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Old 08-06-2008, 07:21 AM
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Default [Official] Competitive Battling Guide

I keep seeing people ask for a competitive battling guide, so I managed to pile one up. This guide will cover the main parts of battling, along with extra strategies, like coverage on topics such as EV/IV Training and Breeding, and how to battle…competitively! Also, I've moderator permission to make this an official CB guide, so material may be added/changed.

I. Pre-battle Preparations
aaaA. Training
aaaB. Order
aaaC. Mindset
aaaD. Your Team

II. The Battle Begins
aaaA. The Beginning
aaaB. The Mid-Game
aaaaa1. Switching
aaaC. The End Game
aaaD. The HAX

III. Items/Strategies
aaaA. Commonly used items
aaaB. Pokemon to counter
aaaC. Some common strategies
aaaD. How to get strategies

I. Pre-battle Preparations
-Advice to all members: Don't go into war matches with randomly thrown together pokemon, even if they are EV trained. Strategy owns, especially in Forum Wars :x :x

A. Training-
I’m quite sure that everyone who battles competitively knows about EVs and IVs, and how they work. This is not an “EVs and IVs” guide, however. But I will give a brief overview of IVs. Each pokemon, when captured or bred, contains IVs, or “Individual Values”. These numbers range from 0-31, and have a heavy effect on the outcome of a pokemon’s stats when it reaches level 100. For example, I own a Modest Alakazam, with maxed Attack EVs. If Alakazam has the perfect 31 Special Attack IV, his Special Attack will be 405. But with if the IV was zero, or one? His Special Attack would drastically be lowered, to around 369. There’s a big difference there. As I said before, this isn’t an EV/IV guide, so I would suggest, if you do not know about EVs/IVs, you visit a guide like this one, made by spr bhav.

B. The Order-
If you’ve battled with pokemon at all, even if it wasn’t competitive, you know that the only “ordered” spot is the lead position, as in, the pokemon you have in your first slot is sent out first. The other five are sent out at your discretion. The lead pokemon is probably the most important pokemon in the battle. It’s your starter, your beginner. As such, it should be able to help your team a great deal. Typically, battlers either send out fast sweepers such as Azelf, Infernape, or Starmie, or support/attack pokemon such as Crobat, Electrode, and maybe a Jolteon here or there. Because of this, it would be unwise for your lead pokemon to be a “tank”, you could call it. Example: I make a poor choice and send out..let’s say…and Umbreon holding leftovers. Boom, I’m surprised by my opponent’s Crobat. Most likely it’ll have Hypnosis as a breeding move, so what do I do? I’m stuck! I can keep Umbreon in, take the Hypnosis and have my “tank” vulnerable for 1-7 turns, or switch in, and have someone take it. Then what about Confuse Ray? You’ve got to plan out a good starter. Consider sending out a pokemon that can use moves that can weaken the enemy team as much as it can before it faints. A fast pokemon with Explosion, Azelf or Electrode, would be great.

C. Mindset-
If you’re about to battle someone for a war or grudge match, you have all the more reason to win. Calm yourself. Relax. Think about how you can use certain pokemon against others. Conjure up some strategies before the match starts, and keep yourself steady. As corny as it sounds, humans perform a lot better in most tasks if they are calm and focused. Not that you couldn’t already figure that out. Have positive attitudes, they really help!

D. Your Team
-Team building is an entirely new guide on its own. I’ll give you the basic ideals though. In a team, you need these: a sweeper, support, status inflictors, stat builders. No, every team doesn’t need all of those. I’ve seen teams made up of all sweepers that do amazingly on their own. Those are just general roles that you will find on well rounded teams. Have pokemon that can counter pokemon like Garchomp, Heatran, Suicune, Heracross and some others. Hey, Gliscor stops Heracross dead in its tracks. That gives you a free turn(s) to set up. Maybe Stealth Rock? Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rock, and Spikes are great because they inflict damage on pokemon as soon as they enter. Imagine, they send in a Yanmega which gets hit by Stealth Rock. You haven’t even done anything and their Yanmega is already at 50% health. Very helpful. If you need further help on team building, I highly suggest this guide, created by Limitless, a very good battler.

II. The Battle Begins
-At this point, I’d like to compare WiFi/Shoddy battles to a game of Chess. There’s a Beginning, a Middle Game, and an End Game. You’ll find these in WiFi and Shoddy battles, and here’s how.

A. The Beginning
-So you’re prepared for your match, and you’re starting out. If it’s a war match, your heart’s probably pumping despite the fact that you’ve taken some deep breaths and maybe even drank some water. It’s fine, a little nervousness can help you. Let’s begin. You and your opponent send out your first pokemon. You probably have one of two reactions:

1. No problem. I’ve seen this before. All I have to do is this, and I’ll already be ahead. Easy going.
2. Aww man! What are they going to do with this pokemon? I don’t know what to do, how to counter!

If you had reaction one, that’s fine. Just be sure you know what they’re doing, and make sure your counter will work. If you had reaction two, relax. Don’t let your calm nature fly away just like that. What you may want to do, and search the pokemon up on a site like Serebii, Smogon, or Veekun. Look at its max stats with certain natures. Look at its movesets. If you see an Electrode, you may want to watch out for Explosion, Thunder/Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, and Swagger. Also be aware of quick taunters, they can ruin your support. Make a prediction based off what you know, and hey, don’t feel rushed. This may be an important match, and sense you want to win, you have all the time in the world. The “Beginning Battle” will probably last a short amount of time, until you have one or two pokemon fainted, or a couple of the pokemon on your team have already received damage.

B. The Mid-Game
-This is where the heart of the battle is here. This is where the most damage, generally will be dealt and where the opponent will probably display their best efforts. By this time, if you haven’t already, try setting up something like Stealth Rock up. Note: Stealth Rock does not generally work well against Sandstorm teams. Although you want those kinds of things set up in the beginning battle, you can get them up now, especially if you get a free switch in. Speaking of which….

-Switch ins and switch outs are generally where important things happen in battles. These are also places where you will be required to predict the most, in order for the outcome to be favorable to YOU. Example: Swampert vs Arcanine. There is so little that Arcanine can do, so here’s what you do: predict. You know that the opponent will most likely switch out Arcanine, and send in a pokemon that is resistant to water or ground type moves-they may even send in a flying pokemon, thinkg that you will use Earthquake. If you have Earthquake in your set, and you just don’t think they’ll muster the switch, go for it! You might get an easy KO, and you’re that much closer to winning. If you just have that feeling in your gut that something else is coming in, let’s make that prediction according. It could be a flying pokemon, maybe something like Gliscor(I doubt it, but, meh.) Maybe an Ice Beam would do it up good? But this also seems like a perfect opportunity to get that Stealth Rock up that you’ve been waiting for. You might not get another chance at that. Remember, predictions, predictions, predictions. As long as you keep your head in the game, psh, it’s all yours.

-Know your pokemon and what’s going on. Be aware of what’s going on. Know if your opponent already has rocks or spikes up, and how that will affect you. Predict, and think of moves that can take down pokemon that you have already seen out of their team. Be mindful of the future, but not at the expense of the moment. Stay ready, don’t rush for moves, you might miss something that would work better.

C. The End Game
-This is it. Either you, your opponent, or both of you are at your last one or two pokemon. Or, someone's getting beaten badly. Be ready, one wrong move and it can be all over. You see, the End Game is the combined result of both the Beginning and Mid-Game, and will affect the battle as such. Your opponent’s last two pokemon are probably inflicted with status conditions, and/or have taken damage. If not, that’s not good. In the End Game, you want it so that your opponent’s pokemon are generally weaker. You don’t want to have Raichu and Magnezome left while your opponent has a full health Gliscor or Swampert remaining. The beginning affects the middle, which affects the end, which decides the outcome. There is really no solid advice you can give for the End Game because of that.

D. The HAX
-Hax is what everyone complains most about in pokemon games, and they rear their heads up at the ugliest of times. Man is it annoying, to everyone, except the one they favor, of course. Togekiss used Air Slash! Metagross flinched! Again, and again, and again. Or maybe your pokemon was fully paralyzed when it could have KO’d that Suicune, but now that it has a Calm Mind in, you can’t hurt it. I’d hate to tell you this, but there is no counter for hax! Generally, hax items get banned from battles, like Brightpowder and Quick Claw. But, is there a way to increase your chance of getting hax on your side over your opponent’s? You know it, try pokemon that have the abilities Serene Grace and Super Luck. Super Luck increases the chance of hitting a critical hit. So if you use a move that already has a high critical hit ratio like Stone Edge or Night Slash? Hah, they might as will just give you the crit. Serene Grace doubles the chances of added effects occurring, and boy is that helpful. 20% chance of Ancientpower raising all stats(Although you don’t see much of it), 60% chance of Air Slash causing a pokemon to flinch. *cough**cough*Togekiss*cough* But the point is, try to find a way around hax, WITHOUT using hax items.

III. Items and Strategies
-Without a doubt, it’d be tough without them. You should use items that match up with the abilities, power, and strategies. Maybe you have a quick sweeper who can’t take a hit. Perhaps a Focus Sash will do? Or maybe you want to use that Yache Berry to weaken those pesky Ice attacks from your Dragonite/Salamence/Garchomp. Cover your pokemons’ weaknesses, or assist their strengths.

Commonly used items:
Choice Scarf
Focus Sash
Lum/Shuca/Yache Berries
Life Orb
Toxic Orb
Wide Lens
Choice Specs
Choice Band
Heat Rock
Damp Rock

SOME Pokemon to definitely have counters for:

Deoxys-e(Speed Forme)

Some common techniques used by certain pokemon:
*These aren't the ONLY strategies for these pokemon! Please don't be misled, these are only some and more will be posted.

Garchomp-Swords Dance, they’re generally Jolly and hold Life Orbs. 252 Speed, 252 Atk, 6 HP. Also watch out for Adamant Scarf'd ones! They generally have Outrage.

Blissey-Thunder Wave, Ice Beam Normally 252 HP, with the rest split between Special Defense, Defense, and maybe Special Attack

1. Dragon Dance-Watch out for EQ, Crunch, Stone Edge.
2. Boa-Sub, Focus Punch, Crunch, Ice Beam

Forretress-Spike,Toxic Spike, Stealth Rock, Explosion beast. Kill it with special attacks-defense is far too high.

Crobat-Hypnosis, Confuse Ray-stat’s you up, just like Koga did in the old days.

Gengar-Hypnosis, lot of special moves. Watch for Energy Ball, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Psychic

Heracross-Scarf’d with Close Combat and Megahorn. Careful.

Salamence-Choice Specs-Hydro Pump, Draco Meteor, Flamethrower/Fire Blast. Also be careful of Dragon Dance, and moves like Dragon Claw, Brick Break, Earthquake.

Metagross-Agility! Go for the special defense-use moves like Earth Power and Flamethrower.

Swampert-Stealth Rock, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Curse

Skarmory-Stealth Rock, Spikes, Roar/Whirlwind. Kill it with special attacks.

--You can get many helpful hints, tips, and leads from places like Smogon or Veekun. Or, feel free to ask your own Pe2k members!

Thanks a lot for the help at the end, Sean. You really do rock. :P

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Default Re: [Official] Competitive Battling Guide

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Default Re: [Official] Competitive Battling Guide

Thread is now moved unlocked and unstickied. =9
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Default Re: [Official] Competitive Battling Guide

Originally Posted by Teo View Post
Thread is now moved unlocked and unstickied. =9
Why is that? I didn't ask for it.
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