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Default The Twisted Fields

Yes, this is the sequel to The Gray Battlegrounds and continues with the third and final installment The Blazing Skies. The adventure of Jake Kossak continues here! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Chapter 1
Odd Reoccurrence

It had seemed only like a week had passed. I was able to focus more on school and less on playing around. Frank no longer hanged around Randy like he used to. In fact, he pretty much kept to himself. But I could see in his eyes he wasn’t the same he used to be either. He ate less, talked less, and stayed away from people like they were a plague. I never bothered him anymore, but something else must have been bothering him.

Jeff was too much involved with sports now, always saying to Randy that he had to get to practice for one of the many sports he had signed up for. I had looked at him for the longest time, and all the while it looked like nothing had ever happened. And then again, maybe because he was the one least affected by the whole thing after all.

But I would never forget the awful mistake Randy made only a week ago, using a magical necklace to create his own world. Supposedly, Jeff’s father had found this necklace, once owned by some guy by the name of Quista. After Jeff gave it to Randy, he used its power to create his own world, just for one purpose…

Randy never used to be good at Pokémon, and the three of us, Alex, David, and myself used to brutally pick on him, and beat the stuffing out of Randy’s Pokémon for sheer pleasure. Once Randy had created his own world, he gave himself the most powerful Pokémon he could think of, as well as giving them the power to use any attack he could think of. After Alex and David had lost to him, he made the two of him his servants, leaving me alone. The only way I could get the three of us out of Randy’s world was to prove to him that even in his dream world he couldn’t beat us. The only one who had helped me with this was Coldblood, who gave me the power to put me on the same level as Randy. It was then decided that I would go in disguise, so Randy couldn’t tell who I really was. Coldblood had decided I would disguise myself as a Pikachu, the one Pokémon that Randy had always wanted but had been unable to catch.

But in Randy’s world, this Pikachu already existed. Randy would have called his Pikachu “Juno” if he had ever caught one. Since Juno already existed, when I took his place, I was stuck as Juno until Randy’s world was destroyed and the real world returned. But Randy never knew I was Juno. I didn’t tell him either.

After a brutal battle, I had won against Randy and it was all over with. I would never forget what I had done, putting even myself into such a harsh situation. But it was over with. I would never battle Randy ever again after that. And, I didn’t talk to him either.

In fact, for a week I had completely avoided Pokémon battling. For some reason, I just did, maybe because I wasn’t so ready to do it again. Still, I kept telling myself that I would get back into it soon enough. It wouldn’t be long until that happened.

It wasn’t until I had gotten home one afternoon that things really went wild. I hadn’t even been thinking of the incident only a week ago, I was just trying to get back on my feet and keep going on. For once I was able to grab the time to be by myself.

I had gotten home, grabbed my belt with my Pokéballs, and had headed out to the small, grassy backyard we had in the back of the house. Then, we I reached the white, stone patio, I had looked at my belt. While I had all five of my Pokémon, something confused me. I had originally had four while I was in Randy’s world, but while I was there, I had obtained another one.

How was I able to pull something from Randy’s world into the real one? That didn’t make sense. Anyway, I had grabbed my fifth Pokéball, and tossed it into the air, where it hit the patio stone and released the Pokémon inside, my Latias.

She had emerged from the bright flash, and immediately looked around. She then found me.

“Where are we?” She asked.
“This is my home, as well as yours.” I told her.

And I could have slapped my mouth. How on Earth was I still able to understand what she was saying…?

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 2
The Other Side

But I kept myself quiet. I simply showed Latias around, and then put her back into her Pokéball, and didn’t say another word. How was it even possible? Something was seriously wrong.

I then, I thought of something. If I had pulled something from Randy’s world, Randy must have had to as well. I had decided I would talk to him tomorrow, yes, the very person that had once been my worst enemy. But something was telling me he wasn’t going to be anymore. I just had to know something.

By the end of the day, I was exhausted, and I didn’t know what it was from. I hadn’t been running around, everything had seemed normal. When I finally settled down to go to sleep, I tried to get my mind off the events of last week. They shouldn’t have been haunting me like this. It was nice to be in a bed again, for once. After I got comfortable, I shut my eyes…

And suddenly I felt like I had been thrown on the floor, which felt like cold, diamond metal. I couldn’t see anything for a harsh, chilling moment, but then I was able to open my eyes.

All around me was metal, cold and dark. It had felt like I was in a normal hallway, only I could barely see anything. And then I certainly realized I was not myself. I was Juno, as if I had been Juno this whole time. This was crazy.

Then, a bright red light had emerged from the end of the hallway, and a silhouette of a dark, tall figure was slowly walking toward me, holding some sort of large, blunt weapon in his hands. I put my tiny hands behind me and slowly crept away on my back.

Pipes were blowing steam in front of him, and I had trouble trying to recognize who it was. Still, I frantically tried to crawl away, but I wasn’t getting very far. Then, I had stood up, and began running in the opposite direction, but I didn’t get very far. I had been running in pitch black darkness until I slammed right into a wall. I frantically looked behind me only to see the figure move closer and closer.

He was going to kill me, and for reasons I didn’t know why. I had stayed in the darkness, thinking he wouldn’t see me, but it seemed like he already knew where I was, and he began to approach me. Then, he was standing right above me, and he took his weapon, raised it in the air, and it forcefully came toward me at a feverish pace.

I nearly woke up screaming. I had thrown off my bed covers, and looked at my hands to make sure I still wasn’t Juno. I had sighed in relief when I realized I was still normal. I checked the clock by my bed and it was only four in the morning.

But I didn’t dare go back to sleep…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 3
The Meeting

That next morning, I got dressed, ate breakfast, and walked to school all in complete silence. I barely said anything to anyone, I just went to school and wanted to keep quiet. I didn’t want anyone to assume anything by looking at my face either, so I tried to keep a calm expression.

I barely paid attention in class, now unable to get my mind off of just trying to meet Randy when we were let out. After four long classes of complete bore, I dashed out the back exit.

“Man, aren’t you in a hurry.” I heard a familiar voice say right behind me.

I turned around and looked back into the stairway to see Alex, one of my best friends. He seemed a bit shocked.

“You were dozing off in class this morning, Jake.” Alex told me, “Have you been thinking about something?”
“It’s about Randy.” I told Alex, knowing exactly what that would remind him of, “I think it’s about time we talk to him, and find out how exactly this all happened.”

The two of us headed out the door and found Randy in the one place where he always hung out after school: on a black, metal bench completely by himself. The two of us approached him, and he looked up at us.

“Randy, we need to talk.” Alex said firmly to him, “We could really use some answers.”

Randy had already known what Alex was talking about, and he didn’t look like he wanted to fight about it. Instead, he stood up, and looked at Alex in the eyes.

“Look, let’s go some place where no one is going to see or hear us, okay?” Randy asked Alex, “I don’t want this to go floating around.”
“Fine, Randy.” Alex agreed, “How about we talk in one of those dugouts in that old, abandoned baseball field?”

Only about a half a mile away was an old baseball field that hadn’t been used in nearly a decade. After Randy had said yes, we simply walked our way over there. Randy moved in a very stiff fashion, seeming like he was very uncomfortable at the moment.

When we had arrived, we stepped inside one of the concrete dugouts and sat down on the old, wooden bench inside. Meanwhile, Alex sat down on the concrete stairs leading out into the dusty field.

“I want to know something Randy.” Alex told him, “You know what happened just last week. You gave us the nightmare of our lives.”
“What… is it that you want to know?” Randy asked Alex, feeling very uncomfortable.
“Who is Juno?” Alex asked coldly, “How was a normal, everyday Pikachu able to beat you?”

I was silent. I already perfectly knew the answer to that one, but I didn’t want to say anything at all. Neither of them knew it was me.

“I really don’t know.” Randy asked, “I couldn’t understand his commands, and after he decided to enter the fight himself, he just never seemed to go down. I hit him with everything I could. I just don’t know how Juno was able to do it…”
“No, really Randy.” I asked him, trying to cover my tracks, “Just who is this Pikachu?”

Randy looked at me for an instant, and then started to look toward the ground by his feet.

“I always wanted a Pikachu.” Randy said sadly, “Juno is the name I would have given him if I ever caught one. Juno was a side of me that was a burden that wouldn’t go away no matter how hard I tried. It wasn’t any surprise he decided to battle me and he was the one who won. It seemed like he was always doing that.”

Interesting. I never thought of it that way. I was just about to say something when…

“You’re about to see the truth…” I heard a cold voice say in front of us.

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 4
Shattered Secrets

Randy and I had looked up in complete shock, and Alex frantically turned around to see who had snuck up on us. Before us stood a brown haired man in black cloth pants and a black shirt. He was wearing sandals, and had a very dense look on his face, as if he was ready to fight at any second. He spoke very quickly and aggressively.

“Who the hell are you?” Alex asked in surprise.
“I want to know who the three of you are.” The fair-skinned man said, “Only now have I been able to track down the location of one of my most prized possession, only to find it has been completely destroyed…”

He was obviously talking about the necklace. I don’t know how it ended up breaking, but there was something else I really wanted to know.

“You’re Quista, son of the Phoenix?” I asked the man.

He started snickering. I felt like I had said something extremely stupid.

“So that’s who they think I am?” He asked mockingly, “My real name is Zander. I’m not Egyptian either, someone had stolen that necklace from me thousands of years ago, and I didn’t even get the chance to use it. And no, I’m not a real human either.”

Now we were beginning to freak out. I thought this guy was going to murder us after we smashed his necklace.

“You’re…” Randy stuttered, “Not human…?”
“I don’t care about that right now.” Zander replied with a cold stare, “One of you used my necklace, and created your own world. That necklace was meant for me. My long search for it had ended in its destruction, and I want to know who’s responsible!”

This was far worse than getting sent to the principal’s office for getting into a fight. This guy looked ready to kill us, and no one would ever find us here for days. Still, we were silent. Something in me said to point to Randy, but I never ended up doing so. Yet, just a week ago, I would have been fingering him like crazy.

“So who was it!?” Zander shouted angrily.

We were still silent. Then, he gave us a really sick stare, and I was quivering. I thought my life was over at that moment.

“I can make you all become sunken with fear.” Zander glared, “You think I don’t know what happened? One of you became frustrated, another created an alter-ego for himself, and the third was a servant for the first. The first of you used my necklace to create your own world, for only one pathetic purpose.”
“Stop it, please…” Randy begged.
“You couldn’t tolerate your companions’ endless defeats, so you created your own companions and made yourself a champion.” Zander growled at Randy.

Randy was shaking his head. He didn’t want to believe this was actually happening.

“I couldn’t stand losing at Pokémon battling.” Randy complained, “I needed something to help me win for once.”
“But that isn’t all.” Zander said, “You were able to pull these Pokémon out from your dream world and pull them into reality. They currently remain with you at this moment.”

My question had been answered. Randy really had been able to do the same as I had, pulling something from his world into reality. Just like I had…

“I was going to use that necklace to go to the place of my desires so I could summon them into reality, but instead it was wasted on you!” Zander shouted angrily, “Your purpose for using it was meaningless! It took my nearly a lifetime to craft that necklace!”

I kept my mouth shut. Now I knew why he had come to us from out of nowhere. We used his necklace for a stupid reason, stupid compared to what really could have been done with it. I could see what this guy was angry.

“You…,” Zander said harshly, now facing me, “You are a completely different story. You wanted to free yourself from this maggot’s world by defeating him. The only way to do it was to hide yourself.”

Now Randy was looking at me in curiosity. Randy was going to find out everything in a matter of moments. I really didn’t want it to turn out this way.

“You disguised yourself from this maggot by turning into his own, living desire.” Zander said with a hint of laughter in his tone, “So you became a Pikachu by the name of Juno, and you defeated Randy. When his world had vanished, you awoke to find yourself as normal human being. But by becoming another living creature in his world, you took his essence with you. The only reason why you’re not Juno any longer is because your purpose in this world is to serve it as Jake Kossak. But you won’t believe how easily this can be changed!”
“You were actually Juno?” Randy asked me in complete shock.
“Randy…” I whispered to him, “Just shut up…”

From the way this guy was sounding, it seemed he only needed a bit more than a snap of a finger to turn me right back into a Pikachu, and this time it would be permanent…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 5
The Only Solution

Man, as if Randy’s first mistake hadn’t been bad enough, we were about to suffer a second time for it. I was wondering what the hell I had done to deserve this. I didn’t even know what Zander was if he wasn’t human. The only thing I was aware of was he was angry at us for destroying his priceless necklace. What was to stop him from just making another one? Besides, making our lives a complete misery wasn’t going to help him get it back anyway…

“I don’t see why you would want to turn me back into a Pikachu.” I told Zander honestly, “It’s not like that is going to change anything. Why don’t you just make another necklace?”
“It took me thousands of years to make that one!” Zander shouted in fury, “I would force you to make a replacement, but you wouldn’t last long enough and you don’t even have half the power to do it. The only thing I can get from you is revenge.”

I thought Randy was going to be furious when I told him I was actually Juno. Instead, he had looked at me, and almost began to feel sick.

“I can’t believe…” Randy stuttered softly, “You went through all that trouble to just beat me. You almost killed yourself out there… I’m really sorry, Jake. I… never meant for you… to go that far.”

He certainly wouldn’t have said that a week ago. It seemed when we were in Randy’s world, all the suffering we encountered wouldn’t have been enough. Now, it seemed like he was truly beginning to regret it. Better late than never I suppose…

“That doesn’t matter now.” Zander said in a serious tone, “You’ve taken something from me that I’ve spent my whole life making and looking for. And here, after all these years, I find the three of you are the reason why that necklace no longer exists.”
“Hey man.” Alex told Zander in a casual tone, “I wasn’t any part of this. I’ll tell you right now…”
“You were an accomplice!” Zander shouted, totally interrupting Alex, “You’re no better than the others. For this, all three of you will be punished. I know only of a few torments that would accurately represent the pain and frustration you have given to me.”

From my side, this all sounded like serious lunacy. He obviously sounded like he had no interest in actually killing us, seeming like that was just an easy way out of it. I couldn’t imagine what this guy was thinking.

“I don’t know what the hell you’re even talking about.” Alex said straight to Zander’s face, “Let’s face it, the necklace is gone, pal. It’s over with. Maybe you should have made it more durable, ever think of that, genius?”

Zander stood there looking very infuriated at Alex. I honestly didn’t fear this guy. I had stopped feeling so afraid, and knew there was little this guy could really do to us. This guy didn’t have his necklace anymore, so what did I care?

“You destroyed my only possession, utterly wasting it on mere, pathetic desires that you didn’t even bother of preserving by making them real.” Zander growled in fury, “You wasted it. Now, I’m going to make the three of you suffer for what you’ve done. You’ll see what happens to those who infuriate me!”

Then, he outstretched his arm, opened his hand, and showed us his bare palm. I might have burst out laughing from that gesture, but seconds later the whole sky went black and the whole baseball field became a sick, crimson red. I felt nauseous and shaky as everything in front of me swirled like mixing paint. Everything slowly became black, and I passed out…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 6
The Cage

I had awoken, but had not opened my eyes. The air around me was cold, and I could feel a faint breeze coming from above. The floor felt cold and stiff, and only then did I open my eyes and take a look around me.

I then realized it was completely impossible for me to still be on Earth. The room was completely made of metal, mostly rusted scrap. Everything seemed so giant until I realized why that was…

I had become Juno again, a sight too familiar. Those moments of horror were slowly coming back to me now. The fighting, the suffering, the loneliness…

The room was a jail cell as I quickly realized the only window had bars around it, and the only exit was a circular, reinforced steel security vault door. There was no chance of getting past that thing. After looking around, I saw I was alone in this cold cell with no one but myself.

My curiosity had taken a hold of me as I slowly climbed on top of the single, rickety metal bunk bed and made my way toward the window. When I slowly approached it, I had seen what was outside. It looked like hell itself.

The sky was a horrid mixture of red and gray with passing black storm clouds that were constantly moving and mixing. Thunder and lightning were always occasionally lighting up dark patches of sky, but the crashing of thunder was very faint.

Meanwhile, on the ground it looked like fields upon fields of grassless land of twisted, dying trees had covered the landscape. In some places, fissures had opened up, seeming to be endless pits waiting to swallow up anything that had fallen in. But nothing was moving, except for the flashing thunder, swirling of clouds and the swaying of dead trees from a lonesome wind that quickly came and quickly passed.

Randy’s world was a play land compared to this place. I sure didn’t want to stay in this prison, but something kept asking me if going outside was any better. From what I saw, it seemed I was probably better off inside. Even if Randy, Alex and I had gotten out, there wasn’t any chance we could possibly travel on that type of landscape. It seemed the land itself had gone mad…

As I looked at my tiny, yellow hands again, I tried to wonder why Zander thought it was better for me to be a Pikachu. Did he think the whole thing was amusing or something? But no matter what, that wasn’t going to change anything. There probably was no place for Jake Kossak in this world. After all, my strongest belief was that this was a representation of Zander’s mind. Why oh why did I feel like I’d rather be off in Randy’s world? I had only been here for a few minutes, and I already wanted to get out of here.

I already knew the cast iron bars blocking the window were too thick and too close together to bypass, but even if I could, I don’t think I wanted to be walking in that geographical nightmare. I was hoping the other side of this prison wouldn’t be as freaky as the other, but I wasn’t going to place my bets on that.

I had approached the vault door, and tried to see if there was any lock whatsoever, but instead, all I saw was a back of the circular vault door, no keyhole or anything. Obviously, the only way to get out of here was if someone opened the door from the other side. I had no idea how long it was going to take before that happened.

After looking around, I truly saw no way out at all. I knew I wouldn’t get out of this nightmare if I just stayed here and waited to rot away. Someone was going to have to come and at least feed me something, or I would just die of starvation. Then I thought rationally. If Zander really wanted us to die, he would have killed us in that abandoned baseball field. He wouldn’t have waited for us to fall over, rot, and stink up his whole jail.

The floor was made up of solid metal panels of an array of grays, browns, and silvers, all secured with extremely heavy bolts. They were nice and tight on the floor, and they weren’t going to come up without some sort of heavy tools, which of course I didn’t have. Plus the bolts were mostly rusted over, which meant there was pretty much stuck in there.

I had looked up at the ceiling, now seeing smaller square panels of a deep bluish metal, with smaller bolts on each corner that hadn’t been rusted over like the ones on the floor. I had looked up at all of them, and saw out of the corner of my eyes, there was a panel in the corner on the right side of the window, with one of its bolts missing on the right corner next to the wall.

If I were to remove that panel, it might just be a way out of here…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 7
The Midnight Struggle

The only problem with removing that panel was it was fifteen feet in the air, and there was nothing for me to even get close to it. I had turned to the bunk bed unit, which would reach high enough for me to remove the panel, but how would I be able to move it? If I were still human, it wouldn’t have been a problem, since the metal bunk bed wasn’t exactly the most sturdy thing in the room. But as a little Pikachu, it might be too hard.

Suddenly, to my surprise, the vault door had clicked, and slowly swung open. By the time I had turned around, I had seen a hand holding a pewter bowl just drop the bowl it was holding by the door, and then just like that, it was quickly shut again.

Just for curiosity, I had walked over to the bowl, and I could have puked. It looked and smelled like hot, salty vomit. It was a musty brown and orange color, like somebody tossed their cookies in it, as well as took of dump of diarrhea all over what was there already. I didn’t care if it took me the rest of the week to move that bunk bed, there was no way in hell I was going to stay here.

I had grasped one of the metal poles supporting the upper deck and tried to pull as hard as I could. I must have pulled it five feet away from the metal wall before falling on my hands from exhaustion. I then tried pushing to see if that would change anything. It was a bit better, and I went a few more feet, but it was still at least twenty feet away from the wall, and I needed rest. It felt like pushing a truck in neutral…

After a few hours had passed, I gave it another shot, only to go seven more feet before my hands and feet were aching. I couldn’t go on, and I needed rest. But for now, I needed to get rid of that vomit soup, before they began to assume I was going to starve myself…

So, I grabbed the bowl, walked with it across the room, and dumped the stuff out the window. It was disgustingly lumpy and it smelled even worse as I poured it out, like real barf. I then promptly took the bowl, put it by the door, and then headed for the lower bunk of the bed. I didn’t care for the fact there weren’t any pillows and only one sheet. I was too tired…

The next morning, I was rudely awaked by the door opening again, and other bowl of morning puke to greet me. After the door was shut again, I quickly headed back to try and move the bunk bed. I pushed as hard as I could for as long as I could, and soon enough, I made it to the other side of the wall. I then climbed my way up to the top bunk, which wasn’t any better than the first. I had made my way to the loose panel, and saw there were only three bolts I had to remove. I had put my hands on the first of the three, and turned it counter clockwise. This one hadn’t been in too tight either, and after about twenty spins, it came out. The other two were a bit harder, but after I tried hard enough, all the bolts came out, and the panel fell from the ceiling and onto the top bunk.

The hole that was left was only a foot by foot square. While I might have had an easier time pushing the bunk bed as a human, there was no way I could fit through that hole as one. But now, being a Pikachu made all the difference. I ducked, positioned myself under the hole, and looked up.

It appeared to be some sort of ventilation duct of some sort, which was surprising since I didn’t see any vent grates in my cell. How considerate of them…

I put my hands on the edge, and hoisted myself into the duct. It was very dimly lit, so I had to first get adjusted to the darkness, and use the dim light coming from the other vents to see. I slowly moved my way through the vent, making sure to be as quiet as possible. As I made my way about twenty feet, I had come across a vent leading to another room. When I looked through the vent grill, it looked like a guard’s lounge. I could see what appeared to be a young, tan skinned man with a blonde crew cut and wearing a black tank top. He was sitting, drinking a cup of black coffee, while an Ampharos and a Skarmory stood by the table, talking to each other.

The room was completely metal as well, only it looked much cleaner than my cell. The table didn’t look in tip top shape however, having rust patches all over the surface. The metal seats were crudely made, and two vending machines in the corner were on and humming but duct tape was all over the plastic window of the snack machine.

“I can’t believe they’re going to do it again…” The Ampharos said to the Skarmory, looking exhausted for some odd reason.
“Doesn’t matter.” The Skarmory quickly replied. “You know what happened to The Bend and Cyphex. Those cities lie in ruins now. This used to be their city too, until we trashed it and took it over…”

I was deeply wondering who they were talking about. Obviously, the guy at the table didn’t understand what the two of them were saying. I kept away from the grate so they wouldn’t see me, and I listened in…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 8
The Word Let Out

They kept talking for over an hour, and I sat there listening to every bit of it. It sounded like they were talking about a war, one between a league called the Silver Rebellion and the Crimson Stars. It turned out this was a jail run by the Crimson Stars. It made me wonder. Why would Zander want to wage a war in the realm of his mind? Or maybe I was assuming the wrong thing? Maybe this wasn’t his world at all… But if that was the case, then where was I really?

“When do you think we will fight again?” Skarmory asked, looking curiously at Ampharos.
“It won’t be long before it’s all over.” Ampharos told him with pure confidence, “The Silver Rebellion doesn’t have any leaders left, they’ll all dead or in jail. Once we attack their capital of Septa, it isn’t even going to matter any more. The rebels are fading.”

Who were the rebels, and what were they rebelling for? I was just about to leave when I realized something. My belt with my Pokéballs was hanging from a nearby rack, along with many others. How could these maggots steal my Pokémon? I sure wasn’t going to let them get away with that. I moved right up to the grate, and kicked it as hard as I could.

Perhaps a little too hard. The grate popped out like there it was only leaning against the vent hole’s rims. I didn’t care. Those Pokémon were mine, and no one was going to take them from me. I had looked out the vent, and jumped out, landing on a metal shelf unit that was right below. The Ampharos and the Skarmory immediately looked up at me.

“Who the hell are you!?” The Ampharos exclaimed, looking up at me in shock.
“You’d better give back my Pokémon,” I told them both, “Stop this nonsense now, if you don’t want to have to deal with me…”
“Oh man.” The Skarmory snickered, “You are so dead for picking a fight with me.”

Just then, the man sitting up at the table had noticed me, and I didn’t want him to be a part of this. I shut my eyes, clenched my fists, and my cheeks fired up with electricity. Then, I focused hard on his location, directing the massive wave of thunder right at him. I felt the thunder make contact, and then I released the power, and opened my eyes to see the man fall back out of his chair and onto the floor, knocking over two other chairs with him and shifting the table, spilling his coffee cup. As the coffee trickled to the floor, the Ampharos charged up his own electric attack, and just before he fired it at me, I jumped off the shelf unit, and landed firmly on the table. Just a second later, the shelf was blasted with electricity, sending dozens of metal cans flying in all directions.

I shielded myself from the barrage of metal cans, and seconds later they had all hit the floor, creating a loud, clanging noise. When it was all over with, Ampharos had turned to me, not looking very happy at all.

“Boy, you are one dead puppy.” Ampharos sneered, “Do you really think you can take us down?”
“Yep, simply for the fact your electrical power can’t hurt me and your Skarmory friend can’t even take flight in here, so it’s going to be your loss.” I told him, saying it right to his face.
“That’s what you think.” Skarmory said in a cold tone, spreading his silver blade wings, and leaping right at me with steadfast determination.

And I don’t know what happened right after that, but I instantly felt myself go flying backward right of the table, and I saw the table was sliced in two equal pieces. I had hit the wall, and soon slid down the wall and onto the floor. I looked down and saw my chest had been badly scratched. I could feel the burn of pain.

The two halves of the metal table had laid flat on the floor, and Skarmory had been right between them. I then realized what he had done. I never imagined a Steel Wing attack to be so strong…

“You are nothing.” The Skarmory told me, looking at me in the corner, “I’ve fought much tougher Pokémon from the Silver Rebellion than you.”
“I’m not part of the Silver Rebellion.” I told the Skarmory as I got up off the floor.
“Really?” The Ampharos asked in surprise, “Then where the hell are you from?”
“Heh, don’t bother.” The Skarmory said to his companion, “He doesn’t know.”

That punk. I immediately charged up as much electricity as I could and directed it right toward Skarmory. He only had a split second to react as he saw the incoming thunder, but it wasn’t enough…

Skarmory had been struck hard, and he glowed like a light bulb from the blast. After about ten solid seconds of generous toasting, I released my power, and Skarmory stumbled over and fell to the floor, flying on his chest with his thin, metal wings spread out.

But, even as that happened, the Ampharos looked to his fallen companion, and knew Skarmory had the disadvantage. But taking down Ampharos wasn’t going to be as easy…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 9
The Contra Conflict

Everywhere, the room was a mess, with coffee and cans laying all over the floor, as well as the three metal chairs that had been knocked over and the two pieces of what as left of the metal table. I had looked over to the shelf unit and saw it was still smoking from Ampharos’s lightning blast.

“I don’t know who you are, but you’re asking for a lot of trouble.” Ampharos sneered, “This is a prison for the Silver Rebellion. The security protocols are unimaginable. Do you really think you can get out of here alive?”
“If it’s composed of worthless thugs like you and these two other chumps, it shouldn’t be a problem.” I told him, looking right into his black eye.

Ampharos sure hadn’t taken that comment lightly. He had frowned upon that, showed his gritting teeth and was twitching with anger.

“I am going to tear you to pieces, you runt!” Ampharos shouted angrily, “You’ve had it!”

Ampharos charged at me in a berserker fury, and lunged toward me, and I jumped into the air to avoid his grasp, sailing right over his body and landed right behind him as he slid through the slick of coffee on the floor. Ampharos had realized he had missed me, and after he got up, and turned around, I jumped into the air, turned myself in the air and smacked him right in the face with my sharp, jagged tail. Ampharos was sent stumbling backward, trying to grab on to something before he fell on his back.

Ampharos quickly got back up again and gave me a nasty glare. He began to sway his tail back and forward, quickly gathering up a harsh amount of electricity. Then, he released it, and I was surprised when practically the whole room lit up with an intense electrical power. Everything in the room except for the two of us had been deep fried. Behind me, the two vending machines had exploded, and a barrage of soda cans had blasted right out and went rolling onto the floor. The floor was dripping wet with root beer, cola, and orange soda. A can that hadn’t been destroyed had rolled right next to me, and I thought of an idea.

“You just messed with the wrong people pal.” Ampharos growled, “I hope you enjoy pain.”

Ampharos came rushing toward me, and I quickly grabbed the nearby soda can and shook it as hard as I could. I then pointed the mouth of the can at Ampharos and pulled the tab, spraying him with a cloud of amber-colored root beer, blinding him for an instant. I tossed aside the half-filled can and struck Ampharos with the hardest punch I could muster. Ampharos was sent flying backward, and then violently hit the back wall. After he slid down, he landed flat on his face, and he didn’t get up again. I was glad that was over with.

I had no idea where Alex and Randy were being held, and I still needed to find a way out of here. I made my way toward the rack of Pokéballs, and saw somehow they were spared from Ampharos’s electrical attacks. I looked for my belt, the glossy leather one that had my initials “JCK.” craved into its leather. Once I found it, I tied it around my waist, and headed toward the door. I jumped up to grab the metal latch, pulled it down with my weight, and kicked against the wall to swing the door open. I then moved my way into the dimly lit hallway.

The hallways were completely metal, as if this was a submarine. Pipes and wires ran across the ceiling, while metal panels similar to the ones in the cells covered the floor. My first objective was to find Alex and Randy, and hopefully get our butts out of here. I headed to the right, knowing I would be heading back in the same direction that my cell was. I had made my way down, knowing if anyone were to come down this hallway, there was no way for me to hide, and I would have no choice but to fight. I had come across another rusty, metal door that had a pull latch for a handle. I jumped, grabbed the metal latch, and kicked back to open the door.

My assumption was correct. I had seen rows upon rows of heavy steel, circular vault doors. The room was much larger than the hallway, but I saw something that made me jump. A single guard had been on patrol, and when I opened the door, he spotted me. He was wearing a light blue uniform, and his face was scarred and ugly.

“Well, it looks like we have an escapee.” The burly man laughed, looking at me, “I’ll show you what we do to anyone who thinks they can get away from us!”

Heh, great. This was just what I needed. The burly, dirty man had plucked out one of his Pokéballs, and threw it only ten feet away from me. After the white flash had begun to take shape and become colored, I saw what had emerged from his Pokéball. A dark brown, lethal-looking Ursaring. Upon seeing me, he took his sharp-clawed fists and punched them together, and I didn’t want to imagine what would happen if I got between those fists...

I could tell this wasn’t going to be pretty…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 10

The giant, dark brown bear with his beige ring on his chest and razor-sharp teeth had growled at me, even though I hadn’t even done anything to infuriate him yet. The burly man had rubbed his hands together, thinking this was going to be an easy picking.

“Ursaring, use your Slash attack!” The burly man shouted.

Oh no…

Ursaring came stomping toward me, and outstretched his arm. I felt paralyzed with fear, and suddenly and swiftly, I thought I saw everything in front of me suddenly split in three as Ursaring’s claws tear into my face, and I found myself flying backward, and smacking my head right against the metal door. Boy, did that hurt like hell.

“Heh, heh heh.” The burly man snickered.

I quickly got back up, however. After getting hit with Skarmory’s Steel Wing and Ursaring’s Slash, I was cut up pretty badly, but not enough to stop me. I had been through far worse than this.

I focused my attention, and began charging electricity. I then sent the massive wave of electricity right at Ursaring, and struck him in the chest. The giant bear Pokémon staggered back, grasping his chest.

Then, I had crouched down and lowered my head. Ursaring wasn’t going to move now that he was paralyzed. After he had shook off the pain and began to approach me, I blasted right off the ground and everything around me became a white blaze. I slammed right into Ursaring’s chest, sending him flying backwards. After he had hit the metal floor and landed on his back, he appeared too weak to get back up.

“Err, Ursaring, return.” The burly man said as he pulled out Ursaring’s Pokéball, aimed the red beam upon Ursaring’s body, and sucked him back into the Pokéball.

He gave me a glare, and then he was ready to pull out his next Pokémon. I was not enjoying this at all. He pulled out a second Pokéball, and threw it vigorously.

“Nah ha!” The burly man shouted, “Go Seviper!”

The Pokéball had struck the metal floor, and long and behold, the light that spilled out of the Pokéball had begun to form into the black snake with a yellow diamond pattern running along his body. Seviper had one hell of a face, with long fangs and menacing eyes, along with a tail end that looked like a knife. Once he had fully emerged, he glared at me and hissed.

“Nah ha ha!” The man laughed, “Seviper, use your Poison Tail attack! Finish off this annoying Pikachu!”
“You are finisssshed!” The Seviper hissed at me, just before blasting toward me like a bullet.

I couldn’t even see Seviper it was so fast. For a moment, it seemed like it just disappeared, and then a split second later, I felt an intense spark of pain suddenly slide down my back. Only then could I see Seviper, only it was too late. I felt so much pain coming from all directions. And then, I started feeling terribly sick and nauseous, and it only got worse every passing moment. I was too weak to continue fighting, and I could barely move.

“Ha! Ha!” The burly man laughed, pulled out a third Pokéball, “Now it’s all going to end right here! Nah ha!”

I could only just forlornly look up as I saw him holding his third Pokéball. I couldn’t believe it, what was he going to do, send out a third Pokémon on me? Couldn’t he see I was already pretty beat up?

“Pokéball, go!” He shouted as he tossed the Pokéball hard.

And just when he threw it, I realized he wasn’t sending out a third Pokémon. Just when I figured out what he was doing, it was too late. The Pokéball had slammed hard right on my head, and then I felt everything turn white, and felt like I was being pulled hard and fast, and then everything went black…

I tried harder and harder to get myself out of that Pokéball, but I wasn’t sure if I could do it…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 11

It was then, that time itself seemed to slow to a crawl, where mere seconds felt like minutes. All I could do in that dark chamber was to try and push myself out. I struggled and struggled and then, something happened. I suddenly could see the blinding light again, and then, I felt like I was being pulled out of that chamber. Suddenly, when the blinding light had ended, everything came back into view, as if I had just pulled myself out of a daze.

The burly man and his Seviper had appeared again, along with the rest of the room. I don’t know how I did it, but I somehow managed to get myself out of that Pokéball. The burly man was surprised, looking at me like something had gone terribly wrong.

“What!?” He shouted in frustration, “Why didn’t that work!?”

I gave him a dark stare, and then Seviper looked at me, ready to start fighting again. The man had just snickered and was ready to start again.

“Forget that.” He said, shaking off his anger, “Seviper, use your Bite attack!”

Seviper had lunged toward me like a bullet, and then I had remembered something. Even with Seviper dashing toward me with its mouth open as it readied its fangs, I concentrated and began to focus. Suddenly, Seviper’s speed had slowed to crawl, and then I dashed toward him, still rushing at my normal speed. Seviper moved around like it was crawling through tar, so it made it easy for me to get right on its back. I then charged my electricity, and send the forking thunder and lightning right into the back of Seviper’s head, and kept it going until I figured he couldn’t stand having his brain continuously fried.

Then, everything had returned to normal speed, and I jumped off of the collapsing Seviper, and faced the burly man, who just stood there in disbelief.

“How did a little Pikachu like you just suddenly move so fast!?” The burly man asked in shock, “That was no Quick Attack…”

No, it certainly wasn’t. It was something far more powerful than that. The man had recalled his Seviper, aiming the red beam at Seviper and returning him to his Pokéball. But to my surprise, I had suddenly realized that was his last Pokémon.

As he began to back away, I had remembered he came with seconds of screwing up everything. If he had caught me with that Pokéball, I would have been stuck here, as his Pokémon. I didn’t look very lightly upon that at all.

“No,” He said as he backed away, “Don’t do anything funny…”

I needed him out of my way if we were going to have any chance of getting out of here. I focused my energy, and my cheeks flared up again with electricity. Just as he turned around to try and get away, I directed the wave of thunder right into his back, shocking him powerfully just before he collapsed and was out cold. He lay there, completely still. I had approached his fallen body, and found a cloth bag he had been carrying. Since I couldn’t pull it off, I opened the flap and looked inside.

Inside was a stockpile of healing items, antidotes, potions, and loads of other stuff. Right now, I had no choice but to use them, or otherwise I was going to collapse because of the harsh poison that Seviper injected into me.

Ugh, I hated using antidotes on my Pokémon, just because the things look so darn painful. It was a hypo with scarlet liquid it. All I could do was expose the needle, prick myself with it, and release the scarlet liquid. Never once did I ever imagine I was going to have to one day use this on myself. Despite that, I had to hurry, or I wasn’t going to make it…

I removed the plastic covering on the needle, tossed it aside, and pricked myself with the sharp needle right in my side. Well, without a doubt, it sure was painful. Next, I put my tiny yellow hand on the release button on the top of the hypo, and pressed down. I didn’t want to watch as the scarlet liquid left the hypo’s container and entered into me.

But, amazingly, the sting from the poison was quickly flushed out and gone within only a few seconds. I pulled the hypo’s needle out from my side, and tossed it away. I was not looking forward toward doing something like that again.

I had gone back to the bag and looked around for a Hyper Potion. After digging around for it, I found one and pulled it out of the bag. I removed the cap that stopped the potion from accidentally releasing the spray within the bag. I then pointed the nozzle at myself and pressed down on the spray level, showering myself with tiny droplets. I was amazed how this stuff worked, it healed cuts in bruises within seconds. When it was finished, I felt completely refreshed.

Next, I found the man’s belt along with the ring of keys he had been carrying. I unloosened his belt, slid the metal key ring along his belt and removed them.

Now I just needed to find Alex and Randy…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 12
Crossing the Threshold

I had realized that in order to find Randy and Alex, I was going to have to go through cell by cell, and since I couldn’t see into them, I didn’t know who’s cell I was going to open. I didn’t really know what the Silver Rebellion was or who was in it, but I could already assume this place was loaded with them. As far as I knew, the Crimson Stars had frustrated me enough. Releasing their enemy would be my best chance for revenge.

I had gone over to the first cell along the left wall, all the way at the end. It read, “A17” on a metal plaque by the keyhole, and I had looked at the key ring and found the corresponding key. I put the key in, turned, and slowly opened the heavy metal door.

Inside, the cell was exactly like mine, only by the bedside, I had seen a Cubone, a Squirtle, and a Clefairy lying against the metal bunk beds. They looked exhausted, but when they saw me open the door, they looked up.

“Who are you?” The Cubone asked me.
“Come on, I’m busting you out of here.” I told them.

They had gotten up, and scrambled to the door. The Squirtle and the Clefairy had run out the door, but the Cubone had stopped in the doorway, and looked at me curiously.

“That’s funny, I don’t recognize you from the Silver Rebellion…” The Cubone told me, looking me over.
“I’m not a part of it.” I told him, not really looking forward to getting myself mixed up in this mess.
“Heh, well you are now, whether you like it or not.” The Cubone replied in a somewhat amused tone, “Come on, let’s get everyone out of here.”

I had turned around, and headed to the next cell, and found the key. I sure hope I wasn’t making a serious mistake by doing this. I put the key in the keyhole, and turned it clockwise until it stopped. After I heard the release pulled in, I opened the cold, metal door. Again, it was the same setup as before, only now I found a Sandshrew and a Marill inside the cell, both looking like they’ve been in there for way too long.

“Am I seeing things?” The Sandshrew asked, looking at me, “You’re not one of them, are you?”
“Nope,” I told them quickly, “Come on, let’s go before someone catches us.”

They both dashed for the door, and the cell was empty, and we shut the door. I quickly moved to the third cell from the wall, and found the key I needed. Now, I felt like I needed to move faster and faster. The Cubone insisted that I hurry up, so that’s what I did. I stuffed the third key in the keyhole, and opened the door.

Inside was a solitary Pichu, sitting on the bed with his eyes staring at the floor and his ears drooping downward. I was surprised. He didn’t seem to be in such bad shape like the others had been. I walked over to him, and he still looked down, not willing to face me, even though he had been aware of my presence.

“I don’t know who you are, but I don’t belong here.” The Pichu said to me, just on the verge of crying.
“That’s why I’m taking you out of here.” I replied, trying to comfort him.
“You don’t understand, this isn’t the real me.” He said sadly, with a tear rolling down his face, “I’m…”

I couldn’t understand what he was trying to say. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe he had been here way too long…

“I’m…” He stuttered, trying to continue, “not… actually… a Pichu…”
“What?” I asked, finding that strange, “Then… what are you?”

He was silent, trying to gather his thoughts. I couldn’t understand what he meant.

“My real name… is…” The Pichu stuttered.
“What?” I asked him, “What is it?”
“Randy…” The Pichu replied…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 13
Completely Unaware

I couldn’t believe it. How could it have happened? I looked closely at the Pichu, truly unable to see anything that could relate him to Randy. Was this some sort of a joke?

“Randy?” I asked the Pichu, “Is that really you? Randy Ferguson?”

He had looked at me, looking at me with curious eyes. I could tell what he was thinking.

“How did you know my last name?” He had asked, truly wondering who I was.
“That’s because I’m someone you know.” I told him, “I’m Jake Kossak…”

Randy had looked at me, unable to believe. He then shook his head, unable to understand.

“You were the first to collapse.” Randy told me, “He said he wanted to remind you of something, and I guess this was it.”
“What did he say to you?” I asked him, trying to figure out what I had missed.
“He said I should be something that shows how… weak and… inexperienced I am.” Randy said, just on the brink of sobbing again.

What a schmuck. Just then, Cubone had poked his head out from behind the wall and peered in.

“Hey, what’s taking you so long in there!?” He shouted out, “We’ve got to get out of here as soon as possible!”
“Come on, Randy.” I told him, wishing he would stop worrying, “Let’s get out of here.”

Randy just hopped off the metal bunk bed and landed on his feet. I then began to head out of the room, and he began to follow me.

“Hey!” Cubone shouted, looking at Randy, “Who’s the little guy?”
“He’s… my friend.” I told him, “Come on, let’s just get going.”

I then continued to unlock door by door, releasing what seemed to be practically a small army of Pokémon. It made me wonder. The jail seemed to be designed for humans. Why on earth was it filled with Pokémon?

“Come on!” Cubone shouted, “I know where the exit is!”

But then, Randy had turned to me, and he seemed anxious about something. I could tell what he was anxious about too…

“Where is Alex?” He asked me, knowing we didn’t find him in any of the cells.
“We have to go look for him…” I told Randy, heading in the opposite direction that the rest of the Pokémon were heading.
“Where do you think you’re going!?” The Cubone asked me, seeing I was running in the other direction.

I had stopped and turned back for a moment. I had noticed Randy was following me.

“There’s someone I know that should still be here!” I shouted back, “We need to go find him!”
“There can’t be…” He shouted back, “These are the only cells in this whole prison. He would have to be held somewhere else…”

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 14
The Only Way Out

That didn’t make sense. If Alex wasn’t here, then where was he? I was just about to turn around and follow Cubone when Randy had got my attention. It seemed I was leaving something behind…

“Where are they hiding my Pokémon?” Randy asked me, looking up.
“They’re in a guard’s lounge room.” I told him, knowing it wasn’t too far away, “Come on, it won’t take us that long to get there.”

I took him by the hand and we ran back through the hallway. Already, I could see liquid slowly seep out from behind the metal door that led to the room. I took him in there, and once again, I felt the cold sting of sticky soda all over the floor when I stepped in it. We entered the room, and I had found the rack with the Pokéballs. The room was darkly lit, since the metal overhead lamp had been destroyed.

“Which one is mine?” Randy asked, looking up at the many different belts on the rack.
“Who cares, let’s just take them all.” I told him as I tried to climb to the rack.

I had removed the rack from the wall by ripping out the nails, which were terribly loose and not at all hammered in very well. I dragged the rack back into the hallway, and Randy followed me, helping me pull the heavy rack along. Then, suddenly, a loud alarm had sounded off, and a red pulsing light had filled the hallway.

“Uh oh…” Randy said to himself, looking up around the room.
“Come on, let’s get out of here already…” I urged him, not wanting at all to get locked up again.

We dragged it faster and faster, and then we ended up in the jail room. When I caught sight of Cubone, he almost was ecstatic. He looked at the Pokéballs like they were the last bit of oxygen on the planet.

“Hurry!” Cubone shouted, “We don’t have much longer. Once they lockdown the whole prison, there will be no way out of here!”

I certainly wasn’t going to wait for that to happen. Already, everyone else but Cubone had already left, and now we quickly rushed to follow him. Just past the second metal door of the jail room, there was an exit leading out. Randy and I quickly dragged the rack outside, and not a second too soon. Just after Randy had stepped out of the door, a barrier of metal bars had thrust out from one side of the door to the other, blocking the doorway. We had just made it. I could only hope Alex wasn’t still in there…

I had looked upon what was of the outside world, and couldn’t believe my eyes. As we looked upon the fields, the black ruins of a massive city had lied before us. The land was charred black in various places, and the fragments of tall buildings lay around us like twisted, jagged thorns. All that was left was a field of twisted, empty shells. Above it all was the fiery colored sky with its occasional flashes of thunder endlessly clashing in the air.

“My God…” I said in shock, “What could have done this…?”
“That’s the Crimson Stars for you.” Cubone replied, looking upon the disaster, “They did all of this, and without mercy. This used to be ours…”

And then, Marill had emerged from the group, looking upon Cubone. He seemed a bit distressed…

“Sir, we had better let loose our mounts before the Wind Strikers arrive…” The Marill said with anxiety.
“Wind Strikers…?” Randy asked, feeling a bit worried.
“They’re sentinels who ride Skarmories.” Cubone told him, “They’re fast, lethal, and unforgiving. Their weapons are also highly advanced.”

Boy, I couldn’t wait to see this…

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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 15
The Storm Riders

Cubone hadn’t taken long before he told me to hand around the belts of Pokéballs. This was quite a surprise. I thought I would have been the only one Pokémon here who was also a trainer. Nonetheless, when they started to release their mounts, I realized what these “mounts” were. Each one of them had a Pidgeot on them. Soon enough, at least fifty Pidgeots had been let out of their Pokéballs, and the Pokémon that had released them actually climbed right on their backs and took flight.

“Uhhh…” Randy said to me in hesitation, “We don’t have a Pidgeot…”
“You don’t?” Cubone asked in some surprise, “You weren’t part of our Storm Rider division that was captured?”

Randy seemed a bit embarrassed. Couldn’t blame him. I didn’t know what a Storm Rider was either…

“What are the Storm Riders?” Randy asked, looking at Cubone in curiosity.
“That’s who we are.” Cubone responded, “We’re at war with the Crimson Stars, and some of us use Pidgeots as a means of transportation and a means of attack. The Storm Riders are the air force of the Silver Rebellion…”
“This is so amazing…” Randy said in awe, just looking at all the Pidgeot riders.

Well, I didn’t have a Pidgeot, but I had something better. Latias. I grabbed Latias’s Pokéball, and I tossed it onto the ground. Sure enough, there was a flash, and the white light had formed into Latias. She had looked around, having no idea where she was.

And then, suddenly, all eyes were immediately turned toward me, except for Randy and Latias. Any of the Storm Riders that hadn’t already taken flight had just completely stopped and just stared at me. They just looked at me blankly for a few moments, and said nothing. I had no idea what was going on…

“And he will come at your most dire time of need…” Cubone had softly murmured, still blankly staring at me in a strange way, “He will arrive upon a bird as red as blood, and as white as lightning…”
“Were you saying something?” I asked Cubone, knowing he really was but wanted to know what it was about.
“When the skies turn into fire and the land is burnt into ash, he will come. We have waited too long for this day to arrive…” Cubone told me, “The restless masses, the battles, the nightmares… When the night seems endless and all hope has faded, he will come, and he will go by the name of Juno…”

Now he was freaking me out. How the hell did he know my name? And why was everyone staring at me? He sounded like he was reciting something like he had read countless times. I thought we needed to get out of here before the Wind Strikers came. Why was everyone just waiting around?

“Where are we?” Latias asked, looking around.
“I will tell you later, Blazewing.” Cubone said to Latias, “The enemy comes, part now we must.”

Cubone had just looked forward, patted the side of his Pidgeot, and she spread her wings, and took flight. Soon after, the rest of the Storm Riders had lifted off the ground.

“Come on Randy, let’s go.” I told him, pulling him by the hand and making my way onto Latias’s back.
“How did he know your name?” Randy asked me, looking at Cubone and his Pidgeot strangely.

Soon after, Latias jumped off the ground and we flew swiftly through the air, looking upon the charred remains of the city below. The fissures consuming the city were deep, very deep. There was no way to cross this land without flying over it.

“Latias,” I asked her, “Is your name really Blazewing?”
“Yes it is…” Latias told me, finding his behavior strange as well, “Only my family has known about that. I was named after one of the brightest stars in the sky. I don’t know how he ever found out about it…”

Neither did I…

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