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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 06-14-2005, 05:34 PM
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Default [SFFC] Courage and Fear

This is Chapter one for My entry in the summer fan fic contest. judges please do not grade till chapter three has been posted.

Chapter 1
Long after the sun had found its way around the sphere that is the earth, a young girl lay in bed staring out her bedroom window. Her mahogany locks rested lightly against her cheek, while her light hazel eyes were focused across the road, training themselves on the Pokemon laboratory. As the minutes passed tears welled up inside her. Tomorrow her older brother, Mark, would depart on a long journey, trying all the way to become a Pokemon Master. She was glad for him, but at the same time filled with despair. Her brother had always stood by her, helping her to believe in herself and keeping her safe from the many things young children fear. Soon he would leave and Megi felt that all her courage would leave with him.

But despite her despair, she eventually began to slowly fall asleep. But just as it seemed she would finally find a good nights rest, her eyes once more returned to the window, where in the faint light she saw a what she believed to be a figure approaching the laboratory.

“ It’s nothing”, she thought “Probably some Rattatta scavenging for food .” But even as she thought this she felt something was amiss.

“I’ll just go over to the lab for one second.” she thought ,“If something is wrong I’ll go and get Mark or Daddy or even Mommy.” Quietly she slipped on some clothing , crept through the house, and in minutes was sneaking through the night towards the Pokemon laboratory.

Her bare feet quickly scurried across the crumbling road. Even though only minutes before she had been somewhat excited about sneaking out, even if only for a few minutes. But now that she was actually standing there she was afraid.

“Calm down,” she repeated this phrase in her head a few times. “I’ll probably just wind up walking along the outside wall of the lab and realize that it was nothing.” So she began too make her way around the wall of the lab. In the almost paralyzing darkness she felt as if the wall, instead of encompassing the lab, was surrounding her, trapping her in a world without light.

“ It was nothing,” she thought as she reached the back of the lab. She was somewhat relieved, but also disappointed that she had tricked herself outside for no reason. But then, coming from the thick foliage behind the lab she heard the sounds of scratching and growling close by. She almost screamed and ran but then she heard a high whine coming from the same direction. With that her courage was renewed. Mark had taught her to help Pokemon who were hurt even if she was afraid. She slowly crept into the underbrush.

What she saw would haunt her mind for many long years afterwards. A pack of about ten Houndoom had surrounded a rival pack of Growlithe and Arcanine. Most of the Arcanine pack was out hunting and only three fully grown Arcanine were left to defend a dozen baby Growlithes. One Growlithe had been bolder than it’s siblings and had tried to help its elders to fend off the assault. But now the young dog Pokemon was pinned beneath the filthy claws of the Alpha male Houndoom. Its blood stained its fur an even darker red and its whines were slowly growing softer.

Megi knew that she had to do something. She could get her brother, but without having his own first Pokemon yet there wouldn’t be much Mark could do. There weren’t any trainers in this town to speak of. Any whose families’ lived here were already out on their own journeys. The only person in town who had any experience and could help was the Professor, and he lived ten miles away. But she did know he always left some Pokemon in his lab. She looked back at the building. Now instead of a symbol of the darkness that seemed to surround her, it had become a beacon of hope. She quietly moved away from the clearing. She heard the young Growlithe’s cries were becoming weaker as she made her way towards the lab. She knew she would help.

She knew she had to help. Slamming herself into one of the lab's glass windows she managed to get inside. The three Pokeballs were on a table in front of her. She quickly grabbed them and hurried back outside.

Remeber no grading until chapter three is posted judges!

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