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National Park Welcome to the URPG's National Park. This is the place to come if your a role-playing fanatic, because here at the Park, you RP your way towards catching more Pokemon!

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Old 09-01-2008, 03:06 AM
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Lightbulb Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Based on the events of Team RP 4. You are encouraged to read it, but if you don't want to, the bare minimum to understand the following is having read the first three posts.

The following is the Epilogue to Team RP 4, as well as the Prologue to The National Park RP, which I hope to give a more formal name as time goes on. Special thanks goes out to rust for the next part, to which I made some small changes, like fixing grammar and maybe adding a word here and there.

Prologue: Reconstruction of the Wicked

It was in the final conflict with Diabora, an incredibly wicked monster created in another universe, that three universes collapsed upon themselves. The monster was brought to this universe by Raidon Makoto, the leader of a group of Xenophobic militants named the Anti-Quasi/Unknown Attack & Elimination Force, or for short, AQUA, in order to get the upper hand in a great war that had encapsulated the planet of Maridia. However, the monster was too powerful for even him to control. It killed him, but using his immense powers, brought him back to life as his servant. Immediately, the divine powers of multiple alternate universes converged on Diabora, sending all they had at him.

Diabora, however, had a different plan. He had charged enough energy in order to shatter the weakened barriers of the universe, in order to artificially stimulate a Crisis, a cataclysmic, universe-merging event. However, a parallel version of Raidon Makoto had come to the universe as well, and had using his Zanpaku-to, a sword of the dead, named Nimaru, to paralyze the monster. Raidon then dug the Crystals of Power out of his head. This transformed the monster into a weaker version of itself known as Infera. Silver Etherlight then beat Infera to the point of death.

However, death was not enough to stop Infera...

As such, a machine known as the Xenogears was used to destroy his soul, while Lation and Latira turned his body to dust. Unfortunately, after this, the Crisis happened, and the three universes merged into one universe known as Maridia-0. This merge wrote Infera/Diabora out of time itself, making it impossible for Diabora to ever return again. The Crisis, however, had dire effects on the people living in the universes. The war was completely erased from time, and much of the people's lives were completely overwritten.

The Plot

Those who were transformed and chose to stay transformed had that part of their lives preserved, but the part about the war ever having happened was erased. Those who lost their lives as a result of the war were brought back to life, their memories rewritten, and went on with their lives. The meteor fragments that had crash landed on the planet were put in museums, their transforming powers only known about by a select few.

Out of nowhere, Zela Kang's adopted parents died of a fatal STD they had both been unknowingly carrying. As per their will that had been written because they had been getting on in years, Zela was to inherit all of their assets, as well as her trust fund be made available to her. She had more money than she knew what to do do with.

Having designed many instruments of war that had never actually been put into effect, Zela put her mind to designing something else. A habitat where Pokemon of every existing species would be bred and raised, living in habitats that were so natural that there was no way to tell that it was all climate controlled. The design process took a couple of months, but finally it was completed and built, which took another two years.

Zela chose a small island between Cinnabar and Pallet as the site of this grand undertaking, opening the Kanto National Park and Pokemon Preserve. Using various artificially constructed landmasses, a habitat was created for every single Pokemon that exists. It iwas so perfect, many people spread rumors that even legendary Pokemon visit there from time to time, but there is no evidence of this being true.

Zela the only Neko, a half-cat person, in existence thanks to the Crisis and her sister Inara Dajin finally met and instead of going to war like in the previous timeline, decided to own and operate the business together. After looking all across the land, they picked some of the best hikers and Pokemon Trainers to become Rangers for their park. Rangers lead the trainers around the park, helping them catch Pokemon. However, this comes at a price. The sisters are shrewd businesswomen and charge a fee of $3000 for entry, and an additional $500 per each Pokemon brought in. However, they make most of their money by selling things in the shop like cameras emblazoned with Pokemon on them.

Now you, a young Trainer, wish to catch Pokemon in the park, completely unaware of the evils that may that lie within...

Before entering National Park, you must read the National Park Rules and Role Playing Guide first.

Then you must sign up for the park by filling out the information for the character you will be role playing:

Name: (Your character’s name)
Age: (13+)
Species: (Anything is fine, really, as long as you can explain how the heck the character, however out of place, ends up in Kanto and goes to the Park)
Description: (What your character looks like, one six sentence paragraph minimum)
Personality: (Your character’s emotional intelligence and outlook, one six sentence paragraph minimum)
Background: (Your character’s history, which should include getting to this universe if they are not normally from it, two six sentence paragraphs minimum)
RP Sample: (Or any other sample of your writings, past or present)
Other: (Anything you want to add)

(Borrowed most of this from Team RP 5, credits to rusty and Neo)

Once you're character has been accepted, you don't have to sign up again. For continuity purposes and knowing who caught what, make sure this is a character you are comfortable with. One character per person, unless you're a Ranger. Rangers who don't want to use the same character for going to the Park and being a Ranger may have two.

After signing up and being approved by a qualified person, you may visit the The National Park RP to get started.
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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

First sign up!! Awesome!! =D

Name: Eraizaa L. Nojezii

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Species: Human

Description: He's a little chubby and around 5'4" tall, has slightly dark skin, short black hair, and dark brown eyes. He wears a plain white T-shirt with a pair of marine blue jeans and black sneakers.

Personality: He's very cheerful and slightly childish. He's very attached to his Pokemon. He does become somewhat serious when it comes to battling.

Background: (to be edited)

Weapon: (to be edited)

Other: He might start talking to the Pokemon and, when he battles, he will always do it as if he were in a Pokemon Contest...he will attempt at least.

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Sexy Mc.Sexy

Gender: Male.

Species: Human Sexy.

Background: From a priveleged background, Sexy never really needed to fight hard for what he wanted. Untill. His family was all killed in a massive terrorist attack known as P/11. Then, after being kicked onto the street, he had to fight for the right to survive. And fight, he did. He has a police record for knocking out a old lady after she took his burritos from his shopping trolley in a PokeMart.
So now, he's currently drifting wherever he goes, and then he found the Park. Now, who knows what he's gonna do?

Weapons: This might take a while.

Blunt Machete.
Rusty Machete.
Long Kitchen Knife.
Gold, tainted dagger. ( Yes, tainted)
Chain knife. ( A long knife attached to a chain )
Glass Sword.
Broken Sword.

Rocket Launcher.

He keep them all in the rusty shack he owns. He usually takes the magnum and sword and chain with him, to protect him from terrorists and other people.

Age: 17.

Appearance: Muscly, with a 6 pack which come from working out for 11 years. 6'1" tall, he's sure to be able to pull his weight and help out others. His extremely sexy face, a medium-sized nose, pierced to the left. His hairstyle, is the avalanche, dyed red and green. His blueish-greenish eyes and a plump mouth, with perfect teeth. He has a tattoo on his right arm, depicting Marilyn Monroe. And his legs, shaved andthe right one has a tattoo of the playboy rabbit.

Personality: Charming. He puts on a act of of caring for pokemon ( he really thinks that they get on his nerves, unless they are sexy ), to impress Rangers, who he has a fetish for. But in all other snes, he's actually quite nice to get along with. Just don't make him angry.

RP Sample: To be edited. Unless this is optional.

Other: He can't stop thinking about himself.
paired to wisp

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

SU form is changed. Go update, guys. Sorry, but Jack's form was kinda lame, no offense intended of course.
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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Elizabeth "Liza" Kalbery

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Appearance: Standing in at 5'9", many of her friends tell Liza that she's tall. Weighing in at 124lbs, she has also been told that she is a walking stick. Her strawberry blond hair cascades over her shoulders and ends just below her shoulder blades. Liza's mother has told her that she has "woodland" eyes, but really they're just a very green hazel. If she were to spend a little more time in the park she might have tanner skin, but as it is her father calls her skin tone "lily of the valley" white. She usually wears dark blue jeans and a navy tank-top with a favorite purple and navy striped hoodie for when it gets cold. As far as shoes go, her favorite is a pair of stand-out purple flats. Her canvas shoulder-bag carries everything she owns and she is rarely seen without it slung over her shoulder.

Personality: Liza is a very introverted person, but that doesn't mean she's a hermit. She simply enjoys her time alone with her Pokemon. It soothes her in a way nothing else does. When she is around people she enjoys it, but it also can get annoying to her to be around other people for too long. She takes joy in the simple pleasures that life offers to her daily and she tries to enjoy every minute of it. There are of course some things that can get her goat. The main one is seeing another trainer abuse their Pokemon. In Liza's eyes that kind of person doesn't even deserve the title Pokemon Trainer.

Background: Liza grew up on the small island of Mossdeep, Hoenn where she lived with her parents until she was twelve. She memorized the city slogan, "Cherish Your Pokemon!" when she was five and has been trying to live by it ever since. Liza memorized the slogan at age five because that was when her parents gave her her first Pokemon, an Eevee. Three years later the Eevee had evolved into an Espeon and was dubbed Esperanza. That same year, her father gave her a Beldum to train. Liza began battling trainers in the town gym and after four years, Beldum had evolved into a Metagross. It was at this time that Liza decided she wanted to begin to travel the world in search of other pokemon to add to her team so that she could beat any opponent that came her way. But, she was very picky about what she wanted. She wanted an Arcanine and would do anything she had to in order to get it. Her parents insisted that she get a water pokemon first, and in the end they agreed to let her start her journey with a family friend who agreed to take her back home if she hadn't caught a decent water pokemon by the time they reached Slateport. That journey ended with Liza in Lillycove, the proud owner of a playful Buizel she called Radol. (To Be Continued)

Weapons: None

RP Sample: To Become a Beast <-- for anyone who actually needs proof that I can RP. :P

1) Liza is right-handed.
2) She loves to read books.

Thank you Neo!

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Noan, that would be a "no" because that form was terrible and I was meaning to change it. A lot of stuff still needs to be fine tuned. Now go and make a proper SU please.

Go to discussion for any further talk on these. I don't want spam in here.
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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Jehu Glory
Age: 19
Species: Human

Appearance: Looking tall at 6' 1.2", Jehu is almost tall like any other guy of his age. His weight being 163.142 lbs, is not much of a surprise as Jehu trains quite often to keep his body in top shape. He has stiff, spiked hair which is not so long, and is in black color. However, his front fringes, which falls in between his eyes, are Light Grey in color. He also has a small silver ring pierced into his left ear, which gives him a charming look. He has hardcore black colored eyes, which gives him an eerie look when he stares at someone. His skin tone is light brown to top it off and has teeth so sparkling white. He wears a white, long-sleeved T-shirt, and a golden brown cargo pants, with quite a few pockets. On top of his T-Shirt, Jehu usually wears a light jacket, with a hoodie. It comes in handy during rainy weathers. He also wears a pair of Stone Grey colored shoes, known as the "Keen Men's Austin", his favorite brand. Last but not least, he carries a small sling backpack, attached to his back for keeping anything crucial, food, water, etc. He usually wears a gold medallion around his neck, which he thinks would bring him luck on his toughest and arduous journey.

Personality: Jehu is unlike any other person you'd ever come across. Having a quiet and lonely personality, he hardly talks or makes any friends. He simply enjoys being alone, and prefers not to have any company to travel alongside with him. You can't tell if he's angry or sad or anything, unless you look at him straight into his eyes. Jehu has an enduring spirit which allows him not to give in that easily to anything, even during harsh conditions. He's also a pretty much dare devil, and takes life for granted. Apart from all this, He has a kind and passionate heart. He helps those who are in need, and expects nothing in return. He runs errands for his people, despite being difficult or not, he's always up for any challenge that may come across his way. Due to this, he has earned a good name and all the folks of his town look up to him as a hero or some sort.

Background: Jehu Glory, a 19 year old Pokemon Trainer who left his hometown, Viridian City, at the age of 13, in search of his father, Gale Glory. Once a legendary Pokemon Trainer, Gale went missing mysteriously some years ago, just before Jehu was born. Joanne, his mother, have always told Jehu of how capable and strong his father was, as a Pokemon Trainer. She even would tell tales about his glorious battles with Trainers around the world, and wished Jehu would become one, like his father. Jehu however, wasn't even interested how strong or powerful his dad was, but was intrigued how did he went missing in the first place. With so many places to look from, Jehu couldn't come to an definite decision on where to start. One day, when he finally turned 10, his mother got him his first Pokemon, Gastly. Jehu grew attached to his Gastly very quickly, and built deep, strong bonds with it soon after. After 3 years, with some battles around his hometown and with some Trainers who stumbled upon Viridian City and with some experience, his frail little Gastly soon evolved to the mighty Gengar. However, Gengar wasn't that strong, despite it being a 3rd stage Pokemon. But Jehu didn't mind at all, he just liked Gengar as it was. After a day or so, Jehu decided to venture out of his hometown and wanted to journey across the world, in hopes of finding his father one day, and to find out why his father went missing all those years. Joanne pretty much knew this would happen one day, but as disheartened as she was, could do nothing, but to let her son go.

Weapons: None, for now.

RP Sample : Bron has looked into 1 or 2 examples I provided

-Jehu has an elder brother, Zahn.
- Joanne has 2 Pokemon for herself, which are Jumpluff and Bellossom.


Paired with Jaye l My Family l Wifi League

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Casey Lockheart
Age: 14
Species: ... Human.

Description: To the third party perspective, there is nothing particularly complex or eye-catching about the average-height, average-weight girl named Casey with the frizzy brown hair and the dull, hazel eyes. With an olive skin tone that makes it easy for her to blend in with her surroundings, Casey takes pride in the fact that her appearance goes hand in hand with her introverted personality. She has an array of freckles which dance across her button nose, completing the childish, rounded features of her face which often lead her to be mistaken for a 10 year old rather than a girl of 14. With cracked and scarred lips and ragged, chewed nails, it is obvious upon observation of the nervous habits that Casey has picked up as a result of constant anxiety and shyness.

Personality: A fairly average girl with a sweet temperament, Casey has always gotten along well with her peers and Pokemon. Hardly argumentative and quite the shy soul, she has grown used to fading out of view of those around her and shimmering aimlessly into the background of hectic life. Casey, however quiet and afraid of conflict she may appear, has strong opinions about various topics around her - yet, like the common shy 14 year old, chooses to bite her lip and mumble her way out of confrontation and debate in an attempt to stay away from conflict. To the annoyance of those around her, she is able to swiftly wriggle her way out of awkward situations and conflict with apparent ease, her shy and calming nature leaving those around her wondering what she could possibly be thinking - whilst she is skulking away from them in the distance. She considers this her secret talent, a quiet joke shared with herself.

Casey is known to surround herself with shy Psychic Pokemon who are able to control the emotions and thoughts of those around them, much like in the fashion Casey wishes to do so in her wildest and most vivid dreams.

Background: Casey grew up in the calm city of Mossdeep in Hoenn, a small island with a distinct modern feel but a wonderful tropical atmosphere. She was raised in the midst of the tiny Psychic gym leaders, and taught by the older, wiser 'big girls' how to train and take care of Pokemon, which kept her company whilst Casey's father worked terribly long hours at the space station in Mossdeep.

Casey never experienced a proper parent-children relationship when young; her mother had left her father, giving up on the hectic working lifestyle, and the distraught and desolate Casey had fiercely protested to remain with her father - a decision she soon regretted. Because of this, Casey learnt to depend on herself and became thoroughly independent and introverted, used to the constant loneliness of her buzzing, intelligent mind.

Casey, at the tender age of 11, left her father on a ferry to Kanto after a shocking turn of events rocked her world like a destructive, emotionally wrecking earthquake. Upon stopping by her father's office to drop off his briefcase which he had left at home, she was shocked to discover he had been fired months before - and had not been working for months. Casey's head spun as she ran across Mossdeep, screeching whether anyone had seen her father, crying and a complete wreck as she felt the shudder of betrayal overcome her. As the night rolled over her, her father returned home and Casey made the only - and final - confrontation and fierce argument of her life. She discovered her father had been meeting another woman in private for the months, spending time with her family whilst Casey fended for herself. Casey was driven to a terrible reality check on her independence, and was never quite the same since as her only argument was resolved with horrible consequences for her mental wellbeing.

She came to live with her mother in Kanto, hoping for a fresh start with her new Pokemon and wishing to capture more in the safari zone, to fill the emptiness that her father's betrayal had left in there all those years.

Weapons: What's the point of this if you can't use it on Pokemon? I'll have none.

RP Sample: Umm, uhh...
Confessions of a Desolate Mind
I'll add some role play posts when I track 'em down...

Other: Nope.
Laptop died. Using phone.

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Dick Rasch

Age: 14

Species: Extraterrestrial

Description: Dick Rasch is a tall black man with a sorrowful face. His eyes are tired and droopy, and tell stories of his sad past. He wears baggy gangster jeans and large blue basketball shoes. He usually wears a pink shirt that says "I'm up here!" on his chest. His hair is massive and curly. You might call it an afro. He is extremely fat and weighs over 9,000 pounds. He can barely walk. Most of the time he has to have his army of flying Pocket Monsters transport him.

Personality: Dick Rasch is emotionless. He's been through so much sad times that he just doesn't care about life anymore. If you were to try to talk to him, he would probably just ignore you unless you are someone that he slightly cares about.

Background: Dick Rasch is an alien that originally was born on the colony that resides on the dark side of the moon. He was tired of being bullied by the other alien kids on the moon, so hew flew to Earth in his Rocket Ship.

Weapons: Knife and whip.

Other: I've got nothing to say!
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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Ash Ketchem

Age: 15

Species: Human

Description: Ash is a pokemon trainer trying to be a pokemon master he has a red cap and almost always a Pikachu on his shoulder.

Personality: Ash is usually happy whenever he catches a pokemon. He likes to help a lot of people on his journey to becoming the worlds best trainer.

Background: Ash was born in Pallet Town, his rival, Gary was also born in Pallet Town. when he turned 10, the age someone can officially become a pokemon trainer, he went to Professor Oak's lab. Unfortunatly he was all out of pokemon, except for one, and that was Pikachu.

Weapons: None

War Team: DOGD

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

^ Is that some kind of joke?

Name: Jorryn "Jack" French Janneva

Age: 14

Race: Human (I feel tempted to Neko, but meh.)

Gender: Female

Description: Jorryn has long blonde hair that falls to her waist, and large, blue eyes that are very often full of expression. She usually wears an over-sized yellow shirt over a long-sleeved fishnet shirt (think those weird net things ninjas wear) that reaches to just below her chest, and blue denium shorts, as well as knee-length black socks and plain, simple shoes. Sometimes she wears a big straw hat in a vain attempt to hide her gender for some odd reason. She is particularly height-challenged for her age, but is reasonably well-developed in terms of her bosom. (Piccy here [the girl on the left] and a really bad one here with her hat on).

Personality: Jorryn is a very gentle, kind hearted girl. She tends to be mostly rather quiet around unfamiliar people, and has a reputation for being able to fall asleep in three seconds under ANY sort of conditions if she was so inclined (like hanging off a cliff. XD) She likes to paint very much, and is the only academic subject she can pass (and also excel in). She is optimistic and light-hearted mostly, but she can get depressed, and annoyed if called by her full first name, preferring to be called Jack. She is quite clumsy and unintelligent, though she has her bright moments.

History: Jorryn was born into an aristocratic family with much riches. Everything seemed to be going well until her father, Heero Yuy (lol Gundam Wing reference) was assassinated, then things went downhill. The family went bust, her mother went insane and abused her, and also began to lust for power and wealth, trying to marry to Jorryn off when she was merely just turning 10 to a unnaturally lustful boy two years older for much monetary support from the boy's rich aristocratic family. She managed to escape from the marriage ceremony into a forest, running into a wanted band of mercenaries led by a rugged, pirate-like man called Corsair. Feeling much pity for her and noting that helping her would be in their best interests with all the police sent looking for her, Corsair took her in. Initially Jorryn did not open up to them and had them use a false first name for her, but soon she began to take a liking to Corsair and the only woman in the group, called June, and they eventually acted as her surrogate parents. She told the band her real name eventually, causing them to make her the outfit she usually wears now in order to hide her identity, as it would be dangerous for people to recognise her, and the straw hat was thrown in because they wanted to hide her gender as well and she refused to get her hair cut. They brought her along on many dangerous missions, many bringing her close to death, and she was taught unarmed combat in order to defend herself should the others be unable to cover for her. She became a strong fighter in her own right, and it was during the time they were together that Jorryn uncovered a horrible, split personality within her, one that delights in killing and generally more violent, as well as able to unleash the ability within her to amplify the strength of her attacks; stopping bullets in mid-air, smashing walls with a single punch. At first Jorryn thought that it was an ability only the split persona possessed, but she managed to unleash it once to save Corsair from a bullet; she'd run in to shield him and the bullet had stopped right there and fizzled into nothingness.

Corsair felt that it was too much of a waste as well as being far too dangerous for her to follow them after two years had passed (it was becoming evident that she was female even with the hat), so he had her given to a trusted friend of his to take care of while he went off, shortly after that, he and his band were found by the authorities and killed. Jorryn was depressed for weeks about being abandoned, then she became more depressed after learning that Corsair had been killed. She just left herself in bed and cried and slept, nothing more. It was only after 3 months that she managed to drag herself out of her depression and try to lead a normal life like Corsair and everyone else had wanted her to. (Cliche, yes, I know, away with you.) She took the surname of her new foster parents, and life began again. Noting that Jorryn had never had much in the way of formal education for 2 full years and a quarter and then some (She was last educated privately at her first home), they taught her personally for a week to gauge her academic level before hiring tutors for her to bring her up to scratch. She was rather far behind for a child of her age academically, but she had learnt quite a bit out with Corsair, such as a little bit of many languages, weapon handling and maintenance (though she was bad because she was clumsy), basic survival skills, a little on stealth and all her unarmed combat knowledge. She was rather wary of her not-so-new parents and was quite stressed by the sudden return to the life-style that she had tried to escape from two years ago (minus having to meet a highly perverse boy every few days or so and being abused by her parents), but there was a subject taught to her by a cash-strapped 19-year-old art student, which was art. (Kinda duh.) She took quite a liking to him, and he became her friend. Life no longer seemed as bleak as it had been before meeting Corsair and after separating from him. It was here that she learnt to paint and developed a great liking for it, as well as excelling at it.

It didn't last long. 1 year later, as the two of them became closer to each other and Jorryn had begun schooling at a public school, Jorryn, in a haste to give him a nice picture that she had painted, was clumsy enough to let the painting fly out to a road full of cars and was idiotic enough to run to grab it when it was the vehicles' right to cross. The older teenager had saved her by pushing her onto the pavement but ended up getting run over himself, and the painting turned into pulp. He died right there, and Jorryn went into a coma, then awoke 3 months later and became severely depressed again for a full 6 months before she continued schooling (with extra tuition to make up for all the lost time) and being fed a lot to replace all the weight she had lost.

One day, when she was sleeping, three fat little fairies called Airy, Hairy, and Dairy appeared and warped her into a parallel world, except with Pokemon thrown into the mix. Not sure what was happening, Jorryn let herself be whisked along with the flow and became a trainer so she could take trainer leave and not go to school.

Weapons: Unarmed combat (specifically Taekwondo) with a "Lambda Driver" like ability, in that it amplifies the power of your attacks and creates a force-field of varying strength according to your will. The ability will probably develop over the RP. EDIT: (I have to put this as a trump card for the ebil form) There's also the Meiou Kougeki, capable of obliterating everything within a 5km radius, and only usable by her berserk form, which appears about everytime she is rendered into a coma or worse.

Other: She likes chocolate and candy and she likes pink. EDIT: Oh, and in case you're wondering, the false name she told Corsair's band at first is Jack, which is her preferred name. XD And she loves Pokemon too.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. :333333

Mons are here though

私はグレダーです--I am a Grader

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Raidon Makoto
Age: 36
Species: Human

A tall man wearing dark blue pants, a Team Aqua grunt shirt, a blue bandanna covering his blue hair, and a black trenchcoat with the Team Aqua A emblazoned on the back. He also has two katanas, one dangling on each side of his belt, next to his two handgun holsters.


Quick-tempered, greedy, and trigger-happy would be the three words used to describe Raidon. He also doesn't like his job as a Ranger much, so he usually visually complains about it. However, he only does it for the money, and so he can be close to the Deathwing...


Much of Raidon's life is a blur to him, and even he himself does not know why. This is a phenomenon experienced by many people in this world as well, so he writes it off as normal. What he does know is that he was an expertly trained swordsman and gunman who could have practically been a mercenary, if it hadn't been for the fact that he was a Pokemon Trainer.

And then, one day, Zela Kang had sent him an E-mail, asking him to be a Ranger for her PokePark. Raidon instantly accepted, and then took the first jet to Fuschia to meet Zela Kang and get the job. However, it wasn't everything that Raidon had expected. He had to spend most of his day leading kids around the park to catch Weedle and Caterpie, which was incredibly boring for him.

And then one day, when he was out in the Great Lakes, he discovered the Deathwing. It was an aircraft carrier, just lying in the middle of the Great Lakes. After the person he was leading was done, he went to check it out. Upon entry, there were several other people already there, who were fighting with guns and knives. Raidon joined in on the fight, as if it were almost instinctive. It was then, that he had received a memory of himself cutting down an alien. The memories were terrible, but it finally gave his life new meaning.

And from that day on, Raidon's life had new purpose and meaning, to work by day, and fight by night...

  • Two Katanas
  • Two handguns
  • AK-47 strapped to his back
  • Whip, which acts like a belt
  • Various knives hidden all over his body, with knives in the toe of his boot, the heel of his boot, and in the two gauntlets on his hands.
  • Gauntlets which have a knuckle knife and a sidearm knife
Other: I like pie.
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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Name: Emperor.
Age: 15.
Species: Human.
Description: Emperor is like a stick figure, his shape his slim/slender, his arms are like those of a toothpick, you would think he hasn't eaten in days. He has naturally curly black hair, which goes perfectly with his brown-ish skin tone, which matches perfectly with his brown eyes. Emperor always has on, what he considers, a ranger uniform, which is like an orange shirt, with red "pads" on the sleeves. He wears brown shirts, but one thing he can't stand is wearing gloves on his finger.
Emperor is a veryyy nice person, but he won't give away his Pokemon, they mean a lot to him.
Emperor was born on a farm. Move to Cerulean. Beat some gyms. And became champion, and ruled over his own region, which is a completely different story.
Nuu War!
1) Emperor doesn't liek spell checkers.
2) Length is for literate folks, :P.
3) Edit button will have it's usage.

C a e c i t y -- The blindness {{of love.}}

JentleViolence, my p a i r.
Empoleonx2, my former s o u l.

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Well, this is interesting, and finally posted. I'm going to do this on the spot cause I want to be in the first page! xD...

Still don't get it, I haven't RP'd in forever though. =x
I'm going to use the rusty excuse! All this stuff probably makes no sense, can we be Pokemon, I hope so, I don't feel like redoing this! >:o



Pokemon [Lucario] [I don't see anyone saying I can't...]

He is a male Lucario, obviously. However, he has a bandanna on his neck that ranges from the colors blue, black, and red. His trainer changes them each day. He is definitely not a 'shiny' Pokemon. His trainer will not let him forget it. He has beautifully groomed fur, and nails that are cut frequently. Jace looks nothing like the wild Absol he used to be around, with his deep blue eyes. He is pretty tall, normal size for a Pokemon. He weighs just the same as a normal Absol, not anorexic, nor obese!

Jace is a Pokemon of the selfish nature. It likes to be the center of every one's attention. It is somewhat of a Pokemon clown, no offense to Mr Mimes everywhere, but it's quite hilarious. However, Jace is not a Pokemon you can see right through, he's complicated. The Lucario pack he was in, before his trainer caught him, really roughed him up and made him tough. This is what made Jace such a good Pokemon, and taught his trainer not to give him so many backhanded complements.

Jace was born in the quiet Sinnoh region, in the depths of the Great Marsh Zone. His mother died during the laying of Jace's egg. His Dad was captured, which was a surprise to everyone there. Lucario had protected themselves underground, and one day, filthy trainers screaming, 'WE'RE TEAM ROCKET', stole him in this weird sphere. This left Jace nowhere, a crying little Baby Pokemon. After this incident, no one was allowed out of there underground world. If they needed food they would ask the Xatu able to gather some food and fresh water for them. Jace wanted more, he was tired of sitting around with the other Lucario.

Jace devised a plan, to escape the Lucario's underground world. There were Riolu guarding the entrance, which was also the exit. So he used his Aura Sphere attack on the roof of the massive Lucario house, it spanned over, or shall we say under, the whole Safari Zone. Eventually, it broke, and Jace was free. Smelling the fresh air and all! He saw a few trainers coming towards him, he was frozen, he had never seen humans! He heard a voice saying,

'Oh my goodness! That Lucario is so cute! I want it!' a high pitched voice screamed, 'Go Starmie!'

Jace stared at the Pokemon. He had never seen a Starmie either,

'Use Water Pulse!'

Jace didn't know what was happening, then all he saw was a rush water hit him, then a small sphere looking thing came towards him, and he only saw Darkness after that...
He woke up at a weird center, with the same human girl he saw before, with a sad face. The other Absol told him that humans showed no emotion, this girl was crying for him, he would learn that her name was 'Misty' and she was his new master.

Jace traveled with Misty to Kanto, to tend to her gym, it was sad he could not battle with her in her gym. He, however, was just happy he finally was loved, cared for, and powerful.

Jace has his attacks without them he still has his fangs and claws.

The reason Misty won't let Lucario forget he's not a Shiny Pokemon is that there were an outburst of Shiny Pokemon in the Safari Zone, that's why she came, and he was the only non-shiny. Jace didn't know what Shiny Pokemon were. When a shiny was born, they were thought to have diseases. So they were kicked out.
The reason Misty knows Jace's name is because, you know how in the anime Lucario can talk? He told her his name! =P

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Default Re: Park Signups (Post your character signups here!)

Species: human
Description: 5 foot three, short brown hair, red shirt that says Stemie no Staryu
Personality: Genius, obssessed with fighting types
Background: born in kanto next to the National Park and learned how to battle by watching pokemon in the wild
Weapons: none
Other: nothing
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