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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Default Exophi's Stats

Exophilus "Exophi"

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Claiming of the Kings (Incomplete)
Acquire the following pocket monster with royal names:
#31 Nidoqueen (Unobtained)
#34 Nidoking (Nidoran Stage)
#99 Kingler (Unobtained)
#119 Seaking (Goldeen Stage)
#181 Ampharos (Unobtained)
#195 Quagsire (Unobtained)
#199 Slowking (Unobtained)
#230 Kingdra (Horsea Stage)
#289 Slaking (Unobtained)
#321 Wailord (Unobtained)

Pride of a Collector (Incomplete)
Capture five or more pocket monsters in a single URPG story.
The Power of an Amatuer (Incomplete)
Win five or more battles in a row in the URPG.


W/L/D Record:
W-2; L-2; D-0

Current Position:

Current Items:
Lum Berry (x2)
Moon Stone

Current Badges:


Minos the Nidoran (Male)
Poison Point, Rivalry
W-2; L-2; D-0
Starter (Friday, August 22nd)
Level Up Moves:
Leer, Peck, Focus Energy, Double Kick, Poison Sting, Fury Attack, Horn Attack,
Helping Hand, Toxic Spikes, Flatter, Poison Jab, Captivate, Horn Drill
Other Moves:
Tackle (RBY)

Cormacmacairt (or Cormac) the Horsea (Male)
Swift Swim, Sniper
W-0; L-0; D-0
Story - "The Kings of Seafoam" (Saturday, September 20th)
Level Up Moves:
Bubble, Smokescreen, Leer, Water Gun, Focus Energy, Bubblebeam
Agility, Twister, Brine, Hydro Pump, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse
Other Moves:

Cixi the Goldeen (Female)
Swift Swim, Water Veil
W-0; L-0; D-0
Story - "The Kings of Seafoam" (Saturday, September 20th)
Level Up Moves:
Peck, Tail Whip, Water Sport, Supersonic, Horn Attack, Water Pulse, Flail,
Aqua Ring, Fury Attack, Waterfall, Horn Drill, Agility, Megahorn
Other Moves:

Battle Record:
Win against lonewolf's Shorin [Trapinch] using Minos [Nidoran]
Loss against Sarah's Poliwag using Minos [Nidoran]
Default Win against Ashiverse's Lickitung using Minos [Nidoran]
Loss against Uomo's Shell-Shocker [Mareep] using Minos [Nidoran]

Won My First Battle
First Capture Attempt Successful (x2)

The Kings of Seafoam
Target(s): Horsea, Goldeen (Possible Additional Pokémon)
Outcome: Successful so far... (Incomplete)
Length: 34134 Characters (Ongoing)
Vemados Gray and his Nidoran Minos are taking a trip to Seafoam Islands with via the Foamy Ferry so that he can wrangle up some new party members with which to challenge his Pokemon Master of a brother, Leon. Vemados' training abilities are poor at this point, and even Minos seems to be more capable of handling situations. Unfortunately, Minos has an issue too - he fears evolution. Neither of them realize that their actions within the island caves will have dramatic consequences to the inhabitants of both Seafoam and Cinnabar.
Neo Pikachu: Evil people ALWAYS laugh better.

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