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Old 07-05-2008, 06:40 PM
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Default are pkmn game projects declining??

(just want to say before the post that i am not attacking the people who have added their ideas onto the site)

after looking through the game projects i have realised a couple things, heres a list of the things i find dissopointing;

- Most of the games are using all the existing pokemon only, there seems to be a decline in the amount of fakemon you see.

- Some projects say that they have created x sprites etc. but most of them dont show what they have done.

- The names are on the decline as well, people are trying to follow the gemstone names, but most have been taken, so people are creting names like pokemon: tigers eye which to me doesn't sound very advertising. or are going to find something pokemon game related to give their name to.

- most games with fakemon in them have introduced types like sound or light, but these types dont fit in with the game. the light type is pretty much special type steel attacks, because you cant have non physical metal, and the sound type has already been covered by a range of types (normal, electric, psychic)

those are the most promenant points i can see.

Now here is what i would like to see in a good fakemon game project

- a set of 105-150 fakemon, that either works on its own or as an extra generation

- no new types, the existing types are good as they are, we dont need light because we have steel, electric, and psychic types already

- a new designed region with lots of routs and towns and stuff

- some unique overworld designing, take the existing overworld sprites, edit them on photoshop or something, then you have a new look for the game.

- a good intense epic storyline and stuff.

- new design for the battle scene, believe me, it can be made to look awesome if you put a bit of time into it.

there is some other stuff but ive pretty much mentioned the important stuff.

Now i know im probally going to get a load of replies saying "why dont you do it yourself," or something similar so read the next bit and ill make everything clear.

I have created a list of pokemon that i am sort of designing, i design type matches, stats, fakemon and stuff in my spare time if i feel like being a bit creative.

I dont have the right software to create the actual game, nor do i know enough about the software to create a whole game on my own,

i have tryed creating a game in the past but with very little success with the software and with getting help on this forum.

i dont have enough time to work flat out on a pokemon project, and most of the time i prefer being out and doing other stuff, i do prefer the real world to the virtual world by 1,000,000,000,000,000,000+ to 1

so im here to give you some tips for your pokemon game making.

1) think about the order you plan your game in, its no good starting by telling yourself your going to make wierd type matchups and that be your only driving point.
you need to think about ever aspect of the fakemon, and ever aspect of the overworld combined,
you cant create a volcano pokemon and then not have a volcano in your region, and you cant fill your region with ever single type of climate you can imagine all next to each other.

2) dont make sprites from existing sprites and expect them to be the final ideas, you need to practice on your scratching.
you can use an existing sprite as a starting point but to make your ideas original and interesting you should change pretty much every aspect of the pokemon sprite, and by that i dont just mean the colour or whatever.

3) think through the story, make the story interesting, make it drag the palyers into the story line, add as much tension, fear and worry as you can, and definately dont skip on the epic, epic is the key to popularity in games.

4) dont rush anything, dont get 20 spriters 20 game makers and 20 designers and tell them to have 50% of the game made in a week.
The faster you make the game, the more mistakes you make and the less original it becomes, take your time, let the ideas change and edit themselves, a caterpilla spends most of its like preparing and changing before it becomes what its aimed for.
you want your game to be more like a catipilla than an antellope that can walk as soon as its born.

5) dont expect the best out of everyone on your team, if someone sends you a badly made scratch, or a badly edited sprite, dont tell them their crap and to truck off back up the road they came from, keep the sprite and try to edit it so it looks more profesional, then give it to one of your scratchers to makebe edit the stance and stuff,
theres no such thing as a bad idea, their just not final ideas

well thats about it from me,

hope this stuff helps with your gaming makinging

good luck on your projects people.
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Old 07-06-2008, 04:30 PM
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Default Re: are pkmn game projects declining??

Thats very inspiring...*Sniff*...I couldn't have put it any better myself.
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Old 07-07-2008, 12:11 AM
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Default Re: are pkmn game projects declining??

that brought a tear to cyber's eye. I JUST WANNA HELP ON A POKEMON PROJECT ALREADY XD
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