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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 10-10-2008, 12:37 PM
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Default Kei's Family Secret


Kei's Family Secret


Kei Ochima (short for Keiuky) is seven-teen years old. She is a very smart girl. Kei has brown hair that goes to her shoulders, brown eyes, a pink shirt with a black stripe going down the side, black pants with a pink stripe down the side. Also a pink cloth that wraps around her hands covering her knuckles, it goes around her thumbs, then down her wrists. On her right wrist she has a bracelet with ten holes underneath the pink cloth. In the holes are plasma pills. They restore loss of blood. She has the same thing on her other wrist but there food pills. They restore your chakura. Kei has pink shoes to match her outfit. Kei grew up in the Leaf Village. Her parents died when she was seven years old. They were called on an important mission to protect the village. They were both captured and murdered. Now both of their names are on the K.I.A (killed in action) stone and will be remembered as great shinobies. Now Kei lives with her aunt Kurenai. Kurenai is one of the teachers in the Leaf Village. She looks like Kei but her eyes are different, their red instead of brown. Her clothes are different too. Kei is a high ranked ninja. Now she is a teacher with three students. Their names are Luneth, Arc and Amorra. Amorra is Kei's little cousin. Arc is the little clown and Luneth is the serious one. Amorra is kind of in the middle of the two.

Chapter 1

Kei woke up from a long night. She got up and went to the kitchen. She got some rice, ramen and ate her breakfast.

"Good morning Kei." Kurenai said with a smile.

"Oh, hello aunt Kurenai." said Kei.


"Who is it?" yelled Kurenai.

"It's just me" replied Kakashi.

Kakashi is one of the teachers. He is a very excellent teacher. He has white hair, a cloth covering the left side of his face, a black shirt and black pants. He is in his twenties, like Kurenai.

"Come on in Kakashi.“ Kurenai said.

"Hi Kakashi, how are you?" asked Kei.

“I’m fine. Your students are learning very quickly. I am impressed with your teachings.” Kakashi said as he sat down.

“Really? Thanks Kakashi. Well I need to go into town really quick. We ran out of rice. I had the last of it for breakfast.” said Kei as she walked towards the front door.

“Ok, take your time.” said Kurenai as she poured some green tea for her and Kakashi.

Kei walked out the front door. There was an deep silence in the room. There wasn’t any sound at all. Not even little birds outside singing for a beautiful morning. Then Kakashi broke the silence and said…

“So Kurenai, have you told Kei the truth yet?”

“No, I know that she is old enough but I’m just scared. I think if she knew the truth then she might go after her.” replied Kurenai looking down at her tea.

“I know, but she needs to know the truth. She is old enough.” said Kakashi trying to cheer up Kurenai.

“Maybe if we talked to her together it might be easier for her to understand about Keiry.” Kurenai said with a grin.

“Alright, we will tell her together. And…..Um…..she kinda needs to know soon.” Kakashi said with a serious look.

“What! Why? What’s happening Kakashi?” Kurenai said, confused.

“Well you see….” Kakashi paused.

The door opened and Kei was there.

“Hi, I’m back.” said Kei.

“How did you get their and back so fast?” asked Kakashi.

“Um hello? I’m a ninja, remember?” said Kei with a smile.

“Wow I’m stupid today. Did you get the rice?” asked Kakashi. His face turned a shade of red.

“Yeah, I’ll go put it away.” Kei said. Kei opened the cabinet and put the rice away.

“So Kurenai, don’t you have something to tell Kei?” Kakashi said as he sipped his tea. Kei looked up at Kurenai with a confused look. Kurenai let out a breath.

“We’ll Kei, you see….” Kurenai stopped


“Kurenai it’s me, Lady Tsunade.” Lady Tsunade yelled from outside.

Lady Tsunade is the Hokage of the village. That means she’s the leader. She is also one of the three legendary Saneen. That means that she is a very strong ninja. She has long blond hair that goes down her back and is always in one big braid. She has a reddish gem on her forehead that stores chakura. She has on a gray shirt and black pants. She is very pretty.

“Come on in.” Kurenai said relieved. Lady Tsunade opened the door, took off her shoes and walked in.

“Hello Kei, it’s almost time to train your students.” Tsunade said smiling.

“I know, I was just on my way out.” Kei said. Kei took her bag and stepped outside.

“It was good seeing you Kakashi and Lady Tsunade, see ya! “ Kei said as she walked away.

“Goodbye.” said Kakashi and Tsunade at the same time. Tsunade took out some papers and put them on the table.

“We have a problem. Keiry is committing crimes and Kei is getting blamed for them. Look at this wanted poster, it says……” Tsunade began to read.

“WANTED! NAME UNOWN. About five foot, two inches. She has committed serious crimes. There is a $50,000 reward to anyone who brings her in (dead or alive).”

“So Keiry is really here. We need to protect Kei as much as we can. Maybe it’s not such a good idea that we tell her about her twin sister after all.” Kakashi said.

“Well, we still have to let Kei do her missions with her students. We can’t stop her from doing them. We will just have to watch her closely.” Kurenai said with a serious voice.

“Alright, we will do that. Come on Kakashi let’s go.” explained Lady Tsunade. Kakashi and Lady Tsunade left the house. Kurenai sat down and rubbed her forehead.

Chapter 2

“Come on you guys, run up that tree faster!” yelled Kei. Kei was doing a little training exercise.

“It‘s not that easy you know! How about you do it if your so great.” Arc snapped.

“Fine, I will. If I get up that tree in less than ten seconds then you will do thirty pushups. Do we have a deal?”

“Ok deal, I’ll time you on my watch. Ready, Set, GO!” Arc yelled. Kei ran up the extremely tall tree in a matter of seconds.

“Damn it! Your time was 8.3 seconds. I’ll start those pushups.” Arc said sadly. He got down on the ground and started.

“Now, do you two want to challenge me?” Kei said to Luneth and Amorra.

“No that’s ok, we’ll pass.” Luneth and Amorra said.

“Are you almost done Arc? You guys still need to work on those trees.” asked Kei.

“Seven-teen more to go.” Arc said as he pushed himself to finish as quickly as possible.

“When Arc is done we’ll take a half hour break. I know you guys have been working hard.” Kei said as she drank some water.

“Ok thanks. Do you know when the Chuneen exams are?” Amorra asked.

“The exam is in two months. You guys need to be ready. Two months might seem like a long time away but it will be here soon. You guys can’t hold back at all. Luneth, I know that you have a friend in the Village hidden in the Clouds. You need to put your friendship behind you for the exam. Don’t make your friends be your weakness.” Kei said seriously.

“Don’t worry, I won’t. I’m not going to hold back for anyone.” Luneth said.

“Good, well I see that you are done Arc.” Kei said happily.

“Can we have our break now?” asked Amorra.

“Ok go ahead, I’ll be down at the river to fill up our canteens.” Kei said as she grabbed the canteens.

“Do you need any help?” asked Luneth.

“No thanks I got it, but thank you though.” Kei said as she walked away. Kei followed a path that led to the river. It took about five minutes to get there. She knelt down and filled up each canteen. She started to get up but then she spotted something in the distance. She saw a girl with a mask on. The girl was far away but Kei could still see her. The girl was just starring at her. Kei turned around and away for a minute. When she looked back the masked girl was gone.

“That was strange. Am I seeing things?” She asked herself. Kei took the canteens and left. She returned to her students.

“You guys have about fifteen minutes left. Then we’ll start training for about another hour, then we can stop for today.” Kei said nicely.

“Ok, that sounds good to me.” Arc said. Arc, Luneth and Amorra sat on the grass. The fifteen minutes pasted by quickly. It was time to train.

“Alright you guys, time to get up and start training.” Kei said. Then Lady Tsunade appeared.

“Hello Kei, it looks like you’ve got a mission. It’s a simple “D” ranked mission. All you have to do is deliver a package to the Island of Waves. There you will meet an old man named Korru. Then he will give you a scroll. Bring the scroll back to me and don’t open it. You will start the mission at ten o’clock tomorrow morning. Well good luck.” Lady Tsunade said as she walked away.

“Alright you guys just got lucky. Training is done for today. I want everyone to get a good night sleep, and make sure you eat a good breakfast. Meet me at the battle tower at nine-thirty so we can prepare.” Kei said, then she walked away. Her students all went home. Kei reached her house, but no one was home. She made herself dinner and went to bed. About an hour later Kurenai and Kakashi came home.

“So Kei has a mission with her students tomorrow. There heading faraway, it should take them at least two days to just get there. Do you think you or me should follow her?” Kurenai asked.

“No, I think her and her students should do this on their own. There hasn’t been any sightings of Keiry, so they should do fine.” said Kakashi.

“Your right, she will do fine on her own. It’s getting late so maybe we should turn in. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Kurenai said as she opened the door to let out Kakashi.

“See you tomorrow, and don’t lose any sleep over this. She will come home safely with her students.” Kakashi said as he disappeared. Kurenai closed the door and went to bed.

Chapter 3

It was seven in the morning and Kei just woke up. She went to the kitchen to get herself toast and eggs. When she was done she got dressed and packed her bag. It was a quarter to eight and she was done with everything. She had a lot of time to spare. Then Kurenai stepped into the kitchen and said…..

“Hello Kei, your up early. Are you ready for your mission?”

“Yeah, all my stuff is already packed and I had a good breakfast.”

“Ok that’s good, well I need to start going. I have to meet up with Lady Tsunade.” Kurenai said as she walked out the door. Before Kei could say “bye” Kurenai was gone. Kei sat in the house until nine-thirty . She got up, grabbed her bag and left. She ran to the battle tower as fast as she could. Kei saw her students, they were right on time.

“Is everyone ready for the mission?” Kei asked.

“Yeah, I think were all ready.” Arc said. Then Lady Tsunade appeared.

“Here is the package. Do you know what to do Kei?”

“Yeah I know what to do, but where is Kurenai? I thought she was with you.”

“Her and Kakashi went to do their own mission, well good luck to everyone and I will see you in a few days.” Lady Tsunade said, then she walked away.

“Alright let’s start going now so we can save some time.”

“Ok let’s go everyone.” Amorra said happily. The four ninjas took off. They were walking down a narrow path in the woods. The animals in the woods were happily going up trees, running around and singing. It was a beautiful site to see.

“Yeah so are we almost their?” asked Arc.

“Oh my god! Are you kidding me Arc? We’ve just left the village about fifteen minutes ago, and you want to know if we’re their yet! What the hell do you think Arc?”

“Well I’m sorry little miss crabby pants , sorry for asking a simple question! How should I know how long it takes to get their! Geez.”

“Hmm well lets see, Lady Tsunade said that she will see us in a few days. I’m sure that if we get their in fifteen minutes, get the scroll and come back, it would only take about an half hour, not a few days. .So to answer your question, no. It will take us about two to three days to just get to the other village.” Kei said, she started to calm down.

“Oh ok, sorry if a made you mad.”

“That’s ok, I just have other things on my mind right now.” replied Kei. No one was really talking that much anymore. They were in the woods for about three hours, then they all came to a stop. Then Kei said…

“Lets stop for lunch. I told you guys to pack plenty of food for a few days because I’m not sure when we’re going to get to a store. So let’s eat, take a little rest, and start going again.”

“Ok that sound good. I’ll go start us some tea.” Luneth said as he pulled out little packets of tea leaves.

“Alright great, Amorra and I will set up the food and Arc can help you with the tea.” Kei said. Everything was ready in the matter of minutes. They ate their lunch, packed all the left over food, got plenty of rest, and started to go on their mission again. The four ninjas took off into the trees, going from tree to tree. They were in the trees for about an hour. Then Kei sensed that someone was following them but she didn’t tell her students. She knew that Ark would most likely not follow instructions and just go after the enemy.

“Guys, I’m gonna use my byonkegon for a little while. I’m gonna see how much further until we get to a town. It’s not gonna be the town that the scroll is in, but it’s a town where we can get some supplies. “Kei said. But Kei knows that there wont be a town coming for at least an hour. She is only using it to try and find the person or people following them.

“Ok Kei sensei. Amorra said.

“Byonkegon!” Kei yelled, then her eyes got all weird. She had no pupils anymore, and her veins in her eyes were popping out of her head. Kei didn’t see anything threating at all. It was like there was nothing there. But Kei could still feel that there was something wrong. She knew that someone or something was out there. She kept her guard up for a very long time. It was about six o’clock and it started to get dark. Kei decided to stop her byonkegon.

“Alright lets start setting up camp. There is a river coming up so we’ll camp there. I guess there isn’t a town coming up any time soon.” Kei explained. They reached the river and started to set up camp for the night.

(im not done yet, not even close ^^)

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Default Re: Kei's Family Secret

you're a good writer. I bump this till you get back
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Default Re: Kei's Family Secret

lol thank you. im going to write more in a few days or so. im glad you like it so far. ^^
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