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Default Solar Destiny: Tales of War [PG-13][RESTART]

Disclaimer: This story contains intense violence and profane language. Don't read if you can't handle it.

Banner by Kaze

Chapter 1: Nightmare

The pungent stench of smoke and fire filled the air...

The plains were quiet, and looked deserted. The monotone of rolling, grassy hills filled the scene, save for one dead, spiky tree standing on one small hill, another dead tree fallen next to it. The sky was filled with clouds, colors drifting from dark blue-grey overhead to a gradual reddish hue farther to the East. The Eastern sky was ablaze, embers drifting upwards from far-off explosions, whose distant thunder rumbled the ground.

The captain of the advance forces, a Wartortle sporting a black headband and a belt of bullets over his chest crept up to the log silently, hoping to God he wasn't spotted. He peered over the top of the fallen tree, holding his M1 Garand at the ready. Seeing nothing, he faced the direction he came from and motioned to the other Pokemon in his unit.

What appeared to be small bumps in the grassy knoll shifted closer. Upon closer inspection, there were close to twelve Pokemon, their backs covered in grass similar to that on the hill. Each held a weapon in their hands, save the Pokemon on four legs; their job was to carry extra weapons and supplies. All of them gathered behind the log, all cocking their weapons. They sat and waited, not moving an inch...even breathing was at a minimum.

Out of the gloom to the west of the log, an odd-looking Camerupt lumbered up to the log. A cloth covered what was on the hump on his back. To show he knew who they were, he made four clicking sounds in his throat, receiving the same from the Wartortle. Smiling, the Camerupt slowly walked behind the log, slightly taken aback at the small number. "Are you sure this is enough?" He whispered, nearly inaudible.

The Wartortle grinned. "Usually, I'd bring one less, but it's time to test Junior over there." He indicated a trembling Pikachu with his head. The Camerupt nodded in understanding before he moved completely behind the log with the rest of them. He shuffled twenty feet from the log and turned around to face them. The Wartortle gave a signal with his free paw.

The cloth was pulled off, revealing a metallic contraption over the Camerupt's hump. A barrel extended from it, making it look like a cannon of sorts. The barrel was angled up with a couple of quiet clicks in the machine, aiming over the heads of the gathered force. The Wartortle aimed his M-1 Garand over the log slowly, quietly, and the rest followed suit. The Wartortle looked back at the Camerupt once more, and nodded.

A sound of thunder, and all hell broke loose.

The cannon fire had taken out a bunker dug into the grasslands, hidden to all but the most trained eye. Bodies flew out from the explosion, charred and unmoving. The squad surged over the log and ran towards the yells of their enemies, bullets flying and bodies dropping. Bullets ripped through the fragile bodies of unarmored Pokemon, while others suffered trauma from bullets ricocheting off of the armor they wore, natural or otherwise. Blood soaked the grass as the group took the element of surprise and ripped their foes in two. Not a single one of the small force has died, but a couple had taken hits.

The Wartortle slung his M1 Garand on his back, saving ammo, and whipped an AK-47 off of one of the dead Pokemon at his feet. Taking aim, he pulled the trigger, the rat-tat-tat crying death to those unfortunate enough to come within range. Suddenly, he stopped firing, and looked to the Pikachu, who had frozen where he stood, oblivious to the bullets flying just inches by him. Seeing he had no weapon, he pulled an M16 from another dead enemy and tossed it at him. The machine gun hit him in the chest, bringing him back to reality; the Pikachu caught the M16 just before it hit the ground and held it up, looking to the Wartortle, his eyes wide.

"Just aim and pull th' trigger!" he yelled at him, "Try t' aim for their heads and chests!" With that, he ran off, the dirt behind him flying up like a fountain as the bullets trailed his position.

The Pikachu stared at the scene unfolding around him in horror; this was much different than the training he'd gone through. He wasn't ready for this...he wasn't ready to take another's life. His thoughts, however, were suddenly interrupted as a sudden scream rose behind him. He turned on the spot, only to see a Mankey charging, a rifle equipped with a bayonet in his grip. Before he could think, he pulled the trigger, watching as his body is ripped apart by his bullets. He continued pressing the trigger, making a swarm of bullets sting the Mankey hard. When he stopped, there was hardly any resemblance to what the Mankey was only a few seconds before.

He stared at the dead Mankey, then again at his paws. He dropped the weapon in fear and horror and backed up. A sparkle caught his attention from the corner of his eye. He slowly turned his head to see an unbloodied pool of water, perfectly reflecting the broiling sky above. He stepped closer to observe it. When he was directly above it, he expected his own reflection. However, when he saw his face, it was as though he'd never seen it before. He screamed in fear...

As I woke up, a human.

I looked wildly around my room, expecting the sound of bullets ripping up the earth or the screams of a dying Pokemon, but I calmed down as a realization came to me: it was all a dream.

My breathing was erratic, though my hyperventilating eventually slowed down to slow, deep breaths. Finally, I sighed, having calmed down from the adrenaline rushing through my veins. I sat up, flinging my legs over the edge of the bed, and buried my face in the palms of my hands; I tried desperately to sort out the images that were going through my head, all from the dream. A Wartorle, looking like Rambo...a Camerupt with a cannon on its back...a gun in my hands, a Pikachu's hands, the bullets blasting from it ripping into a Mankey's body...

Growling in frustration, I stood up, realizing my sleep clothes, a light pair of sweats and a white tee, were plastered to my body with cold sweat. "Ugh! Gross..." Quickly, I pulled some clothes out of my dresser and left for the bathroom.

After a quick shower and getting dressed, I walked back into the room and glanced at his alarm clock: it showed 10:08 am in red numbers. "Aw, great...lucky it’s Saturday, or else..." I couldn't even imagine what my mother would do to me if I woke up this late on a school day! Running a hand through my short blond hair, I threw my still-damp sleep clothes into the laundry hamper and headed downstairs for breakfast.

As I walked into the pristine kitchen, I was greeted by my brother in the usual fashion. "Morning, Sleeping Beauty."

"Shove it up your ass..." I responded in a grumble.

"Van!" Mom snapped at me from the stove, "You may be four years older than Spencer, but that still doesn't give you the right to treat him like that! Apologize. NOW."

I grumbled out an "I'm sorry..." to Spencer, who was grinning wide. I couldn't figure out what was up with my parent. Spencer would do something really rotten, taunting and ridiculing me, even in front of our parents, but when I snapped a retort back at him in similar fashion, I was the one who got yelled at and, often, punished.

"That's better, though your tone could've been much better," mom said, "Now, what do you want to eat for breakfast?"

"Just some cereal or Toaster Strudels," I responded.

A hissing intake of air came from Spencer. "Ooh, sorry...I got that last one." Spencer laughed at me and ate the last remaining bite of the flaky pastry mockingly to me.

I glared at him. "Guess I'll just have some Lucky Charms cereal, then..." I said, my gaze never leaving Spencer's.

A minute later found me devouring my cereal, Spencer just lounging at the table, and mom busy cleaning up the stove. Pausing from my scarfing, I asked her, "So, where's dad?"

"He went to that business trip earlier this morning,” she glanced at me from the corner of her eye. "If you'd been awake this morning, you'd have known that."

"That was today?!" I said incredulously, "Aw man! I thought that was Monday!" I groaned in disappointment before returning to my cereal, eating slower.

A few minutes passed in silence, save for the clink of my spoon on my bowl every now and then. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and my mother went to answer it. Spencer stared at me, like he was sizing me up. I took a notice to this. "What?"

"You've got bags under your eyes," He responded.

"Wow, very observant of you," I said mockingly before returning to my cereal.

"I heard you thrashing around in your bed earlier, too," Spencer continued, "So, tell me: what were you dreaming about? What nightmares haunted you and made you pee your pants?"

"Shut up!" I restrained myself from tossing my entire bowl at my brother. "Anyway, what is it any business of yours?"

"What, can't a brother be concerned for his older bro? C'mon, tell me!"

I sighed. "Fine, but only if you don't rip on me for it. You see...there was this plains field, alright? Well, there were explosions far off from this dead-lookin' tree. Then, this group of Pokemon-"

I was cut off by his brother's guffawing. "My God, you're pathetic! I mean, you're seventeen, and you had a nightmare about Pokemon?! That's just frickin' lame!"

"I told you not to do that!" I yelled.

"How can you expect me not to?! I'm your younger brother, and this is just gold! Wait'll I tell the guys at school that you were dreaming about gettin' kissed by Pokemon!"

"Shut up! That's not what happened, and you know it!" I refused to tell his brother any more.

"Aw, come on, you need to just get over it," Spencer told me, "Now, what else happened?"

I glared at him. "Do you promise not to rip on me for it, OR tell anyone else?"

Spencer had to think about it a sec before nodding. "Fine, but you aren't making this easy."

I huffed before continuing. Spencer didn't interrupt me again, just listened intently to my description of my vivid nightmare. Finally, I finished. "You know what the weird thing is? I've had this exact dream for, nights now. They weren't as...well, they didn't seem as real as the one I had this morning."

Spencer raised an eyebrow. "Really? Well, I still say that's lame, although I could probably relate to that War-turtle, or whatever it's called. I can't say I envy you, cause I'd wanna rip my mind out after a dream about something as lame as Pokemon."

I "Pfft"-ed before getting up and rinsing my bowl in the sink and placing it in the dishwasher. "Whatever, dude. See, this is how I know that you're adopted; we have absolutely nothing in common."

It was just my luck that mom had walked into the kitchen at that moment. "Van, what did I just tell you about saying something like that to your brother?!"

I sighed again and glanced at Spencer, who smirked behind mom’s back. He knew our mother didn't know all that Spencer said, and that she'd never believe me telling her that their "little teenager" wasn't as much an angel as they thought. "Sorry, Spencer..." I grumbled, knowing what mom was about to tell me to do.

"You know what? I might not be feeling generous enough to let you go to this Solar Eclipse party your friend invited you to if you don't behave!" She held up a flashy card with a picture of a Solar Eclipse on it.

"Aw, c'mon, mom! I've been looking forward to being invited, and I finally got it! Please can I go, please?!" I begged.

My mother just glared at me before sighing. “Fine, if you just stop that. Here." She handed me the card.

I took it and thanked mom before dashing to the front door to put my shoes on. Afterwards, I looked inside the card to find out when the party'd be done.

"I want you home before 7:30, alright?" came mom's voice, like she knew what I was about to ask.

"That's perfect. See ya, mom!" I yelled back before opening the front door and going out into the streets of the Stratton Meadows neighborhood. I hurried along; this was a party I’d been looking forward to for a while, and didn’t want to miss a bit of it.

An hour later, I was having fun at my friend Oric's house. It was an invitation only party, so there were only a few people there. Even my best friend, Danielle, was there. She, like myself, had decided to bring her DS and a copy of Pokemon Pearl (I had Diamond instead), and was busy in a battle with Oric. As I walked up, the battle was over.

"Agh, dammit!" Oric cursed his bad luck.

Dani laughed. "No need to get worked up over a loss, geez...Sore loser." She tossed her long black hair.

"Losing just isn't my thing, okay?" Oric defended poorly. He put his hand on his head, rubbing his short, brown hair stubs...he liked his hair short.

"Whatever...hey, Van!" She called, having spotted me. "Wanna battle?"

"Sure!" I ran up and pulled out my black DS Lite. "6 on 6, no Legends, is that fine?"

"I don't battle any other way, so yeah."

A minute later, Dani and I entered into a fierce battle, with each of our pokemon trading fierce blows. While we had no level 100 pokemon, they were still powerful. Finally after a long, half-hour battle, Dani triumphed, with her Luxray trumping my Gyarados.

"Damn...I forgot you had that Luxray." I groaned as I pocketed my DS.

"Nice battle. That Gyarados you got is really good...took out half my team with it..." Dani followed my example and pocketed her handheld as well. "You want some soda?"

"Just some Pepsi, thanks." I said, watching Dani go off to the refreshment table set up by the fence.

"Man, that was a long almost took her to the cleaners, dude." Oric said.

"What the heck does 'take them to the cleaners' mean exactly, anyway?" I asked, "I mean, I know it means beat down, or something like that, but why?"

Oric raised an eyebrow. "You think too much."

"Yeah, I know..." I ran my hand through my hair in embarrasment. "I can't help it though."

Oric held up a pair of dark glasses. "Here, you'll need these."

It was my turn to raise an eyebrow. "Oric, you know I wouldn't look cool, even with the sunglasses."

Oric chuckled. "These aren't your everyday sunglasses, they're specially made. They aren't used to make you look cool, either. They're for the Solar Eclipse, remember? It should be happening any minute now."

"Oh." I took the sunglasses and put them on. "Thanks."

Oric put on his own pair and smiled. "No problem. Oh, and I'll need them back afterwards; my dad's only borrowing them from his observatory, and they're very expensive."

"Only the best for you, huh?"

"You know it!" We both laughed as Dani joined us with three cans of Pepsi. She handed Oric snd I each a can, and Oric handed her a similar pair of glasses. "Why'd you invite Rachel, huh?" She asked Oric, "You know all she does is try to hit on guys at any party she's at, or just hit people."

"Yeah, but in return for inviting her, I get to keep my nose." Oric grinned sheepishly.

Suddenly, one of the other teens said, "Look, it's starting!"

All twelve people looked up at the sun in synch, like robots, gasping as they saw the moon beginning to cover the sun. They felt lucky; a complete Solar Eclipse happens over a particular area of the world only once every 300 years.

"Magical, huh?" Dani asked her two friends.

"Yep..." was all I chose to say. The only sounds as the moon moved across the sky were mutterings from the others. This was going to be the first Solar Eclipse many of them had ever seen, so they were excited.

"Cool..." I whispered.

"Yeah...I've never seen something like this...have you?"

"Nope. I'm really glad these sunglasses work, otherwise, we'd be blind right now." Dani and I laughed at that.

Suddenly, I felt like my stomach was kicking me in the ribs. I doubled over, wave after wave of nausea pounding away at my innards. "What the-?!"

"Van, are you okay?" Dani asked, an edge of panic in her voice.

"Yeah. I think that Pepsi might've been bad, though..." I groaned. I stood up, though with difficulty, and looked up at the eclipse once more. I at least wanted to enjoy what I came here to see before I went to the bathroom and purged my stomach...

A few seconds later, the moon fully eclipsed the sun, and the corona of the sun was finally visible, shifting and moving like waves on the sea. It was bright, even through the sunglasses.

Instantly, I blacked out.


I woke with my head pounding. My eyelids felt too heavy to open, so I felt content to just lay where I was until I could recover my energy…I wondered how long I was out. Even breathing was making me feel a little sick.

"...Hey...are you okay...?" came a distant voice.

"...Dani...?" I asked.

"...Dani? No, I'm Harold," came the distant voice, though it sounded closer every second.

"Harold? Never heard of ya." I said, before slowly opening my eyes. Everything was very blurry, but I was able to make out something red. "Are you here for the Solar Eclipse party?"

"Huh? No, there isn't any party here. Besides, the Solar Eclipse isn't for another month or two." The shape said. It was slowly, but surely, coming into focus.

"One or two-" I said, incredulous; that couldn’t possibly be right. "What are you talki-" I stopped as the shape finally became visible. It was not a person I expected...or, anything I expected at all.

Before me stood a Combusken.

"A Pokemon?!" I cried, pulling myself away suddenly. "This's gotta be a dream!"

"What's wrong with you?!" The Combusken said, angered. "Of course I'm a Pokemon! Wha-" He was cut off as the side of his head exploded when a bullet hit it.

"What the f*ck?!" I yelled, hopping up and backpedalling as quickly as I could. Blood pooled from the dead Combusken's head, soaking the ground dark red. I could hardly imagine what had just happened…Then, I began to notice the sights and sounds of my surroundings.

The sky was colored a blood red glow from the sunset. All around me, bullets flew a deadly dance, and explosions rocked the earth from bombshells. Pokemon of all kinds were engaged in brutal warfare, bloodlust showing in the eyes of those I could see before the darkness of death clouded them. Blood soaked the ground, a putrid smell emanating from it. Bird pokemon circled in the air, the smell of carrion waking their feral instincts.

The scene brought constant waves of confusion, horror, and absolute terror to me, and I hid behind a dead-looking tree. "What in hell's going on here?!" I glanced around wildly as the yells of the warring Pokemon, coupled with the cries of the dying, sang a symphony of destruction. "This has got to be a f*cking dream! No way in hell is this real!"

Suddenly, something thick struck me in the back, driving the breath out of my lungs and sending me flying to the ground. I coughed as I turned onto my back, to see who had struck me. All I found, however, was the blade of a bayonet in my face.

My breath caught in my throat as all my muscles seized up. The sight of the point of a blade centimeters from my nose slowed everything down to me, even the sounds of warfare around me was muffled. I gazed at the bayonet, then at the wielder.

The bayonet was attached to a sort of rifle, held by a Nidoking. A belt with a pouch along his waist held some bullets that were showing. He was breathing hard, as if he'd run quite a distance. Blood seeped from bullet holes on his arms. Finally, after a few seconds of silence that lasted an eternity, his lips parted and he grunted out a statement.

"Don't move an inch, or I'll make sure the next hit'll gut ya."
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Default Re: Solar Destiny: Tales of War [PG-13][RESTART]

My god, I love it... <3

I cannot wait to hear more; you are an excellent writer, Shen, and I wouldn't be surprised to see this published someday; if you can somehow obtain a copyright, that is.

Keep up the good work! ^^ *thumbs up*
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Default Re: Solar Destiny: Tales of War [PG-13][RESTART]

Could it really be?


It is! Welcome back, Shen. What a way to announce your return. We all know what I think about this,'s as great as it was when I read it the first time.


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Default Re: Solar Destiny: Tales of War [PG-13][RESTART]


Wow. This is really different from the normal Pokemon Fan Fic.

I found mistakes, and often it jumped from he to I, even in the same sentence sometimes.

I had always been against Pokemon with artificial weapons, and I was really glad to find out that the first scene was a dream. I really liked the rest, and then when he entered the dream scene again, I was surprised, but then not because it would have to be connected.

I really like it so far. You missed out on capitalizing the P in Pokemon a few times, but mostly it was a capital. Great job on everything else, though. Keep writing!
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Default Re: Solar Destiny: Tales of War [PG-13][RESTART]

Heh, thanks for the comments, guys ^^. Honestly, that was probably the quickest I ever got comments on a story x3.

Thanks for the help on typos, Graceful_Suicune, that helped. You see, this fanfic was originally written in third-person, but while I was in Basic Training (and without my computer for nine weeks T_T), I had written ch. 5 and 6 of this fanfic in first-person, and honestly, first-person POV for this story seems to work better.

Ribo and DS, nice to see you appreciate this story too x3. This time, I plan on finishing this one, since I planned a hell of a lot of it while in Basic. This one's gonna be epic, believe me .

For those of you who remember this story, the 3rd and 4th chapters will be completely different, since I now know what Basic Training is like, and need to correct them to make it more accurate. All I need to do with the second chapter is change it to first-person, and it'll be up as fast as I can manage it. Expect it soon ^^.
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Default Re: Solar Destiny: Tales of War [PG-13][RESTART]

Chapter 2: Prisoner of War

I stared at the point of the bayonet, mere centimeters from my nose. The Nidoking holding the rifle glared at me, unmoving. For a minute that lasted forever, battle blazed around us unabated, as if we didn't exist.

Then, the Nidoking moved the gun slightly and grunted, "Alright, get're comin' with me." He shifted the gun to the side slightly to allow me to get up without getting cut by the blade. "Get up, ya little cretin."

Trembling, I stared up at the Nidoking for a few seconds longer, the rocky pokemon's demands barely registering. Finally, I got to my feet slowly, still shaking. The Nidoking beckoned me before him; I only too happily obliged, what with the blade poking me in the back. Thus did we begin a march through the raging battlefield. All around us, gunfire was constant. There were yells of rage and invigoration, but these were drowned out by the screams of agony. It wasn't pretty...

Miraculously, most bullets missed us, save for a couple that pinged harmlessly off the Nidoking's impressive armor. However, one eventually grazed my knees, making them buckle, and causing me to scream in agony. I shot out my hands to prevent myself from falling face first into the dirt, but now my hands smarted as well. I squeezed my eyes shut in pain, stifling a whimper, and the Nidoking laughed cruelly. "Better get used to pain, boy...there's a lot more where yer goin'."

Very soon, the sharp sting subsided, leaving only a dull, throbbing pain that was more endurable. I slowly opened my eyes, expecting to be gazing at my hands. However, what I saw nearly made my heart stop, even after all the wierd things that had happened today.

What I saw were not my hands, but yellow paws...exactly like those of a Pikachu.

Time seemed to halt entirely for my as I stared at these hands...these paws. None of this could possibly be real...could it? Now that I'd seen my paws, actually...I began to notice other odd things about myself...such as the lightningbolt tail sticking out of my rear, or the long ears lowered on my head...I even noticed that I was covered in yellow fur, the only thing separating me from total nudity.

Time eventually caught up to me, though, and a sharp prod in the back brought my attention back to the world around me. The Nidoking stared at me with a look of utter confusion. "What's the matter, never seen yerself before?" He asked harshly.

"...Apparently not..." I muttered as I stood up. With another hard poke to my back that opened the skin, I resumed marching in front of the Nidoking, oblivious to the world around me as I buried himself in my thoughts. I so desperately wanted this to be another nightmare, but I was quickly being forced to believe that this was all real...that some force, mystical or otherwise, had turned me into a Pikachu and brought me to this war-torn world of wasn't very encouraging.

The sounds of battle began to die away as we marched on. Soon, we were joined by many other Pokemon, all yelling and talking jubilantly; I supposed they had been victorious in this battle, though against whom, I didn't have the slightest idea. A Gligar, carrying a type of machine gun, came walking up behind the Nidoking. "Hey Johnson!" He called out, "Nice job out there today!" He glanced around the Nidoking to look at me. "Y'know we don't usually take prisoners. How do you think the General's gonna act?" He asked.

"Oh, he'll be plenty pleased with who I've got." Johnson said with a small grin to him. The Gligar walked up next to me. I looked over at him though the corner of my eye, and saw the Gligar's eyes open wide.

The Gligar looked back at Johnson. "A Pikachu?! Again, nice job!"

"Thanks, Yarsan." Johnson responded. I kept myself from snapping a retort at the Gligar; it'd be a bad idea to snap at the friend of the one who's got a knife sticking in my back. Johnson looked over to Yarson, who'd taken to walking beside him, and started a different conversation.

I wondered about what the two had said; what about me being a Pikachu made me so special? And how was my capture significant? It's not like I put up much of a fight...or even any of a fight, for that matter. No answers came to me as they continued marching. I was becoming more and more depressed by this lack of answers I was getting.

It was an hour before we neared a bunch of buildings crammed together in a fenced-off area. A large gate flanked by sentry towers loomed before us. There was a loud whistle from on top of one of these towers, and the gates began sliding open on wheels. The large force of Pokemon began flooding through, now evidently marching. Lines formed up, and all the Pokemon stood straight and serious; apparently, there were some high standards here, I thought.

I was forced to march as well, and the puncture wound that had clotted and closed earlier was opened and continually prodded until I painfully got the hint to march with them. Furiously, almost rebelliously, I consented, just to stop Johnson's prodding.

The marching column eventually split into a single line before a massive building. When the end of the line was reached, they stopped marching, only to mark time in place. I was stopped in the middle of the long horizontal line. Luckily for me, I wasn't forced to mark time, and took the time to rest my aching leg muscles; I just wasn't used to it, at all.

Suddenly, a Pokemon called out from the building, yelling, "Battalion, HALT!" In unison, the Pokemon stopped marking time, keeping completely still and silent. Then, two calls went up, one on either side of the line. On my left, one pokemon yelled, "Right Face!", while on my left, another said, "Left Face." As one, the Pokemon lined up turned to the front, facing the building they lined up in front of. The only sound for a long time was the wind on their faces. I glanced around, looking for the ones who gave the orders, and what these Pokemon were waiting for.

With a great cracking sound, the wall in the part of the building before me split open along a perfectly straight line, about six feet from the ground to the top of the line. Then, the two parts of the wall slid open, like automatic doors. I realized after a moment it was an ingenious door design; it was impossible to find except by those who knew exactly where it was and how to open it.

From the new opening in the wall, a Golem stepped out, his hands behind his round back. He sported a type of hat I recognized as one the Marine Corps in my world wore; this Golem must be a high-ranked official in this army. "Battalion, atten-SHUN!" one of the Pokemon on one end yelled. The line of Pokemon saluted him in a single movement. I stared at him, eyebrows furrowed in anger at my captors. The Golem stepped before me and gazed down at my face, the same look of anger on the Rock-type's face.

Finally, he looked up to Johnson and spoke. "You captured him, knowing full well that the orders were to take no captives, only eliminate or drive out the enemy?" The Nidoking nodded and lowered his saluting hand. The Golem loked into Johnson's eyes for a minute, scrutinizing him. Then, he cracked a smile and patted him on the back. "Good job, Johnson. This may give you a promotion, if I have anything to say about it."

Johnson saluted once more. "Thank you, sir!"

The General stepped back and looked along the line of pokemon. "Johnson, bring the Pikachu with you and follow me. The rest of you," he shouted so the rest of the Pokemon would hear him, "are dismissed for Detail!"

"SIR!" They yelled as one before they all dispersed, talking casually amongst themselves.

Suddenly, my arms were grabbed and held together behind my back. "Hey!" I cried as I struggled against the hold. I soon realized it was the Nidoking, Johnson, again, especially after I was lifted by the arms into the air and moved forward. "You bastard! What's the meaning of this? Let me go!"

"Gladly, if you let me have the pleasure of keeping your arms!" Johnson growled in his ear. That shut me up, though I still struggled in his hold.

The hallway past the hidden doorway was dark, especially after the wall closed behind Johnson. my eyesight was another thing I noticed was amplified, as I could still see well in this darkness. I went limp in the Nidoking's grasp, letting myself be carried to what may be my doom...

The hallway suddenly opened into a gigantic, circular room, filled with many screens on the walls, showing black-and-white pictures of the buildings and the surrounding area, among other things. There were raised diases in the very middle of the room, the top one of which I couldn't see what was on it. Pokemon of all kinds milled about, doing their jobs.

The Golem General from before stood at the base of the lowest dias. As Johnson walked up to him, he called up towards the top dias: "Commander, Johnson is here! He has someone you may want to see!"

Johnson stopped ten feet before the General and looked up. I followed his gaze. What I saw made me stare in awe.

Floating down rather quickly from the top dias was Mewtwo. As he landed before Johnson and gazed upon me, his expression went from something of serious neutrality to one of fury.

"So, one of you still live, eh?" His voice was very calm, but eerily icy. It dug into my skin, my very soul, and made me tremble once more.

"Mewtwo..." I whispered in awe, staring upon the Legendary before me. I glared upon the Psychic being. "What do you want with me, exactly?"

"Oh, as if you don't know," Mewtwo responded with a chuckle. He looked back to the Golem. "What are the Zenos Army's plans, traitor?!" He said.

"Zenos army? What the hell is that?" I spat at him.

Mewtwo glared at me before looking back at the Golem. "Take him to the torture room. If he doesn't give an adequate know what to do." Mewtwo said with a glint in his eye.

The Golem saluted and said, "Of course, sir."

My eyes opened wide in fear at what I heard. "Torture?! What the hell did I do?! I don't know anything, I'm telling you the truth!" I yelled as I was carried into another hallway by the Nidoking. "Stop, please!"


Five hours later, I was tossed, bloody and wracked with pain, into what looked to be a prison cell. Despite the soft hay covering the stone floor, it didn't soften the hard landing. I coughed harshly, spitting blood on the hay, before laying still, groaning in pain. Outside the barred window above my head, the night sky gazed through the opening upon my pitiful form.

Obviously, the Golem had been unable to extract exactly what he wanted to hear from me. For five hours, I'd told the same story over and over. My words, however, were recieved with laughter, scoffs, and another dose of torture. My pleads for mercy fell on deaf ears, and I was repeatedly brought to the brink of death before allowed to rest and recuperate...if only for a few seconds. It was absolutely maddening.

My thoughts were interrupted when the door to the cell building opened. I perked his ears and listened: a single pokemon was approaching. I sat up, pressed myself against a wall, and steeled myself to fight off the approaching Pokemon if he tried to take me to a horrible fate. As the footsteps came closer, I grew more afraid, but I refused to show it.

A light brightened the stone building before a Charmander came into view, carrying a tray of some kind. As he began messing with the lock to the cell, a smell reached my nose. The smell was definitely of food, and it made my mouth water, because I hadn't had anything to eat since that morning. I calmed down as I decided to see what the Charmander had for him.If he brought food, it couldn't be all bad, right?

"Hey, sorry about this..." The Charmander apologized, "The Commander isn't usually so fierce with captives, despite us having so few, but...well, you are a Pikachu."

"And just what the hell does that have to do with it?!" I snapped, exposing my teeth fiercly.

"Sheez, no need to bite my head off!" The Charmander said, offended, "It's just that...wait, you don't know?"

"It's a long story." I said, averting his eyes.

"Well, if you tell me, I'll tell you what you being a Pikachu has to do with your...situation." The Charmander said, sitting down.

"Wait, one thing's first: What's on the tray?" I said, pointing to the covered tray letting off the succulent aromas.

"Oh, right, totally forgot about this." The Charmander placed the tray before me and slid it across the hay to me. "I managed to snag some food for you. Just because I'm in this army doesn't mean I totally agree with everything they do. I just want to do the right thing, and stop the enemy from destroying us."

"Oooo...kay...thanks, uh...what's your name?" I asked as I took the cover off the tray, revealing a small loaf of bread, a bowl of what seemed to be Onion soup, and a cup of water.

"I'm Jordan." The Charmander responded, "Jordan Scotts. And you?"

"I'm Van." I grabbed a piece of the bread, dipped it in the soup, and popped it into my mouth, savoring the flavor. I swallowed it whole, not even bothering to chew it. "Oh God I'm hungry!"

"Go, ahead, I can wait." Jordan folded his arms and waited as I filled his starved belly, scarfing down the bread quickly. I tried to make sure I wasn't rude, but it was so hard, because I had never gone so long without a single was kind of pathetic, really.

Finally, I finished and wiped my mouth with my small arm. "Heh...sorry. I should've told you the story before bein' so rude."

"Again, no problem." Jordan just smiled. "Anyway, care to expain?"

I lowered my ears to my head. "I'm pretty damn sure that even if I tell you, you'll think I'm crazy, like those guys who tortured the hell outta me..."

"Try me." This time, Jordan grinned.

I stared at him a second, then shrugged and told him everything I had told the General when I was being tortured. I felt calmer and had an easier time telling the story, seeing as how I wasn't being shocked with electricity levels too high even for a Pikachu or being slashed and cut.

When I had finished, Jordan merely stared at him, rapt. "See? Toldja." I muttered.

"Wow...I always thought that humans were a myth, since there aren't any in this world, but if your story's true, then you're living proof!" Jordan said excitedly.

"There are none here?" I asked, confused.

"As far as I know, there never were any."

"That's...interesting." I then remembered what Jordan had said. "Okay, I've told you my story, now, please tell me what me being a Pikachu has to do with my abuse."

"Huh?" Jordan looked at me, confused, before he remembered. "Oh, right! Well, to start off, there weren't many Pikachus to begin with before this war. However, a large number had joined our military forces in peacetime. Soon after, however...things began to go wrong..."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

Jordan sighed before continuing. "No one but the Commander really knows, but he told us that the entire Pikachu population in the military rose up and tried to stage a coup on our government and the heads in the military. Mewtwo was so angry and distraught that he attacked mercilessly, killing most of them right off."

"Jeez..." I breathed out this word.

"The ones that escaped made it back to a neighboring country called Zenos. According to Mewtwo, they were an entire legion of spies tasked with eliminating and taking control of the military and the government in a hostile takeover...So, a war was started between Zenos and us, the proud country of Eugaria. Within the first few battles, the rest of those traitors were killed...unfortunately for them, they were all done in by the Commander himself, each and every one."

"Woah..." I whispered, mostly to himself.

"So now I think you understand why Mewtwo is so hostile with you." Jordan finished.

"Yeah, ya think?" I chuckled.

Jordan laughed with me until a sudden noise atracted his attention. "Crap, someone's coming. Listen, I gotta go; I can't risk myself getting caught here. You understand, right?"

"You have no idea..." I laughed inwardly as I remembered sneaking out to talk to Dani when she was grounded to her room. "No problem. Hey, if I live through whatever they ave in store for me, we're friends, right?"

"Sure." Jordan gave a thumbs-up before taking the tray and leaving, closing the cell door behind him. "See ya!" He whispered hurriedly before running off. The light of his tail faded as he left.

I sighed and just decided to lay down until I fell asleep. Nothing to do now until tomorrow, when my fate was decided...

My sleep was dreamless and uninterrupted, even by the forgotten pain I was in. I regained a little of the strength I was sapped of the previous night. However, all good things must pass, and all too soon I was shaken awake and hefted out of the prison building by Johnson, the Nidoking from before. The pain returned to my body, so I tried to prevent it by going limp in Johnson's grasp.

I didn't see where we went from the building because my eyes were closed, but when we entered a shadow much cooler than the sunlight pounding on me, I opened my eyes and recognized the hallway of the large building; I was being brought straight to Mewtwo, no doubt.

Two minutes later, we entered the large room with the raised diases. Suddenly, Johnson stopped and threw me towards the lowest dias's base. I skidded on the ground painfully. I breathed raggedly, pain lancing throughout my body.

"So, are you prepared for what is in store for you?" Came that same eerily icy voice from the previous day.

"As ready as I'll ever be..." I groaned, looking up at Mewtwo. I was lifted effortlessly as Mewtwo raised his left hand. Damn Psychic powers...I thought. Then I snapped at the Legendary, "Kill me if you must. At least this pain'll be gone."

"Oh, I won't kill you...yet." Mewtwo said snidely, "First, I'm going to probe your mind and gather what you know about the plans of our enemy."

"And what'll hapen to me if what you find is that I've been telling the truth this whole time?!" I growled at him.

Mewtwo smiled a cruel smirk. "If it IS that case, which I doubt, then I will apologize for this whole...mess, and I'll let you join our forces, after you get healed from yesterday's little session. Now, let's begin!"

I cried out in pain as I felt Mewtwo's mind probe strike painfully into my mind. Mewtwo was invading every part of my mind, my feelings, my experiences, and even the personal parts of my brain. don't belong there...I thought with a little effort as I felt him sift through one of my memories of Dani. Whether my thoughts were heard by the intruder, however, was unknown. The pain became so intense that I finally submitted all thoughts to the probe, hoping the pain would soon end.

After a particularly painful spike, I felt the probe begin to leave. Thankful that it was over, I sighed in relief. When the probe was gone, my senses slowly returned to the real world. Stars erupted in my eyes as I tried to focus. "Well?" I said, impatient.

Nothing was said, until, "Van, I am truly sorry," Mewtwo said, knowing my name from the probing, "I thought you were one of those who tried to destroy our country's government...Will you accept my apologies, as well as my offer to join our army?"

I had to truly think about this: I was captured, tortured and maimed, I may have suffered brain damage, and all this because of a misunderstanding?! It riled me to no end! was tempting...The memory of what Jordan told me the night before felt heavy on my mind. Maybe by joining this army, I can help them defeat those that are evil, and do the right thing. Finally...

"Yes...I'll accept your offer. I'll join your army."
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Default Re: Solar Destiny: Tales of War [PG-13][RESTART]

Once again, I applaud you.

The only things I can see that you could work on is your speech. It seems all very forced, and everyone speaks similarly. The same sort of characteristics, if you know what I mean. You characters are all so different, but the way they speak seems...well, a bit too much alike. But apart from that, it's very well done.


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Default Re: Solar Destiny: Tales of War [PG-13][RESTART]

Honestly, I noticed that too, DS. However, characters will soon gain more of their own kind of style as the story goes on. I've planned it all out, you'll see . But thanks for the C&CC ^^.
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