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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 10-01-2008, 09:27 PM
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Default The after (Not the most original title)

“Where am I?” That was the first question he asked himself when he came to. The last he remembered was looking at his friend Zidane who had a sad smile on his face who was looking back at him. After that, his bright yellow eyes went pitch black, as pitch black as his face and he fell asleep. Vivi Orunitia was a young boy of only nine years old. He wasn’t human yet he wasn’t a monster either. He was a small boy whose entire body was pitch black. He wore a robe of bright blue, which had a bow at the front. He wore striped pants and had a wooden staff. He was a black mage. Originally, black mages were mindless golems used to create chaos and be tools of war, created by an insane fiend of a man and used by the fiend’s tool. Him and a bunch of others just like him, had awoken and became more than just tools of war. While he (vivi) went on his own path accompanied by his friends, the others went on their own to start a society. He looked around his surrounding area and looked at a forest of deep green. He saw a pitch-black sky above him instead of blue and white. The stars seemed to be brighter than normal and Vivi knew what had happened. He had “stopped” and this was the afterlife. He wasn’t as shocked as one might expect, because it was bound to happen sooner or later. He was 9 years old after all, while most black mages live for only one. Taking in the view of the surrounding area, Vivi heard a low-sounding growl. Quickly turning to his left, he saw a dark-purple creature similar to a squirrel. However the squirrel was as big as him, and had dark red eyes. The squirrel, known as a Myu, charged at him. Before the myu hit, however, vivi jumped and landed farther away. Focusing on his vicious opponent, vivi prepared to use a blizzaga spell. A pillar of ice would rise from the ground, encasing all who got caught in it, and then break to inflict pain had blizzaga been used. However a bit of cold wind swirled around the myu and formed a block of ice. The Myu was knocked to the ground when the block of ice broke apart, but vivi became curious. Why had his magic powers been drained upon coming to the afterlife? How come he only had enough power to use a standard blizzard spell? Had he been here all along, but just now woken up? Vivi started walking around in the forest contemplating all that he and his friends have been through. When he and Zidane first met at that night on-board the Prima Vista, to how he helped defeat Necron. Smiling he started to accept his fate and moved onward.

In a secluded building, on an island surrounded by miles of mist and fog, a man and a woman, dressed in black coats were speaking to each other. They were sitting on chairs positioned before a giant computer with various screens. The screens showed various people and monsters seemingly from around the world of the heavens.

“Take a look, Luna.” Said the man as he pointed to a screen. The screen was watching vivi walk along the forest.

“I see him Solaris.” Said Luna(the woman) “ It’s him. The one spoken in the legend. The black-faced boy who wields the Staff-of-Zeus. It looks like we have a problem on our hands.”

“Not necessarily.” Solaris contemplated. “Look closer. His power has been drained from him when he died in Gaia. He’s only capable of using so few spells. But still, I’d like to test his powers. Let’s take a look at our latest extraction.” He gazed towards a creature locked in a cage behind him. It was a dark-purple color. It was round in shape and seemed to be on black fire. It had chains wrapped around two short arms and it was viciously trying to release itself from the cage. It was modeled after a Bomb. A creature that was a blazing ball of fire that could self-destruct. But something was different about it. It seemed more malicious: hatred-filled.
“I’d like to use this Bomb Eidolice to test him. Propel the cage upward and send him off to the kid.”
“Yes sir.”

So whaddya think? I'm currently working on chapter one. This fan-fic will include a few new characters such as Polywen (made-up character) and edge.(ninja from ff4) Polywen is a burmecian and a white dragoon. (white-mage-dragoon) Polywen and edge are from an organization whose goal is to stop the bad guys plot. (heaven domination, uplifting to god-hood, and the extraction and manifestation of eidolons anger and evil)
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