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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Default [PG-13] Everlasting


Brooke was an absolute genius. Not the type that only excelled in academics, but also in the art of being sociable. She was the silver bullet against the social barriers within our school campus, and she was the local icon. Every student had knowledge of her, or at least took the time to recognize her. She was the primary reason for why I believed that school had some sense of maturity in it. If I ever grew tired of the constant horseplay and ignorance, I searched for Brooke. She was my hero; the lead character of the school.

And Brooke had friends, amazing friends with talents. Each and every one of them kept exceptional grades, performed at the countless amounts of school pep rallies, and held a role in the school government: ASB. They ruled the school and everyone liked their views. Brooke was the perfect leader and she thought before she made any proposal toward the school. Even if she made a mistake, others would often try to ignore it, mostly her closest friends, and act like it never happened. I chuckled at those scenes.

I was quite the sociable student around school, but not the one to put grades as my top priority. In all respect, I didn’t really care for grades. I could turn in all of the homework and still not understand the work. However, that’s not how I did things. It was actually the inverse of that; I would hardly turn in any work and still understand the work. The tests proved most of the time. That was my work ethic, my style, and most people called it laziness.

Although I knew pretty much every student and staff in the school, I wasn’t really close to Brooke. She was on my level when it came to the sheer amount of friends and popularity, but she was rather ingenious also. She could careless if you were popular or not; she wanted friends that at least made an attempt to care for their education. That’s why we were separated most of the time, with that education barrier. If I wanted to get past that, I needed to work, but it just wasn’t my thing.

I’ve chatted with Brooke a couple times before, but my longest time was when she was the last one out of our World History class. Varsity Tennis had been taking a toll on her work habits and she decided to take the time to work more after school also. Knowing that this would be my perfect chance to converse with her, I did so, and we only talked about World History grades. With my C-, I cut the conversation short and felt angered that I had virtually ditched her. However, education wasn’t my thing, and I couldn’t stay on par with her.

Another opportunity came to me at the rivalry football game. Yes, she was at the snack stand and so was I. I felt generous at the moment and decided to pay for her at the snack window. With his natural attitude, she thanked me, but left soon after. I could easily that this was because she hadn’t really gotten the chance to go into a deep talk with me, but that would be solved sooner or later.

Since I had mostly all of the students in the school as friends, I usually felt a sense of happiness. However, I never felt the full amount of happiness. Brooke was the person that everyone needed in their life, and she was missing in mine. That was a fault on my behalf and I felt awful for it…

On January 11th, my birthday, I received a massive amount of gifts and hugs, even some kisses. Cheerleaders rooted for me and the athletic teams dedicated their hard work to me. Of course I felt good inside, but I didn’t feel complete. Brooke was the one I wanted. With her, I would have the other piece to the puzzle. And for some reason, I strangely felt that she was missing something also. She seemed content all the time, but I knew that she was also missing a huge opportunity to know someone like myself.

“It’s your birthday and you’re as silent as a Ghastly waiting to spook someone.” Kenneth remarked, expressing a sense of sarcasm in his voice. “What’s on your mind, Jo?”

Kenneth was my good friend, if not my best. He and Ling were always the deciding factors of my decision to go to school, along with Brooke. They both cared about me the most, and although I could have easily ditched the two of them to hang out with the football and basketball players, I didn’t. They were some of the mature students in this school who understood me inside and out. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person that I am now.

“Everything, Ken. I feel like something big is coming our way, a change perhaps.” I softly replied.

“Nonsense talk. It’s your birthday. Act like it.” Kenneth boldly stated.

“Since when did you become my father, Mr. Neo?” I simply retorted.

“Neo?” Kenneth questioned. “Who’s that?”

Neo was one of the greatest people that I’d ever met, and he was indeed on a forum that I visited pretty much everyday on my spare time. Connection him to Kenneth was random and unlikely, and I really didn’t feel like explaining anything.

“Nothing, nevermind. You do the homework from Ringo’s class?” I asked.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Kenneth replied, with a blank stare. “There’s a reason why I have a 4.0.”

“Because you’re you.” I moaned. “You don’t need any stupid grades to prove that.”

Kenneth chuckled at the fact and we both stood up to head over toward the lunch line. On our way over there our eyes locked on Brooke, and we watched as she waved her hand in the air ready to make an announcement. Her friends aided her in quieting the crowd.

“Brooke Reina is currently searching for potential students to aid high-ranked students in the ASB project. We'll explain more later, but if you're interested, come to the ASB meeting.”

I didn’t have much interest in the subject, but this was Brooke we were talking about. However, I probably wouldn’t be chosen. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to at least “show up” at the meeting.

Little did I know that something much bigger was afoot, and it was only a few hours until it happened…
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