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Default [BOOK] Tears of the Forgotten

Original title, I know.

Anyways, Tears of the Forgotten is a book I started writing on 08/19/08. I have not OFFICIALLY started writing it until late August, but the date I mentioned is when I had the idea; two days before my camp, where I spent two hours of my long day, everyday in the duration of the camp, researching and studying for.

Wasn't till August when I first wrote chapters. Beginning the story was very difficult to do. It starts off with a city-town, aristocratic girl that is suddenly visited by this Chinese guy that takes her to a mountain that is said to be not only holy and unclimbed, but it later revealed to be home to an ancient civilization. Note that the contents of this thread are the originals. They have either not been edited, or barely edited. This is because I plan to submit this book. I would just like some comments on it before I even start making a first draft. I will also only be putting up part one of the book. The book is split into two parts. I am almost done with the first part, which is planned to be about twenty or so chapters. I hope to be done with part one by Halloween, or before Thanksgiving. I plan to be finished with part two in early to mid-spring. I will begin editing and making the second draft in May or June.

Without further adue, I give you chapter one; Verity.



Verity couldn’t stand the morning. Getting her out of bed was harder than trying to find a needle in a haystack. She would not get up in the summer until ten, unless otherwise persuaded by getting to her friend’s house on time, or something of utmost importance. Her father, who was flexible yet strict, starved until she got up. Her younger brother, Scott, wasn’t very grateful for the favor, either.

Verity was yawning, and moaning. It was 9:05 A.M, and she had already slammed the “SNOOZE” button seven times already. Her dad was getting aggravated, and fed up. Sometimes, he’d go up to her bed, and flip it over, having her fall on the floor like a cat hit with reality, landing on its feet. But he didn’t do it today. He seemed in a good mood that morning, putting away towels in the linen closet right outside Verity’s room.

Verity’s room was like the empty insides of a cotton candy stick. Her walls were a light pink, and her room decorated with countless stuffed animals. That was the biggest thing she collected. Stuffed animals. Bunnies, penguins, bears, lions, tigers, dolphins; you name the animal, she’s got it.

By the eighth time, Verity finally turned off the alarm clock at 9:10 A.M, and locked the door to get dressed. A couple minutes later, she went across the hall to the bathroom to brush her teeth, brush her long, black hair, and measure her height. She wasn’t very tall, but wasn’t short, either. Of somewhat medium size, Verity wanted to be taller. She was only twelve years old, however, and she wanted to be popular. The short girls weren’t popular in her school. The popular kids were giants compared to Verity. One of the most popular kids in her school was also her best friend, so that gave Verity some attention.

Verity’s best friend went by the name of Bellona. She was a good couple of feet taller than Verity, and was very tan, versus Verity’s pale, white skin. Verity was also a little more tentative than Bellona. Bellona could give speeches of whatever she wanted; the best makeup to wear, what boys really thought of their girlfriends, and how to find out their boyfriend’s dirty secrets or other romances. Verity would, on the other hand, much rather go kayaking off the Niagara Falls, and risk not coming back to this world alive.

Verity loved her life and all, but she was just there; shy and indignant most of the time. But, around her friends, she could truly express her feelings around others, as if they could completely make everyone look as if they were standing there in their underwear. Her friends gave her power, joy, and happiness… Something she felt her parents never gave her.

She was at the mall when Verity saw Bellona and her other friends, Yuki and Kelsey. They were waving at her, urging to come over. Verity walked in haste to join her friends, as they ventured throughout the mall, looking for deals, and getting into the latest news about Yuki’s horrible boyfriend.

“You sure it was him who sent the note?” asked Bellona. Yuki nodded, sobbing. She was in pain, and Verity could truly see she was sad.

“Who else knew about my combination, and our secret names that we gave each other when no one else was around? It was Sheng… And I knew it was all going to happen in the beginning… I just knew it,” said Yuki, still in tears. Verity looked closely at Yuki. She was in agony, and deep down inside, she still loved Sheng, and wanted answers. Kelsey, however, remained ignorant of Yuki’s feelings, and was looking for stores to go to.

“Hey, anyone want to go into Dominique’s HQ? I heard they have great deals on summer dresses there!” asked Kelsey, changing the subject. Wiping the tears from her eyes, Yuki smiled lightly.

“Do you think they’d have a sale on tank tops? I hear they’re selling like hotcakes this year!” exclaimed Yuki, cheerful again. Kelsey rolled her eyes.
“Who says ‘selling like hotcakes’ anymore? That is like, so last decade,” scoffed Kelsey. “Ever since you came to this country, you have been acting strange, so I wouldn’t blame you…” Yuki became inflamed; tension cringing her body, she raised her voice slightly.

“Hey! Learning English wasn’t easy, you know! I was raised from a Japanese family who treated others with respect! You couldn’t survive two days in Japan! You have no respect!” returned Yuki, fired up by Kelsey’s insulting reply. Yuki and Kelsey never really did get along; it was a crash-course relationship that only existed because they were both friends with Bellona and Verity.

“Oh really? How hard can Japan be? I mean, I heard their language is like, super easy…” replied Kelsey. Yuki smiled with content, and put out her chest.

“Maybe so, compared to English, but can you learn respect? I think not,” shot Yuki, keeping the group silent until they reached the old jeweler’s place in a corner. They were drooling over today’s selections of diamonds. That is, all of them, except Verity. Verity never really liked diamonds. She never knew why. As many people said, “a diamond is a girl’s best friend,” she ignored it. She preferred other gemstones, such as turquoise and blue topaz.

“Excuse me, miss!” said Kelsey to the cashier at the counter. The cashier spun around, tired from all of the purchases that the customers made. She sighed, and pulled her long, blond hair back. And smiled.

“Yes, dear! How may I help you?” asked the woman, out of breath.

“I’d like to try on that diamond ring there,” said Kelsey, pointing to a beautifully cut diamond ring that everyone who heard her ask to try it on knew she couldn’t afford it. Verity looked at Kelsey, who looked rather mischievous. The woman nodded, and brought out the ring from the glass display case. She gave it to Kelsey, turned around, and watched her from behind as she was handling other purchases. Kelsey looked at the three, gave the American salute to them, and ran out of the store, with the diamond ring on her finger.

“HEY! You have to pay for that! Come back here, miss!” yelled the woman, desperate for Kelsey to come back. Bellona looked at Verity, who looked at Yuki. They all nodded, and Yuki and Verity went ahead and ran after Kelsey. Bellona stayed so she could tell the cashier that it’d be all right, and that her friends could catch her, no problem.

Yuki and Verity were not far behind from Kelsey. The mall wasn’t very jam-packed that day, and Kelsey was a rather chunky girl, versus Yuki and Verity who were almost as skinny as a telephone poll. However, Kelsey was still the faster runner. Kelsey however, was running out of breath. Verity caught up a bit to Kelsey, and was within an arm’s reach of her. While running, Verity held out her hand to try and grab the back of her hoodie. Grabbing it, she thrusted her arm towards her stopped, and a couple seconds later, Kelsey fell backwards.

Yuki caught up to her, and Kelsey was grunting in pain after falling backwards. Verity and Yuki sat by their side to see Kelsey, grinding in pain. Verity snatched the ring from Kelsey’s finger, after a couple tugs. Verity turned around, and stopped right in front of Bellona’s face, almost accidentally bumping into her.

“Ah, you caught her. My mom’s going to close up shop soon. I’ll take that, thank you,” exclaimed Bellona, holding out her hand. Verity dropped the ring into Bellona’s small hand, and Verity and Yuki helped Kelsey get to a bench.

A few minutes later, eventually, the cashier closed the shop early to see if Kelsey was all right. She forgave her for the crime, but she sternly told Kelsey never to do that again. Kelsey agreed, and they went back to Verity’s place to stay the night.

On the bike ride home, Verity zoomed ahead. Since they were going to her place, she led the way. Kelsey caught up to Verity. While riding, she told her something.

“You guys aren’t going to tell my mother about this, are you?” Kelsey shouted. Verity looked dumbfounded.

“That woman was Bellona’s mom! Of course she’s going to tell on you!” Verity shouted back, trying to avoid the trees. Kelsey looked very disappointed. Soon, Bellona caught up.

“She won’t tell on you, I promise. She said she wasn’t going to tell when she closed up shop!” Bellona shouted, comforting Kelsey. Kelsey did cheer up, as they finally reached Verity’s.

Verity’s place was almost like a mansion. It was old, yet well cared for. The place did look new, regardless, but still, it was old.

“I absolutely adore your home, Verity. It’s so clean, and filled with… stuff!” Yuki always said when she came over. It was filled with video games and movies alike, which appealed to Yuki. Bellona, however, loved her study. She had a small library that had good selections of books. Kelsey, on the other hand, loved to work out in Verity’s “gym”. It wasn’t much, but it had a treadmill, a stationary bike, and mats that allowed her to do gymnastics, and basic workouts like pushups, sit-ups, and even crunches. The best part of her house, in Verity’s opinion, was the balcony. She always went there to think. It was silent, it was a place rarely visited by her parents, and it had a beautiful view below.

One thing they all loved was the theatre. It had a projector very much like a theatre, and comfortable seating. They often fell asleep on the couches, because they were so comfortable, and the movies sometimes got boring. That night, they were watching a good movie that had the main character defend his house from creatures and monsters alike. Bellona was the first to go. She wasn’t fond of magical creatures. Kelsey and Verity were next. Yuki loved fantasies, but she too fell asleep.

That night was rather difficult. Tossing and turning, Verity couldn’t sleep after a while. Struggling in the dark to find the lamp, she managed to turn on her mother’s precious ornate lamp without breaking it. Everyone was sleeping contently. Bellona was sleeping, smiling, and making humming noises here and there. Kelsey on the other hand, was sleeping with her mouth wide open, with a faint snore emanating from her mouth. Yuki’s eyelids were shut tightly, as if the light were burning her eyes. Her head lifted from her pillow, and her hand came towards her face, wiping the sand from her eyes. Sitting upright, she looked at Verity, confused.

“Verity, do you have any idea what time it is…?” asked Yuki faintly, tired from her sleep. Verity looked around. She looked at the analogue clock above the television. The small hand was at the three, and the big hand around the nine.

“It’s three forty-seven,” answered Verity, yawning. Yuki dropped her head on top of her pillow, and sighed deeply.

“So, what do you want to do?” wondered Yuki. Verity looked puzzled.

“What can you possibly do at this time of day? Eat?” questioned Verity. Yuki shrugged, and nodded, sighing.

“Well, I am in the mood for some chips,” returned Yuki. Verity nodded. Her stomach growled like Cerberus from the story of Hercules on a rampage.

“Sounds good,” Verity got up, and walked to another wall, flipping the switch. A bright light filled the kitchen, giving Yuki and Verity the ability to see. They entered the kitchen, and gazed at the silver-colored appliances. Opening the refrigerator, Yuki pulled out a bowl covered with plastic wrap.

“Your mom’s homemade mystery dessert is delicious! I’ve always wanted more!” Yuki was running to the kitchen table, when Verity and Yuki heard a knocking sound. Yuki fell over forwards, dropping the bowl on the wooden floor. Shattering into pieces, the bowl filled with the contained desert lay there on the floor. Struggling to get up, Yuki frowned when her eyes met Verity’s.

“Is it the door? Who could possibly visit at this time of night? Go see who it is, I’ll clean it up…” insisted Yuki. Verity nodded, and walked to the door. Uneasily unlocking the front door, she knew this was against her parents’ rules; opening the door without supervision past ten o’ clock. Opening the door, he saw a man of height slightly taller than her own, smiling. He appeared oriental, and rather old.

“I am terribly sorry for visiting at this time of night. I am looking for Verity Wood. Is she here?” the man asked. Verity’s eyes opened widely, regretting ignoring what her parents had advised.
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Default Re: Tears of the Forgotten

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Default Re: Tears of the Forgotten

I would also like to put chapter two up for a bit of suspense.



Verity’s heart was pounding very slowly. A Chinese man, a complete stranger to her, was standing in front of her. If she slammed the door, the man would get angry, and bust in, which wasn’t the best way to go. Well, neither was letting him in, thought Verity.

“May I come in?” the man asked, taking off his straw hat. Verity didn’t know what to say. She bit her lips, and sighed.

“Um… May I ask why for such a late visit?” Verity asked. The man chuckled, nodded, and smiled. He had a shiny, bald head with a scar going over the top of his head.

“Ah. I see. Yes, it is a rather late hour… Nonetheless, I would like to speak to the owners of this household, please,” the man replied, smiling brightly. Verity pursed her lips to the right of her face. But, she told the man to wait, and shut the door lightly. Cursing, she ran upstairs as quickly as possible.

“Mom and Dad are going really hate me for this…” Verity muttered behind her breath. Eventually, she did get upstairs. It was very dark in the upstairs hallway. The pitch-black skies of a night of a new moon did not help Verity see the hallway. She couldn’t find the light switch very easily. Scanning the walls with her fingers, Verity found the light switch. Pushing upwards on the small, white lever, a dim, yellow light emanated from above. She made a right, and walked into her parents’ bedroom.

Verity’s parents’ room was big, and rather roomy. The room had a circular shape, and was tall. Against the pale, white wall was lined a chest of drawers, a dresser, an armoire, and a closet door. If you walked halfway through the room, you would walk up a couple stairs until you walked into a tall bed made for a king and a queen. Verity loved this room so much that it made her envious of what she had, even though she tried to be grateful for what she received, because she did not want to look like a spoiled little brat that everyone else at her private school acted like. Fortunately, so she didn’t have to wake either of her parents up, Verity’s father was sitting upright in bed, reading a small book. He put the book down, and looked at Verity with a small smile.

“Something wrong, Verity?” Verity’s father asked curiously, putting on his round glasses. Verity looked at her feet. Not knowing what to say, she tried forcing some words out.

“Um… some man is at the door…” Verity replied. Her father looked at her, and she looked at him back. Sighing, he got out of the bed, looking at his blue and white striped pajamas. He shook his head, and grabbed a blue robe, and put it on.

“Who could possibly be visiting at this time of night?” Verity’s dad wasn’t too happy. Verity could see that he was very tired, and rather frustrated. He was limping slightly on his left leg, wiping his eyes constantly, and he wore a face that said, “this better be good,” to Verity.

“Hello, Arthur. It’s been time since we last met,” the Chinese man said, carefully articulating each word. Verity looked at her father once more. Her father, whose name was Arthur, as Verity heard, was wearing a stern face. He knew this man, as Verity could see, but he never mentioned this man before.

“What do you want now, Lurava?” Arthur asked. The man Arthur called the man, Lurava, rung in Verity’s head.
“What kind of name is Lurava?” Verity asked. Lurava smiled.
“Ancient. Arthur, I must come in. I wish to speak to you about your daughter, Verity. Is she around?” Lurava said, showing signs of anxiousness or hasty speech.

“Verity, this is Lurava, a teacher of mine. He was a professor in a college I used to go to,” Horace said, looking at Verity, now smiling. Lurava bit his lip. Forcefully stepping inside, Verity and her father split away from each other to let Lurava through.

“What do you need to talk to my father about?” Verity asked, her left hand shaking. She looked at her left hand and crossed her arms so Lurava wouldn’t see.

“Nothing, Verity. Nothing important. Get back to sleep and Lurava will be gone soon, I promise… Who’s awake?” Arthur said, hearing a large thump in the background.

“That must be Yuki. She must have put something back into the refrigerator… I’ll go check up on her,” Verity said, walking away from her father and Lurava.

“Who was that?” Yuki asked, panicked, the millisecond Verity laid foot on the kitchen floor. Verity shrugged.

“Some man my dad met in college. Don’t know him at all. Did you clean up the mess?” Verity asked. Yuki smiled.

“The shards from the bowel were picked up, put in the garbage, and the remains of the dessert put in a new bowl,” Yuki exclaimed, proud of herself. Ever since Yuki came to America, Verity put teaching Yuki English, American customs, and how to survive in America all on her plate. After all, Yuki was Verity’s best friend in Japan. Verity and Yuki met in a Japanese restaurant when Verity was hiding behind the stove the chef was cooking on. Japanese restaurants had their chefs cook in front of the family, and it was rather expensive. When the chef held fire on his fingers, showing no sense of pain, Verity screamed, and Yuki left her table to comfort her. Ever since, the two could never be separated, and would frequently switch languages, since Verity could speak Japanese as well, so no one could understand what they were saying.

“Verity, come here, please!” Arthur yelled, hastiness clear in his voice. Verity looked at Yuki, who nodded. Verity walked out of the kitchen, and went downstairs into the basement, walking into a small, dark den, where Verity heard her father’s voice. Her father and Lurava were whispering to each other, sitting on the couch. When they finally recognized Verity’s existence in front of them, Arthur motioned her to sit down, and she sat on the edge of the couch. All was silent for a little while, but finally, Verity’s father opened his mouth to speak.

“Verity, when I was an adult, I met Lurava, a professor at a college I went to. He was the professor of philosophy, but him and I shared an interest in something fantasy,” Arthur began. Verity’s ears moved slightly at the sound of that.

“Fantasy? Like Harry Potter and Peter Pan? That kind of fantasy?” Verity asked. Lurava nodded, smiling brightly. Lurava wanted to tell her something, she knew this much, but there was something he was hiding.

“It was something called aura,” Lurava started, but Arthur beamed him, and he backed off. Verity pursed her lips, and then nodded. She understood, but had no clue where they were going to go with this.

“Yes. We studied the aura together for a good five years, and then I met your mother,” Arthur continued, “But after I met your mother, Lurava and I drifted apart, and went missing. But now I know where he went… And he wants to take you there.” Everything fell silent. Verity looked at Lurava and her father like a deer in front of car headlights at midnight.

“And… where is this, exactly?” Verity asked, still confused.

“It’s located in southern China, in the Yunnan province, near Kawa Karpo, a very sacred mountain that is believed to be unclimbed,” Lurava answered. Verity’s personality peaked as if she were a beagle that just saw a rabbit hopping in a fenced backyard that she was placed in.

“Kawa Karpo! I heard of that mountain! It is a really mysterious place! I’ve always wondered how they’ve kept people from climbing the mountain!” Verity jumped. Her father interrupted.

“Remember, it is believed to be unclimbed, Verity.” Verity’s father was always a stickler for being exact, and she hated it. She always called them panda bears and koala bears, even when her father would interrupt and say that they are marsupials, like kangaroos, whatever they were, Verity thought.

“So, why do you want to take me to this place, Lurava?” Verity asked. Verity’s father cut in, as if Lurava wasn’t allowed to speak.

“Um… Verity… I believe it will be good for you… Just trust me, okay?” Arthur asked. Verity’s face became scrunched, and confused as ever.

“Listen, Verity… I think this will make a good vacation for you,” Verity’s father told her.

“Well… I’ve always loved China… But why are we talking about this so early in the morning?” Verity asked.

“It’s because we’re going to the airport in an hour,” Lurava told her, getting up.

“I’m going to go pack, then…” Verity said, getting up as well. Lurava gently pushed her back on the chair.

“You don’t need to,” said Lurava. Verity looked at them in an odd manner, and nodded a bit. When Arthur looked away, dismissing Verity, she went back upstairs, and woke everyone up.

“Have you any clue what time it is? It’s four in the morning, and I need my beauty sleep.” Kelsey was especially cranky this early in the morning, and Yuki was as much of a morning person as one could get. Bellona was neutral; calm and relaxed, but not tired nor exited.

“You guys can go back to sleep, but I just wanted to tell you guys that this guy named Lurava is taking me to some sacred mountain in China, and I’m leaving in an hour,” Verity told them.

“What the? That seems random…” Kelsey responded, her head hitting her pillow, shutting her eyes, and then groaning.

“It seems rather exiting. China was really fun, but Japan’s better,” Yuki replied. Bellona chuckled a bit.

“That’s rather odd, Verity. But have fun…” Bellona whispered, fading, going back to sleep, following Kelsey into a deep slumber.

“What mountain are you going to?” Yuki asked.

“We’re going to Kawa Karpo,” Verity answered, smiling. Yuki stood there, straight-faced. She seemed puzzled, yet intrigued.

“Ah. That seems… Interesting… I went there once… Nice people… So, are you going anywhere else?” Yuki asked, changing the topic. Verity shook her head.

“Just to this odd mountain. Why?” Verity asked. Yuki shrugged.

“It’s just an odd place to visit; I couldn’t imagine why you’d want to waste your time there,” Yuki asked.

“My father in this guy studied something called aura together, and this man went to that mountain for I don’t know how many years,” Verity announced, remembering. Yuki’s eyes blew right open, as if it was her birthday, and she saw a present that was taller than a Christmas tree, staring into space.

“Well… I hope you have fun there… I have to go to the bathroom…” Yuki told Verity, walking off. Verity was going to follow her, but her father called again.

“Verity! Eat something before we go!” he yelled, and Verity did as commanded.

Minutes passed, and Verity was done with her dinner. No one came up from the basement until 4:38. Lurava came up the stairs, and she spotted Verity, and smiled brightly. He walked to the table she was eating at, and sat down.

“Are you wondering what we will be doing at Kawa Karpo?” Lurava asked. Verity nodded.

“What is there to do there...?” Verity asked. Lurava chuckled.

“Well, I’m going to teach you a little bit about aura while we’re there… But the sooner we get there, the more I can talk, is that a deal?” Lurava asked. Verity nodded once more.

“Verity! Lurava! Let’s go!” Arthur yelled up the stairs. Verity went back to where Bellona and Kelsey were sleeping, and woke everyone up.

“Come on, we have to all get in the van!” Verity said, waking them up. As soon as Kelsey heard this, she shot upright, and got exited.

“Finally! I’ve always wanted to ride in that minivan! Portable satellite television, here I come!” Kelsey screeched. Verity, her father, and everyone else struggled to keep up, until they got to the driveway. When they got into the blue minivan, Verity saw her house gradually getting smaller and smaller, as the Chinese man whom she had just met was holding her warm hand with his cold one. Everything was getting strange, she thought. Oh, so wonderfully strange.
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Default Re: [BOOK] Tears of the Forgotten

It's been a while since I last put up a chapter. Dx

I hate this chapter... A lot. But I had to write it. When I re-write the book, I will change this chapter... Drastically.



The sun was just barely over the horizon when they got to the airport an hour later. Lurava and Verity got out of the car, and Lurava opened the trunk to grab a lone suitcase, and then he slammed it shut. Verity’s father rolled down the window, and Verity went towards him.

“Have a good time, okay Verity?” Verity’s father told her. Verity nodded, unsure of this trip.

“I just really don’t get why I don’t have to bring any clothes or anything…” Verity grumbled. Verity’s father looked at her, smiling slightly.

“Don’t worry. When you get there, Lurava will buy you some stuff there. You’re going to learn a lot there, I promise,” Verity’s father exclaimed. Verity nodded once more, and kissed her father on his cheek, which was covered in stubble. Verity wore a broken smile. And walked away from the minivan, as it turned around, and head for home. Walking towards Lurava, he smiled, winked at her. Putting her arm around her shoulder, he dragged the suitcase, it rolling on the pavement with its wheels. She took the arm around her shoulder, and threw it back at him, frustrated.

“I haven’t even known you for a day, and you put you arm around me? How dare you!” Verity screamed, running away. Lurava frowned, and put his arm out. Wincing as if in slight pain, he looked as if he was grabbing on to something, and pulled his arm toward him. Surprised, Verity tripped over thin air. Lurava ran to her side, and grabbed her by her shoulders.

“I know you haven’t known me for very long, but please, trust me. If I lose you, your father will kill me. Now, listen; whether you like it or not, you will go on this trip to Kawa Karpo with me. It’s imperative that you learn from this experience,” Lurava replied. Verity wiped the blood from her lips that poured from the wound she got when she tripped.

“What did you…?” Verity asked, but Lurava put his finger to his mouth all of a sudden, and silenced her.

“I will talk more about that when we get to Kawa Karpo. For the time being, stay with me,” Lurava begged. He helped her up, and they walked to the front of the airport, giving their suitcase to the security guard for inspection.

Lurava and Verity were in first-class seats when she last opened her mouth. Even through waiting in line for her passport to be confirmed, after eating a quick meal, and even after Lurava trying numerous times to get her to talk, she did not talk.

“How did you make me trip back there?” Verity demanded. Lurava was reading a newspaper he acquired in the airport. He pulled it down slightly, and stared her in the eye.

“I did tell you to be quiet about that, did I not, Verity?” Lurava asked. Verity shook her head.

“You actually told me that you would explain at Kawa Karpo, but –“ Verity began, but Lurava put his finger to his mouth again.

“Then listen. If I say I will explain at Kawa Karpo, I will explain at Kawa Karpo. Now, please put on your seatbelt. If there is anything else you would like to talk about, go ahead,” Lurava told her, and lifted the newspaper up to his head. Minutes passed. Silence between the two, and soon, the airplane lifted into the air.

“Well… how did you and my father meet?” Verity asked. Without putting down his newspaper, Lurava sighed.

“I met your father at George Mason University, in the performing arts building’s auditorium. He was reading a book, and I came up to him, asking him what book he was reading. I don’t remember the book, but…” Lurava began, putting down the newspaper, “But after that, we got into a long conversation, and at one point, we brought up fantasy, and he had particular taste in something I was studying, as he mentioned, aura. A long time ago, it was said that there were certain people who could control the aura, and use it to their advantage in life. There were many types of auras, most of which I have studied.”

“Does that involve tripping over people out of thin air?” Verity asked. Lurava took in a deep breath, exhaled, and nodded. Verity smiled. “I wonder if those people still exist… I’d really like to meet one someday, and learn how to control aura.”

“People can’t be taught how to control aura unless they’re born with it, sadly,” Lurava replied. Verity sighed as well, putting her elbow on the armrest, propping her head up with her hand.

"Well, there goes my chances of learning aura,” Verity mumbled, as the plane ride moved on.

For the rest of the seemingly long fifteen-hour flight, not a word was exchanged between the two. Verity seemed rather disappointed, but thinking she could never learn aura was the least of their worries. She knew that Lurava was a user of aura, but she didn’t know why Lurava was taking her to Kawa Karpo. She couldn’t possibly be a user of aura… could she?

When the plane landed, they were so glad they could stand up again. Lurava wasn’t looking too good, and he went up to the attendant to ask if he could use the plane’s bathroom before they left.

“I’m not too fond of air travel,” Lurava mumbled, coming out of the bathroom. Verity giggled a bit, and she followed Lurava out of the plane, into the terminal, and into a small restaurant in the airport.

“Do you like Chinese food?” Lurava asked. Verity grinned from ear to ear.

“Like it? I love it. Get me some egg fu young, please,” Verity replied, “I’ll find a table.”


“This dress is WAY too big, Lurava!” Verity complained. When they got out of the airport, Lurava took her a couple miles from Kawa Karpo to get her fitted for clothes.

“It’s not a dress, Verity, it’s a ceremonial robe that goes overtop a skirt,” Lurava said from out of the dressing room. “Ma’am, do you have any smaller sizes of that ceremonial outfit?” the woman looked at Lurava, and then at the door of the dressing room.

“No, sir; we’d have to cut it to her shape to fit her. The robe and the skirt were made for a woman of bigger size; this girl is just small,” the woman told him. Lurava scratched his head.

“Well, do you have anything in her size of that ornate style?” Lurava asked. The woman nodded, and brought back something that looked compact, yet stylish.

“This is actually a wedding robe, but it will work for ceremonial purposes, I suppose,” the woman said, not changing her neutral emotion on her face.

“That will be fine. Verity, she’s bringing in something else,” Lurava called out, and the woman went in with the outfit for Verity.

Half an hour later, Verity came out of the small clothing shop with Lurava, wearing a black robe overtop a red skirt that clashed with the environment. The black robe overtop of it was covered in a floral design, and the red skirt hung from her hipbone down to a little past her ankles. She was also wearing white stalkings that had the big toe separated from the rest, so it would fit in her sandals.

Lurava also dressed up for the occasion. He was wearing a black jacket overtop a man’s skirt called a changshan. Verity laughed when she saw Lurava in a skirt, and he turned pink in the face. “It’s a man’s skirt,” he would tell her, but she just continued laughing.

“Kawa Karpo is just a few minute’s walk if we walk briskly,” Lurava replied. Verity, however, panicked.

“A few minutes? It looks a few miles away!” Verity complained. Lurava smiled.

“I know that,” Lurava replied. Verity groaned, following him in the grassy terrain.

“This could take hours,” Verity mumbled to herself, continuing to follow Lurava.

Along the path, Verity had to take countless breaks to regain her strength. Lurava was getting tired of Verity’s numerous breaks every five minutes, and night was falling. It was starting to snow a bit here and there, because they just got to the mountain.

“Verity, stay close to me while we go up the mountain,” Lurava told her, and Verity did as she was told. She was shivering slightly, and with each passing minute, she was getting a little colder. With each step in the snow getting deeper, the frosty path was eventually up to her ankles in snow, and its chilly grasp was pulling Verity downward as they ventured Kawa Karpo.

Verity could not take much more. They might have been a half an hour on the mountain, but Verity’s insides were freezing up. She had the picture in her mind of the blood in her veins being frozen up, gushing like a slushie at the nearest gas station.

“We’re here,” Lurava said. When Verity heard the words she had been waiting to hear for the longest time, she looked ahead. There was a small cave in front of her that was very dark.

“Does the aura give you the ability to see in the dark, Lurava?” Verity asked. Lurava laughed.

“Not exactly,” Lurava replied, and once they entered the cave, he snapped his fingers. A small flame emanated from his thumb, as if it was a lighter. As they ventured, the flame started to die. Verity gasped, but Lurava told her not to worry.

“Verity, welcome to the village of Hal-Gong,” Lurava told her, and Verity looked ahead. It was unlike anything she’d ever seen. The cave was getting much, much wider, and several homes in the shape of large tents surrounded them. To Verity, what looked like the end of the cave was a small building that had two differently colored fires. One was green, and the other, white. One of the most beautiful things she had ever seen in her life, the fires were. The flames flickered as she stared at them, and she suddenly saw the village’s citizens staring her in the eye in front of her.
The Professor of Pokémon Elite 2000.
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