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Old 06-11-2005, 11:14 PM
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Default The Green Shadows [PG-13 for violence, action, and drama]

Disregard the polls... Now it's just for fun. Vote at will.

Alrighty. For those who read this and noticed that the annoying red text isn't red anymore; don't worry... You have become colorblind. The only remedy is to read the new installments to this story, whenever they come. Eitherway, blah blah blah. Hope you enjoy.

Okay, something new again. I took out the 2nd/shorter version of the prologue because I found it annoying/redundant to see two prologues, and I'm sure you did too. Blah Blah blah...... Drink Dr. Pepper and enjoy this story.

The Green Shadows - By Redlark


Looking out the window, giant cotton clouds rolled over the hills towards the west. The sky was becoming grey in the north and the old McCormick farm was waning weaker than ever. With the farm to look after, Cesar was just now realizing that his grandfather also left his with a bad dept in the red. There had to be a storm coming, it was his crops only hope for any sort of harvest. But Cesar knew the rain wouldn’t come his way, his farm was going to dry up and slowly die away.

Putting on his lucky overalls that showed the wear of hard work from being that seventeen year old farm boy everyone knew but never talked to; Cesar walked out on to the front porch of his old farmhouse as one thing plagued his mind as the hot scratching sun began to beat it’s way into his face.

Laura was the only thing that anchored him home. Always being that good friend of his that admired him dearly. There was a lush garden in between them that they could never cross. It was a labyrinth of green hedges and confusing turns. Both of them knew that they would come clean with their dreams sooner or later, but with the way the farm was looking now, that daydream would never happen. It was a dream where Laura would follow him anywhere through every hardship.

Cesar’s grandfather had died a month prior and he had no other relatives in his family. The only thing that old grandpa Cesar left him with was the dying farm and a bad dept in the red. The townsfolk back in Cherrygrove grew restless and Cesar wasn’t sure how he was going to pay them all off.

The clouds crawled slowly over the hills and the grey in the north was becoming darker. But his farm no matter what rain would come, was hopeless from saving. It had reached that point of no return and the only crop that would grow would probably mean nothing, barely even feeding himself in the process.

Devoid of life, the once white farmhouse and once red barn were becoming grey slowly with age. Looking around himself, Cesar noticed the porch was beginning to rot. Everything on the farm was dead or dying. All of his farm herds were sold off to pay off the housing bills.

Truly; the only living thing that seemed to be on the crops that day was that annoying murkrow that always stole a personal portion of the farm for itself every year. Of course this year was different and that old bird knew that. No worries for the bird though, there had to be a worm or bug somewhere in the dust.

Instead of his usual disrespecting glare, Cesar only looked at the old crow and sighed. The bird knew something horrible was happening to the farm, but couldn’t really figure out what exactly. Walking out to the soft freshly plowed dirt towards the murkrow, Cesar put his hands in his pockets and noticed that even his hay fields that used to feed his old miltanks were now drying away from life. Tensing his wings, the murkrow knew what was coming. It came every year with every bountiful harvest. Cesar would shout a mean curse and a throw rocks at him.

It never came though. Cesar only walked past the bird with his head slumped and walked deeper into the dirt field towards the nearby forest.

The murkrow stared at Cesar as he became smaller and headed to the forest. Something didn’t seem right about the young farmer, and something inside that old ball of black feathers told him to follow the kid. So he did.

Cesar didn’t want to be harassed by the people back in town for money he owed anymore. He didn’t want to see his life dry away. He was still young. And what did the world care anyway? He still had life in him. He had to do something. He was the last of the McCormick family, and he didn’t want to be that young seventeen year old farm boy with nothing in front of him anymore. He was going to force himself to grow up. Even if it meant not seeing his best friend Laura anymore.

Looking into the dark heavy forest, Cesar was really doing it now. Only one step into the forest and his past troubles would be history.

Looking back at the farm, everything was a dead brown or a grey drying away. Looking up to the sky, the clouds in the north were becoming darker. But in the forest, all his troubles would be history. Cesar was really going to do it now. It was the only strength he had left in him.


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Default Re: The Green Shadows


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Default Re: The Green Shadows

You call that prolouge short . Well I havent read the whole thing but there were a few spelling errors. I don't know if you were meaning to but instead of "Cesar" I think it should be "Ceaser".

The only thing that old grandpa Cesar left him
You are implying (< If thats how you spell it) that Ceser's/Ceaser's grandfathers name was Cea/Ceser.Also capitilize pokemon names.

But the good things in this fic are its lenght and the discription.

This is just constuctive critisism (I hope) so, please don't be offended.

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Default Re: The Green Shadows

Lol, sweetness. Capitalizing the pokemon names and stuff is done in this post. I also changed the spelling of his name from this point on, even though Word says it's mispelled But I like that spelling anyway. For some reason it looks better on the eyes and I'm not sure why. If you find a stray Ceasar that's spelled the old way, that's because I missed that one while going over this post. Also, I don't mind the critisism, I find it very nice to hear... well, read.

Chapter 1

Rain began to fall in heavy sheets and a faint mist blew itself through the screen of the window. Looking out to the streets she saw a Pidgey nest itself in nearby poplar tree.

“Laura, hon. Close that window, it’s raining.” Laura’s mother told her daughter.

The sound of the front door opened and closed and a tired miner came through the door. This was Laura’s father and like everyday he was covered in dirt and mud. Taking out an old dented poke ball, a stream of light beamed out to the floor of the room releasing a somewhat fatigued Sandslash. “I’ve got dibs on the shower tonight, ladies. I smell like Muk.”

“You okay, Phil?” Laura’s mother asked, as her husband walked into the kitchen.

Getting himself a glass of water, “no I’m not. Sorry for being snappy, but there was another cave in today. Those idiots keep forgetting to put up the supports when they make a tunnel. It’s just stressful at times.” The Sandslash beside him nodded his head in confirmation and turned around to the garage for it’s food and bed. “I nearly got buried alive down there, but I’m okay because of ol’ Dusty.”

The Sandslash before leaving the kitchen looked back, grunted and smiled to his owner.

“Well I’m glad you’re okay,” Laura’s mother said with a calm smile.

Laura stopped overhearing her parents conversation as she closed the window. A small grunt purred under her and she noticed it was her Sandshrew that she had gotten from her father for her seventeenth birthday a couple months ago. He wanted to go outside; so walking to the back door, she let him wander to the gazebo and sit down out of the rain. She stood there looking at her Sandshrew and thought about Ceasar.

It was only seven o’clock in the evening and she wanted to do something fun for the night. Running to the phone, she proceeded to call Ceasar. She knew he was going through hard times and wanted to see if he was fine.

One ring… two rings… three rings… four rings… She finally hung up the phone when she lost count of rings.

No matter though; she could go to his house and ask him if he wanted to go to the cinema. She really wanted to watch the new movie “The Ash Ketchum Story.” It was supposed to be based on a real person and had gotten good reviews. Either way; Ceasar needed a break. She knew he was on the verge of breakdown if she didn’t cheer him up soon.

Yelling to her mom, she told her that she was going to go visit Ceasar and see if he wanted to go to the movies. Then yelling to her Sandshrew, “hey Shemp! Come back inside, we’re going to go see Ceasar.”

Putting her Sandshrew into it’s poke ball, she grabbed her cell phone, her back pack, and an umbrella.

* * * * *

“What Do You Want?! You Stupid Bird!! LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY!!!” Ceasar yelled at the Murkrow that was following him into a nearby cave.

The rain clouds were catching up to him and he was straying from the path that led north.

Sighing deeply and glaring at the old Murkrow that had followed him from the farm, he sat down and pulled out a small chocolate bar from his pocket. Looking at the black bird that landed in the entrance of the cave, it looked up to the sky and noticed the rain clouds too.

“Whatever,” Ceasar vented to the bird. “If you’re looking for food to grub off me, I’m practically barren.”

The Murkrow suddenly looked at the chocolate bar for a second and then looked at Ceasar in the eyes.

“What, this?” Ceasar was holding up the chocolate bar. “Okay, okay. But it’s for me, it’s the only thing I have right now. I need to eat too, you know. You don’t need chocolate, you might get sick. All you need to do is find some worm or something, there has to be a farm somewhere around here that you can steal some crop off of.”

The murkrow sighed and snuggling itself into itself and ruffled his feathers.

Ceasar ate the rest of his chocolate bar looking into the dark cave wondering where he might go next. Looking at the old black bird, he sighed again. Putting the wrapper in his pocket he pulled out a small back of bread and ripped off a small piece from his chunk of loaf. “Here,” throwing the small piece to the bird, “that’s if you’re hungry. I guess I can sacrifice some food.”

The Murkrow only opened one eye and then shut it once more.

“What? You don’t want it?”

The Murkrow opened his eyes and ruffled himself once more. Hopping over to the bread, he took it into his beak and flew off out of the cave.

Looking around, Ceasar was a bit tired and laid himself down for a nap.

* * * * *

Reaching the McCormick farm, the rain was beginning to ease off. The farm looked a little gray to her. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but something was amiss. Calling out Ceasar’s name, the farm was silent. She went to the front door of the old white homestead house and knocked loudly on the door. Waiting there a couple minutes, nobody came to the door.

Walking around to the other side of the house, it was obvious that no one was around. With all the pokemon gone as well, the farm was so lonely.

“I wonder where he is,” she thought out loud. Resting herself on the side wall of the house she looked at the ground and was thinking of places where he may be. “The barn,” she said. So running to the barn she threw her umbrella to the side of the house and soon realized the barn was deserted as well.

* * * * *

Five miles away from the old abandoned farm that was once Cesar’s. A small gang of young ruffians gathered their poke balls and were heading to their secret hideout cave. One by one, each had their own tough pokemon in their belt, and they headed to their meeting cave independently. The leader was a nineteen year old boy by the name of Rex, and on him he had his Rattata and his trusty old Spearow that he kept with him at all times. They were the toughest local brutes in the area and they called themselves, the Cherrygrove Phantoms.

It wasn’t that they were really tough, but they were slick and deceiving. They had vandalized, stolen, and whatever and always got away from it. They were keen and always knew what went on in their territory. No small time trainer would even dare confront the bad boys of Cherrygrove. And if they did; they would usually loose more than their wallet.

The local police couldn’t get a single scrap of evidence on them. So they didn’t really have anything to fear. All they had to be was their usual crafty selves.

They were all heading towards a cave that was a good place to sleep during rain storms. Their meeting was going to be about a plan that included pulling off one of their biggest most dangerous thieving jobs in the history of them being together. This plan was beautiful, Rex thought to himself. Only about two minutes and I should be in the cave. I hope Jenny brought soda…

* * * * *

It was beginning to get dark and Laura hoped that she’d find Ceasar soon because something was wrong.

Walking back to the house disappointed, Laura found that the back door was left ajar. So walking in, she shut the door behind her and called out Ceasar’s name. Nobody was around and she proceeded to the kitchen and found a small note left on the counter. It read:

To whoever may find this,
I have left Cherrygrove and I’m not coming back. I'll be fine and if anybody is worrying about me, you shouldn't be. I've got the old McCormick strength in me and you all know it. If Laura is reading this, I’m very sorry for leaving so suddenly. I know you understand. Also; if Laura isn't reading this. Tell her that I left something in our secret spot.

Ceasar McCormick III

Dropping the small note to the ground, Laura began to hyperventilate as tears began to force their way out of her eyes. She tried to hold back her emotion, but ran to the front door and ran into the dead dry fields that once were lively crops. Calling out Ceasar’s name, she clenched her teeth and it began to rain once more.

Falling to her knees, drops of tears disappeared with the rain that collected on her face.

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Default Re: The Green Shadows

Very nice once more. Now get to posting more!

Also, I think cesar is better then ceasar. I mean, ceasar is ceasar, let him be cesar. What I like is how I think it should be pronounced. CeSAR.

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Default Re: The Green Shadows

Okay... from this point on I'll spell his name............ SeeZare <--that's a silent 'e'..... just kidding. I'll just go with Cesar, since spell check is annoying the poop out of me.

Chapter 2

The nine Cherrygrove Phantoms stood over their next victim who was sleeping soundly in their cave.

“Who is this kid?” one of them asked.

“I think I’ve seen his face around town,” another said.

Rex finally looked at his gang coolly and said, “his name is Cesar, I think. Farm kid.”

“I wanna’ take him on,” a girl with golden locks said.

“Me too,” an adolescent with braces and a creepy look added.

Rex, cracking open a can of Chansey Cola smiled and gave his gang a small nod. “He’s a farmer’s kid. He probably has something like a weak ass Spoink or Miltank. We’ll overwhelm him.”

A boy with a red backwards ball cap and dark glasses hacked up a ball of mucus from his throat and spit a blob of ick on Cesar’s face and laughed.

Waking to a startle, “what the crap?! OH! EWGH!!!” He was trying to wipe off the yellowish green slime that was now getting into his mouth.

The gang belted out laughs and Cesar looked at them all. He wasn’t scared, but he was confused. Getting up to his feet he gave them all a mean glare.

“Okay kid, just show us what you got. And if you cooperate, things wont be so painful.”

“Give you what?” he huffed out at Rex.

“Money, perhaps? Poke gear? Maybe even your Pokemon if we like them. What do you have?”

“It’s the only money I’ve got. Leave me alone.” Cesar’s glare was beginning to become very intimidating to even Rex.

“Alright. Rattata, Spearow, GO!” Rex roared as he swiftly threw out two of his poke balls. The rest of his gang proceeded to follow with their Pokemon.

It was dark in that cave, except for the glow of the moon and an electric lamp one of the gang members brought, the only bright light was the brilliant flashing of the gang’s poke balls.

Cesar clenched his fist, and before any of the Pokemon or gang had fully realized what was going on, Cesar threw himself at Rex. Tackling him to the ground, Cesar and Rex rolled on the rocks of the cave floor. Winding his fist tightly, Cesar threw a strong punch to Rex’s chin. Getting up to his feet he saw that he was surrounded by a Pikachu, a large Ratticate, two Pidgeys, three Rattatas, a Sentret, three Bellsprout, two Geodudes, and Rex’s shocked Pokemon.

Oh crap, Cesar thought to himself when he realized he was probably in trouble. Thinking to himself quickly, he thought it smart to stay away from the Geodudes since throwing a punch would only hurt. The Pikachu seemed a little dangerous to attack as well. So grabbing a handful of dirt, he got up to his feet.

The girl with the Pikachu attacked first, “Pikachu, Thundershock!!” Charging the trainer he threw the dirt into the Pikachu‘s eyes, but a bolt of lightning struck Cesar in the back. Screaming in pain he landed on the girl, slightly shocking her in the process. Cesar rolled to the side, but the girl hit the side of the cave hard. The rest of the trainers looked at each other and realized Cesar was tougher than they estimated.

Ordering all in sync with eachother, every Pokemon began to reluctantly attack Cesar with what they knew. A Pidgey swooped overhead as a Rattata jumped on to his leg and bit into the flesh of his thigh. Curling down at the Rattata, his head was skimmed by a Geodude’s rock throw knocking out a Spearow who was swooping down for a good nose dive into Cesar’s neck. Grabbing the Rattata with both hands, Cesar threw the ferocious critter at an oncoming Sentret who was attempting to head butt him in the groin.

Cesar charged and tackled the trainer who had spit in his face earlier, but in the process a Pidgey threw a gust a of wind in his direction, throwing the trainer and Cesar several feet back to the outside entrance of the cave. Punching the kid in the gut with what little strength he had left he looked back to see a Ratticate showing his large fangs ready to rip his way into Cesar’s overalls. Behind the Ratticate, a raging Geodude and Pikachu were charging him at full speed.

Using a quick attack, the angry Pikachu scratched him across the face, sending him to the ground.

The Ratticate scratched into his back. Hard. Its fangs glistened, preparing to strike his neck.

Out of nowhere, a dark shadow swept down from the sky, hitting the rodent against the trunk of a large birch tree.

As the Geodude rose its arm of solid rock to put him out, Cesar felt a heat of rage and fear rise from his gut and knot up in his throat.

Suddenly, a whirlwind flung the rocky beast into the air back into the cave, hitting its bewildered trainer in the process.

Cesar was tired and getting bloody. With vision blurred, he could only make out that the trainer gang was confused. His vision seemed to blur more as a strange energy force seemed to swallow the mountain. Getting up to his feet he noticed the trainers were holding there heads in pain and every rival Pokemon around him shut their eyes tight squeamishly.

Something good was happening. Cesar was winning.

The sky began to fill with an unnatural haze. It engulfed everything around it. Every person and Pokemon was scared for their lives. Fear began to slash it’s way into the air as Rex and his gang thought they saw villainous eyes staring at them as if it was thirsty for a kill.

A grey phantom materialized behind a confused Pidgey and shoved it into a tree. The Pikachu was freaking out, looking this way and that, trying to get away from what it thought was a giant monster. A Geodude ran itself into a tree and wasn’t sure where to go.

The haze was getting thicker with each second. Everyone was scared.

Cesar was smiling. He was going to win.

He was going to show these jerks what it felt like to be spit on. He was going to show these jerks what it felt like to be overwhelmed. He was going to show to the world how it felt like to be hurt.

Walking slowly to Rex, some of his gang began to recall their Pokemon and run from the horrific battlefield. Rex was crying out to his gang to stay and help him up. During Cesar’s tackle on him, he had twisted his ankle badly and he was beginning to cry from the fiery pain.

“You’re nothing,” Cesar hissed, now standing over Rex.

“C’mon Guy! It was just a joke!!” Rex cried out, crawling backwards in the mud.

Kicking the kid in the leg he laughed out, “you hurt your leg?”

“C’mon, I think it’s broken!!! Leave Me Alone!!!”

“You didn’t leave me alone. You sent your stupid pawn Pokemon on me. You couldn’t deal with me like a man. You just wanted to suck me dry of my life, my money, my only food I have.”

“C’MON!! If I knew--”

Interrupting, Cesar weighted his foot on Rex’s twisted leg and growled at him showing his true power as an individual, “if you knew what? If you knew I was weak?” Rex was shaking his head, trying helplessly to get an escape. Cesar spit into Rex’s face, “do you want my wallet?” Rex was crying for his parents and pleaded for his life, “I asked you a question, punk! Do you want my wallet?” Adding pressure to Rex’s leg, Rex screamed pitifully.

Streams of tears ran down Rex’s face as he turned himself on his stomach. This had to be a nightmare. It couldn’t be happening.

“Give me your wallet.”

Breathing hard in the mud, Rex looked up at Cesar’s face. An inferno raged in Cesar’s eyes with an anger Rex had never seen before. An anger that went beyond petty crimes. Anger that was stronger than desperation.

Cesar wanted his revenge. Not on Rex; it was bigger that. Revenge on the hard world that cruelly spat on him every day since his grandfather had passed on.

From this point, Laura was only a faint memory that seemed like a whisper in the back of his mind.

“My wallet?” Rex whimpered.

“Now,” Cesar scowled.

Rex was paralyzed with the want of being at home once more. Safe from his fears. Away from the darkness that began to cloud his world.

Taking out his wallet from a back pocket, Rex succumbed to Cesar. An old Murkrow landed itself on Cesar’s shoulder cawing a melody that made the gang leader want to faint away into darkness.

Cesar grinned slowly, savoring the moment that made him feel strong.

Turning around, he walked off into the forest night, petting the new friend who was perched on his shoulder. The bird saved his life from a bloody end. He wouldn’t forget that.

Rex was crying. The reminisce of his gang that hadn‘t fled were now crouching, mumbling prayers that the nightmare would end.

The haze slowly lifted. Cesar was gone.

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Default Re: The Green Shadows

Oooh, this is gonna be cool! Very mysterious.

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Default Re: The Green Shadows

...whOA!! holy poop on a stick, i wont let this one get buried in the forums

Anywho - I'll have the next post come up within the next couple days. All posts after this one will come weekly, due to a really my bad scheduale.

So....... sorry for the wait
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Default Re: The Green Shadows

Originally Posted by Redlark
...whOA!! holy poop on a stick, i wont let this one get buried in the forums

Anywho - I'll have the next post come up within the next couple days. All posts after this one will come weekly, due to a really my bad scheduale.

So....... sorry for the wait
I have a feeling this story is going to go deep... very deep... and waiting isn't a problem as long as you don't give up on it...

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Default Re: The Green Shadows

I agree. just you keep going!

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Default Re: The Green Shadows

Oh don't worry, I don't usually give up on writing. I've just been busy. But anyway - a few days late ain't bad, so here's the third installment. It's a bit of a breather from the heavy action that happened in the second post.

Chapter 3

Looking at her clock, she was surprised with how long she was able to stay up. Suddenly the birds chirped and the dark night sky wasn’t so dark. Light lit the darkness and the world wasn’t so gloomy. To Laura’s tired under slept mind, the sun lighting up the world was a symbol of hope.

Shemp, her Sandshrew, was sleeping in his bed in the corner of Laura’s room. A soft Farfetch’d down pillow with a simple red on blue design. Shemp slept contentedly, every so often twitching from dreams of chasing desert insects.

Shemp was young and very content with his life. He knew something was wrong in his owner’s life, but he never really questioned whether or not he was able to help her at all. In some sense, Shemp was very naive to many things. He never really thought anything bad could ever happen to himself or his owner.

Laura on the other hand, felt as if she had a personal mission she needed to accomplish. Grabbing her dark red backpack and shoving in clothes hastily, she scampered around the room looking for whatever poke supplies she owned.

Waking up slowly, Shemp starred at his busy owner and got up from his bed. Waddling peacefully over to Laura’s comfy blue bed, Shemp jumped on and nestled himself into the creases of the comforter.

Laura hadn’t told her parents what was going on at Cesar’s farm, and honestly she wasn’t thinking through her travel plans all too well.

Laura was going on a Poke quest, but more importantly a quest to find her best friend.

“Shemp, return.” Shemp beamed into a bright light and vanished into a Poke ball which sat in Laura’s hand. Finally; grabbing all the money she had on her, Laura snuck out the back window of her room leaving a small
goodbye note behind her.

Heading over to Cesar’s deserted farm, Laura hadn’t forgotten the note Cesar had left for her.

* * * * *

What Cesar had left for Laura wouldn’t of seemed very significant to most people. But to Laura, it was a sign of their lasting friendship.

Laura reached Cesar’s farm a little bit before 7 am. Walking over to the back of the house, she began to proceed towards Cesar’s barn. Walking inside, she went to the far back corner of the barn and pushed aside a few heavy blocks of hay. Brushing the ground, she revealed a small trap door. Opening it led to a small chamber. Crawling into the dark hole, she patted her hands on the ground looking for a small wooden chest that she remembered existed once.

Finding the box, she crawled out of the hole and placed the box on the ground and starred at it for a few seconds without movement. Blowing her hair bangs out from her eyes, she breathed in deeply and gathered her mental strength.

Placing her hand on the box, she unlatched a classic little brass lock and opened the box. Inside, Cesar had left three items. On the top was a pair of dark sunglasses which were from last summer when they had spent the day at the beach. Under the sunglasses was a dark navy blue scarf.

The scarf suddenly brought Laura back eight years ago when she was nine years old, the day Cesar taught her how to knit. Cesar learned how to knit from his grandmother when he was younger; and during most of the winter of that year, Cesar and Laura stayed indoors to knit.

The first successful thing that Laura knitted was the scarf. Of course both of them would switch off between each other in creating the scarf; so certain sections knitted by Cesar himself were tighter, more complicated, and sometimes with trick stitches thrown in for thrills. The rest of the scarf was pretty basic, mainly because Laura was the one that knitted the rest. The design was asymmetrical with small ties and larger star flower ties to basic knits that were somewhat similar to crochet, but not really.

The scarf had character.

Unrapping the scarf, Laura saw something that took her breath away at the very moment she saw it.

A dark heavy leather canteen with the initials C.M.

The canteen was empty, but was designed to carry lots of water and be easy to clean. Laura knew that the canteen was older than her or Cesar combined. It was a family momento that was passed down from his great-grandfather, Christopher Martins (this was on his mother’s side, do mind... so the initials being the same with Cesar McCormick his other great-grandfather, is all coincidence).

Biting her bottom lip, a reflective smile went across Laura’s face because she knew Cesar considered that canteen as one of his most important heirlooms. Cesar knew that she loved the canteen too, so he left it behind for her especially.

She put the scarf into her backpack, and put on the sunglasses. She then looked at the canteen and took it into the farm house and filled it with water. Putting the canteen into her backpack, she stepped outside and walked into the dry corn fields.

The sun was up now and she guessed it was around 7:30 am. Looking to the denser wooded areas on the far side of the farm property. Laura walked into the woods to see if she could find any trail her friend had left behind.

* * * * *

Laura’s father woke up, had his coffee, took along Dusty, and left for work. Laura’s mother, working that day, made breakfast, left it on the counter, then left for work.

Later that day, around dinner time, both of Laura’s parents thought it strange that their daughter wasn’t home. Checking her room, they found the note laying on the pillow:

Dear Mother and Father,
I’m sorry but I need to go on my Poke quest now. It’s not for myself, but I’m also chasing for Cesar who ran away from Cherrygrove last night.


Reading the note, Laura’s parents called the cops.
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Default Re: The Green Shadows

Ooh, now it gets more innteresting with her escaping and all but the lenght wasn't all that good though... let's see what the next chapter is going to add...

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Default Re: The Green Shadows

Author's Note: Please excuse that this post is in two seperate posts. I ran over 10,000 characters (*grr...*).

Chapter 4

Cesar had walked all day with only one stop to eat what he had left in his pockets. He ran out of food the last time he ate. But starving didn’t pose too much of a threat since Rex had been carrying a bit of money when Cesar had stolen his wallet.

The day had been hot and the coming night was still very warm. Still sweating big globs, Cesar looked up at the orange hazy sunset that sank itself into the hills. Leaning up against a tree, Cesar slowly sank to the ground fatigued. He hadn’t realized how tired he really was.

The Murkrow wasn’t with him. It had left him a little after noon for it’s own food and water and still hadn’t come back. How Cesar knew what the Murkrow was up to was a mystery to even himself. He wasn’t sure how he knew the Murkrow’s thoughts, but somehow he just knew what the old bird was thinking. For the bird, it was vica verse; the bird knew what Cesar was thinking as well. Neither of them really communicated it to eachother, but they had gut feelings and would just look at eachother in the eyes and know what the other was going to do.

Cesar felt dry, hot, and wasted. He had only drank once today from a stream and was now feeling the pre-lethal effects of dehydration.

His lungs felt as if they couldn’t breath. His insides felt like there were leather belts tightening their grips, constricting the life from his body. Cesar felt like dying, but deep in his heart he didn’t want to.

Blinking, it was hard to keep his red eyes open. Breathing slowly, he flet like he wanted to go into a deep sleep.

A voice from inside the dark forest brush brought him to his feet.

Breathing hard, it was hard for Cesar to stand up without swaying like a toppling tower. That was when Cesar thought he heart a voice.

Clearing his head, he realized it wasn’t a voice at all, but a harmonica. It was playing a slow melody. Almost sad. Almost lonely.

Listening. The notes sang a melodic minor and Cesar imagined rolling hills covered in grassy fields. As each musical phrase passed, Cesar became more lost within the harmonica’s solitary song.

But then the playing stopped. Cesar fell limp to the ground, and his sight went black.

When Cesar woke up, he found himself starring straight into the eyes of the Murkrow, who was perching on his chest worriedly. The bird gave a small sigh of relief and hopped to the ground.

Sitting up, Cesar noticed that a bottle of water sat by his side and he didn’t feel so fatigued.

“Where’d the water come from?” Cesar asked the Murkrow.

The Murkrow starred blankly, glanced at the bottle, then shrugged.

“Did you hear the harmonica?”

The Murkrow shooks it’s head and looked around.

“Nevermind,” Cesar said, taking the bottle of water and drinking. “I don’t even know why I’m drinking this crap. For all I know some stupid kid put poop water in here and is watching me from afar laughing his little head.”
Pausing, looking at the bottle, Cesar continued talking, now a little bit disgusted. “Wow... this really does taste like bird poop. No offense to you, of course.” Cesar reasured his feathered friend.

The Murkrow shrugged.

Suddenly Cesar looked at the sky and realized it was the next day; and where the sun was, it was just before noon. Standing up to his feet, Cesar felt that his body was feeling good. He wasn’t tired or hot anymore, but he felt a lot stronger than the day before.

Something had taken care of him... something with the harmonica, but he wasn’t sure what it could of been.

None of it made any sense, and no matter how hard he tried to find the answers, it was obvious that he wasn’t going to figure them out any time soon.

“Dang, I feel good,” Cesar sighed quietly. He took the bottle of water and stuck it into his back pocket. About to continue walking west, Cesar looked back at the Murkrow. “You comin’?”

The Murkrow flew up onto Cesar’s shoulder, and the two travelers continued into the woods.

The woods weren’t that treacherous; the shrubs weren’t that thick; but the hills seemed like they were getting harder to climb as the day went by.

It was hot like a deep fryer.

Cesar sighed as he reached the top of a hill. He felt like his sweat was evaporating, leaving little grains of body salt in the creases of his skin.

Drinking the rest of the water from the bottle, Cesar looked around like a scoutsman from the top of the hill.

To his back right was a small town in the horizon. To his left were vast marshy fields and more forest. But right up ahead seemed like there were some decent trails and roads that went north and south.

Squinting his eyes, Cesar then saw something that caught his curiosity. They looked like large boulders from that distance; but the way that they were scattered. The must’ve been manmade.

So turning his body in that direction he began to walk to the strange rock formations.

Going down the hillside was pretty easy; he came across a lot of odd Pokemon that he had never seen before. He couldn’t capture them because he didn’t have any Poke balls on him, but luckily for him they didn’t attack him. He wasn’t sure why, but he had a good guess. Everything around him didn’t have the guts to take him and the bird on his shoulder in a fight. Something in how the Pokemon reacted to his presence showed that he wasn’t welcoming. He felt as if they were frightened of him. He felt powerful. Respected.

At the foot of the hill, Cesar came across the path he had seen from before. It wasn’t fancy. Not even made of gravel. But it was good, considering that it was only packed dirt.

Looking north, then looking south; Cesar sighed while holding his empty water bottle.

Lifting his hand to scratch the head of the Murkrow on his shoulder, Cesar looked up into the sky and saw the rays of the blistering sun bake his body like a burnt cookie.

Cesar had a dilemma. He could either keep going straight to the strange rock formations, or he could turn right towards the city for much needed food supplies.

Standing still with the bird on his shoulder, Cesar stood strong. He looked like a painting of a powerful inspiration. But in his dark eyes, it was obvious that he was searching for somehting he couldn’t grasp. Yet; the image of Cesar, bruised from two days ago when Rex’s gang swamped him, was very moving... Those were the thoughts of Ashley (who was hiding in a tree, about three meters down the path).

Ashley had seen the whole confrontation between Cesar and Rex’s gang from afar. She had walked in when Cesar was on the ground nearly blood beaten to death. About to stop the fighting with her own Pokemon and save Cesar, one thing stopped her from even taking another step. An insecure feeling. The sight of the little dark shadow that danced in the air.

She saw the whole one-sided fight between Rex’s gang and Cesar. From the little shadow saving Cesar’s life, to that Hellish haze that consumed everyone including it’s user.

For some reason the fight wasn’t... natural.

It sparked Ashley’s curiosity.
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Default Re: The Green Shadows

From the fight, Ashley had lost sight of Cesar up until now. She saw him at the top of the hill and was now waiting for him to pass her so she could follow him and see where he was going.

Ashley wasn’t very young, but younger than Cesar by two years, making her fifteen. She was on her Pokemon journey to become the best of the best. Other than that, she just wanted adventure. The type of adventure that the old school Romantics would write poems and novels about. Mighty men taking on the jungle. Women finding love in the strangest of places. Using a machete to chop your way through the jungle... you know the crap.

Now looking at Cesar from the tree, she realized that he was young as well. Ashley was also realizing how handsome he was.

Well defined muscles from some sort of intense work. Surety in his face. He was confident, but not simple-minded. He was lost, but knew where he was going. He was mysterious... Dang, look at that butt, she thought.

Drifting off, Ashley forgot that she was in a tree and was now loosing her grip.

Cesar breathed in the hot air and closed his eyes relaxing his mind. Somebody’s watching me, he thought.

creak... CRACK!!! “AAGGH!!!” THUMP!!!... “oww...”

Turning his head like a neurotic squirrel, Cesar saw a girl with dark red hair tied in a pony tail. She was on her hands and knees, clenching her teeth. She was wearing a black polo shirt and black khakis.

“You alright?” Cesar asked the girl.

“Don’t hurt me,” she squeeked quietly.

“Why would I do that?” he asked, now walking over to her and letting out his hand.

She looked up to Cesar. She had the most beautiful emerald eyes Cesar had ever seen in his life. They seemed like the leaves of a young Bellspourt or the light green of late spring cabbage (being a farm boy at heart, it only seemed beautiful). She was sweating a little bit from the heat and looking up to Cesar, he could tell that she was honestly scared of what he would do next.

“I’m not gonna’ hurt you, ya’ know.” He grabbed her hand and Ashley noticed that his hands were callused from years of hard work.

Getting up to her feet, Ashley suddenly gasped in pain and bent over lifting her left foot slightly. “I think I’m alright,” she said. “I just hurt my foot or something.”

“Here,” Cesar said. “Sit on the ground and let me take a look at it.”

“Alright,” she said, sitting down to the ground slowly. She lifted the end of her left pant leg and on her ankle was a small light bruise.

“So why’d you think I’d hurt ya’, huh?” Cesar asked.

“I dunno’, you just seemed like you’d be dangerous.”

“Why’s that?”

“Weren’t you the one that took on Rex’s gang?”

Tearing off a part of his pants with his pocket knife, Cesar wrapped the girl’s ankle with the cloth brace. “You in his gang?”


Stopping and looking at her straight in the eyes seriously. “So? How’d you know?” He then smiled, trying to lighten the mood.

“I was gonna’ try to stop Rex’s gang, then the Murkrow flew in.”

“I see.”

Both of them stayed slilent sitting there looking at eachother. Cesar smiled a small grin, and Ashley giggled at the awkward moment. “So is the Murkrow sitting on that bush yours?”

“Mine? Like what?”

“Are you a trainer?”

“Trainer? No I’m not. The bird? Uh...,” Cesar paused and starred at the Murkrow. “Sure... he’s a friend.”

“Oh, I see.” Ashley paused and glanced at the Murkrow. “He’s a pretty tough friend, though. So what are you doing anyways? Camping? Exploring the hills?”




“I see,” Ashley said. Honestly, she didn’t see what he was doing but figured he was just a wanderer.

“Oh, sorry. My name’s Cesar,” Cesar said with a warm smile.

“Ashley,” she answered. They shook hands and then she continued, “so where are you off to?”

Cesar smiled, Ashley made him feel welcome and warm inside. Perhaps it was the heat of the sun talking, but Cesar replied, “I saw these weird rocks in the distance, I might head over there? D’ya’ want to come with? Oh, are you a trainer?”

“Yeah, I’m a trainer. I’ve got my Cubone with me right now.”

Trying hard to be friendly, give a good impression, Cesar kept carrying conversation. “How long have you been on your own?”

“I left Violet Town last week, and was heading towards Cherrygrove. Then I saw you getting beat up by Rex’s gang. I wanted to follow you.” She winked, Cesar smiled.

Cesar was beginning to forget the fact that he was low on cash and starving, and Ashley was beginning to forget the fact that her ankle hurt like the Dickens. Cesar suddenly thought quickly and asked, “do you play the harmonica? Umm... were you the one that gave me the water?”

Confused, “no. I lost sight of you in the weird fog haze stuff. Then I saw you from the trail.”

Cesar was disappointed, “okay, oh well.”

“Oh,” Ashley smiled. “The weird rocks in the distance were probably the ruins.”


“Yeah. Like old stone thingies built by people long ago.”

“Oh, I get it.”

Both of them just sort of smiled at eachother, Cesar saw in Ashley’s eyes that she was beginning to get lost in his gaze. Blushing a little, Cesar stood up, and looked around.

“D’ya’ think your foot’s okay? Let’s head back to Violet and have a doctor take a look, okay?”

Laughing nervously, “Alright. Oh, my backpack’s in the tree.”

Looking back at the Murkrow, Cesar gave a wink to the bird and the bird huffed lightly and flew up to the tree where a green backpack was hung on a large limb. Grabbing the back with his talons, the Murkrow lifted it up into the air and flew down to the ground. Putting on the backpack, Cesar took Ashley’s hand. Getting up slowly, Ashley put her arm around Cesar’s shoulder. They both began limping towards Violet Town.

Cesar looked back at the Murkrow, and the bird flew up onto the green backpack.

Ashley looked at Cesar, and Cesar tried to keep his eyes away from Ashley’s.

Ashley was pretty in a cute way. Cesar was rough, but in a good way. Ashley thought it was perfect, Cesar reasoned that he’d have to look after her if she got into trouble.

By the end of the day, the two travellers reached Violet Town. Ashley’s ankle wasn’t hurting so badly and she told Cesar that they didn’t need to go to the doctor. Cesar insisted, but she declined. They took their Pokemon to the nearest Poke Center and waited in the clean white waiting room.

* * * * *

The day had been hot and Laura had made it to New Bark Town. She had come across a few trainers and the whole battling thing came very naturally for her. She made a few bucks off of the trainers she had beaten and she was feeling good. The only problem with her jouney was that nobody had come across Cesar yet. Laura was getting discouraged. But she knew if she looked hard enough, she would find Cesar.

Walking out of a Poke Mart with food, Poke Potion, and a couple balls, Laura was suddenly startled to see herself on the TVs of the local electronics shop display window.

* * * * *

The news report hit the television waves at the six o’clock news as the headline story. A man with a an obvious comb-over read his lines with intense vigor. Laura’s father sat on the couch watching the TV with his wife hugging her and caressing her saying that things would be alright.

“Missing girl runs away from life and leaves note. And local teen gang gives frightening details of dangerous Pokemon trainer.”

Suddenly the screen switched to a picture of Rex crying raindrops in front of the camera. “It was so scary. There was a lot of us and he took us all on. He broke the rules and began fist fighting and stole my wallet. I felt so helpless and all I could think about was my family.”

“I hope Laura doesn’t run into that man,” Laura’s mother said sobing lightly.

“I’m sure she’s fine,” Laura’s father said worriedly. “She’s a grown kid now.” Sighing, “I hope she’s alright.”

* * * * *

Looking around, Laura took one step back slowly. She quickly put everything in her hands into her backpack and darted down the road toward the northern mountain range.

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Default Re: The Green Shadows [PG-13 for violence, action, and drama]

Chapter 5

Cesar and Ashley spent the night at the Poke Center. The two of them stayed up late talking about many different subjects that jumped back and forth with eachother. Not that Cesar did a lot of the talking, since Ashley almost gave Cesar her life story while they sat side by side in the waiting room. Overall; it was a pleasent scene. And you would of thought that Cesar and Ashley had known eachother from childhood.

Ashley was friendly, kind, quirky, and fun. She made Cesar feel good. But as the night pressed on, Ashley did most of the talking while Cesar sat there smiling. A few hours passed into the night and Cesar agreed that it would be okay if Ashley could sleep on his shoulder. Ashley was the one who asked if it would of been fine, since Cesar would never of asked himself.

Cesar starred at Ashley’s soft hair and admired the gentle, yet softly defined features of her face. Her hair from the outside looked like a dark red, but up close there were faint streams of brown. Breathing in deeply, Cesar could smell Ashley’s mild aroma that gave him a peaceful euphoria.

Sitting, Cesar began to sniffle a little bit. Then a small tear dripped from his eye, and he quickly wiped it from his face, hoping that nobody had just seen him cry.

It wasn’t the new found friendship with Ashley that made him sad. In fact, it had nothing to do with Ashley at all. On the contrary, if Ashley wasn’t there sleeping on his shoulder so peacefully; Cesar would've been bawling out tears.

Cesar looked up at the white fluorescent lights of the Poke Center and he imagined Laura standing there in front of him. She looked so beautiful standing there. Dark black hair hanging down past her shoulders. Gentle blue eyes that complimented her fair skin that was scattered with faint freckles. She was wearing the dark blue dress that she wore during winter formal last year at school.

He remembered that Laura had went to that winter formal with that one jerk that ended up breaking her heart, what was his name again? Cesar couldn’t remember his name, but that was trivial information. What he did remember of that night was only her. The night was both sad and beautiful. Laura was crushed by that one guy she trusted, Him; and yet during that same night, both Cesar and Laura saw the love inbetween eachother.

In Cesar’s imagination, Laura’s memory was comforting, nostalgic, and most of all... the best memory of Cherrygrove he could remember.

Sighing heavily, he drifted off to sleep.

* * * * *

The night had been rough in the mountains, and Laura was beginning to regret running north instead of any other direction. She had seen a sign a mile or two back that read “Route 46.” Of course, knowing the number of the routes she was on wasn’t any help to her. She had never liked geograpy or social studies in school, so in some sense the information was only reassuring to something she didn’t know.

The only thing Laura did know about her surroundings was that the mountains were steep and almost impossible to climb. Shemp, her Sandshrew, was out of his ball helping her climb; but even then, the two of them would occassionally slip or lose their footing.

When the moon was right above them and Laura’s legs ached, the runaway trainer and her Sandshrew set up camp near a small mountain lake that seemed eerily placid. The calm lake’s dark waters didn’t matter though, both travelers were too tired to think straight and hungered for rest.

When morning broke, Shemp was the first to wake. Waddling happily to the lake, he began to drink the water quinching his thirst.

Suddenly, a small spit of water hit his forehead. It had come from the lake, or at least that’s what Shemp had thought. Looking around a bit startled, he looked back at his trainer and then back at the water. Then back at his trainer, then back to the water. Then he ran to Laura who was sleeping in her sleeping bag, rolling up into a ball, he rolled hastily to her.

With a hard thump to her side, Laura screamed and woke up. Looking down, she saw her Sandshrew rolled up into a ball beside. “Shemp! What the Hell was that for??”

Shemp slowly unrolled himself and looked at Laura, then slowly to the lake. Looking back up to Laura, he rolled up into a ball once more.

Laura sighed and looked at the lake. She didn’t realize it the night before, but the lake really was creepy. It just wasn’t her imagination from last night that told her that it was creepy.

Walking to the shore of the lake, the waters were a green black murky soup. Looking back at her Sandshrew, she called, “Shemp! You’re just a wimp, come over here. The water’s kind of nice!”

Shemp unrolled himself, and began walking back to the lake on all fours. Reaching the shore of the lake, he began to drink once more and Laura patted his head.

Laura breathed in the fresh mountain air. She had never felt so free... Until a small spit of water hit her face and she too looked out towards the lake, only to see a small light blue head bobbing up and down. It vanished quickly underwater again as fast at it had appeared.

Laura knew what it was and she stood there in shock. “Shemp,” she whispered. “Let’s do this.”

Shemp knew what this meant, and he took one last sip from the lake and looked around. He didn’t see any trainers or wild Pokemon, but he sat there blinking and clearing his mind.

The little blue head popped out of the water once more. Now Laura could see it’s features better now and saw the little white mouth with white underside. If Laura remembered anything thing from school, it was her Pokeology. What was spitting water at her was a Dratini. She was feeling very lucky that morning and wanted to test it.

“Sand-Attack!” she ordered.

Shemp huffed roughly, then turned himself around. Spinning himself and grabbing the shore dirt with him, a cloud of ground hit the little blue fellow square in his face.

The Dratini shook it’s head wildly and squinted it’s eyes almost playfully. It didn’t look mad, but it looked more like it was having fun. Smiling, the Dratini dived into the water.

“Crap, it got away.” Laura said.

Shemp sighed.

Then suddenly, the little Dratini flew out of the water right in front of them, twirled gracefully in the air above them and landed behind the two.

“Wow...,” Laura said quietly. “That was amazing.”

Shemp nodded in agreement. Now neither of them noticed that the little Dratini was now charging electricity.

Looking back at the Dratini, Laura realized what the thing was doing. Jumping to one side, she ordered, “Defense Curl!!”

Shemp rolled up into a ball as a glowing cloud of electricity surrounded him.

Shemp was unharmed and Laura knew that. Ground is immune to Electricity, she thought. “Tackle it, now!!”

Shemp rolled swiftly towards the Dratini and flew through the air. The Dratini looked shocked and almost as if it didn’t know what was going on. Taking the the Dratini in a mighty landing, both Shemp and the Dratini rolled together on the ground.

“Scratch it, Shemp!!” Laura yelled.

Lifting one claw up quickly, Shemp looked straight into the face of the Dratini... then stopped.

Standing there quietly, Laura then asked, “What’s wrong, Shemp?”

Shemp backed off and the Dratini looked incredibly sad, like it was about to cry.

“Aww...,” Laura said sympathetically. “You’re probably just a baby.”

Then the Dratini smiled and gave Shemp a small kiss. Shemp winced while the Dratini made a mad dash for the lake.

Realizing what had just happened, Laura threw out a Poke Ball and it flew over the Dratini’s head and bursted into a bright white light, catching the water serpent in a flash.

“Get ready, Shemp,” Laura said under her breath.

Shemp shook off the kiss and looked straight at the small red and white ball that began to shake.

Shaking... shaking...


“I think we got her, Shemp,” Laura said relieved. Shemp grunted happily, then ran to the ball.

Suddenly, the ball busted and the Dratini sat smiling at Laura.

“Tackle her again, Shemp!” Laura yelled out.

Shemp charged and threw himself on the little Dratini once again, kicking up sand and dirt behind him. Flying through the air; from the perspective of the Dratini, Shemp was quite an awesome fighter. But the Dratini reacted by dodging left quickly, Shemp tumbled, and rolled readying himself again on all fours for attack. The Dratini had just got out of Shemp’s way in the nick of time.

The Dratini began to growl. Then another Poke Ball came flying through the air from Laura and the Dratini disappeared once again into another red and white ball.
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