike, he easily annoys people due to his inability to shut up and as such is generally left alone, he is considered a nerd because all he does is train with the katana and school work. Is one of the Kouken but doesn’t make a good one since he can’t stop talking long enough to hear the enemy’s name.

Jason: One of Taka’s friends, he will go along with anything until it ends up hurting a friend or it keeps him from being himself. Photography is his strong passion, his Kouken ability involves him adding the necessary products to create a fire, with this he can sustain fires for hours. He wears his straight brown hair short but sporty, when looking for Jason the only thing to look for is a camera strap on someone’s neck and he is usually that person.

Mimi: A cute small demon, she enjoys following Taka around and talks to him regularly through telepathy, she has a small body with huge ears and a petite face, her tail is fairly long but branches off near the end one shorter than the other, the shorter end of her tail has a small dark blue orb at the end while the longer part has a tip of a spear, being a demon Mimi can change her form but this is her base form and must change back to this form before changing once more. Mimi also has a variety of other powers but Taka has yet to see some of them. Mimi’s favorite activity is either to watch Taka train or to nip at his ears.

I think I got all the colors right... Okkuu's color is actually a yellow but orange shows up better and Jason's is more of a burnt brown red. So, back to writing chapter 3!!!

I haven't had a lot of free time to write and school is taking up way more time then expected. Just to clarify the problem is time, not inspiration, I would be done by now if I had the time. I'll be lucky to have this up by November possible December. Random item for people who care about my academic/personal life: Lol, I was failing English up until yesterday (there's a reason, it's an 11th grade class and I'm in 9th lol, can't write essays for the life of me, so it's impacting me enormously. Tips are welcome.)

Now it's the opposite, no inspiration and lots of time... I made some room for writing but I just can't jump into it, I think I may try writing five minutes a day, just to get my brain jogging again with creativity. I actually passed on an essay :D YAY!!! So I'm celebrating... how, not sure yet but it's coming. I'm going to be doing NANOWRIMO which is November and hopefully that will get the juices going, else I don't really know what to do... if you have any ideas of what could happen next send them to me and I'll consider them.
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