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Old 11-09-2008, 01:53 AM
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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; Chapter Ten: A Smart-Alecky Examination of Rin

What's with all the cliffhangers lately? >.<
Oh well. It was still a good chapter. ^^
Love how you brought Cyrus's old foe/hero of the original story into play.
Rin's a bit of a jerk by the way.
avvie and banner from the awesome bff Gem ^^

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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; Chapter Ten: A Smart-Alecky Examination of Rin

She was seriously lacking in cliffhangers, so I stepped in.

You were plotting to destroy me all week, Mesprit.

Rin's a jerk by nature. Some people are lame that way... :/

It was originally Lucas in there, but Dawn Driftwood sounded better. (I made up a last name for her! :o)

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

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Old 11-14-2008, 08:30 PM
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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; Chapter Ten: A Smart-Alecky Examination of Rin

BEGIN Chapter Eleven;
Locating the Lost

Frowning deeply, Sneasel braced himself for the impact. “It’s been good, buddy.” He said softly, under his breath so that the Charizard about to roast him for lunch wouldn’t have another excuse to mock him without mercy.

“Go ahead,” he said out loud, “do what you like with me. Make me faint, kill me, anything. I will take it like a male either way.” He stood up to his full height (which wasn’t all that much taller than he was anyway) and stared Charizard straight in the face. He had no reason to do something so foolish as to present himself to be barbecued like a cowering wimp; if he was going to be barbecued for a dirt-talking Charizard’s lunch, he would take it like no Sneasel worth his salt would - with honor.

The Charizard was not fazed, but was rather even more amused.

“This keeps getting better and better!” the dragon pronounced. He stood on his haunches, pondering the best and most pleasurable way to sauté the little thing. He didn’t expect Sneasel to go anywhere, and Sneasel was not terribly likely to back down.

“Oh yes,” Charizard muttered. “This shall be fun.” As he spread his wings for dramatic effect, the beginnings of a Dragon Pulse were already rushing about in Charizard’s gaping mouth.

Unfortunately, this spectacular display of spontaneous combustion was cut short by a Thunderbolt that emitted a loud sizzling sound hitting Charizard in the skull.

The Charizard coughed and wheezed, still twitching from the mini-nuclear explosion that followed. It took a final breath, and thumped to the ground, out cold. Of course, this last breath sounded like something only the best and most respectable Charizards would say: “YOU ICICLE-TOTING WIMP!”

Everyone gasped in unison and began to search frantically for the creature that had summoned such a powerful attack; but the thing responsible was lurking in the trees just outside of their line of sight.

“Good, Magnezone.” Cyrus turned to his Pokémon, who whirred.

“Of course.” Magnezone bleeped back.

Something stirred in the trees behind Magnezone. He turned around to see what had made the disturbance.

“Who’s there…?” He whispered.

“Oh, nobody important.” An innocent, but cold female voice echoed out from the trees. A crimson-colored gem glowed, illuminating bright yellow eyes and a pink-and-blue face halfway between a wry grin and an evil smirk. It was attacked to a blue body, covered by the bushes. Not a pretty picture, I tell you.

“Come closer.” Mesprit cooed. “I have something to ask you.” She slipped further into the forest.

“I need to check on something. I think I heard a disturbance.” Cyrus nodded.

“Go ahead.” He leaned in the shadow of the huge building, listening to the uproar a few feet away.

“What is it?” Magnezone asked. He had arrived in a clearing not far from the space where he had fried Charizard from. Mesprit was floating four feet in the air, looking down at him. Four thick, pink, tube-shaped appendages with rounded edges stuck out of the sides and back of her head. The same pink color circled around her eyes and baby-blue face like a mask. Two long tails flowed down from the blue body, ending in spikes and another gem.

She smirked at him. “I call upon the higher powers bestowed upon me by the Unknown One,” she muttered. “I call upon my powers to mold the emotion of this metal creature to my will, and to keep it until I may dislodge it or it’s consciousness is lost, should that be the case.” Mesprit wanted to say ‘no matter what’ but Arceus forbade her; so she did the best she could. Magnezone blinked.

“Y-yes, Mistress? What do you require of me?” He asked, making another odd bowing motion. Her malevolent grin widened as she explained to Magnezone what she wanted him to do…

“Of course, my Mistress. I will follow your instructions to the syllable.” He bowed again and turned to leave, heading back for Sandgem Town…


Cyrus watched as Magnezone flew over him and into the town, where the uproar from the battle had died down and Kris, Caro, and Rin were back to their flame war. Caro looked away for a second, and noticed Magnezone skid to a halt. All eyes were on Magnezone as Caro nudged and pointed to Kris. She turned, and fell slack-jawed.

For, you see, Magnezone was going full force. He was electrocuting everything. There were electric sparks flying as he sent various attacks in every direction he could reach. People began to scream and retreat to their homes, but Sandgem town wasn’t big enough for everyone to find a way away; he was blocking the north exit, and the other land route was blocked off by a fallen tree, now on fire; not many people had Surfing Pokémon on them, either.

Mesprit watched in amusement from the underbrush as Cyrus analyzed the situation. If he just stood here out of sight, Magnezone would overheat and quite possibly explode. If he didn’t, well… if he didn’t, he would have to run out into the town square, shut Magnezone down, and get he, Caro, and Kris out of there before anybody saw him.

Mesprit had it all planned out.

It was genius.

Magnezone was beginning to overheat, and sooner or later Cyrus would have to run out, leaving himself open for Mesprit to attack and to be seen by passerby. She began to giggle as Cyrus made his decision.

He bounded out into the town, shoving screaming citizens out of his way. Most of them were running for their lives, and the rest had only a split second to se him before he kept moving and was swallowed up by the crowd. He soon got to Magnezone, who was reaching the danger zone by now. Mesprit’s smile began to turn into a frown as she remembered this idiot’s talent.

He leaped onto Magnezone’s top half, positioning both feet on the magnets on either side. He held on to Magnezone’s antenna with one hand, and with the other began to frantically remove a panel on Magnezone’s back. He knew this thing inside and out. However, trying to deactivate a bucking Magnezone who is quite capable of exploding at the slightest mess-up made the operation a bit more difficult.

Most people had gotten into their homes by now, and were shoving their heads up against the window panels trying to catch a glimpse of their almost-savior. They were pretty happy with the guy; at least they were, until a particularly bright Energy Ball lit up the person on Magnezone’s back as it dropped to the ground with a thud.

A woman watched the scene from the window of a Pokémon Center from behind dark sunglasses. There were so many emotions swirling around in her head, she couldn’t decide on one to put on her face. Everyone else jumped in surprise when the Magnezone fired the Energy Ball. She just began to shake violently. Dizzily, she made her way back to her room and didn’t come out until the next morning…

Cyrus returned Magnezone as he ran, grabbing Caro and Kris by the arm as he tore off into the forest moving towards Twinleaf Town. Mesprit left for her cave, grumbling angrily.

“That little pest!” She hissed. “I made a perfect plan, and that scummy Link-spamming dingbat screwed it all up!

Messing with Legendaries, as you should realize by now, is a very messy and serious affair. Thus, it was not recommended by anybody. Ever. But people still did it, and most of the Legendaries give the punishment, and once they’ve done their work shrug it off. But not Mesprit.

No, not Mesprit at all.

She usually goes along with it with all of the other Legendaries, and the other Legendaries accept that. But this was the first time she’s lost her cool like this, and all of the other members of the celestial Cool Kids table knew something was going to go very, very wrong with Mesprit’s desire for twisted justice. And the worst part was, nothing in their power could be done to stop her.

Mesprit teleported back to her cave, frowning deeply. It would be rather difficult to describe what she was saying and keep any sign of respect for the younger crowd, so it shall just be said that she was very, very angry and was speaking as such.


“Well, that was fun.” Kris said coldly as they caught their breath in a separate area of the forest, hopefully far away enough from Sandgem Town.

“Caro nearly got himself beaten to a pulp, Magnezone went on rampage, you went out in public, and someone is trying very hard to screw up our lives. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow.”

She growled as a large raindrop fell with a plop on to her head.

I really do like Charizard's line. It was very well-thought out.

Mesprit. Shut up.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; (Chapter ELEVEN up!)

BEGIN Chapter Twelve;
Something Legendary This Way Comes

It was quite odd how Fate would mess with Kris (and everyone else in the little traveling party) in this fashion.

She did not pretend that she knew what the heck Fate was thinking, or why it went out to lunch and left Irony to tweak about for it.

In reality, Fate was having a lot of fun.

Palkia watched his little reunion in hysterics. “I… am… a… genius!” He chortled. It was quite obvious that Palkia was enjoying this immensely.

“Having fun?” Dialga asked, plodding into the room and trying not to scratch his annoyingly long and sharp foot ornaments on the luminous ivory-and-pearl flooring.

“I’m fine…” Palkia turned to his brother. “But did you see what I did there?” Dialga frowned. “You’re quite the prankster, aren’t you? Arceus might not be too thrilled about it.” Palkia harrumphed and folded his arms.

“Now why would Arceus be mad?” He frowned. “It was all in good fun. Besides, nobody got hurt.”

Shaymin padded into the room. “Are you sure?” She asked meekly. “It looked pretty bad out there. Plus you made Cyrus go out into the open…”

“That was Mesprit,” Palkia argued back. “Besides, all I did was make the two pass Professor Driftwood. All of the other stuff was her doing.”

“And you could have stopped it, though.” Shaymin flicked into Sky form and leaped onto Palkia’s desk, where he was controlling the universe on what seemed to be a large touch screen. “But did you? Nope.”

“No I couldn’t. I can’t control another Legendary…”

“But you could control Magnezone.”

“I could not! I make fate. I don’t control things. You want control? Go whine to Arceus or someone.” Dialga nodded in agreement.

“True.” He rumbled. “Well,” Shaymin frowned, and grabbed a rather good-looking French éclair from Palkia’s own creation, the Platter of Spacewarped Baked Goods.

“Just what makes you think you couldn’t put a barrier or something in the way?” She frowned, taking a small bite out of the éclair.

“I was busy in Johto.” Palkia grumbled, snatching the Platter of Spacewarped Baked Goods out of Shaymin’s paws. Shaymin rolled her eyes and turned away to float back down to the floor.

“Well, fine.” She said. “Be that way.” And with one last wave of her short tail, Shaymin padded out of the room.

“There’s nothing going on in Johto, is there?” Dialga asked. “Nope. Nothing at all.” Palkia replied with a wry grin.


Kris was trying quite hard to be an optimist. She really was. But so far, everything that had happened here had gone pretty bad. And when things get pretty bad, Kris’ mood takes a nosedive.

She trudged irritably through the forest, taking glances at hr traveling companions once or twice. One of them was a helpless goofball, and the other was… well…

“What are we supposed to do now?” Kris asked irritably, as much to the open air as to Caro and Cyrus. “Turning around isn’t the most fantastic of ideas, and nor is going forward. Can’t go around it, can’t go under it.”

“That leaves only one option: go above it.” Came Cyrus’ reply. “Where to?” Caro asked. Cyrus looked up. “It should be late enough by now.” He observed. “We are going to Eterna City.” Caro and Kris had no question why.

Nodding, the two smaller figures whipped out their Pokéballs and flung them into the air. Cyrus did the same. “Eterna City.” He said, once the three Pokémon were all present.

Honchkrow looked around cautiously, a hint of fear in his eyes. “Are you sure…?” He squawked. “I mean… Eterna is… and the building… and the…” But he quickly cut off the string of complaints. “Okay, okay! I get it! You can stop staring at me now!” (Unfortunately, Cyrus hadn’t kept his promise to never attempt interaction again.)

After the three had ascended their mounts and were up in the air, Cyrus’ Crobat was sent ahead to scout for danger (danger, in this case, meaning Trainers or enraged Legendaries). After the Pokémon returned with no news of importance, he was sent back to his Pokéball after declining the offer to keep flying.

It was, as Crobat promised, an uneventful ride. Nothing but cold, wet cloud, pricks of light, and dark blue vastness around the three… it got quite boring, but thankfully the ride didn’t drag on that long.

The lights on the Pokémon Center were, of course, on. That could mean only one thing, and nobody was quite thrilled about what that one thing was. As Caro, Kris, and Cyrus trudged along the forest area next to the path from Eterna Forest, the light coming from the Pokémon Center faintly illuminated something a little way to the north. Kris cringed, and Caro took a sharp intake of breath.

For, in the exact location that the Eterna Galactic building had been before, there was the same building – except most of it was crumbled ruin.

A normal person in Cyrus’ position would not be too pleased with this. But this is Cyrus we’re talking about, so there was none of that ‘emotion’ rubbish here. Arceus no.

Thus forth, Cyrus felt nothing at all when he saw that mess of brick that used to be the Eterna Galactic Base.

“Ouch.” Caro mumbled, breaking the silence. “So that’s what… about half of the building looked like.” Kris said, more to herself than anyone else. Suddenly, her eyes widened in surprise as the moon shifted for a second and caught a glimpse of light from within the half-crumpled ruin.

“Hey! Did you see that?” Apparently, Caro had seen it too. “Yes.” Cyrus whispered back. Caro voiced his opinion (which wasn't all that unexpected). “I say we investigate. It’s around one in the morning, and who’s gonna look at an old ruin anyways?” Nobody had any better ideas, so Caro lead the way into the ruined building.

Around this time, Cyrus was beginning to lose his grip on the rotten things people called ‘emotion’. He was keeping a blank face and tone, yes, but with some difficulty. It was quite overwhelming, in fact.

“Hunh? What’s this?” Kris broke into Cyrus’ train of thought. “What is it?” Caro leaped over a rubble pile to see, as did Cyrus. She was holding something small and red. It was chipped and cracked in several places; it looked like a chain link. It was blood red, however, and had the texture of sandpaper. “Give me that.” Cyrus took the peculiar link from Kris’ palm.

“It’s a piece of the Red Chain.” He said finally. “However, it was very crudely made and did not have the proper materials required for its creation. Whoever made this was either in a hurry, not paying any attention, or didn’t care. The third option seems the most likely. However…”Cyrus’ voice trailed off. Caro and Kris simply stared at him, surprised and astonished by his accurate explanation just by looking at it.

“’However’ what?” Caro asked. “However, this was not made by any human being.” “Well what do you think made it? A Bibarel?” Caro protested cynically, crossing his arms. “Hey!” Kris hissed in his direction. Caro rolled his eyes, clearly forgetting about Kris’ Bibarel. “Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

“Not a Bibarel, or any other normal Pokémon, for that matter.” Cyrus continued to scrutinize the Red Chain link. “No… this had to have been made by a Legendary, of some sort.” “And what Legendary would try to make a Red Chain?” Caro snorted.

“I have a fairly good idea who, in fact.” Came his response.

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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; (Chapter Twelve: Something Legendary This Way Comes)

Well, that was all an interesting turn of events.
Cyrus being forced into the open. Which, I am kinda surprised by. In the past, he wouldn't have bothered I don't think.
Then finding Eterna all messed up like that. Although, I kinda wonder if it wasn't torn to pieces after Galactic was split.
The whole thing with the legendaries was interesting. And kinda funny. ^^
Dialga seemed to view the whole thing in a rather, whatever sort of attitude.
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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; (Chapter Twelve: Something Legendary This Way Comes)

The Platter of Spacewarped Baked Goods is hands-down the best plot device ever. (Also, yes - Palkia's lie about something going on in Johto is a comment about me not believing Sinnoh and Johto's events happened at the same time - besides, that report could have been an old one. They show old reports a lot.)

On another note: I bet you guys forgot about that one link Mesprit dropped, didn'tcha? Huh? Huh? :3

As for the Eterna Galactic Building, I guess nobody used it and it just sorta collapsed. :3 Also, I guess Dialga just thinks he got what he deserved... I always imagined him as the more laid back type of Legend. Eh. :/

Note: There may or may not be a chapter next week - it's Thanksgiving that week, so i might not have enough time to write stuff for TGK. :3

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; (Chapter Twelve: Something Legendary This Way Comes)

BEGIN Chapter Thirteen;

A woman watched from the dark corners of what was left of the Eterna Galactic Building. This place gave her goose bumps – she loathed it, for more reasons than it was merely a building owned by bad guys. It was a bit more personal than that – of course, if anyone found out this reason, she would be dead meat in any social activity. (She already was social dead meat by nature, though.)

The figure watched from the shadows as three humans moved around below her. Frowning deeply, she tried to work out what was happening right now… three people, one of whom had caused major head bashing in the past, were kicking around in old ruins for no good reason – but they found something.

Something round. And red. And shiny. And painfully familiar.

Yami could feel her stomach lurch. She shook her head, whisking straight, ink-colored hair that went down to her elbows from her face. She was slightly pale, and sported a mostly black ensemble; black shirt and pants, both seriously worn-out by the edges. These were covered by a long trenchcoat, which has also faced its share of tough love.

She removed the large black sunglasses from her face, to reveal slightly narrowed gray eyes, scanning the area like an x-ray. You couldn’t see her eyes, even without the sunglasses, though; a ridiculous black hat resembling that of the crest of a Murkrow covered them. The frown on her face deepened.

“What the heck is he doing? Scratch that – why is he alive?” She stared at the man now observing the piece of the Red Chain once again, and shook her head. She removed a Dusk Ball from her pocket, sent out a Honchkrow of her own, and mounted its back. It flew out of the ruins and streaked over the trio’s head, squawking.

Yami groaned – her cover was blown. She needed to fix Nightwitch’s squawking problem sometime soon.

“What was that?” Kris jumped and looked up.

“It was a Honchkrow. See it up there?” Caro pointed it out. Cyrus removed a Pokéball from his pocket and was about to toss it into the air and send out the Pokémon inside, when Caro stopped him. “What are you doing? It’s a wild Honchkrow.”

“It’s not wild. It had a rider, and that rider was following us.” His Crobat emerged from the red beam of light, a calling card to the black-clad woman riding above – this was fantastic. Just peachy. “Air Slash.”

As Crobat sent out the attack, Nightwitch tried to swerve out of the way. She failed miserably. The Air Slash collided with her, sending bird and rider down to the ground in a crumpled heap – hurt, but alive.

“Hey! You were right!” Kris’ eyes widened as she ran over to the crashing site. She kneeled down and shook the woman. “Hey! Are you okay, ma’am?”

“Get off of me,” she growled in return. Kris frowned. “Well, if you’re going to be that way, fine with me.” And she backed off. The woman got up, and glanced around. She gave a slight shiver, and turned sown to grab a Hyper Potion for her Honchkrow when Cyrus turned her way.

She kneeled down, sprayed it on the Honchkrow’s wing, and kept a hand there as it felt the stinging pain.

“Shh,” she whispered, “It’s fine.” The Big Boss Pokémon chirped softly. “Can you fly?” She asked. It looked up at her and nodded its beaked head.

“Good.” She took another glance at Caro, Kris, and Cyrus, and mounted his back. Shooting a frown in their general direction, she flew off silently.

“Who was that?” Caro mused.

“I have no idea.” Cyrus watched her go.

They watched the silent night air for a few minutes, when Kris broke the awkward silence.

“So, Helio. Any other tourist locations?”

Cyrus hesitated for a second. “No.”

“Well, if that’s all, I’m beat.” Caro swiveled around and began to walk back towards the forest. Kris and Cyrus followed suit, the former gazing around at the dark city.

“Hm.” A figure sat in the undergrowth, crouched low. It was a very odd catlike Pokémon, ears twitching constantly.

“I’m sleepy…” it yawned. “No! I have to keep awake this time!” The brown creature shook its head, and kept watching through its sightless eyes. A vaguely human-shaped body covered in tan-brown armor shifted to keep a center of balance, and a similarly covered tail stuck out behind.

It scampered into a large thorn bush near the humans strolling along – well, they looked like humans but they all had the Aura of Pokémon (although that tall one had less Pokémon Aura than the other two). It positioned itself, tensing the muscles in its legs as the Abra prepared to spring.

Long story short, it sprung – and did so do well that it landed on the tall one’s head. Apparently startled, the human swiped at his hair. What happened next was a blur to anyone who was (hypothetically) passing. The Abra snatched the man’s hand, leaped onto the shorter girl’s head, and grabbed a lock of the boy’s hair in his paw.


As the Pokémon landed, the mental spell that someone – something – had laid on it lifted, and the drowsy creature flicked back to its home to sleep, yawning, leaving the other three wherever. He didn’t care.

As the Abra slipped away into nowheresland, it let go of the man’s arm and thrust him forward. As such, when the trio arrived at the Abra-for-hire’s destination, Cyrus got a faceful of mud.

As he got up, he wiped the wet mess of dirt and water out of his eyes. “Disgusting,” he muttered. “What creature did that?”

“I felt a really hard tug on my hair…” Caro rubbed his head as he emerged from a lake. Apparently, he had fallen in. “…and a flash of brown, too.”

“I saw that too, yeah.” Kris nodded, apparently the only one who hadn’t been covered by a wet substance, but ad instead landed on dry grass. She was regaining her balance against a tree. “I think that it had armor.”

“Armor?” Caro and Cyrus said together. “I saw a brown chestplate thing.” She shrugged.

“An armored Pokémon, tan apparently, with a brown chestplate. Small enough to keep its balance on my head and big enough to pull us off balance… there is only one Pokémon I can think of that fits our criteria, but what that Pokémon did was not like it at all.”

Caro and Kris stared at him while they tried to calculate his mini-analyzing speech. “Which would be…?” Caro gestured in a way for Kris or Cyrus to finish the sentence.

“An Abra, right?” Kris suddenly found its name. “That’s the only possible solution. Even though there is no other logical solution, it still acted very different than a normal Abra would have done in a situation such as that. It also clearly had a motive; there is no Abra who ever would have done that for pleasure. Or at all, for that matter.”

Cyrus suddenly became aware that he had been rambling… again. With that, he added another mental note not to go on so much. (This one probably wouldn’t go through either, judging by the success of the ‘never talk to Honchkrow’ concept.)

“Basically, what you’re saying is that Abra – if that was what it is – is working for something that’s making it doing something it wouldn’t usually do.”

“Exactly. Ironically enough, the same thing happened to Magnezone earlier.” Cyrus turned to the sun, which was now sending barely audible sparks of light across the black skies.

As it did, the rising ball of fire illuminated a floating figure perched on the top of a cave far out on the lake. “Sweetness,” it smiled, “I was wondering when you guys would kick it into gear and get over. I wanted to catch up.”

I hate it when he gets all rambling like that... it gets very annoying.

At least I don't scream like a maniac.

HA HA. Helio fell in the mud!

As if you're one to speak...

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; (Chapter Thirteen? Yah, we got it.)

BEGIN Chapter Fourteen;
Ominous Messages of Doom

From its perch on the lake, a creature watched the three figures. It chuckled softly when they first appeared, shoving two of them into a huge vat of mud. It tried to listen as they slowly – very slowly – managed to figure out that it was, indeed, an Abra who had crammed them into that position.

“It’s about time.” The creature sat down to watch. “I’ve been waiting for you three loonies.” It watched with bright eyes setting out from a triangle-shaped face, swapping between two shades of blue. It had a body similar to that of Mesprit and Uxie. A red gem glinted in the early-morning light.

“Finally,” said Azelf, “I will be able to see you guys again. I’ve been watching…”

It hopped up off the cave top, and took a floating position in the air. Checking the winds, it sent itself propelling forward to zigzag in between the three, catching them all by surprise (but not really showing it – Azelf expected this).

“Heya!” It skidded to a halt on the left of the three humans. “Been a while.” It smiled. In this time, Caro had fallen down again, and Kris was pulling him up gracelessly. “Get up, Caro.” But Cyrus merely glanced at them, and returned his gaze to Azelf. “You three are quite fond of that term, aren’t you?”

Azelf grimaced slightly at his remark, but soon brushed it away. “Nice to see you too.” It said. By now, Azelf had got word that these guys could talk now. It didn’t honestly care how. “So, anyways. I heard about the whole Sandgem thing. Nice quick thinking, there. Especially since Mesprit sorta-kinda led you into a trap.”

“She did what?” Kris had stood up, and along with Caro was now staring at Azelf.

“She led Cyrus into a trap,” Azelf said matter-of-factly. “She manipulated your Magnezone. Probably did the same with that Abra.”

“So, if what you’re saying is true, the Abra attacked us because Mesprit told it to.” Cyrus said. “Yeah, pretty much. Any bets on why?”

Everyone stayed silent. Caro made agesture with his hand for Azelf to explain more. “What? You want a play-by-play?” It looked at Caro skeptically.

“A reason why Mesprit tried to mess with me would suffice.” Cyrus said. “Right. Well.”

“You see,” Azelf explained. “You’re sort of an odd case way Up There.” It pointed upwards, at the now pink-red sky. “Up There being where the Legendaries go on their offtime. You know why you got turned into… what you got turned into, right?”

“I can only assume it’s for what happened at the Spear Pillar. Correct me if I’m wrong.”

“Yeah. Sort of obvious. Anyways, you’re sort of an odd case. There are two opinions of you: Mesprit versus everyone else. All of us believe that you’re off the hook ‘cuz you got turned into a Magneton.”

“But then, you know, there’s Mesprit. She’s convinced it was a sea-breezy little vacation for you, and that you need more punishment than that. I’ll leave it up to your twisted little mind to figure out what she believes you need to face.”

Azelf paused, and sighed softly. “So now, you know, she’s out to cause turmoil of every breed, and despite our best efforts Legendaries can’t do everything.” This earned Azelf three glares.

“Well… you know… like dealing with Mesprit and the rest of the universe… it’s real stressful. So we can’t monitor her at all times. Or control her. Well, Arceus can, but I guess He figures that she’s not all that much of a threat… then again, He hasn’t really noticed. You know, with all His intergalactic mishmash and stuff.” Azelf shrugged.

“So on the most basic level, Mesprit wants me dead and you can do practically nothing.”


“I just noticed something…” Caro blurted out. “Really.” Kris grumbled. “And what was it, Mr. Too-Important-To-Wait-For-Azelf-To-Finish?”

“We’ve accomplished our mission, Kris.” He smiled at her. “You said to me, a long time ago, that your wish was to find the greatest relics and meet the greatest Pokémon ever known. I think we’ve done it.”

Kris clearly didn’t see this coming, expecting rather another one of Caro’s late ideas. “Yeah…” she mumbled. “You’re right. We really did do it, didn’t we, Caro?”

“Anyway…” Azelf said, a bit irked by this random outburst. “Be on your guard, ‘kay? She might try to do something absurdly stupid… or something.” He quickly added the last two words at the end. All three of them had a feeling that he already knew what Mesprit would do.

“Yeah. Right. Well, um… I guess you should be going now, because there’s really not much left to do except hang around staring blankly at each other.” Azelf shrugged. “Uh, yeah! Exactly!” Kris had fallen into a daydream, and had missed Azelf’s last words.

“Oh... um, uh... I forgot one thing.” Azelf piped up as they turned to leave. Kris and Cyrus turned around, and Caro glanced over his shoulder. “What?”

Azelf smiled grimly and ducked his head down slightly, so that his head gem and eyes glowed ominously. It certainly sent a message. “Don’t kill yourselves. Mesprit has no mercy when she’s mad – and you’d better believe she’s mad. Any living thing could be under her influence, and there’s really no way to tell – they just have loads of respect for her, and loads of hate for you.”

The threesome left without another word.


“That was very out-of-character,” Kris noted later on. “He seemed pretty upbeat until that last part...”

“Even so, he still gave you good advice. Mesprit really has no mercy when she wants to – and she can control other things, using their emotions to grant her great respect and loyalty, and us...” Cyrus’ voice faded off.

“Nobody here really wants to know what she could set on us.” Caro said grimly.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; (Chapter Fourteen? Yah, we got it.)

Just read the last two chapters. Interesting developments.
Wondering about the strange chick in the Galactic Building.
And Azelf's warning certainly was ominous. Probably would have helped them a little more if they had an idea of what was coming. ^^'
avvie and banner from the awesome bff Gem ^^
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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; (Chapter Fourteen? Yah, we got it.)

All Over Again
Chapter Fifteen

A creature plodded into the cave that held what, in its firm belief, was the most respectable and glorious being that Arceus had ever made, ever. Aforementioned being was in the middle of the cave, sitting down, head bowed and eyes closed. The four-legged creature walked forward.

“My lady,” it said in a gravelly voice.

Mesprit opened her eyes slowly. What stood before her was a four-pawed mammal, with a large, imposing, and quite dangerous black scythe jutting out of the side of his head and curving backward, ever so slightly. A similar appendage served as its tail. Sharp black claws lay, unsheathing, on the rocky cave floor, partially covered by thick white fur.

“Absol,” Mesprit said, smiling evilly. “How are our friends faring with Abra?”

“Oh, it was absolutely disastrous, my Lady. Absolutely disastrous. One for the record books, I’d say. It was also quite funny. You should have seen wh-” Mesprit cut in, cursing to herself on using such a talkative spy. Absols weren’t supposed to be gabbing loudmouths…

“Spare me the detail, please. Now, what about Azelf?” Absol looked away. A strong blast of uneasiness radiated from him. “I see.” She didn’t need to ask. “Dismissed.”

“My lady,” The Absol crouched into a deep bow before padding off into the darkness once more.

“Azelf.” Mesprit growled. “If only I could manipulate fellow Legends… then he would drown in his own grief. Oh, yes. That would be fun to watch…” Mesprit’s smile turned from evil to maniacal.

She twitched from her meditating position, and floated up into the air. Slowly, her small figure slid into a side cavern. She followed it, dislodged the guard Pokemon she had positioned there, and entered a smaller cave room.

It was bathed in red glow by two red, chipped stones standing exactly five feet away from each other. She glided over to where an X was marked on a large boulder (moved in by a Machoke), and waited, not so patiently. She felt no regret, none at all.

After all, she was doing the right thing.


Caro, Kris, and Cyrus were trudging through wet mud, again. For real this time. It was no Medicham playing with them, or a prophetic dream of utmost importance. They were, quite simply, walking through thick and annoyingly slippery wet dirt. (Hey, what did you expect? Stories like these aren’t explosion-to-explosion thrillfests cover to cover… but, there’s always got to be something awesome, some time in the story. It’s like one of those unwritten laws of literature.)

“We should be nearing a hotel by now,” Cyrus started, “And I’ll leave you to guess what’s beyond that point.” If he or Kris had said any more, Caro hadn’t caught it. His mind was preoccupied with other things.

Caro shivered. He had an odd feeling in his body, like something was about to happen. Life will go on as it always has, things will happen anyway.

But this was different. It was like something very, very big was staring at him from a cage, glowering hungrily, the key slowly being inserted into the lock that kept it secure.

Something was going to happen. It wasn’t going to be fun. That much was certain.


As the Honchkrow beat its wings, the rider looked out over the blue sky, holding her three-pointed Murkrow hat in place with one hand.

There was no doubt about it – he was back. And he has a couple of pipsqueaks tailing along behind. She didn’t understand any of it, and she hated not understanding something. She always had to understand everything, or at least try her hardest to – and that was her problem.

She directed the large bird to land, and it did so outside of the limits of Twinleaf Town. She didn’t know exactly why she came here, but there was nothing much else to do. She quickly entered the clearing amidst the expanse of tree, and looked out over the shining lake.

A cave floated on an island barely bigger than its contents in the middle of the brilliant, shining blue waters.

“What is happening in there, Lucario?” She asked as she sent out a new Pokemon.

It was a canine, though perched on its hind legs. Jackal ears twitched, as the Pokemon closed its red eyes. There seemed to be a mask on its blue face, with four appendages similar to Mesprit’s – except there were two on each side of his head, right below the blue ears.

Moving down to its cream-furred chest area, a white spike stuck out from the fur. Two blue arms ending in black paws and yet another spike clenched their fists. Lucario shifted his weight, and repositioned his black legs. “Luuuu!” It yelped suddenly. Its paws suddenly flared with blue light, almost like semi-transparent fire.

“Calm down, Lucario!” Yami put her hand on the Lucario’s shoulder. “Something big’s going on in there, huh?” She asked. Lucario nodded, curling his mouth into a snarl.

She took a step forward, but no sooner had she put her foot down that Lucario stuck out a spiked paw in front of her throat. She took a step in the opposite direction, shocked. Lucario shook his fur-covered head at her.

“What?” She said. “Why shouldn’t I go in there?” Lucario fixed a stare on her that made his message quite clear: “Just don’t.”

“If it’s just because it’s dangerous, don’t stop me.” Yami frowned at her Pokemon. Crossing his paws over his chest, Lucario sighed and shook his head again – it wasn’t the danger of an unknown cave.

Lucario wished he could get the message across to her: There is something that will be painful to you in that cave, in more ways than one!

But, alas, he couldn’t. He knew his Trainer trusted the smarter creature’s judgment. And, what do you know, she did. “Fine,” the woman sighed, “you win. We’ll leave.” Satisfied, Lucario nodded at last as he was sent back into his Pokeball.

The woman fixed a last fleeting look at the cave on the island. Her gaze drifted down to rest on her Pokeballs, and she shrugged – what ferocious demon was going to nail her down here? A level twenty Psyduck, at the very most. That was hardly a threat.

Of course, she never expected a Machoke to leap out at her from the undergrowth, and drag her back into the cave, gagged. But, you know, Machokes under a spell do some pretty dim-witted things (not that they’re much better in full control, but who cares?)

Mesprit was interrupted by a slam at the cave wall. Furious, she got up from her solitary position and floated out into the cavern. “What is i-“ It was one of her Machokes, apparently caught some human pain-in-the-tail slinking around outside.

“What are you waiting for?” She said in Pokespeak. “Bring it out so I can see our friend clearly.” The Machoke yanked the woman into the brighter area, eventually forcing her onto her hands and knees. She wore a long black trenchcoat, heavily tattered, as well as a black shirt and pants. Her boots were a charcoal gray, with orange soles. The (in)famous Murkrow hat jerked off her head, as did her dark sunglasses.

'My sunglasses.' That was the only thought that ran through the woman’s head as she felt her body soar forward in the Machoke’s grip. ‘My sunglasses… my sunglasses…’ And then a new blaring alarm shot through her body: ‘If she sees my eyes, chances are I’m dead meat. Urgh, I hate this.’

As the pair of shades clattered to the rock-strewn floor, the woman looked up at Mesprit. The Emotion Pokemon stared, dumbfounded, at her hostage’s face. The confusion settled for a while.

But slowly, very slowly, right in front of the Machoke and his prisoner, Mesprit’s eyes narrowed, and her mouth slowly rose up into a snarl/maniacal grin, pointed teeth clearly visible.

And, what do you know, she laughed. She laughed like a maniac. Again.

To be perfectly honest, the only actual reason she laughed like a maniac is simply because letting the line between right and wrong blur (and, in other words, going insane) does make some creatures laugh like that.

Sorry for the short chapter... it just seemd like a good time to stop. And... look! The Eterna City Lady returns! We know a bit more about her now...

Giratina. Shut up.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

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Default Re: (On the sixth day to Christmas, my true love gave to me) The Galaxy Key; Chapter

Because I'm cheap, I wrote a prologue instead of Chapter 16. But that's only because A; hopefully that should shed some light and B; something big is gonna happen.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

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Default Re: The Galaxy Key; Check First Post...

Guess what? it's an actual chapter this time!

Welcome Back
Chapter Sixteen

After passing the Lakeside Hotel Caro and Kris were walking along the path with Cyrus in the trees near them. This had quickly become a standard formation, and eventually they didn’t need to tell each other to separate.

It was around nine in the morning, and the two had been training before they left for the beach-border route 222. This meant they were able to dispatch any Trainers fairly easily, simply because a lot of Trainers were around here. As it turns out, they had overleveled and beat many of the stationary Pokemon Trainers without much trouble. This made the relatively long route (and estimated three-day trekking length) go much smoother.

Eventually, they clawed to the large building that signaled the entrance to Sunyshore City. After looking up and admiring it for a few minutes, Caro peered in the giant metal entreance flanked by tacky yellow-painted walls. Kris did the same, and smiled. The streets were deserted, except for at the far side of the city… a huge crowd was assembled there, apparently for some sort of festival. Assuming nobody glanced at the entrance to the city, they should be perfectly fine.

Ah, the convenience of local festivities.

Exiting the gate, Caro casually strolled up to the forest’s edge, standing as if he were admiring the forest. When Cyrus found him, Caro nodded subtly and indicated a short fence.

“Hm,” Cyrus murmured. He got the picture.

As Caro turned and ran back to Kris, signaling to enter, Cyrus approached the fence. He calmly stepped over it (not highly difficult, seeing as the fence was about half as tall as he was). A patch of darkness in the shadow of the huge building seemed to shift slightly, but lay still after. Cyrus walked right past it, and met up with the two teenagers just to the side of the door.

“What’s going on over there? It looks like some sort of festival,” Kris pointed to the group over near the lighthouse. “People here have many festivals and celebrations of that nature.” Cyrus followed her gaze, and his eyes lingered on the lighthouse for a second.

“This place is really big.” Caro mumbled as he looked around at the deserted city. “And those high-up walkways with the creepy blue tiling and everything… what the heck are they for, anyway?”

“Those tiles are solar panels. They power the city with the large amounts of sunlight Sunyshore City receives daily.” Cyrus said to him. Caro was shocked. “You mean people can make electricity out of the sun’s light?” He stared wide-eyed at them for a second.

“Yes, they can.” rumbled a deep voice from the shadows. “You would be surprised what some creatures can do if they put their mind to it…”

All three of them swiveled around to face the tall figure of an Alakazam. Covered in what looked like armor of varying shades of brown, from caramel to chocolate. He was looking at the spoon in his caramel-colored, three-clawed hand, which it was twiddling idly between its fingers. “Some creatures do good things with this ability,” he continued without moving his mouth, eyes not leaving the spoon, “And some… don’t.” The Alakazam shrugged, and looked up at them as the two moustache-like, caramel-colored appendages on his snout bobbed up and down.

“Unfortunately for you two, Neko and Nezumi,” he glanced at Kris and Caro in order- “I have orders to take all three of you. Yes, Akagi, that means you. Especially you.”

“Wait, what?” Caro’s eyes widened. “You’ve got our names all messed up… they sound wrong! Like they’re from that Kanto place, or something!” The Alakazam shrugged. “I didn’t know the names of you two, so I made them up. But I know him.” He pointed one spoon to Cyrus, who was completely silent. “Emrit, as I’m sure you know, wants you destroyed. And it is my post to take you, Neko, and Nezumi to her so that she can finish the job.”

“You’re not making sense, Mr…” Kris stopped.

“Tajiri.” He said slowly. “Tajiri will suffice.” He shifted his weight from one broad back claw to the other.

With those words, the cityscape around them began to separate itself into a patchwork of chrome. The colors twisted and bled into each other, and vision got fuzzier. Soon, all the colors of Sunyshore City had twisted into a deep purple, specked with lighter shadows of purple and some navy blue. This color smear flowed around them for a while, until the colors began to divide themselves again.

Grays of multiple shades positioned themselves into long, thick poles on either side of Caro, Kris, Cyrus, and Tajiri (who was looking around silently, even drumming his fingers on the side of his leg). Some trickled down to the floor and melted into a faded marble, milky dull white mixed with swirls of gray and brown. Darker browns filled the empty space left by the other colors, as a giant stretch of blue flung itself across the ‘ceiling’.

“Teleport,” Tajiri said smugly. “Very pretty, don’t you think?” He looked around the huge cavern with the smug expression still longering in his eyes. Cracked (and intact) Grecian pillars stuck up from the floor, and boulders were scattered around a slab of marble stretching across the floor. A couple of stone arches were placed near the back.

“This is complete overkill.” Cyrus looked around. The Spear Pillar had not changed. “I agree with you on that one,” Tajiri noted, “but I’m just following orders. Farewell.” With that, he turned around and walked out of the open-roofed cavern and into the corridor beyond. “I am finished here.” Tajiri teleported away with a wave.

“Wait a second.” For once, it was Caro who thought of something first. “Isn’t this the… er… Spear Pillar? Isn’t this the place where-” He stopped abruptly.

Cyrus nodded. “Yes, it is.” This is getting ridiculous… His thoughts were interrupted by the sudden swooping of something going at a downward angle very, very fast.

Instinctively, Cyrus jerked to the left. Kris pulled Caro to the right to make way for the buzzing projectile.

A flash of black and yellow shot past him, and the Beedrill landed on a nearby pillar. It scuttled around with its spindly, navy blue legs, and leered at them making full use of the large and dangerous spikes on its front legs and black-and-yellow striped abdomen. It had unblinking red eyes, and two slightly translucent wings jerked and twitched quickly.

It said only three words, before falling silent: “Here she comes.”

It turned its head and skulked backwards onto another pillar as an area above the entrance to the Spear Pillar began to distort itself.

First the colors simply got blurrier, but then new ones replaced them. It started with a magenta pink, arranging itself in what looked like a helmet with four rounded… things sticking out of it. Then, baby blue began to fill out a small body below the pink, shaped like a teardrop with arms and legs. It flowed upwards and finished off the helmet. Near the bottom of the body, two long tails jetted out and ended in what looked something like a spiked club, with a red ovular gem glistening on the left tail.

Just after Mesprit had finished her reappearance, everyone turned around. There was silence for a few seconds, and finally someone spoke.

“Was this really necessary?” Cyrus asked tonelessly. Mesprit nodded cheerfully. “Yep!”

She smiled vacantly like that for a few seconds, and then her face turned to a frown.

“I’m not going to ramble on about my plan in a dreadfully boring monologue like a couple of people I can think of-“ she paused- “so I’m just going to cut it short with this: you did something very, very bad. You got a pretty loose punishment for it. And now you’re finally going to get what you deserve.”

“And how are you proposing that’s going to happen?” Cyrus asked, looking calm but feeling vastly different.

Mesprit shrugged. “Ah, nothing big.” She said loftily. “I’m just going to use an old plot device of yours to rip your souls out of your bodies, simply because you deserved it. And just because you’re a bad person overall…” She shrugged again.

“You do realize that by doing this, you’re technically just as evil and violent as I am?” Came the response.

“Yes. I get that. Only difference: I’m just planning on hurting you three. Not blowing up the universe. There’s a difference, you see…” Mesprit made a circling gesture with her hand, and the frown twisted into a maniacal smile.

“But the method is almost exactly the same.” She removed something scarlet red from the ledge next to her and jangled it casually. Her face lit up in mock surprise as it made a clanking metal sound that echoed all around the room, almost like…

A chain.

Caro and Kris’ faces twisted in disbelief, and Cyrus came very close. “And what reason do you have to use the Red Chain to do so?” He asked.

“Because it’s more fun.” Mesprit grinned. She clearly had planned this out exclusively to use the Chain.

“But of course.” He murmured. “More fun.”


The enormous Celestial Screening Room way Up There, above the clouds and the rest of the universe going on its merry way below them, was watching with baited breath. The Gardevoir giving the 3D projection stopped to rest (it’s hard work, watching something happen a long way below and trying to recreate it using psychic powers) and the Legendaries watching it happen groaned.

“That idiot,” Darkrai sighed, putting his head in one hand. He was slouched (villainously – but that’s just the way he was) in a chair made of obsidian, with a giant jade – what else? – put on the back. The purple stone shone and glinted. “Although, I can’y say I never saw this coming.”

“That’s absolutely ridiculous!” The Arcanine sitting next to Arceus proclaimed. “Oh… sorry, sir…” He inched away a few feet when Arceus glanced at him.

“It is fine,” another Arcanine, eyes shining a fiery red, spoke from the other side of Arceus. Remember how Arceus can do just about everything but talk, so he gets an Arcanine to do it instead? This was one of those moments. “I agree with you completely.”

“Now how did we not see that coming?” Azelf sighed dramatically from his hovering area in the corner. “Cyrus is right – she is making complete overkill on this.” Uxie nodded. He was floating next to her.

“But that is the way Mesprit is. It was bound to happen eventually.” He sighed softly. “Mesprit is one of the most mentally unstable creatures in existence,” he continued, “and she was bound to crack eventually. With disastrous results.”

Entei brought himself from a lying position to a sitting one, his head ultimately reaching Uxie’s body. Entei was a four-legged, gray-pawed creature, covered almost completely in chocolate-brown fur (save for a stripe of cream down his stomach).He wore a multi-layered mask over his snouted face, first with three red spikes on his forehead and one at a downwards angle. Next was a three-pointed yellow piece fixed in his forehead, shielding his eyes. Lastly, a silver thing covering his nose with a spike sticking down on either side.

His paws were gray and broad, with a thick metal ring secured on each one. Overall, a large and imposing dog that looked like it could – scratch that, could – breathe fire if it wanted to.

“I suppose you’re right,” he said in a low, rumbling voice. “She was the embodiment of emotion… Emotion is a terribly shaky part of living creatures. How fitting that she should be out to destroy Cyrus… they’re complete opposites.” His gaze turned to Palkia. “Was this done on purpose?”

Palkia made a face of mock surprise. “Who, me? Why would I do something like this? Nothing I do is important enough to watch in the Celestial Screening Room.”

“The founding of the Pokemon League. The Sootopolis City Incident. Mewtwo’s creation.” Entei hesitated, and then spat out the last example as if it was painful to say. “Ash Ketchum.” The tone in the room got darker than it already was, somehow.

Palkia looked away. “It was a joke,” he said meekly. “Shaymin made me do it.”

Shaymin wasn’t paying attention, even when Palkia said her name. “Does Mesprit know what she is doing? It does not look like it, to me.” The glowy-eyed Arcanine shook his fur-covered head. “No,” he said. “Her common sense has been silenced by her rage.”

The Gardevoir coughed, and everyone looked back to the wisps of light that were beginning to form a scene.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

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Default Re: Metal Coat; Welcome back...

The Road Ends Here
Chapter Seventeen

Uxie was correct. Mesprit is probably - scratch that, definitely - the most mentally unstable being in existence, and she was bound to do something like this eventually. And, knowing Mesprit, it would be done with a ridiculously big bang…


“Well… I really don’t want to monologue evilly for you, but I still want you to leave this world with some answers. So after we get you three accommodated, interrogation may begin…” Mesprit got up from her position and looked down over the edge of her ledge-seat, into the cavern below. “Release the guards!” She chirped, somehow sounding menacing and evil at the same time.

A new voice spoke, shrouded in the shadow of the corridor. “Honchkrow, use Embargo on the boy and girl. Machamp, make sure that Mr. Brilliant over here isn’t comfortable.”

Mister Brilliant? Cyrus thought. There is only one person in the world with enough nerve to call me that. But she couldn’t have…

Almost immediately, luminous purple orbs of energy shot out of the corridor and, swishing through the aor with a loud whistling sound, began to circle Caro and Kris, acting like a barrier or one of those sci-fi force field traps. Meanwhile, a Machamp lunged out and, dodging the Embargo, grabbed Cyrus by the arms.

“And what do you expect Embargo is going to do? All it does is make the target incapable of receiving help from items.” Cyrus said, not bothering to kick the Machamp – it would probably grab on to his legs with its second pair of arms, and that would be even worse.

“On Pokemon, yes.” Mesprit nodded. “In that case, you’re exactly right. For humans, who are entirely different as a species, the function is a lot different. To you all, an Embargo acts as a paralyzer that prevents you from moving the body below your neck until the Embargo is lifted. And I don’t think our friend here is going to lift it any time soon.” She looked down to the tunnel’s entrance again, and smiled wickedly.

“Come in, Yami.”

A woman stepped out of the shadow, and bowed slightly to Mesprit above her. She didn’t seem to be much in the way of color – a black shirt and pants, covered by a long, billowing trenchcoat that was considerably tattered and worn. Her wide-brimmed Murkrowesque hat hid the top half of her face, but that didn’t stop her from putting on dark sunglasses to further shield the light (and her vision). Almost as if she wanted to hide her eyes… hm.

She had a tall, thin, almost slouching frame, and pale skin. Her hair was black and flowed down past her shoulders, forming into thick spikes at the bottom. The automatic place for her hands seemed to be in the pockets of her trenchcoat.

“Hello, people.” She gave a wry smile, and took her hands out of her pockets only to fold them across her chest. Mesprit looked down to her and asked, “Hey, want to get up here? It’s way more fun for laughing at them.” Kris grimaced.

“No, no. That’s alright, Mesprit. I’m fine down here. It looks so much better when the good parts come.” Yami shrugged.

“Suit yourself. Any questions?” Mesprit turned her attention back to the three hostages, tilting her head ever so slightly.

“Here’s one,” Kris practically shouted, “why are you trying to kill Caro and I, too? Isn’t it just him you want?” She inclined with her head towards Cyrus, still being held in the air by Machamp.

Mesprit’s eyes lit up. She had expected this one. “First, I’m not trying to kill you. I’m trying to destroy you. When you ‘kill’ someone, they can be brought back if you can convince Arceus to go for it. When you ‘destroy’ someone, you can’t bring back their soul or their body. It’s all gone. Burned. Ripped to pieces. Eaten. Destroyed!”

Cyrus was now throwing any personal beliefs to the wind and was glaring angrily at Mesprit. “This is insane!” he spat.

“And so are you,” Mesprit said, putting a small frown on her face and raising her head. Yami laughed. “Why am I taking you two, as well?” Mesprit continued. “Well, there are two reasons: One, you two are witnessing this entire shabang and therefore must be dealt with, and two, it’s just more fun.” She beamed. This thing really had gone crazy.

“I’m beginning to get pretty tired of that excuse.” Kris spat. She winced and gasped as the Embargo around her tightened.

“Oh, yes.” Mesprit chirped. “Did I mention Embargoes can also squeeze the life out of you?”

She was saying all of this with a completely optimistic tone, making it that much easier to get very, very mad at her. This was supposed to be an epic finale – Kris and Caro are paralyzed from the waist down, Cyrus is being hung from his hands by a giant Machamp (not to mention being reunited with the exclamation point), who apparently belongs to someone he knows. And Mesprit was totally slaughtering the mood by beaming and speaking in the most pleasant way possible? You’d think she would be a bit more ser- oh, hold on.

Never mind.

“Question two.” Cyrus spoke again. “What is she doing here?” He inclined to Yami with his head, due to his lack of range with his hands.

“Ah, yes. Yami. Nearly forgot about her, silly me.” Mesprit smiled evilly. “You’re referring to my assistant over here? I’m sure you must be completely puzzled by why she is so willing to do what I say, and so enraged at you. Let me tell you now – all that rage is totally authentic. I didn’t put in any of it. Deep inside that emotional bottle of hers, she really, really hates you. Couldn’t imagine why…” Mesprit laughed evilly. “I just messed with her loyalty and self-control a bit… you know, to make the transaction go smoother?”

Kris turned her head to look at Cyrus. “Are you saying that you know this lady?” she asked.


“You know, telling us something would seriously help here!” Caro hissed, beginning to get angry.

“There’s really no point in telling them,” Mesprit’s malicious smile stretched further. “I think that we should just let Yami’s eyes do the talking, don’t you think? It would make for a much more dynamic revelation. Yami, take off your sunglasses.”

The woman slunk up to the people being held hostage by her Pokemon. Cyrus couldn’t help feeling Machamp’s breathing get faster - it wasn’t exactly helping his situation. Bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad! Very bad…

Oh Arceus. Why did Mesprit have to bring her?

She smiled wickedly, and took off her hat and sunglasses. At that point, it was completely apparent why she had done so much to shadow the upper side of her face.

This is insane! Completely insane!

Her eyes were a rather odd gray color that seemed to look right through you sometimes, and other times were just there, not looking like they did anything.

Everyone was silent for a few minutes. After that had finished, Kris was mumbling things under her breath, and Caro kept looking frantically between Cyrus and Yami. After a while of this, he groaned loudly.

“Mesprit! Not cool!” The boy groaned. She nodded proudly.

“Brilliant, eh? They’re exactly alike!” Her tone turned darker again. “Alright. Now that we have that all taken care of, we can start the summoning, yeah?” Everyone turned up to look at her.

“Summoning?” Kris shouted. “Summoning who?”

Mesprit laughed maliciously. “Oh, you know.” She lowered her head ominously, so that the shadow went farther down her face and obscured her eyes. She got up and floated a few feet above her perch above the door, and then spoke. “Nobody special…”

“Just an old plot device of yours.” Mesprit jangled the Chain again, as Yami smiled.

“Nice quote,” she said up to Mesprit.

“Thank you.” Mesprit smiled genuinely at her for a second, before her face twisted back to its now-usual malevolence. “GIRATINA!” She shouted as she flew over their heads. The Embargoes holding Caro and Kris flung them around gracelessly, and Machamp turned in much the same manner. “YOU MAY COME OUT NOW!”

Yami gave one last evil smirk at Cyrus before walking back to join Mesprit.

Black drops began to bleed out in the center of the room, eventually being filled by a larger hole. It grew bigger and bigger, soon swelling to such a size that it stretched from almost one side of the walkway on which it rested to the other. Two red pricks of light appeared in the middle of the inky blackness, and from it raised a huge tower of shadow with six luminous red spikes drumming against each other, three on each side, in the center. It soon became apparent that the pricks of light were meant to be eyes.

Mesprit reclined backwards; looking almost relaxed, she put her hands behind her head to watch the spectacle. Yami returned her hands to her pockets and leaned against the wall.

The red spikes stopped drumming and flung themselves outwards, where they suddenly revealed themselves to be claws of some sort on a giant set of… well… paws. But, you know, that’s just the way Origiratina rolls. The shadow reared up like a giant serpent, and it spread out its claw-things menacingly...

(It should be noted that Cyrus is shaking violently and breathing unevenly at this point. You didn’t honestly expect him to stare into space through this entire thing, did you?)

And Origiratina stayed there.

No pouncing violently on anyone this time, thank Arceus for that.

It just stood there, waiting for Mesprit to give it orders. It began to move the claws, bringing them out of their ominous rearing position, and did the most amazing thing – Origiratina crossed them. It glowered at Cyrus, and its glowing eyes narrowed. “Hello,” It spat in a cold, echoing tone.

“Yes, yes, I’m sure you’re quite eager to start the reunion.” Mesprit nodded understandingly, and floated up right next to Origiratina, much to his – her? - annoyance. “But try to act as imposing as you possibly can. It’s way, way more fun.” She nodded at Origiratina, who nodded back. Kris’ grimace deepened.

“Really?” He – she? Forget it, let’s call Origiratina an ‘it’ - said, after pausing to think it over. “That sounds interesting. All right… hold on; let me get in character…” It took a deep breath, and reared back even further, as if it were about to unleash a giant Flamethrower.


“Alright, that’s better. Sayonara, loonies!” Origiratina, still cloaked in shadow, stretched up out of the wormhole to such an extent that he was barely touching it, and reared its shadowy claws again.

"And now!" Mesprit cheered. "Now, all will end. And all will begin... for you three, anyway. Gyahahahaha!"

With one fell swipe, Origiratina brought the huge glob of shadow down.

It swung towards the trio like a giant pendulum (with glowing red spikes pulsing and twitching for added effect). The Machamp was hastily called back into its Pokeball, flinging his hostage to the floor, and the Embargo lifted, just before the shadow-claw reached the three defenseless humans thrust to the ground. For some reason, maybe Cyrus’ brain working in overdrive to analyze the situation, something Yami whispered rang in his ears loud and clear:

“See you never, bro…”

And all was white.

As Mesprit disappeared into another dimension with her Mad Legendary Skillz, Yami regained her previous mindset (meaning, before she was practically brainwashed). She could remember everything that had just happened, and as she recalled it a look of horror swept over her face. She looked back up at Mesprit’s perch, breathing in ragged gasps and seriously hating herself.

“Arceus… what have I done…?”

No surfer lingo here. :3 Yami meant every word.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)

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Default Re: Metal Coat; And it will be done with a very big bang.

...And you thought it was over.
Wow, were you wrong. This is the last official chapter (excluding the epilogue).
Giraina says bang.

The Sunny Hours
Chapter eighteen

This is, by no means, the end of the story. Arceus, no. I left you in just about the biggest cliffhanger in history – something has to happen to the three victims of Mesprit’s lunacy, right? Well, something did. Rest assured, kids…

Three figures were lying on empty space.

It was almost as if an invisible floor was the only thing stopping the unconscious humans from falling into an endless spiral of white nothingness, the only thing keeping them up. All three were out cold – until one, a young boy with a bizarre brown ponytail of a haircut, brought himself to his knees.

The boy was breathing rapidly as his mind tried to recall what had happened a few minutes ago. He looked down at himself, and shook his head. An orange shirt, two brown stripes slashed across the back. Ripped blue jeans. Brown shoes. Caro could hardly believe this was even possible, much less happen to him. But since he had met Helio, all thoughts of being remotely normal were flung out the hypothetical window.

And Arceus only knows how this insanity replaced it.

He shifted his gaze over the white nothingness. He stood up. Too fast, apparently, as a headache began to pound in his ears. He looked over the two other figures lying around him – a blond-headed girl and a man with slightly creepy steel-blue hairspikes. Caro sat down and put his head in his hands.

He quickly straightened himself out as his ears picked up sound vibrations – music was playing. Somehow, someway, there was music playing.

The music got louder. And louder. Eventually, Kris came to, but quickly regretted it and put her hands over her ears. Her blond hair fell down to around her shoulderblades, and she was wearing a cream shirt. Her white pants were in much the same condition as Caro’s, as were the white sneakers she wore. She went over to inspect Cyrus. Much to her surprise, she walked over to him only to find that his eyes were, in fact, open. He had been lying there silently, unmoving.

The music, thankfully, began to get softer. Caro sighed with relief.

“That was good music, once you got past the volume, wasn’t it?” Kris noted. Caro rolled his eyes.

“Only Kris would comment on how pretty a piece of music was when it’s blasting our eardrums out of our heads.” He chuckled.

Cyrus chose this moment to confirm that he was alive. He got up and, finding no place to lean on, put his hands in the pockets of his jacket and looked around. The tall man’s face was, as usual, completely emotionless.

“Do you have any idea where we are?” Kris mused.

“I do, in fact.” Cyrus said blankly, not turning to look down on Kris but rather continuing to look around. “It seems to me that you two are going home.” Kris was silent, but Caro had to say something.

“Wait- what? We’re going home? Like, you mean, without you?” Caro pointed at Cyrus.

“No. Judging by the fact that I’m still here, I must be coming with you.”

Caro was silent. For once, he looked like he was thinking hard. Or reminiscing. Either one seemed appropriate. The oddly thought-provoking, reflection-inducing music in the background was not helping.

Caro suddenly noticed a bump in Cyrus’ jacket. “Hey. Helio.” He said. Cyrus glanced down at him. “Can I look in your pocket?”

“No… the only things of interest in there are my Pokeballs.”

“Oh, come on! Please?”




Caro frowned and walked over to him. Without warning, he shoved his hand in Cyrus’ left pocket and kept it there, no matter how hard Cyrus attempted to yank it out. Finally, Caro withdrew his hand holding a small piece of metal.

“What’s this?” He said in a cold voice.

Cyrus opened his mouth, but identified the item and closed it again. He did not answer after that. Caro looked at it again, and his eyes widened.

“I’m serious. What is this thing?” He rattled the machine.

Cyrus looked away, and whispered, “A bomb. And don’t shake it.”

Kris jumped. “WHAT?” She shrieked. “A bomb is… like… you use it to blow up things! And create a big old diversion! Right?”


“A bomb.” Caro said coldly. “What you’re saying here is that we went through Never-Turn-Back and then some, whacked around by a Legendary controlled by another Legendary who’s gone mad, met a woman who’s eyes look suspiciously like yours, been trapped by an Embargo, and been at the mercy of a fluffy little being of love, and you had a BOMB in your pocket the whole entire time?”

“That’s the general concept, yes.”

Caro made an unpleasant-sounding noise halfway between an agitated groan and a roar and flung the bomb over his shoulder. “That was completely stupid of you. How do you forget about a bomb in your pocket?” Caro growled, icy tone still present.

“For the first part of the second Incident-“ This was Cyrus’ term for what had happened a few chapters ago- “I had about as much of an idea as you did about what was going on. For the second half, I was hanging by my arms in a Machamp’s grip. I don’t see any bomb-flinging opportunities there. If you do, feel free to sha-“ But he was cut short by a deafening noise.


(It should be noted by now that yes, I am the narrator of this story. The only part that was actually in real third person was the prologue… from the first chapter on, it was me watching and narrating on a Word document. That’s where all of these side-notes came from.)

“Uh, excuse me for that.” I coughed. “First impressions, you know. Important things to consider.” I was floating in air, though the huge black wings on my back were not beating. My body was mostly gray and was roughly fifteen feet tall. A black and red stripe went down my stomach and to the spine extension most people call a tail, stretching up my long neck (adorned with extremely cool-looking gold ring-shaped objects that thinned out near the stripe and thickened to the side) and the last black square’s color migrated to my head, which was, arguably, even crazier-looking than the rest of my body combined.

The first thing you noticed were the very large, thick spikes that stuck out on both sides and framed the head, with the effect of downturned ears. A crescent-moon shape was slammed in the middle of my forehead, same gold color as the headspikes. Attached to said headspikes were two long, golden horns, which stuck outwards from my head. Bright red eyes gleamed from behind the mask, set out on a dark gray face. I stood on my last pair of legs, giant shadow-wings spread wide.

“I am Guardian Giratina.” I nodded its head towards the three people in front of me. Caro and Kris were dumbstruck. Cyrus was looking off into space, as usual.

“And you three are going to…” I returned all six legs to the ground and waved my wing, and a black clipboard with blood-red paper appeared to my right. The clipboard floated over to me as I scanned the paper on it. “Uh-huh… return trip… second time for Cyrus… yes. Okay.” The clipboard disappeared.

“Question,” Caro spoke. “How are you floating? You’re not beating your wings.”

“Well, that’s an easy one!” I smiled. “You’re in Never-Turn-Back! It’s the gray area between the Pokemon worlds – and where I’m in charge… I can do anything in here.”

Caro gasped. “No you can’t!” He said.

“Yes he can,” Cyrus replied, still staring off into space.

“He?” I groaned. “I’m a female, in case you hadn’t noticed. And yes. I can distort anything in this place, and make anything happen.”

“So, that music!” Kris suddenly remembered.

“Yes, I did that too. It’s called Un Monde Sans Danger. That means A World without Danger, I think…” I shrugged.

“I still don’t believe you,” Caro grumbled.

“What? You need more proof? Suit yourself…” I looked around (even though there was nothing that could help me), searching for something that I could use to prove my powers to Caro.

“Okay… let’s try a different musical number, then.” I thought for a while, swishing her large and shadowy wings around her. I returned to the big blob of white that was my little ground area, and thought. From the deepest depths of my cruel, cruel mind, I came up with something. “Ah! I have an idea.”

I spread my wings dramatically, and the sound of thunder crashed in the background… however, the ominous chord was quickly replaced with something a bit more light-hearted.

We're no strangers to love
You know the rules and so do I
A full commitment's what I'm thinking of
You wouldn't get this from any other guy

I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling
Gotta make you understand…

I was roaring with laughter. “You, dear friends, have been Rickrolled!”

Kris was laughing so hard, she needed to sit down; I quickly provided a large and quite comfortable couch so that she didn’t crack her skull or something. Caro was performing a glorious facepalm with perfect form, and Cyrus was staring at me blankly. (I’d be willing to bet ten thousand Poke that he didn’t get the joke!)

“Can’t you do something a little more impressive than that?” Caro asked. I nodded, and took my thinking position again.

“Hair color? No… violent pink background? Nah, I don’t like pink…” Finally, my eyes fell on Cyrus. My cruel, cruel mind whirred into motion once more. “Perfect.” I chirped. After some brief evil grinning, I spread out her left wing, and Cyrus was raised a few feet into the air. (Yep, his face was still blank.)

“See Cyrus’ jacket? Right now, it’s the length that it is in most of the media. Most, except for the D-P Adventures manga, where it’s less of a jacket and more of-“ Cyrus’ jacket promptly got longer, stretching down to his knees- “a lab coat. But I personally prefer the way it is in the anime and games, so…” It returned to its original length. As if this were not bad enough, writing appeared to the right of Cyrus’ head as if it were being written with a black Sharpie marker, right in midair:

“Not amused.” Cyrus certainly fit the description.

“Thank you for being the guinea pig, Cyrus.” I chirped. Returning my wing to its usual position, Cyrus unceremoniously fell to the ground again. The writing disappeared a few seconds later.

“Do you believe me now?” I looked at Caro expectantly. He frowned.

“How?” Caro asked.

“Magic.” I said quickly.

“Now. According to this here,” I waved my wing and the black clipboard appeared again, “you three are headed for Treasure Town. Your reason for departure from the current universe was… oh Arceus.” My face fell as I quickly read the paper that had now attached itself to the clipboard. “That must have not ended well.”

As I said this, a blotch of blackness began to bleed across the white to their left as if it were paper. “Meh, fails to be you. Anyway, that portal over there’s yours. Go through, you three, go through…” I waved my wing again, with no odd side affects this time. Caro and Kris ran for it, but Cyrus took his time to inspect the portal before entering.

“Hey!” I shouted after them. “You might feel a little… tingling sensation, and should go away in a few min-“ I stopped yelling a few seconds in, noticing the portal had closed when the words were halfway out of my mouth.

“I don’t believe it. She was serious when she said that? But she must have changed her plans… if she did kill those three like she said she would, they would be somewhere else right now…” Giratina shuddered. “I like it so much more here in Never-Turn-Back.”

I turned around and spread both wings out in a menacing manner; there appeared a giant television and a laptop on a desk. My wings turned into long, black, human-shape hands, and I waited for the saga to continue. The fanfic section would love this.

The screen flickered to life, and I posed my makeshift hands onto the keyboard…

Three Pokemon woke up.

They were in a cavern, a very standard and ordinary one. The only thing that differenciated it from any other boring cavern in any other boring place was that there was a giant, gaping hole that went from the ceiling all the way up to the sky, where the sun was shining brightly.

Kris looked down at herself and smiled widely. Caro did much the same thing. They got up, ran around the room a few times, and began to do a strange (but extremely energetic) dance. Helio - Cyrus? – watched calmly from the shadows. As the two other Pokemon put on their whooping and screaming and general noises of delight, he couldn’t help but notice that faint voices were echoing from the only exit.

“Stop,” he told them, “and listen. Someone’s coming.”

“There’s a monster in there!” This voice was high-pitched and squeaky.

“A monster. Really.” This other one was extremely gravelly, like the speaker had a sore throat.

“Yeah! I-it was shrieking!” Helio took the opportunity to glare at Kris and Caro, who had stopped dancing like idiots and were completely silent.

“I didn’t hear anything.”

“Well, I did.”

There was one set of pawsteps and a lot of whooshing noises. Kris, Caro, and Helio backed away from the door, farther into the room.

“What is it?” the female voice asked.

“This,” the gravelly voice said, “is your monster.” Another whooshing noise, and something made of metal flew into the room. Helio aimed a magnet at it and brought the object closer, where he could identify it. Had he had a different philosophy, his eyes would have widened in surprise.

This was one of his screws that had evidently come loose.

Helio silently scolded himself for not remembering to do a check-over as the conversation resumed.

“But… it made a noise,” the high-pitched voice whimpered.

“It might have come from a monster of some sort,” the gravelly voice continued, “but it has no life force of its own. I’d bet you 500 Poke that this thing came from a Magneton that entered this place not too long ago.”

Kris and Caro looked around, and their jaws dropped simultaneously.

This chamber was the very one that had sparked (no pun intended) their lifetime-amount adventure.

“Do you think that came from Helio?” the high-pitched voice asked. Kris and Caro’s eyes darted over to the Magneton, who didn’t look back at them but stayed perfectly still.

“How should I know?” argued the rocky voice. “Besides, it isn’t important anyway. Helio’s gone. Dead, probably. So are the other two. There’s nothing here –we should take a different route.”

It was at this point Helio’s gaze slid over to meet the other two Pokémon’s scared faces.

Just how long had they been gone?

An Arcanine bounded through Treasure Town. Its broad paws pounded on the cobblestone walkway, not pausing for anything and swerving out of the way of other Pokemon. Everyone who saw him didn’t get mad – they were filled with excitement. Arcanines only come when there’s important news!

“No!” He kept shouting. “Do not follow me! I have private business!”

He did not stop until he reached a cliff face. Looking down, the Arcanine shuddered. The huge Sharpedo-shaped cliff and the water below made him nervous – falling in would spell death for him, ignoring completely his weakness to water. The Arcanine whimpered softly and jammed his eyes shut.

This continued for a few minutes until the large, cream-furred Pokemon could pull itself together. Shaking his head firmly, the Arcanine reminded himself of what he was here to do. Looking up, he swept his gaze over the cliff face, and finally found what he was looking for. Padding over to a large hole, he thumped firmly on the trapdoor over it. Immediately, a Raichu opened the door.

“Hey,” he said. “Are you here for anything?”

“Uh… yes. Yes I am.” The Arcanine nodded stiffly. “You are Caro, right?”

“Yeah. How come?”

“I have a message for you.”

“You don’t look like a Pelipper.”

“That’s because it is not ordinary mail.” The Arcanine handed Caro a thick envelope. The Raichu opened it, and his eyes widened. He scrunitized it for quite a while, until he came to an educated and well thought out conclusion.

“This is in Unown runes,” he said rather stupidly.

“If I’m not mistaken, that Magneton who is staying with you can read them,” The Arcanine replied calmly.

“Oh yeah! Hold on a sec…” The Raichu nodded and scampered down the stairs. “Oi, Helio!” he shouted from the stairwell into the ‘house’. “Can you translate this?” The Raichu waved the letter in Unown runes in one paw. A soft whirring noise came from the hole.

“Where did you get that?” A mechanical voiceechoed from the unseen darkness beyond the Raichu’s fluffy form.

“Come up here,” Caro said, “and I’ll show you.”

Caro returned to the surface, along with a Magneton floating a few feet behind him. “Hello,” he said to the Arcanine in much the same tone as before.

“Hello.” The Arcanine nodded. “There should be a Persian here, too.”

“That would be me.” A cream-colored cat padded up to them from the hole. “What are you here for?” she asked.

“You three were sent to the human world a while ago, were you not?” They all nodded. “After… a quick departure, we were able to recover your bodies. They were, surprisingly enough, completely unharmed. You know what this means, don’t you?”

“We can return to the human world if we wish,” Helio cut in.

“Precisely. So I need you three to make a choice.” The Arcanine nodded. “Do you wish to stay here, or return to the human world and continue the life you began as normally as is possible?”

Everyone stared at him for a long time.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)

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Default Re: Metal Coat; Never-Turn-Back

Cool! Mesprit really is insane XD I'm a little confused by the two Giratina's though...0o
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