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Default The Destiny of the Sozex Region

The Destiny of the Sozex Region

This is somewhat my first fic. I'm giving permission to post comments, reviews and such here, no"This fic rocks! keep writing!" or anything else. I am copy-pasting it from pokecommunity, so there might be out of story things that don't make sense. For those who remember my n00bish sprite comic, this is it in fanfiction form. Anyway, on with the prologue:


The raging war was coming to an end. Peace was finally in the range of view for everyone. Families-even those of whom participated in the war-were reunited. Happiness was growing in abundance. The future of the region, at the very least, was bright as well. For that everyone knew that even if another war were to rise, they would be protected. They hoped that from then on, the world will forever be a better place to live. But their hopes were not completely fulfilled, nor were they to be completely fulfilled later, or ever to be.

In the heart of the war continued the final battle. The two superpowers clashed for victory. Their assistants stood there, unable to do anything before their masters. Out of the three siblings, the youngest, and the eldest, were in the heart of the war. The other, was in safety, elsewhere. The youngest, decided to end it, in a way no one thought it would end. He had discovered his brother was on the side of evil, while he himself was on the side of good. He had immediately explained this to his sibling, but before his brother could catch hold of it, the youngest brother began his plan.

Drawing out all of his supernatural power, he used his brother to seal all of the strongest, including the two superpowers, away to a dimension without time or space. These Pokémon were deemed legendary for their immense power; and so an even greater force was needed to accomplish this task. The very being of the two siblings were used up in this, the elder was the seal, and the younger, the sealer. These combined forces as a whole were just enough to do it. No one else was aware of this. Their sister was transported to an even safer place-out of reach by everyone-waiting for the side effects of her younger brother’s actions to take her back to the place from where she came.

Decades passed. Peace was seemingly everlasting. However, time and space was corrupted due to sealing of the ‘legendary’ Pokémon. This affected no one, except those who were present at the core of the war back then. Then, three of these Pokémon got together and used their powers to restore the broken flow of time and space; something that took them this long to figure out how to do. After everything was stable, the two siblings were reborn. No one knew that they were at the core of the war in their past life, nor did they know what they did. The third one suddenly appeared during a short blur in space, which occurred after stabilizing it. The region was to face another great battle, not great enough to be considered a war, but worse. New forces appear for both sides-good and evil-and this battle will be worse than the one before. However, this battle is to start a year later, and no one knows of its destined appearance. Until then, life goes on as usual, but not for those destined to fight the upcoming battle.

* * *

The Nightmare

A slight breathing could be heard. It was the sound of the breathing of someone sleeping. The person woke up. He looked around the place he was, staying on his bed while doing it. All that was there was darkness. He was covered in a dark sky. It was black all around with a tint of purple. The boy got down from the bed. He felt the ground there, but he couldn’t see it when he looked down. He felt his bed too, but he could see it. All he could see was the parts of his body which come in his view, and his bed. Everything else was darkness.

He went forward. He could fell the wall and ground again. He proceeded to keep a leg forward, but a muscle twitched. He was suddenly struck with immense pain, coming from nowhere. All he felt was pain; he couldn’t feel where it was coming from. The pain tore through his muscles and rendered him temporarily useless, physically. The pain took over his mind, because he couldn’t think of anything else while that much pain was experienced. The pain started fading away. He was getting back on his feet.

He could hear whispers from far away. He couldn’t decipher what was spoken. He progressed forward. The whispers became clearer as he went closer. From the point where he could hear properly without being seen, he was able to hear the voices and decipher them perfectly.

“Thanks again for letting us in this kid’s mind.” A voice said.

“The least I can do to help you for your lightening the seal on me back then.” Another voice said.

“Now, let’s get to the breaking the seal then…” the other voice said and could be heard turning its head to look at the bed. “He’s gone!” the voice continued. It scurried its head everywhere, until it saw the boy. “Ah, there he is. Don’t want him running away, do we?” it continued. The boy couldn’t see the creature, but it could see the boy quite well.

“Get this over with, I don’t have all night.” The other voice said. The creature which had spoken earlier nodded to assure the other. It then began to speak to the boy.

“Hey kid, do you have any idea what you’ve done long ago? Or who you are? You sealed us long back, and now we’re going to get back at you!” The voice said. The boy was taken aback. The creature raised its hand, which the boy could not see, and struck it down. It acted as a sort of signal. Orbs started glowing around the place. The orbs gave off little light, and hardly served as a light source. At the pinnacle of their size, beams erupted from them. Each orb had its aim beam targeted at the boy. They seemed to hold more power than mere light. The light of them all converging at one point filled the place with blinding light.

All the boy could see after that was darkness. He was unconscious. Or so he thought. He woke up. He saw him in his room, along with his younger brother. He recounted everything which happened, excluding his nightmare, and he was feeling alright after that. He looked at the clock which showed, 3:00. He went back to sleep after that.


Guess that's about it. I think it's a bit short though. Either way, get on with reviews and such.

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Default Re: The Destiny of the Sozex Region

Here it is, chapter one. I don't want any comments regarding any names, like Sakura and Azosun, I gave each with a reason.

Chapter 1

An Unusual Beginning

The alarm clock rang its loud ‘bell’. 7:00, as most people would say, was the time. The sun’s rays came through the window. Morning had begun. Sounds of slight movements in the quilt could be heard. Someone was getting up. The boy sat up and stretched out his arms. He yawned in the process. He looked at the other boy in the room, but then turned away for a second. He remembered his nightmare, but he decided to forget about it. He looked at the other boy again.

“Danny, it’s morning.” The boy said to the other boy, whose name was Danny. The other boy looked at the watch and said, “7:00 in the morning to be exact.” Danny sat up on his bed. He let out a yawn and brushed aside some of his hair which got in the way of his face.

“Guess today’s the day, Xano.” Danny said.

“What day?” The boy named Xano asked.

“The day in which we get our first Pokémon.” Danny replied.

“Oh, that day. Remember what mom told us?” Xano asked.

“Yeah, she told us she’d get us new clothes. She must be downstairs.” Danny said. “By the way, why didn’t you remember anything mom told? You’re better than me when it comes to stuff like this. What happened to you?” He continued.

“Bad dream. A nightmare to be exact. Don’t want to talk about it.” Xano replied.

“Okay. You go down first. I need to do something here first.” Danny said. Xano nodded in reply. He got up, went into the bathroom, brushed his teeth and proceeded to the stairs. Stepping down slowly, he made it to the ground floor. No one was there. He went to the bedroom door and knocked. After two minutes of waiting, his mother came out.

“What is it? Came down for your clothes then?” His mom told Xano. He looked at her amazed. “It was easy to figure it out. Today I promised, and today it is. Nothing is going to be late this time, after how long you had to wait for most other things. Wait here.” His mom continued. She went inside her room. After a minute, she came out with three boxes, the kind used to keep clothes. “Take these to upstairs. One for you, one for Danny, and one for Sakura.” She said. Xano looked surprised.

“Sakura? Who‘s that?” Xano asked.

‘You don’t remember Sakura? You don’t remember your own sister?” His mom replied.

“Sakura…I remember now!” Xano lied. He had no Idea who was Sakura. He wanted to see his new clothes as soon as possible. He took the clothes and rushed upstairs. He saw Danny looking at another flight of stairs. “Where did those stairs come from? I was sure we had only two floors in this house.” Xano said.

“I’m not sure how they got here overnight. Listen.” Danny said. The sound of someone singing in a shower could be heard. “I tried the door, but it was locked. I knocked, but no response.” Danny said. The brothers went into deep thought. Xano recited what their mother said to him. ‘So it’s probably our ‘sister’ Sakura up there. But I never remembered anyone else in our family.” Danny said.

“Neither do I. But we mind as well wear our new clothes now. They came in sets.” Xano said. Danny agreed. They had a quick shower, and came out completely different than they went in. They had entered with pajamas, and came out with clothes that looked better than anything else they ever wore. The first to come out was Danny.

His hair was shining red. His eyes were a dark maroon. His hair reached his collar, where it stopped. His shirt’s sleeves extended to his wrists. It was mainly red, with striped of purple which travelled the collar, centre, wrists and shoulders. A dark, black pant covered his legs. A grey belt divided his shirt from his pant. His black and white shoes finished off his new looks. Xano was to come out next.

He sported a grey and red baseball style cap. He had bright blue eyes. Two thick strands of hair rest on his face, near his eyes. The red and yellow cap fitted him nicely. His hair shined blue. The hair on the back of his head stopped at the neck. He wore a plain, yellow shirt, but most of it was covered by his blue jacket. The jacket had gold colored strips in places similar to Danny’s shirt. The jacket had two pockets which resided at the area which covered the chest, one on each side. His grey pants were quite plain. A couple of extra pockets spiced it up a bit. His red and white shoes were most comfortable.

“Guess mom didn’t upset us, huh?” Danny said.

“You said it, bro.” Replied Xano. Their attention turned towards the other box of clothes.

“What should we do with it?” Danny asked.

“Wait for Sakura to call out for someone. Ask her to slightly open the door so that we can slide in the clothes.

“Good idea. She must be enjoying herself. Wonder how our ‘sister’ looks like.” Danny said.

“So do I. But just wait for her to dress up first, okay?” Xano said. Danny nodded. Just like they thought a voice came out.

“Hello? Is anybody there? Mom? I’ve run out of clothes I can wear. Can someone give me a fresh pair?” The voice asked. Danny looked at Xano and nodded.

“Just open the door slightly and I’ll slide in a pair of clothes.” Xano said. The door slightly opened. Xano hurried to the table where the box was kept and picked it up. He threw it at the door at the top of the staircase, and a hand picked it up. The door then slammed shut. Xano and Danny sat on their beds and waited. Five minutes later, the voice came from the door again.

“Come in, whoever you are. Don’t be shy.” The voice said. The door opened up fully. Xano and Danny ascended up the stairs and went in. The room was about the same size as their room. Sitting on the bed was a girl. Xano and Danny sat on either side of her. “Who are you? I doubt I’ve seen you, but you look so familiar.” The girl said. “My name’s Sakura. What’s yours?” Sakura said.

“My name’s Danny, and my big brother there is Xano. We’ve been told by our mother that you were our sister. Now that you mention it, even you look familiar, though we’ve never seen you before.” Danny answered.

The girl named Sakura wore a white headband. Her brown hair was short around the face, but it was really long at her back. She wore a pink sleeveless top, quite plain except around the edges. She wore a white skirt which touched her knees. She wore a kind of glove which went from her fingertips to her elbow. She wore socks in a similar manner. Her green and black shoes made her look a little different.

“Really? I can’t believe that she would say such a thing. I’ve never seen you two before.” Sakura said.

“Same here. We’ve never seen you before either. Why would mom say such a thing? Either way, even you got new clothes. Are you getting your first Pokémon today as well?” Danny asked. Sakura thought for a second.

“Yeah! I remember now! I was supposed to get a Pokémon today! How could I forget!” she replied. The expression on Xano’s face was immediately understood, once he was seen by his brother and sister. He wanted to go out to get their Pokémon, as it was getting late already. “Okay then, let’s go!” Sakura said. The trio got up from the bed. They descended down the two flights of stairs, bid a temporary goodbye to their mother, and went out.

Danny ran to a sign. He read what was written there. “Spark Town” the sign showed. “So this is spark town.” Danny said, “Time to run to school!” He continued. Xano and Sakura saw the town around them.

Spark town was filled with life. Trees, plants, humans and Pokémon inhabited the area. The houses were nicely planned and neat, along with the town’s building placement. Roads were nonexistent, for the town itself was so small that one end to the other could easily be covered in 20 minutes. Their own house was among the larger ones, considering most were of moderate size. Some were quite small, but the inhabitants were mostly single. A fresh aroma filled the air, regardless of some electrical items placed in some odd places.

The trio darted towards the school. They were to finish their studies in their final test that day. The three entered, and they came out in half an hour. Since they were seated separately and were given different questions, they started discussing about their results.

“The paper was so easy. It was all about type advantages and Pokémon attacks.” Xano said.

“Same here, except I didn’t find it easy.” Danny replied. “What about you Sakura?” he asked.

“I had it quite differently. They asked me about the bond between trainer and Pokémon. But either way, we all passed and we have proof that we did. Let’s just go to the lab now.” Sakura replied. Her brother’s agreed and they set off for the lab.

After a three minute run, they reached the lab. They knocked at the door. After no response, they rang the doorbell. They opened by itself. The lab was highly complex and nothing like spark town’s exterior. Full of electrical equipment, technology, chemicals and such, there was a different feel in the air. A tall young man got up from his chair and approached the trio.

“Hello there. You may call me professor Azosun. I’ve been awaiting some graduates to come for their Pokémon. Now, can I know your names and how old you three are?” The tall man, who was named Azosun, asked.

“You can call me Danny and I’m thirteen” Danny said. “I’m Sakura and I’m fourteen.” Sakura said. “Xano, fourteen.” Said Xano in a solid tone.

“Alright then. Come with me to the starters you can choose from.” Said Azosun, walking away. He was wearing a white coat and white clothes, like most scientists. He had a robotic arm instead of an organic arm on his left. It was mostly made of a shining silver metel, with streams of blue energy flowing through it. It did not go unnoticed.

“Azosun, how come you have a robotic arm?” Sakura asked.

“I had an accident long back and used this to make up for my lost arm.” He bluntly replied. It was clearly understood he was hiding something, but no one bothered to ask. After walking a few yards across the large place, they arrived at a place where three pokéballs were kept. The professor released the creatures inside the balls, to reveal three small extraordinary creatures.

“Koto!” said one of the creatures. It was slightly long and limbless. Small bits of steel protected it at some places. In the place of forelimbs, a small steel stick and a steel cylindrical tube were present on either side. The steel was shining silver, while the rest was a light green. It had a small head covered with steel, and showed only small green eyes. “That would be Kotocero, a grass type Pokémon.” Azosun said. “That one’s mine!” Sakura said, pushing aside everyone else. She took that Pokéball and brought the Kotocero back inside.

“Agra!” Said another creature. This one was black and scaly all over. It resembles a baby alligator. Sharp teeth, long tail, strong muscles, it had it all. “This one is mine.” Danny announced. “That would be Agrafen, a water type.” Azosun said.

“That means the other one is mine” Xano proclaimed. The creature he was pointing at was a short, bipedal dragon-like creature. It had tiny wings, but it could not fly. It was armored head to toe. A small horn of fire stuck out from its forehead. It had short hands and legs, yet it was able to stand upright. “That would be Piiron, the fire type. It seems that I have satisfied you three. You may now go to the training grounds.” Azosun concluded. The three left the place.

The training grounds were a place for beginning trainers to train. The trio went there. The place was pretty much Spark Town without buildings. Strangely, the three pokéballs glowed in different colors and floated through the way. Pokémon stepped away in fear. They were nearing the entrance to their first challenge. Suddenly, Azosun dashed into them and pushed them into Route XS01.

“What did you do that for?” Danny asked in an angry tone. “There’s no time to explain now. Run!” Azosun said. They ran further into Route XS01. Azosun’s robotic arm transformed into a strange weapon, and a blue beam flew from it all the way to Spark Town. A huge explosion was heard at where Spark Town once was.

“What did you do? Why are you making us hurry? What is the reason behind this? How did you do that? You’ve been hiding things from us.” Xano said. “I can’t explain now. I can only do so at night. Right now, you’re not safe without me. No more questions until nightfall, please.” Azosun said. The three siblings decided to be quit till nightfall, and ask all questions at night, even those between themselves, for they felt truth behind Azosun’s words.


I am open to answer questions on the plot and story, but I warn I will keep it hidden(like being colored white) for it would contain spoilers.)
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Default Re: The Destiny of the Sozex Region

Here is chapter 2, just slightly shorter than the previous one.

Chapter 2

Werewolf War

Nightfall finally arrived. Their stomachs were growling due to hunger. They hadn’t eaten anything that day. Nor had they taken anything to drink. Azosun stood up. He turned back to the three who were still sitting toward the tree. “It’s time to make camp. I’ll get the firewood.” He said. His robotic arm transformed again. This time, it became a blade. He ran up to a tree, jumped up, and he cut it into many even blocks of wood from the top. His arm transformed again, this time into a large holder type of thing. The tree which had fallen fell into his transformed arm. With the even block behind him, he pushed the tree back and his arm transformed again, back to its original state. He took the blocks of wood and arranged them for a camp fire.

The three were bewildered. They couldn’t believe their eyes. “How did you do that? That’s nearly inhuman! Extraordinary!” Danny exclaimed. Azosun ignored him. He turned to him and said,”I’ll explain later. Right now prepare the fire, while I go back to where spark town once was.” He ran quickly to the place he specified. It was dark all around. Azosun was probably not going to come back for some time, so they decided to make the fire. Xano called out Piiron, and ordered it to put fire on the wood. It was rather ignorant and put flame on the grass around it as well. Danny ordered his Agrafen to put out the excess fire, after he released it from its Pokéball. It, however, obeyed and did so. The two Pokémon were returned to their balls afterwards.

Azosun returned by then, with a bunch of other people. “Who are they?” Sakura asked. “Those would be the survivors of the blast. After being with this arm for so long, I have mastered its power. You can see the survivors as your mom, the people at the Pokémon centre and shop and my cousins, the twin tale tellers. Now the three of us are going to explain everything you need to know right now. Everyone sit please.” Azosun said. Everyone had sat down, and Azosun instructed them not to interfere. He, the twin tale tellers and the three siblings began to sit in private.

Azosun began his lecture,”Xano, Danny and Sakura. You may not know this, but you three were destined to be reunited. The reason why you saw the staircase only today was due to a space aftershock. At the beginning, a great was had waged. I was a part of it. But this was had taken place centuries ago. I was united with my partner for life, my partner forever. He was the god of electricity. During the war, he was able to foretell that it was nearing a strange end. I lost my arm during the war, and he was the one to gift this new one to me. The final battle took place at the core of the war. The two great powers clashed against each other. My partner was present at the core of the war. You two were also present there. In fact, you were the ones who ended the war. Danny, your name was engraved in history ever since. So was yours, Xano. Sakura, you were noted as their sister, but you were unable to fight then due to a strange disease. Now Danny, you had sealed everyone else present at the core using all your strength. But it was not you alone. You used your brother’s soul and power to do it. He is still the seal as of now. The reason I am alive right now is that my partner, gave me temporary immortality. This immortality will end once I meet the three and explain the story to them. From that point on, I will start to age normally. After the end of the war, I have lived in Spark town all my life. I was informed by my sealed partner of your presence and what had happened to you. Your nightmare was a mistake. Those creatures were probably were going for Danny, but chose the wrong target. And now I need to train the three of you.” Azosun finished his long lecture.

“Azosun, why did you blow up Spark town then?” Sakura asked. “How could I forget? That was the most important thing! I need to start training now. This very instant. There were evil creatures back there, and my ray killed only them. Everyone except the ones I brought here were transforming into them. We must not make light of this matter.” Azosun replied.

They heard a sound behind them. Bushes were shaking. A dark figure appeared behind them. Blood drops were seen at the ground. “Those people were most delicious. I wonder how you will taste.” A voice from the figure said. It walked into the light. A hairy, black creature was what most people would say. He was a werewolf, but with some traits from humans. “Kin!” Xano, Danny and Sakura said simultaneously. Azosun turned back to see the figure. “Cerene! You! How did you get here?” Azosun exclaimed.

“It’s quite simple actually. I went under the alias ‘Kin’, and lived here in Spark town. I sensed the presence of the three there. I was adopted, as per my plan, and lived there normally. Now I can finally move out freely.” Cerene said, flexing his arms. “I was able to survive the blast, and then I had a hearty meal out of the survivors. I was the one who made the people transform into my kind. Now you shall all die!” He continued. He pounced on Azosun. He rolled out of the attack, but then Cerene dashed back. He held on to Azosun with his sharp claws. Xano, Danny and Sakura pulled out their pokéballs to help, but Cerene held the balls in place with his dark psychic powers. Xano and Danny dashed in to help, but Cerene brushed them aside like insects.

Blood oozed out from Azosun’s body where the claws pierced in. Xano and Danny were lying on the ground, helpless. Out of the blue, Sakura jumped into action. Her eyes and hands had a steady, green glow. She pointed her hands, both parallel to each other, to a tree. Clenching her fists, she suddenly pointed her knuckles to Cerene. The tree uprooted itself and flew into Cerene. It knocked him off Azosun and made him clash into the other trees, being crushed by them. The tree roots grew their way around Cerene and had him trapped. Sakura fell unconscious after this.

Danny jumped to a stand. He toward Sakura, and positioned himself to protect her till she gains consciousness again. Xano, however, ran to Azosun. Azosun stood up like he had never been hurt. ‘You don’t have to worry about me. Cerene’s scratches are like mere bruises to me. Come to now, I have to give something to you.” Azosun said, taking out an X-shaped device. He attached it to his robotic arm, and asked Xano to come closer to him than he was. He suddenly attached his arm to Xano’s right arm, drilling the device into him. Xano screamed in immense pain, but he couldn’t move any muscle but his tongue. After the operation, Xano felt like he had never experienced any pain. He saw that the device was permanently attached to his arm.

“That is the AOMUD, the all in one multi-purpose utility device. It was made specifically for you. Right now, just imagine a sword. Imagine nothing but a sword, a saber actually, and put all your mind and concentration into imagining it.” Azosun said after he transformed his hand into a sword-shaped saber. Cerene ripped his way out of the tree roots, going in for another attack. This time, Azosun was prepared. Cerene concentrated his dark energy in one point, and then formed a sword. Waste energy was emitted during the process.

Azosun and Cerene sparred against each other. One saber bouncing off the attack of the other. This continued for a while. Xano tried his best to concentrate his energy into making a saber, while Danny stood there, unable to do anything to help his comrades. Xano gave up trying to create a saber. “I give up!” He shouted out loud. Azosun replied,” Just imagine! I know you can do it. Concentrate and imagine!”, Then he continued his sparring. Xano gave it one final shot. Concentrating his entire mind into it, he imagined.

“SABER FORMED” said a robotic voice. The AOMUD reacted and concentrated his energy into a saber, which stuck out from the device. Tiny yellow orbs of energy fused together to form the weapon. Cerene had Azosun cornered. His saber was at Azosun’s neck. Xano barged into Cerene, his saber lined at neck level. Cerene was forced to use his saber to block the attack. Azosun stepped back and went to where Danny and Sakura were. Without saying a word, he attached a D-shaped device to his arm, and then attached it to Danny’s arm, in a similar way to what he did to Xano. Danny experienced the same pain and felt the same way afterwards. Azosun instructed him to imagine a special canon which can fire a net.

Meanwhile, Xano was sparring with Cerene. The best he could do was to make sure he wasn’t killed. Azosun could fight back, but Xano being a beginner couldn’t do as much. Danny created the gun faster than Xano created his saber. “NET LAUNCHER CREATED” was the sound emitted by the AOMUD. A small tube jutted out from the device. Azosun transformed his arm into a net launcher as well. They both aimed to different targets. Danny to Cerene, and Azosun to Xano.

The nets flew off in a puff of smoke. Both of the warriors were trapped. Azosun immediately transformed his arm into a beam blaster and aimed it at Cerene. A blue beam flew from his arm, and carried Cerene with it, once it hit. He flew straight into the sky along with the beam, straight into the moon. Cerene then fell off; seen as a tiny speck falling behind the horizon.

Sakura regained consciousness, and stood up. The four returned to the campfire where the twin tale tellers were sitting. Xano and Danny explained to Sakura about what she did. She didn’t seem to remember it. When the three asked how they were able to do everything they did, Azosun replied, “You three are not normal, you are extraordinary. I need not say more.”

“How did a werewolf get here? I thought this was the Pokémon world.” Xano asked. “Sorry I forgot to tell you. See, we live in the world of Pokémon. Like that, there are many other worlds too. They are in no way connected to each other, but after Danny sealed the ‘legends’, a direct link was created from the Pokémon world to all the other worlds. That means that any creature or human from another world can enter here, but it is not possible the other way around. Similarly, the inhabitants cannot travel to a world other than the Pokémon world. Cerene was a werewolf I’ve known since a long time. We’ve been enemies even before I got this arm.” Azosun responded.

Dawn began to rise. They returned to where they had left the others. Blood and bodies were all the things they could see. The three siblings burst into tears after seeing their dead mother. Beside her however, there were three backpacks. Pointing to them Azosun said, “Your mother probably wanted to give you those backpacks. I’m pretty sure you know which yours are.” Xano took the red one, Danny took the grey one and Sakura took the green one.

“Here are some ingredients to make some food. Going 24 hours without food isn’t good for your health.” Azosun said, pointing to some canned products among the dead shoppers. Xano and Sakura cooked for them all, because the other two weren’t sure on how to cook a huge meal. Azosun gave some pokéballs to the three, five each, and said, “You’ll need as much firepower, waterpower and what not, as you are destined to fight. Each of these balls contain potentially powerful Pokémon, as the ones you see in the wild shall not be sufficient.” After waiting for 20 minutes to digest some food, they went to a long sleep.


I guess this one is more action packed, and there are more mysteries yet.
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