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Old 08-19-2008, 04:10 PM
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Default Pokemon: Dawn of Death [RP]

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Dawn of Death

Theme Song

Alter Bridge - Coming Home

Discussion Thread - Sign-up Thread - Fan-Fiction


Our world was in a state of peace and tranquility for quite a long time after Team Rocket's leader Giovanni was brought to justice. After Giovanni was sent to a high level prison facility, everyone was reliefed and felt safer than they did before. Team Rocket members left their areas and disbanded from their Team. This was put into the top news of almost every news station and almost the entire world saw the news report. While everyone was celebrating the good news, a team of criminal infested scandals made a life-changing plan.

This Team was called Team Revelation, a syndicate set in the shadows. No one knew of Team Revelation and for the ones that did know was killed. When they had heard of Giovanni's capture they made a plan to break Giovanni out. At nightfall while Giovanni slept in his jail cell, they broke in and took Giovanni with them. The guards there were quickly defeated and Team Revelation's plan had succeded. Once they brought him to their team base, he was informed of who they were and why he was there.

He was there to become one of Team Revelation's greatest admins they had. Giovanni agreed, he said it would be better than rotting away in a jail cell. After putting on his uniform, he was reconized as a Revelation member. Their leader, Maxel was happy to know that Giovanni agreed and he made yet another plan. This time the plan was to take over the Sinnoh Region as their own and then Hoenn and so on. They had made plans to take over the entire world!

The news of Giovanni's escape was put on the top news and now the entire world has fear of what would happen. Revelation members soon began to scatter across the lands with their Pokemon at hand. Slowly each city and town was taken over. Soon some confident Pokemon Trainers heard of this and wanted to bring peace and tranquility back to the world once again. These trainers wanted all of the evil to be vanquished once and for all. This was the Dawn of Death...

No spamming

No flamming

PG-13 Romance is allowed, no R-rated stuff

No bunnying

No godmodding

Be as literate as you could be

Each post in the RP must be at least 3 detailed paragraphs long

You may create 2 characters for the RP


Drew Orwon - Holumanto

Sharaku Ikigoru - bippibear

Lanna Cartel - ritzdijuto

Draco Swift - celebihunter

Simon Weather - Redmario

Andrew Lucas Gregrich - Andydemon

Kyru Soul - XaiakuX

Ray Thompson - CrazyTrainer

Johnny Rodriguez - poke123

Cody Woods - Treecko_Master

Toku Fuseikou - Tombi

Kenneth Huntington - CrimsonJoker

Jack Surge - Hawk

Team Revelation

Maxel Redthorn - Holumanto

Jin Jian - Tombi

Vorgu Soul - XaiakuX

Kudori Muku - .Meshi.

Guilliame Langswell "White Skull" - Redmario

Bobbie-Marie "Bobbie" Danger - Caraa

Dustin "Poison" Vanum - rainbow_cotton_candy

Donovan "Van" Iris - H3RO





Each post should have this in it:

Character's Name
Character's Location

Now without further ado, let's start the RP.

Maxel Redthorn
Team Revelation HQ

IC: Maxel sat in his black chair with small sphere shaped gold pieces on the sides of it. His glass of beer was placed on the wide glass table to his right. Maxel was watching a movie called "Cascading Water Pokemon Trainers" which featured some of the most powerful water Pokemon trainers in the world. He watched the movie with awe and learned more about the trainers which was needed. Although Maxel had already set a mission to take over the Sinnoh region, he was known to make side missions that was neccesary in the overthrow of regions. He watched Cascading Water Pokemon Trainers so that he could know more about the trainers that would probably get in his way.

"Hmm this one looks very interesting." Maxel said to himself as he watched a tall trainer who wore a white t-shirt with blue inlings, blue jeans, black shoes, long blue hair, and blue eyes command his powerful Swampert to attack the large Tyranitar. With one powerful Hammer Arm the Tyranitar was defeated and the Swampert trainer won the battle. "Physical Attacks eh? Well it won't work on me...." Maxel was then interupted by a group of Revelation Grunts who ran through the sliding doors and into Maxel's large room. "What is it?" Maxel said awaiting their response.

"Sir, we are having some trouble in Hearthome City with this trainer. Reinforcements may be needed." the soldier responded hoping that Maxel would go with his plan.

"No, not yet. Send one more group of grunts to his location. If he is not handled with after that, I will send an admin and another group of grunts to deal with the fool..."

"I'll go ahead sir. This punk is mine." Giovanni interupted as he walked into the room sporting his new white uniform.

"Ah Giovanni, good to see you." Maxel started.

"Yes it is. If you send a group to handle with him now it would be of no use, perhaps sending myself to this pesky trainer would resolve our problems?" Giovanni suggested.

"That's actually a good idea, but at least take two grunts with you incase you need backup."

"Very well even though it's not needed." Giovanni said as he walked out of the room. Maxel watched as he left and turned his attention back to the monitor and continued to watch Cascading Water Pokemon Trainers.

Drew Orwon
Hearthome City

Drew checked his surrondings carefully and proceeded towards the Pokemon Center. His knee was badly injured by Team Revelation, but he had to keep on going if he was to escape their wrath. In a matter of minutes, he was inside a small red building. With a sigh of relief, he crept towards Nurse Joy.

"Hey Nurse Joy, I'm going to need a checkup on my knee." Drew said looking down at his left knee.

"Ok, hold on a sec..." Nurse Joy replied as she walked from her desk and into another room. Drew stood there and awaited for her return. Drew was just in a battle with several Team Revelation grunts and he was lucky to have even escaped. He was outnumbered, but he was able to escape using his powerhouse Pokemon. Nurse Joy then walked back into the same room that Drew was in. "Come with me please." Nurse Joy said walking off into a different room. Drew slowly followed her into the room.

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Old 08-19-2008, 05:26 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Dawn of Death [RP]

Alright! Time to get this party started! (Cracks knuckles)

Guilliame Langswell "White Skull"
Team Revolution HQ

"I wonder when the transport will be ready..." thought Guilliame as he pressed a small lighted button on the soda machine and with a loud clunk release a cool red cherry soda below. "Its the waiting that always seems to get me..." he thought as he slowly walked over and slumped down in a nearby plastic chair and opened the soda taking a quick sip before laying back in the chair.

The small break room was rarely used ever since Team Revolutions plan was put into action but now and again Guilliame found time to relax in between mission. Soon his mind began to wander about the conquest of Team Revolution and how far it would spread. He could just picture the regions of the world bowing to the might of Team Revolution.

"EHEM!" coughed a sudden voice from the break rooms entrance startling Guilliame out of the chair before he quickly stood in attention to his superior officer. "White Skull, Your transport is ready is the hanger. Here are your mission specs and remember... Failure is not option! Now fall out!" said the superior officer before both he and Guilliame saluted each other and began to walk down the halls in opposite direction.

"Alright lets see what we have today.." thought Guilliame as he opened the file and flipped through the pages. "Hmm the target is... Simon Weather" said Guilliame as a small grin came across his face before entering the hanger bay.
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Old 08-19-2008, 06:23 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Dawn of Death [RP]

[OoC/; Finally! <3

I have no idea how to start though. n_n;; Is there a specific place I should be?

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Default Re: Pokemon: Dawn of Death [RP]

Kudori Muku
Team Revelation HQ

Hmm ..

Kudori sat reading a file in a room with only a desk and chair with some hundreds of files of paperwork. A little window in the corner of the room with blinds over it gave little light into the small room.
He flipped the page over, his eyes running across each line of the small printed writing on the slightly aged page. After finishing with that page he rested the book on his lap and stared down at the page.

"Well this is complicated."

He said with uncertainty to his voice. With a sigh, he dropped the file onto the desk and stood up, the view from the window was nothing but sky. Perfect thinking view. He ran a hand through his golden locks, rubbed the bridge of his nose with his index and thumb and let out another long and thoughtful sigh.

"How did I come to joining this Team again ..?" He asked himself rubbing his smooth chin.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Dawn of Death [RP]

[OoC/; Well, I've decided to start anyway. :3

Jin Jian
Team Revelation Admin
Team Revelation HQ

Tmp. Pat-Click. Tmp. Pat-Click.

A pair of feet concealed in pure white shoes stepped confidently along the deserted network of shined hallways that made up the Team Revelation HQ. Walking out of step with them were a paired of silver feet with three long toes, each ending in a sharp claw that clicked against the flooring.

The white feet belonged to a young women who seemed to be in her early twenties. She was dressed in a thin silver full-bodied catsuit, and her long silvery hair was swung over on shoulder, twisted into a single point. She glanced down at the creature next to her out of the corners of her sapphire eyes, a small smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.

"You seem quiet, Cash," She said suddenly, her melodic voice echoing down the hallway as if running for freedom. "It's unlike you."

The creature beside her gave a sigh. It became apparent that it was some form of small dinosaur, only reaching the woman's knees in height. It flung it's tiny arms up in something like exasperation. It appeared to be a Cranidos, but it didn't look like a regular Cranidos. It was silver.

"I'm bored, man, know what I mean? I'm the only dude small enough to walk around with you and jeeeeeeeeez. There's nothing to do around here, Jin, I mean, c'mon, we never get asked to do anything, the grunts always take control of everything and nobody has proved powerful enough to have an admin sent after them, and all the time I'm just running around out here, getting stupid orders like stand over here-" He staggered comically on the spot- "-walk over here." He pranced back to his original position and then continued walking alongside his trainer. "It's embarassing, y'know? I never get to beat up anybody anymore, I miss Braze and the other dudes-"

"Okay, okay," Jin interrupted, once again feeling as though she shouldn't have said anything at all, like she usually did after asking the Cranidos a question. "Control your trap, will ya? We'll get a job soon enough."

"We better do, man, 'cause I'm going crazy!"

[OoC/; I hope that's good enough. ^___^;;

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Default Re: Pokemon: Dawn of Death [RP]

Guilliame Langswell "White Skull"
Team Revelation HQ Headquaters

The large hanger of the headquarters was at a welcomed pase for Guilliame and he boldly walked through the bustleing hanger. Different faceless grunts, mechanics, and other workers ran back and forth like busy Combee searching for necter despise the slow mission flow that currently kept the halls behind Guilliame at a stand still. Soon he stood in front of a small twin propeller helicopter with three different grunts lazing about around it until after noticeing Guillliame quickly stood at attention ready for his command.

"All right men! Were heading out! You three are with me!" he shouted as the grunts quickly agreed in unison as he steped up the small stairs and into the helicopter seats quickly followed by the other grunts who took there places in the pilot seats.

The order of take off was given and as one mechanical worker quickly ran to the hanger door controls with a flip of large lever activated the doors that with a loud boom began to slowly open and come to life. The pilot busily fliped about switches as the helicopter began to stir back to life after its long sleep.

Then the pilot after geting the green light from the nearby mechanic pulled back on the stick and the helicopter took off into the bright afternoon sky.

"Alright men! Set course for Pastoria Town!" said Guilliame on the headset as the helicopter hanged a quick left and began to speed towards Pastoria Town.

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Default Re: Pokemon: Dawn of Death [RP]

"Time to continue my journey off to suny shore city". Time to beat the last gym and go to pokemon league"."I can't go to fast really suspious stuff has been going on". I'm going to help in this investigation. Then I looked up into the sky and said " brother soon I beat you one day". Then I went off "I'm not going suny shore city yet I must head for veil stone and see what I can do".
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Default Re: Pokemon: Dawn of Death [RP]

OOC: Redmario, it's Team Revelation lol. CrazyTrainer, please increase the length of your posts, this is a warning.

Drew Orwon
Hearthome City

"Ok, now let me examine your knee..." Nurse Joy said holding up Drew's knee. He moaned in pain as she raised it higher up. She looked at it carefully and she examined every aspect of the knee. She then pulled a small hammer like object out of her pocket. "Tell me, does this hurt?" she said tapping the hammer on Drew's knee. He quickly kicked out, barely hitting Nurse Joy. "I see... what did you do to get this injury?" she stared looking at Drew.

"Well I had this encounter with these guys in white armor. I don't know who they were, but I was outnumbered and they attacked me using their Pokemon. One of them had a Tangela and used it's vine to trip me. My Pokemon held them off for a while, but they grew tired overtime and I had to get out of there in which I did." Drew replied. Sweat ran down from his head as he scratched his head and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"Hmm I see. I think we need to inform the authority of this. I'll be back ok?" the Nurse said walking out of the room.

Drew sprawled out on the table and awaited for the Nurse's return. The Nurse approached another room down the hall till she was stopped by a man and woman in white armor. They covered her mouth and dragged her into an empty room. In a matter of time, the woman that was in white armor came out dressed as Nurse Joy while the other white armored man jumped from the window and made his escape. The woman walked into the same room as Drew and closed the door.

"Hey, where's Nurse Joy?" Drew asked looking at the woman with a peculiar look.

She started to chuckle and then she pulled out a Pokeball and pointed it at Drew. "She's not coming, but you're coming with me." the woman started.

"Why? Who are you?"

"I'm Debura, an elite grunt hired to wipe you out. Team Revelation will soon have control over the entire region and soon the world, but in order to do so it is necessary to wipe out those who stand in our way. It's either die or join us, which do you choose?"

"Hmm let me think.... neither!" Drew said pushing Debura against the wall and ran out the door. His knee injury hurt him very badly, but he had to get out of there. Debura walked out of the room and watched as he left.

"John, he just ran out. Get him." Debura speaked into her microphone.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Dawn of Death [RP]

Eric Damon has heard about Giovanni's "escape" from prison, and Eric again plans to attempt to assassinate the Rocket Leader to get his revenge for what Team Rocket has done to him. Eric then asked various people numerous questions about Team Revelation. He got pretty much nothing that he didn't already know. Eric then looked up in prayer to Arceus and said "Tell my people I will try to avenge them again. Giovanni is out of prison, and once I'm done with him, he'll be going straight to Hell!"
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Default Re: Pokemon: Dawn of Death [RP]

Johnny Rodriguez
Route 212

Johnny smiled at the site of his Pokemon playing. His large Swampert and Charizard were playing around with each other firing small streams of crystal clear water and blazing fire, respectively, at each other. The two Pokemon had always been good friends. Espeon and Sceptile were laying on the floor looking at the clouds go by. Lucario and Tyranitar, his two tougher Pokemon, were sparring, trying to get tougher.

*I'm so glad that they're having fun. Unfortunately, we have to leave soon. I have to help in the fight against Team Revelation. I can't let people like that take over innocent cities. I hate putting my Pokemon in danger, but they're strong and I'll make sure nothing happens to them,* thought Johnny.

"Listen, I need to ask you all a favor," said Johnny to his Pokemon.

His six Pokemon llooked at him with quizzical expressions on their faces.

"There's an evil organization, Team Revelation, that are trying to take over Sinnoh. They can't be allowed to do that. I know it's not fair for me to ask you to risk your safety, but I can't do this alone. Will you fight with me?" asked Johnny.

Everything was silent for a second, but then they all nodded. Johnny smiled, proud of his Pokemon for being brave. Then, he returned them to their Pokeballs except for Swampert. Swampert walked up to Johnny.

"Swampert, you've been with me since the beginning of my trip and I would understand if you don't want to come along. Are you up for this?" Johnny asked his first Pokemon.

Swampert smiled and squirted him in the face. Johnny burst out laughing. Swampert always squirted Johnny in the face whenever he agreed with him. Johnny returned Swampert to his Pokeball and began to walk towards Hearthome City, the city where he had heard that there was recent Team Revelation activity.

Sam Gonzalez
Team Revelation HQ

Sam sighed and looked around his office. It was a medium-sized office, not as big as Maxel's office, but at least he had an office, unlike the grunts. He looked at his belt, six shiny, red and white Pokeballs, where his faithful Pokemon rested.

His square computer screen flickered to life and a white rectangle appeared in the middle of the screen. Sam put his hand on the mouse and clicked on the small Email symbol. The email covered the screen and the words in the email appeared.

There have been reports of trainers resisting our conquering and helping undo the damage we have caused. I advise sending teams of grunts in to subdue the trainers. If this does not help, then you, as an admin, must resolve the problem yourself. I will keep you all updated to this "trainer rebellion."

He turned around before he could read who had written. He looked at the window which lead outside, to the sunny day.

"This is going to be a long day," sighed Sam.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Dawn of Death [RP]

Originally Posted by Chaos_Control View Post
Eric Damon has heard about Giovanni's "escape" from prison, and Eric again plans to attempt to assassinate the Rocket Leader to get his revenge for what Team Rocket has done to him. Eric then asked various people numerous questions about Team Revelation. He got pretty much nothing that he didn't already know. Eric then looked up in prayer to Arceus and said "Tell my people I will try to avenge them again. Giovanni is out of prison, and once I'm done with him, he'll be going straight to Hell!"
OOC: Please make your posts longer, thank you. Everyone must write at least 3 paragraphs minimum.

Drew Orwon
Hearthome City

IC: Drew ran for his life towards the Hearthome Church, his injury worsened with each step. He knew that the woman was going to chase after him so he looked all around for a good place to hide. If Debura was chasing after him, he would have to hide somewhere quick, but that's not the case. Instead the man who was in white armor that was with Debura chased after him in a stealthy way. The man would hide each time Drew would look back to see if anyone was running towards him. Drew then arrived at the doors of the Hearthome Church.

He reached for the doors and opened them, but he was then rammed by a Ponyta. Drew fell onto the ground and his injury worsened even more. He didn't even feel like standing up or even moving now.

"You can't escape Team Revelation no matter how much you try. No one ever escapes our wrath and that will not change, not ever. I guess I should tell you the name of your murderer, I'am Levi. Now prepare to die! Get ready Ponyta." Levi started as his Ponyta stomped it's feet and prepared for battle. Drew replied by throwing out a Pokeball without saying a word releasing his Floatzel. "A water type Pokemon eh? Go Raichu!" Levi yelled throwing a Great Ball into the air releasing his Raichu.

"Oh yeah? Go Torterra!" Torterra's Pokeball was thrown into the air as it released the large Pokemon. "Floatzel use Waterfall, and Torterra use Leaf Storm!" Floatzel charged forward as it was engulfed in a powerful jet of water. It rammed into Ponyta, knocking it far away. Torterra released a spiraling wave of razor sharp leaves that tore through Raichu's skin.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Dawn of Death [RP]

Andrew Gregrich
Enroute to Veilstone City

In the skies of the Sinnoh Region, Andy was riding his Staraptor towards Veilstone City, with Riolu sitting in front of him, both of them were being extremly cautios, and they have every reason to be, for the leader of the orginazation called Team Rocket that had been pursuing them for a long time was just broken out of prison by a group called Team Revelation, and with that in mind, Andy was concerned that it would only be a matter of time before people started coming after them again.

Along the way Riolu asked, "Hey Andy, do you think we'll be able to take care of this whole mess by ourselves?", In his own language, however Andy could understand him due to thier shared ability to see and control aura, the energy within every living thing, not taking his eyes off the direction they were heading, Andy answered, "I don't think it's by ourselves, I'm sure there are others that trying to fight these people, especially since they busted out the Team Rocket leader.", They were currently heading to meet with Andy's friend and mentor, the Veilstone Gymleader Maylene, who taught Andy how to battle while he stayed in Veilstone for a few months after he decided to become a Pokemon Trainer, with Maylene having a Lucario she was easy to learn from, "Do you think Maylene and Master Lucario might know something about all this?", Riolu asked, "I'm not too sure they do, but if they know something, any little bit of information counts.", Andy replied, as Veilstone City came into view.

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PKMN Pearl: 0688-1744-8230
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Default Re: Pokemon: Dawn of Death [RP]

OOC: Looks like it's gonna be fun!


Cody Woods
Lilycove City Pokemon Center


"Ugh," a groggy Cody Woods mumbled, reaching from his bed to turn off the alarm on his clock, his tired eyes still closed. Faint rays of morning light glistened through the thin, lace curtains, which attempted to conceal the relatively small room from any outside entities. The sixteen year old gathered his energy and lifted himself from the mattress to the floor, taking care to avoid his slumbering Pokemon companions. He lumbered over to the tall, lengthy window, rubbing his eyelids with his fingers, and pushed the curtains outward. Through the patch of morning fog he made out the sun, and the ocean surrounding Lilycove Harbor. In the distance he made out the shape of the passenger ship that was to ferry him to Canalave City later in the day. He walked to his closet and opened the door, pulled out a grey undershirt, white jogging pants, and running shoes, and changed into his outfit.

Opening the door to his room, Cody took a gaze down the hallway which lead to the main enterance of the Pokemon Center, which was unusually empty compared to the day. The waiting chairs were vacant, and Nurse Joy had long since dozed off in her chair behind the counter. The narrow liquid-crystal display hung from the ceiling read 5:45 AM as Cody walked past, moving slowly, as he wanted to avoid waking the nurse.

"Oh!" Joy shouted, startled, as she awoke with Cody tip-toeing in front of her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you..." Cody managed, angry at himself for disrupting the nurse' sleep.

"Oh, it's alright," Joy remarked, chuckling at herself. "I really should be up by now, it's not your fault." She smiled at Cody, who in turn smiled back, beginning to walk backwards toward the cafeteria. He continued until the nurse was out of his sight, where he abruptly turned around and stomped his right foot to the ground. Cody shifted his attention to the cafeteria countertop, where he set his sights on an assortment of freshly baked muffins, cereals, and fruits were already displayed. A cafeteria worker was in the process of preparing waffles, before Cody interrupted her.

"Excuse me!" he shouted, getting the cook to turn around. Cody walked up to the counter. "I'd like this blueberry muffin," he said with a lower tone of voice, pointing to the one he wanted. "And I'd like six apples."

"Up awfully early huh? And why would you want six apples?" the cook responded. "That'll be ten dollars." She wrapped up the muffin, and put it in a bag along with the apples.

Cody reached into his pockets, grabbing a ten dollar bill. "For my Pokemon," he stated, exchanging the money for the bag of food. He hurried down the halls back to his room, in which his Pokemon still slept soundly. Each of the five had a blanket wrapped on them, and Cody made sure not to disturb them as he placed an apple in front of every one of them. Making his way back to the bedside counter, he adorned his baseball cap. "Rise and shine!" he yelled.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Dawn of Death [RP]

Drew Orwon
Hearthome City

IC: "No! What the fu**?! Get up Ponyta, Raichu!" Levi commanded hoping that his Pokemon would get up from the savage attack. Torterra and Floatzel chuckled from afar as both the Raichu and Ponyta moaned in pain. Ponyta was also hit by the leaves of the Leaf Storm attack, but wasn't hurt as bad as Raichu. Drew would have made his Torterra use Earthquake, but it could risk in destroying the city so he decided against it. "Use Ember Ponyta!" Levi commanded once again in an angry tone.

The Ponyta could barely stand on it's hind legs let alone battle anymore. The water attack given by Floatzel had doused it's flame and damaged it beyond repair. The damage given to Ponyta was terrible and it couldn't battle anymore unless it forced itself to do so which could risk in hurting itself even more. As for Raichu, cuts covered it's body all over and small drops of blood dripped off. Raichu held itself up and tried to endure the pain it had suffered.

"Alright, Torterra. Let's use another Leaf Storm to finish them off!" Drew commanded.

"No, no! I'll give up! Here!" Levi interupted, pulling out two Pokeballs and returning his Ponyta and Raichu which were his only Pokemon. "Take them, ok? Just leave me alone." Levi said laying the two Pokeballs and a small bomb, which Drew could not see. Levi ran away while Drew picked up the two Pokeballs. The small device started to glow and this caught Drew's attention. The moment that Drew looked down, it blew up and knocked Drew far away. His Torterra and Floatzel came to his aid to see if he was alright.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Dawn of Death [RP]

((OOC: Holumanto, I'm on Team Revelation. >.<;))

Bobbie-Marie "Bobbie" Danger
Team Revelation HQ

"Just...a little bit...further...," Bobbie struggled. She was trying to move a book from the shelf over to her, but nearly failing. "C'mon...!" Her face brightened completely when it landed on her lap. "Ha ha! I'm getting better!" She smiled. She grabbed the book, moved over to the shelf, and put it back where she found it. Sighing, she walked back over to the chair in which she was sitting in.

As a new recruit, Bobbie didn't know where she was. She just found a comfortable room in the headquarters and decided to hang around, unless somebody called on her. That's when she could have some fun. But for the time being, she picked a Pokeball out of her pocket. "Come out and hang with me, Oktober," she said, as a little Vulpix appeared almost magically. Bobbie smiled. "Hey, there. How are you?" Oktober just stared at her. This is going to be interesting, she thought.

Oktober stretched out, and about ten seconds later, was fast asleep. Bobbie yawned. She was tired too, but she didn't want to fall asleep. She knelt down and shook Oktober up lightly. "Let's go cause some mayhem, ja?"
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